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					                         SUMMER 2007
                                       ZELLER DWELLERS
                                        WELLS FARGO PLAZA

                                                                          An Officer & A Friend
                                       "You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than
                                       you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."
                                                                                                              — Dale Carnegie
                                                               I was fortunate to sit near Al   Alden Bye (full name) has been a fixture at the
    CORPORATION                                                and listen to him say his        security desk at Wells Fargo Plaza for the past 6 years
   Wishes a Happy                                              goodbyes to the 200+ people      starting after a transition to a new security provider
    Anniversary to                                             who waited 30 minutes in         was made. Al started on the afternoon shift and was
 the following tenant                                          line to shake his hand and       given the task to enforce the post orders such as
      companies:                                               thank him for being the          smoking ordinance & parking control, building access,
                                                               bright start to each morning.    signing in contractors and detecting maintenance
                                                               During the farewell line         items after hours but when an opportunity arose for
          July                                                 (which some compared to a        a position on the day shift, he accepted the challenge.
    Walsten & TeSlaa                                           wedding reception line) Al       When Al went to days, added to his list of duties was
                                                               recalled many details of the     to act as a good steward to the tenants by greeting
     H. Richard Korsh                                          first time he met everyone       tenants & clients, holding doors, calling elevators and
Virchow Krause & Company                                       but what became amazing          assisting with packages or directions. Al wasn’t
                                                               to me was how he also knew       comfortable at first but he reminds me of the time I
                                                               particulars about each per-      told him “Customer service is the important piece to
        August                                                 sons life too. This was not      get tenants to trust you as a security officer and it's
        Wild Hair                                              only amazing but inspiring       easier to enforce the rules when you say it in a gentle
                                       and showed that Al genuinely cared for all the           manner.” Al took that piece of advice and made
       Lucky Café                      tenants & guests at Wells Fargo Plaza. Al proved the     friends with most of the tenants at Wells Fargo. He
    Apogee Enterprises                 importance of listening and customer service by          exceeded our expectations and raised the bar for
                                       making each person who walked through the doors          every security officer who will patrol these hallways in
Boeckermann, Grafstrom &               feel special.                                            the future.
         Mayer                                                                                  In his personal life, Al has a home in Minneapolis with
      NFC Gift Shop                                                                             his cats. He was in the military, which is why his shoes
                                                                                                were always shined and his uniform was crisp. Al
 Meadowbrook Insurance                                                                          recently took community classes at a local library to
                                                                                                sharpen his skills on computers and learn about the
      September                                                                                 internet. His plans are to get his hip fixed and then
                                                                                                maybe go into real estate sales. During his free time
       MIT Lending                                                                              Al enjoys reading and helping out his neighbors.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage                                                                       Alden Bye passes the “torch” or building keys to
                                                                                                Keota and Michael for a life of partial retirement and
Webb Financial Group, LLC.                                                                      new adventures. He will be deeply missed by this “big
                                                                                                shot”, a name Al so eloquently would refer to me and
                                                                                                most people who walked by his desk daily, always
  Zeller Management                    However, it was clear many of us didn’t know much        with a smile.
  Corporation thanks                   about Al. So here is a little insight…                                                 Article by: Tricia Motz, RPA
the above tenants for
their commitment and
looks forward to their                            2007 Annual Tenant BBQ
  continuing tenancy.
                                       The tenant BBQ was held on June 21, 2007, on the north lawn,
                                       weather was just right and the rain held off until after clean up
                                       was finished. Over 800+ people were served a wonderful menu
                                       provided by Lucky Café of BBQ pulled pork and chicken
                                       sandwiches, potato salad, cut watermelon, chips and lemonade.
                                       Zeller Management provided a variety of ice cream desserts,
                                       music by The Scene DJ service and a drawing for prizes.
                                       Winners Include:
                                       Crystal Holmen     Webb Financial           Tailgate Toss Game
                                       Ryan Boe           Larkin Hoffman           IPOD
                                       Steve Bensen       AT&T Wireless            Pair of Twins Tickets
                                       Dave Hrkal         Tandem Library Group Pair of Twins Tickets
                                       Frances Odenthal Wells Fargo Retek          Ladder Toss Game
     Zeller Dwellers Summer 2007

