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Untitled - The Hampton Roads Fishing Guide



            Dockside Fishing Center offers a variety of fishing, cruising and boating trips. The Fleet
            at Dockside has been known by local fisherman for over 30 years. We are the perfect solution
            for the avid fisherman or for a family looking to catch their first fish. Our fleet is U.S. Coast
            Guard inspected and equipped with the latest in fish-finding technology. Rods, reels, bait
            and fishing license are included.

            We fish all year round, both full day and half day trips. Striped Bass fishing from October
            through December and wreck fishing spring and fall. Dolphin watching trips are daily and we’re
            close to the oceanfront. Prices and schedule are subject to change. Call ahead for reservations.

Dockside Fishing Center                                                   3311 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Seafood Market and Restaurant                                                  For Reservations Call 757.481.4545
                                                             [Pictured] Bay Point Marina - A Vinings Group Marina
                                              6500 30th Bay Avenue • Norfolk, Virginia 23518 • 757.362.3600

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                                   Photo by: Patrick Hayes

                                                             By Kimberly Koelsch

    Photo by: Harry R. Hindmarsh
                                                                  The waters off Hampton (the Bay, Hampton River, Back
                                                                  River, James River, and smaller tributaries) provide distinct
                                                                  recreational opportunities to residents and weekend tourists.
                                                                  Locals in Hampton want visitors to know what they have
                                                                  known for years – that Hampton has excellent off-shore as
                                                                  well as inland fishing. In deep waters, novice and profes-
                                                                  sional fishermen can attempt to land deep water fish such
                                                                  as wahoo, amberjack, mackerel, tuna, dolphin, bluefish and
                                                                  marlin. For spots closer to shore, anglers can put their lines
                                                                  in the water at any of Hampton’s rivers, beaches, and piers.
                                                                  Whether trolling, casting, jigging, or baiting, Hampton is an
                                                                  angler’s paradise.

                                                                  Quick access to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the
                                                                  Bay is another reason why anglers choose Hampton. Jud
                                                                  Black, Vice President at Bluewater Yachts on the Hampton
                                                                  River, knows why Hampton is so popular with fishermen,
                                                                  “We are just minutes from the Bay but have the safety of a
                                                                  deep and protected harbor.” Adjacent to the Hampton City
                                                                  Boat Ramp, Bluewater Yachts has been a Hampton tradition
                                                                  for over 30 years. A state of the art facility was completed in
                                                                  2002 and is just minutes from downtown Hampton and the
                                                                  Intracoastal Waterway.

                                                                  Although most visitors consider summer to be the most fa-
                                                                  vorable time for fishing, locals and experienced anglers wait
                                                                  each year for the “hot” fall and winter fishing seasons. Fall
                                                                  fishing season brings abundant flounder, stripers, gray trout,
                                                                  bluefish, king mackerel, sea bass, tautog, and speckled trout
                                                                  to the Bay’s waters. Fall is also known as a great tournament
                                                                  season for anglers.

                                                                  Winter fishing season in Hampton brings more “big” strip-
                                                                  ers, tautog, and mackerel. Even though it is cold out there
Are there really “monsters” swimming under boats off              on the water, there are still big fish to be caught. Extend-
Hampton? Anglers believe this to be true, and dramatic            ing the fishing season into winter is what excites local boat
stories of “monsters” in the Chesapeake Bay are recalled          captains like Bob Simelaro of Black Magic Sport Fishing.
every fishing season. On June 10, 2006, Joseph Berberich II       He has been running charters for seven years from the Old
of Hayes, VA saw one of those monsters first-hand. What           Point Comfort Marina in Fort Monroe. As a retired Army
is all the excitement about? While anchored at York Spit on       officer, Bob chose Hampton as the location for his business.
his boat Sea Berb, Berberich, his wife Jennifer, and friends      He explains, “Unlike most areas up north, fishing season in
John Johnson and Derek Kenyon chummed the waters with             Hampton Roads is continuous and extraordinary. There is a
Atlantic menhaden to see what they could attract. After           different catch for every time of the year.” The Bay’s abun-
a twenty minute struggle, the anglers had their answer to         dance of fish and Hampton’s superb location are the keys to
what was on the end of the fishing line. A “monster” cobia        his charter boating success.
had taken the bait and the team helped Berberich boat the 109
lb. behemoth. Berberich not only won the Hampton Creek            In spring, tautog season continues and flounder fishing takes
Cobia Tournament that year but also set the new Virginia          off. Species return in May to Bay waters such as black drum,
record at 69.5 inches in length and 33.25 inches in girth.        bluefish, flounder, gray trout, red drum, sea bass, and speck-
                                                                  led trout. Although the season starts out slow, it ends with
This sort of story is what brings repeat visitors and locals to   an explosion of fish for any level of angler to enjoy.
Hampton each year in search of their own “trophy” fish. As
local fishermen and regular visitors know, Hampton offers         By summer, anglers find as many as 20 species peaking in
more than just cobia to anglers. Many other species here are      the Bay. Summer highlights include outstanding cobia fish-
“super-sized” and waiting for the angler with the right com-      ing and off shore wreck fishing for spadefish and sheepshead.
bination of bait and patience mixed with a bit of good luck.      Dandy Haven Marina on the Back River has been operated
                                                                  and owned by the Gurkin family for over 40 years. This

                                                            |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009          9
                                                                                                                                      Places of interest
     popular base for cobia fishing is one of
     the best on the East Coast. Because of
                                                   At any time of the year, Hamp-
                                                   ton’s downtown area invites
                                                                                                                                      In Hampton
     the quality and quantity of cobia during      boaters to enjoy its hospitality
     summer months, two local fishermen            and exceptional location at the
     created the Hampton Creek Cobia               end of their long day of fishing.
     Tournament in 1995.                           Anchoring east of the channel on the
                                                   Hampton River close to the public piers
     With its beginnings as a small event          provides access to amenities designed
     started by Jimmy Rodgers and the late         especially for boating guests. The chan-                       Riverside 3-D IMAX Theater at the Virginia
     Bernie Gregory, this tournament has           nel at this location is 150 feet wide and                      Air & Space Center
     expanded to over twenty sponsors.             12 feet deep at low tide. Boat haul-out                        Hampton History Museum featuring two new galleries
     A favorite with regional anglers, the         facilities at marinas and boat yards on                        showcasing Hampton’s 400-year history
     one day tournament                                             the river are capable of
                                                                                                                  Fully restored 1920s carousel at the
     culminates with a                                              servicing any size yacht.                     Air & Space Center
     cookout for partici-
     pants. Proceeds of the                                                Tourists and anglers                   Cousteau Society Gallery and Headquarters
     tournament are do-                                                    come each year to enjoy                The Hampton University campus, an interesting
     nated to the Children’s                                               Hampton’s unique                       destination for history and civil rights enthusiasts.
     Hospital of the King’s                                                combination of outdoor                 The Campus and Museum have six national historic
                                                                                                                  landmarks including the Emancipation Oak.
     Daughters. Anglers                                                    recreation opportunities,
     participating in the                                                  historic sites, science                The Miss Hampton II Harbor Cruise, a three-hour
     tournament also assist                                                and technology centers,                Hampton Roads harbor tour
     the cobia species by                                                  museums, waterfront                    St. John’s Church, the oldest English-speaking parish
     allowing a sampling                                                   dining, eclectic shopping              in the nation
     team from Virginia                                                    and vibrant downtown
                                                                                                                  Fort Monroe and the Casemate Museum, with the cell
     Institute of Marine                                                   festivals. Hampton is                  in which Confederate President Jefferson Davis was
     Science (VIMS) to                                                     rich in history providing              imprisoned following the Civil War
     examine their cobia                                                   visitors with a multitude
     catch and collect vital                                               of options for excursions
     information on the                                                    around town when not
     species. These tourna-                                                on the water.
     ment fishermen enjoy a day of competi-
     tive fishing for “monster” cobia while        Other short excursions that deserve
     helping others and their favorite species     investigating in and around Hampton
     to flourish.                                  include Buckroe Beach, Fort Wool,
                                                   Sandy Bottom Nature Park, Grandview
     The best year round fishing spot in the       Beach, and the quaint town of Phoebus.
     area is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tun-        Each is just a brief drive and definitely
     nel which acts as a large artificial reef.    worth the trip.
     Anglers come from every city in the re-
     gion to fish the Bridge span with its 17.6    Whatever your passion or favorite
     miles of pilings, rocks, and channels.        fishing season whether it’s science, his-
     These conditions are perfect for inshore      tory, boating, or fishing for “monster”
     fishing and fly fishing. Other inshore        cobia, Hampton has a wide selection
     reefs in the Bay also provide top notch       of excursions for making memorable
     access to quite a large variety of fish in-   adventures.
     cluding spot, croaker, and bluefish. All
     of these locations are just a quick jaunt
                                                   Kimberly Koelsch is a freelance writer for the Hampton Roads
     from Hampton’s waterfront.                    Fishing Guide and other local publiations.

                                                          11   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
 Virginia Saltwater Fishing Calendar                                                                         | Available
                                                                                                             | Peak Season

         SPECIES               JAN         FEB         MAR         APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV    DEC


      Atlantic Mackerel

            Black Drum

            Blue Marlin

           Bluefin Tuna






             Gray Trout

         King Mackerel

      Kingfish (Roundhead)

              Red Drum

               Sea Bass



     Spanish Mackerel

        Speckled Trout


           Striped Bass




           White Marlin

         Yellowfin Tuna

 Note: Chart shows availability of fish in local waters; fishery
 regulations may establish varying open and closed seasons.

Saltwater Fishing Regulations
                                                                                By Lewis Gillingham

The protection and management of                          A saltwater fishing license is required     ters, anglers entering Virginia’s waters
Virginia’s marine fish, shellfish and                     for anyone fishing with a rod-and-reel,     are subject to the state’s season, size and
marine habitat that occur in the tidal                    handline, cast net, spear or gig in Vir-    possession limits.
waters inside the State’s boundaries                      ginia’s marine waters. The cost for an
and extending into the Atlantic Ocean                     individual license is $12.50, but persons   Saltwater fishing regulations are subject
three nautical miles is entrusted to the                  under the age of 16 and those 65 years of   to review and change throughout the
Virginia Marine Resources Commis-                         age and older are exempted. Currently,      year, which is the reason actual regula-
sion (VMRC). Authority to manage                          Virginia offers anglers the opportunity     tions are not listed in the Hampton
fish caught beyond 3 nautical miles out                   to purchase a boat license that cov-        Roads Fishing Guide. The Virginia
to 200 nautical miles is vested with the                  ers everyone fishing on that boat, but      Marine Resources Commission main-
Federal government.                                       this boat or “blanket license” is being     tains up-to-date information on salt-
                                                          reviewed. The cost for a boat license       water fishing regulations at its website,
Fish rarely respect arbitrary state bor-                  is $38.00 annually. All annual licenses Regulatory infor-
ders, so the VMRC works with other                        are valid for 365 consecutive days from     mation also may be obtained from the
states to develop joint management ini-                   date of purchase. If you decide to fish     Commission by calling 757-247-2200
tiatives. Virginia actively participates                  on a charterboat or headboat, you will      or by contacting the Virginia Saltwater
in the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries                   not need a license; they purchase annual    Fishing Tournament by telephone at
Commission on joint fishery manage-                       licenses that cover all of their paying     757-491-5160 or by e-mail at vswft@
ment plans for state waters along the en-                 customers.                         Cards with current
tire Atlantic Coast, in the Mid-Atlantic                                                              saltwater fishing regulations are avail-
Fisheries Management Council on plans                     Licenses can be purchased in one of         able at most tackle shops, marinas, and
for federal waters and federal fisher-                    three ways: on-line at www.dgif.vir-        sporting goods retailers.
ies, and with Maryland, the District            ; toll-free by telephone from
of Columbia and the Potomac River                         the Department of Game & Inland             Information on federal offshore fisheries
Fisheries Commission for Chesapeake                       Fisheries at 1-866-721-6911; or from any    and highly migratory species permits
Bay fisheries.                                            one of nearly 500 license agents located    may be obtained from the National Ma-
                                                          throughout the state. The list of license   rine Fisheries Service. For permits and
Saltwater Fishing License                                 agents includes many tackle shops, ma-      highly migratory species information
                                                          rinas and major sporting goods retailers.   call 888-872-8862 or obtain a permit
Beginning on January 1, 1993, anglers                                                                 on-line at Check
fishing in Virginia’s portion of the                      Fishery Regulations                         the websites for the Mid-Atlantic Fish-
Chesapeake Bay and its tidal, saltwater                                                               ery Management Council, www.mafmc.
tributaries were required to obtain a                     Virginia has recreational fishing regula-   org, and the National Marine Fisheries
saltwater recreational fishing license.                   tions covering more than 20 species of      Service,, for updated
On January 1, 2003, the licensing re-                     fish. Regulations usually take the form     federal regulations.
quirement was expanded to include the                     of size limits, possession limits, and
coastal waters comprising Virginia’s                      seasonal closures. In addition, waters
                                                                                                      Lewis Gillingham is the director of the Virginia Saltwater
territorial sea (ocean waters out to the                  off the Virginia coast (outside the Three   Fishing Tournament
three mile limit line). Monies col-                       Mile Line) are subject to regulations set
lected from the sale of saltwater fishing                 by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Manage-
licenses are dedicated to the improve-                    ment Council and administered by the
ment of recreational fisheries. More                      National Marine Fisheries Service. Spe-
than $25 million dollars has been spent                   cial rules established by international
on projects, including the construction                   treaty affect offshore pelagic species,
of new artificial reefs, boat ramps, game                 such as tunas and billfish, and require
fish tagging, the Virginia Citation pro-                  the purchase of a federal permit. Re-
gram, sea grass restoration, and various                  gardless of whether a fish was caught in
scientific studies.                                       federal or other state jurisdictional wa-   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009                                                                                                            13
     Vinings Delivers
        The Best
         By Robin Magrisi

        Established in 2004, Vinings Marine Group (VMG) is
        changing the face of marinas around the country. From
        fresh to saltwater environments, its collection of proper-
        ties boasts immaculate, updated facilities with know-
        ledgeable and courteous staff. With a focus on East Coast
        oceanfront locations from New York to North Carolina,
        VMG also owns and operates lakeside marinas in Kansas,
        Iowa, Michigan, Georgia and Alabama. Establishing ser-
        vice and amenity standards consistent from one location
        to the next, VMG is poised to be the principal owner-op-
        erator of public marina facilities in the country.

        Locally, VMG’s four premier locations cater to boaters
        and anglers who live and visit Hampton Roads waters
        throughout the year: Willoughby Harbor Marina, Bay
        Point Marina, Little Creek Marina and Taylor’s Landing
        Marine Center, with individual personalities complemen-
        tary of each locale.

        “VMG has hand-selected Norfolk’s marina locations for
        their accessibility to exceptional fishing as well as abil-    Photo by: Harry R. Hindmarsh

        ity to service customers effectively,” says Brian Baker,
        regional manager. “Most notably, fishermen are sure to
        appreciate the efforts we’ve undertaken to continually
        upgrade and expand the offerings here in Hampton Roads
        without compromising personal service and local knowl-

        Willoughby Harbor Marina has a seasoned reputation
        as a sailing haven. The 271-slip marina is cradled in the
        crook of Willoughby Spit with direct access to the calm
        waters of Willoughby Bay, ideal for hosting weekly sail-
        boat races. Full utilities, ample on-site parking, a restau-
        rant, bathrooms and showers round out the destination.

                                                                  offshore hotspots without wasted time in no-wake zones or
                                                                  navigating bridges. Little Creek Marina also is an official
                                                                  state citation and IGFA weigh station.

                                                                  The marina’s proximity to the upscale shopping and dining
                                                                  of neighboring East Beach community is a welcome distrac-
                                                                  tion, so leave your boat in one of the 380 floating and dry
                                                                  storage slips available here, complete with impeccable service
                                                                  at every turn, while you explore the area by foot or bicycle.

                                                                  Just around the corner, Taylor’s Landing Marine Center is
                                                                  the newest VMG acquisition. Its country club atmosphere
                                                                  includes a pool, showers, locker rooms and three picnic areas
                                                                  perfect for families. Capable of hosting boats up to 55 feet
                                                                  long, it features 220 wet slips and a dry storage boatel with
                                                                  room for 448 vessels. Traditional, home-cooked meals from
                                                                  locals’ favorite Surf Rider restaurant satisfy every appetite,
                                                                  and the new tiki bar is the perfect place to celebrate a prize-
                                                                  winning catch. Full-service broker Marine Concepts Yacht
                                                                  Sales also provides buy and sell service from a “salty” team
                                                                  of seasoned professionals on-site.

                                                                  Norfolk’s bountiful waters attract fishermen from far and
                                                                  wide, many for a one-of-a-kind offshore experience. With
                                                                  a host of charter captains who make the VMG marinas their
                                                                  home base, anglers are sure to hook up with exceptional
                                                                  escorts who know Hampton Roads’ waters like their own
                                                                  backyards. Marina staff also exhibit a practiced familiarity
                                                                  when it comes to bait, tackle and information on what’s bit-
Bay Point Marina caters to pleasurecraft and waterfront life-     ing and where.
style enthusiasts. More than 310 floating slips are available
and include 30 or 50 amp power plus optional cable television     “VMG’s group of Hampton Roads marinas provide the full
and telephone access. Most recently, the addition of the          complement of amenities for a family outing by the water
new Paradocks East Coast Grill (PDX) offers lunch, dinner         or a competitive fishing excursion,” adds Baker. “We want
and weekend brunch with a two-story deck overlooking the          boaters to know they can count on every VMG facility to
waterfront. Inside, five flat-screen televisions keep patrons     deliver the best service and product available on the water
up-to-date with all the latest games and scores while diners      every time they visit.”
who choose to stay aboard their boats enjoy dockside service.

In addition to hosting the annual Hampton Roads Regatta
to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital each August, Bay
Point also is the celebration site for National Marina Day
2008 on August 9th. The free event features family-friendly
programming, facility tours, guest speakers, marine educa-
tion, industry vendors and complementary food, beverages
and live music.

Big sister to Bay Point, Little Creek Marina is your first
choice for unparalleled access to the venerable Chesapeake
Bay Bridge-Tunnel. An easy ten-minute run to the series of
pilings and artificial reefs that attract a variety of gamefish
is made even easier by the wide and natural Little Creek
Channel. Kept clear to facilitate the smooth passage of US
Navy vessels, the channel reaches up to 12 feet deep in the
shallows and ensures speedy access to the area’s inshore and   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009                                                                             15
                                  Tide Charts for Hampton Roads                                                                                Tides are based on Hampton Roads. To find the following places add or
                                                                                                                                               subtract the value shown. Daylight savings time has been calculated.

                                  JULY 08            Morning            Evening          AUGUST 08         Morning            Evening                 SEPTEMBER 08             Morning              Evening
                                  DATE       DAY    HIGH      LOW     HIGH     LOW       DATE       DAY   HIGH      LOW     HIGH     LOW              DATE       DAY          HIGH      LOW       HIGH      LOW

                                         1   TUES      8:01    2:13     8:31      2:02          1   FRI      9:41    3:41    10:08      3:45                 1   MON            10:52     4:39     11:11      5:05

                                         2   WED       8:59    3:09     9:27      3:01          2   SAT     10:31    4:27    10:56      4:37                 2   TUE            11:33     5:18     11:51      5:50

                                         3   THU       9:55    4:02    10:21      3:58          3   SUN     11:20    5:12    11:41      5:28                 3   WED                      5:56     12:15      6:34

                                         4   FRI      10:49    4:52    11:12      4:54          4   MON     12:06    5:54               6:17                 4   THU            12:29     6:35     12:57      7:19

                                         5   SAT      11:41    5:40               5:49          5   TUE     12:25    6:36    12:52      7:06                 5    FRI            1:09     7:15      1:41      8:07

                                         6   SUN      12:03    6:27    12:32      6:44          6   WED      1:08    7:17     1:38      7:56                 6   SAT             1:52     7:59      2:30      8:59

                                         7   MON      12:52    7:12     1:23      7:39          7   THU      1:52    7:59     2:25      8:48                 7   SUN             2:41     8:50      3:27      9:58

                                         8   TUE       1:40    7:57     2:14      8:35          8   FRI      2:38    8:45     3:16      9:42                 8   MON             3:38     9:48      4:28     10:58

                                         9   WED       2:30    8:42     3:06      9:32          9   SAT      3:28    9:34     4:12   10:41                   9   TUE             4:42    10:50      5:29     11:55

                                     10      THU       3:20    9:29     3:58   10:30        10      SUN      4:24   10:29     5:11   11:40               10      WED             5:45    11:51      6:24

                                     11      FRI       4:13   10:17     4:52   11:29        11      MON      5:23   11:27     6:09                       11      THU             6:41    12:46      7:13     12:47

                                     12      SAT       5:08   11:08     5:46                12      TUE      6:22   12:36     7:02   12:24               12       FRI            7:30     1:31      7:57      1:38

                                     13      SUN       6:03   12:23     6:38   12:02        13      WED      7:16    1:26     7:50      1:17             13      SAT             8:14     2:11      8:38      2:25

                                     14      MON       6:56    1:15     7:26   12:53        14      THU      8:04    2:11     8:33      2:06             14      SUN             8:56     2:50      9:19      3:10

                                     15      TUE       7:46    2:02     8:11      1:43      15      FRI      8:47    2:51     9:12      2:51             15      MON             9:36     3:28      9:59      3:54

                                     16      WED       8:32    2:46     8:53      2:29      16      SAT      9:28    3:30     9:51      3:35             16      TUE            10:18     4:06     10:40      4:39

                                     17      THU       9:16    3:26     9:32      3:13      17      SUN     10:07    4:06    10:28      4:17             17      WED            11:01     4:46     11:23      5:26

                                     18      FRI       9:56    4:04    10:19      3:55      18      MON     10:46    4:42    11:07      5:00             18      THU            11:47     5:28                6:15

                                     19      SAT      10:35    4:40    10:56      4:36      19      TUE     11:26    5:18    11:47      5:44             19       FRI           12:09     6:13     12:37      7:08

                                     20      SUN      11:14    5:14    11:33      5:18      20      WED              5:56    12:09      6:31             20      SAT             1:00     7:04      1:32      8:08

                                     21      MON      11:52    5:48               6:01      21      THU     12:29    6:37    12:55      7:22             21      SUN             1:57     8:02      2:35      9:13

                                     22      TUE      12:11    6:23    12:32      6:48      22      FRI      1:16    7:23     1:47      8:19             22      MON             3:03     9:07      3:45     10:21

                                     23      WED      12:45    7:01     1:16      7:38      23      SAT      2:09    8:16     2:46      9:23             23      TUE             4:15    10:19      4:56     11:27

                                     24      THU       1:31    7:44     2:05      8:35      24      SUN      3:10    9:16     3:53   10:32               24      WED             5:26    11:31      6:03

                                     25      FRI       2:23    8:32     3:00      9:39      25      MON      4:19   10:24     5:04   11:41               25      THU             6:30    12:27      7:02     12:37

                                     26      SAT       3:22    9:28     4:02   10:47        26      TUE      5:31   11:34     6:13                       26       FRI            7:27     1:19      7:54      1:35

                                     27      SUN       4:28   10:32     5:10   11:57        27      WED      6:38   12:44     7:15   12:41               27      SAT             8:16     2:05      8:40      2:28

                                     28      MON       5:38   11:39     6:18                28      THU      7:39    1:40     8:11      1:43             28      SUN             9:01     2:48      9:23      3:15

                                     29      TUE       6:46    1:01     7:22   12:49        29      FRI      8:33    2:30     9:01      2:40             29      MON             9:43     3:27     10:03      3:59

                                     30      WED       7:50    2:00     8:21      1:53      30      SAT      9:23    3:16     9:47      3:31             30      TUE            10:23     4:05     10:41      4:41

