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									October 2007                                                                                            Volume 34 Issue 5
                                                   President’s Message
                                              Senator Bernard Gilbank 22233

Hello, Fellow Senators: I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend and took the time to think how blessed we are living
in this wonderful country of ours.

I, along with US JCI Senate Ambassador to Canada Bruce Geddes 35527, traveled to Calgary in September to attend the
JCI Canada Annual Meeting. My thanks go to Senator Patty Auger 65436 and her committee for a great weekend and for
covering our accommodation expenses, which was much appreciated by the Canada JCI Senate. We extend our
congratulations to the new Executive and, particularly, to Jean Simon Deschenes from Quebec on his election as National
President. He is a very personable young man and I look forward to working with him to promote our mutual purposes. Our
newest Senator is Past National President Wilf Mulder 67510. As a former Prince Edward Islander, I can only say, what a
great guy! Welcome to the Senate Wilf.

The committee that is looking to win the bid for the JCI World Congress in 2009 in Quebec is a dynamic group of
individuals. They are asking for our support by going to their website at and to sign
on that you support their bid to hold this world event in 2009. Good luck to Chairman Isabelle Saillant and her Committee
in their bid at the World Congress in Turkey next month.

The response to the letters sent to Senators who have not contributed for five or more years has been very good. We will,
however, extend the deadline until the end of October. So, if you fall within this group, please respond ASAP so we know
your wishes.

As you read this, Josette and I have been in Connecticut at the Fall Frolic promoting next year’s Crew Meeting in
Burlington, Ontario and Cruise 2009. Talk to you soon,

“We will remember them”
WEISS, Oscar F 2150 – Sep 07, 2007                                          JAHRAUS, James 4086 – Oct 03, 2007

Calendar of Events
Dec 05, 2007                     Greater Toronto JCI Senate Annual Luncheon Meeting                  Toronto, ON
                                 Contact: Peter Tiveron –
Jan 24 – 27, 2008                US JCI Winter Board Meeting                                         Daytona Beach, FL
                                 Contact Don Ebbitt –
Feb 02, 2008                     BC JCI Vernon- 10 Anniversary President’s Dinner                    Vernon, BC
                                 Contact: Nikki Mulder – nikkimulder77@gmailcom
Feb 29 – Mar 02, 2008            US JCI Senate Region VII, Gatlinburg Mini-National Meeting          Gatlinburg, TN
                                 Contact: Glenda Wisdom –
Mar 22, 2008                     Ottawa JCI Senator’s & Friends – Late St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ottawa, ON
                                 Contact: Harry Weldon – 613-596-4733
May 16 – 18, 2008                2008 Canada JCI Senate Crew Meeting                                 Burlington, ON
                                 Contact: Nancy Salmon –
Jun 16 – 19, 2008                US JCI Senate National Meeting                                      Charleston, WV
                                 Contact: Deb Price - 1-304-233-2101 –
Nov 03 – 09, 2008                63 JCI World Congress                                               New Delhi, India

                                       Vice President – Senator Paul Winger 23735

Just a quick note to say that I had a great time traveling to Florida in September for 11 days of golf with 6 old buds from
Ontario including Past President Senator Tony Foubert 31149 and a past Jaycee/friend Dave Macklem who I helped
convince to join Jaycees back in the early 70’s!! Wow, where has that 30 plus years gone? A good reunion and the
weather was great, the golf courses outstanding and my personal golfing …pathetic would pretty much sum it up. I’ve
turned into a temporary hooker!! (Of the ball)

Looks like Barney and Bernie are having great success contacting many Senators whom we have not heard from in a long
time. Good work gents. In addition I have had a peak at the Senate Website banner Alan Salmon has been tinkering with.
Outstanding is the only word that comes to mind.

Bonnie and I will be moving out of town to a small home in the country near the airport and the golf course we are
members of and taking possession date is October 29. So we have some things to sort out this month including selling our
condo! Details on our new address will be advised as soon as we have moved.

In the meantime stay well. Please keep those contributions coming and don’t forget to sign up for the Burlington Crew
Meeting 2008 during May 16 - 18. Cheers.

                         Past President – Senator William G Enefer 8136 –

Carole and I attended the Region 6 - US JCI Senate Fall Board Meeting in Fargo, North Dakota and enjoyed their Mid
West hospitality very much. It was only 220 miles south of Winnipeg. We had been to Fargo many times before the spike
in the exchange rate but now we were traveling at par with the US dollar. Oh, what a great feeling for the pocket book!
However, we’ve learned recently that merchants in the US are charging a higher exchange, unless you have US Travelers
cheques, so don’t leave home without them.

A US JCI Senate Regional Board Meeting lasts only three hours, where you can learn a lot about the operations of the US
JCI Senate and the rest of the weekend was Hospitality Room and other fellowship. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend
any US JCI Senate Regional Board Meeting. The fellowship is great! The next Region 6 Fall BOD Meeting is in St Paul/
Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 3-5 , 2008. We’ll be there! Barney usually promotes US JCI Senate Regional Board
Meetings in the Senate Newsletter. I encourage you to attend this event in your area. You’ll get an understanding how the
US JCI Senate operates and decide whether you want to adopt any of their programs.

