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1 Berkshire Apartments (DOC)


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									                                    Berkshire Property Advisors
                                     New Employee Orientation
                                          Student Guide

                                                                                     Notes or
                                                                                “To Do” Action Items
Welcome to New Employee Orientation

   Your contribution to the company can make the
   essential difference necessary for success in our highly
   competitive industry.
       Unless otherwise noted, all topics can be found in the
                       Employee Handbook.

Access all Policies at www.berkshireapartments.com

Berkshire Website
    User name: employee
    Password: Changes monthly (on the 1st of every month the new
      password will be emailed to the property).

Were you given an Employee handbook on your first day of
    All practices apply to full time and part time employees unless
      otherwise indicated.

Berkshire Message Center

    The Berkshire Message Center is used to send messages
     anonymously to upper management.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
    We are committed to providing equal opportunity in all policies,
      practices and decisions which affect employees and applicants for
    Decisions are made without regard to their:
           Race
           Color
           Religion
           Sex
           National origin
           Age
           Disability
           Or any other protected category status

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                                                                                          Revised: 07/12/07
Customer Service
Berkshire is a service organization working with and for our
                  Who is our customer?
    Prospective residents
    Property owners/Investors
    People making business information inquires.
Customer Service
    It is important to meet company objectives and to satisfy the needs
      of customers and residents.
    Customer Service should be personalized, prompt and sincere.
    Genuine interest and concern should be communicated to each
      customer and resident.
    Keep a positive attitude and be willing to take extra steps to solve a

Who is Berkshire?
Berkshire Property Advisors, LLC (BPA) is the operating entity of
The Berkshire Group responsible for the management of its
multifamily portfolio and a series of funds:
    Berkshire income Realty (BIR)
    Berkshire Multifamily Value Fund (BMVF)
    Joint Venture (Empire)
    APTCO

Our Organization
                   Corporate Headquarters Boston, MA

    National Office          Atlanta, GA

    Regional Office          Laurel, MD
                              Atlanta, GA
                              Leesburg, FL
                              Dallas, TX

    District Office          Houston, TX
                              Newport News, VA
                              Chicago, IL
                              Denver, CO
Company Philosophy
   Berkshire Property Advisors is a community management
     organization dedicated to the satisfaction and comfort of our
   As a representative of Berkshire, you are expected to continually
     treat our customers fairly and courteously while providing prompt,
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                                                                                           Revised: 07/12/07
     efficient service.
    Indeed our motto, “We Put You First” is not just a slogan, but the
     essence of our business.
    Your commitment to these principles is fundamental to the success
     of our company.

Core Values
    Trust – Honesty – Integrity
    Respect for others
    Drive towards excellence
    Commitment
Focal Points
    Recruit, develop, motivate, reward and retain the best employees.
    Provide exceptional customer service.
    Drive revenue.
    Creatively develop marketing and leasing programs including using
       all available technology designed to maximize and close qualified
    Achieve property performance standards through effective
       communication of property goals, matrix objectives and teamwork
       at all times.
    Maximize sustainable NOI growth.
    Promote a corporate culture that nurtures an environment for
       success and excellence in execution as measured by our residents
       and employees.
    Actively monitor local submarkets and seek out acquisition
       opportunities for our company.

Pay Schedule
    Bi-weekly on Fridays - Paychecks are distributed at noon. The
      paycheck covers the two week period ending the preceding Friday.

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Pay Periods

Direct Deposit
    Employees may elect to have their pay automatically deposited into
       their checking or savings account on a bi-weekly basis.

New Hire Form: Direct Deposit Form
Time Cards
    Employees are required to use a time clock or time sheets!
    Record hours worked DAILY!!!
    Occasionally you will be asked by Boston to send in employee time
      cards for review.
Standard Form: Time Sheet for payroll Reporting

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                                                                                        Revised: 07/12/07
Overtime Compensation
Must be authorized in advance by a supervisor!
    Overtime may be required.
    Overtime is for emergency and critical service only!

