2010 NACK Poster Session by keralaguest


									Poster Session List

●   May 29(Sat), 2010 10:00 Grand Ballroom Lobby

                     1) Health/Fitness and Personal Training                  Presenter(Affiliation)       Nationality

                 Development of a Platform for the Database of Virtual
    P-101                                                                     Seong-Bin Park KITECH            KR
                              Human in Sports Science

               Determinants of Four Different Types of Physical Function
                                                                            Seung-Youn Hong Kangnam
    P-102        Questionnaire for Community-dwelling Korean Older                                             KR

                                                                            Suh-Jung Kang Sang Myung
    P-103       The Validity of Oxygen Uptake Efficiency Slope in Korean                                       KR

                 Difference and Correlation of Fitness and Physical Self-   Sung-Tae Park Seoul National
    P-104                                                                                                      KR
                    concept to Obesity Level of High School Students                   Univ.

               Scapular Muscle Activation during Repetitive Push-ups on Kuan-Chung ChenChang Gung
    P-105                                                                                                      TW
                          Different Hand Support Surfaces                          Univ.

                 Perceived Competence, Intrinsic Motivation, Identified
                                                                               Yun-Chun ChiuNational
    P-106        Regulation, and Introjected Regulation in Students of                                         TW
                                                                                 Taiwan Sport Univ.
                                  Different Genders

                Establishment of Database for Korean People's Physical
    P-107                                                                       Sa-Yup Kim KITECH              KR
                  Fitness in Sports for Revitalization of Sport Industry

               A Study on the Simplified Cycle Ergometer Exercise Test by
    P-108          Analyzing Steady-state Heart Rate against Constant         Hyo-Jeong Yun KITECH             KR

                 Comparison of Maximal Oxygen Uptake and Ventilatory
                                                                            Mahsa MohsenzadehIslamic
    P-109       Threshold during Two Incremental Exercise in Menstrual                                         IR
                                                                                     Azad Univ.
                              Cycle of Untrained Women

                  Development of the Recreational Exercise Motivation         Hung Chun ChenNational
    P-110                                                                                                      TW
                         Measure-40 of Reliability and Validity               Taiwan Sport University
             2) Approaching to Higher Human Performance                Presenter(Affiliation)     Nationality

            Kinematics Analyze and Research on the Swing Leg of              Li-qing Liu
P-201                                                                                                 CN
               Chinese Top Tae Kwon Do Yeop‐Jireugi Athletes         Dalian Univ. of Technology

            Anticipatory Effects on the Ankle Joint Loading during
P-202                                                                Ki-Kwang LeeKookmin Univ.        KR
                       Cutting in Female Soccer Players

                  The Influence of Male University Students’                Pengsong Li
P-203                                                                                                 CN
                   Temperament on Basketball Awareness               Dalian Univ. Of Technology

             Gender Differences in the Kinematics of Hip & Ankle
P-204                                                                Ki-Kwang LeeKookmin Univ.        KR
                            during Inline Skating

                Kinematic Analysis of the Beginners Turn in
P-205                                                                Ki-Kwang LeeKookmin Univ.        KR
             Snowboarding on Lower Level Slopes - A Pilot Study

              Effects of Fatigue on GRF and Ankle Joint Loading
P-206                                                                Ki-Kwang LeeKookmin Univ.        KR
                              during Drop Landing

               Effects of the Snow Board Boot Lace System on
P-207                                                                Ki-Kwang LeeKookmin Univ.        KR
                Wearing Time, Balance, and In-shoe Pressure

             Kinematic Analysis of the Propulsion of Cog by Types     Jin-Hyun KimJeju National
P-208                                                                                                 KR
                         of Fin-kick in Scuba Diving                            Univ.

                Study on Neural Mechanism in Attention Blink
                                                                           Xiaochun Wang
P-209         Phenomenon -Impact of Changing the Duration of                                          CN
                                                                       Shanghai Univ. of Sport
                     Stimulus on Female Sanda Athletes

                The Resource of Student-Athlete Psychological        Chiung-Chun ChenNational
P-210                                                                                                 TW
                           Distress: A Case Study                        Taiwan Sport Univ.

