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Atlantic Landscape

                                    Membership and
                                      Buyers’ Guide

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1    2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
2   2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
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3   2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
    Your Boxwood

                        Nursery Sales
                        RR #4 – 12302 10th Line, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 4S7
                        Tel: 416-798-7970 Fax: 905-873-9591
                        E-mail: sales@sheridannurseries.com

4   2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                              2009 ATLANTIC CANADA
                             Landscape Directory

                              We are pleased to bring you our 2009 Atlantic Canada
                              Landscape Directory. In this publication you will find list-
                              ings of our members within the Atlantic associations; Land-
                              scape NB, Landscape NS, Landscape NL. In addition, you
                              will discover useful information about this growing indus-

                              The Atlantic Landscape Associations are trade organizations
                              representing the provincial landscape industries. Members
                              of the provincial green industry / horticultural associations
                              are committed to providing quality products and services,
                              environmentally sustainable and professional practices to
                              the consumer.

                              Our associations promote high standards in product qual-
                              ity, professional service and conduct in the horticultural
                              trades industry; and to encourage the use of Association
                              members by the public. This is achieved through training
                              initiatives, industry certification, networking and encourag-
                              ing environmental best practices.

                              It has been an exciting year for the landscaping industry.
                              With the recent announcement of the federal tax credit for
                              home renovations and landscaping, more home owners
                              can now enjoy the aesthetic and environmental benefits of
                              a landscaped oasis in their own backyard.

                              We hope you take advantage of this directory and use a
                              qualified professional to create your perfect landscaping

                             Landscape NS          Landscape NB        Landscape NL
                             SCOTT MOSHER          JOHN EVANS          ANTHONY O’NEILL
                             President             President           President

5   2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
           Table of Contents...

    Letter of Introduction.......................................................................................5
    Nova Scotia
            Board of Directors & Staff............................................................7 - 11
            Letter from the Executive Director...................................................12
            2008 Award of Excellence........................................................36 - 37
    New Brunswick
           Board of Directors & Staff................................................................41
           Letter from the Executive Director....................................................42
           2008 Award of Excellence............................................................... 62
           Board of Directors & Staff..........................................................73 - 74
           Letter from the Executive Director....................................................75

    Ray Webber Award 2008 Recipient .................................................................39
    Government Agencies.................................................................................... 85
    Smart Start Check List....................................................................................89
    Metric Conversions........................................................................................90

        Atlantic Canada’s
      Premier Horticulture
         Trade Show and

                                                           November 23-25, 2009
       For more information, contact                   Moncton Coliseum Complex:
     Rebecca at 1-866-383-4711 or visit:
                                                                     Moncton, NB

6            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
    Landscape Nova Scotia
                     Board of Directors...
    SCOTT MOSHER                                             KIRK FLETCHER, CHT, Director
    Terra Nova Landscaping Inc.                              Green Scape
    130 Bluewater Rd.                                        1620 Sackville Dr.
    Bedford, NS, B4B 1G7                                     Sackville NS B4E 3A8
    T. (902) 835-7387 / F. (902) 835-5498                    T. (902) 864-6638 / F. (902) 865-7082
    sg.mosher@terranovalandscaping.ns.ca                     ksfletcher@eastlink.ca
                                                             CAROL GOODWIN, Director
    1st Vice President                                       NSAC, Dept. of Environmental Sciences
    PAUL MACPHEE                                             PO Box 550
    MacPhee’s Landscaping Services                           Truro NS B2N 5E3
    824 Hwy 277                                              T. (902) 893-6673 / F. (902) 893-7203
    Dutch Settlement, NS, B2S 2J5                            cgoodwin@nsac.ns.ca
    T. (902) 483-5283
    info@macpheeslandscaping.com                             KEVIN MCGINNIS, Director
    www.macpheeslandscaping.com                              Shaw Brick
                                                             5 Ralston Ave
    Past President                                           Dartmouth, NS B3B 1H5
    ROBIN GODFREY                                            T. (902) 883-4208 / F. (902) 883-1457
    Atlantic Gardens Inc.                                    kmcginnis@shawbrick.ca
    1232 Bedford Highway
    Bedford, NS B4A 1C6                                      CRAIG S. ROBERTS, Director
    T. (902) 835-8591 or 865-7195                            Clintar Groundskeeping Services
    F. (902)835-6462                                         100 Ilsley Ave, Unit H
    growing@atlanticgardens.ns.ca                            Dartmouth NS B3B 1L3
    www.atlanticgardens.ns.ca                                T. (902) 468-5541 / F. (902) 468-5518
    PETER BUGDEN                                             RYAN STREATCH, Director
    Nutri-Lawn                                               Musquodoboit Valley Quality Sod (MVQS)
    101 Thornhill Dr., Suite 101                             6706 Old Guysborough Rd.
    Dartmouth NS B3B 1S2                                     Elderbank NS B0N 1K0
    T. (902) 468-8101 / F. (902) 468-8058                    T. (902) 384-2233 / F. (902) 384-3439
    pbugden@nutrilawn.com                                    rstreatch@granview.ca
    www.nutrilawn.com                                        www.mvqs.ca

    CNLA Representative

    Creative Light and Landscape Ltd., a Division of Clin-
    tar Landscaping Inc.
    100 Ilsley Ave.
    Dartmouth NS,B3B 1L3
    T. (902) 461-1311 / F. (902) 468-5518                    Executive Director
    landscape@eastlink.ca                                    PAM WOODMAN
                                                             44 - 201 Brownlow Ave.
    WAYNE BURKE, Director                                    Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1W2
    Underground Irrigation Systems                           T. (902) 463-0519 / F. (902) 446-8104
    PO Box 2174                                              pam@landscapenovascotia.ca
    Windsor NS B0N 2T0
    T. (902) 798-1404 / F. (902) 798-2181                    REBECCA WETSELAAR
    uis@ns.sympatio.ca                                       Provincial Relations Managers, CNLA
                                                             T. 1 866 383-4711
    LAURA COUPAR, Director                                   rebecca.wetselaar@canadanursery.com
    Elmsdale Landscaping Ltd.
    113 Elmsdale Rd                                          MICHELLE BROWN
    Elmsdale NS B2S 1K7                                      Provincial Relations Coordinator, CNLA
    T. (902) 883-2291 / F. (902) 883-2761                    T. 1 866 446-3499 ext. 8650
    lcoupar@elmsdalelandscaping.com                          michelle@canadanursery.com

7         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Terra Nova Landscaping Inc.
            Scott Mosher, P.Eng. Owner of Terra Nova Landscaping, graduated from the Technical Univer-
            sity of Nova Scotia (TUNS) in 1987 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil).

            Scott is currently the President of Landscape Nova Scotia and has been a Board Member for
            many years. Scott is married to Anne (also a Professional Engineer), and has 2 children, Ashley
            (17) & David (15).

1st Vice President
MacPhee’s Landscaping Services

            Paul MacPhee, Vice President of Landscape Nova Scotia, is also the owner / operator of
            MacPhee’s Landscaping Services. In business since 1995, he has spent the last 13 years
            steadily growing the company concentrating on quality customer care. Services provided
            include: professional design, as well as, installation and maintenance contracting.

            He graduated from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College with Landscape Horticulture.
            He has been serving on the board for several years now and continues to work closely
with the association’s Spring Ideal Garden and Patio Show.


            Peter Bugden was born in Corner Brook, NL and graduated from Acadia University with a BBA
            in 1977. Peter has been the owner of Nutri-Lawn franchise in Nova Scotia since 1990, serving
            Metro Halifax, Annapolis Valley, South Shore.

            He has served as Treasurer for Landscape Nova Scotia since 2007. Peter volunteer as President
            for Central Minor Hockey Federation and is Past President of the Dartmouth Whalers Minor
            Hockey Association.

Past President
Atlantic Gardens Ltd.

            Robin Godfrey is second generation owner of his family business, Atlantic Gardens and Lake-
            land Plant World. Robin grew up in Bedford, Nova Scotia and graduated from the University
            of New Brunswick in 1993 with a BBA. Upon graduation, Robin returned to Nova Scotia and
            the family business started by his parents Peggy and Jim Godfrey in 1968. Currently, Robin is
            the operations manager of the growing facility in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia and General
            Manager of the retail store Lakeland Plant World in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

              Robin serves as Past President on the board of Landscape Nova Scotia. Landscape Nova Scotia
is the trade association of Nova Scotia’s horticultural industry, which is the original green industry. Robin
resides in Hammonds Plains with his wife, Angela and their children Alexander and Marielle.

8         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
    CNLA Representative
    Clintar Groundskeeping Services

                 Doug is a designer, estimator, project manager for Clintar Groundskeeping located in Dart-
                 mouth. Doug graduated with honours from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College with a
                 diploma in Landscape Horticulture (1990), Certified Horticultural Technician (CHT), Certi-
                 fied Landscape Professional (CLP), Certified Landscape Designer (CLD).

                   Doug is Past President of the Landscape Nova Scotia and currently the CNLA rep for LNS.
                   H is also the Landscape Canada Committee member Chair, National Technical Com-
    mittee member for landscape gardening for Skills Canada Chair, and is involved with the Landscape
    Horticulturist Ad Hoc Advisory Committee.

    Underground Irrigation Systems

                 Wayne has been a retired schoolteacher since 2006. He is currently the owner of Under-
                 ground Irrigation Systems which he started in 1996, and has been in operation for 14 years.
                 T name describes the product and services of the business. And Wayne has worked on
                 residential and commercial projects throughout the Maritimes.

                  Wayne has been a member of Landscape Nova Scotia since 1998 and also a member of
                  t CNLA. Wayne has also been a member of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. This is
    Wayne’s first time as a director of LNS and is looking forward to helping out and learning more about
    the organization.

    Elmsdale Landscaping Limited

                 Laura Coupar is the Vice President of Operations at Elmsdale Landscaping Limited and has
                 worked in various stages of the turf grass and soil production industry. This is her first year
                 of involvement with Landscape Nova Scotia currently serving on the Board of Directors.
                 Laura graduated from Saint Mary’s university with a Commerce degree in 2007, majoring
                 in accounting.

    Green Scape
                 Kirk Fletcher graduated from NSAC with a Diploma in Landscape Horticulture in 1992
                 and achieved CHT Status in Landscape Installation in 2006. Kirk serves on the Landscape
                 Nova Scotia Board of Director and is the chair of the Education Committee

                 Since 2005, Kirk is Landscape Operations Manager of GreenScape in Sackville NS. Kirk
                 started working in the industry in 1990 and have been involved ever since that date. Kirk
                 resides in St. Croix Nova Scotia.

9           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Nova Scotia Agriculture College

            Carol Goodwin is an Associate Professor of Landscape Horticulture in the Environmental Sci-
            ences department at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. Her area of research is the propaga-
            tion and production of native plants, and how cultural practices affect tree longevity. Carol
            joined Landscape Atlantic in 1976, and has been an active member almost without interrup-
            tion ever since.

              She was Head Gardener at Mount Saint Vincent University from 1976 to 1987, when she
moved to Ontario to attend the University of Guelph. Carol was a charter member of the Atlantic Region
Certification Committee, joining in 1994. She has helped to administer the certification test annually, and
has contributed suggestions for changes to the test. Carol joined the Board of Landscape Nova Scotia in
2007. She is also a member of Landscape New Brunswick. When she isn’t busy working on behalf of the
industry, she relaxes with her flat coated retriever.

Shaw Brick

            Kevin has been employed with The Shaw Group for almost 7 years. He has held the position
            o Shaw Brick Dealer Sales and recently moved into the newly created position of New Prod-
            u Coordinator. Prior to The Shaw Group Kevin worked at an Estate in Chester, NS as Head
            Gardener for over 5 years.

             Before Chester, Kevin worked in the Garden Center and Nursery business for 5 years. Kevin
             a graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Physical Education.
Kevin has served on the Board for 6 years and have been involved with the Industry since 1992 and has two
wonderful Boys, who are 12 and 15 yrs old.

Clintar Groundskeeping Services
            Craig Roberts, owner of Clintar Landscape Management for Halifax, graduated from Memorial
            University of Newfoundland in 1989 with a B.A. in Economics and finance.

            Prior to opening Clintar, Craig was involved in a project management functions of a number of
            o and gas projects and information systems implementations. As owner of the local Clintar
            franchise, Craig is actively involved in project estimation and management, along with busi-
            n development activities.

Granview Landscape Group

            Ryan’s education background includes completion of a under graduate degree at Dalhou-
            s University that focused on Marketing and Economics. Other discipline of his education
            include Public Relations and Project Management certification courses at NSCC, as well as
            g / sport field construction and landscape installation courses at NSAC. After a few years of
            hiatus following his post-secondary education, Ryan entered as the 3rd generation member
            i the family business.

N in his
Now i hi 5th year with the family business, Ryan serves a multitude of roles. Ryan is the sales, marketing
and communications director at MVQS. He also serves as the liaison for advertising / promotions / sales
in the family’s NB based sod production company, NBQT. Ryan also performs Jr. Management / sales and
marketing roles at Turf Masters, a sport contracting company that installs more than just turf!

10        2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Executive Director, LNSHTA

                  Pam has graduated with a diploma in Architectural Technology (NSCC) and another in
                  Land use Planning (COGS) and has been designated as a Registered Canadian Professional
                  Manager and is a member of the Canadian Professional Managers Associations.

                    Pam has many years of experience working with not-for-profit organizations, government
                    and industry over the past 16 years and has worked as researcher, project coordinator and
                    graphic designer. Pam worked with the Environmental Services Association of Nova Scotia
        the P
     as th Program Director for 11 years. Pam has experience in fundraising, training initiatives, securing
     funding to sustain associations, event coordination, member services, government relations, interna-
     tional trade initiatives, public awareness and education, program development, and communications.

     REBECCA WETSELAAR                                       MICHELLE BROWN
     Provincial Relations Manager, CNLA                      Provincial Relations Coordinators, CNLA

     Rebecca’s position as “Manager of Provincial Relations”, and Michelle’s position as “Provincial Rela-
     tions Coordinator” exist to support the office and membership of Landscape Nova Scotia. Support is
     provided by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, in addition to supporting Landscape New
     Brunswick, Landscape Newfoundland and Labrador, Landscape Manitoba, and the Saskatchewan Nurs-
     ery Landscape Association. Rebecca and Michelle have travelled to the Atlantic provinces and have
     been welcomed by our members on many occasions. The goal of the positions is to grow our provincial
     associations across Canada and to provide increased support to our members.

     Photos by www.fancyfreefoto.com

                                                                             Suite 44 - 201 Brownlow Ave
                                                                                 Dartmouth, NS B3B 1W2
                                                                                          P. 902 463-0519
                                                                                         TF. 877 567-4769
                                                                                          F. 902 446-8104


11           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Landscape Nova Scotia
                     Letter from the Executive Director...

                     Landscape Nova Scotia has gone through many changes over
                     the last year. Now that the office is established and I’ve settled
                     into my new role as Executive Director, it’s business as usual.
                     Since I started this position last summer, we hosted our Annual
                     Golf Tournament, the 2008 Awards of Excellence and Annual
                     General Meeting. With our partners Landscape NB, Landscape
                     NL and CNLA, we had a very successful HortEast in November,
                     we launched our 2009 Membership Listings and Annual Atlantic
                     Canada Landscape Directory and hosted another very popular
Garden and Patio Show in March. Needless to say, it has been a busy time!

However, it’s the future of LNS and the industry I’m excited about. The Federal Govern-
ment of Canada has given us an exciting opportunity with the Home Renovation Tax
Credit. It’s a great time to be in this industry and we need to capitalize on this. Our com-
mittees have been working hard to provide quality educational events, to raise the profile
of the industry and association, increase the membership and to seek out opportunities
for the industry. The LNS board of directors are also planning to review the Strategic

However, it’s not all work and no play, we are still planning to host our 2009 Grant
Mosher Memorial Golf Tournament in August, our Landscape Rodeo in September and
networking events throughout the less busier times of the year. We hope you get a
chance to join us.

There has been many successes with new changes at Landscape NS. The new office
is being utilized as a resource centre and the membership have been holding industry
and committee meetings and dropping in to meet the new executive director and to talk
about the industry and the future of LNS.

I have found an overwhelming amount of support from the board and the industry, and
I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for all your help and encourage-
ment over the past several months. And I look forward to working with the membership
in the futrure.


Pam Woodman
Executive Director
Landscape Nova Scotia

12         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Membership Categories...

     ARBORIST/TREE CARE SPECIALIST                        Down to Earth Gardening & Landscaping Ltd
                                                          Earth-Craft Landscape Ltd
     Arbor Plant Health Care                              East Coast Irrigation Supplies Ltd
     Asplundh Tree Services Inc                           Edmonds Landscape & Construction
     Bushwacker Woods to Lawns Ltd                        Services Ltd
     Changing Seasons Landscaping Services Ltd            Elmsdale Landscaping Limited
     Green Scape                                          English Garden Design
     HRM - Parks & Open Spaces / Municipal                Envirem Technologies Inc
     Operations                                           Evergreen Landscaping Ltd
     Leahey’s Landscaping & Snow Removal                  Fundy Landscaping Services
     Maritime Landscape Services Ltd                      Cedar Landscape & Excavation
     NSAC, Dept. of Environmental Sciences                G.W. Mosher Motors Ltd
     Ryland Property Maintenance (2006) Ltd               Green Arbor Landscape
     Treeworks Ltd                                        Green Scape
                                                          Greenway Landscaping Ltd
     FLORIST                                              Ground Force Property Services Inc
                                                          Groundcover Landscape Services
     Amcom Landscaping                                    Heritage Landscape Services Ltd
     Atlantic Gardens Inc                                 Highland Landscapes for Lifestyle
     HRM -Parks & Open Spaces/Municipal                   Humphreys Landscape and Construction
     Operations                                           Inspired Landscaping & Renovations
     Scotian Gold                                         Joe Bidermann Landscaping Design
     Searle’s Garden Florals                              Kimberlan Landscaping
                                                          Labelle Landscape and Design
     HYDROSEEDING                                         Leahey’s Landscaping & Snow Removal
                                                          LM Landscape Services
     Allterrain Landscaping Services Inc                  Lorraine Lawn Care 2001 Ltd
     Black Rock Contracting Ltd                           MacInnis’ Landscape Design & Construction
     Elmsdale Landscaping Limited                         MacIntosh Landscaping Ltd
     Evergreen Landscaping Ltd                            MacPhee’s Landscaping Services
     Fundy Landscaping Services                           Maritime Landscape Services Ltd
     Highland Landscapes for Lifestyle                    Mayflower Gardens
     Lorraine Lawn Care 2001 Ltd                          McAdoo’s Lawn Care
     NSAC-Continuing Education Department                 McMullen Landscaping
     Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd                   Nature’s Reflections Landscaping
     T. Dilney Contracting Ltd                            NSAC-Continuing Education Department
     The Teak Tree Enterprises Limited                    Ocean Contractors Ltd
     Turf Masters Landscaping Ltd                         Oceanview Landscaping
     Western Landscaping                                  Pleasant Valley Nurseries
                                                          Property Buddies Ltd
     INTERIOR PLANTSCAPING                                Rousseau Irrigation
                                                          Ryland Property Maintenance (2006) Ltd
     Labelle Landscape and Design                         Stone Gallery
     Pleasant Valley Nurseries                            Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd
                                                          T. Dilney Contracting Ltd
     LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR                                 Terra Nova Landscaping Inc
                                                          The Briar Patch Farm & Nursery
     A.W. Dean Contracting & Landscaping Ltd              The Teak Tree Enterprises Limited
     ACME Environmentals Ltd                              Tracey’s Landscaping
     All Points Property Services                         Turf Masters Landscaping Ltd
     Allterrain Landscaping Services Inc                  Valley Sod and Landscaping Ltd
     Alma Lawncare & General Maintenance Ltd              Victory Gardens Landscape & Construction
     Atlantic Seascapes                                   Western Landscaping
     Black Rock Contracting Ltd
     Carmody Gardening & Landscaping                      LANDSCAPE DESIGNER
     Changing Seasons Landscaping Services Ltd
     Clintar Groundskeeping Services                      Alma Lawncare & General Maintenance Ltd
     Creative Light and Landscape Ltd                     Atlantic Seascapes
     Cutting Edge Construction                            CBCL Limited
     Cypress Landscaping Ltd                              Changing Seasons Landscaping Services Ltd
     D & B Residential Property Maintenance               Creative Light and Landscape Ltd

13             2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                      Take Advantage of the
                    Home Renovation Tax Credit

     What is Eligible?
     •   laying new sod
     •   purchasing tress, shrubs, perennials
     •   decks, retaining walls, pathways
     •   irrigations and lighting systems
     •   pond and waterfalls
     •   garden sheds
     •   professional landscape design services
     •   professional landscape contractor services.

     For more information visit www.canadanursery.com
Down to Earth Gardening & Landscaping Ltd             GROUNDS MAINTENANCE
Earth-Craft Landscape Ltd
Edmonds Landscape & Construction Services Ltd         A.W. Dean Contracting & Landscaping Ltd
English Garden Design                                 All Points Property Services
Envirem Technologies Inc                              Allterrain Landscaping Services Inc
Fundy Landscaping Services                            Alma Lawncare & General Maintenance Ltd
GC Property Maintenance                               Atlantic Seascapes
Greenway Landscaping Ltd                              Black Rock Contracting Ltd
Groundcover Landscape Services                        Bushwacker Woods to Lawns Ltd
Heritage Landscape Services Ltd                       Carmody Gardening & Landscaping
Highland Landscapes for Lifestyle                     Changing Seasons Landscaping Services Ltd
Inspired Landscaping & Renovations                    Clintar Groundskeeping Services
Joe Bidermann Landscaping Design                      Creative Light and Landscape Ltd
Labelle Landscape and Design                          Cypress Landscaping Ltd.
Leahey’s Landscaping & Snow Removal                   D & B Residential Property Maintenance
LM Landscape Services                                 Down to Earth Gardening & Landscaping Ltd
MacInnis’ Landscape Design & Construction             Earth-Craft Landscape Ltd
MacIntosh Landscaping Ltd                             Edmonds Landscape & Construction Services Ltd
MacPhee’s Landscaping Services                        English Garden Design
Maritime Landscape Services Ltd                       Envirem Technologies Inc
Mayflower Gardens                                      Enviromasters Lawn Care
McMullen Landscaping                                  Evergreen Landscaping Ltd
N S C C Kingstec Campus                               Flora for Fauna
Nature’s Reflections Landscaping                       G.C. Property Maintenance
NSAC, Dept. of Environmental Sciences                 Green Arbor Landscape
Oceanview Landscaping                                 Green Scape
Pleasant Valley Nurseries                             Greenway Landscaping Ltd
Rousseau Irrigation                                   Ground Force Property Services Inc
Ryland Property Maintenance (2006) Ltd                Groundcover Landscape Services
Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd                    Heritage Landscape Services Ltd
The Teak Tree Enterprises Limited                     Highland Landscapes for Lifestyle
Tracey’s Landscaping                                  Humphreys Landscape and Construction
Valley Sod and Landscaping Ltd                        Inspired Landscaping & Renovations
Van Vulpen Design                                     Joe Bidermann Landscaping Design
Victory Gardens Landscape & Construction              Kimberlan Landscaping
Western Landscaping                                   Labelle Landscape and Design