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Overtime Compensation
Overtime Compensation
An hourly employee required to work overtime will be given:
    An hourly employee required to physically work over 40 hours in a
      work-week will be given:
    Pay at 1 ½ times the regular rate
       - OR -
    Time off during the same week

         The practice of carrying overtime into another work-week is
                             NOT acceptable!
Overtime Compensation
   Remember - you must physically work 40 hours in 1 work week to be
   eligible for overtime. Holiday, sick & vacation hours are not
   considered “physically worked”.

On Call Procedures
    Employees who must perform emergency work duties while on-call
      should also record on their time card the travel time to and from the
      property as time worked

       Maximum travel time allowed one way is 30 minutes

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Overtime Compensation
Standard Form: On Call Log

On Call Procedures
Responsibility of the On Call Maintenance Technician:
    Maintain Professional behavior
    Have a working phone
    Carry a pager
    Respond immediately when phoned or paged
    Dress appropriately
    Wear company I.D. badge
    Refrain from consuming alcohol.

Company Bonus Program
   Quarterly Property Bonus Program
   Annual Property Bonus Program
   Leasing Commissions
   Renewal Bonus
   Employee Referral Bonus
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                                                                                           Revised: 07/12/07
Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Bonus Program
Standard Form: Commission Sheet Detailed new Leases
Standard Form: Employee referral Bonus

Property Bonus Program
Performance Matrix
   1. Net Effective Rent Above Budget
   2. Total Gross Traffic Over Prior Year
   3. Total Net Closing Above 20%
   4. Physical Occupancy at or above budget
   5. Economic Occupancy at or above budget
   6. Net Bad Debt at or below budget
   7. Delinquency at 1% or Less
   8. Renewal Increases at or above budget
   9. Resident retention at or above budget
   10. Work Orders at or below 5%
   11. Vacant Ready at 75% or Greater
   12. Lease Expirations Under 10.99%

Property Bonus Program
    Please get with your supervisor for all the details on your
      Property Bonus Program
Leasing Commissions
    Employees are paid for leasing apartments, the lease application
      process and completing required move-in paperwork.
    Commissions are paid for on-site transfers if the initial lease has
      been fulfilled.
    ½ the regular commission is paid to an employee who refers a
      prospect to a sister community and they lease and move in.

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Commissions, Leasing &
Standard Form: Employee referral Bonus
Renewal Bonus
    Each property will have a monthly lease renewal goal.
    All full time site employees will participate equally in the renewal
      bonus program.

   Renewal Programs are market driven and must be approved by a
                     DM or RM and the COO.

    Leases that revert to MTM do not count as a part of the renewal
     bonus, nor will commissions be paid on these renewals.

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                                                                                              Revised: 07/12/07
Employee Referral Bonus
If you know someone who is a team player, innovative, willing to go the
extra mile, and driven to succeed, refer them to the Berkshire Team and
you will receive…
                  A bonus amount of $500.00
    To be eligible, the referred employee must complete 90 days of
     employment with Berkshire and the referring employee must be an
     active employee at the time the new employee completes 90 days of
     employment. The Employee Referral Bonus Form must be
     submitted for payment.
    The Employee Referral Bonus Form must have a copy of the
     Employee Application that notes who referred new employee to
    The Employee Referral Bonus form must be submitted on yellow
     paper to the payroll department for payment.
    The bonus should be coded to the cost center where the refereed
     employee is employed (G/L account 511975 – bonus)
    Property Manager who hired the new employee – processes the
     Employee Referral Bonus Form for payment.

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Employee referral Bonus
Standard Form: Employee Referral Bonus
Employee Apartments
    Employee lease’s will be month-to-month and will include a 15 day
      notice to vacate upon termination of employment.
    Utilities must be placed in the employee’s name before move in.

Fully Compensated Apartments
     Property Managers, Maintenance Supervisors and On-Call
       Technicians are the only employees that are eligible for fully
       compensated apartments.
     Must reside at the community at which they work at.
     Please contact your supervisor for details, rules and regulations on
       this policy.
     If an employee elects to move out, the employee will receive 50%
       of the total annual apartment value in salary compensation.
     If an eligible employee who did not initially elect to live on site
       moves onto the property where they work, 50% of the monthly
       value will be adjusted from their salary.

