23-0500-Heating_Ventilation_And_Air-conditioning by keralaguest


									                      SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

      A.   Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General Conditions and Division 1
           specification Sections, apply to this Section.
      B.   Related Sections - the following sections contain requirements that relate to this section:
           1.    Division 1 Section – Construction Waste Management
           2.    Division 6 Section – Rough Carpentry for structural supports.
           3.    Division 22 Section – Plumbing for water and drainage piping.
           4.    Division 23 Section – for line voltage wiring, including fused disconnect switches, circuit
                 breakers, etc.
           5.    Division 27 Section – Energy Monitoring and Control.
1.2        SUMMARY
      A.   Furnish all labor, tools, equipment, appliances, materials, and services necessary for and
           properly incidental to the furnishing and installing of all heating, ventilating and air conditioning
           work (HVAC) and related items as shown on the drawings and specified herein.
           1.    Refer to 2.1 – Safeway Provided Equipment for specific instructions on this category of
      B.   More specifically, the work performed under this section shall include, but is not necessarily
           limited to, the following:
           1.     Complete air conditioning, heating, and ventilating systems.
           2.     Automatic temperature control systems as shown on the drawings. (Note: Contractor is
                  cautioned not to confuse Energy Management System with Automatic Temperature
                  Control System. Division 23 Contractor shall be responsible for a complete functional
                  temperature control system for all HVAC units, fans, interlock wiring, heaters, etc.
                  independent of Safeway’s Energy Management System.)
           3.     Air intakes, reliefs, and exhaust and transfer fans.
           4.     Flues, vents and connections, including water heater, bakery ovens, gas fired pan
                  washer and gas fired dishwasher.
           5.     Deli exhaust hoods and make-up air systems.
           6.     Bakery hoods, exhaust and make-up air systems.
           7.     Small HVAC systems as shown on drawings.
           8.     Compressor room air intake and exhaust fan when required.
      C.   Cooperate as required with all other trades to ensure proper and adequate provisions for the
           interface of their work with the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system.
1.3        REFERENCES
      A.   In addition to complying with all pertinent codes and regulations, comply with the
           recommendations contained in the local Building Code, the latest edition of the "Duct Manual
           and Sheet Construction for Ventilating and air Conditioning Systems" published by the Sheet-
           Metal, Air Conditioning National Association (SMACNA) and the state energy code.
      B.   Nothing in these specifications or drawings is to be construed to permit work not conforming to
           these codes. Any extra work or materials required to comply with these laws or rules and
           regulations shall be furnished whether or not specifically shown or specified, at no extra costs.
      C.   All equipment and materials installed under this Contract shall be designed to comply with and
           shall be installed in accordance with any and all requirements of the legally constituted
           authorities having jurisdiction.
           1.     Local Building By-Laws
           2.     Worker's Compensation Board
           3.     City, State/Provincial, or County Gas Code
           4.     City, State/Provincial, or County Plumbing Code
           5.     City, State/Provincial, or County Building Code
           6.     Uniform Mechanical Code or Codes, as adopted by the local jurisdiction
           7.     ASHRAE. Standards

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                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

           8.    State Industrial Accident Commission
           9.    National Board of Fire Underwriters
1.4        SUBMITTALS
      A.   Division 1 Section – Submittal Procedures
      B.   Shop drawings and equipment list: Within fifteen (15) days after award of the Contract, and
           before any materials of this Section are delivered to the job site, submit the following to the
           Architect for approval:
           1.     Shop Drawings of the complete work under this Section, showing all equipment locations,
                  all duct dimensions, and all technical data required for the interface of work of other
                  trades with the work of this Section.
           2.     A complete list of the equipment proposed to be installed, stating the type of equipment
                  and its major components by make, model number, and manufacturer, and giving full
                  performance data. This shall in no way be construed as allowing the substitution of any
                  item for items specified herein. If a substitution to that shown on plans, list specific
                  differences and affects to job.
      C.   As-built drawings:( Refer to Division 1 Section – Contract Closeout)
           1.    During progress of the Work, maintain an accurate record of the installation of the
                 system, locating each item of ductwork and equipment precisely by dimension. Upon
                 completing of the installation, transfer all record data to blue-line prints of the original
                 Design Drawings.
      D.   Manual:
           1.   Upon completion of the installation, and as a condition of its acceptance, compile a
                Manual in three (3) copies and deliver all three (3) copies to the Owner's Construction
                Department. The Manual shall contain:
           2.   Identification readable from the outside of the cover, stating "Heating, Ventilating & Air
                Conditioning Installation, Safeway Store No. 0000".
           3.   Neatly typewritten index near the front of the Manual, furnishing immediate information as
                to location in the Manual of all emergency data regarding the installation.
           4.   Complete instructions regarding the operation and maintenance of all equipment
           5.   Complete nomenclature of all replaceable parts, their part numbers, current cost, and
                name and address of the nearest vendor of replacement parts.
           6.   Copy of all guarantees and warranties issued on the installation, showing all dates of
           7.   Copy of the As-Built Drawings described in Paragraph "B" above.
      E.   U.S. Green Building Council LEED Submittal Requirements:
           1.    Refrigerants: Product data listing the refrigerants associated with HVAC&R Equipment
           2.    VOC Content: Product data and material safety data sheets (MSDS) for adhesives,
                 sealants, paints and coatings used on the interior of the building indicating chemical
                 composition and VOC content of each product used.
           3.    Filters: Documentation from the manufacturer showing permanently installed filters are
                 MERV 13 or better.
           4.    Minimum Energy Performance: HVAC system to meet all the mandatory provisions
                 (Sections 5.4, 6.4, 7.4, 8.4, 9.4 and 10.4) of ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2004 and
                 one of the following:
                 a.      The prescriptive requirements (Sections 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 and 9.5) of ASHRAE 90.1-
                         2004 (without amendments).
                 b.      The performance requirements (Sections 11) of ASHRAE 90.1-2004 (without
                 c.      A computer simulation model to document improved energy performance under
                         LEED NC2.2 Energy & Atmosphere Credit 1.
           5.    Fundamental Refrigerant Management: Zero use of CFC-based refrigerants in base
                 building HVAC&R systems.
           6.    Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring: A permanent CO2 monitoring system that provides
                 feedback on ventilation system performance to ensure that ventilation system maintain

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                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

                 design minimum ventilation requirements to be installed. The system to be configured to
                 generate an alarm when the conditions vary by 10% or more from setpoint, via either a
                 building automation system alarm to the building operator or via visual or audible alert to
                 the building occupants.
           7.    Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance: HVAC system to meet minimum requirements
                 of ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, using the
                 Ventilation Rate Procedure. Outdoor air intake for main salesroom HVAC unit to have a
                 dynamic reset system controlled by the building’s Comtrol Energy Management System.
      A.   For the actual fabrication, installation, and testing of work under this Section, use only
           thoroughly trained and experienced workers completely familiar with the items required and with
           the manufacturer's recommendations as to their use. In the acceptance or rejection of the
           finished installation, no allowance will be made for lack of skill on the part of workers.
1.6        WARRANTY
      A.   Division 1 Section – Warranty Procedural Requirements.
      B.   Provide warranty on materials and workmanship.
           1.    Warranty Period: One year from date of Substantial Completion. The Warranty shall
                 include any Owner furnished equipment that becomes part of the HVAC Systems.
      A.   Equipment directly purchased by Safeway Inc., to be installed, hooked-up and commissioned by
           the contractor. The contractor shall allow in their bid the labor and cost for receiving, on-site
           handling, storage, crane hire, coordination of delivery, installation, hook-up, start-up, and
           commissioning of all Safeway provided equipment. Contractor shall examine Safeway
           Furnished equipment for damages, defects, or missing components and report same to the
           Architect for authorization of additional services for repair or replacement of missing parts.
           Contractor shall be responsible for repair of damages and replacement of missing parts upon
           his signed receipt of the units. Equipment not listed in this Article is Contractor Furnished.
           1.     Provide one-year warranty and servicing of Safeway provided equipment from date of
                  Substantial Completion of the project.
      B.   The following is a list of the owner provided equipment and the manufacturer of the equipment.
           (All installed filters shall be rated at MERV 13 or better)
           1.      Salesroom HVAC unit - Season-4, (Phone: 770-489-0716 or 800 572-9397)
           2.      Package HVAC units (3-15 tons)- Trane Corporation.
           3.      Energy Monitoring and Controls - Control - Per Division 27 Section – Energy Monitoring
                   and Control.
      C.   The following is a list of the owner provided equipment furnished to the Owner by Halton Co.
           The specific manufacturer of the equipment is listed to the right:
           1.    Kitchen hoods - Halton Co.
           2.    Fire systems for hoods - Ansul.
           3.    Grease exhaust fans – Loren Cook.
           4.    General exhaust fans - Loren Cook
           5.    Transfer fans - Loren Cook
           6.    Make-up air units and SS outlet boxes - Ares.
           7.    Evaporative coolers - Phoenix.
           8.    Unit heaters (gas) - Modine
      D.   The Owner will send the drawings and specifications to their appropriate supplier during the
           bidding process. The Owner will send the submittal information for the above listed equipment
           to the architect for approval. The architect will distribute the approved submittals to the owner,
           supplier and contractor.
      A.   Manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order and not in order of preference.