14         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Lawn Rangers                                        SOD GROWER
     Leahey’s Landscaping & Snow Removal
     Lorraine Lawn Care 2001 Ltd                         Elmsdale Landscaping Limited
     MacInnis’ Landscape Design & Construction           Highland Landscapes for Lifestyle
     MacIntosh Landscaping Ltd                           Musquodoboit Valley Quality Sod (MVQS)
     MacPhee’s Landscaping Services                      Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd
     McAdoo’s Lawn Care                                  T. Dilney Contracting Ltd
     McMullen Landscaping                                Terra Nova Landscaping Inc
     Nature’s Reflections Landscaping                     Valley Sod and Landscaping Ltd
     Nevergreener Services
     NSAC, Dept. of Environmental Sciences               LAWN CARE
     NSAC-Continuing Education Department
     Nutri-Lawn (PEI)                                    Allterrain Landscaping Services Inc
     Ocean Contractors Ltd                               Alma Lawncare & General Maintenance Ltd
     Oceanview Landscaping                               Atlantic Seascapes
     Property Buddies Ltd                                Black Rock Contracting Ltd
     Ryland Property Maintenance (2006) Ltd              Bushwacker Woods to Lawns Ltd
     Shamrock Landscaping Services                       Changing Seasons Landscaping Services Ltd
     Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd                  Clintar Groundskeeping Services
     T. Dilney Contracting Ltd                           Cypress Landscaping Ltd.
     Terra Nova Landscaping Inc                          D & B Residential Property Maintenance
     The Teak Tree Enterprises Limited                   Earth-Craft Landscape Ltd
     Town of Wolfville                                   East Coast Irrigation Supplies Ltd
     Tracey’s Landscaping                                Edmonds Landscape & Construction Services Ltd
     Valley Sod and Landscaping Ltd                      Elmsdale Landscaping Limited
     Victory Gardens Landscape & Construction            Envirem Technologies Inc
     Western Landscaping                                 Enviromasters Lawn Care
     Xcel Lawn Care & Grounds Maintenance                Flora for Fauna
                                                         GC Property Maintenance
     NURSERY GROWER                                      Green Arbor Landscape
                                                         Green Scape
     Atlantic Gardens Inc                                Greenway Landscaping Ltd
     Avon Valley Floral                                  Ground Force Property Services Inc
     Baldwin’s Landscape Nurseries                       Groundcover Landscape Services
     Blomidon Nurseries Ltd                              Inspired Landscaping & Renovations
     Elmsdale Landscaping Limited                        Kimberlan Landscaping
     Foggy Hollow Farm                                   Lawn Rangers
     HRM - Parks & Open Spaces / Municipal               Leahey’s Landscaping & Snow Removal
     Operations                                          Lorraine Lawn Care 2001 Ltd
     Lockwood Water Gardens                              MacIntosh Landscaping Ltd
     M2 Horticulture Inc                                 MacPhee’s Landscaping Services
     Musquodoboit Valley Quality Sod (MVQS)              McAdoo’s Lawn Care
     N S C C Kingstec Campus                             McMullen Landscaping
     Sheridan Nurseries                                  Musquodoboit Valley Quality Sod (MVQS)
     Springvale Nurseries (1995) Ltd                     Nutri-Lawn (Greener Pastures Dev. Ltd.)
     The Briar Patch Farm & Nursery                      Nutri-Lawn (PEI)
                                                         Oceanview Landscaping
     RETAIL GARDEN CENTER                                Property Buddies Ltd
                                                         Ross Lawn Care
     Atlantic Gardens Inc                                Ryland Property Maintenance (2006) Ltd
     Baldwin’s Landscape Nurseries                       Shamrock Landscaping Services
     Blomidon Nurseries Ltd                              Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd
     Brooklyn Farms                                      T. Dilney Contracting Ltd
     Envirem Technologies Inc                            The Teak Tree Enterprises Limited
     Foggy Hollow Farm                                   Town of Wolfville
     Halifax Seed Company Inc                            Tracey’s Landscaping
     Lakeland Plant World                                Underground Irrigation Systems
     N S C C Kingstec Campus                             Valley Sod and Landscaping Ltd
     Oceanview Landscaping                               Victory Gardens Landscape & Construction
     Pleasant Valley Nurseries                           Weed Man
     Scotian Gold                                        Weed Man
     Searle’s Garden Florists                            Western Landscaping
     Terra Nova Landscaping Inc                          Xcel Lawn Care and Grounds Maintenance
     The Briar Patch Farm & Nursery

15            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
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TRADE SUPPLIER                                         TREE MOVER

Advanced Vegetation Control Inc                        Changing Seasons Landscaping Services Ltd
Atlantic Tractors & Equipment Ltd                      Elmsdale Landscaping Limited
Avon Valley Floral                                     Evergreen Landscaping Ltd
Barrios Concrete Ornaments (2004) Ltd                  Green Arbor Landscape
Bergman Concrete Products Ltd                          Maritime Landscape Services Ltd
Blomidon Nurseries Ltd
Bobcat Atlantic                                        WINTER SERVICES
CBCL Limited
Davis Specialty Soils & Compost                        A.W. Dean Contracting & Landscaping Ltd
Eastern Turf Inc                                       Allterrain Landscaping Services Inc
Envirem Technologies Inc                               Alma Lawncare & General Maintenance Ltd
Foggy Hollow Farm                                      Atlantic Seascapes
G.W. Mosher Motors Ltd                                 Black Rock Contracting Ltd
Halifax Seed Company Inc                               Bushwacker Woods to Lawns Ltd
Hefler Forest Products                                  Cedar Landscape & Excavation
Irri-Plus Inc                                          Changing Seasons Landscaping Services Ltd
Kel-Ann Organics                                       Clintar Groundskeeping Services
Lakeland Plant World                                   Creative Light and Landscape Ltd
Maccaferri-Canada                                      Cutting Edge Construction
Maritime Lawn & Garden                                 Cypress Landscaping Ltd.
Maritime Pavers and Stone Ltd                          D & B Residential Property Maintenance
Mark Lyn Construction Ltd                              Davis Specialty Soils & Compost
McBurney Pools & Spas                                  Earth-Craft Landscape Ltd
Miller Composting Corporation                          Edmonds Landscape & Construction Services Ltd
Musquodoboit Valley Quality Sod (MVQS)                 Fundy Landscaping Services
Nova Tree Company Inc                                  G.W. Mosher Motors Ltd
Nova Turf Care Products Ltd                            Ground Force Property Services Inc
Ocean Contractors Ltd                                  Groundcover Landscape Services
Ocean Truck Equipment                                  Highland Landscapes for Lifestyle
Permacon                                               Inspired Landscaping & Renovations
Planters Equipment                                     Kel-Ann Organics
Quality Concrete                                       Kimberlan Landscaping
Scotian Gold                                           Leahey’s Landscaping & Snow Removal
Shaw Brick                                             LM Landscape Services
Sheridan Nurseries                                     MacIntosh Landscaping Ltd
South Shore Sand & Gravel                              Mark Lyn Construction Ltd.
STIHL Limited                                          McAdoo’s Lawn Care
Stone Gallery                                          Meadowlands Landscaping Products Ltd
Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd                     Nature’s Reflections Landscaping
United Rentals Canada Inc                              Nevergreener Services
Wajax Industries                                       Oceanview Landscaping
Wallace Equipment                                      Property Buddies Ltd
Wilson Equipment Ltd                                   Rousseau Irrigation

16         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                     130 Bluewater Road — Bedford, N.S. B4B 1G7

                                           (902) 835-7387

          Professional Landscape Design/Build Services
                                                   Garden Centre
                       v Nursery Sod                v Perennials           v Topsoil
                       v Trees & Shrubs             v Pond Supplies        v Bark Mulch

                                      www.terranovalandscaping.ns.ca                               Landscape

     Shamrock Landscaping Services                        HortProtect (The Investment Guild)
     T. Dilney Contracting Ltd                            Humphreys Landscape and Construction
     Terra Nova Landscaping Inc                           Kel-Ann Organics
     The Teak Tree Enterprises Limited                    Lockwood Water Gardens
     Town of Wolfville                                    M2 Horticulture Inc
     Tracey’s Landscaping                                 Mark Lyn Construction Ltd
     Turf Masters Landscaping Ltd                         McBurney Pools & Spas
     Victory Gardens Landscape & Construction             Meadowlands Landscaping Products Ltd
     Western Landscaping                                  MSD Enterprises
     Xcel Lawn Care and Grounds Maintenance               N S C C Kingstec Campus
                                                          Nova Scotia Federation Of Agriculture
     OTHER                                                Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association
                                                          Nova Scotia Power Inc
     Atlantic Association of Landscape Designers          NSAC, Dept. of Environmental Sciences
     Atlantic Provinces Ready Mixed Concrete              Ocean Truck Equipment
     Association                                          Planters Equipment
     Clintar Groundskeeping Services                      Recreation Nova Scotia
     Communities in Bloom                                 Town of Wolfville
     Cutting Edge Construction                            Turf Masters Landscaping Ltd
     Danny Thomas Excavating                              Underground Irrigation Systems
     Dogma Inc. (Invisible Fence of NS)
     East Coast Irrigation Supplies Ltd.
     Environmental Services Association of NS
     Greenhouse Nova Scotia-


17            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Landscape Nova Scotia
A.W. Dean Contracting & Landscaping Ltd.               Andrew MacDonald Landscaping & Tree Services
Tony Dean                                              Andrew MacDonald
20 Pockwock Rd.                                        17 Bardmoor Cres.
Hammonds Plains, NS, B4B 1M5                           Sydney River, NS, B1S 3S5
P. 902 835-9247                                        P. 902 562-1902
F. 902 444-3052                                        F. 902 562-3506
E. info@deanscontracting.ca                            E. macdonaldlandscaping@ns.sympatico.ca
                                                       Arbor Plant Health Care
Access Tree Services Ltd.                              David Cooper
Cyrille Michaud                                        5560 Hwy #2
644 Portland St. Unit 3, Suite 211                     Grand Lake, NS, B2T 1B3
Dartmouth, NS, B2W 2M3                                 P. 902 223-4028
P. 902 476-8733                                        E. arbor@ns.sympatico.ca
F. 902 404-0940                                        www.arbornovascotia.com
E. mail@accesstreecuttingservices.ca
www.accesstreecuttingservices.ca                       Asplundh Tree Services Inc.
                                                       Rick Williams
ACME Environmentals Ltd.                               P.O. Box 3000
Ken Timmons                                            Dartmouth, NS, B2W 4Y3
23 A Bluewater Rd.                                     P. 902 468-8733
Bedford, NS, B4B 1G8                                   F. 902 468-8443
P. 902 835-7760                                        E. novascotia@asplundh.com
F. 902 835-7860                                        www.asplundh.com
E. acmeenviro@eastlink.ca
                                                       Atlantic Association of Landscape Designers
Advanced Vegetation Control Inc.                       Jane Rostik
Andre Gaudet                                           32 Market Rd.
1188 LaVallee Route                                    Halifax, NS, B2N 1R9
Memramcook, NB, E4K 1A2                                P. 902 454-8588
P. 506 961-2782                                        E. sunandsand@ns.sympatico.ca
F. 506 857-8131                                        www.aald.ca
E. andre@avcaqua.com
www.advancedvegetationcontrol.com                      Atlantic Gardens Inc.
                                                       Robin Godfrey
All Points Property Services                           1232 Bedford Hwy
Pierre Breton, BScFE                                   Bedford, NS, B4A 1C6
9 - 48 Trider Cres.                                    P. 902 835-8591 or 865-7195
Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1W5                                 F. 902 835-6462 or 865-7082
P. 902 431-6360                                        E. growing@atlanticgardens.ns.ca
F. 902 889-9049                                        www.atlanticgardens.ns.ca
E. pierre@allpointspropertyservices.com
www.allpointspropertyservices.com                      Atlantic Provinces Ready Mixed Concrete Assoc.
                                                       John M. Connely, Marketing Director
Allterrain Contracting Inc.                            36 Brookshire Court, Suite 12
Jason Rogers                                           Bedford, NS, B4A 4E9
16 C Fielding Ave.                                     P. 902 443-4456
Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1E1                                 F. 902 429-6696
P. 902 404-3800                                        E. jconnely@aprmca.com
F. 902 404-3801                                        www.aprmca.com
E. jrodgers@allterrainlandscaping.ca
www.allterrainlandscaping.ca                           Atlantic Seascapes
                                                       Quentin Riggs
Alma Lawncare & General Maintenance Ltd.               4 Ridgewood Dr.
Luis Hernandez                                         Head St. Margarets Bay, NS, B3Z 2H4
12 Inverness Ave.                                      P. 902 489-3633
Halifax, NS, B3P 1X5                                   F. 902 820-2310
P. 902 475-3622                                        www.atlanticseascapes.ca
F. 902 475-3622

18          2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Atlantic Tractors & Equipment Ltd.                  Bergman Concrete Products Ltd
     Gary Collens                                        Bruce Bergman
     James Bond                                          847 Hammonds Plains Rd.
     175 Akerley Blvd.                                   Bedford, NS, B4B 1B2
     Dartmouth, NS, B3B 2B1                              P. 902 832-0506
     P. 902 468-0581                                     F. 902 835-8393
     F. 902 468-4227                                     E. sales@bergmanconcrete.com
     E. gcollens@atlcat.ca or jbond@atlcat.ca            www.bergmanconcrete.com
                                                         Black Rock Contracting Ltd.
     Avon Valley Floral                                  Amy Bishop
     Amy Morrison                                        127 Joseph Zatzman Dr.
     285 Town Rd.                                        Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1W1
     Falmouth, NS, B0P 1L0                               P. 902 471-3362
     P. 902 798-8381                                     F. 902 405-3421
     F. 902 798-8272                                     E. amybishop@blackrockcontracting.ca
     E. amorrison@avonvalleyfloral.com                    www.blackrockcontracting.ca
                                                         Blomidon Nurseries Ltd.
     Baldwin’s Landscape Nurseries                       Michelle Muis
     Robert Baldwin                                      10060 Highway 1, RR#2
     500 Mines Rd.                                       Wolfville, NS, B4P 2R2
     Falmouth, NS, B0P 1L0                               P. 902 542-3346
     P. 902 798-9468                                     F. 902 542-1123
     E. robert.baldwin@ns.sympatico.ca                   E. blomidonnursery@eastlink.ca
     Barrios Concrete Ornaments (2004) Ltd.
     Nina Barrios                                        Briar Patch Farm & Nursery, the
     295 Cobequid Rd.                                    W. John Dickie
     Lwr. Sackville, NS, B4C 4E6                         4568 Highway #1
     P. 902 252-2227                                     South Berwick, NS, B0P 1E0
     F. 902 865-6676                                     P. 902 538-9164
     E. info@barriosconcrete.com                         F. 902 538-1176
     www.barriosconcrete.com                             E. briarpatch@eastlink.ca.
     Bell and Grant Insurance
     Mike Fralick                                        Bobcat Atlantic
     6380 Lady Hammond Rd.                               Mike Rayner
     Halifax, NS, B3K 2S3                                11 Acadia St.
     P. 902 429-4150                                     Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 2N1
     F. 902 420-1787                                     P. 902 442-5618
     E. mfralick@bellandgrant.com                        F. 902 464-3874
     www.bellandgrant.ca                                 E. mrayner@bobcatatlantic.com

19            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                 Discover the Greener
                 Side of STIHL
     At STIHL, we invest considerable resources in producing long lasting, energy-efficient products that
     minimize our impact on the environment. we’re committed to developing powerful, low-vibration,        BR 500
     fuel-efficient responsible product technlogies. Maximum performance - Minimum impact. Discover         High performance, low
                                                                                                           noise Backpack Blower
     STIHL’s greener products today at your frientlyneighbourhood STIHL Dealer or visit us on-line.        with reduced emissions

                                           Maritime Lawn and Garden
                                                2790 Windsor St.
                                                   Halifax, NS

20            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Brooklyn Farms                                     Communities in Bloom
     Bob Mollins                                        Tanice Mundle
     5091 Brooklyn St.                                  1099 Marginal Rd. Ste 201
     Berwick, NS, B0P 1E0                               Halifax, NS, B3H 4P7
     P. 902 538-1715                                    P. 902 423-4480
     F. 902 538-0887                                    F. 902 422-0184
     E. bmollins@ns.sympatico.ca                        E. tanice_mundle@tourism.ca
     Bushwacker Woods to Lawns Ltd.
     Jeffery Stevens                                    Connon Nurseries
     RR #1                                              Art Vanderkruk
     Mahone Bay, NS, B0J 2E0                            1724 Concession IV
     P. 902 634-3685                                    Rocton, ON, L0R 1X0
     E. the.stevens@ns.sympatico.ca                     P. 519 647-3997
                                                        F. 519 647-2951
     Cannor Nurseries Ltd.                              E. plants@cannonavk.com
     Geoff Anderson                                     www.connonavk.com
     48291 Chilliwack Central Rd
     Chilliwack, B.C, V2P 6H3                           Construction Association of Nova Scotia
     P. 604 795-5993                                    Carol MacCulloch
     F. 604 795-6148                                    260 Brownlow Avenue, Unit 3
     E. geoff@cannor.ca                                 Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1V9
     www.cannor.ca                                      P. 902 468-2267
                                                        F. 902 468-2470
     CBCL Limited                                       E. cmacculloch@cans.ns.ca
     Clinton Pinks CSLA                                 www.cans.ns.ca
     1489 Hollis St. P.O. Box 606
     Halifax, NS, B3J 2R7                               Creative Light and Landscape Ltd.
     P. 902 421-7241                                    Doug Conrad, CLP, CHT
     F. 902 423-3938                                    100 Ilsley Ave
     E. clintonp@cbcl.ca                                Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1L3
     www.cbcl.ca                                        P. 902 461-1311
                                                        F. 902 468-5518
     Cedar Landscaping & Excavation                     E. landscape@eastlink.ca
     Richard Bowman                                     www.creativelightandlandscape.com
     39 Barry Crescent
     Halifax, NS, B3R 2L7                               Cutting Edge Construction Ltd.
     P. 902 802-0970                                    Randy Holland
     F. 902 477-5943                                    3739 Prospect Rd.
     E. info@cedarlandscaping.ca                        Halifax, NS, B3T 2B4
     www.cedarlandscaping.ca                            P. 902 222-2886
                                                        F. 902 850-2053
     Changing Seasons Landscaping Services Ltd.         E. rholland@eastlink.ca
     Mark Hatt                                          www.cuttingedgeconstruction.org
     1036 Old Sambro Rd.
     Harrietsfield, NS, B3V 1B1                          Cypress Landscaping Ltd.
     P. 902 455-2133                                    Ron Hanson
     F. 902 425-0538                                    7071 Bayers Rd., R.P.O. Box 22030
     E. changingseason@eastlink.ca                      Halifax, NS, B3L 4T7
                                                        P. 902 443-8400
     Clintar Groundskeeping Services                    F. 902 443-9799
     Terry Nicholson                                    E. cypresslandscape@eastlink.ca
     1-70 ESNA Park Dr.
     Markham, ON, L3R 1E3                               D & B Residential Commercial Property Maintenance
     P. 905 943-9530                                    Barry Tomalin
     F. 905 943-9529                                    103 Church St.
     E. terryn@clintar.com                              PO Box 822
     www.clintar.com                                    Liverpool, NS B0T 1K0
                                                        P. 902 352-2501
     Clintar Groundskeeping Services                    F. 902 354-2344
     Craig S. Roberts                                   E. btomalin@eastlink.ca
     100 Ilsley Ave., Unit H
     Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1L3                             Danny Thomas Excavating
     P. 902 468-5541                                    Danny Thomas
     F. 902 468-5518                                    Kentville Canaan MT Road
     E. croberts@clintar.com                            Kentville, NS, B4N 4K1
     www.clintar.com                                    P. 902 678-4584
                                                        F. 902 678-4179
                                                        E. sue.danny@ns.sympatico.ca

21           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     1620 Sackville Dr.
     Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia
     Phone: (902) 865-7195                           Nursery
     Fax: (902) 865-7082

                ʻGrowing green plants on green energyʼ

22      2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Davis Specialty Soils & Compost                     Elmsdale Landscaping Limited
     Sue Anne Davis                                      George Coupar, CHT or
     69 Colonel Joseph Scott Dr.                         Laura Coupar
     Lower Sackville, NS, B4C 4B1                        113 Elmsdale Rd.
     P. 902 865-0715                                     Elmsdale, NS, B2S 1K7
     F. 902 865-0223                                     P. 902 883-2291
     E. sadavis@soils.ns.ca                              F. 902 883-2761
     www.soils.ns.ca                                     E. gcoupar@elmsdalelandscaping.com /
     Dogma Inc. (Invisible Fence of NS)                  www.elmsdalelandscaping.com
     Jane Wentzell
     RR# 1                                               English Garden Design
     Chester Basin, NS, B0J 1K0                          Jenny Sandison
     P. 902 275-2141                                     RR# 2,1510 Oakland Rd.
     F. 902                                              Mahone Bay, NS, B0J 2E0
     E. dogma@tallships.ca                               P. 902 624-9013
                                                         Envirem Technologies Inc.
     Down to Earth Gardening & Landscaping Ltd.          Colin Murray, CET
     Kari Hjelkrem, CHT                                  180 Hodgson Rd.
     P.O. Box 2245                                       Fredericton, NB, E3C 2G4
     Wolfville, NS, B4P 2N5                              P. 800 524-9411
     P. 902 542-5498                                     F. 800 866 473-2200
     F. 902 542-1323                                     E. colinm@envirem.com
     E. dtearth@ns.sympatico.ca                          www.envirem.com
                                                         Enviromasters Lawn Care
     Dream Green Landscape                               Glenn MacDougall
     Chad Allen                                          P.O. Box 91
     P.O. Box 1896                                       Lower Sackville, NS, B4C 2S8
     Lunenburg, NS, B0J 2C0                              P. 902 865-6156
     P. 902 212-0654                                     F. 902 865-0895
     E. chad.allen@hotmail.com                           E. glenn@enviromasters.com
     Earth-Craft Landscape Ltd.
     Sandy Roberton, CLP                                 Environmental Services Association of NS
     80 Campbell Dr.                                     Adam Cooney
     Bedford, NS, B4A 1N6                                One Research Dr.
     P. 902 835-0505                                     Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 4M9
     F. 902 835-5059                                     F. 902 466-6889
     E. earthcraft@accesswave.ca                         E. contact@esans.ca
     www.earthcraftlandscape.com                         www.esans.ca

     Earthen Pathways                                    Evergreen Landscaping Ltd.
     Adrian de Montfort                                  David Pace
     1 888-762-4142                                      16 Evergreen Place
     info@earthenpathways.com                            Halifax, NS, B3T 1P2
     www.earthenpathways.com                             P. 902 455-8055
                                                         F. 902 479-3806
     Eastern Turf Inc.
     Frank Merry                                         Flora for Fauna
     140 Ilsley Ave.                                     Heather Britton
     Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1V1                              25 Sirius Cres.
     P. 902 468-8873                                     Dartmouth, NS, B2W 4L4
     F. 902 468-3871                                     P. 902 223-1378
     E. frank@easternturf.ns.ca                          E. heathermgb@hotmail.com

     Edmonds Landscape & Construction Services Ltd.      Foggy Hollow Farm
     Karen Bezanson                                      Richard Thompson
     P.O.Box 8565, Station A                             RR#1 Noel
     Halifax, NS, B3K 5M3                                Hants Co., NS, B0N 2L0
     P. 902 423-8174                                     P. 902 369-2568
     F. 902 455-9956                                     F. 902 369-2023
     E. landscape@edmonds.ns.ca                          foggyhollow@ns.sympatico.ca

23            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
24   2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
          For All of Your Landscape Equipment Needs, PARTS, SALES, & SERVICE

     Halifax, NS                        Kentville, NS                        Middleton, NS                            Summerside, PE
     902-450-0712                       902-678-5555                         902-825-3042                              902-436-4244
     Bloomfield, PE                      Woodstock, NB                        Moncton, NB                               Sussex, NB
     902-853-2535                        506-325-6150                         606-388-3337                             506-432-6470
     *John Deere's green and yellow color scheme, the leaping deer symbol and John Deere are trade marks of Deere & company.

                                                                                                   Your One Stop for all Masonry &
                                                                                                        Landscaping Products
                                                                                                   Natural Stone, Concrete Products
                                                                                                            Bulk Aggregates

                                                                                                    49 Ash Lake Court, Bayers Lake
                                                                                                          Halifax, NS B3S 1B7
                                                                                                Ph: 902-835-0741 Fax: 902-835-7860
                                                                                                     email: stoneinfo@eastlink.ca


25             2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                                                     Richard Bowman
                                                                     P. 902 802-0970
                                                                E. info@cedarlandscaping.ca

                                                              We will take care of all your
                                                                  landscaping needs!