                                     31      THU       8:48    2:54     9:15      2:53      31      SUN     10:09    3:59    10:30      4:20

                                  JANUARY 09         Morning            Evening          FEBRUARY 09       Morning            Evening                 MARCH 09                 Morning              Evening
                                  DATE       DAY     HIGH     LOW     HIGH     LOW       DATE       DAY   HIGH      LOW     HIGH     LOW              DATE       DAY          HIGH      LOW       HIGH      LOW

                                         1   THU      11:53    5:42               6:14          1   SUN     12:33    6:57    12:53      7:05                 1   SUN            11:48     5:51                5:54

                                         2   FRI      12:15    6:28    12:34      6:53          2   MON      1:25    7:56     1:47      7:58                 2   MON            12:12     6:42     12:35      6:42

                                         3   SAT       1:02    7:21     1:21      7:39          3   TUE      2:26    9:02     2:50      9:00                 3   TUE             1:07     7:40      1:31      7:39

                                         4   SUN       1:54    8:21     2:16      8:30          4   WED      3:35   10:14     4:01   10:09                   4   WED             2:10     8:47      2:36      8:46

                                         5   MON       2:54    9:27     3:17      9:28          5   THU      4:47   11:23     5:12   11:18                   5   THU             3:21     9:58      3:49      9:58

                                         6   TUE       3:58   10:35     4:23   10:30            6   FRI      5:55             6:18   12:26                   6    FRI            4:35    11:06      5:01     11:10

                                         7   WED       5:04   11:41     5:29   11:33            7   SAT      6:57   12:24     7:18      1:22                 7   SAT             5:43               6:07     12:06

                                         8   THU       6:08             6:32   12:43            8   SUN      7:53    1:24     8:13      2:13                 8   SUN             6:43    12:16      7:04      1:00

                                         9   FRI       7:09   12:35     7:39      1:39          9   MON      8:44    2:21     9:04      3:00                 9   MON             8:36     1:15      8:56      2:49

                                     10      SAT       8:06    1:34     8:27      2:32      10      TUE      9:32    3:13     9:53      3:45             10      TUE             9:25     3:09      9:44      3:34

                                     11      SUN       8:59    2:31     9:21      3:23      11      WED     10:17    4:04    10:40      4:29             11      WED            10:10     3:58     10:29      4:16

                                     12      MON       9:50    3:26    10:13      4:11      12      THU     11:01    4:53    11:26      5:11             12      THU            10:53     4:45     11:13      4:57

                                     13      TUE      10:39    4:20    11:04      4:58      13      FRI     11:45    5:41               5:54             13       FRI           11:34     5:30     11:55      5:38

                                     14      WED      11:28    5:13    11:55      5:44      14      SAT     12:12    6:30    12:28      6:37             14      SAT                      6:14     12:14      6:18

                                     15      THU               6:06    12:16      6:31      15      SUN      1:00    7:20     1:14      7:23             15      SUN            12:37     6:58     12:54      6:59

                                     16      FRI      12:47    7:01     1:05      7:18      16      MON      1:52    8:15     2:04      8:14             16      MON             1:22     7:44      1:35      7:43

                                     17      SAT       1:40    7:58     1:56      8:07      17      TUE      2:50    9:14     3:00      9:11             17      TUE             2:10     8:34      2:21      8:32
Annual Edition 2008 - 2009

                                     18      SUN       2:36    8:57     2:51      8:59      18      WED      3:53   10:17     4:02   10:13               18      WED             3:04     9:30      3:15      9:29

                                     19      MON       3:35    9:58     3:48      9:55      19      THU      4:57   11:17     5:05   11:14               19      THU             4:06    10:30      4:17     10:33

                                     20      TUE       4:35   10:59     4:47   10:51        20      FRI      5:54             6:02   12:11               20       FRI            5:10    11:30      5:23     11:37

                                     21      WED       5:33   11:55     5:43   11:46        21      SAT      6:43   12:09     6:52   12:57               21      SAT             6:09               6:22     12:24

                                     22      THU       6:26             6:34   12:45        22      SUN      7:26   12:59     7:35      1:38             22      SUN             7:01    12:36      7:14      1:12

                                     23      FRI       7:13   12:37     7:21      1:30      23      MON      8:04    1:44     8:15      2:15             23      MON             7:47     1:28      7:59      1:54

                                     24      SAT       7:54    1:23     8:03      2:11      24      TUE      8:41    2:25     8:52      2:50             24      TUE             8:28     2:15      8:40      2:34

                                     25      SUN       8:33    2:06     8:42      2:49      25      WED      9:16    3:05     9:28      3:25             25      WED             9:08     2:59      9:20      3:11

                                     26      MON       9:09    2:47     9:19      3:24      26      THU      9:51    3:44    10:05      3:59             26      THU             9:46     3:41      9:59      3:49

                                     27      TUE       9:43    3:25     9:55      3:58      27      FRI     10:27    4:24    10:43      4:34             27       FRI           10:25     4:23     10:39      4:27

                                     28      WED      10:17    4:03    10:31      4:31      28      SAT     11:06    5:05    11:25      5:12             28      SAT            11:05     5:06     11:22      5:06

                                     29      THU      10:51    4:42    11:08      5:05                                                                   29      SUN            11:48     5:51                5:49

                                     30      FRI      11:27    5:23    11:48      5:40                                                                   30      MON            12:08     6:39     12:34      6:36

                                     31      SAT               6:07    12:08      6:20                                                                   31      TUE            12:59     7:32      1:25      7:30

                                                   Low   High                           Low      High                                               Low      High                                            Low        High
                                Lafayette River + 0:20 + 0:11          Newport News + 0:23 + 0:24                   York Point, Poquoson River    + 0:01   - 0:07                                Norfolk   + 0:15     + 0:18
                                 Craney Island - 0:01 + 0:13    Lynnhaven Inlet (east) - 0:09 + 0:06                  Messick Point, Back River   - 0:05   - 0:26           Portsmouth, Southern Branch    + 0:09     + 0:07
                  Port Norfolk, Western Branch + 0:24 + 0:17         Huntington Park + 0:39 + 0:40                           Old Point Comfort    - 0:14   - 0:04                            Town Point    + 0:39     + 0:33
                                                                                                                                 Hampton River    - 0:07   + 0:02                                Suffolk   + 1:30     + 1:37

OCTOBER 08        Morning            Evening                     NOVEMBER 08             Morning             Evening                                       DECEMBER 08          Morning             Evening
DATE       DAY   HIGH      LOW     HIGH      LOW                 DATE       DAY        HIGH       LOW      HIGH      LOW                                   DATE       DAY     HIGH       LOW      HIGH       LOW

       1   WED     11:01    4:42    11:17      5:22                     1   SAT          11:51      5:25               6:17                                       1   MON       11:06      4:41    11:20       5:33

       2   THU     11:40    5:19    11:54      6:03                     2   SUN          12:02      5:05    11:43      6:00                                       2   TUE       11:44      5:22                6:12

       3   FRI              5:56    12:20      6:45                     3   MON                     5:47    12:14      6:45                                       3   WED       12:03      6:07    12:26       6:54

       4   SAT     12:32    6:36     1:02      7:30                     4   TUE          12:30      6:34     1:01      7:34                                       4   THU       12:49      6:56     1:11       7:38

       5   SUN      1:13    7:19     1:49      8:20                     5   WED           1:22      7:29     1:53      8:25                                       5   FRI        1:40      7:53     2:01       8:25

       6   MON      2:01    8:09     2:42      9:15                     6   THU           2:20      8:30     2:49      9:16                                       6   SAT        2:35      8:55     2:57       9:15

       7   TUE      2:58    9:07     3:41    10:13                      7   FRI           3:19      9:34     3:46     10:06                                       7   SUN        3:32      9:59     3:56      10:07

       8   WED      4:01   10:11     4:41    11:08                      8   SAT           4:16    10:36      4:42     10:55                                       8   MON        4:31     11:02     4:55      11:01

       9   THU      5:04   11:15     5:38    11:58                      9   SUN           5:10    11:34      5:35     11:42                                       9   TUE        5:29     12:02     5:54      11:56

   10      FRI      6:01             6:29    12:13                  10      MON           6:01               6:26     12:28                                   10      WED        6:26               6:50       1:00

   11      SAT      6:51   12:44     7:17      1:07                 11      TUE           6:51    12:30      7:16      1:21                                   11      THU        7:22     12:51     7:45       1:55

   12      SUN      7:37    1:27     8:02      1:57                 12      WED           7:41      1:17     8:06      2:12                                   12      FRI        8:17      1:46     8:40       2:48

   13      MON      8:22    2:09     8:47      2:45                 13      THU           8:32      2:06     8:56      3:03                                   13      SAT        9:11      2:41     9:34       3:41

   14      TUE      9:07    2:50     9:31      3:32                 14      FRI           9:23      2:56     9:47      3:55                                   14      SUN       10:05      3:36    10:28       4:33

   15      WED      9:52    3:33    10:16      4:20                 15      SAT          10:16      3:48    10:41      4:48                                   15      MON       10:58      4:32    11:24       5:24

   16      THU     10:39    4:18    11:03      5:09                 16      SUN          11:11      4:42    11:38      5:43                                   16      TUE       11:52      5:29                6:16

   17      FRI     11:29    5:04    11:54      6:01                 17      MON                     5:40    12:09      6:40                                   17      WED       12:21      6:28    12:47       7:08

   18      SAT     12:23    5:55               6:56                 18      TUE          12:39      6:43     1:10      7:38                                   18      THU        1:20      7:30     1:43       8:01

   19      SUN     12:48    6:51     1:21      7:56                 19      WED           1:43      7:50     2:13      8:37                                   19      FRI        2:19      8:33     2:41       8:54

   20      MON      1:49    7:52     2:25      9:00                 20      THU           2:49      8:58     3:16      9:33                                   20      SAT        3:19      9:37     3:39       9:47

   21      TUE      2:57    9:01     3:33    10:04                  21      FRI           3:52    10:06      4:17     10:27                                   21      SUN        4:18     10:39     4:36      10:39

   22      WED      4:07   10:13     4:42    11:05                  22      SAT           4:51    11:07      5:13     11:17                                   22      MON        5:13     11:36     5:30      11:29

   23      THU      5:15   11:23     5:45                           23      SUN           5:44               6:03     12:03                                   23      TUE        6:05               6:20      12:28

   24      FRI      6:15   12:01     6:41    12:26                  24      MON           6:31    12:03      6:49     12:52                                   24      WED        6:52     12:17     7:05       1:14

   25      SAT      7:08   12:51     7:31      1:22                 25      TUE           7:15    12:47      7:31      1:36                                   25      THU        7:36      1:03     7:47       1:57

   26      SUN      7:55    1:36     8:16      2:12                 26      WED           7:56      1:28     8:10      2:18                                   26      FRI        8:17      1:46     8:27       2:38

   27      MON      8:38    2:17     8:57      2:57                 27      THU           8:35      2:08     8:48      2:58                                   27      SAT        8:56      2:27     9:06       3:16

   28      TUE      9:18    2:56     9:36      3:38                 28      FRI           9:13      2:46     9:25      3:37                                   28      SUN        9:32      3:06     9:43       3:54

   29      WED      9:57    3:34    10:12      4:18                 29      SAT           9:51      3:24    10:02      4:15                                   29      MON       10:08      3:45    10:20       4:29

   30      THU     10:34    4:11    10:48      4:57                 30      SUN          10:28      4:03    10:40      4:54                                   30      TUE       10:42      4:23    10:58       5:05

   31      FRI     11:12    4:48    11:25      5:37                                                                                                           31      WED       11:18      5:02    11:36       5:40

APRIL 09          Morning            Evening                     MAY 09                  Morning             Evening                                       JUNE 09              Morning             Evening
DATE       DAY   HIGH      LOW     HIGH      LOW                 DATE       DAY        HIGH       LOW      HIGH      LOW                                   DATE       DAY     HIGH       LOW      HIGH       LOW

       1   WED      1:56    8:31     2:24      8:31                     1   FRI           2:51      9:19     3:25      9:34                                       1   MON        4:35     10:46     5:11      11:32

       2   THU      3:01    9:35     3:31      9:40                     2   SAT           3:56     10:19     4:31     10:44                                       2   TUE        5:35     11:39     6:08

       3   FRI      4:11   10:41     4:42    10:52                      3   SUN           5:01    11:17      5:34     11:50                                       3   WED        6:31     12:32     7:01      12:30

       4   SAT      5:21   11:44     5:50                               4   MON           6:03               6:32     12:12                                       4   THU        7:23      1:19     7:50       1:16

       5   SUN      6:26   12:02     6:52    12:41                      5   TUE           6:59    12:51      7:25      1:02                                       5   FRI        8:11      2:15     8:36       2:06

       6   MON      7:23    1:06     7:47      1:33                     6   WED           7:50      1:46     8:13      1:50                                       6   SAT        8:55      3:01     9:19       2:50

       7   TUE      8:15    2:03     8:36      2:20                     7   THU           8:37      2:36     8:58      2:34                                       7   SUN        9:37      3:44    10:01       3:33

       8   WED      9:02    2:54     9:21      3:04                     8   FRI           9:20      3:21     9:41      3:17                                       8   MON       10:17      4:25    10:40       4:14

       9   THU      9:46    3:41    10:04      3:46                     9   SAT          10:01      4:04    10:21      3:58                                       9   TUE       10:56      5:03    11:19       4:55

   10      FRI     10:27    4:25    10:46      4:26                 10      SUN          10:40      4:45    11:02      4:38                                   10      WED       11:34      5:42    11:56       5:36

   11      SAT     11:06    5:07    11:26      5:06                 11      MON          11:18      5:26    11:41      5:18                                   11      THU                  6:19    12:13       6:17

   12      SUN     11:44    5:49               5:45                 12      TUE          11:57      6:06               5:59                                   12      FRI       12:34      6:57    12:53       6:59

   13      MON     12:07    6:30    12:23      6:26                 13      WED          12:21      6:46    12:37      6:41                                   13      SAT        1:12      7:35     1:35       7:45

   14      TUE     12:49    7:13     1:03      7:09                 14      THU           1:03      7:28     1:20      7:26                                   14      SAT        1:53      8:14     2:20       8:36

   15      WED      1:34    7:59     1:48      7:57                 15      FRI           1:46      8:12     2:07      8:17                                   15      SUN        2:38      8:57     3:09       9:31

   16      THU      2:23    8:49     2:38      8:51                 16      SAT           2:33      8:57     2:58      9:12                                   16      MON        3:28      9:40     4:01      10:31

   17      FRI      3:17    9:42     3:36      9:51                 17      SUN           3:23      9:45     3:51     10:11                                   17      TUE        4:24     10:33     4:57      11:32

   18      SAT      4:16   10:37     4:37    10:55                  18      MON           4:17    10:33      4:46     11:12                                   18      WED        5:23     11:27     5:56

   19      SUN      5:14   11:29     5:35    11:55                  19      TUE           5:13    11:23      5:40                                             19      THU        6:23     12:33     6:54      12:24

   20      MON      6:09             6:28    12:18                  20      WED           6:08    12:10      6:33     12:12                                   20      FRI        7:22      1:32     7:52       1:21

   21      TUE      6:59   12:51     7:16      1:04                 21      THU           7:02      1:06     7:25      1:02                                   21      SAT        8:20      2:29     8:49       2:18

   22      WED      7:46    1:41     8:02      1:47                 22      FRI           7:54      1:59     8:16      1:52                                   22      SUN        9:16      3:23     9:44       3:15

   23      THU      8:31    2:29     8:46      2:30                 23      SAT           8:45      2:51     9:08      2:42                                   23      MON       10:11      4:15    10:38       4:12

   24      FRI      9:15    3:15     9:31      3:13                 24      SUN           9:36      3:42     9:59      3:33                                   24      TUE       11:06      5:06    11:32       5:08

   25      SAT      9:59    4:02    10:17      3:57                 25      MON          10:27      4:33    10:52      4:26                                   25      WED       12:00      5:57                6:06

   26      SUN     10:45    4:49    11:05      4:44                 26      TUE          11:20      5:24    11:45      5:20                                   26      THU       12:25      6:47    12:55       7:04

   27      MON     11:33    5:38    11:56      5:33                 27      WED                     6:16    12:14      6:16                                   27      FRI        1:18      7:37     1:51       8:03

   28      TUE              6:29    12:24      6:25                 28      THU          12:40      7:09     1:11      7:16                                   28      SAT        2:12      8:27     2:48       9:04

   29      WED     12:50    7:23     1:20      7:23                 29      FRI           1:37      8:02     2:10      8:18                                   29      SUN        3:07      9:19     3:46      10:06

   30      THU      1:48    8:20     2:20      8:26                 30      SAT           2:35      8:57     3:11      9:23                                   30      MON        4:05     10:12     4:44      11:08

                                                                    31      SUN           3:35      9:51     4:12     10:29

         BY BOAT OR
        BY BOOT                                Since 1997, Virginia Beach’s Virginia Coastal Fly Anglers, and more
                                               recently, the Mid-Atlantic Fly Anglers have been promoting saltwater
                                               fly fishing, and over the last decade there’s been a boom in the popu-
          Virginia Beach is saltwater          larity of the sport.

                                               Fly fishing tactics have been adapted to traditional saltwater angling
             flyfishing at its best.           targets including striped bass, weakfish (grey trout), summer flounder,
                                               speckled trout, croaker, spadefish, Spanish mackerel, red drum, black
       Exceptional fishing opportunities       drum, cobia, and sharks. Multiple species are often caught in the
                                               same locations adding to the excitement of every outing. While not
                                               targeted, anglers might be surprised to find sand perch, northern star-
     abound within the Commonwealth of         gazers, pinfish, shad, needlefish, cow-nosed rays, black sea bass, and
                                               grey triggerfish bending the rod from time to time.
     Virginia but, for the saltwater angler,
                                               No matter how you like to fish, the waters of Virginia Beach are ac-
                                               cessible to every fly fisher. Wading opportunities can be found along
      the confluence of the Chesapeake         the sandy shorelines and marsh edges of the coastal rivers and along
                                               the Chesapeake Bay. From Cape Henry to the southern reaches of the
      Bay and the Atlantic Ocean create        Commonwealth, Virginia Beach offers 30 miles of wadeable Atlantic
                                               Ocean beachfront. While any boat will do, the waters within Rudee
                                               Inlet are easily accessed by kayak or canoe and the Lynnhaven River
     conditions that foster an unsurpassed     is the site of the Annual Tidewater Kayak Angler Association’s charity
                                               fishing tournament. Likewise, these same coastal creeks and bays are
           variety of fishing targets.         perfect for small motorized johnboats, skiffs, dinghies, and even in-
                                               flatables. The weather systems of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic
                                               Ocean demand a larger vessel for safe operation, but boats 18’ and up
                                               can access just about any species there is to catch with the exception
                By Kevin DuBois                of true blue water angling.

                         fly, virginia beach
                                                                     Virginia Coastal Fly Anglers:
                                                                        Mid-Atlantic Fly Anglers:
                                                          Saltwater Fishing Regulations - VMRC:
                                                           Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association:
                                                                           Lynnhaven River Now:
                                                                    Chesapeake Bay Foundation:
                                                                           Crab Creek Outfitters:    (757) 460-1958   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009                                                                                                   19
                               the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel was built in 1964 to replace ferry service that connected virginia

With its diversity of waters and habitats, it’s not surprising that Virginia
Beach is an exceptional place to fish. It’s no wonder then that the
waters of Virginia Beach and the adjoining Chesapeake Bay, have
provided both men’s and women’s IGFA records for fly caught striped
bass, bluefish, black drum, summer flounder, spadefish, bluefin tuna,
and weakfish. While blue marlin are found off Virginia Beach’s Atlan-
tic coast, the majority of men’s and almost all of the women’s IGFA
saltwater fly rod tippet class records remain vacant... so there’s a huge
opportunity waiting to be fulfilled!
                                                                               rectly to the Atlantic Ocean, it is often used as a resting and staging lo-
                                                                               cation by fish swimming up and down the Atlantic coast during spring
Our Inshore Waters                                                             and fall migrations. It contains over 100 acres of valuable salt marsh
The Lynnhaven River watershed, including Linkhorn Bay, Broad Bay,              habitat, has shallow flats located right next to deep-dredged holes,
and Crystal Lake, provides 51,000 acres of fishable water and 150              and has lots of piers, bulkheads, and rip rap revetments that provide
miles of shoreline. Outside the main channels and deeper areas,                holding structure. In Virginia Beach, Rudee normally offers inshore
there’s lots of shallow water and wadeable fishing to be had. Ap-              anglers their first taste of the season to come with catches of red drum,
proximately 860 acres of vegetated wetlands, 1,500 acres of harvest-           speckled trout, bluefish, striped bass and even shad.
able oyster waters, and pockets of underwater grasses in Linkhorn and
Broad Bays combine to filter pollutants from the water, provide nursery        The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel was built in 1964 to replace ferry
grounds for juvenile fishes, and provide critical habitat for prey species     service that connected Virginia Beach with Virginia’s Eastern Shore on
like crabs, minnows, worms, and mollusks. Nine to ten months of the            the Delmarva Peninsula. The “CBBT” stretches 17.6 miles across the
year, the Lynnhaven River provides a diverse and bountiful array of fly        mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and is perched above water that varies
fishing target species. An abundance of docks and dock lights adds             in depth from 25’ to 100’. Made with 12 miles of trestles and over
to the river’s structure and provides night time fishing opportunity for       5,000 pilings, two one-mile tunnels, two high level bridges, 2 miles of
striped bass, bluefish, red drum, flounder and speckled trout.                 causeway, and four 5-acre manmade islands surrounded by 300,000
                                                                               tons of stone, the structure is considered one of the Seven Engineering
Through the work of the City and environmental groups like Lynnhaven           Wonders of the World. For the angler, the CBBT’s mixture of shallow
River Now, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and others, marine re-               and deep water, transition slopes covered with rock, and thousands
sources and water quality have been improving and providing ever               of marine encrusted pilings located at the mouth of one of the most
increasing habitat for a variety of fisheries. Within the last year alone,     productive estuaries in the Untied States, is a world-class fish attracting
30 acres of oyster reef were added to the Lynnhaven River adding to            magnet. From the Virginia Beach shore to the deeper waters off the
                                          previous oyster reef construc-       Chesapeake Bay coast, the CBBT provides year-round daytime fishing
                                          tion, seagrass bed restoration       opportunity.
                                          projects, wetland preservation
                                          efforts, and the establishment       For anglers, the CBBT has one more huge benefit. From shore to shore,
                                          of no-discharge zones.               the CBBT is lit with over 800 high intensity lamps mounted on alter-
                                                                               nate sides of the roadway. These lamps create a “light line”, distinct
                                          The “Rudee Inlet” watershed          areas of light and dark that provide the perfect ambush scenario for
                                          includes Lake Wesley, Lake           striped bass – BIG striped bass. The men’s 20 lb tippet class world
                                          Rudee, and Owls Creek. Be-           record fly-caught striped bass was caught December 20, 2006 by Capt.
                                          cause Rudee is connected di-         Harry Huelsbeck.

                                                                                fly fishing | virginia beach | striped bass | red drum | spec
 beach with virginia’s eastern shore on the delmarva peninsula.

                                                                         Atlantic Ocean
                                                                         Casting a line from the beach, anglers have access to over 8 miles of
                                                                         ocean beach, with settings as varied as the Virginia Beach resort area
                                                                         to the wilds of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and primitive False
                                                                         Cape State Park. Anglers can target speckled trout, bluefish, striped
                                                                         bass, cobia, Spanish mackerel, flounder, and pompano. Motoring out
                                                                         of one of Virginia Beach’s fishing centers, offshore anglers have access
                                                                         to almost 30 miles of Virginia Beach oceanfront and another 50 miles
                                                                         along the Eastern Shore of Virginia or make the hop east to access the
                                                                         blue waters of the Gulf Stream.

