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Tiger Fright Fest a haunting event


									                                                     Halloween                                                                           Why are there
                                                     happiness                                                                           violent

                                                     see page 12                                                                         see page 13

    Terra Nova Times
   Volume 3, Number 4                                                        Terra Nova High School                                         November 3, 2009

Tiger Fright Fest a haunting event
By Jessica Kalinin                     and run by the Peer Helpers.
Editor-in-chief                           Student bands like Whisper
                                       Drive and Mudcake caught the
                                       attention of all who attended, as
  This year marks the fourth an-       did the inflatable sparring arena.
nual Tiger Fest, but the first time       The Leadership Class put in
Tiger Fest has been in October.        the planning time and “mus-
Senior class president Meghan          cle” behind the event. They
McCarron said, “It was a nice          coordinated all of the differ-
change to have it in October.”         ent participants, in addition to
      Four years ago, the Peer         putting in the sheer legwork
Helpers, as part of their com-         for publicity and planning.
munity building project, created       ASB President Alex Sturm
a school carnival type of event,       thought “It was amazing. The
which they named Tiger Fest            event went off without a hitch.
and which had a drug and alco-         The weather cooperated. The
hol-prevention theme. The first        music was amazing, and cheers
annual Tiger Fest was in the first     to the Peer Helpers, that haunted
week of April and was a success.       house was straight up scary. [It’s]
The second and third annual Ti-        a great new Halloween tradition
ger Fests were also in March/          that can only get bigger and bet-
April, but they did not have the       ter from here. After weeks of
drug/alcohol-prevention         ele-   hard work from staff, students
ment. However, what they did           and parents the event paid off.”
have was weather difficulties.           Tiger Fest, from its inception,
One year was too windy, and            has had two goals: community
last year, it actually started to      outreach and fund-raising. This
rain just as things were getting       year, the haunted house was a
going. Because of these weath-         huge draw. With about $300,
er-related difficulties, Tiger Fest    the Peer Helpers were able to
organizers Mrs. Fornasier, Mr.         construct something that would
Stullman, Mrs. Jenkins, and the        scare anyone brave enough to en-
Peer Helpers wanted to move the        ter. Approximately 20 students,
event to the fall, when Pacifica       all in costume, staked out their
weather is more cooperative.           positions from which to scare the
      We couldn’t have gotten          brave souls who dared to enter.
luckier with the weather this              From a fund-raising perspec-
year. Bright blue skies, 70 de-        tive, the event was a modest suc-
gree temperatures, and a warm          cess. While groups did not seem
sun set the stage for an ex-           to be earning the $500+ that they
cellent event. Also new this           had in years past, some clubs
year was the addition of the           were able to clear respectable
participation of the Leader-           profits that they would be able to
ship Class and the Educational         use for future events. More than
Support Team, and a Haunted            anything, though, all involved
House, which was constructed           seemed to have a ton of fun.           Clockwise: Tiger Joust; Kaj gets painted; Mudcake entertains. (J. Kalinin and S. Clark)

Small changes, big impacts
By Erik Kvarna                                                                                                 sorts of materials, from natural    also defeats the purpose of an
Times staff writer                                                                                             fibers like hemp and cotton to      environmentally-friendly bag.
                                                                                                               recycled car tires and plastic         Reusable bags can also be
                                                                                                               bags. Hemp, nature’s “wonder        made from recycled plastic
                                                                                                               fiber,” is a popular material in    bags. Though they are one of
     Dude, bring your own bag.                                                                                 today’s green movement. Hemp        the most used sources for bags,
It’s not that hard to do some-                                                                                 grows well without pesticides,      the majority of plastic bags of-
thing good for the environment.                                                                                herbicides, or much water; the      ten end up in landfills as trash.
There are many alternatives to                                                                                 only way to grow it is organi-      According to sophomore Josh
used plastic or paper bags for                                                                                 cally. This can’t be said of cot-   Guevara, “Buy your own bag,
your shopping, including reus-                                                                                 ton and other natural fibers,       or use plastic bags as trash
able canvas and hemp bags.             Reusable or plastic? It’s an easy choice. (C. Hudson)                   which can also be grown or-         can liners or for your lunch.”
   There are biodegradable plas-                                                                               ganically, but at a heightened           Another green movement
tic bags, but biodegradable bags       of oil products to manufacture,        them lying in the street; they   cost to the consumer. Tradi-        now gaining momentum is
don’t help that much. They are         and they can’t be recycled. They       must be properly composted.      tional farming, using harmful
still plastic, which means that        naturally decompose, but that                On the other hand, reus-   pesticides and herbicides, low-
they still use massive amounts         doesn’t mean we can just leave         able shopping bags come in all   ers the cost of materials, but      See Impacts on page 14
2        Terra Nova Times                   November 3, 2009

