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					                 Mustang News
Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                           April 2010

Color Guard Perfects                                            Goss Rifle Drill Team
Competition Routines                                            Training Continues
Ready to Take All in Daytona                                    Dedicated Cadets Ready for Nationals
By Alexandra Ward                                               By Alexandra Ward
    S-5 Public Affairs Officer                                     S-5 Public Affairs Officer
After much preparation throughout the school                       Trae Wolfe
year, including daily practices and multiple
                                                                   Assistant S-5
competitions, the Mustang Battalion
Competition Color Guard Team is now putting                     The Goss Rifle Drill Team has put forth
finishing touches on their routines to be                       tireless effort all year in anticipation of placing
performed at their final competition of the                     at the National High School Drill Team
school year – the National High School Drill                    Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida.
Team Championships in Daytona Beach,                            Practicing every day after school, the team
Florida. Known as the largest and most                          has improved and trained many new
famous JROTC military and drill competition                     members throughout the year. Though the
in the world, this annual event attracts over                   team is losing two graduating seniors this
100,000 cadets in the best teams from all four                  year, cadets Andrew Fisher and Cornell
branches of the military.                                       Abeyta, the remaining four underclassmen,
                                                                cadets Sean Chang, Max Mattson, Thomas
Initially a single team in August, the Mustang                  Alvarez, and Ivan Mojica, will remain a solid
Battalion has grown in dedicated members                        foundation for next year’s team. Team
and will take two Color Guard teams to                          Captain, Cadet Andrew Fisher, remarks, “A lot
Nationals this May. Mentored by First                           has changed since the beginning of the year,
Sergeant Worley and commanded by Cadet                          we have lost some people and have had to
                                                                change our routine, which is a hard thing to
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                                                                do. Considering that we have been starting
                                                                over a lot, I would say the team has been
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                               doing an excellent job at recovering and
                                                                learning the new things thrown at them.” The
1      Color Guard Perfects Competition Routines
                                                                team has competed at different regional
1      Goss Rifle Drill Team Training Continues                 meets throughout the year, including the New
                                                                Mexico Military Institute Invitational Drill Meet
2      Upcoming Mustang Battalion JROTC Events                  in October, the Amigo Skills Meet in El Paso,
                                                                Texas on February 27th, and most recently
                                                                the U.S. Army Nationals in San Antonio,
                                                                Texas on March 13th.

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                                                       Mustang News 1
                           continued from Color page 1                           continued from Goss page 1

First Sergeant Patrick Reilly, both teams                Regarding their final competition this
practice every day after school. Cadet Reilly,           coming May and of his Goss career, Cadet
has been in Color Guard for two years and as             Fisher responds, “We have been training
Commander he has worked hard to train and                really hard to get ready for Nationals. Every
ensure the success of the teams. Cadet                   day I act as if the performance is the next
Jacob Libby, Cadet Urriah Crieghton, Cadet               day. We need to be in top shape if we are
Antonio Rodriguez, and Cadet Reilly belong               to even hope at placing at nationals. I truly
to the A Team. Cadet Tim Mallory, Cadet                  believe if nothing drastic happens before
Weston Bohannon, Cadet Olga Tsybenko,                    Nationals we will have a real shot at placing
and Cadet Nathan Branscom belong to B                    as long as they (fellow teammates) stay
Team. A typical practice consists of                     motivated and keep training.”
marching and rehearsing specific routines for
competitions and postings, or special events.
Postings routines often differ from those
routines prepared for competition in the use
of sabers instead of rifles during the
presentation of colors.
In March, the A Team competed in the U.S.
Army JROTC Cadet Command Western Drill
Championships in San Antonio, Texas.
Mixed teams, all-female, and all-male teams
compete in multiple competitions at different
levels such as Masters or Challenge level.
Of over thirty teams, they earned seventh
place competing in Armed Regulation, Armed
Exhibition, Color Guard, and Armed
Inspection. In addition to performing a
prepared military drill and ceremonies
routine, events usually include a standard
uniform and knowledge inspection.
Though the Color Guard Team did not win a
                                                                Competition Color Guard Team A
trophy at the national competition last year,
hopes are high as the teams embark on the
long drive across the country to join the other
thousands of JROTC Cadets and to                                   Upcoming Events
represent the Mustang Battalion in Daytona                      Mustang Battalion JROTC
Beach on May 1st.
                                                         23 April - Annual Formal Inspection (AFI)
Cadet Patrick Reilly, Color Guard Commander              1-5 May – National High School Dill
Cadet Andrew Fisher, Goss Rifle Drill Team               Championships in Daytona Beach, FL
                                                         14 May – Final Ball
Editor/Writer:                                           15 May – Graduation/Commencement
Cadet Alexandra Ward, S-5 Public Affairs Officer
Cadet Trae Wolfe, Assistant S-5
                                                                    Have A Safe Summer!

                                               Mustang News 2

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