                                                                         Tackle Requirements:
                                                                         Inshore, rods from 6 to 9 weights will do the trick. For larger striped
                                                                         bass, big red and black drum, and the occasional crevalle jack or
                                                                         false albacore, 10 to 11 weight rods are best. Just about any reel is
                                                                         sufficient for inshore action, but again, big boys will test tackle, so
                                                                         best to bring top notch gear when chasing larger fish or heading off-
                                                                         shore. Because of the variety of depths providing fishing opportunity,
                                                                         it’s best to have both a fast sinking and an intermediate sinking line
                                                                         handy. Floating lines can be used, but an intermediate line will cover
                                                                         the same fishing situations effectively and provide greater versatility.
                                                                         The clouser deep minnow will probably catch anything that swims in
                                                                         these waters, but for suggested color combinations and other effective
                                                                         patterns, contact the local fly shop, Crab Creek Outfitters (757-460-
                                                                         1958), or post a question on the Outer Banks Fly Fishing or Virginia
                                                                         Coastal Fly Anglers internet forums.

                                                                         A variety of habitats and improving marine ecosystems for both preda-
                                                                         tors and prey, lots of different kinds of fish to catch and eat, access
                                                                         options from wading to kayaking to motor boating of all sizes, fishing
                                                                         opportunities inshore, in the Chesapeake Bay, and in the ocean, and
                                                                         the opportunity to catch big fish - IGFA records for a variety of fish
                                                                         species... the waters in and surrounding Virginia Beach have it all.
  Photo by: Patrick Hayes

                                                                         Pick up a fly rod, join a local fly fishing club, learn to tie a clouser
                                                                         minnow, and let the fun begin! You’ll be glad you chose Virginia
                                                                         Beach for your world-class fly fishing adventure!

                                                                         Kevin DuBois is an avid fly-fisherman and conservationist. He
                                                                         is considered an authority in the Virginia Beach region on both
                                                                         fresh and saltwater angling.

ckled trout | blue fish | grey trout | atlantic croakers | inshore | off shore | sailfish | white marlin | blue marlin | fly fishing
     Virginia Game Fishing Records                                                                                            2008 New
     By the VMRC 1/2007 Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament
                SPECIES                       WEIGHT               WHERE            WHEN   ANGLER
                                                                                                                              State Records
                               Albacore        68 lbs          Norfolk Canyon       1992   Irvin Fenton, Jr.

                             Amberjack         ll8 lbs        Ches. Light Tower     1986   Mark J. Roberts
                                                                                                                               73-pound striped bass, caught on
                              Barracuda      45 lbs 8 oz        CB Buoy Line        1996   Wayne Seymour
                                                                                                                               January 23rd by Frederick Barnes of
                                Bluefish     5 lbs 4 oz         Bluefish Rock       1986   Gayle E. Cozzens
                                                                                                                               Chesapeake, VA
                                  Cobia       109 lbs             York Split        2006   Joseph F. Berberich, II

                           Cod, Atlantic        5 lbs        Off Wachapreague       1969   Robert Crammer                      Chris Boyce of Hampton, Virginia has
                           Crevalle Jack    48 lbs 12 oz      Ches. Light Tower     1993   Charles McCaskill, III              established a new state record for
                                Croaker      8 lbs 11 oz      Chesapeake Bay        2007   Norman Jenkins                      snowy grouper with a 66-pound fish
                                Dolphin      71 lbs 8 oz      Off Virginia Beach    1991   Don Dorey                           caught December 9, 2007
                            Drum, Black       111 lbs         Off Cape Charles      1973   Betty D. Hall
                                                                                                                               A 56-pound, 8-ounce golden tilefish,
                             Drum, Red       85 lbs 4 oz        Wreck Island        1981   Herman Moore
                                                                                                                               caught in June, 08 by Aaron Sledd of
                          False Albacore     25 lbs 4 oz      Off Virginia Capes    1964   Jack Sparrow
                                                                                                                               VA Beach, has been certified as the
                               Flounder      17 lbs 8 oz      Baltimore Channel     1971   Charles E. Cross                    new Virginia state record
                 Kingfish (Roundhead)        2 lbs 13 oz       Off Sandbridge       2002   Chip Watters

                          Mackerel, King     63 lbs 1 oz      Off Virginia Beach    2007   Susan Smith                         Norman T. Jenkins of Portsmouth, VA
                    Mackerel, Spanish        9 lbs 13 oz      Off Virginia Beach    1993   Everett Cameron                     has established a new state record for
                            Marlin, Blue   1,093 lbs 12 oz     Norfolk Canyon       1978   Edward Alan Givens                  croaker with an 8-lb., 11-oz. fish
                           Marlin, White   131 lbs 10 oz      Off Virginia Beach    1978   Rudolf D. Van’t Riet
                                                                                                                               A 573-pound bluefin tuna caught on
                                 Pollock     5 lbs 10 oz      Off Chincoteague      1992   Lee Michalski
                                                                                                                               June 24th by Frederick “Bo” Haycox of
                               Pompano       5 lbs 10 oz     Scarborough Island     1992   Robert T. Long
                                                                                                                               Virginia Beach
                                  Porgy      5 lbs 5 oz       Off Chincoteague      1978   Charles B. Haines, Sr.

                                Sailfish     68 lbs 8 oz      Off Virginia Beach    1977   P.J. Murden                         A 63-pound, 1-ounce king mackerel
                               Sea Bass      10 lbs 4 oz      Off Virginia Beach    2000   Allan P. Paschall                   caught on July 14th by Susan M. Smith
                Shark, Bigeye Thresher        149 lbs             The Cigar         1992   Wayne M. Gross                      of Virginia Beach has been certified as
                       Shark, Blacktip      76 lbs 10 oz      Off Virginia Beach    1988   John W. Thurston, Jr.               the new Virginia state record
                             Shark, Blue      266 lbs             The Cigar         1987   Wayne C. DeFord
                                                                                                                               A 14-pound spadefish caught on June
                             Shark, Bull      256 lbs              V-Buoy           1982   Craig R. Paige
                                                                                                                               7th by Mark Ottarson of North, VA has
                           Shark, Dusky       673 lbs            S.E. Lumps         1982   Michael J. Halperin
                                                                                                                               been certified as tying the Virginia
           Shark, Hammerhead (Great)          430 lbs            S.E. Lumps         1984   Ronald E. Ault                      state record by the Virginia Saltwater
        Shark, Hammerhead (Scalloped)         245 lbs             The Cigar         1977   Don Lips                            Fishing Tournament.
         Shark, Hammerhead (Smooth)           272 lbs         Off Virginia Beach    1988   Carolyn L. Matthews

                          Shark, Lemon     312 lbs 12 oz       Off Sandbridge       1976   Bill Walker                         A 19-pound, 14-ounce blueline tilefish
                            Shark, Mako       728 lbs         Ches. Light Tower     1983   Geoffrey H. Newbill
                                                                                                                               caught on March 31st by Rick Wineman
                                                                                                                               of Yorktown, VA
               Shark, Sandbar (Brown)         213 lbs          Triangle Wrecks      1986   Bill Moffett

                     Shark, Sand Tiger        339 lbs         Off Cape Charles      1983   Kelly D. Capps

                            Shark, Silky      110 lbs          Norfolk Canyon       1977   Gary W. Seay

                          Shark, Spinner    129 lbs 8 oz      Off Chincoteague      1991   John E. Patton, II

                       Shark, Thresher        525 lbs          Triangle Wrecks      2004   Andrew P. Schuyler

                            Shark, Tiger   1,099 lbs 12 oz       S.E. Lumps         1981   John W. Thurston, Jr.

                           Shark, White       131 lbs            S.E. Lumps         1981   Fred Williams

                            Sheepshead      20 lbs 12 oz      CBBT Seagull Pier     2005   Arun Nhek

                             Spade fish        14 lbs            Light Tower        2007   Mark Ottarson

                                   Spot      2 lbs 6 oz         Off Poquoson        1980   Nathan Dryden

                            Striped Bass       73 lbs         Off Virginia Beach    2008   Fred Barnes

                              Swordfish     381 lbs 8 oz       Norfolk Canyon       1978   James D. Alexander

                                 Tarpon       130 lbs            Off Oyster         1975   Barry Truitt

                                 Tautog        24 lbs        Off Wachapreague       1987   Gregory R. Bell

                             Trout, Gray       19 lbs        Ches. Bay Br. Tunnel   1983   Philip W. Halstead

                       Trout, Speckled         16 lbs          Masons Beach         1977   Bill Katko

                            Tuna Bigeye       285 lbs          Norfolk Canyon       2003   Melvin Bray

                           Tuna, Bluefin      573 lbs         Off Virginia Beach    2007   Frederick “Bo” Haycox

                          Tuna, Blackfin       33-15           Norfolk Canyon       2004   William W. Charlton III (switch)

                          Tuna, Skipjack    22 lbs 11 oz          The Cigar         1995   Kitty Falk

                       Tuna, Yellowfin     203 lbs 12 oz       Norfolk Canyon       1981   Bruce C. Gottwald, Jr.

                                 Wahoo        109 lbs         Off Virginia Beach    1994   Delmo Dawson

Hampton Roads Fishing Piers
Saltwater and Freshwater

                                                           Newport News
                                                           James River Bridge Fishing Pier
                                                           James River Bridge

                                                           Bennett’s Creek Park Boat
Virginia Beach                                             Ramp and Pier                     One benefit from pier fishing at night
Sea Gull Fishing Pier                                      Off Shoulder’s Hill Road          is the lights. Lights attract bait, bait
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel                               757.923.2360                      attracts fish, fish attract anglers.
Po Box 5588
757.464.4641                                               Great Dismal Swamp
                                                           National Wildlife Refuge
Lynnhaven Inlet Fishing Pier                               3100 Dessert Rd.
2350 Starfish Rd.                                          757.986.3705
                                                           Lone Star Lakes Fishing Pier
Virginia Beach Fishing Pier                                1 Bob House Parkway
1506 Atlantic Ave.                                         757.255.4308
Little Island Pier                                         Northwest River Park
3820 South Sandpiper Rd.                                   1733 Indian Creek Rd.
757.426.7200                                               757.421.7151

                                                           Great Bridge Lock Park
                                                           100 Lock Rd.

                                                           Deep Creek Lock Park
                                                           300 Luray St.

Ocean View Fishing Pier
400 W. Ocean View Ave.

Willoughby Fishing Pier
1525 Bayville St.
757.583.4150   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009                                                                                24
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    * Visit page 23 For the complete state records
 Virginia’s Saltwater Fishing Guide                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ** Visit page 12 for the seasonality of each species

         SPECIES                                      BAIT OR LURE                                                                                 METHOD                                                                                                       LOCATION                                                       AVE. WEIGHT     VA RECORD

                            Live bait - spot, croaker, bluefish, menhaden, small fish
                                                                                                   Drifting and slow trolling live bait over and around obstructions (wrecks, reefs, towers, buoys)            Ocean waters over and around wrecks & underwater obstructions
             Amberjack      Artificial lures - spoons, surface plugs, diamond jigs, bucktails,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  30 – 60 lbs      118 lbs
                                                                                                   Casting and trolling artificial lures over and around obstructions                                          The Chesapeake Light Tower

                                                                                                   Bottomfishing, generally near and over underwater obstructions
         Black Sea Bass     Squid, crab, cut fish, clam, shrimp, diamond jigs, metal jigs                                                                                                                      Ocean waters; species less plentiful (especially large individuals) in lower Chesapeake Bay                      1 – 3.5 lbs    10 lbs, 4 oz;
                                                                                                   (wrecks, reefs, rocks and rough bottom areas)

                            Artificial lures - spoons, tube eels, metal squids, surface plugs
                                                                                                   Trolling, casting or jigging to schools of fish with artificial lures; surfcasting with cut bait or lures
       Bluefish (large)     Cut bait - fresh menhaden, mullet, herring, spot, balao or                                                                                                                         Offshore and coastal waters; Chesapeake Bay; Eastern Shore barrier island surf                                   8 – 16 lbs     25 lbs, 4 oz
                                                                                                   Chumming while using cut bait. Bluefish can be taken on streamer flies with a fly rod

                            Artificial lures - spoons, feather lures, metal squids, surface        Trolling or casting to schools of fish with artificial lures
       Bluefish (small)                                                                                                                                                                                        Chesapeake Bay, coastal ocean waters, ocean surf, inlets                                                          1 – 5 lbs
                            plugs and cut bait                                                     Surfcasting and bottom fishing with cut bait and surfcasting with artificial lures

                                                                                                   Cast, drift or slow troll live baits around buoys, underwater obstructions and schools of fish swim-
                            Live bait - eels, spot, menhaden, mullet                                                                                                                                           Buoys in lower Chesapeake Bay, at the mouth of the Bay and along coastal beaches; CBBT; Bluefish Rock
                                                                                                   ming on the surface. Anchor, chum and fish live baits, fresh dead baits and cut bait in chum slick
                   Cobia    Artificial lures - spoons, white bucktails, plastic eels, plugs                                                                                                                    off Hampton, Cabbage Patch and Kiptopeake areas off Cape Charles, and York Spit area; coastal buoys and          20 – 50 lbs      109 lbs
                                                                                                   and on bottom. Cast and troll lures around buoys, obstructions and to schools of bullfish (rays)
                            Cut bait - menhaden or spot                                                                                                                                                        wrecks; Chesapeake Light Tower; Latimer Shoal; Inner Middle Ground Shoal; York Spit area
                                                                                                   or schools, pods or individual cobia swimming on surface

                Croaker     Peeler crab, bloodworms, cut bait, squid, shrimp                       Bottomfishing with bait, anchored or drifting from boats, piers, docks, shore and surf                      Chesapeake Bay, tributary rivers of the Bay, coastal ocean waters, inlets,                                        .5 – 2 lbs    8 lbs., 11 oz

                            Artificial lures - offshore trolling lures                             Trolling with lures, balao and squid; casting to schools of dolphin around weedlines and floating
                Dolphin                                                                                                                                                                                        Offshore ocean waters                                                                                            2 – 20 lbs     71 lbs, 8 oz
                            Cut bait, balao, squid                                                 debris with cut bait (fish or squid) and lures (bucktails, surface plugs, streamer flies)

                                                                                                   Bottomfishing with bait on “fishfinder” rig. Running tides and late afternoons and evenings                 Chesapeake Bay along shallow portion of channel ledge running from Fisherman’s Island to north of Cape
                            Whole clam, peeler crab, whelk, peeler crab/clam
            Black Drum                                                                             considered best, occasionally caught on bucktails or metal squids by casting or jigging to a                Charles, especially off Kiptopeake, at Cabbage Patch and buoys C-10 & C-12; around middleground bars of          40 – 60 lbs      111 lbs
                            “sandwich”, bucktail and leadhead jigs
                                                                                                   school of fish                                                                                              Eastern Shore seaside inlets; 2nd & 3rd Islands of CBBT

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Shoal areas at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, especially Inner Middle Ground Shoal and Latimer Shoal; East-
                            Cut bait - fresh mullet, spot, menhaden, peeler crabs                                                                                                                              ern Shore Bayside channel edge form Kiptopeake to Buoy 42-A; Parker’s Island and flats north of Parker’s
              Red Drum                                                                             Bottomfishing with bait on “fishfinder” rig, trolling and casting spoons, plugs and jigs                                                                                                                                     30 – 50 lbs    85 lbs, 4 oz
                            Artificial lures - spoons, large plugs, jigs                                                                                                                                       Island off Onancock; surfcasting the Eastern Shore barrier island and Sandbridge/ Fasle Cape beaches;
                                                                                                                                                                                                               trolling and casting lures in Smith Island Inlet area; Rudee and Lynnhaven Inlets for small fish.

                            Live bait - minnows and small fish, frozen minnows, bluefish,
                                                                                                   Drift fishing with live or dead natural baits fished on the bottom; slow trolling natural baits on bot-
                            flounder, shark belly, squid, minnow/strip combination                                                                                                                             Seaside inlets of the Eastern Shore; Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel area; lower Chesapeake Bay; Rudee
               Flounder                                                                            tom; casting from beaches and piers; trolling small buck-tails dressed with strip baits (especially                                                                                                                           1 – 3 lbs     17 lbs, 8 oz
                            Artificial lures - bucktails; big strip baits and live spot or small                                                                                                               Inlet; the Cell and eastern end of the Channel in the middle Chesapeake Bay
                                                                                                   for big fish along Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel); casting bucktails
                            mullet often used for big fish at the CBBT

                Kingfish                                                                                                                                                                                       Surf zone of coastal waters from Sandbridge to Assateague Island; ocean piers; lower portion of
                            Bloodworms, shrimp, small pieces of cut bait, squid, sand fleas        Bottomfishing with bait                                                                                                                                                                                                      .5 – 1.5 lbs    2 lbs, 9 oz
      (Roundhead, witing)                                                                                                                                                                                      the Chesapeake Bay, including lower bay piers

      Mackerel, Atlantic
                            Small tube worms and jigs                                              Jigging to schools of suspended fish                                                                        Coastal and offshore ocean waters, from 5-35 miles offshore                                                       .5 – 3 lbs       None
     (Boston Mackerel)

                            Live bait - menhaden, mullet, spot, small bluefish
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Coastal and offshore ocean waters, particularly around wrecks, towers, obstructions, ledges, lumps and
         Mackerel, King     Artificial lures - spoons, feather lures, nylon jigs, strip baits      Slow trolling, drifting or anchoring with live bait; trolling with artificial lures, strip bait and balao                                                                                                                    5 – 20 lbs     63 lbs, 1 oz
                                                                                                                                                                                                               other “structure”; mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and off ocean inlets
                            and small whole balao

                            Small artificial lures - spoons, metal lures, feather and nylon
     Mackerel, Spanish                                                                             Trolling; casting to schools of fish                                                                        Coastal ocean waters, particularly off inlets, along tidelines, and over coastal wrecks; lower Chesapeake Bay     1 – 3 lbs     9 lbs, 13 oz
                            lures Small live baits - menhaden, mullet
                         Whole dead fish - balao, mullets, spanish mackerel, squid
          Blue Marlin    Artificial lures - offshore trolling lures, and live small dolphin,        Trolling                                                                                                   Offshore ocean waters                                                                                           150 – 400 lbs   1093 lbs,12 oz
                         bonito and skipjack tuna

                         Whole dead fish - balao, mullet, squid, strip baits, eels
         White Marlin                                                                               Trolling; occasionally casting live baits to marlin “balling” bait or swimming on surface                  Offshore ocean waters                                                                                           40 – 60 lbs.    131 lbs 10 oz
                         Artificial lures - offshore trolling lures, pilchards, cigar minnows

                         Whole dead fish - balao, small mullet, strip baits, squid                  Trolling; also, sailfish seem to be attracted to slow trolled live baits fished in similar
              Sailfish                                                                                                                                                                                         Offshore ocean waters                                                                                            20 – 40 lbs    68 lbs, 8 oz
                         Artificial lures - small offshore trolling lures, live bait (small fish)   method as used to slow troll for king mackerel

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Offshore and coastal ocean waters, particularly around and over obstructions (wrecks, reefs, towers),
               Sharks    Whole dead fish and cut fish; live bait (fish)                             Anchor, chum and fish dead and live fish baits in chum slick and on bottom                                                                                                                                                 50 – 250 lbs    1099 lbs, 2 oz
                                                                                                                                                                                                               ledges and lumps; Eastern Shore seaside coastal waters and inlets

         Sheepshead      Fiddler crabs, mole crabs (sand fleas), clams                              Fishing bait near the bottom (suspended off the bottm) near submerged structures                           Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel; wrecks in nearshore coastal waters and lower                                        3 – 8 lbs         19lbs

                                                                                                    Fish visible schools of fish around obstructions (buoys, towers, etc.) with small                          Coastal ocean waters and the lower Chesapeake Bay; fish consistently found at the Cell, Plantation Light,
            Spadefish    Pieces of fresh mussels and clams; pieces of jellyfish                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3 – 8 lbs        14 lbs
                                                                                                    (#1 or #2) double strength hooks                                                                           York Spit Light, Tiger wreck, 4A-buoy, Chesapeake Light Tower, and CBBT

                                                                                                    Bottomfishing with bait; anchored or drifting from boats, also caught from docks, piers, shore and
                 Spot    Bloodworms, peeler crab, clam                                                                                                                                                         Chesapeake Bay and Bay tributary rivers, coastal ocean waters, inlets — all inshore coastal waters                8 – 12 oz      2 lbs, 6 oz
                                                                                                    surf; big runs of fish in the fall in lower Chesapeake Bay and in surf and piers of Virginia Beach

                                                                                                    Troll artificial lures around bridges, piers, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, jetties or troll in vicinity
                                                                                                                                                                                                               All coastal inshore and Chesapeake Bay waters (tidal waters, including Bay tributary rivers and Eastern
                         Artificial lures - spoons, plastic eels, bucktails, surface plugs,         of schools of fish (where gulls diving and slicks on the water); cast bucktails and plugs around
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Shore bayside creeks); best concentrations of fish in main portion of Chesapeake Bay and around Chesa-
         Striped Bass    swimming plugs, peeler crab, bloodworms, eels, cut bait, live bait         bridges, piers, and jetties; bottomfishing with bloodworms in deep holes, creeks and rivers that                                                                                                                            5 – 25 lbs        77 lbs
                                                                                                                                                                                                               peake Bay Bridge-Tunnel; large fish most often found along CBBT, main portion of Chesapeake Bay and off
                                                                                                    flow into Chesapeake Bay during winter peeler crab baits fished in tributary rivers and creeks near
                                                                                                                                                                                                               the Virginia Capes at the mouth of the Bay.
                                                                                                    shore during summer

                                                                                                    Fish at night from a drifting boat using natural baits with chemical lightsticks, with baits
           Swordfish     Whole dead squid and fish                                                                                                                                                             Offshore ocean waters                                                                                                           381 lbs, 8 oz
                                                                                                    weighted to maintain specific depths

                         Whole dead fish - spot, croaker, menhaden
               Tarpon                                                                               Anchor and fish live bait under floats, fish dead bait on the bottom and at various depths.                Inlets, interior marsh areas, and ocean waters along the beaches of Eastern Shore seaside barrier islands;
                         Live bait - spot, croaker, menhaden, mullet, whole squid                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               40 – 80 lbs       130 lbs
                                                                                                    Cast artificial lures to rolling fish                                                                      fish deep holes on low tides and shallow areas on high tides
                         Artificial lures - plugs and weighted streamer flies

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Wrecks and reefs in ocean waters off the coast and in lower Chesapeake Bay; along Chesapeake
               Tautog    Crab (blue, fiddler, green and mole crabs); clams; whelk                   Bottomfishing with bait over underwater obstructions (wrecks, reefs, rocks)                                                                                                                                                  3 – 6 lbs        24 lbs
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bay Bridge-Tunnel

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Large fish: Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Chesapeake Bay over deepwater rocks, and along channel edges,
                                                                                                    Jigging or casting artificial lures to schools of fish on bottom or suspended above the bottom;            and occasionally in Eastern Shore seaside inlets small fish: Coastal ocean waters and inlets of Eastern Shore
          Trout, Gray    Artificial lures - bucktails, lead jigs with plastic tails, metal jigs
                                                                                                    bottomfishing with live and natural baits from anchored or drifting boat; surfcasting with cut bait        seaside, Chesapeake Bay along channel edges and over deepwater rocks, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel                1 – 8 lbs        19 lbs
          (Weakfish)     Live bait - spot and small mullet, peeler crab, squid, cut bait
                                                                                                    or squid                                                                                                   (especially between 4th Island and High Level Bridge), Chesapeake Bay tributary rivers (especially James,
                                                                                                                                                                                                               York & Rappahannock)

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Spring: Mobjack Bay area (North, Ware, East, Piankatank Rivers); submerged grass flats and marshes of
                         Artificial lures - mirro-sided plugs, bucktails, plastic tail jigs         Spring method: peeler crab baits fished near shore of marshy or grassy areas on flooding tides;
      Trout, Speckled                                                                                                                                                                                          northern Eastern Shore bayside, Rudee Inlet with lures. Fall: Lynnhaven Inlet, Rudee Inlet; Eastern Shore         2 – 4 lbs        16 lbs
                         Live bait - small spot, mullet, live shrimp                                Fall method: casting artificial lures; also some live bait fishing, trolling and jigging
                                                                                                                                                                                                               bayside creeks, Mobjack Bay area, Windmill Point and Gwynn’s Island; Poquoson Flats

