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									                         Terry Fox Secondary
                                     Newsletter #7, June 2009
      1260 Riverwood Gate, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 7Z5 604-941-5401 Fax 604-941-1777 Web Site: terryfox.sd43.bc.ca

Principal’s Message                                                                           Important Dates
                                                                                               To Remember
             It has certainly been a       the staff and parents who made these
             memorable year at Terry Fox   events so special for our grads. I would
             Secondary School – one that   also like to thank all of the grads who       September 3
             will be remembered for the    behaved with the same maturity and            •   Grade 9 Orientation & Photos
             many activities that have     class they have demonstrated at school
             taken place. The list is as   all year. Congratulations and I wish you      September 7
             long as it is varied. Not a   well in your future endeavors, whether        •   Labour Day
day goes by when I am not constantly       that is post-secondary schooling, work or     September 8
reminded of the incredible and varied      travel. To the returning Fox students, I      •   First Day of Classes
talent of Terry Fox Secondary students.    would like to wish you all the best over
                                                                                         •   School Photos
Our Grade 12 Dinner Dance, After Grad      the summer and look forward to seeing
                                                                                         •   Grade 9’s (10:00am—1:00pm)
and Commencement were all extremely        you in September.
successful. I would like to thank all of                                                 •   Grade 10’s (10:30am—11:00am)
                                                                     H. Murphy           •   Grade 11’s (10:30am—11:00am)

Course Change Information                                                                •   Grade 12’s (1:00pm—1:30pm)
                                                                                         September 9
Due to provincial legislation (Bill 33) all secondary schools are required to meet       •   1st day of regular classes
class size and composition limits. However, Bill 33 also creates significant             •   Homeroom schedule
restrictions such that we are unable to make changes to student timetables.
                                                                                         September 10
Counsellors only will be adjusting timetables for the following reasons:                 •   Homeroom schedule
       • Course failure                                                                  September 11
       • Summer school completion                                                        •   Terry Fox Assembly (Assembly
       • Incomplete timetables                                                               Schedule)
       • Specific post-secondary admission requirements
Prior to the beginning of school, counsellors will be registering new students, re-      Exam Results
programming Grade 12 students, assisting with Grade 9 orientation day and
calling in students who need to be re-programmed after the completion of summer          The June 2009 Exams Bulletin
school.                                                                                  is available on the Ministry of
                                                                                         Education Exams website at:
New Student & Grade 9 Orientation—September 3, 2009                                      This bulletin provides
The orientation session will be approximately two hours and will include:                information around exam
        • Taking your yearbook photo                                                     results, importance of
        • Receiving your timetable                                                       students knowing PEN
                                                                                         numbers to access exam
        • Learning your “Homeroom” number and location
                                                                                         results, re-writes, transcripts,
        • Meeting your Link Leader                                                       August exam registration and
        • Finding your semester one classes                                              provincial scholarship
        • Eating some food                                                               information.
For yearbook purposes, photos will be taken of ALL Grade 9 students, so make
sure you wear your favourite shirt, dress, etc. Be sure to bring your completed
                                                                                         Report Cards
photo order form if you also plan to order a personalized photo package. The order
                                                                                         All report cards are
forms will be mailed home in August.
                                                                                         distributed in homerooms on
                                                                                         June 26th. Students that did
                                                                                         not pick up their report card
                      We’re on the Web @ www.terryfox.sd43.bc.ca/                        can do so over the summer as
                                                                                         the school will be open

Newsletter #7                                    June 2009                                                   Page 1
Spring Break 2010 Trip

There will be a parent meeting in September. For more information please email Ms. F. D’Alfonso at fd’alfonso@sd43.bc.ca

