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The Daily Prophet


									           The Daily Prophet
                                          October 31, 2007
        Harry Potter                                      Grade 4 was Ravenclaw & Grade 5 was Slytherin

        Mania Strikes
         P. S. 102!
This year, with the story line of the last book in the
Harry Potter series coming to a close, PS 102 has
been changed into the Hogwarts School for
Witchcraft and Wizardry. Class 6-302 designed this
Daily Prophet to show what activities were done by
each class in the third through sixth grade on the                     Grade 6 was Gryffindor
theme of Harry Potter. Check out what we did!

                                                         Each grade had activities to complete. You will
                                                         find in the articles that follow what each class
                                                         created. See a picture (if available).

                                                            Third Grade Activities
Each grade was assigned to be one of the houses in
the Harry Potter Book their shield is displayed in
the hallway.
             Grade 3 was Hufflepuff

                                                         Class 3-207 and 3-208 focused on character traits
                                                         within the Harry Potter stories. They described
                                                         what type of person Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy
                                                         were. They put these traits on life sized characters.
                                                         Class 3-207 agreed that Harry Potter was nice,
                                                         helpful, trustworthy, brave. 3-208 determined that
                                                         Draco Malfoy is mean greedy, rude, selfish and
           The Daily Prophet
                                           October 31, 2007
                                                          Class 4-306 dissected owl pellets. How icky! They
                                                          discovered what the diet of an owl was. Now we
                                                          know what Hedwig, Harry’s owl ate!

                                                          Class 4-308 used their map skills to create the
                                                          Marauder’s Map. This map shows the location of
                                                          the staff in the main building of P.S. 102. Where
                                                          would you be??

                                                          Class 4-305 created their own Mirror of Esired.
Class 3-204 had an interesting task surrounding           That’s desire spelt backwards! They wrote all that
cause and effect. The class discovered cause and          they desired and why these desires are so important
effect situations and presented them on a poster.         to us.
For example, Aunt Petunia does not like Harry’s
hair and as a result, she cuts Harry’s hair very short.

Class 3-205 solved word problems using the
addition and subtraction of double digit numbers.
They helped Harry, Hermione, and Ron buy their
books for the upcoming year at Hogwarts.

Class 3-206 created a timeline using the sequence of
events of Mr. Dursley’s day. They then compared it
to their own day.

Class 2 / 3-202 identified what a Proper Noun was.
We then looked at different People, Places, and
Things found in Harry Potter and we put them in the
proper column.

           Fourth Grade                                   Fifth Grade Activities
            Activities                                    Class 5-307 created a timeline around the life of
                                                          Nicolas Flamel, who lived for over 600 years. They
                                                          researched important events that occurred in history
Class 4-203 had to figure out why Harry’s trunk           during these time periods.
was so heavy. We made a fraction out of each
school supply and then we turned it into a pie chart,
and decided on a cool color key! That sounds
           The Daily Prophet
                                         October 31, 2007
Class 5-309 created the Enchanted Maze which                  1 Pint Vanilla Ice Cream Softened
took place during the Tri-Wizard Tournament in          ½ Cup Butterscotch Flavored Ice Cream Topping
Harry Potter. In order to get to the next section of         ¼ Cup Butter at Room Temperature
the maze we had to answer a math problem                           1Teaspoon Brown Sugar
correctly.                                                      1 Teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice
                                                                     3 Cups Cream Soda

                                  Class 5-310 read

                                                          Ms. O’Donnell-Art
                                  in the content
                                  area about the
                                        Gloucester     Created all of the House Banners for Ravenclaw,
                                  Cathedral, which     Slytherin, Griffindor and Hufflepuff as well as the
                                  is Hogwarts in       School Banner for Hogwarts. Thank you Ms.
                                  the Harry Potter     O’Donnell! You are a work of art!
                                  movies.      We
                                  focused       on

                                                             Ms. DeVito-
                                  how     to    get
                                  through difficult
                                  vocabulary, and
we also analyzed the time line.                           Physical Education
Class 5-311 used logic to solve math problems           During Physical Education, Ms. DeVito created a
about Gringotts, the bank for witches and wizards.     modified version of the game of Quidditch, played
We then used pictures to show our work.                 in the Harry Potter Books. This was a part of the
                                                       school athletics. Thank you Ms. DeVito, for being
                                                                          a good sport!
  Sixth Grade Activities
Class 6-301 created a lesson on estimation using             Mr. Bagg- Music
Bernie Bott's Jelly Beans from Harry Potter. We
also created our own potions by estimating the         During Music classes, Mr. Bagg used the
ingredients. We used Harry Potter's Jelly Slugs,       soundtrack from the Harry Potter and the Goblet of
White Vinegar and Baking Soda!                         Fire movie to teach students about beat and rhythm.

                                                                Mrs. Merjave-
Class 6-303 researched the History of Wand
Making. We also looked at the different materials
wands are made out of, and we created our own
Class 6-304 used their knowledge of measurement         Mrs. Merjave helped to create this edition of the
to create their own Butter Beer drink. If you want     Daily Prophet by importing and helping students lay
to make your own here are the ingredients!                           out photos and images.

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