                         Whole dead fish - balao, squid,
        Tuna, Bigeye                                                                                Trolling                                                                                                   Offshore ocean waters                                                                                           100 – 175 lbs      279 lbs
                         Artificial lures - feather lures, cedar plugs, offshore trolling

                         Artificial lures - cedar plugs, feather lures, spoons, squid,                                                                                                                         Offshore ocean waters, especially the Southeast Lumps, the Fingers, 26 Mile Hill, 20 Fathom
        Tuna, Bluefin                                                                               Trolling, chunking and chumming                                                                                                                                                                                             30 – 70 lbs       573 lbs
                         small fish                                                                                                                                                                            Finger; off Chicoteague

                         Whole dead fish - balao, squid,
      Tuna, Yellowfin                                                                               Trolling, chunking and chumming                                                                            Offshore ocean waters                                                                                            30 – 70 lbs       203 lbs
                         Artificial lures - feather lures, cedar plugs, offshore trolling

         Tunny, Little   Artificial lures - small feather & nylon lures, spoons, cedar plugs
                                                                                                    Trolling, casting metal lures to surface fish                                                              Offshore and coastal ocean waters; occasionally in lower Chesapeake Bay                                          6 – 14 lbs     25 lbs, 4 oz.
     (False Albacore)    Strip baits

                         Artificial lures - offshore trolling lures, feather
               Wahoo                                                                                Trolling                                                                                                   Offshore ocean waters                                                                                            20 – 40 lbs       109 lbs
                         lures, spoons, large plugs, small dead fish

                                                 Expanding Seaport
                                                  By Beth Hester

     To meet the growing needs of boating       photos. Available information includes       ment venues around the Tidewater
     enthusiasts, Seaport Marine Services       floor plans, standard features and op-       area. The winner will be announced in
     is evolving. They are expanding their      tions. Clients may also order specific       December 2008. For more information,
     range of products and enhancing the        parts or get a trade-in evaluation via       or to purchase tickets, interested parties
     quality of each client’s experience. New   easy-to-use, online forms.                   may contact Seaport directly.
     owner/manager Frank Fahringer’s
     goal is to provide efficient, timely and   The Seaport facility boasts a newly
     professional service, whether the client   remodeled retail store housing a wide        Another event worthy of note: begin-
     is contemplating the purchase of a new     variety of boat related equipment. An        ning this year, Frank and crew will host
     or used boat or is                                                 ever-expand-         periodic boat demos at various locations
     seeking a quote                                                    ing inventory        throughout our region. Potential boat
     for engine repair.                                                 includes boat-       owners will be able to take 45 minute
     In addition to                                                     branded t-shirts     test drives to evaluate the ride and
     Yamaha, Key                                                        and hats, anchors,   performance of a potential purchase.
     West, Ebbtide,                                                     bilge pumps,         Participation in these events is by
     and Triumph                                                        fluids, buoys and    reservation only. The most up-to-date
     brands, Seaport                                                    almost any item      schedule of these events can be obtained
     Marine Services                                                    a boater might       by calling a Seaport associate.
     is now the sole                                                    require. There
     dealer for Skeeter                                                 is even a small      If you enjoy boating, fishing or wake-
     Bass Boats in the                                                  tackle shop cater-   boarding, Seaport Marine Services can
     state of Virginia.                                                 ing to freshwater    find the right boat for you.
                                                                        anglers. Because
     Customers shop-                                                    of Seaport’s close
     ping from home                                                     relationship with
     can browse the company website which       local vendors, any item not currently in
     regularly highlights a selection of new    stock can usually be obtained overnight.
     and used boats and marine engines. Cur-
     rent models include: a 2008 Triumph        Frank and his associates at Seaport have
     235 CC, a 2007 Key West 268 CC, and a      been looking for ways to expand their
     2008 Skeeter ZX Series 225.                involvement in the Hampton Roads
                                                community at large. To these ends,
     In addition, shoppers who wish to see      partners at Triumph and Yamaha have
     the extensive range of boats offered by    graciously donated a complete boat and
     Yamaha, Key West, Ebbtide or Tri-          trailer outfit to be raffled off for the
     umph can do so on Seaport’s web link       benefit of a local charity. The boat is a
     to manufacturer brochures. Bow riders,     Triumph 150CC, powered by a Yamaha
     cruisers and fishing boats can easily be   50 HP engine. The boat will be avail-              Frank Fahringer
     viewed by expanding the thumbnail          able for viewing at various entertain-
                                                                                                   Seaport Marine Services
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                                                                                                   757- 539-2300


Virginia Beach Offshore
 by Captain Randy Butler

For many reasons Virginia Beach is                        A Virginia Beach offshore adventure          and albacore the most abundant and
considered one of the best places in the                  will afford the opportunity for big          sought after by local charters. Schools
world to fish. With offshore towers,                      game sportfish like tuna, sailfish and       of albacore, blackfin and skipjack tuna
wrecks, nearby inlets and a short run                     marlin. No fish in the ocean can match       are occasionally encountered in these
to the Gulf Stream, there is no ques-                     the power, beauty and speed of the blue      waters as well.
tion that Virginia Beach has all of the                   marlin, which can reach weights in
right ingredients to claim its place as a                 excess of 1000 pounds and is considered      Teeming with marine life, Virginia’s
premier offshore fishing destination.                     the ultimate angling test.                   offshore waters that fringe the Gulf
                                                                                                       Stream are a prime location for the
 Offshore fishing offers saltwater an-                    The white marlin, a smaller cousin of        ocean’s top predator – the shark. Large
glers a wide variety of exciting species                  the blue marlin, is the most acrobatic of    hammerhead sharks are often seen near
to target that promises to satisfy even                   the billfish and can be quite difficult to   the surface in the ocean canyons, though
the most adventurous angler. These                        hook. Both marlin species are plenti-        they rarely attack trolled bait. Though
deep blue waters are abundant with sea                    ful off the Virginia coast, and some of      blue sharks are the most numerous in
life, from the lowest members of the                      the best fishing for white marlin in the     offshore waters, the mako shark is the
ocean food chain, such as plankton and                    world occurs off Virginia in the late        predator recreational fishermen prize
invertebrates that frequent the drift-                    summer and early fall.                       most. Noted for its incredible speed,
ing sargassum weed, to spectacular                                                                     twisting jumps and appeal on the dinner
blue marlin at the top of the ocean food                  Three other billfish species are regularly   table, the mako is usually found in the
chain.                                                    encountered off the coast, though are        cooler waters of the spring and early
                                                          not as abundant as the marlin. Sailfish      summer as it follows bluefish and tuna
The sea floor in the area of the 100                      and spearfish often surprise trolling        schools on their northern migrations.
Fathom Curve provides the best natural                    anglers, and those fishing in the offshore
structure in waters off the Virginia                      canyons at night during the late summer      No matter which offshore species you
coast. Here the water depths drop                         might just hook a swordfish. In addi-        are interested in targeting, Virginia
dramatically and the Continental Shelf                    tion to these species, the wahoo, pos-                        Beach is an ideal des-
ends. The area is filled with extraor-                    sibly the fastest game fish in the ocean,                     tination. Refer to our
dinary structural features, including                     and the dolphin, with its beautiful blue,                     many marinas and char-
ridges, rock walls, rock outcroppings                     green and yellow coloration, are abun-                        ter captains for more
and mounds. In a short distance, water                    dant off the Virginia coast, particularly                     information on how to
depths plummet from 100 fathoms to                        around floating structures and concen-                        best plan your trip.
over 2000 fathoms. The Norfolk and                        trations of sargassum weed. Wahoo are
Washington Canyons are two areas                          most plentiful in September and early
where deep waters intrude westward                        October, and tuna “show in force” in
                                                                                                       Randy Butler is the owner of the REBEL, a new 60’ Richie
into the Continental Shelf.                               the Gulf Stream waters, with yellowfin       Howell with underwater lights and cameras. The REBEL is
                                                                                                       featured on the cover and is available for corporate
                                                                                                       charters at 757.761.6402.   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009                                                                                                           27
                                               Your Mid-Atlantic Destination

     In 1968 Bluewater Yacht Sales opened its
     doors. The vision came from Chris Hall,
     Hampton Roads native, and if any could
     make the claim, native of the “blue water”
     as well. Forty years later, what began as
     an offshoot of a life that revolved around
     water is now the hub of an enterprise
     that spans the Mid-Atlantic region from
     Maryland to the Carolinas. With a service
     operation headed by Earle Hall and a sales
     force headed by Jud Black, the three have
     dedicated a lifetime of experience to bring-
     ing the best that the sportfishing industry
     has produced under one roof—or rather
     four—at this point.

     Between them they have built an opera-
     tion dedicated to serving the needs of both
     the hard core sport-fishing enthusiast
     and the eager newcomer. With a focus
     on excellence and intimate knowledge of
     the demanding nature of offshore fishing,
     Bluewater has become the source for the
     knowledge and expertise to both put you
     in the right boat, and rig and service it to
     the most exacting specifications.

     Besides an extraordinary commitment to
     helping make that “dream boat” a reality,
     they actually have what it takes. With one
     of the largest quality brokerage and used
     boat inventories ranging from 20 to 120
     feet, Bluewater also has some of the most
     knowledgeable and experienced sales bro-
     kers on the East coast. They listen, hear
     your needs, and can find and deliver the
     boat that will make it all come together.
     And when you are ready for a brand new
     sportfishing machine, they know where to
     go to get the best.

     Not satisfied with “it’ll get the job done”,

28         |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
Bluewater was particularly selective         The Vikings, Regulators and numerous          tomizing every detail for the hard-core
when it came to the lines they were          brokerage offerings lie pampered amidst       fisherman or cruiser. To compliment
willing to represent. Having pretty          the stunning backdrop of what Passage-        this rich legacy of rigging and service,
much “been there, done that” on any          Maker Magazine dubbed, “the jewel of          Bluewater partnered with another oper-
thing that would get them to the Gulf        the southern Chesapeake.” Conceived           ation in the Outer Banks to create a sis-
Stream, Chris, Earle and Jud knew what       to be both a destination and a gorgeous,      ter yard, Bluewater Outer Banks Yacht
they wanted, and wanted to deliver           yet comfortable home to the yachts to         Service. The facility boasts the tallest
to their customers. From 23 to 32 feet,      which they cater, Bluewater Yachting          building in Dare County, capable of
Regulator Boats has what it takes. A         Center sits just inside the inlet leading     building from the ground up, or housing
soft ride in a solid hull—a fisherman’s      to downtown Hampton.                          a fully towered sportfish and painting
fantasy in detail and layout—Regula-                                                       her from top to bottom. If you want it,
tor’s center consoles and new express set    Protected and convenient to the mouth         they can build it, and they might even
the standards across the board in their      of the Chesapeake, Bluewater holds            throw in a few ideas that you hadn’t
class.                                       a unique position in the regions best         dreamed of--“Rigged by Bluewater” is
                                             sportfishing traditions. Gracefully situ-     now a rubber stamp of “done right”
And as for the battlewagons, one com-        ated neighboring elegant amenities the        among tournament fisherman.
pany consistently stands out. Only four      first of the state of the art service yards
years older, Viking Yachts has a history     overseen by Earle Hall. Here magic is         With forty years under their transom,
that mirrors Bluewater’s own. Family         made and “technical” has become some-         whether it’s finding the boat of your
owned, designed and built by fisher-         thing of an art-form.                         dreams or learning the technical aspects
men, for fishermen, Viking lives their                                                     of rigging or fishing it, Bluewater has
mantra—to build a better boat everyday.      Building on years of hard-core sportfish-     the experience and passion to make it
This year saw the release of three new       ing, boat-racing and tinkering, nothing       happen... right here in Hampton Roads.
models—sporting an advanced hull de-         less than “superior” is acceptable for
sign, aggressively raked bow, sweeping       the technicians and craftsman Earle has
sheer and the signature mezzanine—the        lured to Bluewater’s yacht yards. Obses-
                                                                                           Bluewater has four locations on the eastern seaboard and is one
latest in a long line of chart-toppers and   sively focused on delivering the best,        of the biggest and most respected Viking and Regulator dealers
tournament winners. Bluewater rec-           Bluewater can do it all, from rigging         in business. The Hampton Virginia location can reached at
                                                                                           757.723.0793 or
ognized the perfect match long ago and       countless tournament machines, to cus-
never looked back.

                                           Waterman’s Surfside Grille
                                           Just a short walk from Rudee Inlet is Waterman’s Surfside Grille (5th
                                           and Oceanfront) offering oceanfront patio dining and an outdoor board-
                                           walk bar. Tucked inside of Waterman’s Restaurant is The Beach Nut
                                           Gift Shop, a quaint little shop loaded with unique finds from
                                           all over the globe, each with nautical flair. 757.428.3644

                 Dockside Dining
                  Take Your Boat, Dock and Dine at These Waterfront Restaurants

                  One of the great advantages of living in or visiting Hampton Roads is the opportunity to enjoy some of the
                  area’s coastal cuisine via the water. Whether you have spent a fun and fulfilling day on the water or a long
                  week at work, there is nothing more relaxing than pulling up by boat to the dock of your favorite waterfront
                  restaurant and ending the day with great food, friends and family.

                  We are fortunate that our waters are ripe with dockside restaurants that welcome fisherman and feature
                  the region’s famous fresh seafood. Many people take advantage of this on-water lifestyle by dining out
                  frequently by boat. In addition to a wonderful waterfront view and casual dockside dining, the experience
                  offers some real quality time for you and your family. No cars, no rush hour, no deadlines. Just the smell of
                  saltwater, the sounds of shore birds and a chance to relax. What a way to escape the daily routine, be closer
                  to nature and focus more on family and relationships.

                                                               Rockafellers Restaurant

        Rockafellers Restaurant located in Virginia Beach at Rudee Inlet has some of
     the best food and views in the region. It offers an open, airy and nautical decor.
          Every table offers a beautiful view of Rudee Inlet and the many yachts and
                    working fishing vessels at dock. These fishing boats supply much
                                            of the fresh fish served at both restaurants.

                                           Thumpers On The Bay
              Thumpers on the Bay is located on the second floor of
           Old Point Comfort Marina and offers a spectacular view
             of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, Fort Wool, and
          Fort Monroe. Thumpers is named in honor of the owner’s
                       mother’s cat. Try their homemade desserts!

Lynnhaven Inlet:                             Taylor’s Landing
Bubba’s Crabhouse and Seafood                8180 Shore Drive              Beacon Restaurant at Salt Pond Marina
3323 Shore Drive                             757.480.5000                  1 Ivory Gull Crescent
Dockside Inn Restaurant                      Waterside:
3311 Shore Drive                             Dixie’s Tavern: Waterside     Pier 21 (at the Hampton Marina Hotel)
757.481.4545                                 333 Waterside Drive           700 Settlers Landing Rd
                                             757.624.9422                  800.246.8357
One Fish-Two Fish
2109 West Great Neck Road                    Jillian’s                     Marker 20
                                             333 Waterside Drive           21 East Queens Way
Rudee Inlet:                                 757.6249100                   757.726.9410
Big Sam’s Inlet Café and Raw Bar
300 Winston-Salem Ave.                       Joe’s Crab Shack:             Thumpers By The Bay
                                             333 Waterside Dr., Ste 101    Old Comfort Marina/Fort Monroe
                                             757.625.0655                  757.788.4680
Dirty Dick’s Crab House
530 Winston Salem Ave.                       Outback Steakhouse
757.491.3425                                 333 Waterside Dr              SUFFOLK
Rockafeller’s Restaurant                                                   Bennetts Creek Restaurant & Marina
308 Mediterranean Ave.                                                     3305 Fairy Rd.
757.422.5654                                 PORTSMOUTH                    757.484.8700

                                             Cock Island Bar & Grille      Constant’s Wharf Grill at the Hilton
Back Bay:                                    8 Crawford Parkway            Garden Inn
Blue Pete’s                                  757.393.2573                  100 East Constance Road
1400 N. Muddy Creek Rd.                                                    757.925.1300
757.426.2005                                 The Deck Restaurant
                                             10 Crawford Parkway
                                                                                     Surf Rider at Taylors Landing
                                             Foggy Point Bar and Grill
Little Creek:                                (Renaissance Hotel)
Blue Crab Bar & Grill                        425 Water Street
4521 Pretty Lake Ave                         757.673.3032

                                Crab Creek Pizza
                                The perfect location for Fisherman
                                located at the foot of the Lesner Bridge
                                adjacent to the Crab Creek Municipal
                                Boat Ramp, in Virginia Beach.                                                        31
     On the water dining available by boat

                                             Dockside Restaurant

                                             3311 Shore Drive
                                             Virginia Beach, VA 23451

                                             Degrees Minutes Seconds:
                                             Latitude: 36.90629 N
                                             Longitude: -76.08687 W

32                                                               |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
Rockafellers Restaurant

     308 Mediterranean Ave
   Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 Degrees Minutes Seconds:
        Latitude: 364946 N
      Longitude: -75.5811W

                              On the water dining available by boat

     Waterman’s Surfside Grille

     5th Street & Atlantic Avenue
     Virginia Beach, VA 23451
     757. 428-3644

     Degrees Minutes Seconds:
     Latitude: 36.833655 N
     Longitude: -76.970606 W

You Catch It. We’ll Cook It.                                             By Captain Mike Standing

                                                           freshest coastal seafood, steaks and ribs       spacious dining room. Enjoy the ocean
                                                           the city has to offer! From crab cakes          view complete with a vintage throwback
                                                           to fish tacos and everything in between,        décor – a salute to Waterman’s earlier
                                                           Waterman’s captures the fresh local fla-        days in Virginia Beach. You’ll enjoy
                                                           vor- and has been serving it up for over        the current of angling tradition that
                                                           twenty five years! Now Waterman’s               runs throughout the dining room,
                                                           will prepare your fresh catch in these          where the owners have captured
                                                           same traditions - while you wait – an           the Standing family’s true passion
                                                           exclusive offering in Virginia Beach!           for life on the water.
                                                           You catch ‘em, they cook ‘em!
                                                                                                           While you kick back and enjoy the
                                                           What better way to end a great day out          beachcomber’s lifestyle at Waterman’s,
                                                           on the water? Simply bring in your              for a reasonable fee, they will prepare
A stone’s throw from Rudee Inlet you                       cleaned fish – and let Waterman’s tackle        your fish a variety of ways and serve it
will find the family owned and operated                    the rest while you enjoy time with your         up family style! It just doesn’t get any
Waterman’s Surfside Grille, at the cor-                    family or friends! Bring in the Cap-            fresher than their REALLY fresh catch
ner of fifth and oceanfront in Virginia                    tain, first mate and the whole crew - at        service! So don’t go off the deep end
Beach, Virginia. Since 1981, Water-                        Waterman’s they specialize in large par-        preparing your fish after an exciting day
man’s has been nestled on the city’s                       ties. No crew is too large! Don’t have a        out on the water! Enjoy Waterman’s
always-happening boardwalk and boasts                      crew in the first place? Call 757.288.9051      exclusive fish preparation service while
oceanfront dining at its best! Taste the                   to book your inshore or offshore charter        you get hooked on all that Waterman’s
tradition of recipes handed down from                      with their first class fishing team aboard      has to offer.
the Standing family - generation after                     the 57’ Waterman. They know where
generation - capturing a slice of coastal                  the fish are!
                                                                                                           Mike Standing is the owner of Waterman’s Restaurant and also is
living for a true “taste” of Virginia                                                                      the owner of the 57’ Waterman Charter Boat. 757.428.3644 or
Beach.                                                     While you’re there, kick back at the  
                                                           ‘Slam Shack, Waterman’s outside bar,
For three stubborn generations, when                       browse their Beach Nut gift shop for
they’re not surfing or fishing, the Stand-                 unique, one-of-a-kind Virginia Beach
ing family has been serving up the                         t-shirts, gifts and gear or just relax in the   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009                                                                                                                     35
          “It’s About Time...”                                    By Beth Hester

           Since 2002, Kevin Bonnema has                   Charles City, VA (near Williamsburg),
watched his dream of creating Carefree                     Ocean Marine Yacht Center in Ports-
Boat Club become a reality and take on                     mouth, or Long Bay Pointe Marina in
a life of its own. His corporate motto,                    Virginia Beach. Bonnema maintains
“Boating Without Owning - It’s About                       a 1:10 ratio of boats to members and
Time,” is inspired by a goal of providing                  employs a staff of fourteen to serve
an alternative to boat ownership that                      the needs of the Club. Reciprocity
eliminates all the work while empha-                       agreements are maintained with other
sizing a “carefree” experience on the                      Carefree Boat Clubs on the East Coast
water. This motto resonates with many                      allowing members to reserve boats in
in Hampton Roads who enjoy the open                        any of those locations at their leisure.
water but seek to be liberated from re-
sponsibilities such as slip fees, insurance                The fleet of club boats available in
                                                                                                         ABOVE: Carefree Boat Club’s 34’ Luhrs “Wild At Heart” fishing in-
costs, maintenance time, property taxes,                   Hampton Roads range in size from 18           between the third and four island. INSET: Carefree’s 23’
cleaning, repairs and storage. Kevin                       to 27 feet and the yacht club offer boats     Key West returns from a day on the water.
explains, “Our customers are often                         from 28’ – 40’. Having adequate boats
business owners and families who are                       to complement each member’s boating           ing, and created memories that will last
limited by time constraints. The Boat                      personality is essential to Bonnema.          a lifetime”.
Club allows them to enjoy their boating                    Cruisers, sailboats, ski boats, speed
experience and maximize their leisure                      boats, deck boats, and pontoon boats are      Bonnema is especially proud of his
time”.                                                     a part of his thirty-four boat fleet. “The    organization’s excellent training op-
                                                           variety,” he states, “is what interests our   portunities in boat handling, safety
The Carefree Boat Club has enjoyed                         family members. Oftentimes, one fam-          procedures and fishing techniques. Both
incredible growth over the last six years.                 ily member wishes to fish, one is excited     classroom and “on deck” boat handling
On the East Coast, 15 Carefree Boat                        to ski or sail, and another dreams of         courses are organized for all new mem-
Clubs operate                                              cruising the waterways. With our club,        bers. Certified by the Virginia Depart-
in New York,                                                                           families are      ment of Game and Inland Fisheries to
Baltimore,                                                                             not limited to    teach boater safety, Bonnema has a staff
Washington                                                                             one kind of       member exclusively dedicated to these
D.C., Hampton                                                                          boating expe-     classes. “Our members are like family,”
Roads and Ft.                                                                          rience”.          Bonnema states, “We like to prepare
Lauderdale.                                                                                              them for emergency situations, naviga-
Members pay                                                                            As a member       tion challenges, and operator issues.
a monthly fee                                                                          arrives at the    Most of all, we like to prepare them so
and initial down                                                                       pier for a re-    they can have a great time out on the
payment and                                                                            served outing,    boat”.
join for three                                                                         their boat is
to five years.                                                                         already gassed,   Bonnema focuses on creating a “coun-
Excited to have                                                                        cleaned, and      try club” atmosphere where members
the enjoyment of boat accessibility for                    equipped for the voyage. Members are          share mutual interests and experiences.
one-third of the cost of owning their                      able to concentrate fully on making new       At least two times each year, the Boat
own boat, members recognize a good                         memories with their family and friends        club organizes social events at marina
value for both their time and money.                       instead of boat preparations. Pastor          locations in Hampton Roads. Summer
                                                           Jeffrey Bell of Virginia Beach explains,      luaus and winter socials give members a
Within Hampton Roads, Bonnema                              “How can you live in a place like Tide-       chance to share their love of boating and
manages four locations. Boat Club                          water and not have access to a boat?          the water. Members are delighted with
members have unlimited use of boats                        Just in the past year, I’ve done more         the opportunity to experience a variety
and can maintain up to four advanced                       with my wife, sons, and family than I         of boating experiences in Hampton
reservations at either Salt Ponds Marina                   could have imagined. We’ve cruised            Roads’ waterways in this unique Club
in Hampton, River’s Rest Marina in                         alongside dolphins, enjoyed terrific fish-    environment.