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                      SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

           1.     Note: The following list is provided for the items which are not specifically mentioned on
                  the drawing by manufacturers' names. The equipment already selected is best for its
                  capacity and efficiency and shall only be substituted with the written permission from the
                  consulting engineer or the Owner. In case substitute is recommended, the contractor is
                  fully responsible to replace it with original design at his own cost and without delaying the
                  contract if it is not acceptable to consulting engineer or the Owner.
   B.      Ductwork (Sheet Metal Duct Spiral)"\:
           1.   United Sheet Metal, United McGill Corp.
           2.   Omni-Duct Systems, Anaheim CA
           3.   Spiral Safe Duct systems.
   C.      Insulation - Duct:
           1.     Manville
           2.     Owen-Corning Fiberglass
   D.      Registers, Grilles and Diffusers:
           1.    Air Guide Corporation
           2.    Krueger
           3.    Titus
           4.    Metalair
   E.      Dampers:
           1.  Volume Control Dampers:
               a.    Air Guide Corporation
               b.    Krueger
               c.    Titus
               d.    Tuttle & Bailey
           2.  Damper Motors:
               a.    Belimo
               b.    Honeywell
               c.    Nepdromics
               d.    Terco
           3.  Fire Dampers:
               a.    Air Balance
               b.    Krueger
               c.    Ruskin
   F.      Air Filters (All installed filters shall be rated at MERV 13 or better):
           1.      Air Guard
           2.      Air Kontrol
           3.      Eco-Air
           4.      Farr
           5.      Servodyne
   G.      Roof Curbs: A separate submittal is required for all roof curbs per Section 07220 – Roof
           Accessories. Do not submit curbs as part of mechanical submittal.
   H.      Refrigerant valves and Fitting:
           1.    Henry
           2.    Sporlan
           3.    Danfoss
   I.      Pipes:
           1.     Mueller
           2.     American Brass and Iron Foundry
   J.      Pipe Insulation:
           1.     Armaflex by Armstrong
           2.     IMCOA
   K.      Grease Duct Shaft Material:
           1.   One hour shaft per Section 09265 - Gypsum Board Shaft Wall Assemblies.

03 31 10                                     (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                               Page 4
                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

           2.    Pabco Board Duct Enclosures to be used as an alternate to one hour shaft if approved by
                 regulatory agencies.
           3.    Thermal blanket Fire Proofing to be used as an alternate to one hour shaft if approved by
                 local building officials.
      L.   Duct Heaters (furnished by Safeway, installed and serviced for one year by the HVAC
           1.    Gas:
                 a.     Sterling
                 b.     Jackson & Church
                 c.     Janitrol
                 d.     Reznor
                 e.     Trane
           2.    Electric:
                 a.     Brasch
                 b.     Chromolox
                 c.     Jackson & Church
                 d.     Tutco
2.3        DUCTWORK
      A.   Unless specified otherwise, galvanized steel shall be used. Fabricate and install so that no
           vibration or noise results. Ducts shall be made from the best grade of mild steel sheets of the
           U.S. standard gauge as recommended in the latest edition of ASHRAE Guide, or the SMACNA
      B.   Ductmate systems may be used at contractor's option.
      C.   Flexible duct, fiberglass duct board or duct lining are not allowed on this project. Duct lining is
           allowed only on outdoor air intake ducts to machinery rooms.
      D.   Duct and fittings, “SPIRO safe duct systems”, as manufactured by Lindab Inc. are an
           acceptable alternate to the round ducts specified below:
           1.    Square or rectangular duct width:         G.I. Gage
           2.    Up to 12 inches wide                      26
           3.    12 inches to 30 inches wide               24
           4.    30 inches to 54 inches wide               22
           5.    54 inches to 84 inches wide               20
           6.    84 inches to 99 inches wide               18
      E.   Round ducts: prefabricated spiral duct and fittings:
           Gages - Round        Diameter in Inches          G.I. Gage
           Duct                 3 to 8                      26
           Duct                 9 to 22                     24
           Duct                 23 to 36                    22
           Duct                 37 to 50                    20
           Fittings             3 to 36                     20
           Fittings             37 to 50                    18
      F.   Use only round or oval ducts and fittings in exposed Sales Room areas to achieve a smooth
           and aesthetically pleasing installation. Use slip joint connection and hard-cast sealant as shown
           on Drawing detail and paint all exposed ducts in exposed Sales Room areas in color as
           selected by the Architect.
      G.   Branch duct lateral fittings - Reducing body 45 degrees conical tap for round duct.
      H.   Turning vanes single thickness with a trailing edge shall be rigidly riveted to the ductwork and
           installed in all turns of 45 degrees and greater. Unless shown as 90 degree angles on the
           drawings, bends shall be with curved section, the center line radius of which shall be not less
           than 1-1/2 times the width of the duct in the place of the bend. Transformations shall be made
           by uniformly tapering sections, at not more than 30 degrees taper. Design, size and location of
           the hangers shall be as per Section 1, SMACNA Duct Manual.

03 31 10                                    (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                                 Page 5
                      SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

