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					            TO LET
   Shop Premises known as:
        1 Roberts Close
Moxley, West Midlands WS10 8SS

   With Vacant Possession Upon Completion

       Rental Offers are invited around:
  £2,700 per annum exclusive
   Approximate Shop Area: 20m2 (215 sqft)

                                               Asset Management
                                     Walsall MBC Civic Centre
                                Darwall Street Walsall WS1 1TP
If you have any difficulty in understanding the information provided
please telephone 01922 652426 leaving a message in your own
language on our telephone recording facility. Also please provide
your telephone number and contact address for us to respond to you.







       If you would like this information in another format
        such as large print or audio tape, please contact:
Janet Holloway on 01922 653249 or Pam Grew on 01922 653248

                        Shop premises known as:
            1 Roberts Close, Moxley, West Midlands WS10 8SS

SITUATION:             The property is situated in Roberts Close off the High Street,
                       Moxley (A41) and close to the junction of the Black Country
                       Spine Road North (A4444), Moxley Road (A4038) and
                       Church Street (A41). A to Z: Page 31, Reference 5H.

DESCRIPTION:           The subject property consists of a ground floor single lock up
                       shop unit within a parade of five shops with maisonettes
                       above. (The residential accommodation above the subject
                       property does not form part of the letting). The
                       accommodation briefly comprises:
                       (Please note that measurements are provided in metres and are
                       approximate only. Multiply metres by 3.281 to convert to feet).

                       Main Retail Area: 3.8m deep x 5.5m wide with display
                       window and entrance doors.
                       Ancillary Area: 3.6m deep x 2.1m wide to rear of retail area
                       with a separate WC and hand basin off.

USE:                   The potential uses for the shop include any purpose within
                       Class A1 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes)
                       Order 2005. However, the Landlord operates a policy
                       whereby only one retail unit is permitted to operate a
                       particular trade within a Council owned parade or shopping
                       area. As such, any use already undertaken by a shop
                       situated in the parade of which the subject property forms
                       part will not be permitted. (Existing uses include: Sale of
                       fishing tackle & bait, Post Office, sale of hardware, toiletries,
                       cosmetics, fancy goods, loose pet food, bedding plants,
                       greeting cards, stationery, hairdressing salon, sale of fried
                       fish & chips, pizzas, kebabs, burgers, ancillary foodstuffs &
                       soft drinks).
                       A use within class A2 (Financial and professional services)
                       may be supported subject to any necessary planning
                       permission first being obtained. A use within Use Classes
                       A3 (Restaurant & Cafes), A4 (Drinking Establishment) or A5
                       (Hot Food Takeaway) will not be considered.

                       Rateable Value (2010)           :                          *£1,375
                       Rates Payable from 1 April 2010 :                         *£569.25
                       *Based on the Standard Multiplier for 2010/11 of 41.4p.

SERVICES:              Prospective lessees should make their own enquiries of the
                       public utilities regarding the existence, location and supply of
                       services. (Electricity and water supplies are available.
                     Important: The Tenant will be responsible for any costs
                     charged by utility companies, for reconnecting any services
                     that may have been disconnected. The prospective Tenant
                     must rely on their own enquiries in this regard).

EPC:                 Please note that an Energy Performance Certificate is
                     available for inspection by interested parties.

TENURE:              The premises are offered on a six year lease with a rent
                     review at the end of the third year. The main terms of the
                     Lease are set out below.

COSTS:               The Tenant will be responsible for the Landlord’s surveyor’s
                     fees and legal costs incurred in the granting of the lease.
                     (Surveyor’s fee £350, Legal costs to be agreed
                     (Approximately £500). A £150.00 non-returnable contribution
                     towards these costs will need to be paid by the prospective
                     Tenant as soon as possible following notification of the
                     acceptance of the offer by the Council. This contribution will
                     be deducted from the total costs payable upon completion of
                     the Lease. Once in receipt of this contribution, the Council
                     will proceed to obtain the necessary references.

OFFERS:              Rental offers around £2,700 per annum exclusive are invited
                     for the lease of the premises on the main terms as set out
                     below. Offers MUST be submitted on the Official Offer Form,
                     which should be detached from these Particulars, and
                     returned to: Mr J H Kirwan, Asset Management, Walsall
                     MBC, Civic Centre, Darwall Street, Walsall WS1 1TP.