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Employee Apartments
Discounted Apartments
   All other full-time employees who choose to reside in a Berkshire
   Community and receive 25% off current market rent if they qualify.
    DM must approve community.
    Employee must reside in apartment.
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                                                                                             Revised: 07/12/07
    If two employees share an apartment, the discount will be 50%
      (maximum discount per apt. 50%).
    Employees receiving a discount will be required to have their rent
      deducted from their payroll check.
Employment Practices
Employment Classification
    Full-time employees are scheduled to work 30 hours or more per
      week on a regular basis.
    Professional Staff – Fixed salary employees “exempt” from
    Support Staff – Hourly employees eligible for overtime.
Time Records
    Salaried (Professional Staff “overtime exempt”)
           Not eligible for overtime pay
Record time off vacation, sick, holiday, etc…
    Hourly (Support Staff “non-exempt”) employees
           Overtime Eligible
           Must record actual hours worked DAILY!

Payroll Deductions
    We uphold the law on required deductions…
           Required Federal, State & local taxes
           Court-ordered payments
           Authorized benefits plan deductions
           Optional employee convenience programs
           Company Claims
           All other agreed upon deductions

New Hire Paperwork
    Most benefit elections require you to sign up within 30 days of
    If you did not have the required documents to verify employment
      eligibility (I-9) get them ASAP. You have only 90 days to present
      us with the forms.

Workers Compensation
   Workers’ Compensation insurance provides compensation for
      disability or death as a result of injuries suffered in the course of
   Workers’ Compensation insurance begins on the first day of
   Report all accidents and injuries to your supervisor immediately.
   Report any injury, even if it only required minor first aid.

Policy: Insurance section: Workers Compensation & Employee

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                                                                                                 Revised: 07/12/07
Medical & Dental Insurance
    Enrollment is required within the first 30 days
    Insurance goes in effect after 30 days of employment
    Only full-time regular employees will be eligible for medical
    Employee contributions are deducted from your pay
    Open enrollment is July of every year
    Employee, dependent and/or domestic partner coverage

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Medical benefits

Medical Insurance

Pretax Cost per paycheck:        100/80 PPO Plan    90/70 PPO Plan

Employee Only                    $56.32             $40.27
Employee & Spouse                $120.79            $86.57
Employee & Children              $99.20             $75.67
Family                           $151.47            $108.30

     Note: for rates on domestic partner coverage, contact Human

Dental Insurance
Pretax Cost per paycheck:        Dental Blue Plan
Employee                         $14.27
Employee & Spouse                $30.15
Employee & Children              $28.83
Family                           $34.49

Medical & Dental Insurance
    Once enrolled employees cannot change their election at any time
      during the plan year unless they experience a qualifying event:

                 Divorce
                 Birth or adoption of a child
                 Marriage
                 Loss of spouse’s coverage

Medical & Dental Insurance
   PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Plan
    In Network: Use Any BCBS PPO Provider
    Out of Network: Use Any Provider

Standard Form: 2006 Insurance Medical overview

Vision Care Program
     BCBS has routine vision care treatment coverage through
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                                                                                        Revised: 07/12/07
        ophthalmologist or optometrist in the PPO network.
     Routine eye exams are covered every 24 months
Dental Care
  For DenteMax providers and coverage information call:
  If you choose a dentist outside the DenteMax network, please have the
dentist call DenteMax to determine your payment portion.
The Extras

    Blue Care Line

    Living Healthy Babies

    Eyewear Discount Program

    Health Club Discount

    Safe Beginning Discount

    Bicycle Helmet Discount

    Car Seat Discounts

    Weight Loss Rewards

       ….and much more!