Leadership update
By Meghan McCarron                                                       the Senior Ball in May 2010.          affordable and amazing. They          dates are so that you can help
Assistant layout editor and                                              On October 29th, we had a suc-        know it’ll be awesome because         sophomore class raise money.
Senior Class President                                                   cessful dinner night at Rock N’       they’ve got a bunch of motivat-       Freshmen: Being new to the
                                                                         Robs in Rockaway, so thanks           ed students involved. If you’re       swing of Terra Nova, the class of
                                                                         to all who came out for a good        not one of them, it’s not too late    2013 is currently selling tamales
     This past Halloween, the                                            meal. We will be having many          to get in on the action! The next     along with the class of 2010, and
Terra Nova Leadership Class                                              more dinner nights to come at         fundraisers: We’re working on a       they will be doing this continu-
hosted this year’s Tiger Fright                                          restaurants in the area, so be        dinner night at Denny’s after the     ously through the school year.
Fest, along with the help of the                                         sure to look out for when they        Skull Game on Nov. 13, and a            If you want to get involved with
school’s classes, various clubs,                                         are so you can come support           French Patisserie cakes and pies      your class this year, go ahead
and the Educational Support                                              your class. Along with the din-       sale after Thanksgiving. We           and attend your class meeting
Team (our version of the PTA).                                           ner nights, seniors will be selling   expect the gift wrap products in      every Wednesday. Seniors meet
The day included live music         I will give you a quick little up-   candy grams this holiday season.      sometime before Thanksgiving.         in Rm. 309, Juniors in Rm. 330,
from student bands such as Mud-     date on what’s going on with all     Juniors: Things are rockin’           Sophomores: The class of              Sophomores in Rm. 310, and
cake and Whisper Drive, games,      four classes here at Terra Nova.     and rollin’ in the junior class.      2012 is currently deciding on         Freshmen in Rm. 209. And be-
food, and a haunted house put       Seniors: The Class of 2010 is        They’ve got their prom theme,         dates and restaurants to have         fore you know it, it’ll be time for
on by Terra Nova’s peer helpers.    currently working on multiple        and now they’re focusing on           their first dinner night of the       elections for next year, so start
  Being a class president myself,   fundraisers to raise money for       fund raising so that the prom is      year. Be sure to check what the       training for that position now!

Just say yes to Red Ribbon Week                                                                                                                              Red Ribbon week is ded-
                                                                                                                                                          icated to leading a drug-
                                                                                                                                                          free life and in memory of
                                                                                                                                                          Enrique (Kiki) S. Cama-
                                                                                                                                                          rena. On June 28, 1974,
                                                                                                                                                          Camarena joined the Drug
                                                                                                                                                          Enforcement Administra-
                                                                                                                                                          tion (DEA) after serving
                                                                                                                                                          in the Marines and being
                                                                                                                                                          a police officer. He was
                                                                                                                                                          working against the largest
                                                                                                                                                          drug traffickers in a multi-
                                                                                                                                                          billion dollar drug pipeline
                                                                                                                                                          when he was kidnapped by
                                                                                                                                                          armed men on February 7,
Clockwise from top:                                                                                                                                       1985, tortured, and killed.
Devon Hipschman, Kiana                                                                                                                                    After his death, Congress-
Evans, and Drew Davis, three                                                                                                                              man Duncan Hunter and
of the peer helpers, do a skit                                                                                                                            his friend Henry Lozano
for the morning announce-                                                                                                                                 started the Camarena Club
ments (A. Grislis); Drug/alco-                                                                                                                            in Camarena’s hometown
hol awareness poster contest                                                                                                                              of Calexico, California.
winners Elaine Hoover (3rd                                                                                                                                They wore red ribbons to
place, Left), Haley Humphrey                                                                                                                              signify that they led drug-
(2nd place, Center), and Ryan                                                                                                                             free lives in Camarena’s
Oakes (1st place, right) dis-                                                                                                                             memory. This club has
play their awesome art work
                                                                                                                                                          evolved into a nationwide
(A. Grislis) ; Students sign
                                                                                                                                                          event in which the last week
the “I pledge to be drug-free”
                                                                                                                                                          of October is dedicated to
poster (M. Alvarez); A student
models the “I Know” button                                                                                                                                education and prevention
and fact card (M. McCarron).                                                                                                                              of drug use in America.
                                                                                                                                                          ~Avery Phung-Marion

