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Many new things around school… . . . Post Graduate Program . . . Library Research by Computers . . . Panda Suit . . .
Trustees and Officers         Administration
Barry Webster, ’65,           Bruce Lindberg, Headmaster                                       What’s Inside…
                              Ollie Faulkner, Dean of Students/Director of Residential Life
Springfield, ME
Herbert C. Haynes             Randy Harris, ’80, Athletic Director/
1st Vice President*           Kendra Ritchie, ’66, Guidance Counselor
                                                                                               Lee Academy Begins 160th Year .........................5
Winn, ME                      Kevin Ritchie, Curriculum Coordinator/ History teacher           We Get Letters.........................................................6
Frank Whirty, ’45,                                                                             Living His Dream - Erik Worster ‘99 ...................8
2nd Vice President*           Jeffrey Wright, ’92, ’Admissions Director
Lee, ME                                                                                        Class of 2002 Memories ........................................9
Ginger Maxwell, ’71,          Administrative Support Staff                                     All Around School................................................ 10
                              Patricia Houghton, ’82, Business Manager                         Annual Fund Drive Donors ............................... 12
 Lee, ME
Ollie Faulkner,               Deborah Jacobs, Admin. Asst. Admissions & Development            Scholarship Donors ............................................. 14
Secretary to the Board        Candance Gifford, ’84, Admin. Asst. Guidance/ Registrar          One of Our Many Shining Stars -
Lee, ME
                              Paula Braley, ’80, Admin. Asst. Dean of Students/ Receptionist      Hilda Crocker Stockley‘‘39 ............................. 16
Wallace Alexander, Jr., ’69                                                                    More All Around School ..................................... 18
Winslow, ME                   Faculty                                                          Patricia Lynn Corbin Memorial Race
Deandra Briggs,’’88           Ryan Conboy, History/ dorm parent
Old Town, ME                                                                                      Winners ............................................................. 20
Lawrence Chandler, ’53        James Flynn, Special Education                                   In Memoriam/Special Memories ....................... 22
Grand Lake Stream, ME         Dr. Christopher Horton, Math/ dorm parent
Gary Cobb, ’60
                              Margo Kelly, French
No. New Portland, ME
Roger Coolong, ’66            Stephen Kennedy, Industrial Arts/ Technology Coordinator
Lincoln, ME                   Dawn Leighton, Special Education
Martin Grant, ’54
                                                                                                If you’re curious about the
                              Lisa Knapp, Music/ dorm parent                                    whereabouts of friends and
Yarmouth, ME
Daniel Ham,’’77               Susan Linscott, Physical Sciences/ dorm parent                    classmates, send $12 ($10
Carroll , ME
                                                                                                for the book, $2 for postage)
                              Brian McDormand, Post Graduate Coordinator                        to: Lee Academy Alumni
Larry Ham, ’76
Lincoln, ME                   Meghan McDonald, ESL Asst./ dorm parent                           Association, P. O. Box 7, Lee,
Mark Keegan, ’59              Virginia Martin, Math/ Science
                                                                                                ME 04455. This is the first
Boothbay Harbor, ME
                                                                                                comprehensive Directory of Lee
                              Candace Parker,                                                   Academy Alumni and Friends
Nancy Keene*
Bucksport, ME                 English                                                           since 1980!
Dale MacDonald, ’57           Zachary Reed, English, ESL, &History/ dorm parent
Veazie, ME
                              Matthew Rich, English
Stephen Mallett,’’72
Lee, ME                       Janna Rollins, Special Education Coordinator
Hazen Mallory, ’62            Cynthia Sproul, Librarian/ dorm parent
Winn, ME
                              Todd Thurlow, ’84, Social Studies                                 The Alumnus is published two times per year, Winter and
Scott Maxwell, ’79
Lee, ME                       Ronald Weatherbee, Math                                           Spring/Summer, by Lee Academy. A special reunion issue
Harold Noyes                                                                                    is published by the Alumni Association in the fall. It is
Lee, ME
Freda Parker, ’48             Your Alumni Association Officers                                  distributed to over 3,000 alumni, students and their families,
Springfield, ME
Robert Potts, ’85
                              2005-2006                                                         faculty and staff, and friends of the school. Please send

                              Al Cook, ’64, ’President                                          address changes to:
Argyle, ME
Gail Rae, ’56                 Annette Dicker Ham, ’77, ’Asst. Vice President
Lee, ME
                              Janet Cobb Murchison, ’63, Secretary
                                                                                                Lee Academy
Ed Read                                                                                         ATTN: Deborah Jacobs
Springfield, ME               Priscilla Thurlow Mallory, ’63, Treasurer
Rick Scribner, ’67
                                                                                                4 Winn Road
                              Kay Crocker, ’46, Officer-at-Large
Machias, ME                                                                                     Lee, Maine 004455
Joseph Socobasin, ’88
Motahkmikuk (Princeton), ME   LEE ACADEMY                                                       Alumnus Editor: Cynthia Sproul
Clarence Thompson, ’55        4 Winn Road
Springfield, ME                                                                                 Design: Connie Rand, Rand Advertising
                              Lee, Maine 04455
Galen Thompson, Sr.                                                                             Printing: Lincoln News Print Services
                              207-738-2252 phone
Lincoln, ME
                               888-433-2852 toll-free                                           Mailing Assistants: Alumni Association and Lee Academy Staff
Michael Thurlow, ’74
Lee, ME                       207-738-5012 fax
Deandra Briggs, ’88                                           Deadline for material for the Spring/Summer issue is May 15. We welcome the
                                                                                                writings, photographs and suggestions of alums and friends.
Old Town, ME
Ruth Worster
Lee, ME
* Directors