To view benefits & awards go to:

  Call 1888 247-BLUE(2583) and ask for the Everyday Rewards booklet

Company Paid Life Insurance

    No enrollment required

    30 day waiting period

    Refer to SPD (Summary Plan Description) for details

    Full time employees eligible

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Employee Life Insurance
Company Paid Life Insurance
     Employee Term Life Coverage
            1 x annual salary

                                                                      New Employee Orientation Page 9 of 21
                                                                                         Revised: 07/12/07
    Accidental Death and Dismemberment
         1 x annual salary

Employee Paid Life Insurance
     Employee and Dependent Term Life
     Enrollment is required within 30 days of hire if this benefit is
     Deductions are taken from paychecks
3 levels of employee coverage
     1 x Base Salary
     2 x Base Salary
     3 x Base Salary
Employee Paid Life Insurance
              For Spouse:
     Spouse coverage can never be more than 50% of employee’s
     1 level of coverage for each child: $10,000

Business Travel Accident Insurance
    The company provides coverage for death or certain injuries
      resulting from an accident while traveling on certain company
           Full time employees only
           No enrollment necessary
           Effective on 1st day of employment
Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Business Travel Accident

Group Accident Life Insurance
    You may purchase accident insurance up to $350,000
          Payroll deduction
          Full-time employees only
          24 hour coverage for employee and/or dependents
          Requires Enrollment

Short Term Disability
    Income replacement coverage in case of a non-occupational
       accident or illness, including pregnancy.
            For full time employees
            Must enroll within 30 days
            Premium will be deducted from your paycheck
Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Short term Disability
New Hire Form: Short term Disability Enrollment
New Hire Form: Short term Disability Eligibility and Rates
                                                                         New Employee Orientation Page 10 of 21
                                                                                              Revised: 07/12/07
Short Term Disability
    Rates depend on amount of coverage selected and age.
    For more information on rates, refer to the Berkshire website or call
       human resources.
    This insurance will not cover a pre-existing condition 12 months
       prior to enrollment date.

Retirement Savings 401(k)
    Requires Enrollment:
          Eligible after 6 months of employment
          Full or part time eligible
          Training will be held after 6 months of employment

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: 401(k) Retirement Saving

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    Pay for medical, dental, vision and dependent care expenses on a
       TAX FREE basis for themselves and dependants
    Requires Enrollment - Enrollment must be within 30 days of hire
       or prior to the plan year (January)
    Must re-enroll annually
    Can not change or cancel enrollment unless you experience a
       family change
Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Flexible Spending Account
New Hire Form: FSA (P&A) Direct Deposit
New Hire Form: FSA Brochure
New Hire Form: FSA Flyer
New Hire Form: FSA Enrollment Form
New Hire Form: FSA Summary

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    Non-Reimbursable Medical, Dental & Vision
            Eligible expenses
                  Office visit co-pays, prescription co-pays, eye
                     glasses, contact lenses, deductibles, orthodontia,
                     wheelchairs, over the counter medicine, etc…
            Minimum amount to contribute $250 annually ($9.62 per
             pay period).
Maximum amount to contribute $3,000 annually ($115.38 per pay period).

FSA Dependent Care Assistance
          Eligible expenses
                Childcare center, nanny, caregiver for a disabled
                   spouse or dependent who lives with a participant.
          Minimum - $250 annually ($9.62 per pay period).
          Maximum - $5,000 annually ($192.31 per pay period).

                                                                      New Employee Orientation Page 11 of 21
                                                                                           Revised: 07/12/07
MetLife Auto and Home Insurance
    METPAY is a program that offers potential savings and easy
       payment options for quality auto and home insurance.
    Since this is a group plan through Berkshire you could save 10% or
       more over your current carrier.
    You can choose an automatic payroll deduction.

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: MetLife Auto & Home

Working Advantage
   Discount tickets for movies, video rentals, amusement and theme
      parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, theatre shows and gift
      certificates to all employees nationwide.
                  Member ID # 00022980
50/50 Club
    The Company will match the first 50 employees who apply for a $1
     for $1 match for the first $50 of their gift to a college or charity
     between January 1st and December 31st.