                  Student Activities Calendar
                                    Tuesday                   Wednesday                   Thursday                    Friday                        Saturday and Sunday
Nov. 2                     3 Issue 4 comes out! 4                                 5 Cross Country-             6                           7-8
Tennis:                     Hooray! You’re read- Water Polo                        PAL Championships            Football:                    Fun Fact:
PAL tournament              ing it!              PAL tournament                    Football:                    Menlo Atherton @            October Revol-
begins                                           begins                            Freshmen - 5:30              TNHS                        ution in Rus-
Basketball tryouts          Volleyball: TNHS @                                     San Lorenzo Valley @         Sophomores - 4:00           sia actually
Girls (V/F/S)- Terra        HMB Frosh/Soph 3:15                                    TNHS                         Varsity - 7:00              began Nov. 7.
Nova                        Varsity at 4:45                                        Ms. Sullivan’s field
Boys (V)- IBL                                                                      trip to SFSU
9                          10                         11                          12                           13                          14-15
 CCS Week Begins!           Water Polo:                Tennis:                     Football:                    Skull Game!                Nov 14: World Diabetes Day
                            CCS                        CCS                         Freshmen-                    HMB @ TNHS
Basketball tryouts                                     Volleyball:                 TNHS @ Palo Alto             Go to Denny’s after
Boys (F/S) Terra Nova                                  CCS                         -6:00                        the game to support
                                                                                                                the Class of 2011

                                                                                                                (Sophomores - 4:00)
16                         17                    18                     19                     20                                          21-22
 Icelandic Language        Arnold                 Jr. Parent Night 7pm Abraham Lincoln de Universal Children’s                              Fall cleaning! Thanksgiving is
 Day                        Schwarzenegger        Gone to a              livered the Gettysburg Day                                         next week, so now’s the time to
                            inaugurated as        class meeting lately? Address in 1863                                                     get that house squeaky clean.
                            governor on this day Freshmen: Room 209
                            in 2003.              Sophs: Rm. 310         It’s also Pencil Day.
                                                  Juniors: Room 330      Honest Abe would
                                                  Seniors: Room 309      approve.
Thank you to the students and staff who submitted events for our calendar. Does your club or class have an upcoming event? Let us know! Email the Times at, and we’ll do our best to get you on the calendar.
                                                                                                      November 3, 2009                    Terra Nova Times                      3

Making waves
By Sean Clark and
Casey Reinero
Sports editor and
Times staff writer

Whenever we’re on the
field, we see a few individu-
als we can’t help but want
to write about. Rather than
butcher their thoughts, we
decided to make a regular
segment where we print the
interview word-for-word.

                                    Devon protecting the ball and setting up for the team’s of-
TNT: What is your name?             fense (S. Clark)
Devon: Hi, my name is Devon
Hipschman.                          competitive, hands-on sport          because I’m not a very big
TNT: How old are you?               and there are a lot of rules, but    offensive player since I’ve got
Devon: I am a 17 and I’m            it’s awesome.                        a bad shoulder and it twists in
senior.                             TNT: Do you encourage others         different directions. I would        Stand-out members of the Terra Nova Cross-Country
TNT: And you play water polo,       to play?                             say I play more defense than         team (Photo by S. Clark)
right?                              Devon: It’s a good sport to get      anything else.
Devon: Yes, for four years.
TNT: Why did you choose
                                    TNT: Have you ever gotten
                                                                         TNT: What do you think about
                                                                         the team?
                                                                                                              Cross-country brings in hardware
water polo?                         injured?                             Devon: The team is good. We
Devon: My sister got me into        Devon: I almost broke my nose        started off a little rocky and       Terra Nova’s cross country team showed their stuff at a
it. She thought that I should try   when a girl kicked me in the         lost a few games, but our team       recent meet and came home with results. The Frosh/Soph
something new and I love it.        nose, and I get a few scratches      definitely came together and         girls placed first in their division, and the entire team man-
TNT: So, would you say you          here and there. There are a few      we might even have a chance at       aged to place well enough to keep them in good standing
enjoy the sport?                    bloody noses in the water, so it     playoffs.                            for PAL and to continue on the road towards CCS. Con-
Devon: Definitely.                  can get pretty aggressive.           TNT: All Right. Thank you for        gratulations especially to Dominique Gio, Renee John-
TNT: Why?                           TNT: What position do you            your time.                           son, Robbie Salvador, Brittney Tang, and Kaitlyn Haynes.
Devon: It’s fun for anyone          play?                                Devon: You’re welcome.
that’s competitive. It’s a very     Devon: I usually play wing

