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									                             2004-2005 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA
       TRANSFER SERVICES HOTLINE (407) 823-5959                 WEB SITE http://transfer.sdes.ucf.edu

THEATRE - MUSICAL THEATRE TRACK                                                     talented students who have completed the General Education
                                                                                    Program and the Common Program Prerequisites before transferring
(B.F.A.)                                                                            within the Florida Public University/ Community College System
                                                                                    may be admitted.
College of Arts and Sciences                                                        Courses designated in 1 (General Education Program) and 2
Department of Theatre, UTC 180                                                      (Common Program Prerequisites) are usually completed in the first
Phone 407-823-2862                                                                  60 hours
http://www.theatre.ucf.edu                                                     1. UCF General Education Program                                  (36 hrs)
e-mail: theatre@ucf.edu                                                        A. Communication Foundations                                         9 hrs
Bell, 407-823-3020                                                                Select SPC 1600 Fund Oral Communication                           3 hrs
                                                                                  Select two semesters of English Composition                       6 hrs
The Bachelor of Fine Arts Track in Musical Theatre has been developed          B. Cultural and Historical Foundations                               9 hrs
to serve those students interested in a career in the entertainment industry      Select one 2 semester sequence                                    6 hrs
and the musical theatre stage. It is offered for students who, upon               Select THE 2000 Survey of Theatre                                 3 hrs
graduation, plan to pursue a specialized career in professional theatre.       C. Mathematical Foundations                                          6 hrs
Because of its geographic location, UCF is a top choice for students              Select MGF 1106 Finite Mathematics                                3 hrs
interested in musical theatre. Disney, Universal, and the budding                 (may substitute a higher level math)
expansion of the arts in Central Florida make it necessary for students to        Prefer CGS 1060C Intro to Computer Sci or                         3 hrs
receive advanced studies in acting, musical theatre voice, and dance.             CGS 2100C Computer Fund for Business
Work within the BFA program requires energy and dedication; therefore,         D. Social Foundations                                                6 hrs
other part-time study or outside employment is generally impossible.           E. Science Foundations                                               6 hrs
BFA standards are high, both for admission and for continuation in the         2. Common Program Prerequisites                                   (12 hrs)
program. Casting, crew, and design assignments are regulated to serve          THE 2020*        Survey of Theatre for majors                        GEP
the artistic growth of students coordinating production experience with        THE 3305*        Survey of Dramatic Literature I                     3 hrs
classroom exploration.                                                         THE 2090*        Theatre Production/Performance I                     1 hr
                                                                               TPA 2290*        Theatre Production/Performance I                     1 hr
Admission Requirements                                                         TPA 2210*        Stagecraft I                                        3 hrs
   Entrance into most theatre classes is restricted to majors. Exceptions      TPP 2190*        Theatre Production/Performance I                     1 hr
   must be approved by the Department                                          TPP 2110*        Acting I - Introduction                             3 hrs
   The departmental faculty evaluates students desiring to become              *See Transfer Notes for possible substitutes
   majors via an interview and audition. For complete information,
   contact the Department of Theatre or visit the audition site online at      3. Specialization: Lower Division                                 (24 hrs)
   www.theatre.ucf.edu                                                         MUT 1004          Music Fundamentals I                               3 hrs
   A candidate must present an audition consisting of one monologue            MUT 1002          Music Fundamentals II                              3 hrs
   and two musical selections. The entire audition should last no more         TPP 2170C         Acting II - Fundamentals                           3 hrs
   than three minutes. An accompanist will be provided. Recorded               DAA 2200C         Ballet I                                           3 hrs
   accompaniment is not accepted. Candidates must also participate in          DAA 2201C         Ballet II                                          3 hrs
   a dance audition. Visit www.theatre.ucf.edu for details.                    DAA 2570C         Theatre Jazz Dance I                               3 hrs
   All students must submit a resume, black and white head shot, three         DAA 2571C         Theatre Jazz Dance II                              3 hrs
   letters of recommendation, and transcripts of previous college work         DAA 2520C         Theatre Tap Dance I                                3 hrs
   at the time of interview                                                    4. Specialization: Upper Division                                 (54 hrs)
Degree Requirements                                                            TPP 3172C         Acting III - Characterization                      3 hrs
    Students who change degree programs and select this major must             TPP 3250          Musical Theatre Acting Perf I                      3 hrs
    adopt the most current catalog.                                            TPP 3252          Musical Theatre Acting Perf II                     3 hrs
    Students must maintain a minimum “B” (3.0) overall Theatre GPA             TPP 4253          Musical Theatre Acting Perf III                    3 hrs
    to continue in the major                                                   TPP 3241          Survey of Musical Theatre I                        3 hrs
    Theatre grades of less than “C” (2.0) will not be counted                  TPP 4242          Survey of Musical Theatre II                       3 hrs
    Continuation in the BFA program requires a positive annual                 TPP 3223          Theatre Careers                                    3 hrs
    evaluation                                                                 TPP 4531C         Period Movement                                    2 hrs
    Co-op or internship credit cannot be used in this major                    TPP 3512C         Stage Combat                                       2 hrs
    Students must consult with a departmental advisor every semester           TPP 4255          Musical Theatre Cabaret                            3 hrs
    before registration                                                        TPA 2248C         Make-up Techniques                                 2 hrs
    Departmental Residency Requirement consists of 60 semester hours           THE 3110          Theatre History I                                  3 hrs
    of regularly scheduled courses taken from the UCF Theatre                  TPP 3310C         Directing I                                        3 hrs
    Department                                                                 TPP 4193          Theatre Production/Performance IV                  1 hrs
    All theatre students should participate, in some capacity, on two          TPP 4194          Theatre Production/Performance V                   1 hrs
    UCF affiliated productions during both Fall and Spring semesters.          TPP 4195          Theatre Production/Performance VI                  1 hrs
    Students failing to successfully participate will be placed on             TPP 3257          Musical Theatre Voice I                            2 hrs
    probation for one semester. Continued failure may result in being          TPP 3258          Musical Theatre Voice II                           2 hrs
    dropped as a major                                                         TPP 4XXX          Musical Theatre Voice III                          2 hrs
    All theatre students must include a participation credit course during     TPP 4XXX          Musical Theatre Voice IV                           3 hrs
    every semester                                                             TPP 4940          Internship                                         6 hrs
    All BFA performance and Musical Theatre majors are required to             5. Departmental Exit Requirements
    audition for all Fall and Spring productions and must accept the                Earn a grade of “C” (2.0) or better in each Theatre course
    roles assigned                                                                  Take a Departmental Exit Examination
    Due to the conservatory nature, the BFA demands a closely                       Computer Competency met by Computer Science courses
    integrated curriculum. Therefore, transfer students are not generally
    encouraged to pursue a BFA program. However, exceptionally
                             2004-2005 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA
       TRANSFER SERVICES HOTLINE (407) 823-5959                 WEB SITE http://transfer.sdes.ucf.edu