             The Effects of "Living High, Training Low" on Serum
                                                                             Haiping Liu
P-211       EPO, Serum Transferrin Receptor, and Erythropoiesis in                                    CN
                                                                      Wenzhou Medical College
                 Mid-long Distance Runners of Native Plateau

                                                                     Jehkwang RyuSeoul National
P-212         Quantitative Analysis of Coordination in Golf-Swing                                     KR

            The Immediate Effect of Magnesium Supplementation
                                                                           Chia-Chi Wang
             on Anaerobic Exercise Performance, Heart Rate and
P-213                                                                   National Taiwan Sport         TW
             Blood Lactate of 400m Track & Field Athletes During
                               Recovery Period

             The Relationship between Coach-athlete Relationship            Wan-Yu Chen
P-214         and Satisfaction among Elite Basketball Players in        National Taiwan Sport         TW
                                   Taiwan                                     University

 Category     3) The Development of Sport Culture and the
                                                                      Presenter(Affiliation) Nationality
No.                      Role of Kinesiologist

             Research on the Chinese Appeal for Sports and Sports        Wen-Gang Cheng
P-301                                                                                               CN
                        Development in Modern Times                    Shenyang Sport Univ.
                   Demographic and Health-related Characteristics
                                                                                 Hyun-Shik Kim
P-302             associated with Awareness of the Long-Term Care                                          JP
                                                                                 Waseda Univ.
                      Insurance System in Korean Older Adults
   Category          4) Expansion of Job Opportunities in Sports
                                                                             Presenter(Affiliation) Nationality
 No.    Major              Medicine and Clinical Settings

                  A Study on the Autofluorescence Spectrum of the
        Medical                                                                    Wenjun Ren
P-411           Tissues in Various Places of Rats During the Period of                                     CN
        Science                                                                Xi’an Jiaotong Univ.
                          Medium-intensity Aerobic Exercise
                    Differential Expressions of Protein Synthesis and
                                                                                   Eisuke Ochi
P-412             Degradation Signal Pathways after Fast/Slow Velocity                                     JP
                                                                                Meiji Gakuin Univ.
                         Eccentric Contractions in Rat Hindlimb
                The Changes of Contractile Protein Degradation and 26S
                                                                              Rong Zhu
P-413            Proteasome Activity of Skeletal Muscle in Rat after an                                    CN
                                                                        Wenzhou Medical College
                                    Acute Exercise

                     The Effect of MyoD, Myogenin, and Myostatin                  Tatsuro Hirose
P-414                                                                                                      JP
                 Expression on Apoptosis during Hindlimb SUSPENSION          Toin Univ. of Yokohama

                GLUT4 is not Essential for Exercise-induced Exaggerated            Haojie Gong
P-415                                                                                                      CN
                  Muscle Glycogen Degradation in α2AMPK-KO Mice                 Beijing Sport Univ.

                     The Effect of Yoga Dance Program in Back Skeletal            Hye-Kyung Lee
P-416                                                                                                      KR
                                  Muscle for Older Women                           Myongji Univ.
                   Influence of Nutrition Diary on Body Composition,
         Clinical                                                                 Hyun-Joo Kang
P-421             Physical Fitness, and Blood Lipid Profiles in 12 weeks                                   KR
        Exercise                                                              Soonchunhyang Univ.
                                     Exercise Program
                     Effect of 8-week Home Based Exercise Program on
                                                                                  Ji-Young Shin
P-422                Immunoglobulin A and Depression in Community-                                         KR
                                                                              Catholic Univ. of Pusan
                               dwelling Elderly Women in Korea
                 Influence of Awareness of the Japanese Food Guide on            Kanae Takaizumi
P-423                                                                                                      JP
                               Eating Behavior and Obesity                        Waseda Univ.
                Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome and Weight Loss with
                                                                                 Jung-Hoon Kim
P-424            Lifestyle based Physical Activity Program in Japanese                                     JP
                                                                                 Univ. of Tsukuba
                  The Study of Resting Metabolic Rate in Female Acute           Young-Hyeon Bae
P-425                                                                                                      KR
                              Stroke Patients : Pilot Study                  Samsung medical center
                Resting Heart Rate is a Simple Marker for the Prediction         Shu Chen Chen
P-426                                                                                                      TW
                             of Metabolic Fitness in Youth                         Yu Da Univ.

