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                                           Curriculum Vita
                                      NICHOLAS ANDREADIS M.D.

Lee Honors College
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI, 49008-5244

Current Positions
Dean of the Lee Honors College, June 1, 2010

Director of the Academically Talented Youth Program (ATYP) since January 2010

Associate Professor, Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology, August 1999-present

Faculty member -Interdisciplinary PhD Program-WMU Evaluation Center, January 2008- present

Prior Positions at WMU
Acting dean, Lee Honors College, January 2010-June 1, 2010
Interim Dean, January 2009-December 2009
Interim Associate Dean, August 2007-January 2009)
Adjunct Faculty- Interdisciplinary Health Studies PhD Program- College of Health and Human Services, 2005-2010
Dean, Extended University Programs 2005- 2006
Chair of the Interim Campaign for Student Success, Office of Provost, November 2006-August 2007

Prior Employment

TSI Consulting Partners 1998-1999- Senior Consultant
Assisted clients build strategic plans, design organizational architecture, and improve business performance.

Pharmacia and Upjohn Inc. 1984-1997
From 1992 to 1997 served in three senior executive positions where a record of strategic and operational
contributions was established resulting in improved profitability, process improvement, organizational development
and merger integration. These positions include:

Vice President, Global Leadership Development
Developed strategy and plan for facilitating the development of globally effective leaders for Pharmacia and Upjohn.
The plan included a structured approach to competency assessment, performance management, workforce planning
and leadership development.

Vice President, Leadership Development and Administrative Services
Developed strategies and programs that focused on corporate merger integration and the design and facilitation of a
global initiative to achieve alignment of functional operations with company strategy. Integrated and streamlined a
diverse set of internal business services that served the business and functional operations of several Pharmacia and
Upjohn Divisions.

Vice President, Corporate Quality Center
Designed and implemented a major corporate-wide performance improvement and reengineering initiative entitled
Redesigning Upjohn. Led and directed an internal management consulting team that provided products and services
focused on assisting clients achieve organizational goals.
From 1984 to 1992, served in a series of professional and senior management positions within the Medical and
Regulatory organizations of The Upjohn Company where a record of accomplishments was established including
management of global research activities, advances in Company product development, and contributions to the
medical literature.

Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine 1988-1990
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine,
Co-Founder and Co-Director, The Center for Critical Care Research

Cardiovascular Consultants Inc. Federal Way, Washington          1978-1984
Private practice of cardiology and internal medicine

Creighton University Hospitals 1977-1978
Clinical Instructor in Internal Medicine

Degree Programs
B.A., Kent State University, 1969
M.D., Creighton University School of Medicine, 1974

Clinical Training
Internship, Internal Medicine, Creighton University Hospitals, 1974-1975
Residency, Internal Medicine, Creighton University Hospitals, 1975-1976
Fellowship, Cardiovascular Diseases, Creighton University Hospitals, 1976-1978

                                             Board Certification

The American Board of Internal Medicine, 1977
The American Board of Internal Medicine, Subspecialty, Cardiovascular Diseases, 1978

                                              Medical Licensure
Nebraska       license retired
Michigan       license retired
Washington     license retired
Pennsylvania   license retired

                                             Honors and Awards

Fellow of the American College of Cardiology 1980
Fellow of the American College of Physicians 1977
Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman National Honor Society (Honorary Member)
Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society

Professional Competence
Courses designed and delivered

ED   5050 The Adult Learner
CECP 6220 Psychoeducational Consultation
CECP 6400 Principles of Human Resources Development including online/WebCT design
CECP 6410 Fundamentals of Needs Analysis including online/WebCT design
CECP 6420 Evaluation of Human Resources Development Impact and Transfer including online/WebCT design
CECP 6430 Project Management in Human Resources Development
CECP 6440 Learning and Organizational Effectiveness
CECP 6450 Practicum in Human Resources Development
CECP 6860 Capstone Research Project
CECP 6860 Special Topics- Leadership Development
IHS 6290 College Instruction and Assessment
HNRS 2900 Leadership and the 21st Century

Dissertation Committees
Doctoral Committee Chair for Amy Gullickson, Interdisciplinary PhD program in Evaluation

Doctoral Committee Chair for Kristin Richardson, Interdisciplinary PhD program in Evaluation

Doctoral Committee Member for Nontle Nake, Counseling Psychology, Department of Counselor Education and
Counseling Psychology

Doctoral Committee Member for Shamika Hall, Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology,
Dissertation Completed July 2007: A Phenomenological Study Assessing African-American Women’s Perspectives
on Successful Heterosexual Relationships