                                                              A Letter From the Manager
                                       Have you ever asked yourself…”What motivates         Not necessarily tied to fitness but also occurring
                                       me?” I must say, I have been thinking about this     in July, the building will offer shoe shine and
                                       question for a while. In our every day lives we      repair services for tenants and guests of the
                                       have a tendency to get stuck in routines which       building. Arthur Johnson – King of Shines – will
                                       ultimately leads to a lack of motivation. Wake       operate in suite 145, in the link way, on the first
                                       up, go to work, maybe a little fitness activity,     floor. Arthur has been in the business for over
                                       go home, take the kid(s) to their sporting           eighteen years and has two additional
                                       events, eat dinner, go to bed then do it all         stands…one at Southdale Mall and the other at
                                       over again…at least five days a week. With this      Walser Buick/Pontiac. He also provides shoe
                                       busy schedule, how could anybody possibly            repair for Macy’s and Banana Republic. I have
                                       add another task to this series without spontan-     had my shoes shine by Arthur in the past and
                                       eously combusting?                                   can honestly say, it is well worth the money.
                                                                                            Trust me, I am a former military guy (weekend
                                       This is exactly how I felt until I watched my wife
                                                                                            warrior) and can appreciate a quality shine. If
                                       and 10,000 others run Grandma’s Marathon in
                                                                                            you do not have the time to sit in the chair for a
                                       Duluth. On that scorching day in June, I was
Marc Krohn, RPA, CPM                                                                        shine, simply drop your shoes off and they will
                                       truly inspired, motivated, captivated but at the
Senior Property Manager                                                                     be ready upon your return.
                                       same time, I felt so insignificant and ashamed
Wells Fargo Plaza                      for all the times that I made excuses for not        As for the Tenant Picnic, Moi, owner of Lucky’s
                                       working out and attempting to improve my             Café in the building, did a fantastic job! She
                                       overall health. As I stood at that finish line, I    was extremely organized and served roughly
      Quotes of the                    was amazed by the determination of all the           800 – 900 people in an hour and a half. Pretty
                                       runners. Some made it look so easy as they           impressive not to mention great food. Hope-
        Quarter                        effortlessly strolled over the finish line with a    fully, everyone that attended enjoyed the music,
  •"Don't look down on anyone          smile after running 26.2 miles ranging between       food and conversation. For the select few that
    unless you are helping             three to five hours. Certainly the elite finished    were fortunately enough to win a prize,
    them up."                          the race in two hours and fifteen minutes;           congratulations!
                                       however, that is not who I am writing about.         Finally, July marks the beginning of our fiscal
     — Jesse Jackson                   That is not who inspired me. It was the 80 year      year. Therefore, many notable projects are in
                                       old man, the 75 year old woman, the countless        the horizon. As early as July 30th, management
  • "Be who you are and say            Joe’s and Jane’s - each with their own story and     will begin excavation work at the south link
    what you feel because              body type – and of course my wife. That day          entry. A contractor has been identified, products
    those who mind don't               changed my mental state of mind. It proved           purchased and sub contractors lined up. This
    matter and those who               that the only excuses in life are the ones that we   entrance will be excavated from the entry doors
    matter don't mind."                make and rationalize. It also proved that there      to the asphalt parking lot in an attempt to
                                       is no excuse to get old with age. In the end,        address drainage issues and will also incorporate
     — Dr. Seuss
                                       people make time for what is important.              new landscape beds, irrigation, plants, concrete
  • "Excellence is the result of       By now you may be thinking…will Marc run a           and light bollards.      Once completed, this
    habitual integrity."               marathon? I can honestly say “yes!” I plan to        entrance will look great! Expect more inform-
                                       run a half marathon in August followed by a          ation as we near commencement of this project
     — Lenny Bennett                   marathon in late October – if, however, I have       since this area will be inaccessible for a period
                                       the desire to drive to Des Moines, IA and run the    of time. The anticipated completion date,
  • "It matters not the number         full marathon. If not, I will wait until Grandma’s   contingent on the weather of course, is mid
    of years in your life. It is the   in 2008. Unfortunately, Twin Cities Marathon is      September. Other notable projects will include
    life in your years."               completely filled, otherwise, I would have           parking deck repairs (July), exterior caulking
                                       committed to it. To date, I recently completed a     (October or April) and exterior painting (June).
     — Abraham Lincoln
                                       nine mile run so I am well on my way to being        In closing, as is customary in my article, I will give
                                       ready for the half marathon.                         away two car washes to the first person to
  • "You've got to fight against
    the urge to try to say and         Keeping with fitness and sports, on July 17th        answer the following two trivia questions
    do what other people want          management will host a golf clinic as part of the    correctly.
    of you. That's not how you         Tenant Event Series. The instructor, pro at           1.)     1. Where did the name lynard skynard
    earn their respect. They will      Edinburgh Golf Course in Brooklyn Park and                    come from?
    most respect you for               twice named Assistant Player of the Year in 2003      2.)     2. What is Paul McCartney’s first name?
    thinking and doing what            and 2005, will provide tips for beginners and the
    they didn't think or what          experienced that will assist in making the most      As always, management is available for any
                                       of your game. The seminar will provide hands         questions, comments or concerns that you, as a
    they didn't dare."
                                       on demonstrations and will require each              tenant, may have. Feel free to stop in to the
     — Unknown                         participant to bring a seven iron to assist with     management office or call us at 952.835.4470.
                                       the tutorial. If interested, please call the man-    Thanks for your tenancy and have a great
                                       agement office and reserve you spot as space         summer!
                                       will be limited.
                                                                                                              Zeller Dwellers Summer 2007