We approved the formation of the Long Range Planning Committee in Winnipeg at Crew 2007. I attended the US JCI
Senate Fall Board Meeting in Fargo to determine the findings of their Future Directions Committee, to pick up some ideas.
Unfortunately, I learned that the US JCI Senate Future Directions Committee was not focused on their mandate, so we’ll
have to come up with a truly Canadian solution, which we can share with them. We’re all life members of JCI International,
so we’re all in this together. Many great ideas have come from Canada in the past, let’s share them.

What are your suggestions for the growth and development of the Canada JCI Senate?
                   Secretary Treasurer Barney C. Ziola 14018 –

I only have two more of “The road we travel” articles for the November/December 2007 and January 2008 Newsletters.
Come on Senators between 72 and 40000 send me in some more articles for future Newsletters. From the comments that
I have received, other members of the Canada JCI Senate are really enjoying the comments that we have received and
published in the past.
                               “The road we travel” – Senator Richard A Chapman 25929

It has been a while since I received my JCI Senate Newsletter because I moved and forgot to change my address.
I went on the internet and E-Mailed Barney and now I am back on the list. This high tech stuff is great.

I started with the Jaycees in Belleville in the early sixties when Kingston Jaycees chartered Belleville and I was involved
with the Belleville, Fort William, Charter President of the Don Mills Jaycees and finally in 1972 I joined the Guelph Jaycees
as Past President. You may wonder why so many spread out clubs, but I was in the aircraft business as an aircraft
engineer. I traveled from one end of Canada to the other in small airplanes and traveled the world in larger ones with

I lived in California for a couple of years and Scotland for a year. I attended Jaycee meetings in Gander NL, Calgary AB,
Newcastle NB (now called Miramichi), Thunder Bay ON, Hayward, San Jose, Oakland, and Sausalito, Los Angeles in
California as well as other places in the US. The World conference in Amsterdam, Holland, Prestwick, Scotland, London,
England, Cologne, Germany, Sweden and Denmark as well as Columbia in South America.

After Wardair was sold to Canadian Pacific Airways, I started an aircraft dealership in Guelph, but it didn’t work, so I went
into the computer business, becoming the first AutoCAD (computer aided design) dealer west of Toronto, where I
branched out with computerized floor plan software until just recently.
My Jaycee training was invaluable throughout my life and I have been a Rotarian for 23 years as well as Chair of Crime
Stoppers of Wellington County.

I am now retired and would like to keep in touch with a number of Jaycees. I love to read the Canada JCI Senate
Newsletter and see where and what many of my old friends are doing. When I was with Don Mills Jaycees I flew to
Jaycees event with Jerry Knapp 15908 and John Gardner to the convention in Calgary in 1970 or there about, meeting up
with three more aircraft at Fort William and making a convoy to Calgary, where we had a great time, even going to the
Stampede and having breakfast with the cowboys.

It was great talking to Barney and I hope to see all of you in Burlington.

                             Canada JCI Senate Webmaster –Senator Alan D Salmon 12323

The home page for has a new look and I’ve had some nice comments about the new images
at the top of the page. This is the 1 step in a total rewrite of the website. We’ve used the current format for about five
years and it’s a bit tired. Over the next six months I will be updating the site with the new layout. Another reason for the
change is that Past President Senator Daniel MacLaren 41351 will be taking over the job of Webmaster next May and I
want to make it easier for him to keep it up to date.

              Canada JCI Senate Ambassador to the US JCI Senate – Senator Russell W Cooper 4638 –

           US JCI Senate Ambassador to Canada – Senator Bruce L Geddes 35527 –

As I write this my wife Jean and I are getting ready to travel to Toronto. We will be attending the Annual Gourmet Dinner at
the Albany Club in downtown Toronto. This event chaired by Senator Russ Cooper 4368, is also the 75 anniversary of the
Toronto Junior Board of Trade and we are looking forward to a fine evening. In December I plan to attend the Toronto JCI
Senate Annual Meeting and elections.

In September I traveled to Calgary with President Bernie and had a great time at the JCI Canada Annual Meeting. Thank
you to Senators Pete Kennedy 7876 and Jim Dokken 31197 for the fine hospitality while I was in Calgary. It was great to
see these guys. While out for a walk about President Bernie and I did visit one of the best Irish pubs outside of Ireland,
even the food was great. I must also thank Senator Patty Auger 65436 who chair the meeting. Patty and her crew did a
great job and took good care of Bernie and me. I found the elections very interesting as there was a contested race for

The first week of October I traveled to Charleston West VA, which is the site of the US JCI Senate Annual Meeting next
June? A few of us played the course that the foundation golf outing will be on, it is tough but a lot of fun. The hotel is very
nice, a Marriott that is downtown with a large mall (lots of shopping) just across the street. If you would like more
                                                                                                        th    th
information please contact me. Our next big meeting is our Winter Board in Daytona Beach Jan. 24 -27 .
                                      2008 Canada JCI Senate Crew Meeting
             Co-Chairs Senators William L Fournier 25146, Dennis Mackey 29093, Alan D Salmon 12323

The committee continues to work hard at planning for a great weekend next May. Our early bird registration has ended
and we now have 92 registrations, which we think is a record for this early in the registration process.