     •    Residential & Commercial Landscaping
     •    Excavation Services
     •    Drainage and Waterproofing Services                                      Member of
     •    Snow Plowing & Removal
     •    Full Design
     •    Interloc brick and retainer walls
     •    Leaky Basements and Drainage
     •    Driveway Sealer
     •    Mini-excavation and Bobcat service
     •    Tree and Stump Removal

Fundy Landscaping Services                            Greenhouse Nova Scotia
Keith Thompson                                        Yvonne Thyssen-Post, P.Ag
P.O. Box 815                                          35 Talon Court
Amherst, NS, B4H 4A4                                  Bible Hill, NS, B2N 7B4
P. 902 667-7488                                       P. 902 895-1414
F. 902 667-0609                                       F. 902 895-5188
E. fundylandscaping@ns.sympatico.ca                   E. thyagrissen@ns.sympatico.ca

G.C. Property Maintenance                             Greenway Landscaping Ltd.
Greg Mosher                                           Brian Crouse / Nancy Zwicker
RR #3 Chester Basin                                   P.O. Box 274
Gold River, NS, B0J 1K0                               Bridgewater, NS, B4V 2W9
P. 902 627-1222                                       P. 902 543-7266
F. 902 531-2164                                       F. 902 543-7266
E. gcpropertymain@eastlink.ca
                                                      Ground Force Property Services Inc.
G.W. Mosher Motors Ltd.                               Kris Johnston
Mark Mosher                                           908 Herring Cove Road
P.O. Box 219                                          Halifax, NS, B3R 1Z6
Bridgewater, NS, B4V 2W8                              P. 902 477-4027
P. 902 543-2459                                       E. kjjohnst@dal.ca
F. 902 543-8363                                       www.groundforcepropertyservices.com
E. mark@mosherford.com
                                                      Groundcover Landscape Services Ltd.
Green Arbor Landscape Ltd.                            Russell Beakhouse
Ryan Hyson                                            PO Box 34071
10 Salmon River Terrace                               Halifax, NS, B3J 3S1
Bedford, NS, B4A 3W8                                  P. 902 431-8815
P. 902 449-4204                                       F. 902 431-8816
E. hyson.family@ns.sympatico.ca                       E. groundcover@ns.sympatico.ca
www.greenarborlandscape.com                           www.groundcover.ca

Green Scape                                           Halifax Bridge Commission
Kirk Fletcher, CHT                                    Heidi Boutilier
1620 Sackville Drive                                  PO Box 40 Stn Main
Sackville, NS, B4E 3A8                                Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 3Y2
P. 902 864-6638                                       P. 902 402-0732
F. 902 865-7082                                       E. hboutilier@hdbc.ns.ca
E. greenscape@eastlink.ca

26         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Halifax Seed Company Inc.
     Tim Tregunno
     P.O. Box 8026 Station A
     Halifax, NS, B3K 5L8
     P. 902 454-7456
     F. 902 455-5271
     E. info@halifaxseed.ca

     Hefler Forest Products
     Joan Daoust
     230 Lucasville Rd.
     Lower Sackville, NS, B4B 1S1
     P. 902 865-1158
     F. 902 864-0720
     E. info@hefler.ca

     Heritage Landscape Services Ltd.
     Gordon Baltzer
     P. O. Box 1527
     Lunenburg, NS, B0J 2C0
     P. 902 527-7902
     F. 902 634-3222
     E. heritage@eastlink.ca

     Highland Landscapes for Lifestyle
     Christene LeVatte, CLP
     2365 Kings Rd.
     Sydney Forks, NS, B1L 1C1
     P. 902 562-3154
                                                         Irri-Plus Inc.
     F. 902 562-3154
                                                         Krista MacLean
     E. highland@syd.eastlink.ca
                                                         140 Ilsley Ave.
                                                         Dartmouth, NB, B3B 1V1
                                                         P. 902 405-4774
     HortProtect (The Investment Guild)
                                                         F. 902 468-3871
     Debbie Buck
                                                         E. krista@irriplus.com
     11 Allstate Parkway Suite 100
     Markham, ON, L3R 9T8
     P. 800 459-8990
                                                         Joe Bidermann Landscaping Design
     F. 800 905-470-6723
                                                         Joe Bidermann, CHT, CLD Atlantic Canada
     E. info@hortprotect.com
                                                         60 Christian Lane
                                                         Fall River, NS, B2T 1L2
                                                         P. 902 860-2952
     HRM -Parks & Open Spaces/Municipal Operations
                                                         E. joebidermann@eastlink.ca
     Bev MacPhail / Maureen Cullen
     375 Cowie Hill Rd., P.O. Box 1749
     Halifax, NS, B3J 3A5
     P. 902 490-4867                                     Kel-Ann Organics
     F. 902 490-5456                                     Michael Pink
     E. phelanb@region.halifax.ns.ca                     91 Duke St.
     www.region.halifax.ns.ca                            Bedford, NS, B4A 3C3
                                                         P. 902 835-SOIL
     Humphreys Landscape and Construction                F. 902 835-9803
     Blair Humphreys                                     E. mpink@kelann.com
     12 Fielding Ave.
     Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1E1
     P. 902 462-1772
     F. 902 482-1771                                     Kimberlan Landscaping
     E. humphreys@ns.aliantzinc.ca                       Jeff Shand
                                                         279 Waverley Rd.
     Inspired Landscaping & Renovations                  Dartmouth, NS, B2X 2E1
     Chad Bower                                          P. 902 449-4450
     243 Westwood Blvd.                                  F. 902 435-8095
     Upper Tantallon, NS, B3Z 1N1
                                                         E. ns_digger@yahoo.ca
     P. 902 499-1191
     F. 902 826-7601
     E. chad@inspiredlandscaping.com

27            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Labelle Landscape and Design                           Leahey’s Landscaping & Snow Removal
Lise Bell                                              Matthew Leahey
588 Crescent Beach Road                                140 Glenforest Dr.
LaHave, NS, B0R 1C0                                    Halifax, NS, B3M 1J1
P. 902 688-1694                                        P. 902 830-6988
F. 902 688-1827                                        F. 902 445-0520
E. lise.bell@ns.sympatico.ca                           E. leaheyslandscaping@hotmail.com
Lakeland Plant World
Robin Godfrey                                          LIVE Landscaping
909 Main St.                                           Sandy Evans
Dartmouth, NS, B2W 3V2                                 PO Box 33017
P. 902 435-5429                                        Halifax, NS, B3L 4T6
F. 902 435-1987                                        P. 902 404-8554
www.lakelandplantworld.com                             F. 902 444-9710
                                                       E. Sandy@livelandscaping.ca
Lawn Rangers
Shawn Darrah                                           LM Landscape Services
2 Lakeside Park Dr., Unit 4                            Lennan MacIsaac, CHT
Lakeside, NS, B3T 1L7                                  39 Rolling Hills Dr.
P. 902 876-2739                                        Waverley, NS, B2R 1B6
                                                       P. 902 430-7300
F. 902 876-1129
                                                       F. 902 860-3081
E. shawn@lawnrangers.ca
                                                       E. info@lmdesign.ca

28          2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Lorraine Lawn Care 2001 Ltd.
     Peter Barkman
     P.O.Box 811
     Kentville, NS, B4N 4H8
     P. 902 679-1780
     F. 902 679-0493                                                                                Award Winners
     E. lorrainelawncare2001@ns.sympatico.ca                                                         1999-2008

     M2 Horticulture Inc.
                                                         • Specializing in Residential Landscape Installations
     Jeff Morton, CHT                                         • Servicing Metro & Surrounding Areas
     90 Research Drive                                     • Professional Installation of Interlocking Walks
     Truro, NS, B2N 6Z4                                                  • Driveways & Patios
     P. 902 896-7280                                       • Walls & Steps, Natural Stone, Water Features
     F. 902 896-7275                                                     • Planting & Sodding
     E. jmorton@porthort.com                                             • Landscape Design
     Maccaferri-Canada                                    • Decks, Gazebos & Outdoor Wooden Structures
     Rick Bezanson
     44 - 201 Brownlow Ave                                       “Excellence from the Ground up”
     Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1W2                                               Award Winners
     P. 902 468-8615                                            Email: groundcover@ns.sympatico.ca
     F. 902 468-8617
     E. rbezanson@maccaferri-canada.com                                  www.groundcover.ca

     MacInnis’ Landscape Design & Construction
     Jerry MacInnis
     19 Avonview Court
     Falmouth, NS, B0P 1L0
     P. 902 790-0929
     E. jerrymacinnis@eastlink.ca

     MacIntosh Landscaping Ltd                          Maritime Landscape Services Ltd.
     Tanya MacKenzie                                    Stan Kochanoff, MCIP, RCA #427
     P.O. Box 1492                                      1394 Bedford Hwy
     Truro, NS, B2N 5V2                                 Bedford, NS, B4B 1E2
     P. 902 895-1119                                    P. 902 (Metro) 832-5263 (Valley) 798-4798
     F. 902 897-0118                                    F. 902 (Metro) 835-0134 (Valley) 798-5411
     E. t.mackenzie@macintoshlandscaping.ns.ca          E. environova@ns.sympatico.ca
     www.macintoshlandscaping.com                       www.environova.ca

     MacPhee’s Landscaping Services                     Maritime Lawn & Garden
     Paul MacPhee                                       Tom Heighway
     821 Hwy 277                                        2790 Windsor St.
     Dutch Settlement, NS, B2S 2J5                      Halifax, NS, B3K 5E4
     P. 902 483-5283                                    P. 902 455-0208
     E. info@macpheeslandscaping.coms                   F. 902 455-5835
     www.macpheeslandscaping.com                        E. mlg@eastlink.ca
     Mainly Maintenance Inc.
     George Robertson                                   Maritime Pavers and Stone Ltd.
     P. 902 471-2829                                    Lisa Ratcliffe
     F. 902 827-4246                                    47438 Homestead Road
     E. george@mainlymaintenance.com                    Steeves Mountain, NB, E1G 4P5
     www.mainlymaintenance.com                          P. 506 852-3226
                                                        F. 506 858-9014
     Manchester Products                                E. maritimepavers@rogers.com
     Francis Gouthro
     PO Box 1727                                        Mark Lyn Construction Ltd.
     Cambridge, ON, N1R 7G8                             Peter Thomas
     P. 519 220-1151                                    1820 Gerald Dr.
     F. 519 220-1152                                    Coldbrook, NS, B4R 1A3
     E. fgouthro@manchesterproducts.com                 P. 902 679-2693
     www.manchesterproducts.com                         F. 902 902 679-6453
                                                        E. sherrilynnethm@netscape.net

29           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                   140 Ilsley Ave., Dartmouth, NS B3B 1V1
                                    Ph: 902 405-4774 ~ Fax: 902 468-3871
                                   krista@irriplus.com ~ www.irriplus.com

McAdoo’s Lawn Care                                    N S C C Kingstec Campus
Tyler McAdoo                                          Tim Amos
2680 Hwy# 215, RR#1                                   236 Belcher St., P.O.Box 487
New Port, NS, B0N 2A0                                 Kentville, NS, B4N 0A6
P. 902 798-7523                                       P. 902 679-7354
F. 902 798-0083                                       F. 902 690-2187
E. tmcadoo@ns.sympatico.ca                            E. tim.amos@nscc.ca
McBurney Pools & Spas
Tara MacDonald                                        N S C C Kingstec Campus
100 Frazee Ave.                                       Jamie Ellison
Dartmouth, NS, B3B 0A2                                236 Belcher St. Box 487.
P. 902 468-7946                                       Kentville, NS, B4N 0A6
F. 902 468-8655                                       P. 902 690-2427
E. info@mcburneypools.com                             F. 902 690-2187
www.mcburneypools.com                                 E. james.ellison@nscc.ca
McMullen Landscaping
Mike McMullen                                         Nature’s Reflections Landscaping
405 Front Lake Rd.                                    Ben Floyd
Sydney, NS, B1M 1B3                                   5354 Highway #332,
P. 902 539-2952                                       Middle LaHave, NS, B4V 3L9
F. 902 562-4603                                       P. 902 764-3006
E. mcmullen.landscape@ns.sympatico.ca                 F. 902 764-3007
                                                      E. ben@naturesreflections.ca
Richard Morton                                        www.naturesreflections.ca
16 Vimy Rd, Truro, NS
P. 902 893-9750                                       Never Greener Services
                                                      Keith Ritchie
MSD Enterprises                                       441 Brookside Rd.
Greg MacKinnon                                        Hatchet Lake, NS, B3T 1T3
17 Estate Rd.                                         P. 902 852-2780/852-3141
Lower Sackville, NS, B4C 3Z2                          F. 902 852-2780
P. 902 864-3230                                       E. kritchie@hfx.eastlink.ca
F. 902 865-3033
E. gmackinnon@pennecon.com
                                                      Nova Scotia Federation Of Agriculture
                                                      Donna Langille
Musquodoboit Valley Quality Sod (MVQS)                332 Willow St., Suite 201
Alan Streatch, President & CEO                        Truro, NS, B2N 5A5
6706 Old Guysborough Rd.                              P. 902 893-2293
Elderbank, NS, B0N 1K0                                F. 902 893-7063
P. 902 384-2233                                       E. dlangille@nsfa-fane.ca
Toll Free:1-800-556-2272                              www.nsfa-fane.ca
F. 902 384-3439
E. rstreatch@granview.ca

30         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association              NSAC-Continuing Education Department
     Paul Pettipas                                       Julia Lindsay
     15A Oland Crescent, Bayers Lake Business Park       P.O. Box 550
     Halifax, NS, B3S 1C6                                Truro, NS, B2N 5E3
     P. 902 450-5554                                     P. 902 893-6666
     F. 902 450-5448                                     F. 902 902 893-5528
     E. nshba@nshba.ns.ca                                E. tkittilsen@nsac.ca
     www.nshba.ns.ca                                     www.nsac.ca

     Nova Scotia Power Inc                               NSAC-Dept of Environmental Sciences
     Rob Young                                           Tracey MacKenzie
     P.O. Box 910                                        P.O. Box 550
     Halifax, NS, B3J 2W5                                Truro, NS, B2N 5E3
     P. 902 428-7518                                     P. 902 893-6687
     F. 902 428-7550                                     F. 902 893-7203
     E. robert.young@nspower.ca                          E. tmackenzie@nsac.ns.ca
     www.nspower.ca                                      www.nsac.ns.ca

     Nova Tree Company Inc.                              Nutri-Lawn
     Karen Verboom                                       Peter Bugden
     P.O. Box 1646                                       101 - 101 Thornhill Dr, Suite 101
     Truro, NS, B2N 5Z5                                  Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1S2
     P. 902 895-6258                                     P. 902 468-8101
     Toll Free 1-866-212-2275                            F. 902 468-8058
     F. 902 895-6246                                     E. halifax@nutrilawn.ca
     E. kverboom@novatreeco.com                          www.nutrilawn.com
                                                         Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association
     Nova Turf Care Products Ltd.                        Linda Corkum
     Mike Young                                          380 Bedford Highway
     P.O. Box 21007, 4 Forest Hill Dr.                   Halifax, NS, B3M 2L4
     Dartmouth, NS, B2W 6B2                              P. 902-493-3051
     P. 902 434-9977 Toll Free 1-877-732-0898            F. 902 405-3115
     F. 902 434-8589                                     Toll Free: 888-329-9660
     E. novaturf@eastlink.ca                             E. lcorkum.nstsa@ns.sympatico.ca
     www.novaturf.ca                                     www.nstsa.ca

     NSAC, Dept. of Environmental Sciences               Nutri-Lawn (PEI)
     Carol Goodwin                                       Steve Howatt
     P.O. Box 550                                        P.O. Box 328
     Truro, NS, B2N 5E3                                  North Rustico, PE, C0A 1X0
     P. 902 893-6673                                     P. 902 963-3800
     F. 902 893-7203                                     F. 902 963-2277
     E. cgoodwin@nsac.ca                                 E. PEI@nutri-lawn.ca
     www.nsac.ca                                         www.nutrilawn.com/pei.htm

31            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Ocean Contractors Ltd.                                Property Buddies Ltd.
Steve Wellwood                                        Mark McGrath
P.O. Box 604                                          1226 Hollis St.
Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 3Y9                                Halifax, NS, B3J 1T6
P. 902 435-1291                                       P. 902 429-3743
F. 902 434-1243                                       F. 902 429-0386
E. steven@oceancontractors.ca                         E. mmcgrath@propertybuddies.ca
www.oceancontractors.ca                               www.propertybuddies.ca

Ocean Truck Equipment                                 Pro-Power Canada
Dameon Lowe                                           Paul Penny, Ron Wilkie, Kati Penny
141A Joseph Zatzman Dr.                               67 Helen St.
Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1M7                                Meaford, ON, N4L 1J9
P. 902 468-2555                                       P. 519 538-0570
F. 902 468-5566                                       F. 519 538-5552
E. sales@oceantruck.com                               E. propower@on.aibn.com
www.oceantruck.com                                    www.propowercanada.ca

Oceanview Landscaping                                 Quality Concrete
Ken Mosher, CHT                                       Doug McLean
P.O. Box 235                                          30 MacDonald Avenue
Chester, NS, B0J 1J0                                  Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1C5
P. 902 275-2505                                       P. 902 468-8040
F. 902 275-4653                                       F. 902 835-2997
E. ocean.view@ns.sympatico.ca                         E. dmclean@stevensgroup.ca
www.plantcrazy.ca                                     www.redi-rock.com

OCTA Greenhouse Sales Ltd                             Recreation Nova Scotia
Kevin Chiasson                                        Dawn Stegen
1564 Fort Lawrence Sales Ltd.                         5516 Spring Garden Rd. Suite 309
Amherst, NS, B4H 3Y5                                  Halifax, NS, B3J 1G6
P. 902 667-5940                                       P. 902 425-1128
E. octagh@eastlink.ca                                 F. 902 422-8201
                                                      E. dstegen@recreationns.ns.ca
Claude Genest                                         Ross Lawn Care
8845 Pierre-Bertrand Blvd                             Mike Bryden
P. 418 622-3333                                       7402 Highway 207 Site 3 Box 7
F. 418 622-9603                                       West Chezzetcook, NS, B0J 1N0
E. cgenest@peracon.ca                                 P. 902 435-2273
www.permacon.ca                                       F. 902 435-0794

Pierce Maritime Investment Company Limited            Rousseau Irrigation
Anthony Pierce                                        Greg Keddy
P.O. Box 149                                          912 Lakewood Rd., RR#1
Porter’s Lake, NS, B3E 1Mz                            Kentville, NS, B4N 3V7
P. 902 827-2728                                       P. 902 847-1234
F. 902 827-5917                                       F. 902 678-1254.
                                                      E. gregkeddy@eastlink.ca
Planters Equipment
Stephani Allison                                      Ryland Property Maintenance (2006) Ltd.
1105 Hwy. 359, PO Box 398                             David Matthews
Kentville, NS, B4N 3X1                                17 Ryland Ave.
P. 902 678-5555                                       Dartmouth, NS, B3A 2G4
F. 902 678-2253                                       P. 902 452-4770
E. sallison@plantersequip.ca                          E. davematthews@eastlink.ca
                                                      Searle’s Garden Florals
                                                      Andrew Searle
Pleasant Valley Nurseries
                                                      PO Box 267
Henri Steeghs
                                                      Brookfield, NS, B0N 1C0
P.O. Box 1204
                                                      P. 902 893-3328
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2L6                               F. 902 895-1091
P. 902 863-1072                                       E. searles@ns.aliantzinc.ca
F. 902 863-8212                                       www.truroflorist.com

32         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Scotian Gold Cooporative Ltd.                       Teak Tree Enterprises Limited, the
     Karen Corey                                         Rob Steeves
     2900 Lovett Road                                    229 Third Ave.
     Coldbrook, NS, B4R 1A6                              Halifax, NS, B4C 4C9
     P. 902 679-6775                                     P. 902 861-4585
     F. 902 679-4540                                     F. 902 861-1168
     E. karen.coey@scotiangold.com                       E. teaktree@eastlink.ca
     www.scotiangold.com                                 www.teaktree.ca

     Shaw Brick                                          Terra Nova Landscaping Inc.
     Kevin McGinnis                                      Scott Mosher, P.Eng
     5 Ralston Ave.                                      130 Bluewater Rd.
     Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1H5                              Bedford, NS, B4B 1G7
     P. 902 883-4208 / C. 902 499-2107                   P. 902 835-7387
     F. 902 883-1457                                     F. 902 835-5498
     E. kmcginnis@shawbrick.ca                           E. sg.mosher@terranovalandscaping.ns.ca
     www.shawbrick.ca                                    www.terranovalandscaping.ns.ca

     Sheridan Nurseries                                  The Briar Patch Farm & Nursery
     Karen Stensson                                      W. John Dickie
     12302 -10th Line, RR#4                              4568 Highway #1
     Georgetown, ON, L7G 4S7                             South Berwick, NS, B0P 1E0
     P. 905 873-0522                                     P. 902 538-9164
     F. 905 873-9591                                     F. 902 538-1176
     E. karenstensson@sheridannurseries.com              E. briarpatch@eastlink.ca.
     www.sheridannurseries.com                           www.briarpatchnursery.com

     South Shore Sand & Gravel                           Town of Wolfville
     Joel Westin                                         David Slabotsky
     P.O. Box 247                                        359 Main St.
     Bridgewater, NS, B4V 2W9                            Wolfville, NS, B4P 1A1
     P. 902 543-4639                                     P. 902 542-5767
     F. 902 543-8841                                     F. 902 542-5066
     E. j.westin@ssreadymix.ns.ca                        E. dslabotsky@town.wolfville.ns.ca
     www.ssreadymix.ns.ca                                www.town.wolfville.ns.ca

     Springvale Nurseries (1995) Ltd.                    Tracey’s Landscaping
     Cathy Oulton                                        Daren Tracey
     P.O. Box 157                                        118 Castlepark Grove
     Berwick, NS, B0P 1E0                                Halifax, NS, B3M 4X9
     P. 800 313-7444                                     P. 902 404-4397
     F. 800 770-0366                                     F. 902 832-9461
     E. spvale@ns.sympatico.ca                           E. daren@traceyslandscaping.com
                                                         Treeworks Ltd
     STIHL Limited                                       Clarence Talbot
     David Jack                                          228 Purcell’s Cove Rd.
     205 Commerce St., Suite 100                         Halifax, NS, B3P 1C1
     Moncton, NB, E1H 3T2                                P. 902 479-2121
     P. 506 800-572-4794 ext 5661                        F. 902 479-0212
     F. 506 506-857-9640                                 E. treeworks@ns.sympatico.ca
     E. david.jack@stihl.ca                              www.treeworks.info
                                                         Triple E Construction Limited
     Stone Gallery                                       Brenda Ernst
     Garnet Wright                                       RR# 1
     225 Hearing Cove Rd.                                Blockhouse, NS, B0J 1E0
     Halifax, NS, B3P 1L3                                P. 902 624-1215
     P. 902 479-7866                                     F. 902 624-0773
     F. 902 477-1986                                     E. tripleeconst@ns.sympatico.ca
     E. garnet@stonegallery.ca
     www.stonegallery.ca                                 Underground Irrigation Systems
                                                         Wayne Burke
     Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd.                 P.O. Box 2174
     Gary Mesics, CHT                                    Windsor, NS, B0N 2T0
     24 Maple Ave.                                       P. 902 798-1404
     Sydney River, NS, B1S 1J6                           F. 902 798-2181
     P. 902 564-9910                                     E. uis@ns.sympatico.ca
     F. 902 562-3075                                     www3.ns.sympatico.ca/uis
     E. sydland@syd.eastlink.ca

33            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                       •     Design and Construction
                                       •     Landscape Maintenance
                                       •     Top Quality Bluegrass or Mixed Nursery Sod
                                       •     Pick up at Farm, Delivered and / or Installed

                                  Ph / Fax (902) 665-2645
                                       Bridgetown, NS

United Rentals Canada Inc.                            Weed Man
Ray Carter                                            Colin Cooper
37 Payzant Ave.                                       61 Alexandra Ave.
Dartmouth, NS, B3B 2E1                                Bridgewater, NS, B4V1H2
P. 902 468-6668                                       P. 902 543-1911
F. 902 468-5134                                       F. 902 902-530-3070
E. rcarter@ur.com                                     E. weedmansoshore@eastlink.ca
www.unitedrentals.com                                 www.weed-man.com

Valley Sod and Landscaping Ltd.                       Weed Man
Gordon Zwicker                                        Andrew Wheelock
R.R. #4                                               60 Trider Cres.
Bridgetown, NS, B0S 1C0                               Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1R6
P. 902 665-2645                                       P. 902 468-9333
F. 902 665-2645                                       F. 902 468-2889
E. valsod@ns.sympatico.ca                             E. andrew.wheelock@ns.aliantzinc.ca.
Van Vulpen Design
Linda van Vulpen, CLD                                 Western Landscaping
6450 Liverpool St.                                    Bobby Harris
Halifax, NS, B3L 1Y4                                  58 Main Shore Rd.
P. 902 445-0497                                       Yarmouth, NS, B5A 4K2
F. 902 445-0498                                       P. 902 742-0331
E. linda@vanvulpendesign.ns.ca                        F. 902 742-4868
www.vanvulpendesign.ns.ca                             E. landscaping@rdharris.com

Victory Gardens Landscape & Construction              Wilson Equipment Ltd.
Scott Porter                                          Peter Fahey
P.O. Box 263                                          66 Atlantic Central Dr.
Pictou, NS, B0K 1H0                                   Truro, NS, B2N 5C5
P. 902 485-3420                                       P. 902 895-1611
F. 902 485-1221                                       F. 902 895-4341
E. victorygardens@eastlink.ca                         E. tchristopher@wilsonequip.ns.ca
Wajax Industries
MacCarthy                                             Wolfe’s Grounds Management
151 Thornhill Dr.                                     Chris Wolfe
Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1S2                                14 Court St. Suite 200, Box 422
P. 902 468-7352                                       Truro, NS, B2N 3H1
F. 902 498-3524                                       P. 902 899-5545
E. gmaccarthy@wajax.com                               F. 902 895-1088
www.wajax.ca                                          E. cwolfe@eastlink.ca

Wallace Equipment                                     Xcel Lawn Care and Grounds Maintenance
Marc Breau                                            Matthew Eisener
60 Symonds Rd.                                        156 Doherty Dr.
Bedford, NS, B4B 1H3                                  Lawrencetown, NS, B2Z 1C8
P. 902 835-7474                                       P. 902 880-9779
F. 902 835-7475                                       F. 902 435-6985
E. marc.breau@wallaceequipment.com                    E. xcel@eastlink.ca

34         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                             141 A Joseph Zatzman Drive
                                              Dartmouth, NS B3B 1M7

                  Specializing In:
        Snow Removal and Landscape Equipment

                                                         We can outfit any vehicle
                                                          with snow removal and
                                                          landscape equipment
                                                           tailored to your exact

                Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to
                 assist you in your search for quality equipment that

     For All Your Truck Mounted
     Equipment Requirements.
         From Snowplows to
     We Have You Covered!

                                                 will earn you money for many years
                                                               to come.
                                                     Call the Equipment
                                                   Ocean Truck: (902) 468-2555
                                                    Toll Free: 1-877-285-6865
                                                      Cell: (902) 497-1766
                                                      Fax: (902) 468-5566

35    2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
LANDSCAPE NOVA SCOTIA                                          MacPhee’s Landscaping Services
                                                               Dutch Settlement, NS

                                                                                            Th is a small company of-
                                                                                            fering personal service. They
                                                                                            serve the area from Truro to
Landscape Nova Scotia celebrated winning landscapes                                         HRM. MacPhee’s Landscap-
created by their members at a Gala Event on November                                        ing
                                                                                            in Services prides itself in
24th at the Halifax Westin. The Awards of Excellence pro-                                   quality and affordable land-
gram puts outstanding projects at the forefront. Projects                                   scaping services to suit their
entered for the consideration of the judges must meet strict
                                                               James Bond, Atlantic Cat     client’s lifestyle. They offer
                                                               presenting award to Paul
criteria in the areas of quality of workmanship, suitability    MacPhee of MacPhee’s        landscape consulting and de-
to the site, and sympathetic treatment of the environment.           Landscaping            sign, landscape installation
The needs of the client and the challenges presented by                                     and renovation, and property
the site are carefully considered.                           maintenance services.