      I.   Where necessary, provide angle iron supports from which to hang ductwork. Such blocking
           shall be of sufficient size to carry the weight of the duct and installation. No ducts, equipment,
           etc., shall be supported from 2 X roof sub-purlins. See structural drawings for support
      J.   Volume dampers shall be installed at points as shown or as required. In general, volume
           dampers shall be installed at junction of each branch and main duct and at all other points
           necessary to properly balance the system of air flow. Dampers shall be no lighter than 20
           gauge G.I. and shall be as follows:
           1.   Round duct through 16 inch diameter: 22 gauge single flat blade with 3/8 inch square
                through shaft with bearing. Use Duro-Dyne KS-385 quadrant set.
           2.   Round duct above 16 inch diameter: Use multi-blade with maximum blade width of 8
                inches. Connect blades to single square or round shaft. Interconnect all blades to a
                single control shaft. Bearings and quadlock same as "1" above. Use Duro-Dyne K-5
           3.   Rectangular ducts maximum blade width 8 inches: Same specifications as "2" above.
           4.   Use Ventlock 666 where operators extend through furred inaccessible ceiling.
                a.     Note: Applicable to items 1 through 4 - minimum blade weight 16 gauge.All blades
                       to be attached to shaft with clips and bolts or rivets, or welded.
           5.   Motorized control dampers - damper motor furnished and installed by HVAC Contractor.
                Submittal required.
           6.   All dampers to have opposed blades.
      K.   Verify mechanical function of all exposed and concealed dampers. All damper controls must be
           installed with handle on bottom of duct. Leave all dampers locked in full open position ready for
           balancing contractor. Cut out insulation and tag dampers. Make fully visible.
      L.   All duct connections to fan or units shall be with fire resistant flexible connection consisting of
           Ventlon. Such connections shall be at least four inches (4") long.
      M.   Fire dampers shall be constructed in accordance with the requirements set forth in NFPA
           Bulletin 90A. Fire dampers shall be State Fire Marshal listed and approved by the local Fire
      N.   Access door in ducts - Single wall insulated gasketed door, piano hinge, screwdriver operated
           cam type latch, flange mounted to duct and sealed. Doors to be located on ducts with fire
           dampers or on grease ducts for cleaning. (Grease duct doors must meet Chapter 20, U.M.C.
           and NFPA 96)
      O.   Turning vanes shall be single vane with trailing edge. Double turning vanes shall not be used.
      A.   All insulation to be fiberglass.
      B.   Duct acoustical linings shall not be used except on air intake ducts to machinery room.
      C.   All concealed and exposed supply and return ducts above grade shall be externally wrapped
           with duct wrap and vapor barrier except if exposed ducts used in sales area.
      D.   Duct wrap: Fiberglass type FRK 25 faced duct wrap with factory applied vapor barrier; 0.75
           PCF, 1-1/2" thick; K = 0.2 (R=5), at 75 degrees F. Adhere with 4" strips of adhesive at 8" o.c.
           Additionally secure to bottom of rectangular ducts with Tuff-Weld nylon pins at 18" o.c.
      E.   Duct joint tapes to be canvas and lagging adhesive or DT-tape with FTA-20 (indoor) and RTA-
           50 (outdoor) or 1402-181 BFX – UL Listed 181 by Hardcast, Inc. All other types of adhesive
           tapes, or caulking adhesive are not acceptable.
      F.   Fiberglass duct board shall not be used.
      A.   All grilles, registers, diffusers, etc., shall be of louvered face, furnished with off-white enamel
           finish to suit architectural requirement and shall be of the types and sizes as shown on the

03 31 10                                      (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                                 Page 6
                      SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

      B.   All duct interiors visible through registers, grilles, diffusers, etc., shall be painted flat black.
      C.   Mounting: Coordinate the location of the diffuser, ceiling lights, sprinklers and any other ceiling
           outlets. Special care must be taken to ensure diffusers locations are coordinated with upper
           bulkhead wall treatment in sales room.
      D.   Install and connect all grilles, registers, and diffusers, in the locations indicated on the approved
           shop drawings, securely anchoring each item in place and sealing with rubber gaskets to
           prevent leakage.
      E.   Any duct, grille register or diffuser obviously interfering with the interior decor should be brought
           to the attention of the Owner's Construction Representative. Supply air diffusers shall be Titus
           “TDCA” or “272RL/RS.”
      F.   Return air grilles shall be heavy duty, 18 gauge border, 14 gauge blades, 1/2-inch spacing,
           38 degrees deflection, strong and impact resistant. Return air grilles to be Titus
           “355RL-HD/RS-HD” or approved equal.
2.6        FLUES
      A.   Flue sizes shall be as shown on the Drawings and shall be type "B" complete with roof jack,
           weather cap, storm collar. Furnish and install flues for all gas fired appliances, including the gas
           water heater.
      A.   HVAC equipment under paragraphs 2.7, 2.8, 2.10, 2.11, 2.13 and 2.14 are supplied by Safeway
           Inc. Installation and service of equipment for one year after acceptance of the project to be
           done by the HVAC contractor.
      B.   A. Rooftop unit shall be in accordance with the following specifications and capacities as shown
           on the plans.
           1.    Unit Performance:
                 a.      Units shall be certified in accordance with Standards for Heating and Cooling
                         Equipment (ANSI /UL-1995 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 236-M90), Standards for
                         Commercial Industrial Gas Heating equipment (UL-795), Standard for Industrial
                         and Commercial Gas Fired Package Furnaces (CGA 3.2-1976). National electrical
                         Code (NFPA-70, 1993 Ed.) and Canadian Electrical Code Part 1 (CAN/CSA
                         C22.1). Unit shall be safety certified by an accredited testing laboratory (ETL).
                 b.      Unit nameplate shall carry the sticker of the certification agency. Unit shall be
                         100% run tested by the manufacturer with a copy of the run test report shipped
                         with the unit.
           2.    Unit Construction:
                 a.      Unit shall be completely factory assembled, piped, wired, and shipped in one
                         piece. Unit base shall be unitary construction; design of the base shall provide an
                         integral curb counter flashing for positive curb locating. Heavy duty lifting brackets
                         shall be provided on unit base frame for rigging unit into position. Unit shall be
                         specifically designed for outdoor rooftop application with fully weatherproof
                         cabinet. Unit shall be dedicated bottom supply/return (side supply/return when
                         required) 6 x 6-grid security bar shall be factory installed in each duct opening. Unit
                         shall be mounted on a roof curb.
                 b.      Exterior Construction shall be fabricated of aluminum alloy suitable for outdoor
                         installation. Architect to select panel color to meet project requirements. All panels
                         are to be individually gasketed and completely removable from the frame. Panels
                         shall be 2-inch double wall construction to prevent erosion of insulation into the
                         conditioned air stream. Hinged access doors shall be aluminum and be provided
                         with continuous aluminum piano hinge with aluminum pin and cam lock door
                         closures (Door fastener screws are not acceptable). All hinged panels shall be
                         provided with metal interior liners to prevent insulation damage, and stainless steel
                         door hold back catches to aid in serviceability. Doors and panels shall be
                         insulated with 2-inch noneroding fiberglass insulation.
           3.    Roof Curb:

03 31 10                                      (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                                    Page 7
                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