Service Recognition
    1 year – Lapel Pin
    3 years – Key Chain
    5 years – Men or ladies Sport Watch
    10 years – Men – silver money clip
                Ladies – silver charm bracelet & necklace
    15 years - Ladies or Men’s dress watch
    20 years – Ladies or Men’s sapphire ring

Service Recognition
    Performance
           Berkshire awards and recognizes those who have exceeded
             expectations at Regional Sales Meetings and our annual
             Leadership Conference!

Continuing Education
    Berkshire encourages all employees to stay informed and expand
      their knowledge of our business through education.
           All courses require advance approval
           All courses must be job related
           Full time employees eligible after 3 months service
           Maximum reimbursement per class is $1000.

In House and Web Based Training
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                                                                                          Revised: 07/12/07
     Your punctuality and regular attendance is expected!
     Emergency Absence
          Speak with your Supervisor personally if you must be out
     Advance Approval
          Speak with your supervisor PRIOR to the Day of absence

    Sick Leave is calculated at the rate of 1.846 hours pay period - total
       6 days per year.
    You are permitted to use sick time to care for a sick child or spouse.
    Carry-Over
            Up to 6 days can be carried over at year-end. Maximum of
              12 days being used in any given year.
Vacation Time
    Vacation is accrued at 3.077 hours per pay period (10 days per year
       x 8 hours per day = 120 hours / 26 pay periods = 3.077 hours)
    0 – 10,399 hours (Est. 0-4.9 years = 10 days)
    14,000 – 20,799 hours (Est. 5-9.9 years = 15 days)
    20,800 + hours (Est. 10 + years = 20 days)

Standard Form: Vacation request and Approval

Vacation Time
    Carry-Over
           If you do not take all your vacation time in a year, you
             remain eligible for it the following year in addition to what
             you accrue.
The maximum number of vacation days you may take in a year is:
                 3 weeks if less than 5 years service
                 4 weeks if 5 to 9 years service
                 5 weeks if more than 10 years service

All full-time regular employees will receive pay for the following holidays
if they are schedule to work or are excused:
      Your Birthday
      New Years Day
      Martin Luther King Day
      Memorial Day
      Independence Day
      Labor Day
      Thanksgiving Day
      Christmas Eve – ½ day
      Christmas Day
      Hourly employees that work a holiday will be paid for the hours

                                                                       New Employee Orientation Page 13 of 21
                                                                                            Revised: 07/12/07
      physically worked on the holiday at the regular pay PLUS receive 8
      hours holiday pay
Funeral Bereavement Leave
    Up to 3 days paid for immediate family.
           Mother, father, sister, brother, domestic partner, spouse,
             grandparents, grandchildren, mother-in-law, father-in-law,
             children, minor dependents
    1 day paid for near relative.
           Aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, and cousin
Medical Leave
    The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides eligible
      employees with up to 12 weeks of job-guaranteed unpaid leave
      during any 12 month period for:
           Birth of a child
           Adoption of a child
           Care for a spouse, child, or parent with a serious health
           Care for employee’s own serious health condition
Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Leave of Absence FMLA

Military Leave
     The Uniform Service Employment and Re-Employment Right Act
       of 1994 guarantees certain rights for reservists in uniformed service
            Armed Forces – Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or
              Coast Guard (including the reserve branches)
            Army National Guard and Air National Guard when
              engaged in active duty for training, inactive duty training or
              full-time National Guard duty
            Corps of Public Health Services
            Any other category of person designated by the President in
              time of war or emergency.

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Military Employees

Military Leave
     USERRA prohibits an employer from:
            Discharging
            Denying initial employment, re-employment or promotion
            Refusing to provide any benefit of employment to a person
              Due to his or her obligation to any uniformed service.

Jury Duty
Paid time off for jury duty is available for full-time regular employees.
 Notify your supervisor immediately after you have been subpoenaed!

                                                                        New Employee Orientation Page 14 of 21
                                                                                             Revised: 07/12/07
Professional Code of Communications
                    In general, what you See and
                          Hear at work…
                           Stays at work!

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Guidelines for Employee
Privacy Policy
    We have a strong commitment to protecting the privacy and
       personal information of our residents.
    Information must be kept in a secure location.
    Do not release information to any unauthorized person.