The range of projects included landscape maintenance of        MacPhee’s Landscaping Services received the award for
residential properties, design and construction of residen-    Residential Design and Build under $10,000.
tial and commercial landscapes, and installation of resi-
dential and commercial landscapes designed by contract         Sponsor for this category is...
designers. Exclusive awards were given for outstanding
work related to the construction of wooden landscape
structures, landscape paving, use of natural stone, and        Groundcover Landscape Services,
segmental concrete retaining wall construction.                Halifax, NS

Special project awards were granted for projects that                                    This landscape company, spe-
provided community involvement, demonstrated envi-                                       cializing in landscape con-
ronmental stewardship, and showcased excellence in the                                   struction, has served the metro
selection of plants for the site conditions.                                             area since 1999. Their projects
                                                                                         range from small, intimate
And the Winners are….                                                                    residential landscapes to com-
                                                                                         mercial property landscape
                               Down to Earth Gardening
                               D                               James Bond, Atlantic Cat  work. They pride themselves
                                                             presenting award to Russell on building a rapport with
                               an Landscaping Ltd.,           Beakhouse of Groundcover their customers that ensures
                               Wolfville, NS.
                               W                                 Landscaping Services
                                                                                         all their expectations are met
                               Th full service landscape
                               This                         when the work is completed.
                               company will celebrate their
                               25 anniversary in August. Groundcover Landscape Services received the award for
      James Bond, Atlantic Cat Down to Earth takes pride in Commercial Design and Build under $25,000.
      presenting award to Kari   their horticultural expertise
    Hjelkrem, Down to Earth Gar-                               Sponsor for this category is...
     dening & Landscaping Ltd. and excellence in technical
                              skill. They provide landscape
                              design, construction, and
landscape management services, allowing them to take Clintar Groundskeeping Services,
care of their clients from start to finish and beyond.       Dartmouth, NS

Down to Earth Gardening and Landscaping Ltd. received                                          Built on a heritage spanning
the following awards:                                                                          more than 35 years, Clintar is
                                                                                               focused on providing the best
•        Residential Landscape Maintenance over $5,000                                         in landscape design, manage-
•        Residential Design and Build over $10,000                                             ment, landscape construction
•        Installation of a Commercial Landscape under                                          and
                                                                                               an snow and ice control ser-
         $25,000                                                                               vices throughout North Amer-
                                                                 Kevin McGinnis of Shaw Brick vi
•        Plant the Right Plant in the Right Place                  presenting award to Doug   ica. The Metro company is one
                                                                 Conrad, Clintar Groundskeep- of a large group of companies,
•        Use of Natural Stone
•        Installation of concrete paving stone and segmen-
                                                                          ing Services        ensuring expertise when you
         tal retaining walls.                                                                 need it.

Sponsors for these categories are...                           Clintar Groundskeeping Services received the award for
                                                               Installation of a Residential Landscape under $10,000.

                                                               Sponsor for this category is...

36             2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
 Nature’s Reflections Landscaping,
 Middle LaHave, NS

 This is a new company, incorporated in 2006. Nature’s
 Reflections Landscaping offer landscape design and
 construction service, landscape renovation and property
 maintenance services for both residential and commer-
 cial customers. They take pride in their unique design ap-
 proach and excellence in workmanship.

 Nature’s Reflections received the award for
                                                                                             These people don’t
                                                                                             hold any punches.
 •     Installation of a Residential Landscape project at a
       cost over $10,000.                                                                    C
                                                                                             Carol Goodwin,
 •     They also received the award for Community In-                                        N
                                                                                             NSAC and Tracey
       volvement.                                                                            M
                                                                                             MacKenzie, NSAC

 Sponsors for these categories are...

 All Points Property Services,
 Dartmouth, NS
                                                                  Last day on the job
                                                                     for Robin, LNS.
 This Halifax area landscape design and construction
 company began offering design and build services for            Robin Godfrey, LNS
 both residential and commercial clients in 2003. They          and Victor Santacruz,
 strive to bring together the man made and the natural                         CNLA
 landscape. All Points Property Services is one of a hand-
 ful of companies that install artificial turf putting greens
 and lawns, as well as synthetic playground and athletic

 All Points received the award for excellence in Wood
 Construction.                                                                               O
                                                                                             Our 2008 Awards
                                                                                             of Excellence M/C.
 Sponsor for this category is...                                                             T
                                                                                             Tracey MacKenzie,

 MacIntosh Landscaping Ltd,
 Truro, NS

                                M               Landscaping
                                is a Truro institution, serv-
                                ing Truro and surrounding
                                areas since 1965. They of-
                                fer residential and com-
                                fe                                Girls just having a
                                mercial landscape design
                                m                                           little fun.
                                and construction, as well
                                                                      Julia Ricottone
     Robin Godfrey of Atlantic   as full landscape mainte-
                                 a                              (CNLA), Alanna Wolf
    Gardens presenting award to nance services. MacIntosh         (HortProtect), Sara
   Tanya MacIntosh of MacIntosh Landscaping specializes in       Mushaw (Investment
         Landscaping Ltd.
                                 pools, water features and        Guild), Pam Wood-
                                 environmental landscapes.                man (LNS)
 The company takes pride in their landscape sustainability
 through careful handling of site conditions, plant selec-
 tion, and use of construction materials.

 MacIntosh Landscaping received the award for excel-
 lence in Environmental Sustainability.

 Sponsor for this category is...

37         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory

     Andrew MacDonald Landscaping & Tree Service Ltd. Humphrey’s Landscape & Construction
     Sydney, NS                                       Dartmouth, NS
     CHT Installation                                 CHT Installation

     Chris Clements,                                    Integrated Landscape Services Ltd.
     Nova Scotia                                        Nova Scotia
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     Clintar Landscape Management                       LM Landscape Services
     Dartmouth, NS                                      Waverley, NS
     CHT Installation, CLD, CLP                         CHT Installation

     Doug Dupuis,                                       M2 Horticulture Inc.
     Nova Scotia                                        Truro, NS
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     Down to Earth Gardening & Landscaping Ltd.         Matthew Carroll,
     Wolfville, NS                                      Nova Scotia
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     Earth-Craft Landscape Ltd.                         Misha LeBlanc,
     Bedford, NS                                        Nova Scotia
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     Edmonds Landscape & Construction Services Ltd.     Musquodobolt Valley Quality Sod (MVQS)
     Halifax, NS                                        Elderbank, NS
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     Elmsdale Landscaping Ltd.,                         Oceanview Garden Centre & Landscaping
     Elmsdale, NS                                       Chester, NS
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     Green Scape                                        Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd
     Sackville, NS                                      Sydney, NS
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     Joe Bidermann Landscaping Design,                  Terra Nova Landscaping Inc.
     Fall River, NS                                     Bedford, NS
     CHT Installation, CLD Atlantic Canada              CHT Installation

     Highland Landscape for Lifestyle                   Van Vulpen Design
     Sydney, NS                                         Halifax, NS
     CHT Installation, CLP                              CLD

38           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                  Ray Webber Award Winner
 This award is presented in memory of a man who was instrumental in the establishment of the
 three professional landscaping organizations in Atlantic Canada. Serving as Secretary of Landscape
 Atlantic during its formative years, Ray Webber was always there to inspire and to help. He carried
 the load of many and was well loved by all who knew him.

 Today, Landscape Nova Scotia and the Landscape New Brunswick jointly sponsor the Raymond
 Webber Memorial Scholarship. In the spirit of helping others attain their goals, this award is given
 to a promising NSAC student soon to join the industry. Selection criteria consider applicant’s
 academic performance and practical work skills. The faculty and teaching staff of the Landscape
 Horticultural Technology Program make the selection of the recipient each year.

 The 2008 Raymond Webber Memorial Scholarship recipient is Anastasia Works.


                                                      “I am a Truro resident and have lived here
                                                      my entire life. My choice to attend the NSAC
                                                      was deeply influenced by my 4-H experi-
                                                      ence and I think it has been an excellent
                                                      choice for me. I chose to go into the Envi-
                                                      ronmental Horticulture Program because I
                                                      thought it would be a lot of fun and I would
                                                      be able to express myself through a different
                              na asia Work
                            Anastasia Works  k
                                                      type of “art” work. I took art in high school
                                                      and knew that I had wanted to choose a
 career that would allow me to be creative I was also in a community garden club at a younger
 age and was very interested in plants.

 I have been heavily involved in 4-H for 10 years now. I have done everything from Cake Decorat-
 ing, and Floriculture to Dog Obedience (to name a few). I have also been the county hostess,
 I am currently the Clifton Club President and the County Council Secretary. I often attend 4-H
 conferences and other events that take place.

 I am an off-campus student currently working part time at the Subway restaurant next to the
 NSAC to help fund my studies. Over the summer I worked full time at the Wal-Mart garden cen-
 ter. I really enjoyed working with plants. I am definitely interested in the design/installation side of
 the industry. I love being creative and thinking up new designs and ideas. In graduating this year I
 can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in the horticulture landscaping industry. I think I will
 be very happy and have no problem finding a life long career in this field. As for seeing myself in
 Five years, I think I can probably see myself looking for a partner to start up my own design busi-
 ness... I want to work with a designer for a while first to see what it’s like, but I am independent
 enough that I would like to be my own boss someday.”

39       2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
           One powerful starting lineup.

           Small stance, mighty productivity. Pound for pound, there’s
           no topping this line of compact machines from John Deere.
           From best-in-class skid steers and a new compact loader,
           to the go-anywhere compact backhoe and excavators,
           uptime is now available in a convenient economy size.
           Stop in to discover how Deere’s line of
           compacts can help you rule the earth.

     www.JohnDeere.com                                      N OTHING R UNS L IKE A D EERE™

         Productivity * Uptime * Low Daily Operating Costs
        Fredericton        Moncton             Bathurst       Bedford           Sydney
       506-458-8380      506-859-4000        506-546-6614   902-835-7474     902-564-7474
                                       Prince Edward Island 902-393-0849

                                      Wallace Equipment Ltd.

40        2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Special Advertisers
                                            Special Advertisers

                  Old-world charm or modern day beauty.
                  Our products are designed to complement
                  even the most discerning design tastes. And
                  they will keep giving you the same quality
                  day in and day out for decades.
                  You have our lifetime guarantee on it.

Visit our website at www.oakspavers.com

Joseph Price
Sales Agent Atlantic Canada
902-293-0406 or jprice@oakspavers.com
     Landscape New Brunswick
            Board of Directors...

     JOHN EVANS, President                           JONATHAN ENGLISH, Director
     Pro Care Lawn & Property Maintenance            Jolly Farmer
     21 Kimberlee Lane, Burton, NB, E2V 3J6          56 Crabbe Rd
     T. (506) 357-7775                               Northampton, NB, E7N 1R6
     F. (506) 357-5198                               T. (506) 325-3850
     E. procare@nbnet.nb.ca                          F. (506) 325-3890
                                                     E. jenglish@jollyfarmer.com
     NEIL POND, Vice President
     Urban Landscaping                               JOHN SIMON, Director
     65 Marr Road                                    Scholten’s Landscape Ltd.
     Rothesay, NB, E2E 3J9                           1 Broadway Avenue,
     T. (506) 849-4124                               Saint John, NB, E2H 1Z8
     F. (506)847-9949                                T. (506) 633-6156
     E. npond1242@rogers.com                         F. (506) 658-1685
                                                     E. jcpsimon@yahoo.com
     MICHELLE GILLESPIE, Secretary Treasurer
     Sun Nurseries                                   ANDREW LAWSON, Director
     47 Morrow Ave                                   Scott’s Nursery Ltd
     Sussex, NB, E5P 3H5                             2192 Rte 102 Hwy
     T. (506) 432-1100                               Lincoln, NB, E3B 8N1
     F. (506) 432-6107                               T. 506-458-9208
     E. sun@nb.aibn.com                              F. 506-459-1377
                                                     E. andrew@scottsnursery.nb.ca
     KEVIN NAUSS, Past President
     Price Landscaping Services                      JAMEY SMITH, Director
     47971 Homestead Road                            Red Oak Landscaping
     Lutes Mountain, NB, E1G 2M2                     P.O. Box 39, 266 Winsloe Rd., RTE 223
     T. (506) 858-7800                               South Winsloe, PEI, C1E 1Z2
     F. (506)859-6919                                T. 902 894-3395
     E. kevin@pricelandscaping.ca                    F. 902-894-3695
                                                     E. reply@redoaklandscaping.pe.ca

     Lawn Rangers
     254 Halifax Street
     Moncton, NB, E1C 9S3
     T. (506) 384-5296
     F. (506) 854-6029
     E. dnameth@rogers.com                           Executive Director, LNB
                                                     JIM LANDRY
     GEORGE SCOTT, Director (APANB Rep)              P.O Box 742
     Scott’s Nursery Ltd.                            Saint John NB E2L 4B3
     2192 Rte 102 Hwy                                T. 866-752-6862
     Lincoln, NB, E3B 8N1                            F. 866-595-5467
     T. (506) 458-9208                               E. nbhta@nbnet.nb.ca
     F. (506) 459-1377
     E. george@scottsnursery.nb.ca                   REBECCA WETSELAAR
                                                     Provincial Relations Managers, CNLA
     BOB OSBORNE, Director                           T. 1 866 383-4711
     Corn Hill Nursery Ltd.                          rebecca.wetselaar@canadanursery.com
     2700 Rt 890
     CornHill, NB, E4Z 1M2                           MICHELLE BROWN
     T. (506) 756-3635                               Provincial Relations Coordinator, CNLA
     F. (506) 756-1087                               T. 1 866 446-3499 ext. 8650
     E. osborne@cornhillnursery.com                  michelle@canadanursery.com

     LORI JONES, Director                            LANDSCAPE NB OFFICE
     NB Quality Turf                                 P.O Box 742 , Saint John NB E2L 4B3
     1189 Route 2                                    T. 866-752-6862 / F. 866-595-5467
     Maugerville, NB, E3A 8K5                        E. nbhta@nbnet.nb.ca
     T. (506) 357-2268                               http://www.nbhta.ca
     F. (506) 357-3009
     E. nbqt-sun.cran@rogers.com

41        2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
 Landscape New Brunswick
            Letter from the Executive Director...

                      Having had the privilege now for almost 35 years to work in,
                      and for, this industry, I can offer you the following reflection,
                      observation, and prediction. Your association has made great
                      and positive strides during these years. The industry we call
                      Landscape (or environmental, or ornamental) Horticulture has
                      been in constant forward motion, battling, insects, diseases,
                      regulations, labour shortages and the like along the way. We
                      stand now in a very positive position, working as a team to
                      guide the changes these issues are forcing on us. At the recent
 Canadian Nursery Landscape Association meeting in Winnipeg this past February, the
 folks who guide Landscape Ontario made the following remarks regarding our future,
 and I thought they were so insightful and articulate, that I should steal them, and
 claim them as my own.

 “The future of our industry continues to be bright even though there may be a tem-
 porary downturn in the next few years. Economic cycles have always been with us.
 There are always opportunities that flow from all cycles. There are always companies
 that thrive in all economies.

 During economic slow downs the association community becomes even more rel-
 evant and important. Storms are always easier to deal with when we work together as
 a team.

 Now is the time to stimulate even more unity, collaboration and focused effort. We
 need to assist members who are struggling. Our pioneers need to mentor and advise
 the younger companies on how to weather the storm. We need to get our selves out
 of debt. We need to understand the principles of business. We need to eliminate
 waste and work smarter. We need to continue to support each other. We need to fight
 fear. We need to add value to our customers.”


 Jim Landry
 Jim Landry, Executive Director
 Landscape New Brunswick

42       2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                                          Landscape New Brunswick
                          Membership Categories...

     LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR                                Nozag Lawn Care Inc.
                                                         Nutri-lawn New Brunswick
     A Change of Seasons Inc.                            P&H Contracting
     A.R. Rietzel Landscape Contractors                  Paysagiste Marquis Landscaping Inc
     Acadia Landscaping (612456nb inc)                   Pelouse Brunswick Lawn and Landscape
     All Season Landscaping Co. Ltd                      Philip Savage
     Allgreen Landscape & Design Ltd                     Price Landscaping Services
     Ayles Natural Landscaping Ltd                       Pro Care Lawn & Property Maintenance
     Babbling Brook                                      R. Fraser Landscaping Ltd.
     Beausejour Landscaping                              Red Oak Landscaping
     Bonsai Landscaping Ltd                              Riverview Lawns and Gardens
     Brunswick Nurseries Ltd.                            Robichaud Lawn Care Inc
     C.W. Guthrie & Sons                                 Sanders Gardens and Landscaping
     Capital City Gardeners Ltd                          Scholten’s Landscape Ltd.
     Cardwell Compost Products                           Seaside Landscaping Ltd.
     Carson Construction (1999) Ltd                      Serres Chez Eugene Enrg
     Cedar Hills Landscape and Design                    Servicemaster Lawncare
     Cedarcrest Garden Centre                            Shades of Green
     Clintar Grounds Keeping Service - Hanwell           Signature Landscape Ltd.
     Clintar Groundskeeping Service - Moncton            The Green Side
     Clintar Groundskeeping Service - Saint John         The Inspired Home and Garden
     Clintar Groundskeeping Services                     Urban Landscaping
     Coleman Landscape & Tree Services                   Wanamakers Horticultural Services
     Corn Hill Nursery Ltd.                              Weed Man Saint John
     Creative Landscapes                                 Wetmore’s Landscaping, Sod & Nursery
     Dean Reddin                                         Y & S Landcare
     Doirons Landscaping and Nursery Ltd
     Douglas Marshall Developments                       RETAIL
     Dunnett’s Landscaping Ltd
     Earthworks                                          Brookdale Nurseries Ltd
     Eastgreen Landscaping Ltd.                          Brunswick Nurseries Ltd.
     Entretien de Parterre Ltee                          Corn Hill Nursery Ltd.
     Ernie’s Landscaping Ltd.                            Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden Inc
     Evergreen Gardens & Landscaping                     MacArthur’s Nurseries Inc.
     Focal Point Landscape Design & Installation         Primrose Gardens
     Frenette Landscaping                                Scott’s Nursery Ltd.
     Garden’s Gate Planting & Design, Inc.               Sun Nurseries Inc.
     Gaudet Landscaping Ltd                              Wetmore’s Landscaping, Sod & Nursery
     Glenn Group Ltd.                                    A Change of Seasons Inc.
     Gould’s Gardens and Design                          Cedarcrest Garden Centre
     Green Thumb Landscaping Ltd.                        Co-Op Atlantic
     Green Turf Lawn Care (2003)                         Doirons Landscaping and Nursery Ltd
     Green Village                                       Green Village
     Greenmark Landscaping & Development                 Grey’s Greenhouse
     InDesigns Inc                                       Halifax Seed Co. Inc.
     Integrity Landscape & Design Inc.                   Joanne’s Garden Centre
     J.K. Fraser & Son Landscaping Ltd                   John’s Garden Center Inc.
     Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden Inc                  Mayfield Gardens and Landscape
     La Rocaille Garden Centre (1989) Inc                Mr. Tomato- Finnigan Greenhouse Prod. Ltd.
     Landscapes and Gardens                              Serres Chez Eugene Enrg
     Lasting Image Landscaping Ltd                       Shades of Green
     Lawn Rangers                                        VanKampen Greenhouses
     Maritime Sod Ltd.
     Martin Landscaping
     Mayfield Gardens and Landscape
     Nara Enterprises
     New Maryland Contractors

43            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                                               Doirons Landscaping and Nursery Ltd
                                                               Green Village
                                                               Grey’s Greenhouse
                                                               Halifax Seed Co. Inc
                                                               Joanne’s Garden Centre
                                                               John’s Garden Center Inc
                                                               Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden Inc
                                                               MacArthur’s Nurseries Inc
                “Helping to create the image you               Mayfield Gardens and Landscape
                    have always imagined”                      Mr. Tomato- Finnigan Greenhouse Prod. Ltd
                                                               Primrose Gardens
                                                               Scott’s Nursery Ltd
           Landscape • Design & Maintenance • Walkways •       Serres Chez Eugene Enrg
                 Patios & Decks • Retaining Walls •            Shades of Green
                   Ice Control • Snow Removal •                Sun Nurseries Inc
                 Residential & Commercial Services             VanKampen Greenhouses
                                                               Wetmore’s Landscaping, Sod & Nursery
                  www.naturesreflections.ca                     GREENHOUSE GROWER

                                                      2008      Brookdale Nurseries Ltd
                                                                Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden Inc
                                                                MacArthur’s Nurseries Inc.
          NATURE’S REFLECTIONS LANDSCAPING                      Primrose Gardens
                                                                Scott’s Nursery Ltd.
               Ben Floyd, Horticultural Technician
                                                                Cedarcrest Garden Centre
                                                                Green Village
             5354 Hwy #332, Middle LaHave, NS B4V 3L9           Grey’s Greenhouse
                   P: 902 764-3006 / C. 902 521-4081            John’s Garden Center Inc.
                       ben@naturesreflections.ca                 Mayfield Gardens and Landscape
                                                                Mr. Tomato- Finnigan Greenhouse Prod. Ltd.
                                                                Serres Chez Eugene Enrg
      NURSERY GROWER                                            VanKampen Greenhouses
                                                                Jolly Farmer
Natures' Reflections Ad 2009.indd 1               4/2/09 2:13:10 PM
      Arbor Nursery Ltd                                         Riverview Lawns and Gardens
      Brookdale Nurseries Ltd                                   Royal Gardens Ltd.
      Brunswick Nurseries Ltd.
      BTN Atlantic                                             HORTICULTURAL SUPPLIES
      C.W. Guthrie & Sons
      Corn Hill Nursery Ltd.                                   Advanced Vegetation Control
      Fox Brand Inc                                            ASB-Greenworld Ltd.
      Gerard Leger                                             Atlantic Cat
      Green Thumb Landscaping Ltd.                             Audubon Organics
      J Frank Gaudet Nursery                                   Backyard Inspirations Inc
      Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden Inc                       Belleisle Gardens
      MacArthur’s Nurseries Inc.                               Brunswick Limestone Ltd
      Maritime Sod Ltd.                                        Cardwell Compost Products
      Mori Nurseries Ltd.                                      Cavendish Agri Services
      New Brunswick Quality Turf (NBQT)                        Co-Op Atlantic
      Primrose Gardens                                         Corn Hill Nursery Ltd.
      Scott’s Nursery Ltd.                                     Dube Botanical Gardens
      Springvale Nurseries                                     Envirem Technologies Inc
      Sun Nurseries Inc.                                       Grand Falls Milling Co. Ltd
      Wetmore’s Landscaping, Sod & Nursery                     Green Diamond Equipment
      White Pine Nursery                                       Halifax Seed Co. Inc
                                                               Heveco Ltd
      GARDEN CENTRE                                            Irri Plus Irrigation
                                                               J. Clark & Son Ltd
      A Change of Seasons Inc                                  J.K. Fraser & Son Landscaping Ltd
      Belleisle Gardens                                        John’s Garden Center Inc
      Brookdale Nurseries Ltd                                  MacArthur’s Nurseries Inc
      Brunswick Nurseries Ltd                                  Maritime Pavers and Stone
      Carrington Gardens                                       Maritime Sod Ltd
      Cedarcrest Garden Centre                                 Maritime Turf Supplies
      Co-Op Atlantic                                           Mori Nurseries Ltd
      Corn Hill Nursery Ltd                                    New Brunswick Quality Turf (NBQT)

      44           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Permacon                                            Green Diamond Equipment
     Primrose Gardens                                    Halifax Seed Co. Inc.
     Quality Concrete                                    House of Stone Ltd
     Reddin Farm Equipment Ltd                           Irri Plus Irrigation
     Royal Gardens Ltd                                   J.K. Fraser & Son Landscaping Ltd.
     Scott’s Nursery Ltd                                 John’s Garden Center Inc.
     Shaw Brick                                          Primrose Gardens
     Springvale Nurseries                                Scott’s Nursery Ltd.
     Stihl Ltd                                           Royal Gardens Ltd.
     Sun Nurseries Inc                                   Sun Nurseries Inc.
     Terra Blends 056562 NB. Ltd                         MacArthur’s Nurseries Inc.
     Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation          Maritime Sod Ltd.
     Underground Irrigation Systems                      Mori Nurseries Ltd.
     Urban Landscaping                                   New Brunswick Quality Turf (NBQT)
     West Kent Auto Inc                                  Springvale Nurseries
     Yard Outfitters                                      Maritime Pavers and Stone
                                                         Maritime Turf Supplies
     TRADE SUPPLIERS                                     Permacon
                                                         Quality Concrete
     Armtec                                              Shaw Brick
     ASB-Greenworld Ltd.                                 Sheridans Nurseries
     Atlantic Cat                                        Stihl Ltd
     Audubon Organics                                    Strongco Equipment
     Backyard Inspirations Inc                           Terra Blends 056562 NB. Ltd
     Brunswick Limestone Ltd                             Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation
     Cardwell Compost Products                           Urban Landscaping
     Cavendish Agri Services                             Veseys Equipment
     Co-Op Atlantic                                      West Kent Auto Inc
     Corn Hill Nursery Ltd.
     Envirem Technologies Inc.
     Grand Falls Milling Co. Ltd.

