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Premium Dog Food Brands


									                                       Premium Dog Food Brands

They say dogs are a man’s best friend—I disagree. I think dogs are more than friends, they are family. Of
course if you are family, you only want the best for them, and this includes the food that they eat. Learn
more about premium dog food brands in this short article today.

There are a lot of commercial high quality dog food companies out there. How can you differentiate
which ones are the premium dog food brands? You need to know because giving your pet the wrong
food can be seriously detrimental to his health.

Cheap dog food might be easier on the pocket but I strongly discourage you from feeding this to your
pet. Why? The thing with dog food is that quality ingredients cost more than the regular fare. The
reason why some commercial pet food are cheap is because the ingredients included in the dog food are
leftovers and by-products of food industries that are rendered inedible for human consumption.

You must be thinking— if the ingredients are not palatable for humans, how can dogs stand the stuff?
Well, that’s the thing. To cover the blandness of the dog meal, manufacturers would add in large
amounts of chemicals and preservatives. You may not see a deterioration in your dog’s health right
away, but over time these harmful chemicals will result in canine sicknesses that could have been
avoided by feeding your dog the right food in the first place.

Now, fresh and natural food is still the best option to feed canines. The minerals and vitamins that are
found in meat, fruits and vegetables can greatly benefit your dog. Rich antioxidants boost the immune
system, which in turn helps in fighting off infection. Don’t worry about giving your dog uncooked food,
the digestive tract of canines is a hostile environment to bacteria.

Meat in particular is an important element in your dog’s diet. Dogs are carnivores by nature so they
need a lot of protein that comes from meat. When looking for dog food for your pet, check the label if
meat is the first in the list. This means that the largest portion of the meal is meat.

Many times dog food companies want to save money by using corn and soy fillers are protein substitute.
This is not good. Meat is still the best source of protein for your dog. If the dog food brand does not
have meat, buy some lean beef, chicken or turkey meat, chop it into small pieces and add it in your
dog’s meal.

Look for dog food that have been dehydrated or freeze dried. These processing methods are the mildest
and won’t strip away the nutrients from the ingredients. More often than not, the food that processed
by dehydration have ingredients that look like its original form, only with the liquid removed.
Find out more about premium dog food brands and other valuable information by going to the links in
this site. A healthier dog is a happier dog— enjoy!

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