Keeping You Informed
Your supervisor will keep you aware of company policies, benefits, etc…
that affect you.
             Your supervisor will be glad to answer any questions.
     Keeping the company Informed
             Discuss any concerns with your supervisor
             Offer any comments about your job or company to your

Employee Concerns Procedure

         1.   Inform Management
         2.   Appeal Step
         3.   Employee Assistance
         4.   Timely Responses

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Employee Concerns or

Employee Performance Review
    Salaries will be established upon hiring and will be reviewed
          Initial Performance Review
                Progress will be reviewed after 90 days
          Annual Salary Review
                Annually all employees will receive a written
                performance and salary review on their anniversary date.
Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Employee Job
Performance Appraisals

Job Postings
    We post job openings in the following areas:
           Berkshire Website under “Join Our Team” & “Available

                                                                     New Employee Orientation Page 15 of 21
                                                                                          Revised: 07/12/07
            Faxes and Emails from the regional offices to the properties.

Employee Transfers
   Any employee interested in transferring to another location should
      make their interest known through
          Property Manager
          Employee Request for Transfer Form

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Employee Transfers

Reference Inquiries
    All inquiries on former employees must be referred to the Boston
      office where only dates of employment and position will be given

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Employment on
References on Current of Former Employees

Standard Form: Employee Personal Reference

Internet Policy
     Access to the Internet, Intranet, e-mail and other computer tools are
       owned by the Company and should be used only to further the goals
       of the Company.

   BEWARE: Employees and their on-line activities are subject to

Policy: Operations section: Computer e-mail and Internet
Phone Etiquette
    The telephone is the lifeline of our business.
    Limit the number of personal phone calls.
    Do not use business phones for:
           Personal long distance calls.
           900 numbers.
           Psychic hotlines.
Policy: Operations section: Phone Etiquette

Cell Phone Usage
    Limit the number of personal calls.
    Excessive cell phone usage shall be determined at Berkshire’s
    Only Regional & National employees are authorized to have
       company paid cell phones.

Media Relations
    In the wake of a crisis, you may be faced with answering questions
                                                                       New Employee Orientation Page 16 of 21
                                                                                            Revised: 07/12/07
      from local television, radio or newspaper journalist - always refer
      the media to your supervisor.
    If you are in a situation when talking to the media is unavoidable,
      follow these guidelines:
           LESS IS MORE. Be very specific when answering
           Never offer opinions or extra information.
           Do not feel compelled to act knowledgeable or to explain
             the actions of yourself or others.
Policy: Operations section: Media Relations

    Media    Guidelines
             DO NOT BE DEFENSIVE.
             DO NOT SAY “NO COMMENT”.

Expectations & Performance
Dress Code
    The required dress code for Berkshire employees at all communities
      is established at standards that will project an image of
      professionalism and good taste.
    Professional attire must be worn daily unless seasonal or
      promotional apparel has been approved by the RVP.
    The attire may include canvas shoes, polo shirts, etc…

            Remember you never get a second chance to make a
                        good first impression

Policy: Operations section: Dress code and Professional Image
Americans with Disabilities (ADA)
    Berkshire does not discriminate against those who are disabled or
       become disabled while employed by Berkshire ensuring…
            Equal opportunity for employment
            Equal access to benefits and privileges of employment
            Reasonable accommodations to meet job application and
               performance requirements
Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA)
Fair Housing
    Berkshire has a firm policy of not engaging in or assisting the
       efforts of others to engage in housing discrimination by complying
       with all Federal, State, and local fair housing laws.

Preventing Sexual Harassment
    Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other
      verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature are strictly prohibited!

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Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Sexual Harassment

Employee Relationships
   Employees are not to form a personal relationship or be married to
      another Berkshire employee at the same property.
   Relationships between supervisors and subordinates are prohibited.
   Employees are not to engage in relationships with residents.
   Family members are not to work at a property where a relative is a

Outside Interests
    Outside business activities are prohibited if they interfere with work
 Partnerships with firms which perform services for Berkshire are not
                 allowed unless approved by an RVP.
    Gifts, favors or services beyond the terms of a contract offered by a
       person, contractor or a resident shall not be accepted by an
       employee of the Company and may be grounds for dismissal.