                a.   A pre-fabricated 14 gauge galvanized steel roof mounted curb designed and
                     manufactured by the unit manufacture shall be provided for field assembly on the
                     roof before unit shipment. The roof curb shall provide complete perimeter support
                     for the entire unit. The curb shall be a minimum of 16 inches high and include a
                     nominal 2 x 4-treated wood nailer strip. Curb is to be factory manufactured to
                     compensate for roof slope.
           4.   Compressors:
                a.   Units shall be supplied with minimum of (2) two high efficiency semi-hermetic
                     Discus compressors or high efficiency Scroll compressors of the size and quantity
                     scheduled. Each compressor shall be installed with its own independent refrigerant
                     circuit. The compressor shall be R-410A or R-407C type with suction cooled
                b.   Semi-Hermetic compressor shall have suction and discharge service valves, oil
                     sight glass, positive displacement reversible oil pump and liquid line solenoid valve
                     for one time pumpdown off cycle. A manual pumpdown switch shall be provided for
                     each refrigeration circuit for service use. Compressors shall be mounted on
                     rubber-in-shear vibration isolators. Compressors shall be provided with crankcase
                     heaters that are independently fused to remain energized at all times unless unit
                     main power is disconnected.
                c.   Scroll compressors shall have oil sight glass, integral discharge check valve, and
                     liquid line solenoid valve for one time pumpdown off cycle. A manual pumpdown
                     switch shall be provided for each refrigeration circuit for service use. Compressors
                     shall be mounted on vibration isolators. Compressors shall be provided with
                     crankcase heater, which are independently fused to remain energized at all times
                     unless main power is disconnected. Refrigerant circuits are provided with liquid
                     line and discharge line isolation ball valves for system service.
           5.   Condensing Section:
                a.   Condenser coils shall be aluminum fin on expanded 3/8-inch OD copper tubing.
                     Fin spacing shall not be more than 10 FPI, provide four rows of tubing in the
                     direction of airflow. Condenser coil shall be tested at 425 PSIG (or 600 psig for
                     R-410A) and mounted vertically for complete surface utilization. Condenser coils
                     shall be counter flow with integral liquid subcooling and shall have adequate
                     capacity to dissipate the total heat of rejection of the system at design conditions.
                     Fans shall be cycled in response to liquid line temperature to provide optimal
                     subcooling effect in mild temperature conditions. Condenser fan motors shall be
                     direct drive, and the number and size as specified or scheduled. Motors shall be
                     three phase integral horsepower type of NEMA construction standards and shall
                     not exceed 1140 RPM. Motors shall have shaft slingers to prevent water seepage
                     into motor during extended off periods. Condenser fans shall be of heavy duty
                     steel construction with stainless steel shafts; utilizing steel fan blades attached to
                     steel spider with hub securely fastened and keyed to the motor shaft with dual
                     square head set screws. Fan outlet shall have heavy duty rust resistant epoxy
                     coated wire guard. Condenser coils shall be protected with expanded aluminum
                     coil guards.
           6.   Evaporator Section:
                a.   Direct expansion refrigerant coils shall be furnished according to the capacities
                     specified or scheduled. Coils shall be aluminum fin on expanded 1/2" copper
                     tubing and minimum 6 rows and maximum 10 FPI spacing as scheduled.
                     Refrigerant flow to the coils shall be controlled with externally equalized thermal
                     expansion valves on each circuit. Equalizer line shall be sweat type fitting with no
                     flare connections in the conditioned air stream. Each compressor shall have an
                     independent evaporator coil refrigerant circuit. Coil shall be face split arrangement
                     unless scheduled otherwise. Coil bypass shall be used to assure latent and
                     sensible performance of coil system as specified. Coil shall be provided with IAQ
                     aluminum drain pan. Multiple coils shall have intermediate drain pans with drop
                     tubes to main drain pan without affecting lower coil section. Condensate drain
                     connections out the unit side, a single "P" trap shall be provided, to be field
                     mounted, for proper operation of the unit.

03 31 10                                 (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                               Page 8
                    SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

           7.    Subcooling Coil Section:
                 a.      Liquid subcooling refrigerant coils shall be furnished according to the capacities
                         specified or scheduled. Coils shall be aluminum fin on expanding 1/2” copper
                         tubing with 1 or 2 rows and maximum 10 FPI spacing as scheduled. Coils shall be
                         factory installed as an integral part of the air conditioning unit. Coils shall be
                         approved for 425 PSIG (or 600 psig for R-410A) operating pressure.
           8.    Heat Reclaim Coil (when required):
                 a.      Heat reclaim coils shall be furnished to capacities specified. Coils shall be
                         corrugated aluminum fin on expanded 1/2-inch copper tubing and shall not exceed
                         10 FPI. Coils shall be factory installed as an integral part of the air conditioning
                         unit. Unit shall be provided with an access opening in unit base for piping of heat
                         reclaim inside the unit curb to the building without penetrating cabinet wall Each
                         circuit of heat reclaim shall be solder capped and pressurized for shipment. Coils
                         shall be approved for 350 PSIG operating pressure. Coils shall include an
                         aluminum drain pan for cleaning purposes and shall sloped into the evaporator
                         drain pan.
           9.    Blower Section:
                 a.      Supply fan shall be heavy-duty DWDI or SWSI BI airfoil fan sized to deliver
                         scheduled total CFM. Blower shall be mounted on ground and polished steel
                         shafts utilizing self-aligning pillow block bearings. The blower assembly, including
                         housings, wheels, shaft, bearings and motor shall be mounted on a heavy-duty
                         support frame. Motors shall be mounted on an adjustable slide rail frame. Drive
                         combinations shall consist of heavy-duty variable pitch motor drive and matched,
                         busing type blower's sheave. Motor shall not exceed 1800 RPM and be equipped
                         with individual controller, over current protection in all three phases. Blower motor
                         shall be premium efficiency that meets Energy Policy and Conservation Act of
                         1992 (EPACT). Motors shall be NEMA class B design temperature rise with Class
                         F insulation. Motors shall have 1.15 service factor. A differential pressure switch
                         shall be mounted and wired to control panel to insure blower operation before
                         other parts of the system can be activated. Airfoil BI fan shall be mounted on
                         spring isolation with flexible outlet connection.
           10.   Filter Section:
                 a.      The filter section shall be supplied as a complete integral component of the unit
                         construction and arranged in heavy gauge galvanized steel racks for slide out
                         removal. Filters shall be easily accessible through a hinged door. Filters shall be
                         4-inch medium efficiency pleated disposable type. Filter media shall have an
                         average efficiency of 25 to 30 percent on ASHRAE Test Standard 52-76, an
                         average arrestance of 90 to 92 percent. Filter shall be selected for low velocity and
                         extended service. All installed filters shall be rated at MERV 13 or better.
           11.   Gas Heat Section (For Capacities up to 800,000 input):
                 a.      Heaters shall be indirect fired atmospheric type with the capacity as scheduled and
                         shall be installed downstream of the blower. Auxiliary gas heating section shall
                         consist of one or two furnaces of the gravity or powered venting type. Furnaces
                         shall be AGA certified. The heat transfer surface shall be stainless steel (type
                         409SS) and be suitable for installation down stream of cooling coil. System will be
                         complete and operational including recycling pilot system with electronic flame
                         supervision. The gas train shall be ready for connection to the natural gas supply
                         with pressure between a minimum of 7 inches and a maximum of 14 inches WC
                         (11 inches for LP). Gravity vent is of the non-downdraft design. Gas connection
                         shall be through unit bottom inside the curb
           12.   Gas Heat Section (For Capacities over 800,000 input):
                 a.      The heater shall be an indirect-fired forced draft type with the capacity as
                         scheduled and shall be installed downstream of the blower. The entire primary and
                         secondary heat surface shall be constructed of type 400 stainless steel. Heat
                         exchanger shall be suitable for installation downstream of the cooling coil. All heat
                         transfer surfaces, including headers and front collector box, shall be inside the
                         casing and in the airstream. Burners shall be complete with flame supervision,
                         integral pre-purge timing, combustion air proving switch, intermittent pilot with

03 31 10                                   (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                                Page 9
                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