Library News—Raven’s Read                                       Summer Hours
We are pleased with the great participation in our              During the summer the main office will be open from
“Ravens Read!” program this year. With the help of              8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. until July 18th. The office will reopen
the Library, and Terry Fox Administration, we gave away         on August 5th. Please call ahead as the office will close
sixteen $10 Chapters gift cards during 2008-2009. As a          for lunch.
result of this successful program we now have many
                                                                Even though school is finished for the year, we are still
new student reviews entered into our library catalogue.
                                                                happy to receive textbooks at the school. If you find
We look forward to continuing this program again for the
                                                                books around your home, please drop them off at the
2009-2010 school year!
                                                                school. Students who have been assessed for lost or
What do I do if I find a “long lost” library item               damaged textbooks have been notified with this
over the summer months?                                         newsletter. The textbooks or the assessed amount will
If by chance, you find a “lost” library item during the         be accepted at the school office.
summer, please drop it off at the main office (during
summer months) or keep it until September and drop it
off at the library.
                                                                                Terry Fox Secondary
New Purchases:
A huge thank-you to all students and staff who gave us                              Summer Hours
suggestions for new materials this year –we appreciate
your input! Many new books, magazines, and resource                               8:30am —3:00pm
materials will arrive early in the fall. Drop by in Septem-
ber and check one out!

Newsletter #7                                      June 2009                                                    Page 2
Grade 9 Students Encouraged to Complete HPV Vaccine
                                       Female grade 9       The vaccine is ineffective unless all three doses are given.
                                       students who did     Any students who missed the tetanus/diphtheria/
                                       not complete the     pertussis booster should book into the health unit.
                                       HPV vaccine
                                       series through the          For appointments please call 604-777-8700
                                       school are
                                       encouraged to        If you have any questions call Marilee Hare, Public Health
                                       book an              Nurse, at 604-777-8704.
                                       appointment with
the health unit to be vaccinated.

Port Coquitlam Soccer Association
                            SOCCER REGISTRATION for children born in 2004 and earlier

                              INTRODUCE YOUR CHILD TO THE FUN GAME OF SOCCER!

                            For more information & to register go to www.pocosoccer.com

Terry Fox Golf Team
The Terry Fox Golf team managed a 4th place finish in       Team members Riley Lamb(Gr.12) Justin Hyun(Gr.12)
the BC provincial Championships held @ Chilliwack Golf &    Steve Diack(Gr.11) Anica Yoo(Gr.10) and Gunntas Sidhu
Country Club May 25-27th. This was the best ever finish     (Gr.8). Highlights at the tournament included a first
by a Terry Fox Golf team at the Provincial                  round total of 298. A 4 under 67 by Justin Hyun and a
Championships.                                              hole in one by Gunntas Sidhu.

Terry Fox Helps Raise Awareness of Poverty in Africa

                                                                                  "Karibu Afrika” , “Welcome to
                                                                                  Africa” (in Swahili) the
                                                                                  banners at Terry Fox
                                                                                  Secondary proclaimed on
                                                                                  May 1st! Student organizers
                                                                                  and coordinating teacher,
                                                                                  Lesley Chung pose with guest
                                                                                  speakers at the charitable
                                                                                  event which included an
                                                                                  authentic African dinner,
                                                                                  drumming and dancing, and
                                                                                  speakers relating the reality
                                                                                  of poverty and hunger in
                                                                                  Africa. The evening, which
                                                                                  focused on raising awarness,
                                                                                  also carried a hopeful
                                                                                  message: our actions can
                                                                                  make a difference. In
                                                                                  conjunction with the 30 Hour
                                                                                  Famine at Terry Fox, the
                                                                                  evening raised $5,506 to
                                                                                  support World Vision's
                                                                                  ongoing work in Africa and
                                                                                  other developing countries.
To learn more about how you can support humanitarian work in Africa and other areas of the world, go to

Newsletter #7                                 June 2009                                                  Page 3
Honour Roll—Congratulations!                                           *Bold denotes straight “A’s”