The highlights of the weekend will be the recognition of Past Canada JCI President Sydney J Harmon 17443 on Saturday
morning; the Saturday afternoon trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake to visit the historic village plus a tour of a winery; a fabulous
President’s banquet Saturday night when we say farewell to President Bernie Gilbank 22233, and a presentation from Carl
Hiebert at the brunch on Sunday morning when Carl will share with us his amazing story. Confined to a wheel chair since
1981, he astounded Canadians by flying his open cockpit ultra light aircraft 5,000 miles across Canada. When he landed
at Expo ’86 in Vancouver he achieved what many people thought was impossible and transformed an agonizing obstacle
into an inspirational achievement. In the process of writing aviation history, he demonstrated that even when you can’t
walk, you can fly. His story is inspirational and his pictures are amazing.

And of course we will have a large comfortable hospitality room that will be open longer than previous Crew Meetings. So
who’s coming? Here’s a partial list; Jackie and Neville Clare 19719 (Perth, Australia), Gloria and Lloyd Stockdale 20377,
Sandra and Jim Dokken 31197, Barbara and George Fraser 2780 (Seaside, Oregon), Kathleen and George Brunton 8391,
Rosemary Gordon Maple Leaf 148, Marilyn Salmon Maple Leaf 001, Carol and Gregory Henn 29274, Naida and Donald
Prescott 3376, and more. Shouldn’t your name be on this list?
We will only be able to accommodate 130 attendees on the Niagara-on-the-Lake tour on Saturday afternoon. Tickets for
the two buses will be allocated as we receive your registrations. With 70% of the tickets gone, you should not wait to

Now would be an excellent time for you to send in your registration. The form can be found at the end of this Newsletter or
you can register online at

                               Chairman Mid Canada JCI Senate - Gordon Z. Kraushar 5860

Also, we’ll have individual tickets available for the President’s Banquet on Saturday night and the Sunday Brunch.
Four Mid Canada Senators attended the Region 6 US JCI Senate meeting in Fargo ND, two weeks ago and a great time
was had by all. It is interesting that they have Senators in attendance with much larger Senate numbers than we do. I had
the distinction of having the lowest Senate number at the meeting. We promoted attendance for them to come to
Burlington and handed out application forms.

The Mid Canada Senate will be having a business meeting to discuss a number of important matters on how to make our
Mid Canada JCI Senate more effective. We would hope that everyone had a wonderful summer, and is enjoying a
beautiful autumn day. It was so nice the other day that I to played golf with Bill Enefer 8136 now...
                       Past President Mid Canada JCI Senate – Senator Michael E Pearson 25378
Hi everyone - 4 couples made the trip to Fargo ND last weekend to repay the support they showed us last May at Crew
'007 ... what a blast!!!! Friday night hospitality suite featured a hot supper, followed by a bus trip to a local "Hooter's" for all
the wings you could eat - FREE - and beer at $5 a pitcher (served 6).

Saturday morning meeting (9:00 – 11:30), a great buffet lunch, then free time until 6pm - some of the guys went golfing;
others spent money at the West Acres Mall or elsewhere. Supper was a great baked chicken dinner, followed by “Are you
smarter than a fifth grader” - Senate style - numerous fundraiser raffles, a live and a silent auction.

The welcome banner read - WELCOME REGION 6 AND "CANADIAN" SENATORS and our flag flew prominently next to
theirs AND our National Anthem was sung at open and close ceremonies. AGAIN - as Senators, we should be
participating as much as possible, both locally and internationally - we won't be around forever, so might as well get out
and have fun while we still can.

Watch for our next local meeting in the near future - Come out and have a say in your future and that of the Mid-Canada
Region ...Find out what the JCI Winnipeg are up to - ( they now almost outnumber us by two to one !!!! ).

HARMATY, Jim 31809 – Erie County Medical Center, Room 508, 462 Grider St, Buffalo, NY 14215 (R716-893-2138) –
Hello! It has been just about three years since I last submitted an article for the Newsletter. The first item I would like to
discuss is the passing of 1979-1981 Past Canada JCI Senate President Gordon S Lowry 6727. My fist memory of Gordon
was in 1983 when I attended the US Jaycee/JCI Senate convention in Hartford, CT, That was my first National function
since becoming a JCI Senator. At that time Senator Pete Kennedy 7876 of Calgary was the outgoing President of the
Canada JCI Senate. While a special presentation of a clock was being made to him, there was Gordon standing up
making humorous comments and jokes during the proceedings. Functions such as US & Canadian JCI Senate, Amerada
conferences, US & Canadian Crew Meetings were a great love to him and his wife Blanche. Senator Gordon Lowry was a
class individual and I will surely miss him.
The other topic I would like to touch upon is my self. As many of you already know I have suffered a medical accident that
has now placed me in a nursing home. I would like to extend a big “THANK YOU” to all Canadian JCI Senators and their
wives for their prayers, cards and letters, telephone calls and especially time taken out of their busy schedules to travel
long distances from places like Montreal, Ottawa, Oshawa, Toronto and the Hamilton areas. Even a little over a year ago; I
was fortunate to have a visit from Senator Gordon Lowry and his wife Blanche. In closing though I will probably never walk
again, I will miss coming to your beautiful nation for JCI Senate events, CFL and the Grey Cup games.