Is there a better season than summertime in           this fall. In addition, its not too early to purchase
Minnesota? The Twin Cities abound with out-           your seats for Avenue Q and some of the other
door events and summer festivals. Whether             popular plays coming to both Minneapolis and
your idea of fun is dining on an outdoor patio,       St. Paul next year. Get on the Just For You
going to a play, or watching a baseball game, I       email “wish list” and I will contact you
am here to see that you have great time.              whenever there are special ticket opportunities.
It will soon be time to go to that great
“All foods on a stick” event – the Minnesota
State fair and of course, the annual Renaissance
Festival. Don’t forget that Just For You
Concierge Services sells discounted gate                         Call me at 612-317-2932
admission to both events. The tickets are sold                      or email me at
on a first come, first served basis while supplies        saraannjustforyou@zellerrealty.com.
last. You may purchase yours with a check.                                                                      Sara-ann Kasner
                                                             I exist to be of service to you!
And just a heads up: I still have tickets available                                                             Director
for several performances of The Lion King –                                                                     612-317-2932
coming to the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis                                                                    Email:

    What’s Happening Around Wells Fargo Plaza?
          by Tricia Motz, RPA – Assistant Property Manager
               Work Around Us!
This spring we completed the annual exterior          Festival. You can call the Parks & Rec department
window washing over a 4 week period due to            at 952.563.8877 or check out the City website
the wind and weather. The windows look so             for more information!
great when they are first cleaned, so with our
new fiscal budget starting in July, we have           The roadwork at 84th Street and East Bush Lake
added an additional summer cleaning. The              Road is intended to reduce congestion and
landscaper was busy pruning the over 100 trees        improve safety. This will be accomplished by
we have on site as well as sod repairs, adding        adding auxiliary lanes, improving signals, and
mulch in the flower beds and around trees and         providing additional sidewalks/bikeways for the             WFP BIKE TUNE UPS
planting of the annual flowers. We did change         non-motorized traveling public. This project
flower vendors this year and are experimenting        connects the dots from other recent road
in some areas with new varieties of plant             projects in the area including MnDOT's                      On May 8th Zeller Manage-
species. Many tenants have mentioned how              American Blvd. project. The completion date for
                                                                                                                  ment held the 2nd Annual Bike
much they enjoy the PALM trees in the linkway         this project is Spring 2008.
                                                                                                                  Tune Up Clinic. We want to
bed this year. The reason for the change is that      Another roadwork project in our area is the I-
the area is going to undergo major renovations                                                                    thank Penn Cycle who com-
                                                      35W/Hwy 62 Crosstown Commons Reconstruc-
in the later half of the summer which Marc            tion project which is being completed by the                pleted the free tune up on
explains in his column when he discusses capital      Minnesota Department of Transportation                      over 40 bicycles for tenants
projects.                                             (MnDOT). If you are interested in more details              and family members of Wells
This year’s spring cleaning included metal            and traffic information go to www.511mn.org.
                                                                                                                  Fargo Plaza. If you particip-
