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									Tips And Tricks For Your iPad

Anyone with half a brain can use iPad at its basic level. Well, iPad, in fact, is very basic, even 2-year old
kids can work well with it. There's no such thing as learning curve, and definitely, if you have used an
iPhone before, using an iPad for the first time is a day at the beach. It is made to be that way.

But still, even when things have already been simplified by Apple for you, there are still some things about
iPad use that may take time before you know. Here are a few.

Soft Reset
Apple's iPad does not necessarily come with an insurance that it will perform the same way it did the first
time you bought it. Although there are no moving parts in the device, which generally means the device
deteriorates very slowly if at all. There are still some risks though that some of its parts may not function in
the long run. In case something goes awry with iPad, you can always find consolation in its Soft Reset

Soft Reset comes in very handy when the system freezes. It can be performed by just holding the top or
power button simultaneously with the front or Home button for a couple of seconds. This will force your
device to restart. Not happy with how an app is working and want to force quit it? Hold the Home button the
same way, this time without holding the power button, and the device will exit any running app.

Cut- and Copy-Pasting
It's a pain to copy long texts on iPad so Apple created an easy solution that will let you copy an entire
paragraph without necessary stretching the blue knobs that appear on your screen. To do this, tap any text
four times and this will highlight the entire paragraph. This trick can be done only though if you are copying
an editable text. Otherwise, you're stumped.

Importing Free eBooks
There are still some free things in this world. Free eBooks on Apple's iBooks for example. If you want to
download old books that have fallen out of copyright, you'll find that there is an extensive collection of free
eBooks downloadable on iPad. So long as you stick to the classics, you're a happy man with iBooks.

Easy Mute
When embarrassing moments are on the horizon because you frequently forget to turn off the volume of
your multimedia device, you'll find that iPad gives you a break. It has an easy mute function that allows you
to automatically turn the volume off. For two seconds, press the volume down and you'll have peace and
quiet back.

Supersized Screenshots
Now the screenshot of your driving simulator would look more like a windshield than a tiny keyhole. Take
giant screenshots on your iPad by holding the power and home buttons simultaneously for half a second.
Bringing the Virtual Keyboard Back
Switching between keyboards – real and virtual keyboards – is not as hard as many people confess. You
only have to hit the eject key on the real, physical keyboard to bring the virtual one up.

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