May I state too, one of my greatest joys for six years (1989-1995) was to represent the US JCI Senate as its Ambassador
to the Canada JCI Senate? I am yours in the JCI Senate Spirit. (Jim – All Canadian JCI Senators and our wives who met
you in person will never forget our “Weeds” friend and wish you the best for the future. I also remember how you became
the Ambassador as Senators James Dokken 31197; J Andy Lyons 23119 and I helped you attain that honour – Barney).

HARPER, James B 3224 – 1812 – 53 Thorncliffe Park Dr, Toronto, ON M4H 1L1 (R416-423-1954) (E-Mail: – Sorry about losing contact but just another senior moment. They seem to be more frequent
these days. (James – Unfortunately we are all having too many senior moments lately – Bernie).
BROWN, Christopher W 20105 – 2149 Tina Road, Burlington, ON L7M 3R7 (R905-331-7407)(E-Mail: –Had a great time meeting old friends and making new ones at the Crew Meeting
in Winnipeg. IT was especially nice to see Gordon S Lowry 6727 one last time. He was a fixture in Chimo Region during
my active Jaycees years along with Harry O Weldon 5881 and Barney C Ziola 14018 with the Ottawa Jaycees. Gordon
seemed to really enjoy the weekend even in his personal discomfort he lived life well. (Chris – Yes that was a very good
time during our younger Jaycee days – Barney).

JACKSON, Raymond E 13437 – 2137 Nipigon Dr, Oakville, ON L6H 4E4 (R905-849-0699) (Fax: 905-849-7626)(E-Mail: – Always great to hear from the so called “exhausted roosters”, i.e., over 40 crowd pinned as
Senators…exhausted roosters of distinguished service. It would be nice to have a long overdue Oakville, Burlington and
invited gold day as in the past. I am willing to work with Senator Chris Brown 20105 on this type of event. (Raymond – Why
not come to 2008 Burlington Crew Meeting and golf with the rest of the Senators– Bernie).

SINTON, Therersa R 41756 – 1736 Triple R Road, Sicamous, BC V0E 2V0 (R250-836-46113) (E-Mail: – How quickly a year passes! The past year has been difficult with my father being ill and
passing away so soon after the loss of mother. But I am trying to move forward with my new life as a retired person. I am
spending my time pursuing art classes, acting in local theatre productions and welcoming old friends and acquaintances
that stop by for visit while passing here. Any time left is spent on the lakes in my new 19’ pontoon boat. Feel free to stop by
if you are in the area or passing here. (Theresa – Molly and I just spent ten days fishing on Lac des Roche near 100 Mile
House and my friends Martha & John Romailler and Rita & Ed Jolly from Sicamous did not make it – Barney).

ROBART-MORGAN, David J 27291 – Rugari Ridge, RR # 1, 5868 First Line, Orton, ON L0N 1N0 (R519-855-4136)
(E-Mail: (Janet) – Hello Bernie and Barney. Hope all is well with you and your families. I
enjoy the Newsletter and the coming and going that takes place in all our busy lives. I have retired from active service and
am enjoy doing what I want to do although I still have my brokers’ license. (David – It is about time you retired and stopped
to smell the flowers – Bernie & Barney).

TIMMS, Roy 37026 – 11 Oak Court, Welland, ON L3C 4V1 (R905-735-1054) (Fax: 905-734-4220) (E-Mail: (Wendy ML 140) – Keep up the great Newsletter. Wendy is teaching at Niagara College and
I keep active in Rotary and growing my building design & construction company. Our projects vary in size. Currently we are
doing our largest project approaching 25,000,000 in Ontario. We also do refrigerated structures marketing components
throughout North America. The leadership skills initiated in Jaycees has been invaluable. I am looking forward to the Crew
Meeting in Burlington. (Roy – Thanks for the contribution and I am looking forward to seeing you in Burlington – Bernie).

LAMEY, W Daniel – 13050 SW 109 Place, Miami, FL 33176 (R305-259-4209)(Fax: 305-667-7840)(E-Mail: – Dear Barney/Bernie – I am not sure of the reason but I have been remiss in not
sending my contribution for awhile, but here it is. Perhaps it’s my two kids Catherine & William that keep me so
preoccupied or fifteen years of being an entrepreneur. My business partner Frank Ferrer and I have been building our
event management company since leaving JCI with same services. We organize a significant portion of international trade
events for 3 US Government trade agencies and the US Department of State. We also have simultaneous translation
companies in the US and Ottawa. I also manage to get home to our cottage on Melmesley Beach in Pictou County, NS for
most of July each year. My partner Frank was Secretary General of the Montreal JCI World Congress in 1984 and we both
wish the Quebec City Committee much success. (Daniel – It sure is nice to hear from you again after all those years. I
remember that I was working the bar in the Senators Hospitality room at that World Congress and went to the bathroom to
get another case of beer cooling in the bathtub when the telephone rang, I picked it up and guess what – Molly was on the
other end calling from Richmond, BC just to inform me that she had purchased a new car without my permission. I also
remember the 1984 JCI World Congress as my fishing buddy Senator Ed Hayward 20317 from the US and I both ended
up in the Victoria Hospital for a part of one day. In my case it probably was the telephone call from Molly that put me in
hospital and not the same reason (?) that my buddy Ed ended up there. If any one knows the reason both of us ended up
in the same hospital on the same day, please advise Molly & Natasha – Barney).

