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									Most Common 3 Errors That Will Prevent You From
      Ever Successfully Treating Your Acne

Let me be straight up...

I counsel plenty of acne sufferers every day. Some get results ASAP. While others struggle.
Those that struggle Ive noticed share some commonalities.

Heres some of my observations of the pitfalls acne sufferers face and how to avoid them.

#1 Mistake: They believe the problem is with their skin and try to fix the problem topically...

Acne, all acne, be it adult acne or teenage acne is not a skin disease. Now, before you think Ive
gone crazy please hear me on this one...

Your skin is only an external reflection of your internal health.

To solve your acne dilemma you must forever abandon the notion that you will be able to put
something on your skin that will cure your acne...that the problem is with your skin.

How do you fix the inner dilemma ? We'll get to that so stay tuned.

#2 Mistake: Acne patients do not have a keen understanding of what is really causing their

Some will tell you brownies is the cause of acne. Others blame it on too much sex, or birth
control pills, or lack of birth control pills.

While others shout "it's becasue of bad diet", or bad hygiene. While others say food doesnt effect

And a swarm of other ideas.

(By the way, they are all incorrect, none of these are the true cause of acne).

And because they never find out whats really causing their acne they waste their valuable time
and money on useless remedies that never really address the the root acne cause.

The most important first step to becoming acne-free is to understand exactly whats causing it.
(Please see my special report on The Real Cause Of Your Acne.

#3 Mistake: If they ever do find out whats the cause of they dont have a strategy or procedure
that works...

...Or they are missing a key piece to the puzzle thats stopping them from getting results. Often
having part of the solution is worse then having the full answer.
So they get discourage and give up...Only to jump for the next quick fix acne cream or acne
fad...But they never fix the underlying problem. But they never fix the acne cause.

They end up suffering longer when they dont have to. And they suffer yet more years when its

Hear me on this one please...

...Your life is worth it. Take the time to accurately comprehend whats really causing acne and
how to end it. Trust me, getting this knowledge is time well spent.

But be careful who you learn from...

...Most dont have a clue of whats really the cause of acne. Listen to those who are getting results
who have cured their own acne and helped others do the same.

I solved my own acne dilemma. And you can to. You can find out more here:

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