Grade 9’s                                         Grade 10’s

Allysha Allen            Sora Lee                 Mena Abdelsayed         Nicole Philip
Cody Andersen            Kelvin Lei               Jessica Adkin           Bianca Poniatowska
Tyler Arseneault         Colin MacKenzie          Meghan Berry            Michael Pope
Federico Bolanos         Moni Manhas              Sydney Bradford         Ashley Robertson
Sile Borcan              Jordyn McDonogh          Madison Brandt          David Robertson
Rachelle Bradley         Cynthia McDowell         Jennifer Bua            Jenny Roh
Carly Brooker            Ryan McKay               Janet Buckingham        Luigi Sanvictores
Ashley Brown             Tyler Mertens            Leah Catton             Katrina Scheiermann
Nicole Bullinger         Nathan Morton            Mitchel Cavallarin      Alana Slight
Yun Joo Cha              Alexander Nesterenko     Loewe Chan              Morgen Stevenson
Carlson Chan             Evan Ng                  Jeff Cheng              Liliana Stoiu
Jenny (Sueg Ying) Chan   Amy Nguyen               Jameson Cheong          Kyla Sturgess
Tait Chan                Sarah Novicki            Hyesun Cho              Rachel Tai
Raymon Chauhan           David Ohm                Yeon Joon Choi          Kyle Tee
Ian Cross                Nicole Otten             Melissa Dawson          Amy Timm
Melissa Cruz             Esther Owobowale         William Evans           Jessica Tran
Carla Desanto            Brandon Pagnucco         Eric Fell               Matthew Trimble
Kaden Durkin-Camire      Loreena Pang             Carmen Feng             Maxwell Wall
Jeremy Edwards           Maxwell Pappin           Rachel Han              Celia Weston
Jonathan Eisner          Sebastian Petelski       Daniel Harron           Robert Whin-Yates
Alexander Ensworth       Jacqueline Purcha        Young Wook Jeon         Nichelle White
Maria Fang               Mason Rinke              Ivan Juric              Vanessa Wong
Matthew Flasch           Quinn Roberts            Milica Karanovic        Erin Wu
Amanda Furness Moore     Michael Rogalsky         Robyn Kennett           Julia Yang
Connor Gabriel           Ramil Rudyak             Dillon Kenyon           Anica Yoo
Devan Genereux           Nazak Salehi             Jesse Kenyon            Jae Young Yoo
William Gilbert          Pouya Sarang             Ryan Khera              Sang Ho Yoon
Tanbir Gill              Indra Sarju              Johnson Kim             Steven Yule
Nicole Gollner           Sadie Schwenneker        Justin Kim              Kefeng Zheng
Colin Gordon             Rebecca Sclater          Matt Kolec
Eman Habtom              Ryan Sclater             Sierra Kortenbach
Jin Wook Han             Livani Selvananthan      Tijana Kovacevic
Adam Hartle              Min Hee Seo              Melody Kwa
Michael Hemsworth        Holly Sheehan            Marvin Lai
Sarah Ho                 Alexander Shellborn      Alicia Lam
Nolan Hokanson           Bradley Smith            Justin Lapena
Kimberly Howard          Jessica Stafford         Alan Larson
Jonathan Hu              Nikolas Stimpson         Amanda Laurino
Janice Hui               Amanda Symchych          Jacob Lee
Gareth Hurd              Michael Szymanski        Kirsten Lee
Russel Hutson            Wai Lam Tam              Subin Lee
Maria Ionascu            Adetunji Taylor-Lewis    Tasha Lee
Yasaman Iranfar          Matthew Tecson           David Little
Yasamin Iranfar          Nicholas Theobald        Sukhbir Manku
Monique Jian             Kevin Truong             Nicole Marino
Olivia Johns             Sara Urban               Colleen Meegan
Zack Kang                Jodie Vance              Alexander Nagy
Madison Kathler          Katherine Wang           Hanna Norman
Connor Knape             Bradley Wong             Tessa Oljaca
Megan Kohler             Mark Wood                Jerrison Oracion
Eric Krasman             Sharon Wright            Emmalene Paltzat
Jun Mo Ku                Felix Yau                Jeanne Pamarang
Toby Kwan                Jae Kyung Yoo            Christine Park
Owen Kwok                Sheena Yu                James Park
Austin Larson            Jessica Zhang            Aleks Petrovic