JOUBERT, Kenneth V 3253 – 1492 Fiddick Cres, Nanaimo, BC V9X 1P5 (R250-722-3185) (Fax: 250-722-7197) (E-Mail: (Fern) – Keep up the good work Barney.

CAMPBELL, Maurice 2114 – 218 – 60 Rue Perreault, Trois-Rivieres, QC G8T 9S2 (R819-379-2877) (Lucienne) – Dear
Barney. I shall turn 88 years old on November 28 and thanks to the divine providence, my health is good. My wife is in a
hospital for long standing treatment but she still recognizes me and the children. Her condition is stable with her
medication and we are more in love than every! One year too late, but better late then never, and very humbly. I say that I
have never received my JCI Senate Pin. I kept postponing my letter. The occasion of sending my contribution gives me the
opportunity to ask for it. There are only three survivors of our 1952 – 1953 St. Maria Valley district Officers and we still
remember the good times. Keep the news coming and kindest regards to all and well wishes. (Maurice – I will try and get
you the JCI Senate Pin that was issued when you were presented your Senatorship away back. Thanks for your
contribution and comments – Barney).
MARCOTTE, David L 2191 – 703 – 3855 Southwinds Dr, Windsor, ON N9G 2N2 (R519-977-1673) (Patricia) – I am sorry
for not being more active with the contributions. I don’t know many Jaycees or Senators lately and not many familiar
names. This is a real job writing this as my hand is partly lame from a stroke a year ago. The Doctor was supposed to
operate on the right hand and than the left. Shingles set in on my right hip that needs a new one also. My computer is dead
lately, thus the hand writing and note my change of address. (David – Thanks for you change of address – Barney).

STOCKDALE, Lloyd L 20377 – 19A Cundles Road East, Barrie, ON L4M 5L1 (R705726-9011)(Fax: 705-728-3016)(E-Mail: Just to bring you to speed – December 15, 2006 I had prostate surgery and March 2007 went
on hormone treatment, then on July 24, 2007 I started radiation treatment and completed treatment on September 11,
2007. I think things are okay, but only time will tell. I have registered for the 2008 Crew Meeting in Burlington. Sorry for the
delay in my contribution and will see you in May 2008. (Lloyd – Glad to hear you’re on the mend and look forward to seeing
you in Burlington – Bernie).

CLARK, Robert W 6072 – 1587 St. Lawrence Ave, Kingston, ON K7L 4V1 (R613-546-0022) (Fax: 613-546-5215) (E-Mail: (Myrna) – Hello Senator ( – “Will the real Ben Benson please stand
up”. Do you recall using this phrase at dinners of the Kingston Jaycees in the 60’s? When I joined the Jaycees in 1968 our
President was Dennis Ryan. We’ve lost track and hopefully you are the real Dennis Ryan. (Robert – I hope you and Myrna
are both attending the Crew Meeting in Burlington in May 2008 – Barney).

MATTHEWS, Obed I 1689 – 14 Costello Ave, Nepean, ON K2H 7C4 (R613-829-0328)(E-Mail: – As a faithful contributor in early October 2006, I suggest form letter E-Mail of
early September 2007 is somewhat premature. None the less my cheque is enclosed. (Obed – Don’t feel bad as Barney
sends me one every year in the month prior to my full year being completed. But this practice has always given everyone a
period of time to mull his contribution over before sending it in – Bernie).

WILLIAMS, David G 14971 – 1 Kingfisher Dr, Penticton, B C V2A 8K6 (R250-492-5114) – Sorry I took so long in sending
in my contribution and thanks for jogging my memory. I hope this will help. (David – Late is better than never - Bernie).

PICHE, Raymond E 4892 – 18 View Ridge Dr, Novato, CA 94949 (R415-883-7246) (Fax: 415-883-7246) (E-Mail: (Laurie) – I would probably reactivate my involvement with the Senators if they were closer to
Novato. My friends in Winnipeg appear to have done a great job this spring and I might say as usual. With the Senators
there I had a most enjoyable time when I was living there. I wish to congratulate Bill Enefer for his outstanding contribution
as head of the Senators in the past year.

THOMSON, Larry P 33371/Karen 52424 – 48 Hull St, Ansonia, CT 06401 (R203-734-4719) (Fax: 203-736-6979) (E-Mail: – Greetings to all and enclosed is our contribution for the year. We
bumped the amount this year as our dollar has declined a bit, must be some sort of left/right wing conspiracy. Karen and I
will be near Estc Hazy, SA for a family re-union next August (2 weekend) and we are also looking forward to another
great Crew Meeting. Wishing all of you the best (No Gary I have not quit yet, but working on it). (Karen & Larry – Josette is
making her shopping list because of the high C dollar. Look out US stores – Bernie).