                        spark ignition and a complete gas train. The gas train shall include the modulating
                        main gas valve, main gas shut off solenoid, main pressure regulator, main shut off
                        cock, pilot gas valve, pilot pressure regulator, main shut off cock pilot gas valve,
                        pilot pressure regulator, and pilot cock. The burner shall be UL listed for agency
                        approval. The gas train shall be ready for connection to a natural gas supply with
                        pressure between a minimum of 7 inches and a maximum of 14 inches WC (11
                        inches for LP). The complete unit shall be test fired and preliminary adjustments
                        made before leaving the factory. Gas connection shall be through the unit bottom
                        inside the curb.
           13.   Electrical Section (Panel Mounted):
                 a.     The electrical panel shall be mounted as an accessible compartment with door on
                        the outside of the unit. Each unit shall be completely wired and run tested through
                        all operational modes before shipment. Wiring shall be number coded and in
                        addition shall be color-coded pertaining to system use. All panel components shall
                        be clearly labeled. Panel shall have a step down transformer for 120 volt and 24
                        volt controls. External control wiring unless otherwise noted shall be 24 volts.
                        Panel shall contain all terminal blocks, motor starters, contactors, switching relays,
                        fuses and all necessary components for the proper function of the unit.
                        Compressor, fan and blower motors shall be furnished with contactors and fuse
                        and ambient compensated overloads in all phases. Electrical system shall be
                        provided with low voltage, phase loss and phase reversal protection. Compressor
                        circuits shall include oil failure (for semi-hermetic type); anti-short cycle
                        pumpdown, manual reset high-pressure switches and auto reset low-pressure
                        switches. These will be located near or on the compressors. Each compressor
                        shall have manual pumpdown switch for ease of servicing. Unit shall be provided
                        with a panel mounted nonfused disconnect with through the control panel cut off
                        for single point unit power connection.
           14.   Temperature Controls:
                 a.     An environmental control package (consisting of control boards for input and
                        output of unit function and sensor as required and specified) shall be furnished by
                        the unit manufacture as an integral part of the roof mounted package. The I/O
                        boards shall be installed in the unit control panel and wired to control functions in
                        the unit. The main CPU will be field supplied and mounted by others external of
                        the unit. As an integral part of the unit control system, back-up controls for
                        operation of the unit heating and cooling modes prior to commissioning of the main
                        control system as well as provide unit control in event of control system failure.
                        Back up control shall be provided as part of the factory mounted control package.
                        Factory mounted electronic control package shall consist of the following: Output
                        board for control of compressors, supply air blower, auxiliary heat and heat reclaim
                        functions. Analog input boards, supply and return air sensors, refrigerant leak
                        detector mounted in unit return air.
           15.   Refrigeration Circuits:
                 a.     The complete system shall be factory evacuated, pressure tested and completely
                        charged with R-410A or R-407C. System shall have moisture indicating sight
                        glass, liquid line filter drier, suction line filter, and high-pressure relief valve.
                        Refrigerant circuit shall have liquid shut-off valve at condenser outlet to allow
                        pumpdown of refrigerant. Circuits are provided with system access connection for
                        service gauge connection.
           16.   Additional Factory Provided Accessories:
                 a.     Seismic Curbs and Seismic Fan Restraints- shall be provided for Portland, Seattle,
                        Northern Cal. and Southern Cal. Division projects. Curbs manufactured to meet
                        seismic zone 4.
                 b.     Main control panel shall be provided with a service light w/switch and GFI
                        convenience outlet (120 volt power field supplied)
                 c.     Pressure differential switch (clogged filter) in unit filter section and wired as input to
                        control system to signal need for filter service
                 d.     Factory mounted supply and return air smoke detectors (ionization type)

03 31 10                                    (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                                 Page 10
                      SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

                 e.     Provide Remote test/reset station for smoke detectors. (Ship loose for field
                        installation by others)
                 f.     Freezstat safety switches to be provided on leaving air each evaporator circuit
                 g.     10 year limited heat exchanger warranty
                 h.     Unit start-up by factory authorized and trained personnel
           17.   Variable Frequency Drive:
                 a.     Unit fan motors shall be provided with solid state variable frequency drives to
                        convert three phase, 60 Hz power to adjustable frequency and voltage three phase
                        power for step less motor speed control from 0% to 100% of base speed. Input
                        voltage shall be 460/3/60 or 208/3/60. The VFD shall be capable of operating
                        within the range of 10% over to 10% under the rated input voltage. The VFD shall
                        be designed for use on variable torque loads and shall be capable of providing
                        sufficient torque to start motor from rest with initial influx of power.
                 b.     The VFD operation shall be fully factory tested by the drive manufacturer prior to
                        shipment and installation. The VFD controller shall have the following features:
                        isolated power for control circuits, automatic type reset faults for over-current,
                        under-voltage, over-voltage, phase loss or over-temperature, fault counter reset,
                        adjustable current limiting circuitry, independent acceleration and deceleration time
                        adjustment, 4-20 mA control signal interface, 0-10Vdc output signal, and automatic
                        frequency adjustment. VFD shall be provided with digital read output meter
                        indicating percent speed and load, local/remote selector switch, power/on,
                        diagnostic, and fault trip indicating lights, Hands/Off/Auto selector switch, manual
                        bypass switch, bypass starter, and manual speed control adjustment. The
                        complete drive shall be tested to ANSI C37.90.1 and UL Standard 508 and be ETL
                        or UL listed. Power line noise distortion shall be limited to voltage distortion factor
                        and line notch depth as defined in IEEE Standard 519-1981. Total voltage
                        distortion shall not exceed 5%. VFD shall be provided with two N.O. (normally
                        open) and two N.C. (normally closed) dry contacts rated 120 volts, 10 amps, 60 Hz
                        for remote indication of the following: controller shutdown with automatic restart,
                        system shutdown with automatic restart, and system running. Controller shall
                        include a door interlocked fused safety disconnect or circuit breaker that will
                        disconnect all input power.
                 c.     Approved variable frequency drive manufactures:
                        1)      ABB, Safetronics,
                        2)      CONTROL TECHNIQUES,
                        3)      Danfoss
           18.   Outdoor Air Intake:
                 a.     Paragon Controls No. FE-1000 airflow sensing element to be located in outdoor air
                        intake in accordance with ASHRAE 62.1-2004 standards. Airflow sensing element
                        to be connected to building energy management system and motorized damper on
                        outdoor intake and set to maintain +/-15 percent minimum outdoor air quantity.
           19.   The base unit specification for dry/medium climate should be applied to all Hawaii
                 projects with the following special features:
                 a.     Unit physical size shall not exceed dimension of oversea shipping container/Unit is
                        to be placed in an over sea container and shipped in one piece.
                 b.     Total unit interior panel liners, door liners and support post shall be aluminum.
                 c.     ll condenser support framing shall be stainless steel
                 d.     ll dampers shall be constructed of aluminum
                 e.     All coils shall have stainless steel end plates
                 f.     Blower and blower frame shall have double coat of paint for corrosion protection
                 g.     Condenser and Evaporator coils shall be copper fin/copper tube
                 h.     Compressor cylinder unloading on both compressors
                 i.     Hot gas reheat system with control values utilizing discharge gas from HVAC
                        system in lieu of heat reclaim
           20.   Service Vestibule:
                 a.     Service vestibule shall be integral part of the unit construction requiring no field
                        assembly. The vestibule will be used as a mechanical room, which will provide
                        weatherproof protection for compressors and electrical components. The vestibule

03 31 10                                   (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                               Page 11
                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

                        contains but not limited to the following: Compressors, main electrical panel,
                        refrigerant sight glasses, oil pressure safety switches, low pressure, high pressure
                        operating controls, condenser fan cycling controls. Environmental control systems
                        will be located in the service vestibule. Service vestibule shall be provided with a
                        service light with switch, a GFI convenience receptacle, and an exhaust fan, all
                        powered from external power source. The lighting, outlet and fan circuit will be
                        terminated in a junction box for field wiring to a 120 volt building circuit. Vestibule
                        door shall be provided with padlock eye on the exterior handle for security of all
2.8        PACKAGED AIR CONDITIONING UNITS (Less than 15 tons).
      A.   HVAC equipment as scheduled on Drawings.
      B.   Roof top units to be completely weatherproofed for outdoor use with weatherproof casing to be
           galvanized and phosphatized prior to coating with epoxy enamel followed by a baked enamel
           finish or approved equal. Units to be completely packaged consisting of compressors,
           condenser coils, fans, coil guards, gas fired heating section (or heat pump, when gas is
           available) operating and safety controls, evaporator coils, bases, isolators, filter package and
           appurtenances required to make a complete package. Compressors to have five (5) year
           warranty. Provide hail guard for condenser fins surface for cold climate areas.
      C.   Units shall be internally isolated with vibration isolators and seismic restraints so that no
           noticeable noise or vibration is transmitted to the structure.
      D.   All units to be furnished with throwaway filters. All installed filters shall be rated at MERV 13 or
      E.   Weather hood on outdoor air intakes to be furnished with birdscreen.
      F.   Drain pans shall drain out of the bottom of the pan and not the sides.
      G.   The complete refrigerant system shall be factory evacuated, pressure tested and completely
           charged with R-410A or R-407C.
           1.    Rooftop Unit Features:
                 ___ Standard efficiency units (high efficiency for Phoenix Division)
                 ___ Coil Guard (Field Installed)
                 ___ 0-25 percent manual outside air damper for humid climates)
                 ___ Economizers 5 tons and higher for dry climates (i.e. not humid climates)
                 ___ Economizers as required by local code
           2.    Factory Installed Options (3 ton and over only):
                 ___ Microprocessor controls
                 ___ Thru the base electric connections
                 ___ Circuit breaker
                 ___ 120 volt convenience outlet (field powered)
                 ___ Supply and/or return air smoke detector as required by local codes
                 ___ Belt drive option on 3-5 ton rooftop units
           3.    Field Installed Options (1.5 to 2.5 ton only):
                 ___ Disconnect with fuse
                 ___ Smoke detector (only where required by Local Code)
      A.   At all points where ducts connect to fans and AHU, provide and install flexible connections.
           These flexible connections shall be made of “Ventlon” canvas that has been chemically treated
           to make it fire resistant, water-proof, mildew-resistant and practically airtight, and shall weight
           approx. 15 oz. per sq. yd. (before treating).
      A.   Unit to be a gravity vented propeller type.
      B.   Heat exchanger to be aluminized steel.