                                                                                                         Beth Hester is a freelance writer that works for the HR Fishing
                                                                                                         Guide and other publications in Hampton Roads.   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009                                                                                                                     39
       By Robin Magrisi

     Norfolk’             From ocean to bay to freshwater, Norfolk has everything
                          you’d want to package a perfect fishing trip. Bordered by
                          water on three sides, the city’s image is a smooth blend of
                          financial district, seaport and cultural capital, delivering a

                          destination as delicately balanced as the intermingling of
                          waters which surround it.

                          Situated on the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay,
                          Norfolk’s deep waters have long welcomed naval and cargo

                          vessels in addition to a bevy of sea life with many natural
                          and artificial places to call home. Beaches, reefs, shipwrecks,
                          bridges, tunnels and piers all provide excellent environs for
                          the variety of fish and aquatic life found here year-round.

                          The historic city by the sea is recognizable for its military
                          stronghold and colorful mermaid statues, but its waterfront
                          offerings tempt anglers of all abilities.

Trailer your own boat and put in at any of the city’s 12 public ramps and
marinas, or hop aboard a charter for a full or half-day of fishing around
a collection of major tunnels, the Atlantic Ocean or Norfolk Harbor.
Coastal, offshore or evening excursions are available as well as head boats
for individuals or smaller groups to join at a fraction of the cost.

“Norfolk is home to the three best fishing spots on the entire East Coast,”
says Captain Kenny George, who has spent his entire life on the water and
has numerous citations to show for it. “The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tun-
nel, Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel and Monitor-Merrimac Memorial
Bridge-Tunnel are the biggest fish attracters and deliver consistent action.
Also, unlike points further north, our mild climate allows for year-round
fishing, and since something is always in season, you’re likely to catch your
limit on every outing.”

As you might expect from a port city, access to the water is anything
but limited. Catering to fishing and powerboat enthusiasts, Little Creek
Marina provides the fastest and most direct access to the Chesapeake Bay        Little Creek Marina, home to one of the most
Bridge-Tunnel and many other inshore and offshore hot spots. It features        accessible inlets in the area and U.S Naval
440 boat slips for vessels up to 150 feet long and includes a marina store      Amphibious Base, Little Creek. Where else
equipped with bait and tackle. The marina also is a certified state citation    can you see stripers and NAVY SEALs?
and IGFA weigh station.

Deep water channel access to the Bay and a direct ocean route are also ma-
jor advantages for East Beach Marina at Pretty Lake. Located within the

                                                                                         With exceptional inshore, bay and
                                                                                         offshore fishing, Norfolk has it all.
     award-winning East Beach waterfront                         Nearby, the Willoughby Fishing Pier
     community, the full-service facility                        also is open 24/7 and operates a com-
     includes 440 wet slips, a pool and chang-                   plete bait and tackle shop on premises.
     ing facilities, a restaurant and complete                   Located just minutes from the Hampton
     marine service.                                             Roads Bridge-Tunnel, this official weigh
                                                                 station allows fisherman to size up their
                                                                                                              Add a little culture to your trip when
     Taylor’s Landing Marine Center is                           best catches.
                                                                                                              you include an outing to one of the
     designed for fishermen, sailors and                                                                      city’s premier performing arts venues.
     families, and welcomes boats up to 55                       The Chesapeake Bay is North Ameri-
                                                                                                              The Virginia Opera, Virginia Sym-
     feet long with 220 floating dock wet                        ca’s largest and most productive estuary
                                                                                                              phony Orchestra, Virginia Stage
     slips and a dry storage boatel with room                    with each season offering a diverse
                                                                                                              Company and Virginia Ballet Theatre
     for 448 vessels. The center exudes a                        selection of game fish to test anglers’
                                                                                                              are just a few of the production pow-
     country club atmosphere and features a                      skills, equipment and patience. Fisher-
                                                                                                              erhouses in Norfolk. Complement
     pool, showers, locker rooms and three                       men can expect to find black and red
                                                                                                              your visit with a tour of The Chrysler
     picnic areas. Most recently, Surf Rider                     drum, sheepshead, cobia, speckled and
                                                                                                              Museum of Art, Hermitage Founda-
     restaurant and tiki bar have been added                     grey trout, flounder, tautog or the boun-
                                                                                                              tion Museum, Hunter House Victo-
     to the list of on-site amenities.                           tiful striper on the end of the line when
                                                                                                              rian Museum, Hampton Roads Naval
                                                                 fishing in these hot spots.
                                                                                                              Museum or a pair of 18th-century
     For a change of pace, drop a line in                                                                     historic homes.
     Lake Whitehurst, a 673-acre freshwater                      Whether you reel it in or order it from
     reservoir stocked with walleye, large                       the menu, Norfolk restaurants offer a
                                                                                                              Other attractions and entertainment
     mouth bass, bluegill and white perch.                       bounty of fresh fish and seafood on their
                                                                                                              offerings include upscale shopping at
     A short pier is available for visitor use                   menus. From steaks to vegetarian, soul
                                                                                                              Mac Arthur Center, maritime science
     and fishing also is permitted from the                      food to Asian-influenced, diners may
                                                                                                              adventures at NAUTICUS, explor-
     shore. A public boat launch and fishing                     have a difficult time choosing how best
                                                                                                              ing living history aboard the USS
     station are available on-site, and the lake                 to satisfy their palate. Additionally, a
                                                                                                              Battleship Wisconsin, leisurely strolls
     affords attractive views of Norfolk Bo-                     selection of harbor cruise vessels include
                                                                                                              through Norfolk Botanical Garden, or
     tanical Garden and an ongoing parade                        dining and/or private catering options
                                                                                                              go wild at the Virginia Zoo. Norfolk
     of airplanes overhead approaching the                       for their guests.
                                                                                                              also is home to a pair of professional
     Norfolk International Airport.                                                                           sporting teams with tickets available
                                                                 Unwind after a busy day on the wa-
                                                                                                              seasonally: the Tides, the Baltimore
     If you’d prefer to keep your land-legs                      ter with a boating package to any of
                                                                                                              Orioles’ top minor league baseball
     steady, visit one of the city’s always-                     a number of waterfront festivals and
                                                                                                              team; and the Norfolk Admirals, the
     open fishing piers. Reaching nearly                         special events held in Town Point Park
                                                                                                              American Hockey League’s affiliate
     1,700 feet into one of the East Coast’s                     bordering the Elizabeth River. Packages
                                                                                                              for the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning.
     most bountiful fishing grounds, the                         include parkside docking during event
     Ocean View Fishing Pier makes it easy                       hours and admission to ticketed events.
                                                                                                              A bustling port city frequented by air-
     to reel in some fun around the clock                        Overnight docking is not permitted,
                                                                                                              craft carriers, powerboats and sailing
     with 24 operating hours from Memo-                          and reservations are required. Premier
                                                                                                              vessels alike, Norfolk’s rich mari-
     rial Day through Labor Day. Its on-site                     themed events include:
                                                                                                              time history is the foundation for a
     restaurant is open seven days a week,                                                                    bountiful fishing excursion. For more
     and the tackle shop is well-equipped                           • Norfolk Jazz Festival
                                                                                                              information about planning your trip,
     with fresh bait, rod and reel rentals or                       • TGIF concert series
                                                                                                              click on or call
     anything else that “got away” with that                        • In Water Boat Show
                                                                                                              toll-free 1-800-368-3097.
     last big fish story. It’s also the docking                     • Norfolk Harborfest
     site for the 65’ Judith Ann, a daily head                      • Virginia Beer Festival
     boat that also offers private charters for                     • Virginia Children’s Festival            Robin Magrisi is a freelance writer for the Hampton Roads
     up to 100 persons.                                                                                       Fishing Guide and other local publiations.

42   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
Photo by: Arynne Keezer

                                                                               Virginia Beach’s Best Kept Secret
                                                                                                                                                       By Robin Magrisi

                                                                                                                             The secret to a enjoying the best Virginia
                                                                                                                             Beach has to offer isn’t really a secret
                                                                                                                             at all, but many travelers haven’t been
                                                                                                                             introduced to the vibrant city’s alter ego
                                                                                                                             –Sandbridge Beach. Just south of Virginia
                                                                                              Photo by: Harry R. Hindmarsh   Beach’s energetic resort area, Sandbridge
                                                                                                                             boasts an idyllic and uncrowded shoreline
                                                                                                                             that welcomes fishermen and vacationers
                                                                                                                             throughout the seasons.

                                                                                                                             Stretching five miles to the state’s south-
                                                                                                                             ern border, Sandbridge Beach closely
                                                                                                                             resembles its more recognizable North
                                                                                                                             Carolina neighbor –the Outer Banks.
                                                                                                                             With a bounty of rental properties nestled
                                                                                                                             in a peaceful, charming community along
                                                                                                                             the seashore, you just might forget where
                                                                                                                             you are.

                                                                                                                             But don’t let the address fool you, Sand-
                                                                                                                             bridge is still prime fishing territory. Put
                                                                                                                             on your waders and head to the breakwater
                                                                                                                             for some exciting surf fishing. Pull in a
                                                                                                                             wide variety of species depending on the
                                                                                                                             time of year you visit: spring and sum-
                                                                                                                             mer favorites include bluefish, pompano,
                                                                                                                             croaker, Spanish mackerel, trout, cobia and
                                                                                                                             roundhead (kingfish), while striped bass,
                                                                                                                             spot and red and black drum are plentiful
                                                                                                                             in fall and winter.

                                                                                                                             For a drier approach that’s also well-suited
                                                                                                                             for a family of anglers, drop a line off
                                                                                                                             the Little Island Pier and reel in many
                                                                                                                             of the same seasonal species you’d likely
                                                                                                                             land casting from the beach. The popular
                                                                                                                             fishing spot is open daily from 5:30 am to
                                                                                                                             10:30 pm (April 15 to October 31) or 7:00
                                                                                                                             am to 5:00 pm (November 1 to March 31).
                          44   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
Photo by: Kevin S. Crum

                                                                                                                     adventures also include tennis, beach
                                                                                                                     volleyball, guided kayak tours, hiking
                                                                                                                     and biking along meandering nature
                                                                                                                     trails or tours of Back Bay National
                                                                                                                     Wildlife Refuge and the remote False
                          Pier fees are $5 per person per day from     cottage to an upscale condominium to          Cape State Park aboard an open-air
                          April through October with children          expansive homes that sleep up to 30,          tram or the “Terragator,” a specially-de-
                          ages 9 and younger admitted free when        Sandbridge Realty can hook you up with        signed passenger transport vehicle.
                          accompanied by a paying adult. If you’d      the perfect abode for your fishing party.
                          rather not haul your own gear, tackle        With more than three hundred proper-          Other nearby options include riding the
                          is available to rent here and bait is sold   ties from which to select, their trained      waves on a board or jet ski, spying dol-
                          across the street.                           reservations specialists make choosing        phins and whales aboard seasonal boat
                                                                       your home base effortless. They’re also       trips, splashing around Ocean Breeze
                          If you’re looking for an altogether          a great resource for planning outings         Water Park, scuba diving through
                          different experience, try fly fishing or     during your stay, from theme parks to         coastal shipwrecks, rollerblading down
                          popping bug from a kayak. The prime          themed dinners, shopping to surfing and       the famous Virginia Beach Boardwalk,
                          inshore waters of Back Bay National          more.                                         exploring undersea life in the Virginia
                          Wildlife Refuge are easily accessible and                                                  Aquarium or teeing up a round of cham-
                          home to bass, bluegill, perch, catfish and   The resort’s wide selection of dining op-     pionship golf.
                          crappie.                                     tions is sure to tempt you with a memo-
                                                                       rable meal during your visit, but most        Nestled among shifting sands and
                          “The variety of species and types of         anglers are happy to see fresh-caught         dancing sea oats, Sandbridge Beach’s
                          fishing experiences available here in        fish and seafood top the bill of fare         secret as a fisherman’s paradise appears
                          Sandbridge is hard to beat,” says Andy       throughout the area. Especially enjoy-        to be safe --for now. Be sure you have a
                          Kennedy, longtime angler and Sand-           able are the many waterfront restau-          chance to enjoy all it has to offer before
                          bridge resident. “With both salt and         rants overlooking the Atlantic shoreline,     the word gets out. For more informa-
                          freshwater outings to choose from, I         Oceanfront Boardwalk, Chesapeake Bay          tion about Sandbridge fishing, vacation
                          really don’t have to fish anywhere else.”    or Rudee and Lynnhaven Inlets.                rentals and area activities, visit www.
                                                                                                            or call toll-free
                          Residents and visitors aren’t the only       If the fish aren’t biting, take a break and   800-933-4800.
                          ones who think Sandbridge is a fish-         dive into your surroundings. New this
                          erman’s haven. The IGFA recently             summer, a free outdoor family enter-
                          awarded a world record to a Sandbridge       tainment series debuts at Sandbridge’s        Contact Sandbridge Realty and start your vacation today.
                          angler’s roundhead (kingfish) catch, and     Little Island Park. Year-round outdoor        800.933.4800 or

                          a king mackerel landed from the Little
                          Island Pier held a Virginia record until
                          last summer.

                          Eat, sleep and play are an integral part
                          of any vacation, but only after you
                          catch your limit. From a two-bedroom

                    2008 - 2009                  Event &Calendar
                                                 Fishing, Boating Waterfront Event Calendar

     July                                                                                            September

     Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament              Va Beach Sport Fishing Bluewater Classic            Hampton Bay Days
     July 9 - 12                                 August 14 - 17                                      September 5 - 7
     The 4th Annual Virginia Beach               Proceeds from the Tournament have                   Celebrating its 26th year, this annual
     Tuna Tournament will be held July           gone to The Billfish Foundation,                    festival kicks off the fall with food,
     9-12, 2008. Over 100,000 in cash            Chesapeake Bay Foundation and other                 refreshments, entertainment, Chesa-
     and prizes were awarded in 2007.            conservation organizations.                         peake Bay educational events, etc. or 757-640-8500     or 757-576-4013 or 757-727-1641

     Norfolk Jazz Festival
                                                 Hampton Cup Regatta                                 Norfolk Virginia In-Water Boat
     July 25 – 26
                                                 August 8 - 10                                       Expo and Sailfest
     Enjoy the dramatic setting of the
                                                 North America’s oldest continuously                 September 12 - 14
     downtown Norfolk skyline and
                                                 running hydroplane boat race at East                4th annual Virginia In-Water Boat
     Elizabeth River while enjoying the
                                                 Mercury Bridge at Fort Monroe.                      Expo takes place at Waterside Marina
     best of legendary jazz as renowned
                                        or 757-265-0964           and will feature several hundred boats
     artists visit Town Point Park for
                                                                                                     in a wide range of sizes, along with
     this popular musical tradition.
                                                 Peninsula Saltwater Fisherman’s Assoc.              boating accessories and gear.
                                                 Open Flounder Tournament                  
                                                 August 16
                                                 Come join the fun at Dare Marina.
                                                 Familes are encouraged to attend and                October
                                                 raffles will be held throughout the day.
     Hampton Cup Regatta
                                        or 757-898-3000                      Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race
     August 8 - 10
                                                                                                     October 13
     North America’s oldest continuously
                                                 Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament                  Annual sailing race from Baltimore to
     running hydroplane boat race.
                                                 August 20 - 23                                      Portsmouth to benefit the Chesapeake
     East Mercury Bridge at Fort Monroe
                                                 The Virginia Beach Billfish Tourna-                 Bay Foundation and the Elizabeth River or 757-265-0964
                                                 ment is the largest offshore event                  Project. Post-race party includes an
                                                 in the region and draws anglers                     awards ceremony and oyster roast,
                                                 up and down the east coast.                         to be held at Portside at the North
                                        or 757-652-8409                        Ferry Landing in Portsmouth.
                                                                                            or 757-480-4402

Town Point Virginia Wine Festival            12th Annual Lynnhaven Marine Trophy/           glers fishing from the Sea Gull Fishing
October 17 – 18                              Bayliner Rockfish Tournament                   Pier from midnight to midnight
Experience the taste of some of Virgin-      November 21 - 23                               on Saturday, November 29, 2008.
ia’s finest wines. More than 30 of the       A Hampton Roads tradition with Tro-   or
state’s premier wineries participate in      phy and Bayliner boat owners. Entry   or call 757-638-7400.
this popular waterfront festival.            fee approximately $40 per angler and                         includes banquet ticket. Top prize             December
                                             approximately $1,000 with hundreds
November                                     of door prizes awarded.                        Mercury Striped Bass World
                                    or call 757-460-1900   Championship Presented by
Mercury Striped Bass World                                                                  Cabela’s and Lynnhaven Marine
Championship Presented by                    The Mercury Thanksgiving Striper               November 1 – December 31
Cabela’s and Lynnhaven Marine                Weekend Presented by                           In its 11th year, this annual event offers
November 1 – December 31                     Cabelas and Lynnhaven Marine                   approximately $10,000 in cash & prizes.
In its 11th year, this annual event offers   November 28 - 30                               This two month event offers prize
approximately $10,000 in cash & prizes.      Striped Bass fishing during Thanksgiv-         divisions for largest, junior, womens,
This two month event offers prize            ing weekend is a holiday tradition in          flyfishing, surf and pier and military.
divisions for largest, junior, womens,       Hampton Roads. Beginning 12:01am     
flyfishing, surf and pier and military.      Friday through 11:59pm Sunday. Each            or 757-638-7400.         day of the special event both residents
or 757-638-7400                              and non-residents compete for prizes.          Downtown Hampton Lighted Boat Parade
                                              December 6
Urbanna Oyster Festival                      or 757-638-7400                                Don’t miss this nautical parade of sail
November 7 - 8                                                                              and powerboats from the Hampton
Now in its 51st year, the festival is one    Rock Around The Clock – 24 hour Rockfish       River to the Downtown waterfront.
of the east coast’s premier waterfront       Pier Tournament - November 29         or 757-727-1271
seafood festivals. Nearly 75,000 visitors    The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
attend the event annually and it’s pro-      hosts the annual Rock Around The
claimed as the official Oyster Festival      Clock Sea Gull Pier Rockfish Tourna-
of the Commonwealth of Virginia.             ment. This 24-hour event is open to an-

     January                                               April                                        June

     Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout                        Norfolk International Azalea Festival        Harborfest
     January 11-13                                         April 13 - 18                                June 5 – 7
     This event is a premier event that fea-               This 56th annual festival celebrates         Hampton Roads’ largest summertime
     tured 300 boats and 1,000 anglers in 2007.            NATO with an array of popular events         event featuring visiting international or 757-319-5146   including parades, a golf tournament         tall ships, national, regional and local
                                                           and much more.        entertainment, children’s activities,
                                                                                                        fireworks and more.
     February                                              May                                 or 757-441-2345

     Mid-Atlantic Sports and Boat Show                     Blackbeard Festival                          Jimmy Roger’s 14th Annual Hampton
     January 21- February 1                                May 29 - 31                                  Creek Cobia Tournament
     Held at the Virginia Beach Convention                 This annual festival celebrates Hamp-        June 12 - 13
     Center the 56th Annual Mid-Atlantic                   ton’s rich seafaring heritage and con-       Held at the waterfront in downtown
     Sports and Boat Show is the largest                   nection to the notorious pirate Edward       Hampton. In 2006, the 109 lb. Virginia
     indoor boat show in Virginia. Over                    Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard, brings a trea-     State Record Cobia was caught by Jo-
     30 dealers and 100 booths.                            sure chest full of pirate booty, dazzling    seph Berberich, II during this event. All or 757-222-3999           fireworks and family fun to the streets      proceeds are donated to Children’s Hos-
                                                           of Hampton.                                  pital of the King’s Daughters. Each year
                                                  or 757-727-0900   the event partners with Virginia Marine
     March                                                                                              Resources Commission and all cobia
                                                           Downtown Hampton In-Water Boat Show          caught during the tournament are used
     Tidewater Boat Show                                   May 30 - June 1                              to collect valuable research information.
     March 13 - 15
                                                           Enjoy the Downtown Hampton In-Wa-            www.hamptoncreekcobiatour
     Held at the Hampton Roads Conven-
                                                           ter Boat Show on the beautiful Hamp-
     tion Center, this annual event is the                                                              Bayoo Boogaloo Cajun Festival
                                                           ton River. Climb aboard over 50 sail
     premier Peninsula boat show. Features
                                                           and power boats, visit marine related        June 19 – 21
     the latest products and boats, marine                                                              Town Point Park is transformed into
                                                           vendors, tour downtown marinas and
     dealers, electronics, parts, maintenance                                                           the Big Bayou for the hottest and spici-
                                                           dine at waterfront restaurants.
     and assesories.                                                                                    est weekend on the riverfront.
                                                  or 757-727-1276 or 804-425-6556

       A Labor of Love
       The Art of Custom Rod Building
When Wayne Fowlkes was 14-years                  Finely fashioned, responsive rods that       use on his boat. Wayne even fulfilled a
old he crafted his first surf rod from a        are technically unrivaled are a joy to        very special order from the Blue Angels
length of Calcutta bamboo. The reel             fish; what elevates them to an alto-          for a blue and yellow presentation fly
was held fast to the butt section by some       gether higher standard is the meticulous      rod.
components that were pretty swanky              threadwork that transforms those rods
by teenage standards: two radiator hose         into works of sporting art. Wayne             Wayne is especially proud of his own
clamps.                                         explains his approach, “Whether I’m           Fishnet design that anglers won’t find
                                                inventing a new pattern or refining an        anywhere else. Other dazzling patterns
Over the next 54 years, the methods and         exciting design, I’m always looking for       include a St. John’s Cross with a star
materials of rod construction evolved:          new techniques to advance the art of          radiating from the center, a series of Na-
bamboo to fiberglass, fiberglass to             thread work.”                                 tive American thunderbirds emerging
graphite, and now, to Boron/graphite                                                          from red flames, and blue holographic
composites. What didn’t change was              As a ‘new product tester’ for companies       threadwork reminiscent of ocean waves.
Wayne’s love of angling and his com-            like Gudebrod and Flexcoat, Wayne
mitment to constructing hard-core,              gets to see some of the newest materials      Some designs are Escher-like in their
high-end rods. He has a broad reper-            before anyone else, and he puts them          complexity and elusiveness. For
toire, so using the best available materi-      through their paces. Anything slipshod        example, the hard-wearing, black and
als, Wayne will happily and expertly            or tacky goes straight into the round file.   gold Predator design Wayne employs
build burley Hatteras Heavers, bass             His work and reputation is so highly          appears at first glance to be a simple
sticks, and fly rods for both fresh and         thought of that for 20 years Gudebrod         succession of diamond shapes… a closer
saltwater angling.                              has featured his butt wraps and thread        look reveals a school of larger fish,
                                                designs on the front cover of their           charging after smaller bait fish. He also
Wayne’s rods are undeniably gorgeous,           catalogs.                                     designs colorful custom mosaic work on
and his well-appointed shop is loaded                                                         rods with foam grips.
with blanks of all sizes in various stages      Various luminaries own or have
of construction. Rods recently commis-          commissioned Wayne’s custom rods.             In an age of mass-production, nothing
sioned for a local charter boat are being       George Bush Sr. owns a rod decorated          beats the mojo that resides in a hand-
fitted with guides; handsome surf rods          with an intricate American flag motif         crafted fishing rod. From Wayne’s first
await coats of deeply delicious, lacquer-       with the Presidential Seal embedded           cane pole to his latest custom graphite
like finish coats; delicate fly rods are slid   above the grip. Loretta Lynn picked up        wonder, each rod is as individual as its
into aluminum tubes, their proud new            the phone and ordered two simple, green       creator.
owners itching to cast that Murray’s            and gold bass rods for her husband Doo-
Mr. Rapidan Special to a hungry bass or         little. Curtis Strange ordered rods for
trout.                                                                                        Wayne Fowlkes Custom Tackle
                                                                                              Rod & Reel Repair, Specializing in Custom Rods
                                                                                              1637 Wildwood Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
                                                                                              757-481-4107 |

                                    Online Resources                                     For the Hampton Roads Region
                               WEATHER & TIDES:                        FISHING & BOATING RESOURCES:
                               The National Weather Service is         Chesapeake Bay Guide provides in-             A comprehensive fishing network
                               the primary source of weather data,     formation on boating, fishing, travel,        dedicated to all types of Virginia fish-
                               forecasts and warnings for the          events, and history for many areas            ing. Site offers articles on fly, saltwater,
                               United States.                          throughout Virginia.                          freshwater fishing, conservation,
                                                                                                                     and fly tying, etc.
                               Hampton Roads local NBC affiliate.      Virginia Charter Boat Association   
                               Provides weather and marine             Online Resource for choosing a Va Salt-       Official website of the Daily Press
                               forecast information.                   water Fishing Guide. Over 100 licensed        Newspaper Fishing Section. Offers
                                                                       Captains in the organization.                 forums and weekly fishing report.
                               Provides a national and local weather                     
                               forecast for cities worldwide.          The official site for boater education.       Provides a variety of information
                                                                       Boat Ed is the only place on the Web          on safety, maintenance, destinations
                                                 where you can study the official boating      and tips on buying a boat.
                               Hampton Roads local CBS affiliate.      safety manual developed specifically for
                               Provides weather and marine             your state government’s boating agency.
                               forecast information.                                                                 An in-depth nationwide saltwater fish-
                                                                                           ing resource. Offers saltwater fishing
                                         Boating safety courses with boating           reports for all coastal locations as
                               Provides weather forecasts for the      simulations, animations, boating safety       well as message boards.
                               US and the world with a fast, easy to   quizzes and boating tips for powerboat-
                               use interface. Includes weather maps,   ers and sailboaters.                
                               graphics and radar images.                                                            Comprehensive resource for Hampton
                                                                                     Roads. Includes Virginian Pilot
                                                 Comprehensive fishing resource includ-        newspaper fishing reports.
                               Hampton Roads local ABC affiliate.      ing, tournaments, articles, forums,
                               Provides weather and marine             pictures and video.                 
                               forecast information.                                                                 Official site of the Virginia Marine
                                                                                                Resources Commission. Provides easy
                                                                       Features education material, access to        access to regulatory and management
                                                                       critical bay issues, and tools for citizens   information related to Virginia
                                                                       to take action on behalf of the Chesa-        marine resources.
Photo by: Harry R. Hindmarsh

                                                                       peake Bay.