45            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                 For All Your Insurance Needs


  HortProtect is uniquely
 developed for our industry.
          Customizable programs
     and exclusive coverages such as:
      ● 5 year replacement cost

        on equipment
      ● Single occurance deductible

      ● Automobile fleet coverage

      ● Group of “ONE” flexibility

      ● Employee Assistance Program

      ● Group RRSP & Critical Illness

         Created for the green industry.
             Protecting the green industry.
                     Endorsed by:
                                                                   Contac th true reen
                                                                   Contact the true green

        For more information regarding                          www.landscapenovascotia.ca
        HortProtect coverage please call:                             www.nbhta.ca

     Group Life, Health & Disability Benefits
        Representatives 1.800.459.8990
Landscape Nova Scotia            Landscape New Brunswick
     General Insurance                    General Insurance
      Representatives                      Representatives

         Landscape Newfoundland & Labrador
              General Insurance Representatives

  709.722.1532                                   709.726.5414

46           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
47   2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
48   2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Nova Tree Company Inc.

     Bark Mulch – Aged, dark brown, finely screened for easy handling.
                 Bulk delivery – Halifax to Sydney, & PEI
 Landscape Timbers, Tree Stakes - Different Sizes and Lengths
   Post and Rail Wood Fencing - Pressure Treated or Larch
               Rough Lumber, Larch Decking
            P.O. Box 1647, 2 Willow Lane, Truro, NS, B2N 5Z5
        P: (902) 895-6258 F: (902) 895-6246 TF: 1-866-212-2275
                      Check out more pictures on our website:


                             Committed to Customer Service
                               Exceptional Plant Quality
                                   Great Selection

                              BRIAN SPRAGG - Sales Representative
                              Call: 1-866-442-7426 Fax: 506-451-8315
                                     Email: bspragg@nb.aibn.com

49      2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory

A.R. Rietzel Landscape Contractors
Allgreen Landscape & Design Ltd
Capital City Gardeners Ltd
Clintar Grounds Keeping Service - Hanwell
Clintar Groundskeeping Service - Moncton
Clintar Groundskeeping Service - Saint John
Clintar Groundskeeping Services
Dean Reddin
Dr. Green
Eastgreen Landscaping Ltd.
Entretien de Parterre Ltee
Enviro Masters Lawn Care - Fredericton
Ernie’s Landscaping Ltd.
Green Thumb Landscaping Ltd.
Lawn Rangers
Martin Landscaping
Mayfield Gardens and Landscape
Nozag Lawn Care Inc.
Nutri-lawn New Brunswick
Pro Care Lawn & Property Maintenance
Robichaud Lawn Care Inc.
Serres Chez Eugene Enrg
Servicemaster Lawncare
Signature Landscape Ltd.
The Greener Choice Property Care
Urban Landscaping
Weed Man Saint John


Association of Atlantic Landscape Designers
Brian Dykeman
City of Bathurst
City of Fredericton, Parks & Trees Division
City of Miramichi
City of Moncton- Community Services
City of Saint John
Fundy Gardeners
Garth Nickerson
Gerard Leger
Gerald Walsh
Hort East
Hort Protect Group Insurance/The Investment Guild
Lounsbury Leasing Ltd.
Margaret Mann
Mount Allison University
NBCC Woodstock
NS Agricultural College
Town of Quispamsis
Town of Rothesay

50         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Landscape New Brunswick
                                                             Allgreen Landscape & Design Ltd
     Acadia Landscaping                                      Tom Murdock
     Robert LaVoie                                           1029 McLeod Hill Rd.,
     2526 Ch. Acadie,                                        McLeod Hill, NB, E3A 6H8
     Cap-Pele, NB E4N 1C9                                    T. (506) 458-5595
     P. (506) 531-6770                                       F. (506) 452-1180
     F. (506) 577-8352                                       E. allgreen@nb.aibn.com
     E. acadialandscaping@gmail.com
                                                             Arbor Nursery Ltd
     A Change of Seasons Inc                                 Albert ter Meer
     Jane Vickery                                            1671 Greenwich Road,
     #1 Young Rd., Pennfield, NB, E5H 1Y7                     St. Peter’s, PEI, C0A 2A0
     P. (506) 755-3591                                       F. (902) 739-2030
     F. (506) 250-1980                                       E. arbornursery@canada.com

     A.R. Rietzel Landscape Contractors                      Armtec
     Darren Rietzel                                          Willie Morrison
     275 Zack Rd.,                                           21 Cresent Street,
     Lutes Mountain, NB, E1G 2V2                             Sackville, NB, E2L 3V1
     T. (506) 855-3872                                       T. (506) 536-1920
     F. (506) 383-4681                                       F. (506) 536-1926
     E. rietzel@nbnet.nb.ca                                  E. wmorrison@armtec.com

     All Season Landscaping Co. Ltd                          ASB-Greenworld Ltd
     George Walton                                           Camille Ernest Daigle
     1913 route 640 Hwy,                                     200 Daigle Rd.,
     Hanwell, NB, E3C 1M4                                    Pointe Sapin, NB, E9A 1T6
     T. (506) 458-9685                                       T. (506) 876-3937
     F. (506) 452-8972                                       F. (506) 876-2075
                                                             E. asbgreen@nbnet.nb.ca

          Loading Dumping Hauling?
                       We Have                                              Trailers!

                                                                            • Dump Trailer DT610LP-7
                                                                            • Bed size: 72”W x 10’L
                                                                            • GVWR : 7,000 lbs
                                                                            • Volume: 3.9 cubic yds.

                                                                           starting at
                                                                               *Financing available on credit approval.

        Dartmouth • NS        l       Moncton • NB      l    St. John’s • NFLD
      188 Joseph Zatzman Dr       75 Urquhart Ave Unit #3 157 Glencoe Dr. Mount Pearl
          (902) 468-8518              (506) 386-5438            (709) 745-7442

        1. 800. 463. 7100         •     www.hurricaneindustrial.com

51           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                        Rust Control System


     An application of Krown results in:
        A better looking, longer lasting and safer vehicle.
        Also, fewer breakdowns, reduced down time and
                     increased resale value!

            * Complimentary on-site Mobile Service
                           Aerosol Specials:
          Krown T-4O Rust Inhibitor $90.00/case = $7.50/can
     Krown Extreme Duty Chain Lubricant  $110.00/case = $9.17/can
         Krown Lubricant/Penetrant   $90.00/case = $7.50/can
     The future of rust control is total body maintenance today!
                     Krown Rust Control Systems
               2823 Robie Street at Almon, Halifax, NS, B3K 4P3
                  P: 902-455-7878         F: 902-455-4444
      Visit us at www.krownhalifax.com

52       2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Atlantic Cat                                       Brian Dykeman
     Brian Bessey                                       71 Fawn Cres.,
     P.O. Box 953                                       Hanwell, NB, E3E 1B4
     175 Akerly Blvd.,                                  dykeman@rogers.com
     Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 3Z6
     T. (902) 468-0581                                  Brookdale Nurseries Ltd
     F. (902) 468-4221                                  Clyde Brown
     E. jlawton@atlcat.ca                               746 Newcastle Blvd.,
                                                         P.O. Box 422,
     Audubon Organics
                                                        Miramichi, NB, E1V 3M5
     Kevin Carson
                                                        T. (506) 622-3424
     61 Martindale Dr.,
                                                        F. (506) 622-5561
     Moncton, NB, E1G 2J3
     T. (506) 388-8111                                  E. clyde@brookdale.ca
     F. (506) 852-4434
     E. kcarson@nbnet.nb.ca                             Brunswick Limestone Ltd
     www.audubonorganics.com                            Daniel Comeau
                                                        Box 3046, 2884 Main St.,
     Ayles Natural Landscaping Ltd                      Hillsborough, NB,
     Brent Ayles                                        T. (902) 435-5618
     1082 Coverdale Rd.,                                F. (902) 434-0864
     Riverview, NB, E1B 5G5                             E. kd.comeau@ns.sympatico.ca
     T. (506) 858-0332
     F. (506) 386-2099                                  Brunswick Nurseries Ltd
     E. brent@aylesnaturallandscaping.com               Duncan Kelbaugh
                                                        306 Model Farm Rd.,
     Babbling Brook                                     Quispamsis, NB, E2E 4Z8
     Dwayne Jones                                       T. (506) 847-8244
     Moncton, NB,                                       F. (506) 847-0097
     T. (506) 874-9227                                  E. info@brunswicknurseries.com
     F. (506) 382-8759
     E. babbling@nb.sympatico.ca
                                                        BTN Atlantic
                                                        Joe Sturgeon
     Backyard Inspirations Inc
     Eric Sloan                                         891 Route 880, B
     117 Bayfield Rd.,                                   erwick, NB, E5P 3H5
     Bayfield, NB, E4M 1A9                               T. (506) 433-6168
     T. (506) 538-1015                                  F. (506) 433-6364
     F. (506) 538-1922                                  E. joe.sturgeon@btn.on.ca
     E. erics@backyardinspirations.com                  www.btn.on.ca

     Baie Verte Pool and Spa                            C.W. Guthrie & Sons
     Lisa & James Barkley                               Douglas Guthrie
     144 Route 970,                                     2355 Route 102,
     Baie Verte, NB, E4M 1N5                            Lincoln, NB, E3B 8N6
     T. (506) 538-9987                                  T. (506) 458-9710
     F. (506) 538-9988                                  F. (506) 450-2287
     E. bvpoolandspa@nb.aibn.com
                                                        Capital City Gardeners Ltd
     Beausejour Landscaping                             Kyle Hartley
     Remi Gaudet                                        2289 Highway 640,
     51 Ch. De la Riviere,                              Hanwell, NB, E3E 2E7
     Grand Barachois, NB, E4P 7E4                       T. (506) 450-1694
     T. (506) 532-8955                                  F. (506) 450-1383
     F. (506) 532-3892                                  E. hartleyholdings@rogers.com
     E. rgaudet@beausejourlandscaping.com
                                                        Cardwell Compost Products
     Bonsai Landscaping Ltd                             Jim Cunningham
     Andre Gaudet                                       12315 Route 114,
     1188 Lavallee Rte,                                 Penobsquis, NB, E4G 2X9
     Memramcook, NB, E4K 1A2                            T. (506) 433-4078
     T. (506) 852-6100                                  F. (506) 433-1404
     F. (506) 857-8131                                  E. cardwell@nbnet.nb.ca
     E. bonsai1@nb.sympatico.ca

53           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                                      City of Bathurst
                                                      Daniel L’Anglais
                                                      380 St.- Andrews St.,
                                                      Bathurst, NB, E2A 1C5
                                                      T. (506) 548-0507
                                                      F. (506) 548-0452

                                                      City of Fredericton
                                                      Robert Glenwright
                                                      Box 130, Parks & Trees Division,
                                                      Fredericton, NB, E3B 4Y7
                                                      T. (506) 460-2294
                                                      F. (506) 460-2293
                                                      E. robert.glenwright@fredericton.ca

                                                      City of Miramichi
      Bobcat Atlantic                                 John Copps
                                                      1 Marina Dr.,
     11 Acadia, Woodside Park                         Miramichi, NB, E1V 6S8
       Dartmouth          442-5618                    T. (506) 623-2311
                                                      F. (506) 623-2261
             A division of Liftow Ltd.                E. john.copp@miramichi.org

     www.bobcatatlantic.com                           City of Moncton- Community Services
                                                      James L. Moore
                                                      100 Worthington Ave.,
Carrington Gardens                                    Moncton, NB, E1C 9Z3
Darrell Rodgers                                       T. (506) 853-3575
882 Pine Glen Rd.,                                    F. (506) 859-2628
Pine Glen, NB, E1J 1R8                                E. jim.moore@moncton.org
T. (506) 204-1338
F. (506) 204-2472                                     City of Saint John
E. carringtongardens@rogers.com                       Randall Nelson
www.carringtongardens.com                             Box 1971,
                                                      Saint John, NB, E2L 4L1
Carson Construction (1999) Ltd                        T. (506) 648-4621
Beverley-Anne Carson                                  F. (506) 658-2902
1 Carson Dr.,                                         E. randy.nelson@saintjohn.ca
Moncton, NB, E1C 4K1
T. (506) 856-09111                                    Clintar Groundskeeping Services
F. (405) 855-5541                                     John Stewart
E. carsonco@nbnet.nb.ca                               21 Millennium Dr.,
                                                      Hanwell, NB, E3L 2N9
Cavendish Agri Services
                                                      T. (506) 454-6667
Kent Curtis
PO Box 1003,                                          F. (506) 459-2307
Salisbury, NB, E4J 3E2                                E. jstewart@clintar.com
T. (506) 372-9309
F. (506) 372-9099                                     Clintar Groundskeeping Services
E. curtis.kent@cavendish-agri.com                     Patrick Savoy
www.cavagri.com                                       Box 23010,
                                                      Saint John, NB, E2J 4M3
Cedar Hills Landscape and Design                      T. (506) 652-5656
Rosaline Ells                                         F. (506) 652-5040
3 Seaton St.,                                         E. psavoy@clintar.com
Saint John, NB, E2J 2A7
T. (506) 693-8733                                     Clintar Groundskeeping Services
F. (506) 693-8734                                     Terry Nicholson
E. admin@cedarhills.ca                                1-70 Esna Park Dr.,
                                                      Markham, ON, L3R 1E3
Cedarcrest Garden Centre                              T. (905) 943-9530
Ron Lockhart                                          F. (905) 943-9529
1050 Sandy Point Rd.,                                 E. terryn@clintar.com
Saint John, NB, E2K 5H3
T. (506) 658-1112
F. (506) 658-1113
E. ron@cedarcrestgardens.com

54         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Clintar Groundskeeping Services
     Kevin Cox
     18 Halifax St.,
     Moncton, NB, E1C 9P7
     T. (506) 384-1500
     F. (506) 375-4365
     E. kcox@clintar.com


                                                         142 Years of
     Victor Santacruz
     RR4 Stn. Main , 7856 Fifth Line
     S, Milton, Ont, L9T 2X8

     T. (905) 875-1399
     F. (905) 875-1840

                                                          You Grow!
     Coleman Landscape & Tree Services
     Dan Coleman
     475 Ravine Rd.,
     Lower Norton, NB, E5N 7S8
     T. (506) 832-3983
     E. lau@nbnet.nb.ca                                       • Improved Turf Seed
     Co-Op Atlantic                                                 • Fertilizers
     Anna Cormier
     123 Halifax St.,
                                                                    • Spreaders
     P.O. Box 750,                                          • Pest Control Products
     Moncton, NB, E1C 8N5
     T. (506) 858-6229                                         • Landscape Fabrics
     F. (506) 858-6470
     E. anna.bastarache@coopatlantic.ca                      • Erosion Control Mats
                                                                   • Cold Frames
     Corn Hill Nursery Ltd
     Bob Osborne
                                                                    • Coverings
     2700 Rt 890,                                               • Wildflower Seeds
     Corn Hill, NB, E4Z 1M2
     T. (506) 756-3635                                        • Custom Seed Mixes
     F. (506) 756-1087
     E. osborne@cornhillnursery.com                              • Gardening Tools
     Creative Landscapes                                 • Pond Equipment & Supplies
     Scott Grey
     19 Springwater Crt.,
     Island View, NB, E3E 1A1                           HALIFAX SEED COMPANY
     T. (506) 447-1785
     E. scotgrey@nb.sympatico.ca                           TWO LOCATIONS!
     Dean Reddin
     837 Pine Glenn Rd.,                                    5860 Kane Street
     Pine Glen, NB, E1J 1R7
     T. (506) 863-4628                                         Halifax, NS
     F. (506) 860-7261                                     Ph: (902) 454-7456
     E. dreddin@rogers.com
                                                           Fax: (902) 455-5271
     Doirons Landscaping and Nursery Ltd
     Wade Doiron
     2 Day Ave.,                                           664 Rothsay Ave.
     Charlottletown, PEI, C1C 1N1
     T. (902) 368-1666                                        Saint John, NB
     F. (902) 628-1666
     E. inquiries@doironslandscaping.com                  Ph: (902) 632-9351
                                                          Fax: (506) 632-9340
                                                        Email: info@halifaxseed.ca

55           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                                     Donna J. Gliddon
                                                     P.O. Box 171,
                                                     Belfast, PEI, C0A 1A0
                                                     T. (902) 659-2497
                                                     F. (902) 659-2687
                                                     E. larrabee@pei.sympatico.ca

                                                     Douglas Marshall Developments
                                                     Mike Upshon
                                                     416 Hampton Road,
                                                     Quispamsis, NB, E2E 4V5
      UNDERGROUND                                    T. (506) 639-1919
                                                     E. m.upshon@gmail.com
        IRRIGATION                                   Dr. Green
         SYSTEMS                                     Scott McAllister
                                                     Box 248,
                                                     Miramichi, NB, E1V 3M3
     Residential and Commercial                      T. (506) 625-1114
                                                     F. (506) 622-8031
                                                     E. drgreen@nb.sympatico.ca
        “We specialize in automatic
      watering with everything from                  Dunnett’s Landscaping Ltd.
                                                     Bill Dunnett
     drip systems in hanging baskets                 101 Cedarwood Dr.,
          and planters, to pop-up                    Saint John, NB, E2K 5P3
                                                     T. (506) 333-1275
       sprinklers in gardens, lawns                  F. (506) 652-9151
                                                     E. dunnett1@nb.sympatico.ca
             and sports fields.
                                                     Dennis Vringer
       As a member of Landscape                      54 Crown Hill Cres.,
     Nova Scotia and the Canadian                    Saint John, NB, E2K-2H3
                                                     T. (506) 849-3523
     Nursery Landscape Association,
      we’ve insured professionalism                  Eastgreen Landscaping Ltd.
                                                     Maurice Landry
      in every individually designed                 P.O. Box 926,
                                                     Moncton, NB, E1C 8N8
         installation throughout the                 T. (506) 859-1214
      Atlantic provinces since 1996.”                F. (506) 859-4360
                                                     E. eastgreen@nb.aibn.com
      ~Wayne Burke, President ~                      Entretien de Parterre Ltee
                                                     Hugues Theriault
                                                     5891, Rte 340,

       Want more
                                                     Haut-Paquetville, NB, E8R 1S9
                                                     T. (506) 764-5371
                                                     F. (506) 764-1105

                                                     Envirem Technologies Inc
                                                     Colin Murray
                                                     180 Hodgson Rd.,
                                                     Fredericton, NB, E3G 2G4
                CONTACT:                             T. (506) 459-3464
      Wayne Burke in Windsor, NS                     F. (506) 453-1332
                                                     E. colinm@envirem.com
          Tel: 1-902-798-1404                        www.envirem.com
          Fax: 1-902-798-2181
                                                     Enviro Masters Lawn Care - Fredericton
      E-mail: UIS@ns.sympatico.ca                    Mark McCullough
          Visit our website at:                      415-527 Beaverbrook Crt.,
                                                     Fredericton, NB, E3B 1X6
       www3.ns.sympatico.ca/uis                      T. (506) 461-1414
                                                     F. (506) 363-3344
                                                     E. mark@envirmasters.com
56        2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Ernie’s Landscaping Ltd                            Gerard Leger
     Jeff Lamrock                                       19, rue Court,
     380 Ashburn Rd.,                                   Richibucto, NB, E4W 3Y1
     Saint John, NB, E2K 5B2                            T. (506) 506 523-6892
     T. (506) 658-0330
     F. (506) 658-6132                                  Glenn Group Ltd.
     E. erniesjl@nbnet.nb.ca                            Daniel Glenn
                                                        Box 624, 248 Brunswick,
     Evergreen Gardens & Landscaping                    Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A6
                                                        T. (506) 455-2473
     Jody Hartley
                                                        F. (506) 459-2685
     300 Union St., Box 5777,
                                                        E. dkg@nbnet.nb.ca
     Saint John, NB, E2L 4M3
     T. (506) 632-6423                                  Gould’s Gardens and Design
     F. (506) 648-3075                                  Aaron Gould
     E. Hartley.Jody@jdirving.com                       1 Seely St., Saint John, NB, E2K 4B1
                                                        T. (506) 693-8931
     Focal Point Landscape Design & Installation        F. (506) 696-2992
     Dave Milburn                                       E. gouldsgardens@yahoo.ca
     141 Coverhill Lane,                                www.gouldsgardens.com
     Newmarket, NB, E6K 3Z6
     T. (506) 447-7614                                  Grand Falls Milling Co. Ltd
     E. focalpointlandscape@xplornet.ca                 Robert Godbout
                                                        45 CN Rd. (7001),
     Fox Brand Inc                                      Grand Falls, NB, E3Z 2L1
     Brian Fox                                          T. (506) 473-8040
     Box 4278,                                          F. (506) 473-4466
     Woodstock, NB, E7M 6B7
     T. (506) 325-2701                                  Green Diamond Equipment
     F. (506) 328-6875                                  Steve Gallant
     E. brianfox@nbnet.nb.ca                            1952 Amirault St.,
                                                        Dieppe, NB, E1A 7K1
                                                        T. (506) 388-3337
                                                        F. (506) 388-2101
     Frenette Landscaping
                                                        E. steven@green-diamond.ca
     Jason Frenette
     36 Kedgwick Prom,                                  Green Thumb Landscaping Ltd
     Dieppe, NB, E1A 8P4                                David Doucet
     T. (506) 850-5890                                  1910 King Ave.,
     E. jfrenettelandscaping@hotmail.com                Bathurst, NB, E2A 6N4
                                                        T. (506) 546-9152
     Fundy Gardeners                                    F. (506) 548-8895
     Janet Colwell                                      E. greenthumb@nb.aibn.com
     270 Hammond River Rd.,
     Quispamsis, NB, E2G 1L2                            Garden’s Gate Planting & Design, Inc.
     T. (506) 633-2032                                  Neil Sampson
     F. (506) 632-9340                                  112 Upper Durham Rd,
     E. jjice@nb.sympatico.ca                           Durham Bridge, NB, E6C 1B4
                                                        T. (506) 461-4284
     Garth Nickerson                                    F. (504) 455-4283
     Agriculture, Fisheries & Aquaculture               E. ossprey@nb.sympatico.ca
     Box 6000,
                                                        Greenmark Landscaping & Development
     Fredericton, NB, E3B 5H1
                                                        Francois Bourque
     T. (506) 453-3470
                                                        26 Ocean Breeze Drive,
     F. (506) 453-7978
                                                        Grand Barachois, NB, E4P 7X3
     E. garth.nickerson@gnb.ca                          T. (506) 532-0733
                                                        E. greenmarklandscaping@gmail.com
     Gaudet Landscaping Ltd
     Omer Gaudet                                        Green Turf Lawn Care (2003)
     65 Cormier Village Rd.,                            Ralph Yeo
     Grand Barachois, NB, E4P 6Z8                       301 All Weather Rd.,
     T. (506) 532-8146                                  Summerside, PEI, C1N 5A6
     F. (506) 532-1389                                  T. (902) 436-3218
                                                        F. (902) 436-4223
     Gerald Walsh                                       E. ryeo@eastlink.ca
     3049 Route 134,
     Shediac Cape, NB, E4P 3G1
     T. (506) 532-2208

57           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Green Village                                         Irri Plus Irrigation
Andy Buyting                                          Krista McLean
686 Riverside Dr.,                                    140 Isley Ave.,
Fredericton, NB, E3A 8C2                              Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1V1
T. (506) 450-3388                                     T. (902) 405-4774
F. (506) 450-2622                                     F. (902) 468-3871
E. info@greenvillage.net                              E. krista@irriplus.com
                                                      Integrity Landscape & Design Inc.
Grey’s Greenhouse                                     Thomas Johnston
Brian Grey                                            1131 Hwy 415,
350 Rte 615,                                          Whitney, NB, E1V 4K7
Scotch Settlement, NB, E6L 1M6                        T. (506) 778-8876
T. (506) 363-2134                                     F. (506) 625-5546
F. (506) 363-2134                                     E. tomj@nb.sympatico.ca
E. bgrey_1@hotmail.com
                                                      J Frank Gaudet Nursery
Halifax Seed Co. Inc                                  Bill Butler
Anne Butler                                           BOX 2000,
Box 2021, 664 Rothesay Ave.,                          Charlottetown, P.E.I, C1A 7N8
Saint John, NB, E2L 3T5                               T. (902) 368-4700
T. (506) 633-2032                                     F. (902) 368-4713
F. (506) 632-9340                                     E. jfgnursery@gov.pe.ca
E. anne@halifaxseed.ca
                                                      J. Clark & Son Ltd
Hort Protect Group Insurance/The Investment Guild     Dan Doucet
Kristen Rayner                                        820 Prospect St.,
11 Allstate Parkway, Suite 100,                       Box 188,
Markham, Ont, L3R 9T8                                 Fredericton, NB, E3B 4Z2
T. (905) 470-9840                                     T. (506) 452-1010
F. (905) 470-6723                                     F. (506) 458-5657
E. info@hortprotect.com                               E. ddoucet@clarks.ca

House of Stone Ltd                                    J.K. Fraser & Son Landscaping Ltd
Gilles Duguay                                         Pat & John Fraser
9 Aimee Alben St.,                                    41 Windy Hill Rd.,
Cap-Pele, NB, E4N 1G1                                 Indian Mountain, NB, E1G 5C9
T. (506) 577-1096                                     T. (506) 858-1107
F. (506) 577-1093                                     F. (506) 855-1965
E. housesofstone@hotmail.com                          E. fraserjk@nb.sympatico.ca

InDesigns Inc                                         Joanne’s Garden Centre
Heather Kelly/Marcus Schroater                        Joanne Brown
2248 Rte 490,                                         225 Whistle Rd.,
Ammon, NB, E1G 3P4                                    Grand Manan, NB, E5G 1B4
T. (506) 388-9423                                     T. (506) 662-8898
E. indesign@nbnet.nb.ca                               F. (506) 662-3714

                                            The Landscape New Brunswick
                                            Horticultural Trades Association...

