Provincial Championships

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					Provincial Championships

-   On an annual basis the Regional Director and the Executive Committee shall confer
    and determine the date and location at which a Provincial Championship
    shall be determined for each of the S.P.N. –B.C. sanctioned categories.

-   S.P.N.-B.C. reserves the right to cancel any Provincial Championship where there is
    deemed to be insufficient team participation to warrant proceeding with the
    championship. In such instances a full refund shall be made to any team that has
    submitted the required entry fee.

-   All teams participating in a Provincial Championship shall be ranked based upon the
    team play for the purpose of qualifying for S.P.N. National Championships in the
    following calendar year.

-   Conveners for Provincial Championship shall be designated by the Regional Director
    through a bid process.

-   S.P.N. –B.C. will not conduct a Provincial Championship in any division where five
    (5) or less teams have submitted their entry accordance with these regulations.

-   No late entries will be considered.

- Team entry fees will be $350.00 in all categories and shall be received by the S.P.N.-
  B.C. Regional Office in the form of certified cheque, money order or cash.

-   Any teams dropping out of the championship within one week of the tournament shall
    forfeit their entry fee. All participating teams shall have their draw communicated to
    them by the Wednesday of the week leading up to the tournament. Tournament
    information will also be posted on the regional page of the S.P.N. website (www. Slo-
    pitch .com).

-   All participating teams will play a minimum of four (4) games when participating in a
    Provincial Championship. Draw format will be based on a number of teams per

-   Time restrictions may be applied to the length of games during the tournament.

-   In a round robin play, ties will strand when regulation play has expired.
    Ties = 1 point, wins = 2 points, loss = 0

-   When a game is called due to time, the inning shall be declared over if the home team
    is winning.

-   Teams participating in Provincial Championships must have a representative in
    attendance should a coaches meeting be held prior to a championship tournament.
    S.P.N. –B.C. shall bear no responsibility for any miscommunications or lack of
    information incurred by a team not officially represented at such a meeting.

-   Each team is responsible for ensuring that they are present at the appointed field in
    sufficient time to commence play at the specified game time. There is no grace period
    in Provincial Championships and a team having insufficient players to play the game
    shall forfeit the game by a 7-0 score to the opposition. From time to time tournament
    directors may waive this requirement in order to allow a team that is playing back to
    back games sufficient travel time between parks.

-   The B.C. “9” Rule which allows a team to start a game with nine (9) players shall be
    in effect up to and including Provincial Championships.

-   In order to qualify to play in the S.P.N. National Championships a team must have
    played in the Provincial Championships in the preceding calendar year where a
    Provincial Championship was held in that category of play.

-   Prizes will be provided using a base of fifteen (15) prizes per team. This allocation
    includes the provision for one coach per team. Where a team has less that fifteen (15)
    individuals participating, the number allocated to a team shall be reduced
    accordingly. Any requests for additional prizes must be made in writing to the S.P.N.
    –B.C. Regional Office. Additional requests will be considered based on prizes

-   Players who participate in the Men’s or Women’s program may only play on one
    team per weekend of Provincial Championships. This rule does not apply to players
    who are eligible to participate in the Master’s and Senior’s categories.

-   Commitment/Scoring Line will be used in all Coed, Masters/Senior’s, Men’s D,
    Men’s E and Woman’s D categories. NOTE: All other categories not listed will use a
    live plate

-   Playability of Fields: At Provincial and National Tournaments it will be left to the
    discretion of the individual umpire, in consultation with the UIC or his designate and
    an SPN representative, as to the ability of the game to continue, due to deteriorating
    field conditions.

-   The UIC or his designate, in consultation with the S.P.N. –B.C. tournament
    representative will facilitate the completion of the Tournament with whatever means
    at his/her disposal.

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