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					                     THINKTANK PREPARATORY ACADEMY
                       YOUNG URBAN ENTREPRENEURS
                                (ADMINISTRATOR APPLICATION)

                                     IN 2011 – 2012


If the purpose of “education” is to prepare students to lead productive, satisfying lives after they
graduate; and making a living will be an important part of the rest of their lives, shouldn‟t
“education” teach students about making money?

Likewise, if the sign of a “good education” is that students become self motivated, competent, life-
long learners and if earning a living will be a life-long necessity, shouldn‟t “education” spark an
interest in learning about earning?

Is there a better way to teach the life long necessity, than making “earning” part of the students

Entrepreneurship connects young people from low-income communities to the school, to the

community, and to the workplace; by challenging them to build a vision for the future. The

ThinkTank experience is a catalyst for explosive, integrated change by strategically employing

Experiential Learning to teach young people the skills needed to become entrepreneurs and

enterprise developers. Hence; we are empowering young people to become more accountable

for transforming their lives and their community.


Every youth will directly influence their emergence from poverty, do their best work and be their
best ethical self.
                                         Mission Statement

ThinkTank‟s Mission is to make earning a part of the students learning; and therefore combating
                              the academic failures caused by poverty.
                            Job Title: High School Principal
                            Reports To: Board and Director
                                Innovation and Development


                                    12-Month Position

   B.A. or B.S, and Graduate Degree are required

   The principal‟s duties are as follows:
   Administer, control, and supervise the instructional program of the school operations and
    school personnel
   Keep accurate account of all money paid to the school and record the purpose for which
    it was paid
   Report directly to the Governing Board
   Compile and prepare all student achievement outcomes
   Develop and implement school vision and mission
   Coordinate, supervise, and conduct the evaluations of all staff
   Coordinate and conduct the interview process and make hiring and termination decisions
    for all staff
   Supervise and coordinate the budgetary process
   Facilitate frequent communication the parents of the school community
   Encourage teachers and pupils to perform to the best of their ability
   Interpret the educational program of the school and school system to the community
   Coordinate and adapt school curricular programs and policies
   Assume responsibility for the buildings, grounds, equipment and supplies of the school;
    supervise the work of the custodians and maintenance staff, reporting to the governing
    board the conditions and needs of the school
   Oversee the grade reporting system
   Monitor substitute teachers and the class coverage process
   Coordinate and supervise the testing and assessment program
   Supervise school activities and special events and initiate fundraising activities
   Establish business partnerships and positive relationships with community leaders
   Maintain a master schedule of all school activities and events, including extracurricular
   Coordinate and schedule the use of facilities for all events
   Develop, implement, and evaluate the school improvement plan
   Oversee the Educational Excellence School Advisory Council
   Maintain a positive and productive relationship with the Parent-Teacher Association
   Develop and supervise new teacher programs
   Supervise all students and staff
   Supervise and coordinate school-wide programs, curricula and course options
      Supervise and coordinate student registration, scheduling, and master scheduling
      Implement and enforce attendance and tardy policies and procedures for all students
      Enforce the discipline plan and assist teachers with all concerns and issues related to
       student behavior
      Knowledge of and or commitment to learn Experiential Learning

      Knowledge of and or commitment to learn Entrepreneur and Enterprise education

      Knowledge of grant writing and how identify and apply for grants

      Demonstrated initiative and skills in the following areas: Relationship and community
       building, educational leadership, communication, conflict resolution, creativity, problem
       solving, decision making and time management.

      Entrepreneurial outlook and charter school commitment.

                                         th       th
Starting Population of Students: 125 (9 and 10 Grade)
                                          Employment Applications
                                                    & Instructions

1. Send your application and resume as an email attachment to:

2. Should you be invited to the school for an interview, we will request that you bring hard copies
of your entire application package, including the application (with your original signature), your
resume, transcripts and current teacher's certificate or license if you have one (not required).
Photocopies of your transcripts are initially acceptable. Certified transcripts, if requested later in
the hiring process, must be mailed under separate cover directly from the school from which you

3. Please fill in the Letter of Intent

4. Contact the planning team:

Ceron Christie                       Director of Innovation &
                                     Development                     or 562-387-8246

Maritza Rivera                       Business Service Coordinator
Diana Cancel                         Fiscal Service Coordinator
                            THINKTANK PREPARATORY ACADEMY
                                    URBAN ENTREPRENEURS

                           OPENING IN 2011 – 2012 IN COMPTON, CA


                   Administrator Position Employment Application
An Equal Opportunity Employer
It is the policy of ThinkTank Prep Charter School to employ, train, compensate, and provide other
terms and conditions of employment, without regard to a persons‟ race, color, religion, national
origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or other characteristics protected by
Please complete application in full and submit it and your resume to


Name __________________________________________Date of Application____________
Previous/Different Last Name Used In Education/Employment (for Reference Checking)

Current                                        Previous
Address_______________________________________ Address _______________________
_________________________________________                          ___________________________
_________________________________________                          ___________________________
Telephone: _______________________________
Email Address: ________________________________________________________

Are you legally eligible to work in the United States for any employer?     ◊ Yes     ◊ No

(ThinkTank will require proof of work authorization as a condition of employment)


Position Desired: ______________________________________ Salary Desired____________