Newsletter #7                             June 2009                                     Page 4
Honour Roll—Congratulations!                                           *Bold denotes straight “A’s”

Grade 11’s                                      Grade 12’s

Dustin Alvarez        Andrea Saavedra           Christina An               Nicole Payan
Justin Arseneault     Amy Schwenneker           Eric Bastone               Lindsay Pearce
Michael Bae           Katherine Sclater         Aristotle Bonneville       Christopher Pion
Allister Barr         Fariha Siddiqui           Courtney Brooker           Natalie Pope
Taylor Bergen         Ryan Singzon              Kevin Chiu                 Curtis Roberts
Sarah Blomme          Kristina Stone            Mi-Sun Cho                 Laura Robertson
Sean Browne           Karolina Szulc            Calvin Choi                Riley Robertson
Edwina Cai            Kassandra Thompson        Johnathan Chu              Megan Robson
Ariel Carefoot        Erin Uchacz               Kevin Chung                Kylee Roman Pap
Jeffrey Carpentier    Jordan Wallis             Rachel Cormack             Kimberly Roth
Stephanie Carter      Kattia Woloshyniuk        Jonathan Dawson            Mia Rushton
Michelle Chan         Brandon Wong              Brett Dushenko             Kjell Sadowski
Cynthia Chase         Dickson Wong              Shelby Easton              Aneeka Sandher
William Chen          Kaitlyn Wright            James Eisner               Joaquim Sanvictores
Edna Chong            Jeanette Wu               Sandra Erkkila             Kyle Scheiermann
Sara Christopher      Kaeli Yuzicapi            Sean Fitzgerald            Megan Shallow
Jay Chun              Clara Zheng               Sheldon Francescini        Yena Shin
Peter Chun            Alexandra Zokol           Max Friesen                Charissa (Hoi-Yan) So
Reid Constable                                  Pavan Gill                 Cameron Taylor-Noonan
Angelina Coulter                                Jasmin Glaesser            Ira Tee
Breanna Dahlby                                  Rachelle Graham            Carmen Tepes-Billa
Jordan Davies                                   Sefanit Habtom             Christopher Thompson
Sarah Davis                                     Lilian Hsieh               Pamela Tran
Michael Del Monte                               Brian Hyndman              Erin Vekic
Andrew Ducholke                                 Sae Jin Hyun               Daneeka Weyman
Luis Fei                                        Kirstie Iverson            Kristina Wilson
Ashley M. Fowler                                Foojan Jadidian            David Winter
Carlie Gollner                                  Fourouzan Jadidian         Tomika (Kuk Lam) Wong
Chelsie Haberland                               Fuluny Jang                Jack (Jae Hyuk) Yoon
Mathew Harron                                   Komal Jatoi
Nicole Howard                                   Caroline Kim
Peter Hu                                        John Kim
Jessica Hurd                                    Jung Ah Kim
Evan Hutcheon                                   Nicole Kim
Rylie Ingram                                    Emma Kirsh
Jivan Khera                                     Lindsay Klopp
Danny Kim                                       Lana Lauriente
Rooney Kim                                      Ann Lee
Daniel Knowles                                  Kelsey Lee
Tammy Kwan                                      Tony Je Hong Lee
James Kwock                                     Raymond Lei
Sarah Lalji                                     Dwayne Leslie
Hunter MacInnes                                 Chanel Lewis
Kathleen Magnaye                                Charis Loong
James Magnusson                                 Navraj Malhi
Katelyn Maki                                    Rohith Manhas
Ashley Martin                                   Erica Marino
Ian Matthews                                    Colin Matson-Jones
Matthew Mercer                                  Christopher Mazurek
Adrienne Moy                                    Brandon McLean
Timmy Nguyen                                    Cassondra Monkman
Su Jeong Park                                   Evan Moore
Janelle Payan                                   Christopher Ng
Jamie Peng                                      Daniel Ohm
                                                Annie Park
                                                David (Insung) Park