03 31 10                                    (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                                Page 12
                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

   C.      Units to be complete with blocked vent safety switch, 20 gauge aluminized steel cabinet, 115v
           control step down transformer with 24v gas controls, single stage standing pilot control system
           for operation on natural gas, high limit safety control, control terminal board, totally enclosed
           fan/blower motors
   D.      Optional blower unit to be provided.
   A.      Kitchen Hoods:
           1.    Type I grease hoods shall be as manufactured by Halton, models and sizes as shown on
                 the drawings. Bakery, Deli, and Seafood Kitchen hoods shall be individually designed
                 per Halton calculation method for exhaust air quantities. The hoods shall be purchased
                 by Safeway Inc. and installed by mechanical contractor.
           2.    Name plate shall have UL, ULC or ETL label and indicate exhaust air quantities.
           3.    Hood shall be complete with pressure measurement ports
           4.    Construction of hood shall be in accordance with UL 710, NFPA 96 and NSF #7379.
           5.    Exhaust canopy shall comply with requirements of UL, ULC or ETL listed Hood for
                 commercial cooking appliances.
           6.    Construct canopy of 18 gauge #304 stainless steel with bottom perimeter edge with out
                 caulking or sealants. Front side flared on 45 degree angle with back and end vertical.
                 Top integral with front, back and ends. Weld all seams and joints with a liquid tight
                 continuous external weld. Polish stainless steel to a #4 finish. Black steel shall not be
                 used in exposed hoods and exposed ducts.
           7.    In exhaust section furnish filter housing, same material as canopy, full length of section at
                 the back. Furnish stainless steel K.S.A. UL or ULC classified grease filters, installed on a
                 45 degree angle, full length of housing. Filter housing to terminate at the bottom in a
                 pitched drip tray.
           8.    At low point of the tray, furnish a drain extended to an enclosed grease container.
                 Construct container of 8 gauge stainless steel, having a maximum capacity of one gallon
                 and fabricate so as to be easily removable for daily cleaning.
           9.    In top of canopy, within filter plenum area, furnish a fully welded duct collar. Duct collar
                 size based on an average 1800 F.P.M. velocity.
           10.   Vapor-proof 100 watt light fixtures furnished on approximately 4-foot centers. Finish
                 lower external edge with a chase of same material as canopy to accommodate lights and
                 wiring. Lights to be completely inner wired and left ready for final connection to light
                 switch by applicable trade. Lights to be UL, ULC or ETL listed for commercial kitchen
           11.   Furnish necessary rod hanger plates at front to suspend from ceiling. Furnish necessary
                 angle frame members at rear for fastening to wall.
           12.   Water wash system shall not be used.
           13.   Install (4) tab ports in the supply and return air plenums for measuring air flow across
                 filters, coils, and fan.
           14.   Hoods shall be furnished with internal capture jet fan and prewired speed controller
           15.   Hoods shall be provided with modified side skirts as required.
   B.      Grease Exhaust Fan:
           1.   Exhaust fan to be vertical discharge centrifugal type with spun aluminum housing. Fan to
                utilize a non-overloading, backward curved, airfoil aluminum wheel on a steel shaft
                mounted on sealed ball bearing. Positive self-cooling shall be provided within the
                housing for the open drip-proof three phase motor. Unit to include adjustable speed V-
                belt drive.
           2.   Mount fan per NFPA 96 requirements.
   C.      Make-Up Air Unit Specification:
           1.   Evaporative section:
                a.     This section shall have Ares pleated high efficiency evaporative media or Munter
                       CELdek 12" pad.
                b.     Velocity through CELdek pad shall not exceed 750 fpm.

03 31 10                                   (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                              Page 13
                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

           2.    Cabinetry parts shall be constructed of at least 20 gauge galvanized steel and finished
                 with high-gloss enamel.
           3.    Blower wheels shall be statically and dynamically balanced, forward curved D.W.D.I.
                 Class 1 centrifugal wheel with self-aligning ball bearing and V-belt driven through
                 grooved cast iron pulleys. Drive sheaves to be variable pitch. Motor to be drip-proof,
                 premium efficiency, overload protected and mounted on an adjustable base.
           4.    Unit shall be furnished with a remote push-button control panel, with indicator lights.
                 Control panel shall have a single two position switch marked Exhaust Hood ON and OFF.
                 The cool buttons shall be provided to switch on pump for evaporative cooler.
           5.    One interface control panel shall be complete with motor starters, fusing, isolating relays,
                 transformers, terminal strips, etc.
           6.    Unit to be supplied with factory installed transformer and disconnect switch.
           7.    Unit to be furnished with seismic restraints, and down discharge plenum section.
           8.    Make-up water pipe exposed on roof shall be insulated.
           9.    Make-up air unit in humid areas to be refrigerated air conditioning units.
   D.      Fire Protection System for Hoods - Specifications:
           1.     The fire protections systems are factory-installed and pre-piped with required nozzles and
                  control panel. The fire control system is factory-installed with the hood.
           2.     System to be UL or ULC listed wet chemical fire protection system as manufactured by
                  Ansul Corporation, Marionette, WI. System to Model #R-102.
           3.     System shall be designed and installed in strict accordance with the system's UL or ULC
                  listing, the manufacturer's instructions. System shall be factory installed.
           4.     Wherever possible, system piping shall be Schedule 40 stainless steel pipe with chrome
                  plated fittings. Fusible link brackets shall be mounted rigidly to the hood body and
                  connected with stainless steel conduit for actuating cables. Wherever field joints are
                  necessary, they shall be accomplished with unions located in an unexposed location.
                  System shall be shipped complete with tanks, automatic release, remote manual release
                  and reset relay for activation of electrically controlled fuel shut-off devices.
           5.     Whenever space is available, fire cabinet to be factory installed with the hood by the
                  hood manufacturer.
           6.     Fuel shut-off devices such as mechanical gas valve shall be furnished by the hood
                  manufacturer and installed by the plumber
   A.      The mechanical contractor shall install the unit per manufacturer’s recommendation.
   A.      All exhaust and transfer fans shall be of the capacities indicated on the drawings.
   B.      Roof-mounted exhaust fans. Fans shall be the centrifugal type with capacity as shown on the
           drawings, direct driven or belt driven units as indicated with aluminum housing, complete with
           ball bearing motor, V-belt drive, adjustable motor sheaves. Motor and fan shall be resiliently
           mounted, isolated from the housing. Units shall be complete with bird screen and disconnect
           switch and motor shall have an integral overload protection device.
   C.      Transfer fans shall be the low noise level, centrifugal type, in-line, and capacity as shown on the
2.14       I.C.C. AC UNIT.
   A.      System to be 1/2 to 1.5 ton through-the-wall AC unit by Comfort Aire, Inc. Model No. below
           provided through Trane. Every effort should be made to avoid the use of a ductless mini-split
           air conditioning unit for this area.