                            There are more helpful online resources for fishing and boating than ever before. Novice or
                           seasoned angler, there is something for everyone. From new techniques and products to the
                              latest weather information, the sites below promise to make your fishing more enjoyable.

                                                                                       MEDIA RESOURCES:                 RADIO:
Includes weekly Virginia Marine               On-line magazine and                     Fishing Tidewater with Don Lancaster
Resources Commission fishing report.          information source for                   1490AM (WLRT)
                                              the Chesapeake Bay region.               Saturdays 7am-9am                                                                           757-766-4653
The trade association representing the                 Email Don Lancaster:
US recreational boating industry.             Brings you information on Virginia
Members include manufacturers                 saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing,
of all categories.                            fly fishing, hunting seasons,            Catchin’ With Captain Reese Bowles
                                              product peviews and hunting.             WTAR                                                                    Saturdays 6:00am – 8:00am
Provides Virginia pier and surf                             627-9827 (WTAR) or toll free
fishing reports.                              Provides fishing reports and fishing     800-359-8585
                                              information covering saltwater           Email Capt. Reese:                        fishing, freshwater fishing, fly
Provides low and high tide predictions,       fishing, fishing reports, etc.
sunset, moonrise, moonset,                                                             TELEVISION:
and moon phase information.                                      The Weekend Fisherman with Captain
                                              Virginia Beach Sport Fishing             Herb Gordon                        website links to fishing chat,           Fridays 7pm on COX Channel 51
Brings you the most complete striped          fishing guides, and catches              Saturdays 5:30am on WTVZ or on
bass fishing information, including           of the week.                             Cox Channel 2
saltwater, surf and fly fishing articles,                                              757-464-3974
tackle, techniques, fishing reports                                                    Email:
and discussions.
Serves as a one-stop resource for
those seeking boating, fishing and
conservation information.

          Portsmouth trailer
      Forty years
     of Excellence, Quality and Value

          For over 40 years, Portsmouth Trailer           custom work for specialty applications.
          Supply has proudly served the Hampton           At their spacious facility, three bays are
          Roads boating and water sports commu-           geared up to tackle a variety of trailer
          nity. President and CEO, Earlene Coyner,        upkeep and maintenance tasks. A new
          and her seasoned, attentive staff of profes-    fourth bay is dedicated to accommodat-
          sionals provide each customer with sound        ing larger jobs, such as crafting tow bars
          advice, top-quality parts, and an unusually     and hitches for motor coaches. Want to
          high-end level of service. Most impor-          tow that Hummer? No problem!
          tantly, the company’s commitment to
          customer satisfaction continues long after      For many years, the company’s original
          the sale or repair has been completed.          site was located on Portsmouth Bou-
                                                          levard, in Portsmouth, where Earlene
          When it comes to repairs, Portsmouth            worked side-by-side with her late-hus-
          Trailer Supply can handle everything trail-     band Ted in the family business. Their
          er related: they stock a full line of foreign   reputation for excellence became so
          and domestic goosenecks, running gear,          firmly established that when Earlene
          wheels and tires, tow bars, hitches, brakes,    and crew moved into larger digs on
          rollers, winches, and much more. Mas-           South Military Highway in Chesa-
          ter welders are on-site, creating detailed,     peake, they decided to retain the name,
                                                          Portsmouth Trailer Supply.

                                                          The new location is a one-stop shopping
                                                          and maintenance haven for boaters, sail-
                                                          ors and jet ski enthusiasts of all stripes.
                                                          Conveniently located right next to Bay
                                                          Propeller, and a brand new marine store,
                                                          a client can drop off a boat for a prop
                                                          tune-up, have the boat trailer inspected,

then stock up on life vests, flares, line   where. They routinely ship parts up and     community is also directly related to showing
and other accessories…all in one fuel-      down the East Coast, and they’ve also       our appreciation to our family of customers.
saving trip. Inventory also includes        sent emergency components to clients        We want them all to have the best experi-
cargo management equipment: straps,         in Europe. In addition,                                     ence they can possibly have,
baskets, and hitch fittings.                parts are delivered                                         assured that we are focused
                                            by truck on a regular                                       on the road-handling ability
When Earlene Coyner took the helm           basis to custom-                                            and safety of all of our cus-
as CEO, Portsmouth Trailer Supply           ers throughout the                                          tom work and repairs. Since
became one of the few woman-owned           Tidewater, Richmond,                                        much of our business comes
businesses in the industry, a fact of       Eastern Shore, and                                          from referrals, we know
which she is proud. She is also pleased     Outer Banks areas.                                          we’re doing something right.
with her diverse staff, who can talk                                                                    We’ve found our niche,
hubs, axles, brakes and fenders with        As the company has                                          and thus don’t compete
the best of them. When new employees        grown and prospered,                                        with businesses that sell the
show promise, they are carefully men-       Earlene and staff                                           trailers themselves…but we
tored so that they can grow along with      unstintingly share                                          provide all of the parts and
the company. Continuity is key, and         their resources with                                        services related to keeping
many of Earlene’s associates have been      a carefully selected                                        them in prime condition,
with the company for 20-plus years,         group of charities:                                         and over the years, we have
quite an accomplishment in an envi-         Seaton House, St. Jude                                      cultivated relationships with
ronment where many employers are            Children’s Hospital,                                        dealers and individuals who
struggling to hire and retain qualified     and local food banks. Earlene feels she’s   regularly turn to us for our expertise. It’s
personnel. Portsmouth Trailer Supply        blessed with a great staff, a growing       what we do well, and we absolutely love
has a deep bench.                           business, and a job she adores. Giving      doing it.”
                                            back to her community is an integral
A related arm of the company, Trail-        part of her business philosophy.
                                                                                        Portsmouth Trailer Supply
erMate, Inc., makes wholesale parts and                                                 3227 South Military Highway
accessories available to dealers every-     Earlene explains: “Giving back to the       Chesapeake, Virginia 23323
     Boat Ramps
     Hampton Roads Municipal Boat Launch Facilities

     Virginia Beach                                   Chesapeake
     Lynnhaven Inlet Boat Ramp*                       Deep Creek Locks Park
     Owl’s Creek Ramp (Rudee Inlet)                   Great Bridge Locks Park
     Seashore State Park Ramp (Broad Bay)

                                                      Newport News
     Hampton                                          Anderson Park
     Dandy Point Ramp                                 Denbigh Park Ramp
     Gosnold Hope Park                                Deep Creek City Pier
     Sunset Creek Ramp                                James River Bridge Park Ramp
     West Bank Ramp                                   Seafood Industrial Park Ramp

     Norfolk                                          Poquoson
     45th Street Ramp                                 Bennetts Creek Landing
     Haven Creek Ramp                                 Messick Point Landing
     Lafayette Park Ramp                              Plum Tree Island Wildlife Refuge
     Lambert’s Point Park Ramp                        Rens Road Ramp
     Willoughby Landing
                                                                                                            On the move.
                                                                                            The freedom that trailering
     Portsmouth                                                                             your boat offers opens up all
     City Park Boat Ramp                                                                   kinds of fishing opportunities
     Elizabeth River Park                                                                and gets you on the fish quicker.
     Sleepy Hole Park
     Butler Tract Lake
     Crane Lake
     Western Branch Reservoir




     Sport Fishing
 53’ Bobby Sullivan Carolina Offshore Sportfisher

          When looking for marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin, you
           need a captain who knows the waters and a first class
                vessel to take you in style. You expect the best,
                 modern gear on the market. You expect results.

           Let Captain Bob Robinson and the Fin Seeker be your
          choice when looking for the most dependable offshore
                         and inshore charter in Virginia waters.

             Captain “Tiki” Bob Robinson | 757.618.7421
        Hampton Roads Charter Captains
                                                           Directory and Information Guide

                            [Pictured] A new prop from Wildcat Propeller in Chesapeake, VA.
3932 Holland Blvd. • Chesapeake, Virginia 23323 • 757.485.4260 •
Boat Captains Presenting Sponsor | WILDCAT PROPELLERS
                                                                                                                                Featured Captain
Boat Captains [ A - D ]
Visit more Boat Captains online at

                                               Big Woody
                                               Captain Dan Hicks
                                               Virginia Beach

                                               55” custom offering both inshore and offshore sportfishing year round.
                                               Captain Dan Hicks will take you out on his climate controlled Custom Carolina.

                                               Phone: 757.403.6946 Website:
                                                                                                                                Captain Joe Ferrara
                                                                                                                                His Doghouse Too
                                               Blind Date
                                               Capt. Stan Gold/ Capt. Rick Williams
                                               Norfolk                                                                          A retired U.S. Navy Surface Warfare
                                                                                                                                Commander, Joe got his start fishing
                                               A 27 foot Hydra Sports fully equipped center console catamaran capable
                                               of taking up to four anglers on full or half day trips in the bay and coastal
                                                                                                                                on Long Island Sound where he spent
                                               Virginia and North Carolina waters.                                              every summer of his youth running the
                                               Phone: 757.686.2443 Website:                           Connecticut shores of the sound in his
                                                                                                                                father’s 16’ Boston Whaler. Following
                                                                                                                                his commissioning in the U.S. Navy,
                                               Black Magic Sport Fishing                                                        Capt Joe had the opportunity to sail and
                                               Captain Bob Simelaro
                                                                                                                                fish the oceans of the world.
                                               Bay, in-shore and offshore charter available day or night. Boat offers con-
                                               vertible dinette (sleeps two), V-Berth (sleeps Two), enclosed private head,      While on His Doghouse Too, a Luhrs
                                               shower, sink, microwave, stove, refrigerator, stereo and fishing chairs, etc.    38 Open, Capt Joe has the opportunity
                                               Phone: 757.617.8422 Website:
                                                                                                                                to share his love of the ocean and fishing
                                                                                                                                experiences with people who want to
                                                                                                                                have a great time on the water. Capt
                                               Cane Pole                                                                        Joe has often stated, “I can’t guarantee
                                               Captain Rob Wilhoite                                                             you’ll catch fish, but I can guarantee
                                               Norfolk                                                                          that you’ll have a great time,” a claim he
                                               Triple F Charter’s 30’ saltshaker sportfisher (blackfin hull), specializes in    has delivered on each and every charter
                                               personalized sport fishing adventures on the lower Chesapeake Bay and in
                                               nearshore Atlantic Ocean waters.                                                 fishing trip.

                                               Phone: 804.730.6448 Website:                             Joe is a member of the Virginia Charter
                                                                                                                                Boat Association and the National As-
                                                                                                                                sociation of Charter Boat Operators.
                                               Chesapeake Fishing Charters/DeDee G II
                                               Captain Kenny George
                                               A 28’ Parker with state of the art electronics. Penn and Shimano
                                               reels and custom rods. Fishing license, tackle, and bait are
                                               provided. Lower Chesapeake Bay fishing at its best.

                                               Phone: 757.548.6991 Website:

                                               Diversified Marine Services
                                               Captain Chris Ludford and Walt Vandergrift
                                               Virginia Beach
                                               26’ Topaz Sportfisher with tower. Fishing the lower Chesapeake Bay, inshore,
                                               and backcountry waters. 75’ Party Boat for corporate charters and family          Captain Joe Ferrara - His Doghouse Too
                                               reunion angling excursions. Private boat handling lessons available.              757.572.9236 |

                                               Phone: 757.552.6644 Email:

58   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
Boat Captains Presenting Sponsor | WILDCAT PROPELLERS
                                                                                                                Featured Captain
 Boat Captains [ E - H ]
Visit more Boat Captains online at

                              Entropy Sport Fishing
                              Captain Joey Buettner
                              Virginia Beach
                              A 30 foot convertible sportfisher manufactured by Phoenix Yachts Specializes
                              in custom weekend day or night fishing trips and Family & Kids Fishing Pack-
                              ages for flounder, cobia, spade fish, sharks in the Chesapeake Bay.

                              Phone: 804.249.4698 Website:
                                                                                                                Captain Bill Keys
                              Fin Seeker
                              Captain Bob Robinson
                              Virginia Beach                                                                    Originally from South Jersey, Bill Keys
                              A 53 ft. Custom Carolina offshore sport fisher. Equipped with heat and air        has made Hampton Roads his home
                              conditioning, couches, chairs and a TV/DVD/Surround Sound Home Theater            for over two decades. As a professional
                              System for your comfort. Billfish to Spadefish.                                   Charter Captain, Bill loves to explore
                              Phone: 757.621.6780 Website:                        the Virginia Coastal Territory and the
                                                                                                                Chesapeake Bay. After serving in the
                                                                                                                military for over 20 years, Bill is finally
                              Four Winds Charters                                                               living his dream of operating his own
                              Captain Mike Tomko                                                                charter service.
                              Up to 32 passengers for half day and full day trips. Fully equipped with latest
                              electronics and 20 years experience in the Chesapeake Bay. Rates vary with        Sport fishing is Bill’s personal and pro-
                              the day of the week and the number of passengers.                                 fessional passion. He has custom striper
                                                                                                                trips in addition to a wide variety of
                              Phone: 757.460.3187 Website:                          trip schedules for other species such as
                                                                                                                flounder, bluefin, tautog, tuna and cobia.
                                                                                                                From tunnel to wreck fishing, Bill has
                              Frog Pile Sport Fishing Charters                                                  designed a trip to challenge any angler,
                              Captain Josh Anderson
                              Virginia Beach                                                                    whether a novice or professional.
                              The Frog Pile is one of the biggest and fastest in the fleet. This 2001 55’
                              Custom Carolina Buddy Harris Sportfisherman has a new salon with TV/VCR/          Operating out of Little Creek Marina
                              DVD/CD, Air Conditioning, Galley, and complete Safety Equipment.
                                                                                                                and Cove Marina on Naval Amphibious
                              Phone: 757.641.3900 Website:                         Base Norfolk, Bill services both civil-
                                                                                                                ian and military clients. Key Dreams 4,
                                                                                                                Bill’s 31 foot Bertram Bahi Mar, has lots
                              Gannet                                                                            of deck space with sheltered seating for
                              Captain Mike Romeo                                                                relaxing.
                              Virginia Beach
                              A tournament winning 46-foot custom built North Carolina sport fisherman.
                              Very comfortable with air conditioning, large heated salon, TV/DVD, stereo/CD,
                              microwave, refrigerator and freezers. The Gannet also has top of the line
                              electronic fishing and safety gear aboard. ½ day and full day charters.
                              Phone: 252.619.6655 Website:

                              His Doghouse Too
                              Captain Joe Ferrara
                              Luhrs 38’ open with Twin 500 HP Yanmar Diesels and a 8 KW Generator.
                              Outfitted with a head, full galley, heating and air conditioning,
                              Radar, GPS, Sonar, Autopilot, etc.
                                                                                                                 Captain Bill Keys - KeyDreams
                              Phone: 757.572.9236 Website:
                                                                                                                 757.406.0943 | 757.498.9826

                                                                                                            |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009   59
Boat Captains Presenting Sponsor | VININGS MARINE GROUP
                                                                                                                                  Featured Captain
    Boat Captains [ I - P ]                                                                        GROUP
 Visit more Boat Captains online at

                                                Captain Prince E. Rich, III
                                                The Immanuel is Richcorp’s 29’ 2006 Seaswirl Sportfisherman offering
                                                beginners and avid anglers top Virginia inshore and offshore saltwater fish-
                                                ing. Pursue species from stripers in the lower Chesapeake Bay to offshore
                                                bruisers like marlin, tuna and wahoo.
                                                Phone: 804.687.5199 Website:                             Captain Bob Simelaro
                                                                                                                                  Black Magic
                                                Captain Scott Sinclair and Captain Edgar Monge                                    Captain Bob is originally from Phila-
                                                Norfolk                                                                           delphia and spent most of his younger
                                                A Grady-White Sailfish equipped with state of the arts electronics and outfit-
                                                ted with Penn custom rod and reels. This vessel exceeds all USCG safety
                                                                                                                                  years growing up on the Jersey Shore.
                                                requirements. Inshore and Offshore charters available.                            His father had him out on his boat fish-
                                                                                                                                  ing the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware
                                                Phone: 740.590.0866 Website:                       Bay from the time he was six years old.
                                                                                                                                  He learned how to operate the boat,
                                                                                                                                  navigate, rig lines and tackle, locate,
                                                Key Dreams                                                                        catch and clean fish. He also learned the
                                                Captain Bill Keys
                                                Norfolk                                                                           importance of safety and boat mainte-
                                                Carrying up to 6 anglers for bay, inshore and offshore trips. Includes            nance; to this day he always maintains a
                                                tower, top quality fishing tackle and all amenities for a great day               safe and seaworthy boat.
                                                on the water. Sightseeing trips also available.

                                                Phone: 757.406.0943 Website:                        Later Bob joined the army and as his
                                                                                                                                  travels grew, so did his fishing experi-
                                                                                                                                  ence. In 2000 Capt. Bob moved his
                                                Matador                                                                           boat to Virginia and has been success-
                                                Captain Jake Hiles                                                                fully fishing the Chesapeake Bay and
                                                Virginia Beach                                                                    Virginia coastal waters ever since. Now
                                                42” Jersey Yachts Sportfish equipped with twin diesels and a fast cruise of 27
                                                knots to get you to the fishing grounds quickly. Fully equipped with the latest   as a retired army officer he is taking the
                                                safety equipment, electonics and fishing gear. ½ day and full day charters.       opportunity to provide charter fishing
                                                                                                                                  services to others. Fishing is what he
                                                Phone: 757.749.6008 Website:                              loves to do and he really enjoys sharing
                                                                                                                                  it with others. From novice to expert,
                                                                                                                                  he treats all his charter clients with the
                                                Mega Bite                                                                         highest level of courtesy. He works
                                                Captain Keith Harlan
                                                Virginia Beach                                                                    hard to put you on the fish and his num-
                                                A custom 47 foot Buddy Davis. Equipped with a full galley. Two staterooms,        ber one goal is to provide you with a safe,
                                                two heads, TV, AC/Heat, satellite radio with Bose 301 speakers,                   enjoyable and productive fishing trip.
                                                CD player, DVD player, Flat Screen HDTV and a plush couch.

                                                Phone: 757.377.5091 Website:

                                                Pretty Work
                                                Captain Herb Gordon
                                                Virginia Beach
                                                A 32-foot Custom Sportfish. It is fully equipped with radar and full electron-
                                                ics. This fast and comfortable boat has a stand-up shower and head. It
                                                is used as the primary boat for the local TV series “The Weekend Fisherman.”

                                                Phone: 757.464.3974 Website:

                                                                                                                                   Captain Bob Simelaro - Black Magic Sport Fishing
                                                                                                                                   757.617.8422 |

  60   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
Boat Captains Presenting Sponsor | VININGS MARINE GROUP
                                                                                                                 Featured Captain
  Boat Captains [ R - V ]                                                          GROUP
 Visit more Boat Captains online at

                               Captain Randy Butler
                               Virginia Beach
                               A tournament winning 60-foot custom built Ritchie Howell sport fisherman.
                               Very comfortable with air conditioning, large heated salon, TV/DVD, stereo/CD,
                               microwave, refrigerator and freezers. Also has top of the line electronic fish-
                               ing and safety gear aboard. ½ day and full day charters.
                               Phone: 757.761.6402                                                               Captain Chris Luford
                                                                                                                 Diversified Marine Services
                               Reel Time Sport Fishing
                               Captain Fletcher Dunton
                                                                                                                 Captain Chris’ business name says it all:
                               Join Team Reel Time for a day of fishing fun and take advantage of some           Diversified Marine Services. From back
                               of the best saltwater fishing on the East Coast. From Virginia Beach to Cape      country charters on his 18-foot Parker
                               Charles and Hampton Bar to Sandbridge, Children Welcome                           up to 80 people on a 75’ party boat and
                                                                                                                 everything in between, he can provide
                               Phone: 757.292.7702
                                                                                                                 fun on the water for anybody looking
                                                                                                                 for a relaxing time or a serious battle on
                               Sea Witch                                                                         rod and reel.
                               Captain Dave Warren
                               Virginia Beach                                                                    Captain Chris is the only local charter
                                                                                                                 service to charge by the hour for all ser-
                               55’ custom with air conditioned enclosed cabin with a TV, VCR,
                               CD player & Stereo, DVD player, sofa, etc.                                        vices. This unique pricing system allows
                                                                                                                 him to custom build the trip around the
                               Phone: 804.731.1407 Website:                              bite, the tide and the client’s schedule,
                                                                                                                 instead of half or whole day limitations.

                               Top Notch                                                                         He offers a variety of nautical services
                               Captain Russ Kostinas and Gene Kostinas
                               Virginia Beach
                                                                                                                 including charters of all types, yacht
                                                                                                                 delivery, maintenance, and private boat
                               54’ Custom sportfisher with Stereo, TV, CD player, microwave, sofas, etc.         handling lessons. Time on the water
                                                                                                                 with Chris will be filled with your
                               Phone: 757.681.8068 | 757.737.1620
                                                                                                                 choice of angling action, relaxation or

                               Captain Dave Eason
                               Virginia Beach

                               46’ Hatteras Sportfisherman with air conditioned enclosed cabin
                               with TV, VCR, Stereo, DVD, VHS, CD player, Microwave, Freezer, Fridge etc.