                       The Prevalence of Injuries among Competitive               Wan-Chen Lin
P-431 training and                                                                                         TW
                               Gymnastic Athletes in Taiwan                National Taiwan Sport Univ.

                Cartilage Intermediate Layer Protein Gene is associated
                                                                               Seok-Ki Min
P-432           with Lumbar Disc Degeneration in Male but not Female                                       JP
                                                                        Nippon Sport Science Univ.
                                  Collegiate Athletes
                                                                                  Kazunori Iwai
                     Chronic Low Back Pain in Collegiate Freestyle and
P-433                                                                      Hiroshima National College of   JP
                                 Greco‐Roman Wrestlers
                                                                               Maritime Technology
                 One Case of Elite Swimmer Rehabilitation Treatment of            Chaoyan Zhou
P-434                                                                                                      CN
                           Olecranon Comminuted Fracture                     Shanghai Univ. of sport

                      Investigation on Specific Technical Movement of            Wei-Gang Chang
P-435                                                                                                      TW
                         including Injury in Elite Badminton Athlete       National Taiwan Sport Univ.
                 Influence of Static Foot Alignment on Dynamic Lower         Manabu Sanomura
P-436                                                                                                    JP
                                     Limb Alignment                      Nippon Sport Science Univ.

                    Kinematic Comparison Analysis of GAIT Pattern
                                                                              Sang-Taek Yoon
P-437            according to Loads of %BW between Gravitation and                                       KR
                                                                             Jeju National Univ.
                                   Buoyancy Field
                The Effect of Memory Elastic Alloy Reinforced Shoes on         Ki-Kwang Lee
P-438                                                                                                    KR
                                 Come-off Distance                             Kookmin Univ.
                                                                              Wei-Gang Chang
                 Comparison of Sport Injury between Male and Female
P-439                                                                      National Taiwan Sport        TW
                          College Tennis Players in Taiwan
  Category          5) The Role of Exercise in Overcoming of
                                                                          Presenter(Affiliation) Nationality
 No.                               Disabilities

                Improved Integrated Movement Skills following a 12-
                                                                            Xiao-bo Che
P-501             Week Experimental Teaching Program For Junior                                         CN
                                                                    Shanghai Univ. of Sport

                 The Effects of Aquatic and Land Exercise Therapy on          Yong-Hee Lee
P-502                                                                                                   KR
                   Functional Gait Capacity in Hemiplegia Disabled           Sang Myung Univ.

 Category    6) Qualitative Advancement and Substantiality of
                                                                         Presenter(Affiliation)     Nationality
No.                         Movement Education

             An Analysis of High School Physical Education Teachers’     Hsin-Yen TsaiHsing Wu
P-601                                                                                                   TW
                               Teaching Behaviors                                College

                Investigating the Teaching Strategies of Physical        Chan-Chuan YehNational
P-602                                                                                                   TW
              Education Teachers through their Teaching Behaviors          Taiwan Sport Univ.

                                                                       Chih-Chen HsiaoChung Jen
               Creative Teaching and Pragmatic Application in the
P-603                                                                  College of Nursing, Health       TW
                 Volleyball Curriculum- R&D of "Wall-volleyball"
                                                                       Sciences and Management
             A Study of the Teaching Behavior and Value Orientations
                                                                      Je-Wei RauNational Taiwan
P-604           of an Olympic Taekwondo Bronze Medalist Physical                                        TW
                                                                              Sport Univ.
                                Educational Teacher
                   Antecedents of Sportspersonship Behaviors in            Ying-Che Huang
P-605         Elementary School Student Athletes: An Examination of National Taipei Univ. of            TW
                      Personal Attitudes and Social Influences       Education

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