Grab the popcorn                                                                           Sporting Green
By Sean Clark                                                                              By Erik Kvarna                               which requires massive amounts of pe-
Sports editor                                                                              Times staff writer                           troleum and petroleum products to man-
                                                                                                                                        ufacture. The reason we use equipment
                                                                                                                                        that has such a negative impact is pretty
                                                                                              Sports: they’re a pretty nasty busi-      simple: plastics have a high strength-to-
                                                                                           ness. Carbon dioxide and other green-        weight ratio, meaning that they are very
                                                                                           house gas emissions are generated            strong, while being very light at the same
                                                                                           from all the traveling. Plastics and         time. Plastics are also largely chemical-
                                                                                           more greenhouse gases come from the          resistant, which means that they can be
                                                                                           manufacture of equipment. Destroy-           cleaned with harsh chemicals without
                                                                                           ing natural environments in order to         being damaged. When asked about us-
                                                                                           make playing courts and fields rounds        ing helmets made from recycled mate-
                                                                                           out the assault on the environment.          rials, Coach Gray replied that he would
                                                                                             Frankly, not much can be done for the      not use them unless “They equal or sur-
                                                                                           problem of traveling sports teams here       pass the safety equivalency of plastic.”
                                                                                           at Terra Nova, as there have to be two              Unlike the transportation issue,
                                                                                           teams from different schools at various      though, our use of plastic sports equip-
                                                                                           competitions. The freshman football          ment can be fixed. Recycled sports
                                                                                           team, since there are no other freshman      equipment is coming into the main-
                                                                                           teams at nearby schools, often travels for   stream, such as recycled football pads
                                                                                           hours to games. All this traveling gener-    made from old pads, just the same as
                                                                                           ates massive amounts of environment-         plastic water bottles are made from old
                                                                                           damaging gases, which is caused by           plastic bottles. Other sports equipment,
                                                                                           the burning of diesel. Our other teams,      too, is made of sustainable materials.
    Every couple of years, a new “clas-      “Bend it Like Beckham”: 95% of all            because they usually play relatively                Ever heard of those stainless steel
sic” sports movie hits the theater.          that chose this movie were female.            close to home, help cut down on green-       water bottles? Cleats and other essentials
Some, like “Rocky” become icons,             In contrast, about half of all votes for      house gas emissions. (The major culprit      are also now being made of such materi-
while others, like “Sea Biscuit” seem        “Remember the Titans” came from               is carbon dioxide, but other gases ex-       als as recycled tires and organic hemp.
to fade into the distance. We want-          boys, so it is clear the gender of the        pelled from vehicles include methane         Improving our choice of sports equip-
ed to see which sports movies have           main character does play a major role.        and carbon monoxide.) Alternatives to        ment would be a very drastic change,
stood the test of time, as well as which          Other than “Beckham,” the results        burning gasoline could include natu-         but would eventually pay for itself with
sorts of students like which movies.         seemed to show an even trend despite          ral gas, such as propane, using hybrid       the decreased environmental damage.
   The Times Staff went to several class-    the grade level and sex of the voter.         buses (think “Prius engine” in a school      Additionally, as more emphasis is put on
rooms and asked what students thought        Although we expected boys to over-            bus), or using biodiesel, but that is all    using renewable resources, these recy-
was the best sports film based on a list     whelmingly vote for a man’s man movie         out of our school’s control and largely      cled products may come down in price.
we gave them containing selected mov-        like “Rocky,” girls also seemed to like it.   up to the bus companies to change.                    However, there are other steps
ies, each pertaining to a different sport.      If you haven’t seen the movies above,       Much sports equipment, such as football
       An interesting trend occurred in      grab your popcorn and Netflix and enjoy.      pads and helmets, is made from plastic,      See Sporting Green on Page 4

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