                               Phone: 757.286.1162 Website:

                               Virginia Beach Contender
                               Captain Max King
                               Virginia Beach
                               Come fish on a Contender 33 Tournament with twin Yamaha F350’s with
                                                                                                                  Captain Chris Ludford | Diversified Marine Services
                               Professional Angler Captain Max King (two time winner of the Mid Atlantic          757.552.6644 | Email:
                               Rockfish Shootout). From Striper Fishing in the Bay, to Tuna Fishing Offshore.
                               Very competitive rates.

                                                                                                             |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009   61
 Boat Captains [ con’t. ]                                                                                                             Charter Checklist
                                                                                                                                                 What to Pack for a
 Visit more Boat Captains online at
                                                                                                                                                  CHARTER TRIP

                                                                                                                                     Most, if not all captains will supply everything you
                                              Waterman                                                                               need to catch fish including rods, reels, fishing
                                              Captain Mike Standing                                                                  tackle, live or artificial baits, and ice for harvested
                                              Virginia Beach                                                                         fish. The checklist below are reminders and items
                                                                                                                                     that should make your trip a true memory.
                                              57’ custom that includes a stereo, flat screen TV, CD player, DVD, microwave,
                                              sofas, with all the amenities of home, etc. Offshore Fishing at its best.          P   CHECKLIST

                                              Phone: 757.753.3113 Website:                              A cooler for your food and drinks is welcome. Ask
                                                                                                                                     the captain how large of a cooler is needed to
                                                                                                                                     transport your fish.
                                              Wave Runner
                                              Pat Foster                                                                             Drinks
                                              Virginia Beach                                                                         It’s recommended that you provide your food and
                                              A 50’ custom built Carolina boat and provides a dry, comfortable, and safe
                                                                                                                                     drinks. Most captains will allow beer, however all
                                              ride to the fishing grounds. Enjoy an air-conditioned or heated cabin, com-
                                              fortable restroom, 4 bunks, Sirius satellite stereo, microwave and TV/VCR.             beers must be in cans. Hard liquors are not permit-
                                              Phone: 757.377.5018 Website:
                                                                                                                                     Sun Glasses
                                                                                                                                     It’s recommended that your glasses contain polar-
                                                                                                                                     ized fishing lenses which lessen the sun’s glare
                                                                                                                                     reflected from the water.

Head/Party Boats                                                                                                                     Head / Face protection
                                                                                                                                     Baseball hats are recommended to protect the top
 Visit more Boat Captains online at                                                                           of your head, forehead and nose.

                                                                                                                                     If you tan or burn extremely easily, it’s recommend-
                                                                                                                                     ed that you use a SPF 50 or 60. Lighter SPF such
                                              Challenger II - Capt. Bill Jenkins                                                     as 20, 30 or 40 will result in tanning and possibly
                                              Virginia Beach - Long Bay Pointe Marina/2109 W. Great Neck Rd.
                                                                                                                                     some burning.
                                              41 feet and takes up to 19 anglers. Full day, half day and overnight trips
                                              available for all offshore, inshore and bay species. Dolphin and whale watch-          Duffle Bag
                                              ing also available.                                                                    You’ll need a bag for a change of clothes, hats,
                                                                                                                                     glasses and other items. If you’re fishing in foul
                                              Phone: 757.301-9998 e-mail:                                            weather you’ll need gear that will keep you dry
                                                                                                                                     when in the cock pit.

                                              Dockside Fishing Center Headboat Fleet                                                 Camera or Video Camera
                                              Virginia Beach - 3311 Shore Drive                                                      To ensure your bringing home memories, please
                                              Includes the Nancy Anne, Beverly B, First Chance and the Bay Princess. Full            bring your cameras. There is a possibility they could
                                              day and half day trips available year round on these large climate controlled          get wet, so plan accordingly and take precaution.
                                              vessels. Rods, reels, bait, ice, and fishing license included. Children
                                              welcome. See inside front cover ad for more information.
                                              Phone: 757.481.4545 Website:                                    This over the counter medication prevents you from
                                                                                                                                     getting sea sick. Some brands recommend that you
                                                                                                                                     take it the night before and some you need to take
                                                                                                                                     an hour prior to getting on board. Also, some are
                                              Sally T                                                                                non-drowsy and are recommended for the long day.
                                              Willoughby Harbor Marina at Sunset Grill
                                              The “Sally T” offers family fishing fun on a budget! Catch spot, croaker, trout,
                                              blues, tautog, stripers and many others. 50’, snack bar, cold drinks, coffee           Tennis Shoes
                                              and other amenities. Bait and tackle are available nearby & tackle can be              Tennis shoes, boat shoes or flip flops are recom-
                                              rented onboard.                                                                        mended. Hard sole shoes such as penny loafers and
                                                                                                                                     dress shoes leave scuff marks on the deck and do
                                              Phone: 757.515.3051 Website:                                     not grip the wet floor.

                                                                                                                                     Mates work for tips
                                                                                                                                     Please bring enough cash to pay for your Mate.

62   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
                            Hampton Roads Marinas
                                                         Directory and Information Guide

                                                    [Pictured] Bluewater Yachting Center
1 Marina Road • Hampton, Virginia 23669 • 757.723.3320 •
                                              Bay Point Marina (Vinings Marine Group)
                                              Norfolk - 9500 30th Bay Avenue
                                                                                                                                  Featured Marina
                                              The marina is located just a few boat lengths away from the fabulous East
                                              Beach. Includes 314 wet slips (all with floating docks) dockside utilities
                                              include water, cable TV, telephone and electrical, restaurant, pool, showers,
                                              and laundry. No bridges to navigate. Fuel (diesel/gas) and Pump out avail-
                                              able. WI-FI available.
                                              Phone: 757.362.8432 Website:

                                              Bluewater Yachting Center
                                              Hampton - 1 Marina Road
                                              Bluewater is one of the most respected names in the industry. The yachting
                                              center features 1500 feet of side-to-side dock, 200 slips can accommodate
                                              vessels up to 200’ & 12’ drafts, three fuel stations, 200 square feet of meet-
                                              ing space, pool, parts inventory, full-service boat yards and much more.
                                              Phone: 757.723.0793 Website:                            Salt Ponds, Hampton
                                                                                                                                  Salt Ponds Marina is not your ordinary
                                              Fisherman’s Wharf Marina                                                            boating stopover – it is an experience.
                                              Virginia Beach - 524 Winston Salem Avenue at Rudee Inlet                            Two things make it attractive to its
                                                                                                                                  customers - the view of the Chesapeake
                                              The largest marina inside scenic Rudee Inlet. Specializing in corporate             Bay and its quick access to deep water.
                                              charters and just blocks away from the Virginia Beach resort area Fisherman’s
                                              Wharf is an ideal location. See ad on page 20 for more information.
                                                                                                                                  Loved by both boaters and residents,
                                                                                                                                  Salt Ponds is the largest marina on the
                                              Phone: 757.428.2111 Website:                          lower Chesapeake Bay. Before develop-
                                                                                                                                  ment, the property was a shallow spit of
                                                                                                                                  land adjacent to historic Buckroe beach.
                                              Little Creek Marina (Vinings Marine Group)                                          Dredging a channel some 20 years ago,
                                              Norfolk - 4801 Pretty Lake Avenue at Little Creek Inlet
                                              Little Creek Marina and its sister Marina, Bay Point, consisting of 440 wet slips
                                                                                                                                  the City of Hampton revealed over
                                              and a dry storage facility can accommodate 250 boats. Little Creek and Bay          100 acres of waterfront property on the
                                              Point Marinas provide the full compliment of amenities for a family outing by       Bay. Developed into a planned marina
                                              the water or business excursion led by the best fishermen or yachtsmen.             community with condominiums, town
                                              Phone: 757.362.3600 Website:
                                                                                                                                  homes and single family homes, Salt
                                                                                                                                  Ponds is truly exceptional.

                                              Salt Ponds Marina Resort                                                            Boasting 254 floating boat slips, the
                                              Hampton - 1 Ivory Gull Crescent                                                     Salt Ponds complex has dockage for
                                                                                                                                  vessels up to 110 feet in length with
                                              The complex features 254 slips for boats up to 110 feet in length, state-of-        both electrical and water hookups. As
                                              the-art floating docks with full length finger piers, dockside electric and water
                                              hookups and a professionally trained staff to assist you.                           a “magnet” for boaters, Salt Ponds
                                                                                                                                  features uniformed dock hands, resort
                                              Phone: 757.850.4300                                                 transportation and a cabana bar within
                                                                                                                                  its gated community. Most visitors
                                                                                                                                  appreciate the on-site swimming pool,
                                              Taylor’s Landing Marine Center (Vinings Marine Group)                               and immediate access to the sandy
                                              Norfolk - 8172 Shore Drive
                                                                                                                                  beaches of the Bay. As the center of
                                              Just 12 minutes from one of the best fishing areas in the Chesapeake Bay.           the resort, the Beacon restaurant is a
                                              Located 3 miles west of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in very safe Little        local favorite where both residents and
                                              Creek Basin. Water depth averages 8’ to 9’ at mean low tides.                       visitors congregate. Other amenities
                                              Phone: 757.587.3480
                                                                                                                                  found at the marina include showers,
                                                                                                                                  laundry services, ship store, restaurant,
                                                                                                                                  fuel dock, pumpout station and weigh
                                              Willoughby Harbor Marina (Vinings Marine Group)                                     station. No wonder visitors make Salt
                                              Norfolk – 1525 Bayville Street                                                      Ponds Marina a regular stop on their
                                              The 271 slip marina is centered in the most popular recreational boating area       travels... its upscale services and superb
                                              in the area. Spend more time in the water and less getting to it. Willoughby        location will delight any guest.
                                              Harbor Marina offers valet boating via dry stack storage facilities. Includes
                                              full utilities, parking, restaurant, bathroom/showers, pump-out service and
                                              fuel, etc.
                                              Phone: 757.583.4150

                                                                                                                                   Salt Ponds Marina Resort
                                                                                                                                   757.850.4300 |

64   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
Additional Hampton Roads Marinas
Hampton                                                                                             Virginia Beach
Dandy Haven Marina          Deep Creek Landing Marina   Willoughby Harbor Marina                    Bubba’s Marina
374 Dandy Haven Rd.         200 Old Marina Lane         1525 Bayville St.                           3323 Shore Dr.
757-851-1573                757-877-9555                757-583-4150

Hampton Roads Marina        Lee Ward Municipal Marina   Willoughby Spit Marina                      Capps Boatworks
11 Fiddlers Green           7499 River Rd.              1651 Bayville St.                           2102 West Great Neck Rd.
757-723-6774                757-247-2359                757-583-8223                                757-496-0311

Southall Landings Marina    Norfolk                     Portsmouth                                  Inlet Station Marina
333 Mainsail Dr.            Bay Marine                  Scott’s Creek Marina                        227 Mediterranean Ave.
757-850-9929                4621 Pretty Lake Ave.       6 Harper Rd.                                757-422-2999
                            757-362-5000                757-399-2628
Hampton Creek Marina                                                                                Marina Shores Marina
519 Bridge St.              Bay Point Marina            Virginia Boat & Yacht Service               2100 Marina Shores Dr.
757-726-0810                9500 30th Bay St.           3515 Shipwright St.                         757-496-7000
                            757-362-8432                757-673-7167
Sunset Dry Storage Marina                                                                           Lynnhaven Marine Boatel
800 S Armistead Ave.        Cobb’s Marina               Tidewater Yacht Marina                      2150 W. Great Neck Road
757-722-3325                4524 Dunning Rd.            10 Crawford Pkwy.                           757-481-0700
                            757-588-5401                757-393-2525
Bell Isle Marina                                                                                    Lynnhaven Municipal Marina
2 Bells Island Dr.          Cutty Sark Marina           Portsmouth Boating Center                   3211 Lynnhaven Drive
757-850-0466                4707 Pretty Lake Ave.       1244 Bay St.                                757-496-6845
                            757-362-2942                757-397-2092
Marina Cove Boat Basin                                                                              West Landing Marina
600 Harris Creek Rd.        Pelicans’ Nest Marina                                                   2748 W Landing Rd.
(757) 851-0511              4401 Pretty Lake Ave.                                                   757-426-1326
                                                        Centerville Waterway Marina
                            757-362-2541                100 Centerville Turnpike North              Westneck Marina
Newport News                                            757-547-4498
                            Waterside Marina                                                        3985 W Neck Rd.
James River Marina                                                                                  757-426-6735
665 Deep Creek Rd.          333 Waterside Dr.
                            757-625-3625                Suffolk
757-0930-1909                                                                                       Pungo Ferry Marina
                                                        Constance Wharf Marina
                            Willoughby Bay Marina       110 East Constance Road                     2272 Old Pungo Ferry Rd.
York Haven Marina                                                                                   Virginia Beach, VA
                            1651 Bayville St.           757-514-7250
100 Mingee St.                                                                                      757-721-3299
757-868-4532                757-588-2663

                                                                                  |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009   65
                        Hampton Roads Boat Dealers
                                                                Directory and Information Guide

                                                                    [Pictured] Deep Blue Marine
3716 Shore Drive   • Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455 • 757.464.5511 •
                                                                                                                               Featured Dealer
     Boat Dealers

                                              Airtime Watersports
                                              Virginia Beach - 737 Independence Blvd., Suite 110
                                              Hampton - 4330 Kecoughtan Road
                                              Committed to delivering an exceptional buying experience. Airtime is a certi-
                                              fied Yamaha Outboard, Centurion Towboats and Robalo Sport Fishing boat
                                              dealer and service center with two locations in Hampton Roads.
                                              Phone: 757-499-2628 VB          757-722-BOAT Hampton
                                                                                                                               Troy Marine, Isle of Wight
                                                                                                                               With a new location on Route 17, Troy
                                              Bluewater Yacht Sales                                                            Marine is just minutes from great fish-
                                              Hampton - 1 Marina Road                                                          ing at the Monitor Merrimac Memo-
                                                                                                                               rial Tunnel and James River Bridge.
                                              Bluewater has grown to be one of the premier powerboat dealers on the east       Known in Hampton Roads for great
                                              coast. With four Mid-Atlantic locations Bluewater offers Viking Yachts, Viking
                                              Sport Cruisers, Regulator and Fountain boats along with extensive used/bro-
                                                                                                                               quality boats, Troy Marine does much
                                              kerage offerings.                                                                more than just boat sales. Troy and
                                              Phone: 757.723.0793 Website:                         his wife Angela make giving back to
                                                                                                                               Hampton Roads an important part of
                                                                                                                               their business too. Most of their cus-
                                              Care Free Boat Club                                                              tomers don’t realize they sponsor five
                                              Four Locations in Hampton Roads
                                              Carefree Boat Club members have unlimited access to a professionally main-
                                                                                                                               different charities and participate in
                                              tained fleet of late model high quality boats. Unlimited access to the water     the annual “Wish-A-Fish” Foundation
                                              without maintenance, slip fees, insurance, cleaning, repairs and storage,        Boater Event. The Boater Event gives
                                              expense of purchasing and financing. Training provided to all club members       families of sick or disabled children a
                                              free of charge. See our ad on page 38.
                                              Phone: 866-851-2202 |
                                                                                                                               day of boating fun for all to enjoy. The
                                                                                                                               excursion includes a day on the water
                                                                                                                               with tackle, bait, boat transportation
                                              Dandy Haven Marina                                                               provided. A picnic finishes the day so
                                              Hampton - 374 Dandy Haven Road                                                   everyone can share their “fishing tales”.
                                              Complete facilities for boat storage and repair. A highly trained staff of       Giving a day of relief for these families
                                              Mercury and Mercruiser Master and Certified Technicians to meet your needs.      is just one way Troy Marine gives back
                                              Service work performed includes hauling, bottom painting, pump out facilities,
                                              engine diagnostics, repair and rebuilding services.                              to the community.

                                              Phone: 757.851.1573                             Whether you choose a ProKat or Twin
                                                                                                                               Vee from Troy Marine, the stability
                                                                                                                               is unmatched. Fuel economy in cats is
                                              Dare Marina and Yacht Sales                                                      normally about 30% better than that of a
                                              Yorktown - 821 Railway Road
                                              From the simply incredible ride of Glacier Bay, Catamarans, to the totally
                                                                                                                               mono-hull and when paired with a four-
                                              unsinkable, solid feel of the brutally strong Edgewater Boats Dare               stroke Yamaha outboard Troy Marine
                                              Marina has the right brands for the uncompromising waters of                     also carries performance pontoons from
                                              the lower Bay and Atlantic.                                                      Premier Marine that will run up to 50
                                              Phone: 757.898.3000 |
                                                                                                                               MPH. If cruising the bay and local
                                                                                                                               waterways is your idea of relaxation,
                                                                                                                               Troy Marine has an excellent selection
                                              Deep Blue Marine Sales & Service                                                 of luxury, touring, and sport models.
                                              Virginia Beach - 3716 Shore Drive                                                Customers are always impressed with
                                                                                                                               the handling, performance, and appoint-
                                              Deep Blue Marine offers sales and service for Suzuki, Yanaha, Evinrude and       ments of a Premier Pontoon.
                                              Honda marine products, as well as Sea King, Triton, Bay Rider and Bluewater
                                              sportfishing boats.

                                              Phone: 757.464.5511 |                                  Troy Marine - On Route 17 just south of the James River Bridge
                                                                                                                               757.483.2673 |

68   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
                                                                                          Featured Dealer
Boat Dealers

          Lynnhaven Marine
          Virginia Beach - 2150 W. Great Neck Road and 3785 Shore Drive
          Whether it’s fishing, water skiing on the Chesapeake Bay or cruising your
          favorite stretch of the Intracoastal Waterway, Lynnhaven Marine can put
          you and your family in the boat that’s right for you. Offering Bayliner,
          Albemarle, Glastron, Rinker, Wellcraft, and much more.

          Phone: 757.460.1900 Website:
                                                                                         Virginia Beach Contender
          Norfolk Marine
          Norfolk - 5221 Virginia Beach Blvd. (Headquarters)                             Founded in 2006 by David Akridge,
          An award winning full service boat dealer offering quality service and         Virginia Beach Contender is your
          specializes in everything boat related from engine maintenance, trailer
          repair, bottom painting, marine surveys, insurance claims and fiberglass
                                                                                         source for High-Performance Offshore
          repair. Boats offered include Grady-White, Parker, Sea Hunt, and Carolina      Sportfishing Boats. He served as a
          Skiff. Engines offered include Yamaha and Honda Marine.                        United States Naval Officer, aboard the
          Phone: 757-461-3391 (Norfolk Location)                   USS Harlan County at Little Creek,
                                                                                         VA. You could say that saltwater runs
                                                                                         in his veins.
          Seaport Marine Services
          Suffolk - 1214 Portsmouth Blvd.
          If you enjoy boating, fishing, or wakeboarding, Seaport has the right boat     After completing his military service,
          for you! They are proud dealers of Yamaha, Key West, Ebbtide, Skeeter,         David gained senior level management
          and Triumph brands. Call for information about our new and used boat           experience with several Fortune 500
          inventory, our broad range of accessories, and other marine services.
                                                                                         companies. Looking for the opportunity
          Phone: 757-539-2300                              to merge his business acumen with
                                                                                         the sporting life, David jumped at the
                                                                                         chance to bring the fully-customized
          Troy Marine                                                                    Contender Boat Line to the Tidewater
          Isle of Wight - New Location                                                   Area. Their mission: to provide great
          On Route 17 just south of James River Bridge                                   customer service, in a timely manner,
          Hampton Roads Multi-Hull Specialist. Offering ProKat Power Catamarans,
          Twin Vee Power Catamarans, Premier® Open Water Pontoons & Deck Boats,
                                                                                         at a competitive price, and in a way that
          Crestliner Aluminum Welded Utility Boats all powered with Yamaha or Suzuki     you feel appreciated.
          Phone: 757.483.2673 Website:                                From the Contender 21 Open with a
                                                                                         single Yamaha F250, to the Contender
                                                                                         38 Express with triple Yamaha F350’s,
          Virginia Beach Contender                                                       these boats provide a dry, smooth-as-
          Norfolk - 8166 Shore Dr., Ste 2C at Taylor’s Landing Marina
          Exclusive Hampton Roads, Eastern Shore and Outer Banks dealer for Contend-     glass ride, and have absolutely every
          er High Performance Offshore Sport Fishing Boats. New Sales, marine repair,    option the serious boater/angler needs.
          parts and service available. Authorized Yamaha Outboards repair, parts, and
          service facility. Also repair and service experience with most marine brands
                                                                                         Though Virginia Beach Contender is a
          Phone: 757-650-4509
                                                                                         full-service, authorized Yamaha Out-
                                                                                         boards Facility, you can count on David
                                                                                         and his crew for all of your marine re-
          Whalen’s Marine                                                                pair, parts and service needs, regardless
          Chesapeake - 813B Professional Pl. Suite 103-104                               of make or model. They’ll even come to
                                                                                         you with their Mobile Marine Service.
          Located in the Greenbrier section of Chesapeake Whalen’s is centrally          Have an odd marine related job? Give
          located to provide Suzuki engine sales and service for clients all over
          the region. Whalen’s has reputation for being the foremost Suzuki              them a call.
          re-power specialist in Hampton Roads.
          Phone: 757.718.3539 Website:
                                                                                         Virginia Beach Contender
                                                                                         8166 Shore Drive, Suite 2C at Taylors Landing
                                                                                         Norfolk, Virginia 23518
                                                                                         757.650.4509 |

                                                                                      |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009   69
     Additional Hampton Roads Boat Dealers
                                                               Hale Boatel Inc.                   Jarrett Bay Yacht Sales LLC       Yorktown
         Virginia Beach                                        (757) 464-9200                     (757) 362-0515
                                                                                                                                    Chisman Creek Marina
         Airtime Watersports                                   Intracoastal Yachts                Marine Concepts Inc               (757) 898-3000
         (757) 463-8899                                        (757) 496-0053                     (757) 313-8787
                                                                                                                                    Ned’s Marine & Auto
         Atlantic Marine Brokers                               Norfolk Marine Co                  Norfolk Marine Company            (757) 873-1333
         (757) 422-6008                                        (757) 481-9455                     (757) 461-3391

         Baker Marine                                          North Atlantic Marine Group        Rivercraft Marine                 Newport News
         (757) 233-3901                                        (757) 481-5100                     (757) 480-0200
                                                                                                                                    Casey Marine Sales
         Bay Area Marine Sales & Service Inc                   Offshore Brokerage                 Sunrise Cycle Watercraft & Auto   (757) 591-1500
         (757) 481-1883                                        (757) 481-1270                     (757) 583-2223
                                                                                                                                    Davis Boat Works Inc
         Bay Island Yacht Sales                                Shore Drive Marine                 Warehouse Creek Yacht Sales       (757) 247-0101
         (757) 412-4777                                        (757) 464-9200                     (757) 583-1600
                                                                                                                                    Sports Marine Service
         Blue Marlin Marine                                    South Shore Yacht Sales                                              (757) 591-2235
         (757) 481-3060                                        (757) 226-8103                     Portsmouth

         Browning’s Marine                                     TAJ Enterprises                    Baker Marine Inc                  Chesapeake
         Shore Drive                                           (757) 554-0200                     (757) 393-6666
                                                                                                                                    Budget Boats
         Cape Henry Yacht Sales                                U S House Boat Sales               Bills Marine                      (757) 543-7595
         (757) 496-5220                                        (757) 466-0600                     (757) 465-1408
                                                                                                                                    Chesapeake Yachts
         Care Free Boat Club                                   Virginia Beach Boats               Care Free Boat Club               (757) 487-9100
         (866) 851-2202                                        (757) 962-8710                     (866) 851-2202
                                                                                                                                    Ski Boats Unlimited
         Cycle World                                           Virginia Beach Watercraft Center   Portsmouth Boating Center         (757) 547-2337
         (757) 499-4146                                        (757) 422-1762                     (757) 397-2092
                                                                                                                                    Whalens Marine
         Dare Marina and Yacht Sales                                                                                                757-718-3539
         (757) 422-1577                                        Norfolk                            Hampton

         Deep Blue Marine Sales & Service                      Bay Harbor Brokerage               Bluewater Yacht Sales             Suffolk
         (757) 412-4000                                        (757) 480-1073                     (757) 723-0793
                                                                                                                                    Sea Port Marine Services
         Dominion Yacht Brokerage                              Cape Henry Yacht                   Care Free Boat Club               (757) 539-2300
         757) 481-0533                                         (757) 362-0050                     (866) 851-2202
                                                                                                                                    Lawrence Boat Works Inc
         Fisherman’s Wharf Yacht Sales                         Hampton Roads Yacht Corp           Southern Chesapeake Yacht Sales   (757) 357-7830
         (757) 428-9053                                        (757) 625-2000                     (757) 850-1700

70   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
Hampton Roads Bait & Tackle Shops
                                                         Directory and Information Guide

                                          [Pictured] Oceans East 2 - Bait and Tackle Shop
  5786 North Hampton Blvd., Suite 104 • Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455 • 757.464.6544
                                                                                                                                 Featured Shop
Bait & Tackle Shops
 Visit more Bait & Tackle Shops online at

                                              Bay Propeller & Marine Supply
                                              Chesapeake - 3231 S. Military Highway
                                              Offering a complete line of saltwater and freshwater marine supplies and
                                              tackle, including rods, reels, lures, boat/surf/pier, apparel and much more.
                                              Located next door to Portsmouth Trailer Supply offering one-stop shopping
                                              for all your marine supply needs.