                                            ...is a dedicated group of horticultural professionals
                                            working together to maintain and increase the quality
                                            of all horticultural products and services. Membership
                                            in this association also includes membership with the
                                            Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA), and
                                            all of the member privileges and benefits associated
                                            with this organization.

                                            Tel: 1-866-PLANTNB

58         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     John’s Garden Center Inc                           Lawn Rangers
     John & Kim Carson                                  Darrell Nameth
     934 Hillsborough Rd.,                              254 Halifax St.,
     Riverview, NB, E1B 3W5                             Moncton, NB, E1C 9S3
     T. (506) 386-1234                                  T. (506) 384-5296
     F. (506) 860-7095                                  F. (506) 854-6029
                                                        E. lrangers@nbnet.nb.ca
     Jolly Farmer
     Rob English                                        Lounsbury Leasing Ltd
     56 Crabbe Rd.,                                     Chris Bacich
     Northampton, NB, E7N 1R6                           Box 6010 2155 West Main St.,
     T. (506) 325-3850                                  Moncton, NB, E1C 9P2
     F. (506) 325-3890                                  T. (506) 857-2510
     E. info@jollyfarmer.com                            E. chris.bacich@lounsbury.nb.ca
                                                        MacArthur’s Nurseries Inc
     Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden Inc                 Stephen Lebans
     Andreas Haun                                       232 McLaughlin Dr.,
     220 King St.,                                      Moncton, NB, E1A 4P7
     St. Andrews, NB, E5B 1Y8                           T. (506) 859-2727
     T. (506) 529-3335                                  F. (506) 859-2709
     F. (506) 529-4875                                  E. stephen@macarthursnurseries.com
     E. kinghort@nb.aibn.com
     www.kingsbraegarden.com                            Margaret Mann
                                                        NBAFA Potato & Horticulture
     La Rocaille Garden Centre (1989) Inc               Box 6000,
     Martial Beaudoin                                   Fredericton, NB, E3B 5H1
     58 Purdy Ave.,                                     T. (506) 453-2108
     Moncton, NB, E1C 7V8                               F. (506) 453-7978
     T. (506) 859-9699                                  E. margaret.mann@gnb.ca
     F. (506) 862-5656
     E. martialbeaudoin@rogers.com                      Maritime Pavers and Stone
                                                        Craig Train
     Landscapes and Gardens                             47438 Homestead Rd.,
     Peggy Wright                                       Steeves Mountain, NB, E1G 4P5
     276 Douglas Ave.,                                  T. (506) 852-3226
     Saint John, NB, E2K 1E7                            F. (506) 858-9014
     T. (506) 672-1994                                  E. maritimepavers@rogers.com
     E. landscapes@nb.aibn.com
                                                        Maritime Sod Ltd
     Lasting Image Landscaping Ltd                      Bob Arseneau
     Don Baxter                                         401 Old Black River Rd.,
     626 McGregor Brook Rd.,                            P.O. Box 577,
      Mount Hebron, NB, E4G 1H7                         Saint John, NB, E2L 4A5
     T. (506) 433-6105                                  T. (506) 634-8540
     F. (506) 433-4874                                  F. (506) 634-8411
     E. lasting@nbnet.nb.ca                             E. bobsodguy@hotmail.com

59           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Maritime Turf Supplies                                Mount Allison University
Steven Boyd                                           Andrea Ward
29 Casewood Dr.,                                      155 Main St.,
Fredericton, NB, E3C 2L6                              Sackville, NB, E4L 1B5
T. (506) 454-7333                                     T. (506) 364-2354
F. (506) 454-7388                                     F. (506) 364-2688
E. kingturf@turfsupplies.com                          E. alward@mta.ca

Martin Landscaping                                    Mr. Tomato- Finnigan Greenhouse Prod. Ltd
Richard Martin                                        Patrick Finnigan
28 Rue Burpee,                                        11021 rue Principale,
Edmundston, NB, E3V 1Z5                               Rogersville, NB, E4Y 2L7
T. (506) 737-1803                                     T. (506) 775-6042
F. (506) 735-3722                                     F. (506) 775-6764
E. bricklayer2go@yahoo.ca                             E. mtomato@nbnet.nb.ca

Mayfield Gardens and Landscape                         Nara Enterprises
Darren Marshall                                       Jean Paul Robichaud
49 Route 1,                                           500 Ch. St. Ignace,
St. Stephen, NB, E3L 3X3                              St. Louis, NB, E4X 1Y5
T. (506) 466-5926                                     T. (506) 876-2696
F. (506) 466-1092                                     F. (506) 876-2429
E.mayfield@nb.aibn.com                                 E. legoff.anne@jdirving.com

Mori Nurseries Ltd                                    NBCC Woodstock
Brian Spragg                                          Jackalyn Darling
13Tanya Ave.,                                         100 Broadway St.,
Douglas, NB, E3A 8A5                                  Woodstock, NB, E7M 5C5
T. (506) 451-8216                                     T. (506) 325-4400
F. (506) 451-8315                                     F. (506) 328-8426
E. bspragg@nb.aibn.com                                E. jackalyn.murray@gnb.ca

60         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     New Brunswick Quality Turf (NBQT)                  Nutri-lawn New Brunswick
     Member of the Granview Group                       Jim Cooper
     Lori Jones                                         175 Whiting Rd.,
     1189 Route 105,                                    Fredericton, NB, E3B 5Y5
     Maugerville, NB, E3A 8K5                           T. (506) 452-8471
     T. (506) 357-2268                                  F. (506) 454-6078
     F. (506) 357-3009                                  E. fredericton@nutri-lawn.ca
     E. nbqt-sun.cran@rogers.com                        www.nutri-lawn.ca/fred.htm
                                                        P&H Contracting
     New Maryland Contractors                           Herb Burke
     Randy Waddingham                                   2005 Hwy 101,
     663 Charters Settlement Rd.,                       Nasonworth, NB, E3B 7J7
     Fredericton, NB, E3C 1V8                           T. (506) 455-7600
     T. (506) 459-8431                                  F. (506) 454-5420
     F. (506) 454-7144                                  E. p_h@nb.aibn.com
     E. rwadding@nbnet.nb.ca
                                                        Paysagiste Marquis Landscaping Inc
     Nozag Lawn Care Inc                                Moril Gallant
     Denis Hachey                                       1661 Route 133,
     P.O. Box 326,                                      Grand Barachois, NB, E4P 8E4
     Moncton, NB, E1C 8L4                               T. (506) 532-1033
     T. (506) 872-0303                                  F. (506) 532-1037
     F. (506) 388-4624                                  E. marquis@nb.aibn.com
     E. hacheydenis@hotmail.com                         www.marquislandscaping.ca

     NS Agricultural College                            Pelouse Brunswick Lawn and Landscape
     Carol Goodwin                                      Roland Robichaud
     P.O. Box 550,                                      536 Principale,
     Truro, NS, B2N 5E3                                 Beresford, NB, E8K 2A6
     T. (902) 893-6673                                  T. (506) 542-9080
     E. cgoodwin@nsac.ca                                F. (506) 542-1998
                                                        E. pelouse@nbnet.nb.ca

61           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory


Landscape New Brunswick’s conference for the green          Landscape New Brunswick handed out nine awards for
industry, the All Commodity Education Sessions (ACES),      the 2008 year:
recognized industry members during the Landscape
New Brunswick Awards of Landscape Excellence Gala           Best Commercial Construction Project was given to
on Tuesday February 24th.                                   Price Landscaping Services (Lutes Mountain)

Landscape New Brunswick’s Awards of Landscape               Best Residential Construction Project Over $20,000
Excellence program recognizes excellence within the         was given to Urban Landscaping (Rothesay)
horticulture industry in New Brunswick and encourages
landscape contractors to continue their efforts to raise    Specialty Award for “Design” was given to Urban
the industry’s image by consistent use of quality materi-   Landscaping (Rothesay)
als and competent workmanship.
                                                            Best Residential Lawn & Garden Maintenance was
Landscape New Brunswick and the CNLA’s Awards               given to Ayles Natural Landscaping (Riverview)
of Excellence programs highlight the importance of
sustainable landscapes to the well-being and beauty         Specialty Award for a “Theme Garden” was given to
of Canada’s increasingly urban environment. The             Price Landscaping Services (Lutes Mountain)
programs recognize the key role played by landscape
design, installation and maintenance companies, parks       Specialty Award for a “Water Feature” was given to
boards and other horticulturists in executing the best      Corn Hill Nursery (Corn Hill)
management practices that protect our environment
including: water cleanliness and conservation; pest         Best Residential Construction Project Under $20,000
management; air quality; waste reduction; and plant         was given to Urban Landscaping (Rothesay)
                                                            Best Commercial Lawn & Garden Maintenance was
And the Winners are….                                       given to Urban Landscaping (Rothesay)

                                                            Specialty Award for “Pavers” was given to Price Land-
                                                            scaping Services (Lutes Mountain)

                                                            Winners of Landscape New Brunswick’s provincial
                                                            awards program may be entered in the Canadian Nurs-
                                                            ery Landscape Associations (CNLA) National Awards of
                                                            Landscape Excellence, competing with entries from all
                                                            over Canada.

Pictured above: Award winners and sponsors are show-
cased at the 2008 LNB Awards

         LNB would like to thank the following companies for their sponsorship of our 2008 Awards
         Program: Atlantic CAT, RBC Financial Management, Green Diamond Equipment (John Deere
         Ltd.), HortProtect Insurance, Lounsbury Leasing Ltd., Permacon, and Shaw Brick.

62          2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                      PEOPLE, PLANTS AND PRIDE
                            Communities in Bloom (CIB) is a Canadian organization
                            committed to fostering civic pride, environmental
                            responsibility, beautification and improving the quality of
                            life through community participation and the challenge
                            of provincial and national competition. Communities
                            enter in the population size categories and are judged
      on tidiness, environmental awareness, community involvement, natural and
      cultural heritage conservation, tree/urban forest management, landscaped
      areas, floral displays and turf and groundcovers

         For more information contact:
        Nova Scotia CIB                         Communities in Bloom
        1099 Marginal Road, Suite 201           National Office
        Halifax, NS, B3H 4P7                    112 Terry Fox
        Web: www.tians.org                      Kirland, QC H9H 4M3
        P: 902-423-4480/1-800-948-4267          Web: www.communitiesinbloom.ca
        F: 902-422-0184                         P: 902-694-8871
        E: CIB@tians.org                        F: 902-423-4480                             Supporter
                                                E: bloom.fleurs@sympatico.ca                    CIB

     Permacon                                            Quality Concrete
     Claude Genest                                       Doug McLean
     8845 Pierre Bertrand,                               648 Edinburg Dr.,
     Quebec City, QC, G2K 1W2                            Moncton, NB, E1E 4C6
     E. cgenest@PERMACON.ca                              T. (902) 468-9800
                                                         F. (902) 482-3597
     Price Landscaping Services                          E. rbezanson@qualityconcrete.ca
     Kevin Nauss                                         www.redi-rock.com
     47971 Homestead Rd.,
     Lutes Mountain, NB, E1G 2M2
                                                         R. Fraser Landscaping Ltd
     T. (506) 858-7800
                                                         Kevin Fraser
     F. (506) 859-6919
                                                         5 Birchmount Dr., Moncton, NB, E1C 8E3
     E. kevin@pricelandscaping.ca
     www.pricelandscaping.ca                             T. (506) 384-5509
                                                         F. (506) 853-8449
     Primrose Gardens                                    E. kfraser@nb.sympatico.ca
     Brian MacArthur
     1137 Route 820 Hwy.,                                Red Oak Landscaping
     Barnesville, NB, E5N 3L1                            Jamey Smith
     T. (506) 832-0500                                   P.O. Box 39,
     F. (506) 832-2183                                   266 Winsloe Rd., RTE 223,
                                                         South Winsloe, PEI, C1E 1Z2
     Pro Care Lawn & Property Maintenance                T. (902) 894-3395
     John Evans                                          F. (902) 894-3695
     21 Kimberlee Lane,                                  E. reply@redoaklandscaping.pe.ca
     Burton, NB, E2V 3J6                                 www.redoaklandscaping.pe.ca
     T. (506) 357-7775
     F. (506) 357-5198
     E. procare@nbnet.nb.ca

63           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Riverview Lawns and Gardens                           Scott’s Nursery Ltd
John McLaughlin                                       George A. Scott
795 Coverdale Rd.,                                    2192 rte 102 Highway,
Riverview, NB, E1B 5E1                                Lincoln, NB, E3B 8N1
T. (506) 387-5110                                     T. (506) 458-9208
F. (506) 387-5115                                     F. (506) 459-1377
                                                      E. george@scottsnursery.nb.ca
Robichaud Lawn Care Inc
Yvon Robichaud                                        Seaside Landscaping Ltd
P.O. Box 1011,                                        Leonard Gallant
St Marie de Kent, NB, E4S 5G3                         469 Cormier Village Rd.,
T. (506) 743-8657                                     Cormier Village, NB E4P 5W1
F. (506) 955-3451                                     T. (506) 532-9442
                                                      F. (506) 532-7994
Royal Gardens Ltd
Chris O’Brien                                         Serres Chez Eugene Enrg
P.O. Box 5121,                                        Eugene Chaisson
Sussex, NB, E2E 5L2                                   45 Rue De La Tourbe,
T. (506) 433-2030                                     Lameque, NB, E8T 1A4
F. (506) 433-1130                                     T. (506) 344-7878
E. sussexgrowers@avonvalleyfloral.com                  F. (506) 344-8390
                                                      E. eugenec@nbnet.nb.ca
Sanders Gardens and Landscaping
Brian Sanders                                         Servicemaster Lawncare
10 Forresters Rd.,                                    John Stewart
Quispamsis, NB, E2G 1N4                               21 Millenium Dr.,
T. (506) 847-9610                                     Hanwell, NB, E3C 2N9
F. (506) 639-3320                                     T. (506) 454-5296
E. sandersgardens@yahoo.ca                            F. (506) 459-2307
                                                      E. lawn@fundy.net
Scholten’s Landscape Ltd                              www.servicemasterlawncare.ca
Ben Scholten
1 Broadway Ave.,                                      Shades of Green
Saint John, NB, E2H 1Z8                               Brenda Carpenter
T. (506) 633-6156                                     2483 Westfield Rd. Box 6,
F. (506) 658-1685                                     Saint John, NB, E2M 6L4
E. jcpsimon@yahoo.com                                 T. (506) 738-8319
                                                      F. (506) 738-2111
                                                      E. shadesofgreen@rogers.com

                                     Specializing in Landscape Construction
                                  COMMERCIAL • RESIDENTIAL • INDUSTRIAL

                     BARK MULCH, TREES, SHRUBS, & EVERGREENS...
                                        “FREE ESTIMATES”
                              24 Maple Avenue, Sydney River, NS B1S 1J6
                               Tel: (902) 564-9910 Fax: (902) 562-3075
                                     Email: sydland@syd.eastlink.ca

64         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Shaw Brick                                         Stihl Ltd
     Dana Allen                                         David Jack
     Box 536,                                           1515 Sise Rd. Box 5666,
     Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A6                           London, Ont, N6A 4L6
     T. (506) 453-9700                                  T. (519) 681-3000
     F. (506) 452-0980                                  F. (519) 681-1603
     E. dallen@shawbrick.ca                             E. david.jack@stihl.ca

     Sheridans Nurseries                                Strongco Equipment
                                                        Stuart Black
     Rob Naraj
                                                        255 Baig Blvd,
     12302 10th Line,
                                                        Moncton, NB, E1E 1E1
     Georgetown, On, L7G 4S7
                                                        T. (800) 332-3338
     T. (905) 873-0522                                  F. (506) 853-7434
     F. (905) 873-9591                                  E. sblack@strongco.com
     Signature Landscape Ltd                            Sun Nurseries Inc
     Harry Wynberg, Jr.                                 Michelle Gillespie
     121 MacAleese Lane,                                47 Morrow Ave.,
     Moncton, NB, E1A 3M2                               Sussex, NB, E4E 3P6
     T. (506) 854-8733                                  T. (506) 432-1100
     F. (506) 854-4434
                                                        F. (506) 432-6107
     E. tree@nbnet.nb.ca
                                                        E. sun@nb.aibn.com
     Springvale Nurseries
                                                        Terra Blends 056562 NB. Ltd
     Paul Grimm
                                                        Donna Richard
     Box 157,
                                                        192 Caledonia Rd.,
     Berwick, NS, B0P 1E0
                                                        Moncton, NB, E1H 3C8
     T. (902) 538-8825
                                                        T. (506) 858-9121
     F. (902) 538-9365
                                                        F. (506) 384-4035
     E. spvale@ns.sympatico.ca

65           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Office: 1 902-468-8040
     Fax: 1 902-835-2997
     Two Locations
     30 MacDonald Avenue, Dartmouth N.S.
     648 Edinburg Drive, Moncton N.B.

66         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Distributed by

67        2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                                           (902) 468-8101

                                                      Irrigation Design, Installation,
                                                                and Service
                                                       Residential & Commercial
                                                              Lawn Care
     Serving Metro Halifax,
       Annapolis Valley,
       and South Shore

                                                Enhancing the
                                                industry through


68         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
69   2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     The Green Side                                      Veseys Equipment
     Tymon Nesciorek                                     Ellen MacPhail
     9 Duncan St.,                                       411 York Rd,
     Campbellton, NB, E3N 2K5                            York, PEI, C0B 1P90
     T. (506) 759-8090                                   T. (902) 368-7333
     F. (506) 759-8090                                   F. (902) 566-1620
     E. tymon@thegreenside.biz                           E. ellen@veseys.com

     The Greener Choice Property Care                    Wanamakers Horticultural Services
     Gary Gunter                                         Barry Wanamaker
     3379 Rte 105,                                       2695 North Tetagouche Rd.,
     Bear Island, NB, E6L 1J2                            North Tetagouche, NB, E2A 4Y6
     T. (506) 447-1304                                   T. (506) 548-8855
     E. ggunter@aernet.ca                                E. maplelane@rogers.com

     The Inspired Home and Garden                        Y & S Landcare
     Raj Venugopal                                       Yves Daigle
     78 Bliss Carmen Dr.,                                986 Ch. Bourque,
     Fredericton, NB, G3B 9P6                            Dieppe, NB, E1A 7L3
     T. (506) 454-8286                                   T. (506) 875-3591
     F. (506) 260-0956                                   E. daigleyves78@hotmail.com
     E. ihg@rogers.com
     www.theinspiredhomeandgarden.com                    Weed Man Saint John
                                                         Andrew Wheelock
     Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation          60 Trider Cres.,
     Dale Richard                                        Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1R6
     149 Industrail Park Rd.,                            T. (506) 636-9333
     Minto, NB, E4B 3A6                                  F. (506) 649-9922
     T. (506) 327-4355                                   E. weedman@nb.aibn.com
     F. (506) 327-3757
     E. edrichard@tracc.ca                               West Kent Auto Inc
                                                         O’Donnell Greg
     Town of Quispamsis                                  73 Breau Creek Rd.,
     Debbie Allen                                        Memramcook, NB, E4K 2J3
     PO Box 21085,                                       T. (506) 758-2955
     Quispamsis, NB, E2E 4Z4                             F. (506) 758-9649
     T. (849) 849-5731                                   E. odonnel@nbnet.nb.ca
     F. (849) 849-5729
     E. dallen@quispamsis.ca                             Wetmore’s Landscaping, Sod & Nursery
                                                         Rod Wetmore
     Town of Rothesay                                    403 Riverside Dr.,
     Jeff Humphrey                                       Fredericton, NB, E3A 8S6
     70 Hampton Rd.,                                     T. (506) 472-3357
     Rothesay, NB, E2E 5L5                               F. (506) 457-1497
     T. (506) 848-6617                                   E. wetmore@nbnet.nb.ca
     F. (506) 848-6622
     E. jeffhumphrey@rothesay.ca                         White Pine Nursery
                                                         Ron MacDonald
     Urban Landscaping                                   2 Glencove Dr.,
     Neil Pond                                           Stratford, PEI, C1B 1Y3
     65 Marr Rd.,                                        T. (902)-569-3965
     Rothesay, NB, E2E 3J9                               E. ronjmd@hotmail.com
     T. (506) 849-4124
     F. (506) 847-9949
     E. urbanlandscaping@nb.aibn.com

     VanKampen Greenhouses
     Charles Van Kampen
     50 Allen St.,
     Charlottletown, PEI, C1A 2V7
     T. (902) 894-5146
     F. (902) 892-0372
     E. vankampengreenhouse@hotmail.com

70            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory

     Allgreen Landscape & Design Ltd                    City of Saint John
     McLeod Hill, NB                                    Rothesay, NB
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     A.R. Rietzel Landscape Contractors                 Clintar Landscape Management
     Lutes Mountain                                     Moncton, NB
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     Ayles Natural Landscaping Ltd.                     Crowe’s Landscaping
     Riverview, NB                                      Torbay, NL
     CHT Maintenance                                    CHT Installation

     Bonsai Landscaping Ltd.                            Ernie’s Landscaping Ltd.
     Memramcook, NB                                     Saint John, NB
     CHT Installation and Maintenance                   CHT Installation

     Brunswick Nurseries Ltd.                           Green Village
     Quispamsis, NB                                     Fredericton, NB
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     Cedar Hills Landscapie & Design Ltd                Ironstone Landscaping
     Saint John, NB                                     Notre-Dame, NB
     CHT Installation                                   CHT Installation

     City of Fredericton -                              Lawn Rangers Landscaping
     Community Services Department                      Moncton, NB
     Fredericton, NB                                    CHT Installation & Maintenance, CLP
     CHT Maintenance

71           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                                                  Price Landscaping Services
          Maritime           “Instant Shade                       Lutes Mountain, NB
          Landscape          with our New Tree                    CHT Maintenance, CLD
                                                                  Pro Care Lawn & Property Maintenance
                                                                  Burton, NB

                                                                  Scholten’s Landscape Ltd.
                                                                  Saint John, NB
                                                                  CHT Installation and

                                                                  Shades of Green
                                                                  Saint John, NB

                          Large Truck-Mounted Tree Spade          Signature Landscape Ltd.
                                                                  Moncton, NB
     “Largest & First of its Kind in Atlantic Canada”             CHT Installation & Maintenance, CLP

                         Tel (902) 798-4798 Cell (902) 456-2773   Wanamaker’s Horticulture Services
 Box 99, RR #2                      Fax (902) 798-5411
 Falmouth, Nova Scotia          Email: environ@eastlink.ca,
                                                                  North Tetagouche, NB
 B0P 1L0, Canada                    www.environova.ca             CHT Installation
     MacArthur’s Nurseries Inc.                                   Wetmore’s Landscaping, Sod & Nursery
     Moncton, NB                                                  Fredericton, NB
     CHT Installation                                             CHT Installation

72            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Landscape Newfoundland & Labrador
                           Board of Directors...