Newsletter #7                       June 2009                                          Page 5

                                SCHOLARSHIPS, AWARDS, AND BURSARIES

Aboriginal Parent Focus Group Bursary               $500    Megan Knee
A.H.B. Spoon Wotherspoon                            $1000   Charissa So
B & J Auto Parts Award                              $125    Tyler Killian
Canadian Federation of University Women Scholarship $1000   Fuluny Jang
Cinderella Project Award                            $1000   Jerrika Glowa
Coquitlam Centre Emerging Artist Scholarship        $500    Rowena Ren
C.T.A. Merit Award                                  $500    Charis Loong
C.T.A. Bursary (4)                                  $300    Jonathan Dawson, Komol Jatoi, Christopher Ng, Charissa So
C.T.A. Cam McKenzie Memorial Award                  $500    Lilian Hsieh
Culinary Award (Riverside)                          $250    Rebecca Moughtin
CUPE 561 General Bursary (2)                        $350    Emma Kirsh, Alexandra Waddington
Discovery House Preschool Bursary                   $250    Lindsay Klopp
Eaton & Starr Business Education Award              $400    Aman Jhaj
Ed Harrington Drama Award                           $225    Kimberly Roth
Ed Harrington Art Award                             $225    Natalie Pope
Ed Harrington Music Award                           $225    Max Friesen
Elks’ Lodge of Port Coquitlam Award (2)             $500    Johnathan Chu, Lindsay Pearce
Evancic, Perrault, Robertson Scholarship            $500    Danielle Filippelli
Galer Drama Award                                   $250    Kimberly Roth
Gamma Chapter of Delta Kappa Society Bursary        $300    Lindsay Klopp
G&F Financial Group Bursary                         $500    Christopher Ng
Jimmy Creighton Memorial Award                      $300    Aaron Erickson
James R. Haff Memorial Scholarship                  $1000   Fuluny Jang
Kavanagh Automotive Scholarship (4)                 $350    Tyler Killian, Casey Grist, Ross Munro, Tyler Wong
Kwayquitlam Bursary (2)                             $150    Rohith Manhas, Charissa So
Lifetouch Photo Scholarship (3)                     $250    Komal Jatoi, Sefanit Hamtom, Rohith Manhas
Lions’ Club of Port Coquitlam Award (2)             $600    Jonathon Dawson, Fuluny Jang
Michael Garton Memorial Scholarship                 $500    Adrienne De Julius
Mike Ross Scholarship                               $200    Doug Pannell
Minnekhada Middle School                            $250    Lindsay Pearce
New Image College of Fine Arts                      $1000   Dominique Deschenes
Pacific Coast Field Lacrosse Association            $2000   Richard Lachlan
Port Coquitlam Art Focus                            $250    Natalie Pope
Port Coquitlam Building Supplies                    $350    Jonathon Dawson
Port Coquitlam FC Soccer Association (2)            $350    Dwayne Leslie, Kylee Roman-Pap
Port Coquitlam Minor Hockey                         $500    Sean Fitzgerald
Port Coquitlam Theatre Society (2)                  $500    Emma Kirsh, Emily Statham
Royal Purple of Canada (Lodge 10) Bursary           $500    Michelle Ning
Ron Parks Post Secondary Scholarship                $750    Justin Lau
Sarah Cheyne Memorial Scholarship                   $500    Lina Sua Garavito
SD #43 Dulce Huscroft Memorial Scholarship          $500    Kelsey Lee
SD #43 Mayor Leonard Traboulay Award                $500    Lilian Hsieh
SD#43 RCMP Scholarship                              $500    Kjell Sadowski
SD #43 Rotary Club of Coquitlam Sunrise Bursary     $2000   Megan Robson
Sheri Sharma Memorial Scholarship                   $300    Jake Lewis
Terry Fox David Stanton Award                       $100    Mark Regalado
Terry Fox Grad Service Award (2)                    $250    Kelsey Lee, Charissa So
Terry Fox Link Crew Award                           $250    Charis Loong
Terry Fox Secondary PAC Award (4)                   $500    Johnathan Chu, Kelsey Lee, Sefanit Habtom, Joaquim Sanvictores
Terry Fox Secondary Technology Education Award      $100    Tyler Killian
Terry Fox Principal’s Outstanding Service Award     $500    Lilian Hsieh
                                                    $500    Sheldon Francescini