                                              Phone: 757-485-5681 Website:                                  Princess Anne
                                              Bayside Bait and Tackle
                                              Virginia Beach - 4461 Shore Drive                                                  Known to locals as the 17th Street
                                              Located on Shore Drive near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and the               Tackle Shop, Princess Anne Distribut-
                                              Lynnhaven Inlet/Lesner Bridge area. Bayside specializes in fresh bait and
                                              high quality tackle. Staffed by expert area fisherman who will offer advice on
                                                                                                                                 ing has been a Virginia Beach tradition
                                              local waters.                                                                      since 1958. After working in the shop
                                                                                                                                 for over thirty years, Anthony White-
                                              Phone: 757.233.0764                                                                hurst decided to purchase the business
                                                                                                                                 and has been the owner since 2004.
                                                                                                                                 Located on Pacific Avenue and 17th
                                              Bishop Fishing Supply                                                              Street, Anthony has watched this sleepy
                                              1215-U George Washington Memorial Highway, Yorktown
                                              Located just off J. Clyde Morris Blvd. in Yorktown Bishop’s provides rod           oceanfront town evolve into a major
                                              and reel repair, rod building and lure making supplies, fishing and boating        tourist destination.
                                              apparel, offshore tackle, Penn Reel parts and much more. Bishop’s
                                              has arguably the best selection fly shop/fishing supplies in the region.
                                                                                                                                 The summer is Anthony’s busiest time
                                              Phone: 757.591.9300                                                                with saltwater fishing activity boom-
                                                                                                                                 ing. Most customers are preparing for
                                                                                                                                 an offshore fishing excursion, but locals
                                              Bruce’s Bait and Tackle                                                            and visitors can fish easily from the
                                              1650 General Booth Blvd. (in K-Mart Plaza), Virginia Beach                         oceanfront at specified times each day or
                                              Located a short cast away from Rudee Inlet, Owls Creek Boat ramp and               use the nearby Virginia Beach Fishing
                                              Sandbridge. Bruce’s offers an extensive array of both salt and fresh
                                              water lures, a 10% discount for military personnel and there is plenty             Pier at 15th Street Pier April through
                                              of parking for boat trailers!                                                      October.

                                              Phone: 757.426.3474 Website:                           The secret to the longevity of Princess
                                                                                                                                 Anne Distributing is Anthony’s vast
                                                                                                                                 knowledge of the waters off Virginia
                                              Chris’ Bait and Tackle                                                             Beach including the Atlantic Ocean
                                              Eastern Shore - P Box 165, Capeville, VA.
                                              The Eastern Shore’s “Woods to Water Outfitter.” They stock a variety of            and the Chesapeake Bay. His shop does
                                              live, fresh and frozen bait. Offshore, Inshore, and Surf tackle, rods & reels      custom rod building, handles rod and
                                              Archery, Blackpowder, Ammo and all other hunting needs.                            reel repairs, and creates bait rigging with
                                              Phone: 757-331-3000 Website:
                                                                                                                                 Spanish mackerel, squid, ballyhoo, and
                                                                                                                                 mullet. As a distributor, other tackle
                                                                                                                                 supply stores look to him as a resource
                                                                                                                                 as well. An avid fishermen himself, An-
                                              Crab Creek Fly and Tackle                                                          thony knows how to utilize his experi-
                                              Virginia Beach - 3617 Shore Drive                                                  ence to help make customers successful
                                              Crab Creek Fly & Tackle is a fly fishing and light-tackle oriented tackle shop     out in the water.
                                              located in close proximity to Lynnhaven Inlet, Rudee Inlet and the Chesapeake
                                              Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Crab Creek is a “Mecca” for Hampton Roads area fly and
                                              light tackle fisherman looking for saltwater hand-tied flies, fly fishing acces-
                                              sories, conventional tackle, fly fishing lessons and advice.                        Anthony Whitehurst, owner
                                              Phone: 757-460-1958                                   Princess Anne Distributing
                                                                                                                                  757.428.1000 |

72   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
                                                                                            Featured Shop
Bait & Tackle Shops

            Greg’s Bait Shack
            Portsmouth - 2560 Airline Blvd.
            Portsmouth’s most popular bait and tackle shop, offering a wide array of
            bait and tackle including live eels, gudgeons, bloodworms, peeler crabs,
            night crawlers, super reds, chowder clams, shiners, peeler crabs, fiddler
            crabs, fresh menhaden and mullet, frozen sea clams, shrimp, squid, ballyhoo,
            chicken necks and much more.
            Phone: 757-465-9020 Website:                             Wilcox Bait and Tackle
                                                                                            Newport News
            Ocean’s East 2
            5785 Northampton Blvd # 104, Virginia Beach                                     Open since 1954, Wilcox Bait and
            Virginia’s largest tackle shop with the best selection of saltwater bait and    Tackle on Jefferson Avenue in Newport
            tackle in the region. Featuring a wide selection of Sassy Shads, jigs,
            bucktails and rockfish trolling baits.
                                                                                            News has attracted outdoor sport enthu-
                                                                                            siasts for over five decades. Founded as
            Phone: 757.464.6544                                                             a live bait and grocery store by Elmo Jr.
                                                                                            and Mary Anne Wilcox, hunters and
                                                                                            anglers rely on this shop each week to
                                                                                            prepare for their next outdoor adven-
            Princess Anne Distributing                                                      ture.
            313 Virginia Beach Blvd. Viriginia Beach

            A full service tackle shop since 1958. Located in the heart of the              As the business evolved, sons Tom and
            resort area just minutes from Rudee Inlet and the oceanfront.                   Nathan Wilcox took over for their par-
            Featuring wide selection of offshore and in-shore bait and tackle.
                                                                                            ents. Their retail store offers customers
            Phone: 757.428.1000 Website:                             specialized archery equipment, hunting
                                                                                            apparel and supplies, boating equip-
                                                                                            ment, and a wide array of fishing tackle
            Vanasse Bait & Tackle                                                           and bait.
            28 Dandy Point Road, Hampton
            Vanasse Bait and Tackle has been a local’s favorite for decades. The shop       Tom believes his shop’s continued suc-
            offers a wide variety of bait, tackle, refreshments and convenience items
            to outfit your next fishing trip. Located in the scenic Foxhill section         cess is due in part to Hampton Roads’
            of Hampton near the Dandy Point boat ramp.                                      unique location on the Chesapeake Bay.
                                                                                            Tom explains, “Anglers have so many
            Phone: 757.851.9732                                                             options here. They can choose from off
                                                                                            shore fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, Bay
                                                                                            fishing by the tunnels, or inland fishing
            Wallace’s Bait & Tackle                                                         on the York, James, and Nansemond
            365 Dandy Point Rd., Hampton
            Wallace’s Bait & Tackle is located in the scenic Foxhill section of Hampton.    Rivers”.
            The shop has a long history of being one of the best Bait Shops in
            Hampton serving the fishing community for decades. Located adjacent             Tom feels his shop is leaps and bounds
            to the Dandy Point public boat ramp.
                                                                                            above “Big Box” stores. His staff has
            Phone: 757.851.5451 Website:                      invaluable knowledge of local areas and
                                                                                            supplies. Open 15 hours each day, the
                                                                                            shop serves both early fishermen and
            Wilcox Bait and Tackle                                                          late day shoppers. The store motto, “We
            Newport News – 9501 Jefferson Ave.                                              service what we sell” is a pledge not
            Since 1954 Wilcox Bait and Tackle has been a Peninsula tradition. Expert        always found at larger stores and it pro-
            local fishing advice and a wide array of tackle, live and frozen bait, boats,
            canoes and trailers and much more. Also full inventory of hunting, guns,        vides peace of mind for his customers.
            ammo, archery, crossbows and outdoor clothing.

            Phone: 757-595-5537 Website:                        Tom Wilcox, owner
                                                                                            Wilcox Bait and Tackle, Newport News, Virginia
                                                                                            757.595.5537 |

                                                                                          |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009   73
 Chesapeake                                           Newport News                                                                Virginia Beach
 Chesapeake Bait & Tackle                             Georges Bait & Tackle                   Shore Drive Bait & Tackle           Bubba’s Marina and
 112 Battlefield Blvd. North                          1909 Jefferson Avenue                   9571 Shore Drive                    Shellfish Company
 (757) 482-0627                                       (757) 245-0770                          (757) 362-0212                      3323 Shore Drive
                                                                                                                                  (757) 481-3513
 Fish & Hook Tackle                                   Wilcox Bait & Tackle                    Portsmouth
 1503 20th Street                                     9501 Jefferson Avenue                   The Bait Shack                      Crab Creek Fly and Tackle
 (757) 545-1815                                       (757) 595-5537                          2560 Airline Blvd.                  3617 Shore Drive
                                                                                              (757) 465-9020                      (757) 460-1958
 Shorty’s Fishing & Hunting                           Norfolk
 943 Canal Drive                                      C-Tackle                                Suffolk
 (757) 487-6579                                       1821 East Little Creek Rd               Lake Meade & Cohoon Bait & Tackle
                                                      (757) 587-1003                          1805 Pitchkettle Road
 Hampton                                                                                      (757) 539-6216
 Ace in the Hole Bait & Tackle                        Cobbs Marina
 1000 West Pembroke Avenue                            4524 Dunning Road                       Lakeside Bait & Tackle, Inc.
 (757) 727-0726                                       (757) 588-5401                          3717 Lake Prince Drive
                                                                                              (757) 923-0842
 B & B Bait & Tackle                                  Fishin Stuff
 90 West Mercury Boulevard                            7434 Tidewater Drive                    Nansemond River Bait & Tackle
 (757) 722-0676                                       (757) 480-2004                          2281 Bridge Road, Suffolk
                                                                                              (757) 238-3839
 Buckroe Bait & Tackle & Seafood                      Lighthouse Tackle at Taylor’s Landing
 815 Buckroe Avenue                                   8166 Shore Drive
 (757) 850-4166                                       (757) 587-5595

74   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
[Pictured] Airtime Watersports - Virginia Beach
                                                                                                                                Featured Service
 Marine Services
  Visit more Marine Services online at

                                               Airtime Watersports
                                               Virginia Beach - 737 Independence Blvd., Suite 110
                                               Hampton - 4330 Kecoughtan Road
                                               Committed to delivering an exceptional buying experience. Airtime is a certi-
                                               fied Yamaha Outboard, Centurion Towboats and Robalo Sport Fishing boat
                                               dealer and service center with two locations in Hampton Roads.
                                               Phone: 757-499-2628 (Virginia Beach) 757-722-BOAT (Hampton)
                                                                                                                                S&S Marine, Norfolk
                                               Bay Propeller & Marine Supply
                                               Chesapeake - 3231 S. Military Highway                                            Family owned and operated since 1984,
                                               Offering a complete line of saltwater and freshwater marine supplies and         S&S Marine was first and foremost an
                                               tackle, including rods, reels, lures, boat/surf/pier, apparel and much more.
                                               Located next door to Portsmouth Trailer Supply offering one-stop shopping
                                                                                                                                engine repair facility with a reputation
                                               for all your marine supply needs.                                                for quality. But in 1992, son Mike Shah-
                                                                                                                                an joined the business and found that he
                                               Phone: 757-485-5681 Website:                                had an uncanny, creative knack for cus-
                                                                                                                                tom metal fabrication. Mike’s ability to
                                                                                                                                give concrete form to his clients visions
                                               Ben Dishman Marine Fabrication                                                   eventually changed the entire dynamic
                                               Hampton – 4304B Kecoughtan Road
                                                                                                                                of the company, and now S&S Marine
                                               Quality metal fabrication and welding services. Specializing in steel and        is an acknowledged leader in the world
                                               aluminum mobile and in-house fabricating. Mobile service available for all of    of marine metal fabrication. Mike and
                                               Hampton Roads. Custom projects welcome.
                                                                                                                                his team of artisans personally handle
                                               Phone: 757-478-5070 Email:                                    every aspect of the fabrication process,
                                                                                                                                from initial design to final installation.

                                               Custom Tops and Towers                                                           From the moment customers make their
Custom                                         Smithfield – 20201 Regal Court                                                   first inquiry, it becomes evident that
Tops &                                         Offering an impressive line of high quality tops, towers, and accessories to     every staff member is committed and
Towers                                         accommodate your fishing needs. All products are built by hand to custom fit
                                               your needs and your boat. A full line of T-Tops, Console Tops, leaning posts,    dedicated to outstanding service. Mike
                                               bow rails, rod racks, casting and poling platforms, and towers for all size      and his team have also been entrusted
                                               boats.                                                                           with the happy task of manufacturing
                                               Phone: 757-365-0232                                                              tops for World Cat Boats.

                                                                                                                                New for 2008, S&S Marine built an in-
                                               DALCO Mechanical Contractors                                                     house fiberglass fabrication facility, so
                                               Elizabeth City, NC – P Box 2342
                                                                                                                                all custom hard tops and consoles can be
                                               The experience you can trust for repair, replacement and service of marine       manufactured under conditions of rigor-
                                               air conditioning, ice machines, refrigeration, heat pumps and modulating         ous quality-control. S&S is a Virginia
                                               systems for your vessel. Mobile Service available in Virginia & NC.
                                                                                                                                dealer for Loadmaster and Venture trail-
                                               Phone: 252-335-2727                                                              ers, just right for catamarans, jet skis,
                                                                                                                                sail and power boats.

                                               Dandy Haven Marina                                                               Whether the job is an ultra high-end
                                               Hampton - 374 Dandy Haven Road                                                   boat rig or a rod rack for a pick-up truck,
                                               Complete facilities for boat storage and repair. A highly trained staff of       each customer enjoys superb quality,
                                               Mercury and Mercruiser Master and Certified Technicians to meet your needs.
                                               Service work performed includes hauling, bottom painting, pump out facilities,   competitive rates, and relentless reli-
                                               engine diagnostics, repair and rebuilding services.                              ability. The work is done on time, and
                                                                                                                                on budget.
                                               Phone: 757.851.1573

                                                                                                                                Mike Shahan – S&S marine, LLC.
                                                                                                                                4523 Dunning Road, Norfolk, Virginia 23518
                                                                                                                                (757) 588-1950 | (800) 453-6053 |

 76   |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009
                                                                                              Featured Service
Marine Services

            Deep Blue Marine Sales & Service
            Virginia Beach - 3716 Shore Drive

            Deep Blue Marine offers sales and service for Suzuki, Yanaha, Evinrude and
            Honda marine products, as well as Sea King, Triton, Bay Rider and Bluewater
            sportfishing boats.

            Phone: 757.464.5511 |                                   Whalen’s Marine
            JB Custom Rods
            Virginia Beach – 2100 Marina Shores Drive                                         Owners James Whalen and his father
            Jesse Buky provides quality custom rods and accessories, rod rebuilds and         Doug are both passionate about boat-
            rod repairs. The region’s premier rod builder with on-site location at Marina
            Shores Marina. From light tackle freshwater rods to magnum offshore rods JB
                                                                                              ing and fishing in Hampton Roads.
            has the experience to build the right rod for every application.                  Their many experiences on the water
                                                                                              prompted them to start their own suc-
            Phone: 757-496-2206                                                               cessful business, Whalen Marine. Since
                                                                                              he was eight, James has been exploring
                                                                                              the Elizabeth River and the Chesapeake
            Lisa’s Custom Canvas                                                              Bay piloting all kinds of watercrafts
            Chesapeake – 705 Parker Road
                                                                                              from Zodiacs to larger boats. Doug is a
            Lisa Robarts has been specializing in marine canvas since 1985. Offerings         former Charter Boat Captain, member
            include bimini’s, sailcovers, awnings, dodgers, enclosures and custom seats.      of the Portsmouth Anglers Club, and an
            Mobile Service offered.
                                                                                              avid sport fisherman.
            Phone: 757-410-3472 Website:
                                                                                              As an exclusive Suzuki dealer and
                                                                                              parts provider, James and Doug have
            Mike’s Marine Custom Canvas                                                       found their business to be a 24 hour-a-
            Virginia Beach – 2232 W. Great Neck Road                                          day job. Engines problems can often
                                                                                              be catastrophic and require immediate
            Mike Johnson has been producing award winning canvas creations since
            1982. Recently recognized by the Marine Fabricators Association with an           response. Meeting customers at boat
            Award of Excellence Award. He specializes in biminis, curtain, covers, dodg-      ramps, public piers, different states, and
            ers, cushion and awnings. Mobile Service available.                               at commercial jobs defines their qual-
            Phone: 757-496-1090                                                               ity customer service. Paul Lougheed of
                                                                                              Norfolk Dredging explains their dedica-
                                                                                              tion, “In an unbelievable display of cus-
            Norfolk Marine                                                                    tomer service, James drove four hours
            Norfolk - 5221 Virginia Beach Blvd. (Headquarters)
            An award winning full service boat dealer offering quality service and special-   up [to Delaware] from Virginia to try
            izes in everything boat related from engine maintenance, trailer repair, bot-     and get the boat up and running after
            tom painting, marine surveys, insurance claims and fiberglass repair. Boats       local service centers refused to travel to
            offered include Grady-White, Parker, Sea Hunt, and Carolina Skiff. Engines
            offered include Yamaha and Honda Marine.
                                                                                              our location”. Whalen Marine’s quick
            Phone: 757-461-3391 (Norfolk Location)                      response prevented production delay
                                                                                              costs of $40,000 per day.

            Portsmouth Trailer Supply                                                         Exceeding their original goals, Whalen
            Chesapeake – 3227 S. Military Highway                                             Marine takes great pride in providing
            40 years of knowledge, quality and value. Whether you are towing a boat,          exceptional products and first-rate cus-
            camper, horse trailer or driving a motor coach Portsmouth Trailer Supply has
            the products, service and parts you need. Their expert staff will assist you      tomer service for the marine industry.
            with their complete line of towing equipment, running gear, truck accessories,
            tires, wheels, tow bars and cargo management.
            Phone: 757-487-2934 Website:
                                                                                              Whalen Marine
                                                                                              813 B Professional Place West, Chesapeake, VA 23320
                                                                                              Phone: 757-718-3539

                                                                                           |   Annual Edition 2008 - 2009   77
                                              S&S Marine Fabrication
                                              Norfolk - 4523 Dunning Road
                                              A leader in the custom metal fabrication industry including construction, ser-
                                              vice, and handling of metal needs- from hardtops to accessories. Equipped
                                              to construct boat trailers, hard tops, t-tops, fishing rod racks, tuna towers,
                                              leaning posts and seating, boat radar archs, grab rails, cooler racks, ladder
                                              racks and much more.
                                              Phone: 757-588-1950

                                              Seaport Marine Services
                                              Suffolk - 1214 Portsmouth Blvd.
                                              If you enjoy boating, fishing, or wakeboarding, Seaport has the right boat
                                              for you! They are proud dealers of Yamaha, Key West, Ebbtide, Skeeter, and
                                              Triumph brands. Call for information about our new and used boat inventory,
                                              our broad range of accessories, and other marine services.

                                              Phone: 757-539-2300

                                              Trident Marine Electronics |
                                              Hampton - 800 S. Armistead Ave. at Sunset Boating Center
                                              Norfolk - 8180 Shore Drive at Taylor’s Landing Marina
                                              Specializing in sales, service and installation of marine electronics, including
                                              radar, GPS, autopilot, sounders, instruments, satellite and onboard weather.

                                                                                                                                 Photo by: Harry R. Hindmarsh
                                              Offering top electronics including Raymarine, Furuno, Si-tex, KVH, Icom,
                                              Simrad, Northstar, Lowrance, B&G, Poly Planar, and Clarion.
                                              757-723-0220 (Hampton) 757-216-3333 (Norfolk)

                                              Troy Marine
                                              Isle of Wight - New Location
                                              On Route 17 just south of James River Bridge
                                              Hampton Roads Multi-Hull Specialist. Offering ProKat Power Catamarans,
                                              Twin Vee Power Catamarans, Premier® Open Water Pontoons & Deck Boats,
                                              Crestliner Aluminum Welded Utility Boats all powered with Yamaha or Suzuki
                                              Phone: 757.483.2673 Website:

                                              Whalen’s Marine                                                                                                   Cabela’s is the nation’s largest direct marketer, and a
                                              Chesapeake - 813B Professional Pl. Suite 103-104
                                                                                                                                                                leading specialty retailer, of hunting, fishing, camping
                                              Located in the Greenbrier section of Chesapeake Whalen’s is centrally                                             and related outdoor merchandise.
                                              located to provide Suzuki engine sales and service for clients all over                                           Cabela’s offers quality outdoor merchandise at
                                              the region. Whalen’s has reputation for being the foremost Suzuki                                                 competitive prices and is a leading source for outdoor
                                              re-power specialist in Hampton Roads.                                                                             information, including buyers guides, field tests, product
                                              Phone: 757.718.3539 Website:                                                                 comparison charts, and product videos.

                                                                                                                                                                Founded in 1961, Cabela’s has grown to become one
                                              Wildcat Propeller                                                                                                 of the most well-known outdoor recreation brands in
                                              Chesapeake - 3932 Holland Blvd.                                                                                   the United States. The foundation of the company is its
                                              New and Used Propeller sales, service and repair for recreational, commer-                                        world-famous catalog business. The company produces
                                              cial and military vessels. Specializing in repair and refurbishment services                                      more than 76 different catalogs per year, including
                                              for fixed pitch and controllable pitch propellers, de-fouling, cleaning and
                                                                                                                                                                specialty books focusing on such outdoor pursuits as
                                              inspection, dynamic balancing, static balancing and general balancing, Prop
                                                                                                                                                                archery, fly-fishing and boating, as well as massive
                                              Scan EPS, propeller products, etc.
                                              Phone: 757-485-4260                                                                  500+-page Spring and Fall Master catalogs. Interna-
                                                                                                                                                                tionally known as a source of affordable, high-quality
                                                                                                                                                                outdoor equipment, Cabela’s catalogs are shipped to
                                                                                                                                                                all 50 states and 120 countries. More than 120 million
                                                                                                                                                                catalogs are mailed each year with demand continuing
                                              Norfolk - 1318 East Little Creeck Road
                                              Since 1951, Young’s has offered quality workmanship at an affordable                                              to grow.
                                              price. Specializing in marine, auto, home and office upholstery and repair.
                                              Services include, marine interiors, custom interiors, carpet kits, leather                                        Cabela’s supports the Hampton Roads fishing com-
                                              kits, headliners, trim work and glass repair. Quality work and customer                                           munity by its presenting sponsoring the Mercury Striped
                                              satisfaction guaranteed.                                                                                          Bass World Championship each year.
                                              Phone:       757-480-3660

                                                                                                                                                                To order your catalog, go to or call

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