MACKLEM, William T 2106 – 429 – 11230 – 1204 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 2X8 (R780-466-3071) (E-Mail: (Madeleine) – Barney – A nice piece in the Edmonton Journal September 26, 2007 about Senator
Bruce Hogle 38026 as reported below: -

                                                   Man for the Millennium

Bruce Hogle 78 was named one of our 100 Edmontonians of the Century. But it looks as if he’s looking for a similar award
this new millennium. The 32 year veteran of CFRN (now CTV) will be inducted into the Canadian Association of
Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame in November. And it is for his ongoing broadcast work that he was honored at Sutton Place
Friday night by the National Broadcast Reading Service (NBRS) a charity licensed by the CRTC. Members recognized him
as a life member for work as an Alberta Directory.

“The role of the NBRS is to establish local broadcasting Centres across Canada to provide the reading of daily and weekly
newspapers and magazines 24/7 to the 4.3 million Canadians who are blind, print-restricted, disabled or illiterate,” says
Hogle. “We have also just been licensed for a 24 hour TV station which will be the only one in Canada where all programs
will be fully described”.

Hogle was recently announced as this year’s recipient of the Waldo Ranson Spirit of Edmonton Award. The award is
presented each year by the Edmonton Grey Cup Committee in memory of the late Waldo Ranson,” says committee
Chairman Bruce Keltie. “Just like Waldo, Bruce has given his time unstintingly to charities and to help make Edmonton a
better place to live”.
On Tuesday, Hogle addressed a first year University of Alberta medical students’ geriatric workshop and told tomorrow’s
doctors communication was the most important thing, not just for seniors, but everyone.

On October 11, Hogle and his son Steve now Vice President Communications for the Alberta Research Council, have
been invited by CRTC Commissioner and Rotarian Peter Senchuk to speak to the downtown Rotary Club on any topic.
Both are veteran news Directors with strong views on the media and society. No prize for guessing their topic.

ZIOLA, Barney C 14018 – 8500 Bairdmore Cres, Richmond, BC V7C 1M7 (R604-271-0788)(E-Mail: – Received a telephone call from Senator John W Burke 11611 who is visiting Canada for
a family reunion with his son. We only had a short call as they were heading downtown Vancouver for lunch and then
driving to Edmonton. John said that someone by the name of Senator Neville C Clare 19719 said he better telephone me
when in Vancouver. Well Neville he did call and we had a good conversation which included stories about you in Australia.
I told him about you trying to take a Bug Zapper back home and Custom Officials would not allow you to import it into
Australia. Well Neville – John and I decided that you were too dangerous with any kind of a tool in your hand.

CONWAY, Robert J 47976 – 7 Wabush Place, St. John’s, NL A1E 5V3 (R709-368-5801) (E-Mail:
(Anne Marie) – Thank you for the reminder of not contributing lately. Please note to switch me to E-Mail to help control
costs. Please use the contribution in whichever way you see fit. Keep up the good work. (Robert – We thank you for
supporting the organization and helping us reduce the overall cost – Barney).

KEYES, Kenneth A 725 – 339 Norman Rogers Dr, Kingston, ON K7M 2R9 (R613-546-5733) (E-Mail: (Carrie) Good to see the continued work of the JCI Senate. Congratulations to Barney for such
faithful and excellent work. Not many of we old timers left, but I enjoy seeing the names of those I worked with in the 60’s
and 70’s. (Kenneth – Yes Barney is one of a kind, but Molly is the Boss and driving force – Bernie).

MCDONALD, Keith R 25789 – 17 Ziralda Road, St. Catharines, ON L2N 6S7 (R905-646-1617) (E-Mail: (Lois) – I am sorry Bernie and we have now recovered from a family business failure in 2001
and have found our way back by the grace of God from the resulting personal bankruptcy. Herewith is a small contribution
to help cover past mailing cost and please use my E-Mail address for future Newsletters. (Keith – We are glad that you are
back on your feet and good wishes in the future – Bernie).

TROYAN, Sue 58302 – 21 Pinecreek Road, Waterdown, ON L0R 2N5 (R905-690-1546) (Scott) – I do not have a home
E-Mail and my work E-Mail will not allow personal mail, Sorry. (Sue – No problem the Newsletter will be sent by regular
mail as usual – Bernie).

WENTZELL, Darrell E 14583 – 27 Elmdale Cres, Halifax, NS B3R 2G4 (R902-477-3664) (Anita) – Please accept my
apology for the tardiness. (Darrell – The Newsletter will be send by regular mail as usual – Barney).