Doctoral Committee Member for Jonathan Muterera, School of Public Affairs and Administration,
Dissertation Completed Jan 2008: The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership Theory Behaviors,
Follower Attitudes and Behaviors, and Organizational Performance in United States County Governments

Advisor undergraduate students completing senior thesis requirement for Lee Honors College

Capstone Projects Supervision (2008-2009)
The list presented her is a sampling of Capstone Projects that I have supervised under the course, CECP 6860, the
HRD Capstone. All of these were completed in 2008 - 2009 and thus represent only a portion of Capstone projects
that I have supervised since 1999:

        JoAnne Tuttle: “Leadership Development for Financial Aid Coordinators at Davenport University”
        Mary Quasarano: “Recovered Leadership”
        Rebecca Chandler: “Needs Analysis and Recommendations for First Year Seminar at Western Michigan
        Todd Smith: “The Smith Model- A Guide to Building Organizational Capability”
        Diana Baronoski: “Evaluating Employee Performance: A New Managers Step-by-Step Guide”
        Fayez Shafloot: “Student Career Development Program for High School Students in Saudi Arabia”
        Mary Fuelling: “Improving Organizational Performance in Proactive Transmissions”
        Jacqueline Fron: “Phases of Transition”

Lee Honors College Senior Thesis Committee Chair
       Jared Bailey: “Shiny Jet Syndrome”
       Maximilian Clark: The Medallion Program: Moving Beyond Mere Competition
       Benjamin Brown: “Private-Public Partnerships to Improve Communities
       Martha Knuth: “Chinese and American Medicine
       Kristina Mellinger: “The Worth of a Good Shoe”
       Ashley Coffey: “Corporate Media: Deregulation, Profit and the Way Out”
       Caitlin Popa: “The Laureate 2010”
       Kati Sands: “Post-Stroke Depression: Its Effects on Recovery and Treatments”
       Trevor Smith:“Baseball Analytics”
       David VanDeusen: “First Year Experience Programs in the Honors College”
       Ashley Tremble: “Portfolios for Student Success”

Senior Thesis Committee Member
        Brandon Theriault, “From Birth to Death of Cool”
         Katie Nelson: “Lee Honors College Student Assessment”
         Rachel Leonard: “Nasser and Qutb: The Lives and Legacies of Two Controversial Egyptians”
         Gaurav Chand: “Ethical Views of Nuring and Pre-Medical Students on Voluntary-Assisted Euthanasia”
         Kate Rollert: Care for the Elderly: A Cross Cultural Comparison in Germany, The United Kingdom and
         the United States”

                                          Professional Recognition
Co-Principal Investigator, Art as Activism grant proposal, $200,000. Submitted March 2010 to Doris Duke
Foundation (notification date of August 2010)

Co-Principal Investigator, Fresh Coast Great Lakes Landscape Initiative, $85,527, Submitted to National
Endowment for the Arts in March 2009 (not funded)

Principal Investigator, Establishing a Center for Career Services and Human Resources Development at the WMU
Graduate Center-Downtown (May 2003) submitted to Frey Foundation (Not funded, $298,000)

Co-Principal Investigator, “Built To Last”: Discovering keys to the competitiveness and sustainability of rural
retailers. (Dec 2002) U.S. Department of Agriculture: National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program
#62.0 Rural Development (not funded $103,670)

Journal Articles
Andreadis, N.A. (2009) Learning and Organizational Effectiveness: A Systems Perspective. Performance
Improvement Journal 48(1) 5-11

Andreadis, N.A. (2004) The Utility of Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning in Performance Analysis. Human Resources
Development International 7(4), 553-559

Andreadis, N.A. (2002). Leadership for Civil Society: Implications for Corporate Leadership Development. Human
Resources Development International, 5(2), 143-149

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with Moderate Hypercholesterolemia. The American Journal of Cardiology 70(2):135-140

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Cox, J.W., Andreadis, N.A., Bone, R.C., Maunder, R.J., Pullen, R.H., Ursprung, J.J., Vassar, M.J. (1988) Pulmonary
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Gee, M.H., Tahamont, M.V., Flynn, J.T., Cox, J.W., Pullen, R.H., Andreadis, N.A. (1987) Prostaglandin E1
Prevents Increased Lung Microvascular Permeability During Intravascular Complement Activation in Sheep.
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Mooss, A., Mohiuddin, S., Sketch, M., Andreadis, N.A. (1979) The Effect of Left Anterior Hemiblock on Exercise-
Induced ST-T Segment Changes. American Heart Journal, 98(6)

Book Chapters
Andreadis, N.A.(2006) Managing HPT Projects. In J.A. Pershing (Ed.) The Handbook of Performance Technology,
5th edition. New York: Wiley & Sons

