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					                                         Heart of Midlothian
                                                  Amateur Swimming Club

                           CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011
                                   MEET INFORMATION
General Information
       The 2011 Club Championships will take place at Drumbrae Leisure Centre in October on:
                          Sunday 02nd, Tuesday 04th and Sunday 09th
             Please see attached programme for further details of events, venues & times.
   o   ALL club members should be present at the Club Championships and are expected to compete
       in ALL of the events in their relevant age category unless they have very good reason not to.
   o   Swimmers must inform their coach if they are unavailable on certain dates or genuinely unable
       to compete in particular events.

Entries & Eligibility
   o   The Championships are open to all fully paid up Heart of Midlothian swimmers (please ensure
       all outstanding fees up to 31/08/11 are paid to Assistant Club Treasurer,D.Brownlee,6 Craigleith
       Hill Avenue, Edinburgh EH4 2JA. Tel. 0131 539 2976.
   o   Swimmers who have been with the Club less than 3 months can swim on a „time only‟ basis.
       They are not eligible to win cups or medals.
   o   Please confirm your entry on the attached entry form by ticking the appropriate box –
       Mini/Juvenile swimmers must indicate which „Open‟ events they wish to compete in. .

Categories (Age at 31st December 2011)
                             Senior:        15 years & over (including Masters)
                             Junior:        13/14 years
                             Juvenile:      11/12 years
                             Mini:          10 years & under

   o   To cover the costs of pool hire, medals etc, an entry fee of £2.00 will be charged for each event
       entered, up to a maximum of £20.00.
   o   Cheques should be made payable to „HMASC‟ and sent to Paddy Heskett along with the
       Application Form.
   o   Alternatively, you can pay directly into the Club bank account: Hearts Amateur Swimming Club,
       Account No. 00273523, sort code 80-02-83. If using the latter method please email David at to let him know.

Scoring System
   o   The first six swimmers in each individual event will be allocated points, i.e. winner gains 6
       points, second gains 5 points and so on down to sixth gaining 1 point.
   o   Seeding will take place and whenever possible fastest heats will be full.
   o   Open events: any swimmer may enter these events, with 1st to 6th place receiving trophy,
       medals or flashes. Points will be awarded for Open events to Juniors and Seniors only as per
       points system. Juveniles and Minis will not receive any points for Open events.
   o   Scottish Amateur Swimming Association rules will apply and disqualification will be imposed at
       the discretion of the officials. The decision of the Judges will be final.

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Internal Trophies
   o   Events 117/118 incorporate the „9/under Cup‟ which will be presented to the top 9/under
       swimmers in this event (with medals to 3rd place) (Age as at 31/12/11). Club Championship
       points will be awarded to the Mini category swimmers as per points system.
   o   Events 119/120 incorporate the „President‟s Cup‟ which is open to all club members. The
       „President‟s Cup‟ will be presented to the winners of this event (with medals to 3rd place). Club
       Championship points will be awarded to the Junior and Senior category swimmers as per points
   o   Events 501/502 incorporate the „Whike Trophy‟ (400m Freestyle for 12/under (age as at
       31/12/11)). The „Whike Trophy‟ is not part of the Championship and therefore NO points will be
       awarded (i.e. for the Juvenile category). „The Whike Trophy‟ will be presented to the winners of
       this event (with medals to 3rd place). There is NO entry fee for this event.


   o   Cups will be awarded to winners of their age group overall, with medals for 1st to 6th places.
   o   Specific Club Cups with medals to 6th place will be awarded for the 200m Fly, Back, Breast,
       Free Open, 400m Individual Medley Open and Juvenile 200m Individual Medley events.
   o   Awards will be presented at the “Celebration Evening” which will take place on Saturday 12th
       November 2011 (tbc). Further details of this event will be advised through our website.
                    Present cup holders should return cups to: Susan Waller,
              email: by Thursday 29th September 2011

Officials and Helpers
   o   A huge amount of help from parents/friends is needed to run a successful Championship.
   o   Throughout the five sessions we need Officials (Timekeepers, Judges, Starters, Recorders etc)
       and also require help with Marshalling, Equipment, Swim Shop etc.
   o   Co-ordination of the Tea Table over the two days will depend on sufficient parent help.
       Contributions of home baking will be most welcome.
                     Please contact Tanya Macleod at
                               or indicate on the form if you can help.
Training During Championships
   o   There will inevitably be some small alterations to the normal training schedule during the
       Club Championships period and this will be advised through the normal channels nearer
       the time.