The Executive would also like to thank the following Senators for their financial contribution:
KEATING, A Jennie 42959                  MCKEE, Robert C 1663                       MORGAN, Richard L 26501
MORGAN, Annie ML 068                     TYNKALUK, William G 4050                   DANKO, Donald JF 6151
DALE, Milton J 5023                      NARDOCCHIO, Camilo E 5835                  BOROTSIK, Dennis A 31515
CARUANA, Joseph E 9400                   MARKS, Peter 20407                         CHARTRAND, Jean-Paul 2872
WHITE, John D 38597                      KEEPING, Cecil 25704                       GILES, Donald J 40451
GREENHALGH, George T 3010                LAWRENCE, Daryl B 34301                    LAWSON, David A 25149
LICHTY, Wilbur A 905                     MACDONALD, George A 12378                  MARTENS, Len 33359
MARTIN, Laurence L 47565                 MISENER, Larry J 36341                     RANKIN, John 47977
BARNARD, Alan R 8315                     BOWIE, Robert G 28795                      FLEWITT, James W 2973
KRESS, Fred 54744
                                                                  Yours in the Senate Spirit,

                                                                   Senator/Senateur Bernard Gilbank 2233
                                                                   President – Canada JCI Senate
                                                                   16 Darrach Street, Charlottetown PE C1C 1E1
                                                                   (R) 902-629-1635/E-Mail
                       2008 Canada JCI Senate Meeting of the Crew - Registration
                                                  Burlington, ON Canada
                                                  May 16 – May 18, 2008

FIRST NAME: _______________________________________ LAST NAME: _________________________________

SENATOR NO; __________________ GOVERNOR NO: ___________ MAPLE LEAF NO: _______________________

ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________________________________

CITY: ________________________ PROVINCE/STATE: __________________ POSTAL/ZIP CODE: ______________

PHONE: _____________________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________

PARTNER’S FIRST NAME: ___________________________PARTNER’S LAST NAME_________________________

SENATOR NO: ___________________ GOVERNOR NO: __________________ MAPLE LEAF NO: _______________

                                              REGISTRATION FEES/Per Person

Regular Registration (Until January 31, 2008)     - $150.00      No. of Registrations: _____       Total:   _________

Late Registrations (After January 31, 2008)       - $175.00      No. of Registrations:   _____     Total:   _________

Golf Friday May 16, 2008 - $75.00 (Includes golfing and cart):   No. of Registrations:   _____     Total:   _________

                                                                 TOTAL FEES:         _________

Payment Method:

___ Cheque                         ___ Visa              ___ Mastercard                   ___ American Express

Cardholder Name: _________________________________________________________________________________

Cardholder Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________ Prov/State: ___________________ PC/Zip: __________________________

Card Number: _______________________ Expiry Date: ____________ Verification No. (3 or 4 digits) _______________

Make cheque payable to: 2008 JCI Crew Meeting.
Mail cheque to: Nancy Salmon at 4 – 2880 Queen Street East, Ste 121, Brampton, ON Canada L6S 6H4

Hotel Location: Burlington Holiday Inn, 3063 South Service Road, Burlington, ON L7N 3E9 (1-888-987-4888)

The hotel rate is $115.00 single or double. The Conference Code is 18212

Do you require a special meal? ……………………………………..                       ____ Yes           ____ No

For further information contact:      Nancy Salmon at 647-722-4741 or
                            US JCI SENATE REGION 7 MEETING
                             GATLINBURG 2008 - FEB 28 - MAR 02
Come join the fun and help us Celebrate “GAME DAY - 2008” - Famous Tennessee Hospitality with Friends across
America! Wear your team colors for the “FRIDAY NIGHT TAILGATE PARTY.” MARCH MADNESS begins in

Name (Print): ______________________________________________________ Senate #: ______________
Spouse/Guest: _______________________________________________ Senate #: _____________________
Address: _________________________ City: _____________ State/Prov: ___ Zip/Postal Code: _________
Phone (H): _________________ Phone (W): _____________________ E-MAIL: ______________________
               ARRIVAL (Circle): T F S Sun.                         DEPART (Circle):   T   F S Sun.

REGISTRATION      • Each Person 18 and over must Register as an Adult
                     • No Charge for Children under 18, for Hospitality only. Meals are extra.

Each registration includes: All Hospitality and Access for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, Friday Lunch;
Saturday Lunch; and Saturday Night Banquet.

REGISTRATION:       $85 per Adult _________         x         $85       =       _________________
      Additional Tickets - Friday Lunch     _________         x        $12.50   =     __________________
                            Saturday Lunch _______            x        $12.50   =     __________________
                            Sat. Banquet Tickets ___          x        $40      =      _________________
            Hospitality per day             _________         x        $20      =      _________________

   AFTER February 15th -- PER ADULT           _________       x        $20      =      _________________
                                                      TOTAL ENCLOSED        $ ________________
                                                       Check No: _____________ Date Received: ___________

                **************** “FRIDAY NIGHT “TAILGATE PARTY” (Mini-States Party) ****************
              ____ CHECK HERE if your State will be participating in the Friday Night Mini-States Party
(Prizes will be awarded)           Contact: Dawna Gruver, Cell: 931-624-4710 Fax: 931-484-3201
         Indicate if you are interested in the Friday GOLF Outing _____________ (cost to be determined).

