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									               What Is The Wisconsin Lemon Law?
We all need some form of transportation. Most of the commuters in Wisconsin use automobiles
for getting to and from work. The vast majority of these owners purchased their cars from a
used car dealer. Legislators purposely wrote the Wisconsin lemon law to help protect
consumers from fraud and ease their financial worries.
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On literature and movies, authors depict used car dealers as scam artists. Indeed, some sell used
cars in poor condition. This leaves the owner with expensive visits to mechanics. Anyone
buying a used vehicle should have it checked out by a professional who knows how to spot
problem cars. When owners take this step, it helps them to save money from the beginning of
the sale. They are not stuck with a lemon. Consumer advocates use the word lemon to describe
a vehicle that does not work well. It also describes a car that cannot be used for its intended
purpose. Car dealers sometimes sell cars that appear to be in working condition, but are far
from it. Consumers who purchase these cars find that they work about 24 hours and then totally
stop. Buyers should be aware of all the protection that the lemon law gives to them. People
naturally think that they need to communicate with the maker of the car, or the car company. A
buyer does not get money using this method.
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The WI lemon law provides consumers with legal protection. If the buyer is a victim of fraud,
then he can get his money back. The law does specify that the buyer is responsible for having
the car inspected. After the consumer has the car checked, he should make an educated decision
based on all the available information. This law covers the buyer, and it does allow for a refund
if the seller was misleading during the sale. If the consumer contacts the car company to get
money, the company usually responds that they are no longer responsible for the condition of
the vehicle once it left their factory or dealership.

Ideally, the lemon law would not be used much. A consumer, who has been wronged, needs a
lawyer. Someone familiar with the law will help get a settlement for the wronged party.
Lawyers know what works. When trying to get a refund from a car company or dealership, a
lawyer gives a person an advantage. Most of the time, car companies are not at fault when it
comes to lemons. Previous owners cause extra wear vehicles. They may have misused the car.
Used car dealers sell these cars that have no life left in them. It is their job to make money. It is
the consumers job not to get ripped off.
Without a lawyer, a buyer has a lemon on their hands.
People do not want cars that do not work, especially if they just purchased those cars.
Before buying a car, consumers need to research purchases. They should ask mechanics to
review their options. There is no reason to waste money on a lemon. A good lawyer can help
you get money back if necessary.
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