NOTICE OF RACE

To be sailed at Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy (WPSA), Dorset, England,
under the Burgee of Portland Castle Sailing Club, from 17 July to 23 July 2004,
organized by the WPSA and the UK IMCA.

Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (2001-2004), the RYA
Prescriptions, Rules of the International Moth Class Association (IMCA), the Sailing
Instructions and any notices subsequently issued by the Race Committee. In the event
of a conflict, the Sailing Instructions will have precedence.

The European Championships are open to boats of the International Moth class and
helmspersons who are members of any IMCA national authority in Europe. The
perpetual trophy for the European Championships will be awarded to the winner who
becomes ‘European Champion.’ A separate ‘European Cup’ will be awarded to the
overall winner of the event, including helmspersons sailing International Moths who
are members of an IMCA national authority anywhere in the world. This same person
will also win the all comers, perpetual ‘Open Cup’ for the British National
Championships (but unless he or she is from the UK, not the British National
Championship trophy, a modal silver boat).

To qualify for the UK National Championships (apart from the ‘Open’, all comers
cup) and the national prizes reserved only for British competitors, as listed below, the
helmsperson must be a member of the UK IMCA, sailing an International Moth in the
same series of races constituting the European Championships.

Registration will take place at the WPSA on Saturday 17 July 2004 from 14.00 hrs to
17.30 hrs and on Sunday morning for late arrivals. When registering, competitors
should come prepared to provide evidence of the following:
*Proof of membership of an IMCA national authority,
*Proof that they have valid, current, insurance giving a minimum third party liability
 of £2,000,000,
*Proof of measurement of their International Moth and either one or two sails.

The Race Committee or the IMCA reserve the right to inspect or measure any boat
and sails at any time, but facilities to measure new equipment will not be available at
the request of competitors unless specifically arranged in advance with a recognized,
individual measurer. The event will be Category C for advertising purposes.

Sailing Instructions will be available at registration. In an effort to ‘level the playing
field’ as much as possible as there may be some competitors using hydrofoils, they
will include a ‘one configuration’ rule to prevent competitors sailing with hydrofoils
in some races but not in others when they may confer no benefit or even slow the boat
down. Upon request, dispensation from this rule may be granted by the Sailing
Committee, for example, in the event of a breakage.
The event is being shared with the Cherub class who will be competing in their
National Championships. A Briefing for all International Moth and Cherub sailors
will take place at 12.00 hrs on Sunday 18 July. The first race is scheduled to start at
14.00 hrs on Sunday. The racing programme is scheduled as follows, but it may be
subject to amendment, for instance, if races are lost due to too much or too little wind
and rescheduled for a later or earlier time or another day. In this eventuality, no more
than three races will be held on any one day. There will be no practice race.

Sun 18 July       14.00 hrs, Heat 1

Mon 19 July      12.00 hrs, Heat 2 with Heat 3 following back-to-back

Tues 20 July     12.00 hrs, Heat 4 with Heat 5 following back-to-back

Wed 21 July      12.00 hrs, Heat 6 with Heat 7 following back-to-back

Thurs 22 July    12.00 hrs, Heat 8 with Heat 9 following back-to-back

Fri 23 July      12.00 hrs, Heat 10 with no start later than 15.00 hrs.

Details of a social programme will be available at registration. It will include the UK
IMCA Annual General Meeting after racing on Monday 19 July and an IMCA
International Discussion Forum on Wednesday 21 July. Tickets for an Opening
Reception at 18.30 hrs on Saturday 17 July at the WPSA for all competitors and their
relatives or partners will be available at registration and also for the Prize Giving
Dinner at 19.30 hrs on Friday 23 July, also at the WPSA. Payment for these events is
included within a competitor’s entrance fee but extra tickets for their guests may be
bought at registration. Information on such matters as accommodation during the
Championships was sent out with an earlier letter inviting attendance, copies of which
are on the web or can be provided on request.