COMPLETE FORM AND MAIL WITH CHECK payable to Gatlinburg 2008 TO:

                      Peggy Collier                           Phone: 865-376-5914
                      126 Arsenault Crossing          Fax:    865-376-0466
                      Kingston, TN 37763            E-MAIL:

                              Park Vista Resort Hotel –GATLINBURG TENNESSEE
                              705 Cherokee Orchard Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
                                     1-800-421-7275 or FAX: (865) 430-7533
                         King or Double Queen - JCI Group Rate $82.00 per night plus tax
THE CANADA JCI SENATE                                       E SENAT JCI DU CANADA

PLEASE PRIN                                       ENLETTRES MOULEES
NAME/NOM                                          SENATOR # / # SENATEUR
CITY/VILLE                                        BUSINESS ADDRESS/ADRESSE D’AFFAIRES
POSTAL CODE/CODE POSTAL                           CITY/VILLE
FAX NUMBER                                        E-MAIL ADDRESS (Please print clearly)

Please print or write your comments for the Newsletter:
S'il vous plait, dites nous Ce guise passé chez vous ET envoyez-nous vos commentaires:

Enclosed is a financial contribution of my choice:
Contribution financiere de Mon choix ci-incluse:                       ____________
Contribution also enclosed for Canada J.C.I. Directory:
Contribution aussi incluse pour l’annuaire du Senat J.C.I. du Canada   ____________

Please make cheque payable to:
Etabir le cheque an l’ordre de:                                 CANADA JCI SENATE/SENAT J.C.I. DU CANADA

Mail contribution and comments to:                              Senator/Senateur Bernard Gilbank 2223
Postez vos contribution ET commentaries a:                      President - Canada JCI Senate
                                                                16 Darrach Street, Charlottetown, PE C1C 1E1

Date: ____________________                                      Signature______________________________
                                              MISSING SENATORS LIST

ONTARIO                                                         ALBERTA
CHAPMAN, William A 48116 (Cornwall)                             ROGERS, Glen E 40308 (High River)
CHURCH, James F 52909 (Windsor)                                 SIMPSON, Gary M 48271 (Drumheller/BC)
CUFF, Malcolm N 59600 (Bath)                                    LEVESQUE, Carl E 48537 (Unknown)
DAVIES, Brian C 31327 (Windsor/Toronto)
GARDINER, Charlie 36975 (Blenheim)                              BRITISH COLUMBIA
LOUWERIER, Herman 36223 (London)                                GRAHAM, John L 46151 (Surrey)
MACNEIL, Hugh C 30460 (Mississauga)                             KUHN, George D 116 (Campbell River)
MAYO, Wanda D 61464 (Hamilton)
MCGRATH, Linda L 43289 (Waterloo)                               NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR
SPINDLER, W Richard 49775 (Ailsa Craig)                         WHELAN, Terrace P 44373 (Harbour Grace)
WAYRYNEN, Leo A 11190 (Thunder Bay)
                                                                TOTAL - 17
1 ___________________________________________               2 _________________________________________
_____________________________________________                 _________________________________________
_____________________________________________                 _________________________________________

                                               MISSING MAPLE LEAFS

ARCURRI, Joan 125 (Fort Saskatchewan, SK)               MANHAS, Lee 204 (Surrey, BC)
BEAUBIEN, Anne 235 (Edmonton, AB)                       MCKELLAR, Joyce 090 (St. Catharines, ON)
BEVILL, Jacquie 151 (Yorkton, SK)                       MCLEAN, Judi 196 (Bowmanville, ON)
BLAKE, Anna 270 (Bowmanville, ON)                       PETERSON, Carole 242 (Mississauga, ON)
GALES, Judy ML 158 (Whitby, ON)
GALLO, Diane 156 (Wetaskiwin, AB)                       SCHINKEL, Lucy 174 (Mississauga, ON)
JOHNSON, Judy 247 (BC/SK)                               SCOTT, Diane 048 (Thunder Bay, ON)
LUPOWSKI, Carole 285 (Brandon, MB)                      SKOG, Eileen 029 (Camrose, AB)

                                                      TOTAL – 14

                                            Canada JCI Senate - Supplies

(Please Print)
Name: First: _____________________________ Last: _____________________________Senate #:
______________Address: ___________________________City/Town: __________Prov/State ___________ Postal/Zip
Code ________
Men’s: ______ Ladies: ______ Size – XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL (please circle one)
Canada JCI Senate “Twill” Shirt Short Sleeve: Quantity: __________ X $__________ =            $ _________
Canada JCI Senate Oxford Shirt Long Sleeve: Quantity: __________ X $__________ =              $ _________
Canada JCI Senate Golf Shirt:                  Quantity: __________ X $__________ =           $ _________
Canada JCI Senate Golf Shirt with Pocket:      Quantity: __________ X $__________ =           $ _________
Canada JCI Senate Pins                         Quantity: __________ X $5.00 each         =    $ _________
Canada JCI Ties                                Quantity: __________ X $20.00 each        =    $ _________
                                                                                         TOTAL $ _________

Date: _______________________                                          Signature: ______________________________
1. The price for the Canada JCI Senate Short Sleeve Shirts is $48.00 for small, medium, large & extra large sizes. $52.00
for XXL & XXXL sizes. Long Sleeve Shirts are $52.00 for small, medium, large & extra large sizes. $56.00 for XXL & XXXL
2. The above prices include shipping and handling.
3. Please make cheque or money order payable to Canada JCI Senate.
4. Mail order & cheque or money order to: Senator Paul C Winger, 403 – 1229 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC. V1Y 6R3
5. If you have any questions call: 250-860-3444 or E-Mail:

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