     ANTHONY O’NEILL, President                        DONNA BALSOM, At Large Director
     O’Neill’s Gardenland                              Balsom Gardens Ltd.
     P.O. Box 137                                      366 Memorial Drive
     Spaniard’s Bay, NL, A0A 3X0                       Clarenville NL A5A 1P4
     T. (709) 786-9533                                 T. (709) 466-3599
     E. aoneill@nl.rogers.com                          F. (709) 466-1118
                                                       E. balsom.gardens@nf.sympatico.ca
     DAVID CAREW, Vice-President
     Carew Services Ltd.                               MICHAEL MURRAY, Turf Sector
     P.O. Box 584                                      Murray’s Horticultural Services Ltd.
     Portugal Cove, NL, A1M 3R6                        P.O. Box 601, 1525 Portugal Cove Road
     T. (709) 895-6942                                 Portugal Cove, NL, A1M 3R6
     F. (709) 895-6075                                 T. (709) 895-2800
     E. davecarew@nl.rogers.com                        F. (709) 895-1000
                                                       E. mmurray@nfld.com
     PAMELA PIPPY, Secretary Treasurer
     Pamela Pippy Landscape Design                     DON BARRY, Federation of Ag Rep
     12 St. Andrew’s Place                             Service Master Lawn Care
     St. John’s, NL, A1A 2B5                           696 Torbay Road
     T. (709) 738-2374                                 St. John’s NL A1A 5G9
     F. (709) 738-2374                                 T. (709) 576-0506
     E. ppippy@nl.rogers.com                           F. (709) 576-4464
                                                       E. pbarrysmlc@nf.aibn.com
     PATRICK HEWITT, Past President
     Emerald Sod Producers                             DR. WILF NICHOLS, Ex Officio
     St. Shott’s, NL, A0A 3R0                          Memorial University Botanical Garden
     T. (709) 438-2306                                 Memorial University of Newfoundland
     F. (709) 438-2617                                 St. John’s, NL, A1C 5S7
                                                       T. (709) 737-8590
     CHRIS SWYERS, Growers/retail                      F. (709) 737-8596
     C.D.’s Trees                                      E. wnicholl@mun.ca
     406 Marine Drive
     Logy Bay NL A1K 3C9                               ED O’REILLY - Ex Officio
     T. (709) 682-1853                                 Department of Forest Resources and Agrifoods
     F. (709) 753-2709                                 Government of NL
     E. chrisswyers@cdstrees.com                       PO Box 8700
                                                       St. John’s NL, A1B 4J6
     VACANT, Landscape Design                          T. (709) 729-1643
                                                       E. edoreilly@gov.nl.ca
     MARK BOWERING, CHT, Landscape Services /
     Contracting Services                              ANTHONY O’NEILL, CNLA Provincial Rep
     Bowering Ponds & Gardens Ltd                      O’Neill’s Gardenland
     PO Box 13576, Stn A                               P.O. Box 137
     St. John’s NL A1B 4B8                             Spaniard’s Bay, NL, A0A 3X0
     T. (709) 753-5473                                 T. (709) 786-9533
     F. (709) 579-3744                                 E. aoneill@nl.rogers.com
     E. markbowering@yahoo.com
                                                       JEANETTE FRENCH,
     SCOTT LAYMAN, Lawn Care                           Marketing Chair / Certification Rep
     Mr. Turf Enterprises Inc                          Daisy Design
     PO Box 13191                                      1 Honeysuckle Hill
     St. John’s NL A1B 4A4                             St. Phillips NL A1M 3S8
     T. (709) 834-5296                                 T. (709) 709-743-6777
     F. (709) 834-3174                                 E. thedaisygroup@rogers.com
     E. office@mrturf.ca

73          2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     KIM THISTLE, Western Director
     Thistle’s Limited (The Greenhouse)
     Box 2237, RR #1
     Little Rapids NL A2H 2N2
     T. (709) 634-5757
     F. (709) 639-3167
     E. kim@thegreenhouse.ca

     ROSS TRAVERSE, Eastern Director
     Traverse Gardens
     12 Byrne’s Lane
     Torbay NL A1K 1H2
     T. (709) 437-5539
     F. (709) 437-7539
     E. traversegardens@nf.aibn.com

     GORDON DAY, Central Director
     Veronica’s Greenhouse
     PO Box 1510
     Lewisporte, NL, A0A 3A0
     T. (709) 535-6776
     F. (709) 535-6786
     E. gordon.helen@nf.sympatico.ca


     CLE NEWHOOK, Executive Director
     P.O. Box 23121 Churchill Sq. Post Office
     St. John’s, NL, A1B 4J9
     T. (709) 579-6510
     F. (709) 579-6511
     E. axisconsulting@nl.rogers.com

     Provincial Relations Managers, CNLA
     T. 1 866 383-4711

     Provincial Relations Coordinator, CNLA
     T. 1 866 446-3499 ext. 8650


     P.O. Box 23121 Churchill Sq. Post Office
     St. John’s, NL, A1B 4J9
     T. (709) 579-6510
     F. (709) 579-6511
     E. axisconsulting@nl.rogers.com

74          2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Landscape Newfoundland & Labrador
                       Letter from the Executive Director...

     LNL – On the Move!!

     Landscape Newfoundland and Labrador (LNL) recently
     made history by recruiting our very first member from Lab-
     rador – Birdhouse Garden Market Inc., Happy Valley/Goose
     Bay. We can now hold our heads high having finally lived up
     to our name!! LNL has come a long way since its inception
     in 1992.

     We started with a mere handful of founding members and
     are now approaching 80. Our President Anthony O’Neill and all members of our
     Board of Directors are extremely motivated and active. We have ramped up our
     events thanks to the wonderful help from Rebecca and Michelle at CNLA and
     looking forward to a busy year.

     Our AGM and Board elections are planned for late April (and yes there will be
     competition for all positions!) and a major environmental symposium planned for
     late Fall – an inaugural Annual Green Forum just before HortEast. Certification is
     proceeding (albeit slowly) on all fronts and LNL plays an active role in CNLA, our
     national organization.

     We’re proud to play a leadership role in the greening of this place of rugged
     beauty – and lest our mainland friends think that we live on a rock - here is an
     open invitation to all hands to come and check out Canada’s best kept East Coast

     Warmest Regards,

     Cle Newhook
     Cle Newhook, Executive Director
     Landscape Newfoundland & Labrador

75        2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
       Benefits Program
     Landscape NS, Landscape NB, Landscape NL and the Canadian Nursery Landscape Associa-
     tion work together to bring you the value you deserve for your membership dues. There are a
     variety of services and discounts available to help you operate your business more effectively
     and efficiently.

           Discounts that will save you money each year!

           •       Equipment                                      •      Office Supplies
           •       Vehicles                                       •      CNLA Credit Card
           •       Fuel                                           •      Telecommunications
           •       Merchant Services                              •      Insurance
           •       Marketing Products                             •      Group RRSP Plan

     CNLA works with provincial associations to offer a          CNLA and the Atlantic Provincial Associations are
     wide range of services to the members:                      dedicated to enhance the industry through certifi-
                                                                 cation programs that are embraced by employees,
     Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory                         industry and customers.
     An annual publication listing all members in Atlantic
     Canada. Free for members in Atlantic Canada.          Certified Horticultural Technician
                                                           CHT is a technical level designations aimed at crew
     CNLA Membership Directory                             leaders or foremen level employees n the industry.
     An annual publication listing all members across the Classification include: Landscape Installation,
     country.                                              Landscape Maintenance, Retail Garden Centre, and
                                                           Interior Landscaping.
     Both publications are a valuable tool for sourcing
     products / services / equipment.                      Certified Landscape Designer
                                                           CLD is a designation for landscape designers looking
     www.canadanursery.com                                 for ways to improve professionalism, especially in
     Your source for the latest industry news, membership residential market. The process includes a written
     information, and details on member discount & ser- exam and portfolio submission.
     vices. Includes a searchable, real-time, membership
     database and landscape plant guide.                   Certified Landscape Professional
                                                           CLP is a designation for business owners or manag-
     CNLA Newsbrief                                        ers that focuses on seven core competencies. The
     A bimonthly newsletter containing industry updates, goal of CLP is to improve your skills which in turn
     membership information, volunteer profiles, industry will have a positive effect on the profitability of your
     events, updates on certification, recently certified    company.
     individuals announcements and more!

                               membership has it’s benefits!

                          For more information on any of the services mentioned above, please contact:
                                         Canadian Nursery Landscape Association
                                         1-888-446-3499 / info@canadanursery.com

76             2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Landscape Newfoundland and Labrador
                                     Membership Categories
     LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR                               GROWER - SOD

     Bowering Ponds & Gardens Ltd                       Emerald Sod Producers
     Carew Landscaping Inc                              J & C Sod Farm Ltd
     Carew Services Ltd                                 King, Gerald Nursery Sod
     Evans Services Inc                                 Norwest Sod Limited
     Garden Creations Plus
     Gosse’s Landscaping Inc                            GARDEN CENTRE
     Humber Nurseries Ltd
     Interlock By Design                                Balsom Gardens Ltd
     Mr. Turf Enterprises Inc                           Bickerstaffe Farms & Nurseries Ltd
     Murray’s Horticultural Services Ltd                Brookside Flowers Ltd
     Newfoundland Vegetation Control                    Hickey’s Plaisance Gardens & Nursery
     O’Neill’s Gardenland                               Holland Nurseries Ltd
     Rise & Shine Nursery and Garden Centre Ltd         Humber Nurseries Ltd
     Service Master Lawn Care                           Murray’s Horticultural Services Ltd
     Shadybrook Farms Limited                           North Atlantic Nurseries
     Sinnot’s Hydroseeding & Landscaping (1994) Ltd     O’Neill’s Gardenland
     Turfgrass Management Services Ltd                  Pat’s Plants & Gardens
                                                        Rise & Shine Nursery and Garden Centre Ltd
     LANDSCAPE DESIGN                                   Thistle’s Limited (The Greenhouse)
                                                        Traverse Gardens
     Bowering Ponds & Gardens Ltd                       Veronica’s Greenhouse
     Daisy Design
     Frederick Hann & Associates
     Garden Consulting & Design
     Humber Nurseries Ltd
     Interlock By Design                                       There is a future in
     LeMessurier Design and Consulting
     Pamela Pippy Landscape Design
     Rise & Shine Nursery and Garden Centre Ltd
     Shadybrook Farms Limited
     Tract Consulting Inc
     Turfgrass Management Services Ltd


     Gosse’s Landscaping Inc
     Humber Nurseries Ltd
     NutriLawn N&L Lawn Care Ltd
     Shadybrook Farms Limited


     Balsom Gardens Ltd
     Bickerstaffe Farms & Nurseries Ltd
     Brookside Flowers Ltd
     C.D.’s Trees
     Hickey’s Plaisance Gardens & Nursery
     Holland Nurseries Ltd
     Humber Nurseries Ltd
     Murray’s Horticultural Services Ltd
     Normaed Nursery Garden Market Inc
     North Atlantic Nurseries                                For more information visit
     Nuthatch Nursery & Tree Farm
     O’Neill’s Gardenland                                   www.clp.canadanursery.com
     Pat’s Plants & Gardens
     Rise & Shine Nursery and Garden Centre Ltd
     Shadybrook Farms Limited
     Thistle’s Limited (The Greenhouse)
     Traverse Gardens
     Veronica’s Greenhouse

77           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
IRRIGATION SUPPLIES                                    HYDROSEEDING

Flower Studio                                          NutriLawn N&L Lawn Care Ltd
O’Neill’s Gardenland                                   Sinnot’s Hydroseeding & Landscaping (1994) Ltd

IRRIGATION CONTRACTOR                                  EDUCATION

Island Wide Irrigation                                 College of the North Atlantic
                                                       Memorial University
INTERIOR PLANTSCAPING                                  Memorial University Botanical Gardens

Flower Studio                                          GOVERNMENT
Humber Nurseries Ltd
Murray’s Horticultural Services Ltd                    Dept. Parks & Recreation, City of Mount Pearl
                                                       Dept. Parks & Recreation, City of St. John’s
ARBORIST                                               Town of Conception Bay South
                                                       Town of Paradise
Humber Nurseries Ltd
Murray’s Horticultural Services Ltd                    OTHER
NutriLawn N&L Lawn Care Ltd
                                                       Atlantic Trailer and Equipment Ltd
SNOW REMOVAL                                           Axis Consulting Inc
                                                       Battlefield Equipment Rentals
Enviro Masters                                         Bowering Ponds & Gardens Ltd
Rise & Shine Nursery and Garden Centre Ltd             Carew Services Ltd
                                                       Coady’s Metal Works Ltd
HORTICULTURAL SUPPLIER                                 Crosbie Job Insurance Limited
                                                       Flower Studio
Atlantic Trailer and Equipment Ltd                     Grand Concourse Authority
Coady’s Metal Works Ltd                                Newfoundland Homebuilders Association
Concrete Products Limited                              Norwest Sod Limited
East Chem Inc                                          Nuthatch Nursey & Tree Farm
Newfoundland Kubota Ltd                                Steers Insurance Limited
Ornamental Concrete LTD                                The Investment Guild
Rise & Shine Nursery and Garden Centre Ltd             The Shaw Group
                                                       Turfgrass Management Services Ltd

Affordable Lawncare Services Limited
Enviro Masters
Humber Nurseries Ltd
Mr. Turf Enterprises Inc
NutriLawn N&L Lawn Care Ltd

78          2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Landscape Newfoundland and Labrador
     Affordable Lawncare Services Limited               Birdhouse Garden Market Inc.
     Gerry Baker                                        Bernard Bird
     6 Ric-Car Dr.                                      164 Hamilton River Rd.
     Conception Bay South, NL, A1X 7X2                  Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL, A0P 1E0
     T. (709) 834-4422                                  T. 709-896-9292
     F. (709) 682-9989                                  F. 709-896-9291
     E. affordable@nl.rogers.com                        E. birdhousegardenmarket@nf.aibn.com

     Atlantic Trailer and Equipment Ltd.                Bowering Ponds & Gardens Ltd
     Rick Power                                         Mark Bowering, CHT
     8 Lintrose Place                                   PO Box 13576, Stn A
     Mount Pearl, NL, A1N 5K2                           St. John’s, NL, A1B 4B8
     T. 709-745-3260                                    T. 709-753-5473
     F. 709-745-3936                                    F. 709-753-0177
     E. rickpower@atlantictrailer.ca                    E. mark@boweringgardens.com
     www.atlantictrailer.ca                             www.boweringgardens.com

     Axis Consulting Inc.                               Brookside Flowers Ltd.
     Cle Newhook                                        Carl Oates
     PO Box23121,                                       15 Powell Drive
     Churchill Square Post Office                        Carbonear, NL, A1Y 1A5
     St. John’s, NL, A1B 4J9                            T. 709-596-6735
     T. 709-579-6510                                    F. 709-596-2606
     F. 709-579-6511                                    E. brooksideflowers@nf.sympatico.ca
     E. axisconsulting@nl.rogers.com
                                                        Bubba’s Tubs
     Ball Horticultural Company                         Greg Butler
     Joey Gordon                                        22 O’Leary Ave.
     1846 Black River Rd.                               St. John’s, NL, A1B 2C7
     Oxford, NS, B0M 1P0                                T. 709-579-7727
     T. 902-447-2211                                    F. 709-722-1336
     F. 902-447-2251                                    E. bubbastubs@nf.aibn.com
     E. jgordon@ballhort.com
                                                        C.D.’s Trees
     Balsom Gardens Ltd.                                Chris Swyers
     Glen Balsom                                        406 Marine Drive
     366 Memorial Drive                                 Logy Bay, NL, A1K 3C9
     Clarenville, NL, A5A 1P4                           T. 709-682-1853
     T. 709-466-3599                                    F. 709-753-2709
     F. 709-466-1118                                    E. chrisswyers@cdstrees.com
     E. balsom.gardens@nf.sympatico.ca                  www.cdstrees.com

     Battlefield Equipment Rentals                       Carew Landscaping Inc.
     Ed Vardy                                           Mike Carew, CHT
     Box 8553 Stn A.                                    31 Firdale Dr.
     St. John’s, NL, A1B 3N7                            St. John’s, NL, A1A 4X6
     T. 709-745-7688                                    T. 709-689-9892 (w) 726-3993 (h)
     F. 709-745-5952                                    E. mmcarew1@nf.sympatico.ca
     E. ed.vardy@toromont.com
     www.battlefieldequipment.ca                         Carew Services Ltd.
                                                        David Carew
     Bickerstaffe Farms & Nurseries Ltd.                PO Box 584
     Ian McDonald                                       Portugal Cove/St. Phillips, NL, A1M 3R6
     131 Witch Hazel Road                               T. 709-895-6942
     Portugal Cove/St. Phillips, NL, A1M 3N3            F. 709-895-6075
     T. 709-895-3417 or 709-895-7727                    E. carewservices@nl.rogers.com
     F. 709-895-6941
     E. bickerstaffe@nf.sympatico.ca

79           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Coady’s Metal Works Ltd.                            East Chem Inc.
     Ron Coady                                           Lloyd Roberts
     110 Lime St., PO Box 971                            90 Clyde Avenue
     St. John’s, NL, A1C 5M3                             St. John’s, NL, A1N 4S2
     T. 709-753-0121                                     T. 709-747-3777
     F. 709-753-0361                                     F. 709-747-5306
     E. coadys@nl.rogers.com                             E. eastchem@nfld.net

     College of the North Atlantic                       Emerald Sod Producers
     Michelle Yetman                                     Patrick Hewitt
     Carbonear Campus, 4 Pike’s Lane                     General Delivery St. Shott’s
     Carbonear, NL, A1Y 1A7                              Trepassey, NL, A0A 3R0
     T. (709) 596-8957                                   T. 709-438-2306
     E. michelle.yetman@cna.nl.ca                        F. 709-438-2617
                                                         E. emeraldsod@nf.aibn.com
     Concrete Products Limited
     Douglas Tipton                                      Enviro Masters
     P.O. Box 29059                                      Matthew Chafe
     St. John’s, NL, A1A 5B5                             PO Box 167
     T. 709-368-3171                                     Petty Harbour, NL, A0A 3H0
     F. 709-739-5681                                     T. (709) 747-8181
     E. dtipton@concreteproducts.ca                      F. (709) 747-5928
                                                         E. matt@enviromasters.com
     Conway’s Flowers
                                                         Evans Services Inc.
     Eugene Conway
                                                         Matthew Evans
     Box 16
                                                         55 Crowe’s Lane
     Conception Harbour, NL, A0A 1Z0
                                                         Torbay, NL, A1K 1E5
     T. 709-229-6206                                     E. matthewevans84@yahoo.ca
     E. econway@personainternet.com
                                                         Frederick Hann & Associates
     Crosbie Job Insurance Limited                       Fred Hann
     Fred Crosbie                                        P.O. Box 1301 Station Main
     PO Box 13065 Station A                              Moncton, NB, E1C 8T6
     St. John’s, NL, A1B 3V8                             E. fhann@frederickhann.com
     T. 709-726-5414
     F. 709-739-7540                                     Garden Consulting & Design
     E. insurance@crosbiejob.com                         Don Poynter
                                                         13 Kirke Place
     Daisy Design                                        St. John’s, NL, A1B 1P9
     Jeanette French                                     T. 709-753-7891
     1 Honeysuckle Hill                                  F. 709-753-5884
     St. Phillips, NL, A1M 3S8                           E. dpoynter@nf.sympatico.ca
     T. (709) 743-6777
     E. jeanette@daisydesign.ca                          George Mercer & Sons Ltd.
                                                         Neal Mercer
                                                         P.O. Box 40
     Dept. Parks & Recreation, City of Mount Pearl
                                                         Blaketown, NL, A0B 1C0
     Ray Osmond
                                                         T. 709-759-2901
     3 Centennial St.                                    F. 709-759-2901
     Mount Pearl, NL, A1N 1G4                            E. gmercersons@personainternet.com
     T. 709-748-1027                                     www.personainternet.com/georgemercersons
     F. 709-364-9429
     E. rosmond@mountpearl.ca                            Glendale Gardens
                                                         Donna Hopkins
     Dept. Parks & Recreation, City of St. John’s        16 Glendale Ave.
     Jim Clark                                           Mount Pearl, NL, A1N 1M9
     Box 908                                             T. 709-368-5106
     St. John’s, NL, A1C 5M2                             F. 709-368-5106
     T. 709-576-8541
     F. 709-576-8026                                     Grand Concourse Authority
     E. jclarke@stjohns.ca                               Addison Bown
     www.stjohns.ca                                      439 Allandale Road
                                                         St. John’s, NL, A1B 4E8
                                                         T. 709-737-1077
                                                         F. 709-737-1014
                                                         E. abown@grandconcourse.ca

80            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Hickey’s Plaisance Gardens & Nursery               Memorial University
     Leonard Hickey                                     Chris Baird
     Box 269                                            Dept. University Works, MUN
     Dunville, NL, A0B 1S0                              St. John’s, NL, A1C 5S7
     T. 709-227-7217                                    T. 709-737-8497
     F. 709-227-7217                                    F. 709-737-2339
     E. lhickey@persona.ca                              E. cbaird@mun.ca

     Holland Nurseries Ltd.                             Memorial University Botanical Gardens
     Gord Kennedy                                       Dr. Wilf Nichols
     401 Torbay Road, PO Box 5325                       Memorial University of Newfoundland
     St. John’s, NL, A1C 5W1                            St. John’s, NL, A1C 5S7
     T. 709-726-1283                                    T. 709-737-8590
     F. 709-726-0602                                    F. 709-737-8596
     E. sales@hollandnurseries.ca                       E. wnicholl@mun.ca
                                                        Mr. Turf Enterprises Inc
     Humber Nurseries Ltd.                              Scott Layman, CHT
     Brian Gillam                                       P.O. Box 13191
     137-141 West Valley Rd                             St. John’s, NL, A1B 4A4
     Corner Brook, NL, A2H 6C9                          T. 709-747-4140
     T. 709-634-3241                                    F. 709-747-4170
     F. 709-634-1779                                    E. office@mrturf.ca
     Hynes Holdings & South Coast Sod Farm
     Rick Hynes                                         Murphy’s Services Inc.
     PO Box 458                                         Perry Murphy
     Hr Breton, NL, A0H 1P0                             P.O. Box 3208
     T. 709-885-2141                                    Paradise, NL, A1L 3W3
     F. 709-885-2741                                    T. 709-782-3023
     E. hynesholding@nf.sympatico.ca                    F. 709-782-2888
                                                        E. perrymurphy@hotmail.com
     Interlock By Design
     Scott Wright                                       Murray’s Horticultural Services Ltd.
     4 Blackall Place                                   Michael Murray
     St. John’s, NL, A1B 3G6                            P.O. Box 601, 1525 Portugal Cove Road
     T. 709-738-7300                                    Portugal Cove, NL, A1M 3R6
     F. 709-738-7300                                    T. 709-895-2800
     E. interlockbydesign@yahoo.ca                      F. 709-895-1000
                                                        E. murrays@nl.rogers.com
     Island Wide Irrigation
     Ken Hawkins                                        Newfoundland Homebuilders Association
     P.O Box 12, RR#2                                   Rohnda Day
     Tors Cove, NL, A0A 4A0                             435 Blackmarsh Rd.
     T. 709-334-3168 / 709-727-8294                     St. John’s, NL, A1E 1T7
     F. 709-334-2724                                    T. 709-753-2000
     E. iwi@nf.aibn.com                                 F. 709-753-7469
                                                        E. exec@nfbuilders.com
     J & C Sod Farm Ltd.
     Gordon and Carol Williams                          Newfoundland Kubota Ltd
     PO Box 118                                         Darcy Tucker
     Bay Bulls, NL, A0A 1C0                             88 Kenmount Rd.
     T. 709-334-3577                                    St. John’s, NL, A1B 3R1
     F. 709-334-2724                                    T. 709-738-8911
     E. jcsodfrm@nfld.com                                F. 709-738-8944
                                                        E. dtucker@nfldkubota.com
     King, Gerald Nursery Sod                           www.kubota.ca
     Gerald King
     362 Bauline Line                                   Newfoundland Vegetation Control
     Portugal Cove, NL, A1M 2W1                         Howard Wellman
     T. 709-895-3410                                    PO Box 689, 154 Main St.
     F. 709-895-6162                                    Springdale, NL, A0J 1T0
     E. geraldandjackieking@nl.rogers.com               T. 709-673-5898
                                                        F. 709-673-5899
                                                        E. nvc@nf.aibn.com

81           2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Normaed Nursery Garden Market Inc.                    Pat’s Plants & Gardens
Edwin Broaders                                        Pat (Mrs.) Puddester
105 Main St. Box 37                                   PO Box 38, Main Highway
Hawkes Bay, NL, A0K 3B0                               Bay Bulls, NL, A0A 1C0
T. 709-248-5111                                       T. 709-334-2987
F. 709-248-5259                                       F. 709-334-2912
E. ncadet@nf.sympatico.ca                             E. patpuddester@nf.sympatico.ca
                                                      www.patsplants.ca Rise & Shine
North Atlantic Nurseries
Kevin Alexander                                       Rise & Shine Nursery and Garden Centre Ltd.
178 Kippens Road                                      Wayne Putt
Kippens, NL, A2N 1B6                                  P.O. Box 31 825 Main Rd.
T. 709-643-4243                                       Goulds, NL, A1S 1G3
F. 709-643-4243                                       T. 709-747-4463
E. kalex@nf.sympatico.ca                              F. 709-745-2882

Norwest Sod Limited                                   Russell’s Land Design
Wayne Rogers                                          Sean Russell
PO Box 111                                            221 Greelytown Rd
Creston South, NL, A0E 1K0                            Conception Bay South, NL, A1X 2K6
T. 709-279-2442                                       T. 709-834-7225
F. 709-279-2481                                       F. 709-834-7225
E. wayne.rogers@nf.sympatico.ca                       E. russellslanddesign@nf.sympatico.ca
                                                      Service Master Lawn Care
Nuthatch Nursey & Tree Farm                           Don Barry
Barry Adams                                           696 Torbay Road
PO Box 236                                            St. John’s, NL, A1A 5G9
Lethbridge, NL, A0C 1V0                               T. 709-576-0506
T. 709 467-1309                                       F. 709-576-4464
                                                      E. pbarrysmlc@nf.aibn.com
NutriLawn N&L Lawn Care Ltd.
Boyd Loveless                                         Shadybrook Farms Limited
1196 Torbay Road                                      Brian Corcoran
Torbay, NL, A1K 1A4                                   59 Heavy Tree Road
T. 709-437-9200                                       St. John’s, NL, A1G 1P5
F. 709-437-5334                                       T. 709-368-2746
E. nutri-lawn@nf.aibn.com                             E. shadybrookfarms@nf.aibn.com