Date Available for Employment: _________________________________________

Preference of the Type of Work You Desire:     ◊ Full-time    ◊ Part-time     ◊ Temporary
Hours preferred: _________to ________________            Days Preferred: ________________

How did you learn of this position? _____________________________________________


Full School       City, Address, and Phone      State   Major,      Date of        Degree   Advanced
Name or                                                 Course or   Graduation
College &                                               Subject
graduate School
(Recent first)

Do you
meet the
qualified‟        ◊ YES              ◊ NO
for this          Credential Specialization
under NCLB        ______________________


Current/Previous Employer                     Date(Mo/Yr) and Salary             Position and Duties

Employer Name: ___________________________________ Start Date _________________
Street Address: ____________________________________ End Date _________________
______________________________________City _________________State _____________
Telephone number: __________________________________
Starting Salary ___________________________Ending Salary ______________________
Position Title ____________________________________________
Duties Performed:

When may we contact this employer? Now ◊ Yes ◊ No After Acceptance of Offer ◊ Yes ◊ No

Reason for Leaving
Name and Title of Supervisor _______________________________________

Telephone Number __________________________________

Employer Name: ___________________________________ Start Date _________________
Street Address: ____________________________________ End Date _________________
______________________________________City _________________State _____________
Telephone number: __________________________________
Starting Salary ___________________________Ending Salary ______________________
Position Title ____________________________________________
Duties Performed:

When may we contact this employer? Now ◊ Yes ◊ No After Acceptance of Offer ◊ Yes ◊ No

Reason for Leaving

Name and Title of Supervisor _______________________________________

Telephone Number __________________________________

Employer Name: ___________________________________ Start Date _________________
Street Address: ____________________________________ End Date _________________
______________________________________City _________________State _____________
Telephone number: __________________________________
Starting Salary ___________________________Ending Salary ______________________
Position Title ____________________________________________
Duties Performed:

When may we contact this employer? Now ◊ Yes ◊ No After Acceptance of Offer ◊ Yes ◊ No

Reason for Leaving

Name and Title of Supervisor _______________________________________

Telephone Number __________________________________


Have you ever been convicted of a felony?                     ◊ Yes       ◊ No
Have you been convicted of or imprisoned for a misdemeanor within the last seven years?
◊ Yes         ◊ No

If yes, please explain on a separate sheet and then attach it this application. This
information will not necessarily bar an applicant from employment and, therefore, any
uncertainty should be resolved in favor of disclosure. The nature and seriousness of the
status, event, crime and date of conviction will be considered.

Please answer each question completely. This information is very useful to ThinkTank‟s hiring
team assessing „best fit‟. Fields will expand to accommodate any amount of text.

    1. Please explain your decision to become a administrator.

    2. What is it about this position that interests you?

    3. Please describe your experience working with other teachers to implement any programs

        you have developed for gifted students or students with learning difficulties.

    4. Please describe a program or project either in school or at work that you have initiated or

        worked on.

    5. Which entrepreneur interest you and why?

    6. Please indicate what elective courses you are interested in teaching

    7. How many years of experience do you have in teaching or in education?

    8. How many years of experience do you have outside of the education field?

    9. Please list any additional certifications or endorsements you may have

    10. Please give any additional information you feel may be helpful to us in considering

        your application. This could include any specialized education, training or courses

        you have completed that will aid in evaluating your qualifications for the position

        you are seeking

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 prohibits the employment of unauthorized aliens, and
requires employers to verify the employment eligibility of all new employees. An offer of employment made by
ThinkTank will be conditioned upon your providing the documentation required by law as evidence of your
personal identity and your authorization to work in the United States.

I understand that ThinkTank Prep Charter School (hereinafter referred to as the School) requires certain
information about me to evaluate my qualifications for employment and to conduct its business if I become an
employee. Therefore, I authorize the School to investigate my past employment, educational credentials, and
other employment-related activities. I agree to cooperate in such investigations and release those parties
supplying such information to the School from all liability or responsibility with respect to information supplied.
I agree that the School may use the information it obtains concerning me in the conduct of its business. I
understand, however, that the School intends to protect the confidentiality of personal information it obtains
concerning me. Consequently, personal information in School record-keeping systems, other than the fact
and location of past or present School employment, the dates of employment, or the job name or description
of general duties will not otherwise be disclosed outside the School with a personal identifier without my
consent. Further, the School will require its agents and contractors to safeguard personal information
disclosed to them by the School.

I understand that any employment with the School is At Will in accordance with California employment law
and would not be for any fixed period of time and that, if employed, I may resign at any time, for any reason,
or the School may terminate my employment at any time for any reason in the absence of a specific written
agreement to the contrary. I understand that my employment-at-will status may not be modified or changed
except in writing and signed by a duly authorized officer of the School.

I understand that any false answers or statements made by me on this application may be grounds for refusal
of employment invalidate my employment or, if employed, will be the grounds for immediate discharge and
render me ineligible for any School benefits.

I acknowledge my agreement with the above and agree to take any examinations that the School may require
including testing for illegal or unauthorized substances. I understand that any offer of employment is
contingent upon my successfully passing the examination requirements and the background investigation.

My signature below acknowledges that I have read and understand the entire application and agree
with the terms and conditions.

Applicant‟s Signature: __________________________________________Date: ___________________

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