           THRU WALL UNITS (Nor Cal)
           Swy Vend
           Number Tons       Model #                  Remarks
                    0.5      REG81-5                  Comfort Aire Room AC Cooling Only w/ electric heat
                    1        RED123                   Comfort Aire Room AC Cooling Only w/ electric heat
                    1.5      RED183                   Comfort Aire Room AC Cooling Only w/ electric heat

03 31 10                                   (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                              Page 14
                      SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

                       1             RAH123             Comfort Aire Room AC heatpump
                       1.5           RAH183             Comfort Aire Room AC heatpump
      A.   Provide all material and labor required for equipment supports and anchorage to building
           structure including curbs for roof mounted equipment where not indicated on the drawings as
           carpentry work.
      B.   Provide seismic restraints where applicable to all suspended and base mounted equipment.
      A.   All pipes, equipment curbs, and ducts penetrating exterior walls or roofs shall be flashed and
           counter-flashed watertight in accordance with the roofing section of these specifications. Where
           other materials are not specifically shown or specified, flashing and counter-flashing shall be 24
           gauge galvanized steel.
2.17       AIR INTAKES
      A.   For compressors rooms, air intakes shall be fabricated by the mechanical contractor as shown
           on the drawings. Size as shown on the drawings.
      A.   Inside Building: All water condensate drain piping shall be PVC or ABS, unless codes require
           copper type "M" or D.W.V and shall be insulated with 1/2-inch Armaflex.
      B.   Above Roof: Condensate drain piping shall be Type “M,” hard drawn copper.
      A.   All other materials, not specifically described but required for a complete and operating facility,
           shall be new, first quality of their respective kinds, and subject to the approval by the Owner and
           comply with local codes.
3.1        EXAMINATION
      A.   Prior to all work of this section, carefully inspect the installed work of other trades and verify that
           all such work is complete to the point where this installation may commence. Verify that the
           completed installation will conform with all pertinent codes and regulations, the original design
           and the referenced standards.
      A.   Fabricate and install all ductwork in strict accordance with the referenced standards.
      B.   Sheet Metal Ductwork:
           1.    Cross-break all flat surfaces to prevent vibration.
           2.    Insulate all supply ducts, using the specified material and securing with the specified tie
                 wires at 12 inches on centers.
      C.   On All Ductwork:
           1.     Wherever obstructions require a change in duct shapes, maintain equivalent areas. All
                  sizes shown on the Drawings are net dimensions.
           2.     All duct elbows shall be right angle type with elbow turns or turning blades; or shall have
                  a radius of 1-1/2 times the duct width.
           3.     Discharge ductwork from cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and similar
                  components, shall be internally sealed with mastic at all joints.
           4.     Furnish and install sheet metal doors in the ductwork where indicated on the Drawings
                  and/or as required for access. Make all such doors air-tight with felt stripping and provide
                  them with latches so they can be opened from inside or outside. All such doors shall be
                  panel type, or a gauge twice the thickness of that specified for the duct into which it is

03 31 10                                     (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                                Page 15
                      SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

      D.   Install and make all necessary connections required for the complete supply, recirculation, and
           exhaust systems indicated on the approved Shop Drawings, including all ductwork grille collars,
           intake housings, connections, fasteners, hangers, and other items required.
      E.   Install volume dampers in all branch supply ducts. Locate dampers as close as possible to the
           main duct.
      F.   Paint insides of all ducts visible through inlets or outlets a flat black color.
      G.   Paint all exposed duct color specified by Architect.
      H.   Furnish and install flexible connections between air handling units and ducts. All flexible
           connections shall be 4 inch wide Ventlon. Provide 1-inch slack in fabric for flexibility.
      I.   Ducts passing through non-rated walls or floors shall be fitted with 2 inch by 2 inch by 16 gauge
           angle frames fitted to each side of the penetration and securely fastened to the duct with sheet
           metal screws. The annular space shall be packed with non-combustible insulating material.
      J.   Fire dampers shall be Fire Marshal approved and installed where shown on plans and required
           by local ordinances. Provide access door in duct for inspection and setting of the damper.
           Install the dampers in accordance with the "Fire Damper Manual" as published by the Sheet
           Metal Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors' Association (SMACNA).
      K.   Tape all lateral and longitudinal duct seams with canvas and lagging adhesive (Arbol).
           Adhesive tapes and caulking adhesive are not allowed on this project.
      A.   Install all equipment in the locations indicated on the approved Shop Drawings. Verify with
           Architect and other trades.
      B.   Avoid interference with structure and with work of other trades, preserving adequate headroom
           and clearing all doors and passageways to the approval of the Owner.
      C.   Check each piece of equipment in the system for defects, verify that all parts are properly
           furnished and installed, that all items function properly, and that all adjustments have been
      D.   Set air distribution so that no drafts exceeding 25 FPM are directed into open-top refrigerated
      E.   All mechanical equipment with rotating parts shall be mounted with vibration isolators and
           seismic restraints.
      F.   Fabricate, with steel, special mounting brackets as required to clear other equipment, doors and
           to span for best structural support of mechanical equipment. Submit details to Architect for
           structural approval.
      G.   Furnish and install full size drain line from mechanical equipment condensate drain or other
           drain connections to a safe and approved waste. Furnish and install 6" deep trap seal on air
           conditioning drain.
      H.   All piping conduit and duct connections shall be made through flexible connectors. Flexible
           piping and conduit connections shall be in a horizontal position.
      I.   Where dimensions or specific installation and operating instructions of equipment are not
           provided in the drawings or specifications, the contractor shall perform the work according to the
           manufacturer's specifications and recommendations. Any materials and work required by these
           manufacturer's recommendations shall be supplied at no additional cost.
      J.   Where the layout of design is in conflict with a particular manufacturer's recommendation, this
           discrepancy shall be brought to the attention of the Engineer prior to bid opening and resolved
           before the product is deemed acceptable. It is not the intent of this design to deliberately
           misapply a product; furthermore, this design does not give license to an applicator to offer a
           product in conflict with the manufacturer's recommendations.

03 31 10                                     (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                            Page 16
                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

      K.   Equipment shall be placed and piping and duct connections made in such a manner that all
           routing adjustments and maintenance operations may be carried out without inconvenience and
           so that all code requirements for clearances are maintained. The following provisions are
           1.     Maintain 42-inch clearance in front of electrical panels.
           2.     Allow space to withdraw air filters.
           3.     Allow space to operate sprinkler valves.
      L.   Provide access panels for all items requiring adjustments or maintenance such as valves, shock
           absorbers, dampers, etc.
      M.   Guards: Provide securely mounted metal guard conforming to Workers Compensation Board
           Codes or Industrial Safety Codes for all exposed moving parts such as belt drives, pump and
           compressor shafts and couplings, etc.
      N.   Provide all material and labor required for equipment supports and anchorage to building
           structure including sleepers for roof mounted equipment where not indicated on the drawings as
           carpentry work.
      O.   Make all final hook-up of equipment to supply and drainage lines using only personnel skilled in
           the trades involved.
      P.   All installation and hook-up of the control system shall be performed only under the direct
           supervision of a representative of the control system manufacturer.
      Q.   Contractor shall securely fasten to each item of equipment a permanent nameplate giving the
           following information, unless given on the manufacturer's nameplate:
           1.     Type of equipment.
           2.     Make.
           3.     Serial number.
           4.     Model number.
           5.     Any other data required for proper identification or as required by local codes.
      R.   All pipes and ducts penetrating exterior walls or roofs shall be flashed and counterflashed
           watertight in accordance with the roofing section of these specifications. Where other materials
           are not specifically shown or specified flashing and counterflashing shall be 24 gauge
           galvanized steel.
      S.   The Owner will be directly hiring services of air balance companies; refer to Section 15950-
           Testing, Adjusting and Balancing. The Contractor shall cooperate with the air balance
           Engineer. and complete the work to their satisfaction. The contractor will be paid his retention
           money only after the air balance engineer has approved his work.
3.4        TESTING
      A.   Furnish all equipment and personnel and conduct all tests required to secure the approval of the
           Owner and the pertinent authorities.
      A.   On dates selected by the Owner, operate the entire system to test cooling and heating system,
           for the instruction of the store manager, indoctrinating the store manager, and the personnel he
           selected in the maintenance and operation of the system. Contractor shall be present during
           "Grand Opening."
      A.   Furnish and install in Manager's Office where directed a printed sheet protected by glass or
           transparent plastic cover, with brief instructions for operating the equipment. Instructions shall
           apply to particular makes and models of equipment installed. These instructions shall be
           approved by the Engineer before installation in the office.
3.7        CONTROLS
      A.   Control wiring in conduits shall be installed by the electrical contractor.