VIEWING:             To arrange a viewing please contact John Kirwan on Tel. 01922
                     652033, e-mail or Pam Grew on Tel. 01922
                     653248, e-mail during normal office hours.

GENERAL ENQUIRIES:   For general enquiries please contact Asset Management on
                     telephone number 01922 652033. Fax: 01922 636150. E-
                     mail: or
BUSINESS SUPPORT:    Walsall Council’s Business Support team is available to
                     support all Walsall businesses in areas including; investment
                     & expansion, relocation & property searches, access to
                     finance & grants, recruitment & workforce development etc.
                     The following grants may be suitable for those parties
                     interested in taking a Lease on this property:

                       Grant Support for New Start Up Businesses
                       Available for new start enterprises or those trading up to a
                       year can potentially benefit from grant assistance of up to
                       £1,500 to assist with capital start up costs, and;

                        Grant Support for Businesses Needing to Relocate
                     Walsall businesses needing to relocate or businesses
                     looking to invest in Walsall can benefit from grant assistance
                     of up to £5,000 to assist with relocation costs.
                               For further information and support call Dev Thind on Tel:
                               01922 653266. E-mail: or visit

REFERENCE:                     JHK/8445/2 February 2010/13:30.

                                 MISREPRESENTATION ACT, 1967
 1.   These Particulars do not constitute or form part of any offer or contract.
 2.   All statements contained in these particulars are made without responsibility on the part of the
      Council or its officers.
 3.   None of the statements contained in these particulars are to be relied upon as statements or
      representations of fact. Potential purchasers must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as
      to the correctness of each statement made herein.
 4.   Neither the Council nor any of its officers make or give representation of warranty whatsoever in
      relation to the property described in these particulars.
                                 PRINCIPAL TERMS OF LEASE

1.     The Lease will be for a term of six years from a date to be agreed with a rent review
       (in an upwards direction only) at the end of the third year.
2.     The rent will be payable quarterly in advance on the usual quarter days. (Please
       note therefore that payment of the first quarter’s rent will be due upon completion of
       the Lease).
3.     The Tenant will be responsible for the maintenance and decoration of the shop front
       all plate glass windows including frames, doors and door frames, the interior of the
       whole of the premises, for keeping any boundary walls and fences, drains, soil and
       other pipes, sanitary and water apparatus in good repair. The Landlord will be
       responsible for keeping the exterior of the premises in tenantable repair.
4.     The Tenant shall be responsible for insuring the plate glass window.
5.     The Tenant may not assign or sublet part of the premises. The Tenant may not
       assign or sublet the whole without the previous consent in writing of the Landlord.
6.     The Tenant will be responsible for the Landlord’s surveyor’s fees and legal costs
       incurred in connection with the grant of the lease. (£150 payable in advance, the
       balance payable on completion of the Lease).
7.     The Landlord will insure the structure of the premises against fire and recharge the cost to
       the lessee by way of additional rent. (Approx. £50 per annum, payable annually in
       advance/on completion of the Lease. This premium can be reviewed annually).
8.     The property is to be used for a purpose within class A1 of the Town and Country
       Planning (Use Classes) Order 2005. In addition, any use already undertaken by a
       shop situated in the parade, of which the subject property forms part, will not be
       NOTE: The terms as set out are in outline only. The full schedule of terms and
       conditions will be contained in the draft lease.

                                       OFFER CONDITIONS
i.     The Council does not bind itself to accept the highest or any offer submitted.
ii.    No offer should refer to any other offer submitted. For example, offers made
       specifying a sum of money ‘greater than the highest bid received’ will not be
iii.   Offers must be submitted on the Official Offer Form, and returned to: Mr J H Kirwan,
       Asset Management, Walsall MBC, Civic Centre, Darwall St, Walsall WS1 1TP.
iv.    The Council reserves the right to re-advertise or dispose of the premises in some
       other way if the Lease has not been completed within three months of notification
       that the offer has been successful.
v.     The Council will not be responsible for any costs incurred by potential tenants in their
       pursuit of this or any other property.
vi.    All proposed lettings, including this transaction, need to be formally approved in
       accordance with the Council’s Constitution and Local Government law before any
       formal legal documentation can be completed.
vii.   The Council requires proof of identity prior to completion of the Lease. Prospective
       tenants are therefore required to provide their National Insurance Number and either
       a Driving Licence or Passport together with a recent utility bill.