                    Please return the Application Form no later than
                            **Thursday 22nd September 2011**

          **Entries received after this date WILL NOT be considered**

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                                        Heart of Midlothian
                                                 Amateur Swimming Club

                        CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011
                        PROGRAMME of EVENTS - DAY 1

Event     Category     M/F   Distance   Stroke     Day           Date       Warm-Up             Venue

                                                  Sunday       02/10/11       1400          Drumbrae
101          Mini      F       50        Fly
102          Mini      M       50        Fly
103          Juv       F      100        Fly
104          Juv       M      100        Fly
105          Jnr       F      100        Fly
106          Jnr       M      100        Fly
107          Snr       F      100        Fly
108          Snr       M      100        Fly
109          Mini      F       50       Back
110          Mini      M       50       Back
111          Juv       F      100       Back
112          Juv       M      100       Back
113          Jnr       F      100       Back
114          Jnr       M      100       Back
115          Snr       F      100       Back
116          Snr       M      100       Back
117          Mini      F      100        IM
                                                         (incorporating ‘9/under 100 IM Trophy')
118          Mini      M      100        IM
119     Jnr/Snr/Open   F       50       Free
                                                            (incorporating ‘President’s Cup’)
120     Jnr/Snr/Open   M       50       Free
                                                  Sunday       02/10/11       1730          Drumbrae
201     Jnr/Snr/Open   F      400         IM
202     Jnr/Snr/Open   M      400         IM
203     Jnr/Snr/Open   F      200       Breast
204     Jnr/Snr/Open   M      200       Breast
205     Jnr/Snr/Open   F      200        Free
206     Jnr/Snr/Open   M      200        Free

                        CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011
                        PROGRAMME of EVENTS - DAY 2

                                                 Tuesday       04/10/11      1730         Drumbrae
301     Jnr/Snr/Open   F       800      Free
302     Jnr/Snr/Open   M      1500      Free

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                            CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011
                            PROGRAMME of EVENTS - DAY 3

Event      Category       M/F    Distance    Stroke       Day          Date       Warm-Up            Venue

                                                        Sunday       09/10/11       1400            Drumbrae
401          Mini          F        50      Breast
402          Mini          M        50      Breast
403          Juv           F       100      Breast
404          Juv           M       100      Breast
405          Jnr           F       100      Breast
406          Jnr           M       100      Breast
407          Snr           F       100      Breast
408          Snr           M       100      Breast
409          Mini          F        50       Free
410          Mini          M        50       Free
411          Juv           F       100       Free
412          Juv           M       100       Free
413          Jnr           F       100       Free
414          Jnr           M       100       Free
415          Snr           F       100       Free
416          Snr           M       100       Free
417          Juv           F       200        IM
418          Juv           M       200        IM
419     Jnr/Snr/Open       F       200        IM
420     Jnr/Snr/Open       M       200        IM
                                                        Sunday      09/10/11       1730             Drumbrae
501 Jnr/Snr/Whike          F       400        IM
                                                                   (incorporating ‘Whike Trophy’)
502 Jnr/Snr/Whike          M       400        IM
503 Jnr/Snr/Open           F       200        Fly
504 Jnr/Snr/Open           M       200        Fly
505 Jnr/Snr/Open           F       200       Back
506 Jnr/Snr/Open           M       200       Back

Please note that all times are approximate and the programme may change depending on the number of entries

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                                          Heart of Midlothian
                                                   Amateur Swimming Club

                          CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011
                                  APPLICATION FORM
Swimmers Name: ___________________________________________Group:__________

Date of Birth: ____________     Category: ____________ Tel No: ___________________

                I will be attending the Club Championships on the following days:

      Sun 02/10                        Tue 04/10                      Sun 09/10

                                                                                     YES or
  Date       Event Number         Category         Distance           Stroke
  02/10         101/102              Mini            50               Butterfly
  02/10         103-108          Juv/Jnr/Snr         100              Butterfly
  02/10         109/110              Mini            50             Backstroke
  02/10         111-116          Juv/Jnr/Snr         100            Backstroke
  02/10         117/118              Mini            100         Individual Medley
  02/10         119/120         Jnr/Snr/Open         50              Freestyle

  02/10         201/202         Jnr/Snr/Open         400         Individual Medley
  02/10         203/204         Jnr/Snr/Open         200           Breaststroke
  02/10         205/206         Jnr/Snr/Open         200             Freestyle

  04/10         301/302         Jnr/Snr/Open       800/1500          Freestyle

  09/10         401/402              Mini            50            Breaststroke
  09/10         403-408          Juv/Jnr/Snr         100           Breaststroke
  09/10         409/410              Mini            50              Freestyle
  09/10         411-416          Juv/Jnr/Snr         100             Freestyle
  09/10         417/418              Juv             200         Individual Medley
  09/10         419/420         Jnr/Snr/Open         200         Individual Medley

  09/10         501/502        Jnr/Snr/Whike         400             Freestyle
  09/10         503/504        Jnr/Snr/Open          200             Butterfly
  09/10         505/506        Jnr/Snr/Open          200            Backstroke

 Parental Help: Please indicate when and how you can help - we will get back to you to confirm.
        Date                  Tea Table             Swim Shop              General Help
 Sunday 02nd October
 Tuesday 04th October
 Sunday 09th October

PLEASE RETURN TO:           Paddy Heskett (Entries Secretary)
                            50 Cammo Gardens, Edinburgh, EH4 8HF
                            Tel: 0131 339 3514 / Email:


Fee Enclosed: __________        or   Fee sent electronically: _________ Date: _________

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