Attention                    NRA BASIC PISTOL COURSE                                        Ladies and seniors
      New shooters!                  PLUS LEGAL ASPECTS BRIEFING                                    Especially welcome!

      NRA Certified Instructors: Marcia Guilford, Ike Eisenhauer, and Sgt. Ralph Warren (TPD).
Course Goal: To teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for owning and using a handgun
safely. Sergeant Ralph Warren of the Titusville Police Department covers the legal aspects of firearms ownership
and use. We teach safety and marksmanship in a relaxed environment, for beginners.

 Place and time: Titusville Rifle & Pistol Club, third Saturdays when held, 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

 To sign up for the class,

         1.   MANDATORY! Call “Craig” at 321-749-3096 to register.

         2.   Bring the $50 CASH fee with you to class. NO Checks.

Learning Objectives: Each student will learn....                 Hatbill Road                                   Mims
- The gun safety rules.
- The parts of handguns, and how they function.                                   State Road 46
- How to handle handguns safely.
                                                                                       4.3 miles
- The components, and proper storage, of ammunition.          1/2 mile
- The fundamentals of pistol shooting.                                                                          Exit 223
- Firing range procedures.                                                      TRPC
- How to shoot from the bench rest and standing positions.
- How to sight in a handgun, and score a target.                                                         I-95
- How to safely clean a handgun.                           Pavement
- The basic guidelines for buying a handgun.
- Ways to enjoy shooting activities after the course.
                                                           ends here
- The legal aspects of firearms ownership and use.
What to bring:

1. We supply the guns and ammunition for the class: top-of-the-line .22 rim fire pistols and revolvers. Upon
mastering the fundamentals, student-owned guns can be used. Therefore, bring your handgun, if you have one.
Bring 50 rounds of factory loaded ammunition for it. No reloaded ammunition.
2. Eye protection. Your choice of glasses, sunglasses, or safety goggles.
3. Your own earmuffs, if you have them. We provide disposable earplugs, and can lend earmuffs. We use plugs
AND muffs for all shooting with ammo bigger than .22 long rifle.
4. A bag lunch.
5. Insect repellent and sun block as required. We spend 7 hours in the classroom, and 3 hours outdoors shooting.

WARNING: Don’t bring ANY ammunition into the classroom!

We provide: the NRA basic pistol textbook, safety rule brochures, and targets. Upon course completion, you’ll
receive an official NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course certificate recognized by the Florida Department of State as
one of the several necessary items needed to get a concealed weapon permit.

Special Bonus: Learn the truth about so-called “assault weapons.” This misleading issue is returning with a
vengeance, and we’ll show you the facts. You get to shoot a genuine Soviet-style AK-47S (semi-auto)!

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