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Convert MKV to iPad on Mac


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                   How to Convert MKV to iPad on Mac?

If you just get a new iPad, one of the things you probably want to do is to transfer your
favorite MKV files to your iPad. Since MKV format files do not work with iPad, you
need to convert these files to iPad friendly format first.

iPad Movie Converter for Mac can help you convert MKV and other popular video
format to iPad compatible format fast and conveniently. Besides, it can also serve as a
video editor, which possesses lots of powerful editing functions, such as trimming
cropping and merging videos. With this wonderful Mac MKV to iPad Converter, you
can convert MKV to iPad on Mac within a few clicks. This article is written down to
tell you how to operate the MKV to iPad Converter Mac.

Step-by-step Guide:

Step 1: Free download the converter, install and run it. Then drag and drop MKV files to the
iPad Movie Converter for Mac or click the "Add File" button to import MKV files.

Step 2: You just need to choose iPad Video (*.mp4) as output format from the output format
list. The default video settings have been optimized already. The target videos could fit on
your video perfectly.
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Step 3: Hit the "Convert" button to convert MKV to iPad on Mac. Bingo! That's it!

When the conversion is done you can upload the MKV to your iPad and watch MKV files on
iPad Mac any time you like! I'd like to say, this professional Mac MKV to iPad Converter is
specially design for iPad user to convert and transfer MKV to iPad for Mac.

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