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									                                       Beyond 2012

Our Aim: To increase the number of females playing Canoe polo in

Short term Goal

 Increase the number of women’s teams at the national
  championships in 2011 and beyond.
           To have 4 women’s teams at the 2011 National
           To have 7 women’s teams at the 2012 National

Long term goal

 Increase the number of women in the Australian Women’s Canoe
  polo squad for the 2012 World championships and beyond.
           Improve the longevity of our female players
           Increase the standard of women’s polo in Australia to
             assist us to improve our international ranking

HOW: Matt Heard (Coach of the 2010 Australian Women’s Canoe polo Team) and Sarah
Cartwright (Captain the 2010 Australian Women’s Canoe polo Team) are interested in assisting
states across Australia to increase the number of women who play at a local level. We have
developed the following questionnaire in order for us to gain an understanding of what Canoe
Polo looks like in your state, town, and/or area. We would like to know what you are doing well,
and what you need help with. This information will serve as a starting point and an opportunity
for information to be shared across the country. Please take the time to fill out the following
questions and please pass this onto anyone who may be interested in helping out, or may be in
the know.
Name: ________________________________________________________________________

State: __________________________________________________


Contact details:

   1. How many females currently play in your local comp?

   2. What is your state/area currently doing for development?

   3. What has your state/area done for development in the past?

   4. What is your state/area planning on doing for development in the future?

   5. How could we help you to develop women’s canoe polo in your state/area?

   6. What barriers do you perceive to the development of women in your area?


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