Resident Referrals
    Some Berkshire Communities offer a reward incentive to Residents
      for referrals. Berkshire employees are not eligible to participate in
      this program.

Policy: Leasing section: Resident Referrals

    Berkshire expects each employee to adhere to a strict code of
      personal professional conduct assuring honesty, integrity and high
      ethical practices.
    Automatic Internal Review
           All cases of termination, including lack of work, require
              approval by the SPV of Human Resources.

Final Pay
    The Company does NOT have a severance plan, however, final pay
       will include any earned, unused vacation time and pay through your
       last day worked.

Showing Apartments
    We demonstrate our property in all weather conditions unless it
       presents a hazard to our customers or employees:
    Lightning or severe rainstorm
    Ice
    Heavy Snow
    High winds
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Policy: Leasing section: Leasing an Apartment

Showing Apartments
    You do not have to show an apartment if you feel unsafe.
      Document on the guest card reasons you felt unsafe.
    Your property should have a plan in place to ensure that you do not
      show an apartment alone if you feel unsafe (i.e. an on-call tech who
      meets you at the office, model or vacant show unit).
    Place the I.D. out of the sight of the prospect in a locked area.

Personal Possessions
    Personal articles at work are at the employee’s own risk for loss or
      damage. The Company reserves the right to search, at any time,
      company or personal property, including phone messages and/or

Drugs In The Work Place
    For the safety of our residents and our employees we are committed
      to a “drug free” working environment.
    Employees are prohibited from manufacturing, distributing,
      dispensing, possessing, transferring, selling or using a controlled or
      dangerous substance in the workplace.
    All employees must report to work capable of performing their

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Drug Testing Policy

Drugs in The Work Place
    The company will require testing:
           On all offers of employment
           If an employee is involved in or contributed to a job-related
             accident or incident
           When the company believes an employee is under the
             influence of or is impaired by drugs or alcohol based on a
             supervisor’s observation.

Violence in the Work Place
     Threats and/or actual violence on company property or during
       company business will not be tolerated and may result in immediate

Disaster Plan
    Emergencies are defined as existing or potential dangers to life or
       property. The ability to handle emergencies with intelligence and
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       common sense is a mandatory skill for all company employees.

   Know where your property’s Disaster Plan is located?
    Have you read the Plan and signed off?

Policy: Maintenance & Safety section: Disaster Plan and
Emergency Guidelines

Disaster Plan
    It is of primary importance to Berkshire that we have adequately
       planned and prepared for any foreseeable type of disaster and
    In times of emergency:
            Remain calm!
            Call emergency medical service assistance (911)
            Handle the situation according to your property Disaster
              Plan and use common sense
            Contact your supervisor

Discounts & Credits
    Discounts or credits given to a resident must have written approval
       of the District Manager.

Driving Requirements
    An employee who drives their own vehicle on and off company
       property or on company business must possess:
           A valid driver’s license
           A valid insurance policy

Policy: Personnel & Payroll section: Driving Requirements

Mileage Reimbursement
    Mileage is reimbursed for company approved travel (i.e. bank
      deposits, maintenance parts)
    On call activity is not an approved mileage reimbursement expense.

Standard Form: Mileage Reimbursement

Key Control
    Controlling keys is very important in our industry.
   These guidelines must be followed:
           We do not use master keys
           Apartments are individually keyed
           Key cabinets are located in the management office
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           Keys must be coded using a random code system

Policy: Maintenance & Safety section: Key Control

Standard Form: Key Check Out Log

          Did you receive a copy of your Job Description?

Policy: Job Description section: Listed by Position

Did you receive your training checklist?

Standard Form: Training & Mentoring for (Managers, Asst. Managers,
leasing Consultants & Maintenance)

Thank you for Participating!

Remember: www.berkshireapartments.com

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