                  Congratulations to our Grade 12 students who have been
                  offered these many scholarships, awards and bursaries!

Newsletter #7                                   June 2009                                                     Page 6
Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries—Congratulations!

                                       EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE AWARDS

Dogwood District/Authority Scholarships                (28)     $1000
Chad Arnsdorf                    Nahi Kim                       Brandon McLean                   Amy Scott
Caitlin Audette                  Lindsay Klopp                  Rebecca Moughtin                 Alyssa Skakum
Sean Fitzgerald                  Yvonne Lai                     Rowena Ren                       Tara Sebela
Max Friesen                      Justin Lau                     Laura Robertson                  Kristy Swope
Sean Harron                      Raymond Lei                    Kimberly Roth                    Pamela Tran
Christopher Hunter               Charis Loong                   Mia Rushton                      Kristina Wilson
Tyler Killian                    Rohith Manhas                  Joaquim Sanvictores              Ryan Wiseman

Douglas College Presidents Entrance Scholarship                 $3000     Erin Vekic
McGill University Major Entrance Scholarship                    $12000    Charis Loong
Roanoke College Virginia Major Entrance Scholarship             $23000    Richard Lachlan
Royal Military College Full Scholarship                         $100000   In Sik (Kevin) Chung
Simon Fraser University
Gordon M. Shrum Scholarship                                     $24000    Jasmin Glaesser
Academic Excellence Scholarship (3)                             $5000     Mi-Sun Cho, Joaquim Sanvictores, Jack Yoon
International Summit Scholarship                                $3500     Christina An
Summit Scholarship (11)                                         $3500     Calvin Choi , Ryan Choi, Sefanit Habtom, Nahi Kim,
                                                                          Raymon Lei, Navraj Malhi, Daniel Ohm, Lindsay
                                                                          Pearce, Chris Pion, Megan Robson, Ira Tee
40th Anniversary Award - Book Award                             $500      Kjell Sadowski

University of British of Columbia
Major Entrance Scholarship (2)                                  $5000     Pavan Gill, Lilian Hsieh
President’s Entrance Scholarship (6)                            $4000     Mi-Sun Cho, Komal Jatoi, Fuluny Jang, John Kim,
                                                                          Kelsey Lee, Charissa So
President’s Entrance Scholarship                                $3000     Younghee Lim
Presidents Entrance Scholarship - Vancouver (8)                 $2000     Jae Hyun Choi, Pavan Gill, Lilian Hsieh, Navraj Malhi,
                                                                          Michelle Ning, In Sung Park, Se Young Park, Nicole
President’s Entrance Scholarship – Okanagan   (8)               $2000     Jae Hyun Choi, Pavan Gill , Lilian Hsieh, Navraj Malhi,
                                                                          Michelle Ning, In Sung Park, Se Young Park, Nicole
President’s Entrance Scholarship – Vancouver                    $1000     Kuk Lam Wong
President’s Entrance Scholarship – Okanagan (6)                 $1000     Cindy Cheong, Rory Erickson, Yvonne Lai, Amarit
                                                                          Nagra, Nicole Shallow, Eva Wong
Presidents Entrance Scholarship (3)                             $500      James Eisner, Jung Ah Kim, Yena Shin