All entries are to be made on the accompanying entry form and sent to the Secretary
of the IMCA UK, Mike Kerslake, 37 Lime Tree Gardens, Lowdham, Nottingham,
England, NG14 7DJ, on or before 1 July 2004. Entry fees are as shown on the form.
Payment should accompany the form in the case of all competitors who are resident
within the UK (cheques, Euro cheques or postal orders made payable to the ‘IMCA
UK’) and, if possible, for those entering from abroad. However, competitors who are
not members of the UK IMCA may, if necessary (e.g. to avoid £ Stirling transfer
charges from abroad), delay making payment until registration at the WPSA on
arrival at the event. Nevertheless, to avoid the late entry surcharge, please send in the
entry form, duly signed, by 1 July 2004. For electronic transfer payments, the
‘International Moth Class Association UK’ Account Number is 3046337 and the
Branch Sort Code 30-93-48.

The overall winner of the event, who may or may not be a member of an IMCA
national authority in Europe, will be awarded the keepsake ‘European Cup 2004’.
Prizes, in the form of keepsake trophies, for the ‘European Championships and
European Cup’ will be awarded to the next best seven competitors overall,
irrespective of the IMCA national authority to which they belong. A keepsake
‘European 2004, Boat-not-a-Plane Trophy,’ will be awarded to the highest placed
competitor sailing an International Moth not using hydrofoils which are intended to
lift the hull clear of the water.

The title ‘European Champion’ and the accompanying ‘European Championship’
perpetual trophy (and keepsake glass tankard) will be awarded to the highest placed
competitor who is a member of an IMCA national authority in Europe.

As the event incorporates the UK National Championships, the highest placed
competitor who is a member of the IMCA UK will become ‘UK National Champion’
and will receive the National Championship trophy (and a keepsake glass tankard).
The competitor coming second receives the rose bowl perpetual trophy. The two UK
perpetual trophies previously awarded to the winners of certain individual races in the
series will this year be presented to the UK IMCA competitors finishing third and
fourth overall in the series. Members of the UK IMCA will also be eligible for the UK
perpetual trophies (and keepsake glasses) in keeping with the following categories:
First Lady helm; First Junior, under 18 on 1 January 2004; First Master, over 35 on 1
January 2004; First Veteran, over 45 on 1 January 2004; First Nationals, highest
placed helmsperson sailing in his or her first National Championships; First Wide
Boat, highest placed helmsperson in a design of Moth deemed by the IMCA UK
Committee as not being a narrow skiff design (e.g. Magnum 8); Triers Trophy,
awarded at the discretion of the UK IMCA Committee, but normally to the lowest
placed helmsperson who nevertheless completes all races that constitute a full series.

In the event that by 1 July 2004 there are entrants for the European Championships
and European Cup from competitors who are members of an IMCA other than the UK
in any of the relevant categories, then additional keepsake trophies will be awarded on
the same basis as for the UK trophies to:- the European Lady Champion, European
Junior Champion, European Masters Champion and European Veterans Champion.

To encourage entrants of all abilities and participation by those with less competitive
boats, it is intended that provision will be made in the Sailing Instructions for some
means to be employed, other than a long time limit, to give a finishing position to all
boats judged to be aiming to complete a race (e.g. by sending a finishing boat back
down the fleet and/or by finishing any boats lapped by the leaders on the same lap as
the leading boat). A provision of this nature will enable back-to-back races to be
started without an undue delay between races, waiting for the slower boats to finish or
for them to be beaten by a time limit and demoralised by getting a DNF having done
their best.

And finally, in recognition that the event is being held off the ‘Jurassic Coast’ of
Great Britain, the oldest competitor will be awarded the locally collected, ‘Ancient
Fossil Trophy’. (Apparently the Chairman of the UK IMCA Organising Committee
wants to guarantee himself a trophy or challenge others to trump him on age!)

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