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					                                            American Diversified Publications, Inc.
                                   685 E. I-10 Service Road • Slidell, LA 70461-5501 • (800) 688-0295
                              HOME ASSEMBLY WORK                      CRAFT STORES                 INTERVIEW OR SURVEY
                                MAIL PROCESSING                       GOVERNMENT                   TELEPHONE OPERATOR
                               MYSTERY SHOPPERS                        FREE LANCE                     TRANSCRIPTION
                               DISTRIBUTORSHIPS                           SALES                        PC & INTERNET

    CD CASES           Dear Friend,
    5 units=$409
                       Thank you for your recent call requesting information from our company. During the call you
   KEY CHAINS          expressed an interest in becoming an active participant in our work at home program.
    5 units=$385
                       With over 39 years of experience, our friendly staff at American Diversified Publications has helped
PICTURE FRAMES         thousands of people just like yourself earn a great income from the comfort of their own home without
    3 units=$337
                       the hassles of traffic, childcare, gas and long work hours. You may choose from such opportunities as
    EARRINGS           Home Assembly, Processing Mail, PC & Internet, Mystery Shopper and much more.
  $6.00 per earring
                       With our highly motivated staff and our live operators 24 hours a day, ADP will be there to answer
     CANDLES           any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Unlike other companies who will only let you
 $1.00-$4.00 each      call a voicemail or write to a P.O. Box, we will be there from start to finish for all your projects.

  BOOKMARKS            Whether your decision is to work from home full time or just make some extra money in your spare
  $117.50 per unit     time, our unique program is designed to help you accomplish your goals fast!
 FISHING LURES         Home Assembly ~ With the economy getting tougher and tougher each day, home assemblers are
     .50¢ each         becoming a valuable commodity to many small businesses across the United States. American Diversified’s
                       Publication currently offers over 100 different easy to assemble items such as CD Cases, Beaded Jewelry,
EYE GLASS CASES        Fishing Lures, Picture Frames, Key Chains, and many more.
    5 units=$352
                       The wonderful thing about home assembly is that you, the home worker can assemble numerous different
   CD STANDS           items at the same time to increase your earning potential. All items will be shipped to your door postage
    5 units=$389       paid, all you have to do is assemble the product and return it back to the company for your paycheck.

 WOOD CLOCKS           You can easily earn extra money each week just working part-time, or you can work full time and double
 $240 per 80 clocks
                       that amount. You will never be required to do any type of selling and all of the assembly jobs require little
                       or no experience.
  DUFFLE BAGS          Mystery Shopper ~ The job everyone would love, get paid for doing things you would normally
$350.00 per 16 bags    pay to do. Mystery shoppers visit stores or restaurants and rate their products and/or service according to
                       specific criteria. Companies rely on this data to gauge what does and does not work in real-life
  TEDDY BEARS          environments.
    4 units=$320
                       The type of stores and restaurants that offer mystery shop opportunities vary greatly, but many include
 WOODEN TOYS           well-known franchise businesses, of which a large portion are located in malls or shopping centers across
  $30.00 per unit      the country. Because of the wide range of mystery shops available, people of varying demographics are
                       needed for these jobs to provide the required data to these companies.
    4 units=$480       The information gathered from mystery shoppers across the country are compiled and given to analysts to
                       determine what can be done to improve performance for a particular company, which ultimately provides
   PET LEASHES         better service to the general consumer. Mystery shopping has been proven to be an effective way for
 up to $144 per unit   companies to improve their services while offering you a great way to be fairly compensated in the
    6 units=$84        PC & Internet ~ Own a Computer? Let American Diversified Publications show you how to unlock
                       it's money making potential! There are many different opportunities to choose from in this category. With
SEW PLACEMATS          the wide selection of opportunities most people can find an opportunity that interest them. You may choose
  $115.00 per unit     from a wide variety of opportunities such as Data Entry, Clerical, Computer Programming, Internet
                       Consultant, Transcription, Survey Work or get paid for just Surfing the Internet.
    12 units=$12Home-based Phone Operator ~ Thousands of people from all over the country are taking
                advantage of the freedoms and flexibility of home-based telephone operator positions. Operators can Earn
AROMATIC SOAPS up to $20/hour providing technical support and customer service for national brand leaders in several
  $120 per unit industries including travel, auto, financial services, and retail.
                                      FREE MAILING PROGRAM
                                                         with purchase of package

Mail Processing ~ Would you like to earn a little extra money? If your answer is yes, our company has the right opportunity
for you. Mailing our sales brochures and receive your payments before you mail them.
Here is your chance to earn extra money working at home by becoming an active participant in your own independent mailing
business. You receive immediate payment for all the envelopes you secure and mail with our brochure. There are no limitations.
You mail as many as you wish. You will never be asked to handle or mail any pornographic or objectionable materials.
This program is designed to help people earn income with a company that needs home workers. Each participant is an independent
home worker. You will mail brochures about our publication and in return receive a great commission.

This is not an offer of employment, but rather an opportunity to become an independent mail processor. This is not a get rich quick
scheme. This is a simple method for making money while providing service to a company that needs you to mail their brochures.
Once you get started, you will begin to receive envelopes which will already be stamped and addressed. You simply insert our
brochure and mail it.

Don’t be fooled by companies offering programs similar to this and charging an up front fee!! Our unique program prepays
you for every envelope that you mail with our brochures. Our program has no start up fees and you will not be required to pay
for any additional information manuals or instructions. This program is included absolutely free with the purchase of your
Home Workers’ Directory for only $31 plus shipping and handling. As an added bonus to you, once you have mailed a pre-
determined amount of envelopes, we will reimburse your full purchase price minus shipping and handling. This way your
package costs you nothing... not to mention the fact that you will also be paid for each envelope you mail with our brochures.

                                100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE
         We are so confident in our complete work-at-home package, that if you are not 100% completely satisfied with our
         program, simply return all provided materials within the first 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price minus
         shipping and handling. Therefore this is a no risk opportunity!

Cut Here                                                                                                                                 Cut Here
                                                          ORDER FORM
(Please Print Clearly)                                                              Please enclose $31 plus shipping & handling
  ____________________________________________________                              Choose one of the two shipping methods below
                                                                                    o Standard Shipping and Handling ($7.00 extra)
                                                                                    o RUSH Shipping and Handling ($15.00 extra)
  City                         State          Zip                                   Choose method of payment below
                                                                                    o Money Order         o Check*        o Cash
  Phone                                                                             *Orders by personal checks will be held
                                                                                     20 days for bank clearance.
                                                                                    *$25 service charge on all returned checks.

                                                                                    To place order by phone, call (800) 688-0295
           WHERE DID YOU SEE OUR ADVERTISEMENT?                                     Total Enclosed + Shipping and Handling
                                                                                    o $38.00              o $46.00
                                                                                    Thank you for ordering the Home Workers’ Directory

                         FOR OFFICE USE ONLY                                                        Send payment to:
                Date Received ____________________                                  American Diversified Publications, Inc.
                Payment Method __________________                                         685 E. I-10 Service Road
                Payment Amount __________________
                                                                                           Slidell, LA 70461-5501
                                                                                                  (985) 643-1288
                Ext. 200                                                           

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