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					                              JOB DESCRIPTION
                           AND SELECTION CRITERIA

                           JOB SPECIFIC INFORMATION

Job Title:                    Senior IBM COTS Midrange Specialist

Classification:               Customs and Border Protection Level 4

Division/Branch/Section:      IT Division, Production Services Branch, Vendor
                              Integration & Common Services

Job Opportunity:              Ongoing

Location:                     Canberra, ACT

Position No:                  11679

Reports To:                   Director, Vendor Integration & Common Services, CL5

Salary:                       $86895 - $100584

Security Classification:      Protected

Contact for enquiries:        Peter Billingham
                              Director Vendor Integration & Common Services
                              02 6275 5869

Closing Date for              23 December 2011
                                  JOB DESCRIPTION

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service is Australia's primary border
protection agency. For this purpose our border extends into Australia's Exclusive
Economic Zone where we have a key role in addressing threats to our environment.
In performing our role we work closely with a range of agencies, often exercising
powers on their behalf, at other times working with them to complement each others
capabilities and powers.
Together we are called upon to provide a sense of security to the community,
supporting the continuation of the Australian lifestyle.
IT Division provides access to information technology (IT) services for the whole of
Customs and Border Protection. The Division is responsible for delivering efficient,
effective and risk managed information technology services and solutions that meet the
needs of the organisation, while continually improving support to the front line activities.
The Production Services Branch belongs to the IT Division and is responsible for the
maintenance of business & corporate systems, and ICT operations.

How the Role Contributes to Customs and Border Protection Outcomes

The Customs Connect Facility (CCF) provides an e-commerce gateway for clients to
connect to, and use, Customs and Border Protection applications. The CCF comprises
a significant amount of hardware, software and commercial off the shelf (COTS) and
bespoke applications. Collectively this platform provides:
      Messaging services (via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), e-mail or direct
       message queues);
      Authorisation, authentication and auditing services;
      Internally hosted web applications;
      Application hosting services; and
      Report distribution services.
These CCF services are essential for Customs and Border Protection operations.

The Job

A key component of the CCF is the suite of IBM COTS products which underpin both
the hosted application services and security services. Customs and Border Protection
is looking for a developer with experience in the IBM COTS products to work in a
business as usual support and maintenance team for the CCF.
Key Responsibilities
Under the general direction of the Director Vendor Integration & Common Services, the
occupant of this position will:
      Support java applications in an IBM WebSphere hosted environment that
       interface with IBM COTS products.
      Support the TAM WebSeal implementation in the CCF.
      Support the LDAP (ITDS) implementation in the CCF.
      Using Customs BAU processes and procedures, assess reported incidents and
       remediate identified problems involving the use of the IBM COTS products by
       Customs applications.

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      Using Customs BAU processes and procedures, develop minor (non-project)
       changes to the CCF environment;
      Contribute to the resolution of the more complex issues arising in relation to the
       CCF and its hosted business applications and security services.
      Provide design advice and technical support to IT Division project teams
       developing new applications that operate in, or impact on, the CCF
       environment, existing hosted applications or existing security services.

Previous Experience
You will have skills and experience in:
      WebSeal Tivoli Access Manager (TAM);
      Websphere Applications Server (WAS);
      Websphere MQ based applications;
      LDAP (ITDS)
Experience in the following is highly desirable:
      PKI, Java cryptographic extensions, S/MIME, PKCS#7 and X.509 certificates;
      XML, XSLT, Web Services.
      Spring or Spring based java applications in a custom framework.
      ITIL principles.

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Selection Criteria – Customs Level 4
Managerial and Planning
Ability to effectively organise, plan and deliver services to:
     Manage and prioritise multiple demands
     Contribute to work area planning
     Contribute to and be responsible for achieving team goals
     Manage resources
     Develop policy and guidelines and action plans
     Manage projects and contracts

Continuous Improvement and Change Management
Orientation towards continuous improvement, managing change and being flexible to:
     Initiate, implement and monitor change
     Develop and introduce innovative approaches to improving processes and
     Promote an environment of continuous improvement

Communication and Client Focus
Demonstrated understanding of client needs and sound communication and
interpersonal skills to:
     Influence views and thinking through building and maintaining relationships
     Negotiation and representation
     Promote a client service environment
     Communicate in a clear and concise manner
     Coach and provide constructive feedback

Leadership/Teams and Integrity
Demonstrated high standards of integrity and leadership skills to:
    Lead and develop effective teams
    Resolve and/or refer issues of ethics and probity
    Implement policies & programs based on corporate decisions without personal
    Take responsibility for self and group actions
    Develop leadership capabilities in others
    Reward and recognise superior performance
    Model and promote fair and equitable behaviour, the APS Values and Code of
    Participate in the development of, and monitoring of standards in the workplace

Decision Making and Strategic Thinking (Most Important)
Ability to access and use information and emergent technology strategically to:
     Objectively analyse problems from various angles
     Extract a range of new information from various sources
     Develop innovative solutions
     Evaluate information quickly, critically and accurately
     Demonstrate awareness of spheres of influence
     Take a long term view to weigh risks and benefits

Technical (Most Important)
Relevant technical knowledge (or ability to acquire knowledge) to:
    Achieve work area outcomes
    Apply relevant legislation, policy and guidelines
    Develop and maintain IT solutions

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      Effectively diagnose problems and weaknesses in existing solutions to provide
       third-level application support
      Develop business applications for deployment using a standard system
       development lifecycle (analysis, design, building, testing, and implementation)
      Provide technical advice to business areas with regard to business applications
      Produce and maintain system and user documentation for any developed
       business applications

Addressing Selection Criteria

For assistance addressing your selection criteria please refer to ‘Cracking the Code:
How to Apply for Jobs in the Australian Public Service’ the following website:
http://www.apsc.gov.au/publications07/crackingthecode.htm. Please limit responses to
no more than 500 words.

How to apply

All Customs and Border Protection applications are to be submitted through the e-
Recruitment system (http://customsandborderprotection.nga.net.au), prior to the
closing date. The system provides the opportunity to respond to Selection Criteria and
upload a current CV. Applicants who are unable to apply through e-Recruitment, will
need to contact Corporate Connect at corporateconnect@customs.gov.au or on
1800 46 1245 during business hours prior to the closing date to organise alternative

If you need special consideration to enable you to participate in this process, please
advise us in your application, or if you prefer you can discuss your requirements by
emailing or phoning the contact officer.

More information
You can find more information about how to apply for vacancies using e-Recruitment
on the careers site, please read the applicant user guide located on
http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page4756.asp before accessing the system for the first
time. General recruitment information is also available on the careers site.

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