O’Neill’s Gardenland                                  Sheridan Nurseries Ltd.
Steven O’Neill                                        Karen Stensson
P.O. Box 137                                          RR #4, 12302 Tenth Line
Spaniard’s Bay, NL, A0A 3X0                           Georgetown, ON, L7G 4S7
T. 709-786-9533                                       T. 905-873-0522
F. 709-786-0993                                       E. karenstensson@sheridannurseries.com
E. soneill@oneillsgardenland.ca
                                                      Sinnot’s Hydroseeding & Landscaping (1994) Ltd.
Ornamental Concrete LTD                               Ed Sinnot
Darrell Roberts                                       111 Old Bay Bulls Rd.
PO Box 8064                                           St. John’s, NL, A1G 1C8
St John’s, NL, A1B 3M9                                T. 709-364-8737
T. 709-753-0491                                       F. 709-364-8029
F. 709-753-0671
E. darrell@masonryproducts.ca                         Steers Insurance Limited
                                                      Keith Howse
Pamela Pippy Landscape Design                         PO Box 1776
Pamela Pippy                                          St. John’s, NL, A1C 5P9
12 St. Andrew’s Place                                 T. 709-722-1532
St. John’s, NL, A1A 2B5                               F. 709-722-6612
T. 709-738-2374                                       E. khowse@steersinsurance.com
F. 709-738-2374                                       www.steersinsurance.com
E. ppippy@nl.rogers.com

82         2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     STIHL Limited                                       Veronica’s Greenhouse
     Leah Jenkins                                        Gordon Day
     1515 Sise Rd Box 5666                               PO Box 1510
     London, ON, N6A 4L6                                 Lewisporte, NL, A0A 3A0
     T. 519-680-4160                                     T. 709-535-6776
     F. 519-681-1603                                     F. 709-535-6786
     E. leah.jenkins@stihl.ca                            E. gordon.helen@nf.sympatico.ca

     The Investment Guild                                Wagner’s Nursery
     Debbie Buck                                         Lloyd Wagner
     11 Allstate Parkway Suite 100                       PO Box 160, Riverhead
     Markham, ON, L3R 9T8                                Harbour Grace, NL, A0A 3P0
     T. 905-470-9840                                     T. 709-596-3356
     F. 905-470-6723                                     F. 709-596-1924
     E. debbiebuck@investmentguild.com                   E. lwagner@nf.sympatico.ca

     The Shaw Group
     P.O. Box 13041 Stn. A
     St. John’s, NL, A1C 2R1
     T. 709-682-0303
     F. 709-722-6272
     E. cstead@shawgroupltd.com                          NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR COMPANIES
     www.shawgroup.com                                   WITH CHT, CLD, CLP

     Thistle’s Limited (The Greenhouse)                  NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR
     Kim Thistle
     Box 2237, RR #1                                     Bowering Ponds & Gardens Ltd
     Little Rapids, NL, A2H 2N2                          St. John’s, NL
     T. 709-634-5757                                     CHT Installation and Maintenance
     F. 709-639-3167
     E. kim@thegreenhouse.ca                             Carew Landscaping Inc.
                                                         St. John’s, NL
     Town of Conception Bay South                        CHT Installation and Maintenance
     Dave Tibbo
     106 Conception Bay Highway                          Landscape Gardener
     Conception Bay South, NL, A1W 3A5                   St. John’s, NL
     T. 709-834-6548                                     CHT Installation and Maintenance
     F. 709-834-7620
     E. kbudden@conceptionbaysouth.ca                    Mr. Turf Enterprises Inc
     www.conceptionbaysouth.ca                           Conception Bay South, NL
                                                         CHT Installation and Maintenance
     Town of Paradise
     Rick Appleby                                        MUN Botanical Garden
     28 McNamara Drive                                   St. John’s, NL
     Paradise, NL, A1L 0A6                               CHT Maintenance
     T. 709-782-1400
     F. 709-782-3601                                     Russell’s Land Design
     E. rappleby@townofparadise.ca                       Mt. Pearl, NL
     www.town.paradise.nf.ca                             CHT Installation

     Tract Consulting Inc.                               Town of Conception Bay South
     Bobbi Skanes                                        Con. Bay South, NL
     100 LeMarchant Road, Box 504                        CHT Installation
     St. John’s, NL, A1C 5K4
     T. 709-738-2500                                     Town of Grand Falls
     F. 709-738-2499                                     Conception Bay, NL
     E. tract@nfld.com                                    CHT Installation and Maintenance

     Traverse Gardens
     Ross Traverse
     12 Byrne’s Lane
     Torbay, NL, A1K 1H2
     T. 709-437-5539
     F. 709-437-7539
     E. traversegardens@nf.aibn.com

83            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Who’s Certified in Your Province
NEW BRUNSWICK                       Hendrickus (Joey)           Matthew Carroll, CHT NS
                                     Wynberg, CHT, CLP     NB   Chris Clements, CHT     NS
Jamie Adamson, CHT NB                                           Doug Conrad,
Neil Antworth, CHT     NB           NEWFOUNDLAND AND LAB-              CHT, CLD, CLP    NS
Brent Ayles, CHT       NB           RADOR                       Wendy Coolen, CHT       NS
Jacques Bourque, CHT NB                                         Tim Corkum, CHT         NS
Andy Boyer, CHT        NB           Darrell Barry, CHT     NL   Heather Corkum, CHT NS
Brenda Carpenter, CLP NB            Ray Bennett, CHT       NL   George Coupar, CHT      NS
Kevin Cox, CHT         NB           Mark Bowering, CHT     NL   Doug Dupuis, CHT        NS
Derreck Delong, CHT NB              Andrew Callahan, CHT   NL   Mary Anne Elliott, CHT NS
Tony Deluca, CHT       NB           Mike Carew, CHT        NL   Kirk Fletcher, CHT      NS
Justin Doran, CHT      NB           Robert Cluney, CHT     NL   Shane Hiltz, CHT        NS
Dianne Earl            NB           Ron Fennelly, CHT      NL   Kari Hjelkrem, CHT      NS
John Evans, CLP        NB           Ron Fowler, CHT        NL   Steve Hubley, CHT       NS
Kelly Foster, CHT      NB           Mervyn Hamilton, CHT   NL   Blair Humphreys, CHT NS
Andrè Gaudet, CHT      NB           Andrew Ivany, CHT      NL   Anne Keillor, CHT       NS
Duncan Kelbaugh, CHT NB             Michael Jordaan, CHT   NL   Leonard Laronde, CHT NS
Jeff Lamrock, CHT      NB           Thomas Kennedy, CHT    NL   Misha LeBlanc, CHT      NS
Rodney Lamrock, CHT NB              Doreen Layman, CHT     NL   Christene LeVatte, CLP NS
Jim Landry, CLP        NB           Scott Layman, CHT      NL   Darren Loner, CHT       NS
Dave Lantz, CHT        NB           Stephen Mercer, CHT    NL   Andrew MacDonald, CHT NS
Andrew Lawson, CHT NB               John Murphy, CHT       NL   Mark MacDonald, CHT NS
Dave Milburn, CHT      NB           Perry Murphy, CHT      NL   Stephen MacDonald, CHT NS
Brad Miller, CHT       NB           Barry Myers, CHT       NL   Lennan MacIsaac, CHT NS
Kenny Mole, CHT        NB           Joe Noseworthy, CHT    NL   Gregory MacKinnon, CHTNS
Tom Murdock, CHT       NB           Clarence Pardy, CHT    NL   Gary J. Mesics, CHT     NS
Steve Murray, CHT      NB           Michael Power, CHT     NL   Vernon Mingo, CHT       NS
Darrell Nameth, CLP    NB           Sean Russell, CHT      NL   Stewart Morrison, CHT NS
Paul Poirier, CHT      NB           Joseph Scanlon, CHT    NL   Jeff Morton, CHT        NS
Lorna Pond, CLP        NB           Chris Sparkes, CHT     NL   Ken Mosher, CHT         NS
Darren Rietzel, CHT    NB           Roy Stares, CHT        NL   Malcolm O’Brien, CHT NS
Ellen Ruddick, CLD     NB           Randy Vickers, CHT     NL   Chris Poole, CHT        NS
Ben Scholten, CHT      NB           Robert Young, CHT      NL   Greg Richard, CHT       NS
George Scott, CHT      NB                                       Sandy Roberton, CLP     NS
Jenny Scott, CHT       NB                                       Patrick Slauenwhite, CHT NS
John Stewart, CHT      NB           NOVA SCOTIA                 David Stenhouse, CHT NS
Trent Stewart, CHT     NB                                       Andrew Philip
Phil Thebeau, CHT      NB           Byron Allum, CHT       NS       Streatch, CHTNS
Tim Tufts, CHT         NB           Troy Benedict, CHT     NS   Mike Telfer, CHT        NS
Barry Wanamaker, CHT NB             Joe Bidermann,              Linda van Vulpen, CLD NS
Harry Wynberg Jr., CHT NB                 CHT, CLD Atl     NS   James Woods, CHT        NS

                                      Landscape Newfoundland and Labrador

                                           An Industry Association Representing

                                            Landscape Designers & Contractors
                                                  Property Maintenance
                                                   Nursery Production
                                                  Retail Garden Centre
                                                  Education & Research

         T. (709) 726-5651
 E. axisconsulting@nl.rogers.com      “greening this place of rugged beauty”

                                www.landscapenl.or g
84        2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Government Agencies
     NOVA SCOTIA                                         PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND

     Canada/Nova Scotia Business                         Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquaculture
     Service Centre                                      & Forestry
                                                         General Inquiries (902) 368-4145
     Toll free: 1-800-668-1010
                                                         Agriculture Information Centres
     Halifax: (902) 426-8604                             Toll free: 1-866-734-3276

     Agriculture Services Branch                         Integrated Pest Management Specialist
     T. (902) 893-6590                                   (902) 368-6573
     F. (902) 895-4460
                                                         PEI Business Development Inc.
     NS Department of Environment & Labour               Client Services
                                                         T. (902) 368-5963
     T. (902) 424-5300 – General Inquiries
     T. (902) 424-4311 – Labour Standards                Community & Labour Development
     T. (902) 424-5400 – Occupational Health & Safety    T. (902) 368-4244
     T. (902) 424-5721 – Public Safety
                                                         Health & Social Services
     Public Tendering                                    T. (902) 368-6130
     T. (902) 424-3333
                                                         Marketing Support Program
                                                         Toll free: 1-800-563-3734
     Public Inquiries (Service NS and
     Municipal Relations)                                PEI Business Service Centre
     T. (902) 424-5200                                   T. (902) 368-0771
                                                         F. (902) 566-7377
     Revenue Canada – Business Inquiries                 Toll free: 1-888-576-4444
     & Registrations
     Toll free: 1-800-959-5525                           Revenue Canada –
                                                         Business Enquiries & Registrations
                                                         Toll free: 1-800-959-5525
     Dept. of Agriculture, & Aquaculture
     T. (506) 453-3966                                   Federation of Agriculture
     F: (506) 453-7170                                   St. John’s
                                                         T. (709) 747-4874
     New Brunswick Business Service Centre
     T. (506) 444-6140                                   Department of Natural Resources Agri Foods Div.
     F. (506) 444-6172                                   St. John’s
     Toll free: 1-888-576-4444                           T. (709) 729-6588
                                                         F: (709) 729-0205
     Workplace Health, Safety
     & Compensation                                      Cornerbrook
     General: (506) 632-2200                             T. (709) 637-2046
                                                         fax: (709) 637-2591
     fax: (506) 632-4999
                                                         Agriculture Products Marketing Boards
     Department of Environment                           Chicken
     T. (506) 453-2690                                   T. (709) 747-1493

     Poison Control                                      Egg Producers of NL & Lab
     Saint John (506) 648-6222                           T. (709) 722-2953
     Moncton (506) 857-5555
                                                         Business Service Centre
     Toll Free: 1-800-567-8911
                                                         Toll free: 1-800-668-1010
                                                         fax: (709) 772-6090
     Revenue Canada – Business Inquiries
     & Registrations                                     Workplace Health & Safety – St. John’s
     Toll free: 1-800-959-5525                           (709) 778-1000
                                                         fax: (709) 738-1714
                                                         Toll free: 1-800-563-9000

85            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Labour Standards Division                                                Communities in Bloom
T. (709) 729-2743                                                        1099 Marginal Road, Suite 201
F: (709) 729-3528                                                        Halifax, NS, B3H 4P7
Toll free: 1-877-563-1063                                                t: (905) 423-4480 ............................................Page 63

Revenue Canada – Business Inquiries                                      Landscape Ontario
& Registrations                                                          7856 Fifth Line S.
Toll free: 1-800-959-5525                                                Milton, Ontario, L9T 2X8
                                                                         t: (902) 875 1805..............................Inside Back Cover
Workplace, Health, Safety
& Compensation Commission                                                Connon Nurseries
T. (709) 729-5542                                                        1724 Concession IV
                                                                         Rockton, ON, L0R 1X0
Pesticide Training                                                       t: (519) 647-3997.............................................Page 20
T. (709) 729-2556
                                                                         Down to Earth Gardening & Landscaping Ltd
                                                                         P.O. Box 2245
                                                                         Wolfville, NS, B4P 5N5
2009 ADVERTISERS                                                         t: (902) 542-5498 ............................................Page 19
ACME Environmentals Ltd / Stone Depot                                    Drive Products
23A Bluewater Rd                                                         1665 Shawson Dr
Bedford, NS, B4B 1G8                                                     Mississauga, ON, L4W 1T7
t: (902) 835-7760.............................................Page 25    t: 1-905-564-5800............................................Page 22
A.M.A Plastics Ltd                                                       Elmsdale Landscaping Limited
1367 Oxford Ave                                                          113 Elmsdale Rd
Kingsville, ON, N9Y 2S8                                                  Elmsdale, NS, B2S 1K7
t: (519) 322-1397.....................................Page 50 & 74       t: (902) 883-2291.............................................Page 59
AALD Atlantic Association of Landscape Designers                         Envirem Technologies Inc
306 Model Farm Road                                                      180 Hodgson Rd
Quispamsis, NB E2E 4Z8                                                   Fredericton, NB, E3C 2G4
t: (506) 645-8222.............................................Page 27    t: (506) 459-3464.............................................Page 71
Atlantic Gardens Inc.                                                    Environmental Services Association NS
1232 Bedford Highway                                                     1 Reserach Drive
Bedford, NS, B4A 1C6                                                     Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1M9
t: (902) 835-8591.............................................Page 22    t: (902) 463-3538.............................................Page 38
Atlantic Tractors & Equipment Ltd                                        Fertilec Ltee
175 Akerley Blvd.                                                        1260, chemin Filteau
Dartmouth, NS, B3B 2B1                                                   Levis (St-Nicolas), PQ, G7A 2M1
t: (902) 468-0581..............................Special Advertiser        t: 1-888-831-1085.......................................Back Cover
A.W. Dean Contracting & Landscaping Ltd                                  Granview Landscape Group
20 Pockwock Rd                                                           RR#1, 6706 Old Guysborough Rd
Hammonds Plains, NS, B4B 1M5                                             Elderbank, NS, B0N 1K0
t: (902) 835-9247.............................................Page 65    t: (902) 384-2090.....................................Page 28 & 45
Cannor Nurseries Ltd                                                     Green Diamond Equipment (John Deere)
48291 Chilliwack Central Rd                                              P.O. Box 398
Chilliwack, BC, V2P 6H3                                                  Kentville, NS, B4N 3X1
t: (604) 795-5993.............................................Page 78    t: (902) 678-5555.............................................Page 25
CBCL                                                                     Groundcover Landscape Services
1489 Hollis St.                                                          P.O. Box 34071
Halifax, NS, B3J 2R7                                                     Halifax, NS, B3J 3S1
t. (902) 421-2133...............................................Page 4   t: (902) 431-8815.............................................Page 29
Cedar Landscaping & Excavation                                           Halifax Seed Company Inc
39 Barry Crescent,                                                       P.O. Box 8026 Stn A
Halifax, NS, B3R 2L7                                                     Halifax, NS, B3K 5L8
t. 902 802-0970...............................................Page 26    t: (902) 455-4364.............................................Page 55
CNLA                                                                     Hort East
7856 Fifth Line S.                                                       7856 Fifth Line S.
Milton, Ontario, L9T 2X8                                                 Milton, Ontario, L9T 2X8
t: (519) 647-3997.....................................Page 48 & 68       t: 1-888-684-4678...........................................Page 69

86             2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
     Hurricane Industrial                                                  Mori Nurseries
     88 Joseph Zatzman Drive                                               RR #2
     Dartmouth, NS                                                         Niagra-On-The-Lake, ON, L0S 1J10
     t. 1 800 463-7100....................................Page 51 &        t: (905) 468-3218.............................................Page 49
                                                                            Nature’s Reflection Landscaping
     Investment Guild - Hort Protect                                        5354 Highway #332,
     345 Renfrew Dr Suite 302                                               Middle LaHave, NS B4V 3L9
     Markham, ON, L3R 9S9                                                   t: (902) 764-3006.............................................Page 44
     t: 1-800-459-8990............................................Page 46
                                                                            Nova Scotia Power Inc
     Irri-Plus                                                              P.O. Box 910
     140 Ilsley Ave                                                         Halifax, NS, B3J 2W5
     Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1V1                                                 t: (902) 428-7518............................................Page 61
     t: (902) 405-4774.............................................Page 30
                                                                            Nova Tree Company Inc
     Kesmac Inc                                                             P.O. Box 1646
     23324 Woodbine Ave                                                     Truro, NS, B2N 5Z5
     Keswick, ON, L4P 3E9                                                   t: (902) 895-6258............................................Page 49
     t: (905) 476-6222.............................................Page 24
                                                                            NSCC Kingstec Campus
     Krown Rust Control Systems                                             5685 Leeds St
     2823 Robie St                                                          Halifax, NS, B3J 2X1
     Halifax, NS, B3K 4P3                                                   t: (902) 679-7424............................................Page 47
     t: (902) 455-7078.............................................Page 52
                                                                            Nova Scotia Communities In Bloom
     Kubota                                                                 1099 Marginal Road, Suite 201
     46 Riverbend Drive                                                     Halifax, NS, B3H 4P7
     Cloverdale, NB, E1J 2B3                                                t: (902) 423-4480............................................Page 63
     t: (506) 866-5942...............................................Page 3
     Landscape New Brunswick                                                101 - 101 Thornhill Dr.
     P.O Box 742 ,                                                          Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1S2
     Saint John NB E2L 4B3                                                  t: (902) 468-8101............................................Page 68
     T. 866-752-6862..............................................Page 58
                                                                            Ocean Truck Equipment
     Landscape Newfoundland & Labrador                                      141A Joseph Zatzman Dr
     P.O. Box 23121 Churchill Sq. Post Office                                Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1M7
     St. John’s, NL, A1B 4J9                                                t: (902) 468-2555............................................Page 35
     t: (709) 579-6510.............................................Page 84
                                                                            Oak Pavers
     Liftow (Bobcat Atlantic)                                               Joe.Price@oakpavers.com
     P.O. Box 350                                                           t: (902) 293-0406..............................Special Advertiser
     Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 3Y5
     t: (902) 469-6721.............................................Page 54 Planters Equipment (John Deere)
                                                                            P.O. Box 398
     Maritime Turf Supplies Ltd                                             Kentville, NS, B4N 3X1
     29 Casewood Dr                                                         t: (902) 678-5555.............................................Page 25
     Fredericton, NB, E3C 2L6
     t: 1-800-565-8873............................................Page 47 Pro Power Canada Ltd (Walker Lawn Mower)
                                                                            67 Helen Street
     Maritime Landscaping Services Ltd.                                     Meaford, ON, N41 1J9
     1394 Bedford Hwy                                                       t: (519) 538-0570............................................Page 67
     Bedford, NS, B4B 1E2
     t: (902) 832-5263.............................................Page 72 Promediate Business Solutions
                                                                            1 Vista Dive
     Maritime Lawn & Garden                                                 Lower Sackville, NS, B4E 1W1
     2790 Windsor St.                                                       t (902) 252-3357..............................................Page 16
     Halifax, NS B3K 5E4
     t: (902) 455-0208....................................Page 20 & 72 Quality Concrete Dartmouth Ready-Mix Limited
                                                                            30 MacDonald Avenue
     Maritime Landscaping Services Ltd.                                     Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1C5
     1394 Bedford Hwy                                                       t: (902) 468-9800............................................Page 66
     Bedford, NS, B4B 1E2
     t: (902) 832-5263.............................................Page 46

87              2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
Shaw Brick                                                             United Rentals
5 Ralston Ave                                                          60 Lewisville Rd
Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1H5                                                 Moncton, NB, E1C 8M9
t: (902) 468-7429............................................Page 48   t: (506) 857-1103.............................Inside Front Cover

Sheridan Nurseries                                                     Valley Sod and Landscaping Ltd
12302 Tenth Line                                                       R.R. #4, Bridgetown, NS, B0S 1C0
Georgetown, ON, L76 4S7                                                t: (902) 665-2645............................................Page 34
t: (416) 798-7970.............................................Page 4
                                                                       Wallace Equipment
Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd                                     60 Symonds Rd,
24 Maple Ave                                                           Bedford, NS, B4B 1H3
Sydney River, NS, B1S 1J6                                              t: (902) 835-7474.............................................Page 40
t: (902) 564-9910............................................Page 64
                                                                       Western Snowplows
Terra Nova Landscaping Inc.                                            114 Ilsley Ave
130 Bluewater Rd,                                                      Dartmouth, NS, Postal Code
Bedford, NS, B4B 1G7                                                   t: (902) 468-6288.............................................Page 22
t: (902) 835-7387............................................Page 17
                                                                       Winkelmolen Nursery Ltd
Underground Irrigation Systems                                         148 Lynden Rd, P.O. Box 190
P.O. Box 2174                                                          Lynden, ON, L0R 1T0
Windsor, NS, B0N 2T0                                                   t: (905) 647-3912............................................Page 31
t: (902) 798-1404............................................Page 56


88             2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                                      Three benefits of landscaping:
                                      Economic, Environmental, and Lifestyle....

      Sustainable landscapes are an investment and begin from the ground up.
                Ensure the success of your landscape projects.
                         Take this Smart Start Checkup:

      Confer with a professional when developing your design.
      A landscape architects or designer can work with you to maximize your
      property’s natural potential which will save you dollars in the long run.

      Have your landscape design installed by a professional company.
      LNS recommends hiring a company that has a Certified Horticultural Technician
      on staff, obtaining three written quotes, asking for references from all contractors
      and ensure they have a Workers’ Compensation Board Clearance Letter and
      proof of Liability Insurance.

      Maximize on site soils and include at least six inches of settled top soil /
      compost mixture in your landscape installation.
      Soil depth is a direct link to water retention, plant health and pest prevention.

      Understand what warranties will be covered on your landscape materials.
      Plant and sod are living materials that require regular watering and maintenance.
      Ask your building contractor and landscape designer what conditions

      Consider biodiversity of native plants and hardscape features in your design.
      There are so many design options available that lead to healthy and sustainable
      landscapes. Explore the possibilities with your designers.

        The Landscape Industry Associations has very specific specifications for
                              sodding, seeding, trees

               Be sure to look for one or all of these logos.

                     ON STAFF

89   2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
                               Conversion Chart

                                _____ Acres                  x 0.405 =          _____Hectares
                                                 (250 Acres x 0.405 = 101.25 Hectares)

                                _____ Hectares               x 2.471 =           _____ Acres

                                                  (100 Hectares x 2.471 = 247.1 Acres)

                                _____ Square Yard          x 0.836 =           _____ Square Meters
                                             (100 Sq. Yards x 0.836 = 83.6 Sq. Meters)

                                _____ Square Meters        x 1.196 =           _____ Square Yards
                                             (100 Sq. Meters x 1.196 = 119.6 Sq. Yards)

                                _____ Inches                  x 2.54 =           _____ Centimeters

                                                 (12 Inches x 2.54 = 30.48 Centimeters)

                                _____ Centimeters       x 0.3937 =            _____ Inches
                                            (50 Centimeters x 0.3937 = 19.68 Inches)

                                _____ Yards                   x 0.914 =           ______ Meters

                                                    (100 Yards x 0.914 = 91.4 Meters)

                                _____ Meters                 x 1.094 =           _____ Yards
                                                   (100 Meters x 1.094 = 109.4 Yards)

                                _____ Miles                   x 1.609 =          _____ Kilometers

                                                 (100 Miles x 1.609 = 80.45 Kilometers)

                                _____ Kilometers           x 0.621 =           _____ Miles

                                               (50 Kilometers x 0.621 = 31.05 Miles)


90            2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory
              DSCAPE ONTARIO

                                                               Canada’s 37th International
                                                             Horticultural Lawn and Garden
                                                              Trade Show and Conference

October 20 - 21, 2009                                          January 12-14, 2010
    Canada’s fall buying show                                Toronto Congress Centre
for the green and floral industries
Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, Canada
                                                             For more information: 1-800-265-5656
                                                              Email: showinfo@locongress.com

www.gardenexpo.ca                                             www.locongress.com

91                      Canada Landscape Directory
          2009 AtlanticLine South, Milton, Ontario L9T 2X8
            7856 Fifth
92   2009 Atlantic Canada Landscape Directory

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