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Bat Fruit Salad


The favorite fruit washed, peeled, cut into small pieces and mix with your favorite salad dressing ... ... not only affordable, and delicious diet.

More Info
                                  First Grade - April
                                   Bat Fruit Salad
                                       Station 3

Goal: For the students to learn about food that is dependent on bats.

In the Backpack Kit:
•     Copy of the written materials
•     paper cups, plastic knives, bamboo forks, paper napkins, disposable plates (for
      cutting on, these get washed and re-used at the end of the lesson)

From the Staffroom
•   mixing bowl

To purchase prior to the lesson
•    bananas, mangoes, seedless dates, carob chips, peaches (use canned if fresh not
     available), figs, cashew nuts, canned guavas, peach or banana yoghurt (quantities
     depend on the size of the group so no amounts are given)

Preparation: Set up a handwashing station (bucket, soapy water) so that the students
can clean their hands at the start of the lesson. Read all materials so that you have
background information and know what is covered in the other station. You may need
to pre-prep some of the fruit (wash peaches, skin & de-seed mangoes, open cans, chop
cashews & figs)

Activity and Discussion:

Read the Background Information on the Bat Fruit Salad supplement to the group. Be
sure to relate how dependents some foods are on bats.

1.   Have the students chop the fruit into small pieces and add to the mixing bowl.
2.   Stir through the yoghurt.
3.   Sprinkle with chopped cashews and carob chips.
4.   Serve in the paper cups with the bamboo forks. (Forks can be tossed in the compost
     after use.)

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