6. Foreign Language Requirements                                 (0-8 hrs)
Admission: Two years of one foreign language in high school, or one
year of one foreign language in college (or equivalent proficiency exam)
prior to graduation.
Graduation:                                                          none
7. Electives                                                   (variable)

8. University Minimum Exit Requirements
    A 2.0 UCF GPA
    60 semester hours earned after CLEP awarded
    48 semester hours of upper division credit completed
    30 of the last 36 hours of course work must be completed in
    residency at UCF
    25% of course work must be completed in residency at UCF
    A maximum of 45 hours of extension, correspondence, CLEP,
    Credit by Exam, and Armed Forces credits permitted
    Complete the General Education Program, the Gordon Rule, the
    CLAST and nine hours of Summer credit (if applicable)
Total Semester Hours Required                                  129 hours

Related Programs: Film, Music, Theatre BA

Related Minors: Music, Film

Transfer Notes:
    Courses taken at community colleges do not substitute for Upper
    Division courses
    Courses transferred from private and out-of-state schools must be
    evaluated for equivalency credit. The student must provide all
    supporting information
 Acceptable Substitutes for common program prerequisites if taken
    prior to transferring to UCF:
    THE 2020: may use any introductory course. However, THE 2020 is
    a prerequisite for all Theatre courses and will still need to be taken
    THE 3305: may use THE 2300 or THE 3303 or TPP 3650
    THE 2090: may use THE 2925
    TPA 2290: may use TPA 1290
    TPP 2190: may use TPP 1190
    TPP 2110: may use TPP 2210 or THE 2271
    TPA 2210: may use THE 2261

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