Andreadis, N.A. (2005). Needs Assessment: An Essential Process in Human Resources Development
In Gelich, O.Y., Minina, V.N., and Solomin, V.P. (Eds), Management and Human Resources: Materials of
Multidisciplinary Scientific Seminar (p117-128) St. Petersburg, Russia: (publisher) "Book House"

Andreadis, N.A. (2004). A Multidisciplinary Approach to Development of a Graduate Program In Human
Resources Development. In Gelih, O.Y., and Minina, V.N. (Eds), Management and Power: Materials of
Multidisciplinary Scientific Seminar" (p146-153) St. Petersburg, Russia: St. Petersburg State University,

Brinkerhoff, R.O., Andreadis, N.A. (2001) Strategic Employee Development Planning. In L.L Lukens (Ed.), What
Smart Trainers Know: The Secrets from the World’s Foremost Experts (p363-374) San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Editorial Responsibilities
Andreadis, N.A., Petty, T.L. (1986 Oct). New Basic and Clinical Science in ARDS, Seminars in Respiratory
Medicine (special supplement)

Conference Proceedings Abstracts
Gee. M.H., Andreadis, N.A., Albertine, K.H., Gottlieb, J.E., Peters, S.P., Fish, J.E. (1990) Age Contributes to poor
outcome in patients with acute respiratory failure

Gottlieb, J.E., Kubis, J., Peters, S.P., Andreadis, N.A., Fish, J.E., Gee, M.H. (1989, May) Selection Criteria in
Patients with Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Are Single Cutoff Distinctions Meaningful? Presented at
American Thoracic Society Annual Meeting.

Andreadis, N.A. , Gee. M.H. (1988, May) Effect of Prostaglandin E1 on In Vivo Neutrophil Adherence and
Development of Lung Injury in Air Emboli. 9125-88-001. Presented at American Society for Pharmacology &
Experimental Therapeutics First Annual Pharmacology Scientific Day. Chicago.

Andreadis, N.A., (1988, May) Greater Chicago Chapter of ASPET: First Annual Pharmacology Scientific Day,
Chicago, IL.

Halstenson, C.E., Opsahl, J.A., Wright, C.E., Fleishaker, J.C, Andreadis, N.A., Matzke, G.R. (1988) Disposition of
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Presentations (Conferences)
Andreadis NA: Leadership for a Civil Society; Mid-East Honors Association Annual Conference, March 28, 2009,
Kalamazoo, MI

Andreadis NA: Leadership for a Civil Society; Michigan Campus Compact 13th Annual Institute, February 13, 2009,
Grand Rapids, MI

Andreadis NA, Hall, SL, Meredith-Davis J: Student Perceptions of Transfer of Training in Graduate Education;
poster presentation at Great Lakes Regional Conference, May 2004, Ball State University, Muncie Indiana

Andreadis, N.A. Leadership for Civil Society: Implications for Corporate Leadership Development. International
Leadership Association Annual Meeting, November 4, 2000 Toronto, Canada

Andreadis, N.A. (1997, Aug) Working Effectively in the Global Matrix, Zenger-Miller Client Conference, San
Francisco, CA.

Andreadis, N.A. (2004, Oct) The Learning Organization. Presented to Kent County Leadership, Aquinas College,
Grand Rapids, MI.

Andreadis, N.A.(2004, May) Aligning the Organization for High Performance. Presented to Michigan Small
Business and Technology Development Center Annual Meeting, Lansing, MI.

Andreadis, N.A. (2004, April) An Introduction to Scenario Planning. Presented to Michigan Economic
Development Corporation, Lansing MI.

Andreadis, N.A. (2000, Oct) Leadership for Civil Society: Implications for Leadership Development. Presented at
Center for the Study of Ethics in Society Speaker Series. Western Michigan University

Andreadis, N.A. (1999, July) Strategic Employee Development, Presented at Southwest Michigan Quality Council,
Kalamazoo, MI.

Andreadis, N.A. (1999, March) Focused Strategies For Employee Retention, Chicago, Illinois

Andreadis, N.A. (1985, April) Total Quality Management, Process Improvement and Reengineering in Drug
Development. Presented at Drug Information Association Second Biennial Workshop. Philadelphia, PA.

Andreadis, N.A. (1990, Nov) Industry's Information Needs for Development & Marketing Decisions Under
Containment, Presented at EMMS Symposium, AAPS Fifth Annual Meeting & Exposition, Las Vegas, NV Nov.