Walsall is a multi-cultural town, with residents from many backgrounds. The
Council is committed to treating every group in the community fairly and
equally. The Council is also mindful of setting the highest possible standards
with respect to the honesty and openness of its decision making. Monitoring
will help us to do this. However, if you do not wish to answer the following
questions there is no obligation.


Please provide this information about yourself as the person who had contact
with Estate Management.

a)   Are you an elected Member or employed by the Council (or related
     to such a person)?
     Please provide details below if you are an elected Member or employed
     by the Council and / or what relationship you have with any person who
     is an elected Member or employee of the Council.

b)   Are you male or female? (PLEASE TICK ONE BOX)

     Male                      Female

c)   What is your age band? (PLEASE TICK ONE BOX)

     16-24          25-34           35-44            45-64          65+
d)   Do you consider yourself to have a disability?


     Note: The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines a disabled person
     as someone with a “physical or mental impairment which has a
     substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out
     normal day - to - day activities“

e)   To which of these groups do you consider you belong to?

      White                                  Black or Black British
      British                                Caribbean
      Irish                                  African
      Any other White background             Any other Black background
      (PLEASE WRITE IN)                      (PLEASE WRITE IN)

      ___________________________            ____________________________
      Mixed                                  Asian or Asian British
      White and Black Caribbean              Indian
      White and Black African                Pakistani
      White and Asian                        Bangladeshi
      Any other mixed background             Any other Asian background
      (PLEASE WRITE IN)                      (PLEASE WRITE IN)

      __________________________             ____________________________

      Chinese                                Other ethnic group
                                             (PLEASE WRITE IN)


   The above Monitoring Information Form should not be returned in the Offer
 envelope unless you are submitting an offer. If you are submitting an offer, you
  are welcome to return the Monitoring Information Form together with the Offer
                            Form in the Offer envelope.
   Should you wish to return the Monitoring Information Form in isolation, then
    please send it in a separate envelope addressed to: Mrs J Holloway, Asset
    please send it in a separate envelope addressed to: Mrs J Holloway, Estate
     Management, Walsall MBC, Civic Centre, Darwall Street, Walsall WS1 1TP
                          Thank you for your co-operation.
                                        O F F E R OFFER FORM

     ADDRESS:                 1 Roberts Close, Moxley, West Midlands WS10 8SS
1. I/We (Name):               ________________________________________________________
     of (Address)             ________________________________________________________
                              ____________________________________ Post Code: __________
     Telephone No: ______________________ Mobile No: ________________________

2. Offer for the lease
   I/W e offer, to lease the above premises, SUBJECT TO CONTRACT, the
   amount of £________________ per annum exclusive (IN FIGURES). Amount in
     words: ________________________________________________ per annum exclusive.
     NOTE:       This offer once submitted, and if accepted by the Council, cannot be renegotiated by
     the lessee. The amount offered will be assumed to have been submitted with the potential lessee
     having full knowledge of the property, its condition, statutory requirements and planning status. It
     is recommended that independent professional advice is sought before this offer is submitted.

3. Please indicate your proposed use for this shop: ______________________________

4. References: The Council will wish to take up references and you are asked to indicate
   below the name of your bank, the name in which your account is held and the account
   number along with the name and address of two personal referees.
     i)    Name of Bank: _____________________________________________________
           Bank Address: _____________________________________________________
           Account Name: _______________________ Account No: ___________________
     ii) Personal Reference 1. Name: _________________________________________
           Address: _____________________________________ Post Code: ___________
     iii) Personal Reference 2. Name: _________________________________________
           Address: _____________________________________ Post Code: ___________

5. National Insurance number: ______________________________________________

6. It is understood that the Council is not bound to accept the highest offer or any offer
   received and that all bids are subject to formal agreement.
     DATED this ______ day of ___________________________________________ 2010

     SIGNED ______________________________________________________________

 NOTE: This Offer Form should be returned to: Mr J H Kirwan, Asset Management,
                      Walsall MBC, Civic Centre, Darwall St, Walsall WS1 1TP.
    Walsall M.B.C. will use your personal details in connection with the letting of property by Asset Management. In the event of you
  becoming a Tenant or occupier of property managed by the Council your personal details will be used for the purposes of managing
   your account and any matters connected with your occupation. Your personal details will be treated confidentially and will only be
shared with other agencies for the purposes of credit referencing and debt recovery. Your details could therefore be passed on to utility
          companies, Business Rates and debt collection agencies should Asset Management be notified that sums are due.

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