03 31 10                                    (Vons #2598 – La Crescenta)                              Page 17
                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

      B.   The control system shall be complete with all items required and shall be in accordance with the
           design indicated on the drawings.
      C.   All 3-phase starters shall be NEMA General Purpose and shall have overload protection and
           control circuit transformer.
      D.   System shall be overridden by:
           1.   Fire/smoke detected from ionization smoke detector (shuts down entire system). Smoke
                detector to be installed on AC-1, and other AC systems 2,000 C.F.M. and over in
                capacity on return air duct and wired to shut units in case of smoke detection.
      E.   Kitchen hood exhaust fans and make-up air units shall be interlocked as shown on drawings.
      A.   Work under this division of the specifications.
           1.   Furnishing and installation of all motors for equipment under this Section 15000; all
                electrical motors shall be high efficiency type.
           2.   ach motor not furnished as an integral part of the equipment shall be Westinghouse,
                General Electric, or Wagner, suitably matched to the required service and equal to the
                following Westinghouse motors:
                a.      1/2 HP and smaller - Type FH or FH120 volt, single phase.
                b.      3/4 HP and larger - Lifeline T, Class B insulation, Design B; 208 volt or 480 volt, 3
           3.   Furnish and install all low voltage (24 volt) control and low voltage (24 volt) interlock
                wiring. Install in conduit or electrical metallic tubing where exposed. Concealed low
                voltage wring may be armored cable where approved by Code.
           4.   Built in overload protection and disconnect switch on all roof exhaust fans.
           5.   Furnish and install all miscellaneous relays, switches and controls required for proper
                operation of system.
           6.   Materials and installation shall conform to the electrical section of the specifications.
           7.   Provide a weatherproof installation for all wiring and electrical equipment exposed to the
                weather, including the factory installed wiring internal air conditioning equipment.
           8.   Furnish magnetic and manual starters for all motors not internally protected for
                installation under Electrical Division. Starters to comply with the following:
                a.      Magnetic starters: General Electric, Westinghouse, magnetic solenoid-operated
                        contactors type, with shatterproof armatures, one bimetallic type thermal overload
                        relay for each phase, silver contacts and quick-air quenching chutes.
                b.      Use NEMA-1 general purpose enclosures indoors and NEMA-3 raintight enclosure
                        outdoors. Minimum size NEMA-1.
                c.      Unless indicated otherwise on Drawings, each starter shall have hand-off-
                        automatic switch, pilot light, manual reset button; and a normally open and a
                        normally closed auxiliary contact. Provide control transformers where required.
                d.      Manual starters: General Electric, Westinghouse with thermal overload.
                e.      Combination starters: Same as magnetic starters but with integral disconnect
           9.   Supervise installation of all other line voltage wiring required for the system.
           10.  Provide overloads in all 3 legs of 3 phase motors.
      B.   Work under the electrical division of the specifications:
           1.   All line voltage wiring and all control wirings low voltage or line voltage in conduits,
                conduit and connections for power supply to motors and power supply to control panels,
                equipment controls, or to junction boxes in the vicinity of control circuits requiring a
                separate power supply.
           2.   Provide magnetic and manual starters, except as furnished as part of equipment
           3.   Furnishing and installing disconnect switches except where specifically included in the
                Mechanical Section.
      A.   Control Systems:

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                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

           1.    For main HVAC system in the salesroom, Com-Trol MCS-4000 electronic controls are to
                 be installed per Section 278100 – Energy Monitoring and Control. Start-up should be
                 supervised by a factory authorized and trained equipment representative. Field wiring of
                 remote temperature sensor and humidistat are installed per Section 278100 – Energy
                 Monitoring and Control.
           2.    For each piece of equipment, a service manual covering all cycles of operation and
                 containing a complete parts list with part numbers shall be supplied by the equipment
           3.    For main HVAC system in the salesroom, a written punch list must be sent to all parties
                 concerned by the manufacturer’s trained representative, listing all items that are not
                 complete which will have an effect on the proper operation of the A/C system.
           4.    Cables for humidistat, 3 conductor 18 AWG, and temperature sensors (2 conductor
                 AWG), shall not run in conduit containing other power circuit wires which are installed by
           5.    Shielded cables shall have shielding grounded at control panel. Do not ground shielding
                 at any other points.
           6.    Heat reclaim system consists of automatic valves. Provide wiring to each valve. Product
                 refrigeration contractor to determine which valves are to be wired to each stage. See
                 Section 8
           7.    Control wiring diagrams on drawings, shall be used only as a guide and shall not be
                 reproduced for bidding. Contractor is to obtain a complete wiring diagram from
                 manufacturer for each store.
   B.      Restroom Exhaust:
           1.    Restroom exhaust fans in the stockroom area should be operated by 24-hour timer, set of
                 occupied hours.
           2.    Restroom exhaust fans should not be operated by a light switch.
   C.      Meat Cutting/Wrapping Room Exhaust:
           1.    Meat cutting/wrapping room exhaust fan shall be operated by manual time switch/1 hour
                 timer. Switch should be manually switched on during floor cleaning and whenever
                 necessary, to remove odors and steam.
   D.      Office and Customer Service:
           1.     Transfer air fans shall be operated continuously.
   E.      Kitchen Ventilation - Bakery and Deli Department:
           1.    Exhaust fan shall be interlocked with make-up air unit. When exhaust fan is operating,
                 the make-up air unit fan shall be operating at full speed, to provide ventilation air.
           2.    When the room temperature drops below the set point, the room thermostat shall switch
                 off water to evap-cooler first.
           3.    The supply fan for the bakery HVAC unit shall be electrically interlocked with the hood
                 exhaust fan, to permit operation of hood exhaust only when the HVAC unit operates.
   F.      Bakery HVAC System:
           1.    A room thermostat shall maintain space temperature. The supply fan for the HVAC unit
                 shall operate continuously.
           2.    The space thermostat shall be solid state programmable unit for 7 days per week,
                 automatic changeover from heating to cooling.
   A.      For remodeling existing stores, the Contractor shall bring up all reused mechanical equipment
           to good working condition, lubricate all bearings, and replace filter on all reused air conditioning
   B.      Contractor shall clean and paint reused mechanical equipment as required.
   C.      Contractor shall test, clean and air balance all the re-used mechanical HVAC equipment, make-
           up air units, gas heaters, exhaust and transfer air fans as required.
   D.      If the cooling and heat recovery coils are dirty, they shall be steam cleaned.
   E.      Contractor shall check and tune-up heat recovery controls as required.

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                     SECTION - 23 0500 (15500) - HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING

   F.      Contractor shall provide as-built drawing showing all the changes.
   A.      Submit a waste management profile of procedures to minimize waste and recycle paper,
           cardboard/boxes, sheet metal scraps, screws and other debris in accordance with Division 1
           Section Waste Management and present it to the General Contractor before signing his

                                            END OF SECTION

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