University of Victoria
Entrance Scholarship                                            $3000     Devin Khera
Entrance Scholarship                                            $1000     Courtney Brooker, James Eisner, Kimberly Roth,
                                                                          Aneeka Sandher

Vancouver Island University
Entrance Scholarship                                            $5000     Prashant Chaube

                             Terry Fox Inspirational Athlete Award — Joseph Patko
                             Governor General’s Academic Bronze Medal — Charis Loong

Newsletter #7                                       June 2009                                                      Page 7
Parents of the Graduating Class of 2010
                                                          As your son or daughter approaches their grade 12 year, it is time
                                                          to start thinking and planning for their graduation in June
                                                          2010. This is an exciting time for all of you and I invite you to
                                                          become an active part in the planning and executing of the After
                                                          (Dry) Grad for the class of 2010. My name is Brenda L’Arrivee
                                                          and I was the committee chairperson for this year’s 2009 After
                                                          Grad and I am looking to hand over the reigns to someone for
                                                          next year. Parents, you are in a unique situation for next year, as
                                                          our 2009 Committee Treasurer, Jaynette Ward has another son
                                                          graduating in 2010 so you will have the experience and knowledge
                                                          to assist you with next year’s event. Jaynette knows first hand
                                                          what worked, what didn’t work and will be a valuable asset to your
                                                          committee next year but currently has a full plate with the
                                                          treasurer duties so she needs someone to step up and volunteer
                                                          to chair this committee. It is a rewarding experience that I can
                                                          guarantee you will never forget. Please be a part of this exciting
Kylee Larssen, Grand Prize Winner of the 1995 Dodge Neon! event and know first hand what is going on in your child’s final
                                                          year of high school. If you are interested in chairing the
committee or helping out with November Craft Fair, decorating, fundraising, prizes etc., please email me at
blarrivee@sd43.bc.ca A meeting will be called in the last few weeks of September to organize the sub-committees
required for this huge event so please watch for the notification at the beginning of September 2009. Have a
wonderful summer and the best of luck to everyone’s child for a successful Grade 12 school year at Terry Fox

Huge Congratulations to all of our After Grad prize winners this year!

Bell Schedule for School Year 2009-2010
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday                              Early Dismissal Schedule
Warning Bell       7:55                                        Warning Bell         7:55
Block A            8:00 - 9:15                                 Block A              8:00 - 9:05
Nutrition Break    9:15 - 9:22                                 Nutrition Break      9:05 - 9:12
Block B            9:25 - 10:40                                Block B              9:15 - 10:20
Block C            10:45 - 12:00                               Block C              10:25 - 11:30
Lunch              12:00 - 12:40                               Lunch                11:30 - 12:10
Block D            12:45 - 2:00                                Block D              12:15 - 1:20
Block E            2:05 - 3:20                                 Block E              1:25 - 2:30

Wednesday                                                      Homeroom Schedule
Common Time              8:00 - 8:45                           Warning Bell             7:55
Warning Bell             8:45                                  Block A                  8:00 - 9:05
Block A                  8:50 - 9:55                           Nutrition Break          9:05 - 9:12
Nutrition Break          9:55 - 10:02                          Block B                  9:15 - 10:20
Block B                  10:05 -11:10                          Homeroom                 10:25 – 11:10
Block C                  11:15 -12:20                          Block C                  11:15 - 12:20
Lunch                    12:20 - 1:00                          Lunch                    12:20 - 1:00
Block D                  1:05 - 2:10                           Block D                  1:05 - 2:10
Block E                  2:15 - 3:20                           Block E                  2:15 - 3:20

                                        Have a Safe Summer!
                                See you on Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Newsletter #7                                     June 2009                                                  Page 8

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