maintenance on the exterior monument signs            Don’t forget about National Night Out on                    ated in the Commuter Chal-
and window mullions at the building entrances.        Tuesday, August 7, 2007. Last year's National
More projects this spring included adding a light                                                                 lenge put on by the 494
                                                      Night Out campaign involved citizens, law
in the men’s room on 7 floors, changing out the       enforcement agencies, civic groups, businesses,             Corridor Commission, prize
light fixtures in the fitness center as well as       neighborhood organizations and local officials              winners will be listed after
cosmetic improvements in the locker rooms, and        from over 10,000 communities from all 50 states,
replacing cracked perimeter windows.                                                                              the 3rd week in July at
                                                      U.S. territories, Canadian cities and military
                                                      bases worldwide. In all, over 34 million people
        News in the Neighborhood…
                                                      participated in NNO 2006. Check with your local
Bloomington hosts “Arts in the Parks” events          government or neighborhood association for
throughout the summer. You can go online at           details in the city you reside in.
www.ci.bloomington.mn.us. These concerts and
events take place at the Normandale Lake              As always if you have any question, sugges-
Bandshell on 84th and Chalet Road from 2pm to         tions or concerns about the building or the
8pm. July 21st is the Minnesota Festival of Latin     operations, please contact me at
Music and August 12th is the Bloomington Jazz         952-844-2823.

    Zeller Dwellers Summer 2007

       Directory of Retail Tenants
                                                                                                                                                       125 Wells Fargo Plaza,
            LUCKY CAFÉ                                                                                                                                 7900 Xerxes Ave. So.,
                                                                                                                                                       Bloomington, MN 55431
           Located on the first floor of the tower
  serving breakfast and lunch menu’s 7:00 am to 2:00 pm                                                                                                sales@crowntravel.net
                Sandwich bar until 4:00 pm                                                                                                             www.crowntravel.net
                                                                                 Wells Fargo Plaza, 7900 Xerxes Avenue, Suite 140
Lucky Café has daily specials for breakfast and lunch – stop                     Bloomington, MN 55431 • Phone: (952) 830-1400                         Phone       (952) 346-0660
  by for a monthly calendar. The Café also offers catering                       We pay top value for coin collections!!                               Toll free   (877) 346-0660
    options and cakes made to order for special events.                          Please contact us with any questions you may have.                    Fax         (952) 346-0661
            Contact Moi Ly @ 896-2000                                            www.AmericanRareCoinStore.com                                         Toll fax    (877) 346-0661

     Wells Fargo Plaza Gift Shop
       Monday-Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm
Services offered:
   ✓ Next Day Dry Cleaning                                                             Arthur “The King” Johnson
   ✓ Camera Film Processing                                                      Phone: (952) 221-7171
   ✓ Stamps sold individually or by the book                                     Fax: (952) 852-6560
                                                                                 Wells Fargo Plaza suite 145 in the
   ✓ Gifts, cards, balloons, snacks, chips, soft                                 linkway - Tuesday & Friday
       drinks, ice cream, fruit and more….