Andreadis, N.A. (1989, Dec) The Impact of Health Economics on Clinical Drug Development; Joint Marketing
Symposium Going Global

Andreadis, N, A, (1989, Nov) Appropriate Relationship Between Clinical Expertise and
Physician/Scholarship/Leadership. Presented at Education of Physician-Scholars for Leadership in the Health Care
System, University of Illinois
Andreadis, N.A. (1988,Nov) Epidemiology: An Essential Tool for Drug Development, The Epidemiology of Acute
Lung Injury. Presented at Drug Information Association Meeting on Drug Epidemiology, Charleston, SC.

Andreadis, N.A. (1988, Oct) Merging Worlds of Information: Information Technology and the Clinical Data Flow
Process, Presented at 1988 Upjohn Information Symposium Group, Kalamazoo, MI.

Andreadis, N.A. (1988, Sept) Whose Job Is It to Protect the Rights of Human Subjects During Research Protocol
Development? Presented at Issues and Concerns Facing IRB's and Clinical Investigators, Austin, Texas.

Andreadis, N.A (1987, Sept) Integrative Research Approach to Acute Lung Injury, Kalamazoo, MI.

Andreadis, N.A.(1987,March) Integration of Basic Sciences into a Clinical Research Program, Albany Medical
College, Albany, NY.

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Andreadis, N.A. (1986,June) Pathophysiology of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Waltham, MA.

Andreadis, N. A. (1985, Sept) High Risk Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome, San Diego, CA.

Andreadis, N.A. (1985, Nov) Pharmacology of Bile Acid Sequestrants, Kalamazoo, MI.

Programs Chaired

Moderator: Clinical Applications of Lipid Lowering Drugs, 1988 Frontiers Symposium of the American College of
Clinical Pharmacology, The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD, May 16, 1988.

Workshop Leader, “Quality of Life in Cardiovascular Disease Studies”, Brook Lodge, Augusta, MI, December,

Cell/Cell Interactions in Acute Lung Injury Symposium, San Diego, CA, October 27-29, 1986.

Moderator and Discussant: Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome Workshop, Thomas Jefferson University,
Philadelphia, PA, December 4, 1985.

Current Concepts in Lipid Lowering Therapy, Kalamazoo, MI, November 20, 1985.

Co-Chairman with TL Petty, MD: The Role of Prostaglandin E1 in Therapy of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome,
Dallas, TX, June 26-28, 1985.

Common Endocrine Problems - Practical Concepts for Evaluation and Management,
October 1, 1983.

Abbreviated List of Consultation Projects

WMU College of Fine Arts- Strategic Planning 2009

Perrigo Company- Leadership Development 2004-2007

Kent Intermediate School District: Development of a Performance Management System
Kent Intermediate School District: Development of Competency Profiles 2004

Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center- Leadership Development 2003-2004

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts- Evaluation of Art and Knowledge Workshop 2004
Pharmacia Global Supply Division: Project Management Training 1998

Pharmacia Information Technology group: Evaluation of Project Software Installation 2003

Sisters of St. Joseph: Leadership Development 2003

Pharmacia Shared Financial Services Group: Team Building, Performance Management Training 2002

Western Michigan University Extended University Programs: A Needs Assessment Study To Identify Engineering
Educational Programs and Services for WMU Southwest Area. Extended University Programs April-August 2003

W.K. Kellogg Foundation: Leadership Development for the 21st Century 1998
W.K. Kellogg Foundation: Organization Design of Latin America and Caribbean Regional Center 1998

Professional Service
University Service
        Member of the University Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Steering Committee and Chair of the
        subcommittee for Criterion 5- Engagement and Service (Re-accreditation visit 2010)
        Member of the President’s WMU Medical School Committee –current
        Interim Campaign Coordinator and member of the University Student Success Committee 2007
        Past President, WMU Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi- National Honors Society – current
        Served on the search for the dean of Extended University Programs in Spring/Summer 2005
        Conducted seven focus group meetings as part of the search for the current dean in the Haworth College of
        Chair, Seibert Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities review committee – current
        Member of the Presidential Scholars Convocation Committee 2008
        Member of the 2008 to 2011 Medallion Scholars Selection Committee
        Co-chair of the subcommittee on displays for WMU Day in Lansing - 2008
        Member of the Coordinating Committee for WMU in Detroit recruiting and development -current

Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology
        Coordinator of the MA-HRD program
        Admissions Committee
        MA Instructional Development Committee in CECP 1999-2005
        Member of the Human Resources Studies Committee 1999-2002
        Member of the ad-hoc committee on Scholarship Reconsidered 2000
        Member of the Annual Awards selection committee

        Turn-2 Foundation Resource Council Member and Chair of the Program Development Committee
        Member of the Selection Committee for the Kalamazoo Community Read -2008
        Founder of Learning Outloud, a community-based lifelong learning seminar series

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