                                                                                          Rooftop Tenants – Peregrine Falcons
              THE WILD HAIR
                     Here to Serve YOU!                                         In 1992, the U of M Raptor Center                     captivity for release into the wild and
Located on 1st floor Suite 110                                                  constructed a falcon’s nest just below                for falconry. Northern Trail Zookeeper
We carry Nexxus, Rusk, Crew, Mastey, Phyto                                      the 24th floor of the tower and re-                   Jackie Fallon coordinates the moni-
Organics & Nioxxin.                                                             leased a Peregrine falcon hoping it                   toring of peregrines in Minnesota for
                                                                                would become comfortable with the                     over 40 of the nesting sites including
The Wild Hair • Suite 110 952-835-4811                                          area and the building. Since then,                    Wells Fargo Plaza.
                                                                                every spring, a set of Peregrine fal-
                                                                                cons have come back to make a                         This year there were three eggs in the
                      WFP Car Wash                                              “home” at Wells Fargo Plaza. The                      nest, in June, workers from the Raptor
Have your vehicle cleaned and parked back in your space by                      falcons like to use the building as a                 Center & Minnesota Zoo came out to
the time you request.                                                           perch to nest and give birth and as a                 band the chicks in the linkway of the
                                                                                lookout tower for food. Wells Fargo                   building. The banding of the falcons
Basic Car Wash         $25.00 (Trucks and SUV’s $30.00)                                                                               allows the Raptor Center the ability to
Includes               Exterior hand wash & dry,                                Plaza is lucky to have the only falcon’s
                                                                                perch in the SW Suburban area.                        track the movements of the birds and
                       Vacuum floors and mats                                                                                         to exchange information with raptor
                       Clean windows, dash, console                             Female peregrine falcons are very
                       & door panels                                            protective and territorial, therefore,                centers in other states. WFP peregrine
                                                                                as a general rule the U of M does not                 falcons have been tracked as far away
All prices include sales tax.                                                                                                         as New Mexico.
Prices are subject to change without notice.                                    place a falcon rest within a 5 mile
If you have any questions or would like to schedule an                          radius of another.                                    The winning names this year: Tony,
appointment please call Luis @ 952-844-2833.                                    Peregrine falcons scientific name is                  Carmella & Alden (For departing
                                                                                falco peregrinus meaning “wandering                   security officer Al Bye).
                  WELLS FARGO PLAZA                                             falcon”. They feed almost exclusively
                                                                                                                                      To learn more about Peregrine
              Zeller Management Corporation                                     on birds they take in the air. Their
                                                                                                                                      falconscan go to the U of M website
               7900 Xerxes Avenue, Suite 900                                    high-speed (up to 220 mph) dives
                  Bloomington, MN 55431                                         enable peregrines to catch everything
                 WFPadmin@zellerrealty.com                                      from songbirds to herons and ducks.                   www.raptor.cvm.umn.edu,
                                                                                Peregrine falcons were taken off the
        Office of the Building 952-835-4470                                                                                           www.mnzoo.com/conservation or
                                                                                endangered species list in August
        Wells Fargo Plaza Management Team:                                      1999 and are currently still bred in                  http://midwestperegrine.org.
Marc A. Krohn, RPA, CPM.............Senior Property Manager
Tricia Motz, RPA.......................Assistant Property Manager
Sara-ann Kasner ..................Director of Concierge Services
Carrie Boras ..................................Administrative Assistant
Todd Snyder ..................................................Chief Engineer
Bill Oberfoell ...............................................Junior Engineer
Tony Tizcareno.............................................Junior Engineer
    “Zeller Dwellers” is a publication of Zeller Realty Group


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