The Alumnus                                                                            2                                                                  Winter 2005-06
From the Desk of the Headmaster                                             From the Desk of the President
Dear LA Alums and Friends,                                                  As I compose this missive not quite half way into December and

I  t is amazing to me that we are already half way through
   the year. I truly believe time is flying by as a result of the
   wonderful things happening at LA. A day doesn’t go by
                                                                            still officially fall, please be advised that by my standards winter is
                                                                            here!! Proof is in the temperature in central (and I would guess)
                                                                            northern Maine, a few scant degrees above zero. A guess this
without us receiving an inquiry regarding admissions at Lee!                year, the farmers’ words are true.
   Currently our student population hovers around 235. At                       I should like to take this opportunity to welcome to the
this point in the year we have no male or female beds available
                                                                            Alumnus staff, as editor, Cynthia Sproul, new this year to the Lee
in Weymouth Hall. We now have the problem of having more
                                                                            Academy staff and the editorial staff of The Alumnus. I was on
                                     dorm students than beds!
                                     That is a nice problem to be           campus back in October and had occasion to meet Cynthia and
                                     addressing. We are leasing             we found we have in common the fact that we are both from Au-
                                     the Haskell/McDonald house             gusta. Cynthia and my wife Donna were active in school activities
                                     adjacent to campus and using           together when our children were students in the Augusta school
                                     it as an honors dormitory              system. To quote Steven Wright, “ Small world, but I wouldn’t
                                     for post graduate men. We              want to paint it .” I look forward to working with Cynthia. She is a
                                     are discussing the possibility         very gracious lady.
                                     of developing a host family                Cynthia called to my attention the upcoming Winter carnival
                                     boarding option. If you know           activities scheduled for February or March and what that involves.
   Bruce Lindberg, Headmaster of someone who might want
                                                                            Snow sculptures I believe are a historic activity and I do remember
                                     to host a student in their home,
                                                                            those. Current students also alluded to ping pong tournaments
please call admissions with the name.
                                                                            and other competitions that
   Academically we are working to raise the standards for our
students. Kevin Ritchie, our curriculum person, has spent                   seem to have faded from my fading mind. There are awards pre-
countless hours with both veteran and new teachers on assessing             sented for this and other competitions, mostly held inside
their classroom practices. This work will better prepare our                the gym. Also, it appears all to be followed by a dance. I seem to
students for life after LA. Steve Kennedy and the Technology                remember skating parties at a nearby lake when I was on campus
Committee have spent huge amounts of time with the ever-                    back in the mid sixties. As regards the carnival this winter, I expect
increasing number of computers on campus. Just this year, we                the exact dates will be on the school Website soon.
have added over 40 computers to our inventory. I am extremely                   Apparently the staff has been receiving comments from alumni
pleased with the overall dedication and devotion of our teaching            regarding the Alumnus printing what is considered TOO much in
staff. The students of LA are fortunate to be learning from such            the way of photographs that are current to and about the school
an austere group of people.                                                 when in fact the readership is as interested in photographs and
   I would be remiss if I didn’t speak of the athletic successes of
                                                                            memorabilia which are somewhat reflective of their particular
this fall and winter. As has become a tradition, the boys’ soccer
                                                                            timeframe. These people cite that the publication is indeed aimed
team had a wonderful season. The team made it to the Eastern
Maine semi-finals. Our boys’ cross-country team finished 7th, and           at, for the most part, individuals who have an older history at Lee
the girls’ team earned the title of Eastern Maine Champions. The            Academy. I agree with both sides of this equation and believe a
highlight of the fall was the girls’ soccer team winning both the           balance is needed.
Eastern Maine and State Championship Titles. The incredible                     As much as I enjoy everything current about Lee Academy and
record is that the LA girls’ team has won 86 consecutive games              the community as it now exists, I also would like very much to see
against Eastern Maine schools.                                              photos, remembrances, etc. from its recent and even distant past.
   Another huge success is LA achieving full accreditation from             Current photos and articles are very easy to obtain. Those from
the New England Secondary Schools and Colleges for another                  the past however are dependant largely on the readership making
ten years. The staff at LA worked extremely hard to earn this               available to the editor the photos from their private collections for
distinction. The report pointed out our strengths and also made             publication. What with the technology available today, many have
recommendations we need to address over the next few years.
                                                                            the ability to scan photos to the editor for inclusion in forthcom-
   In closing, it is my opinion that LA is prospering at this time.
                                                                            ing issues, thus eliminating the need to send valuable photos in the
The strong numbers in our boarding program are an indication
of that statement. Are we at the point of needing another dorm              mail for return. It also saves all of the work and confusion that
on campus?                                                                  would entail unless such photos are sent with no need for return.
                                                                            The Alumni Association”

                                                                                                                             Continued on page 7

The Alumnus                                                             3                                                       Winter 2005-06
     It’s the Fifth Year Anniversary of the Annual Fund!
      We are just beginning the fifth Lee Academy Annual Fund              benefit and support any combination of the following:
      Drive. We hope that you recently received the mailing for            v Classroom or lab materials
      the 2005-2006 Drive. It was a brochure, on the cover of              v Instructional technology
      which was a collection of sophomores “hanging out” with              v Visual and performing arts
      a very thin man... indeed, the skeleton (for use in Biology          v Buildings and grounds
      and Anatomy and Physiology classes) whose bony arm was
                                                                           v Athletics
      draped around the shoulders of these smiling students was
      made possible by gifts to the Annual Fund Drive, in its              v Wherever the need is greatest
      inaugural year. The Annual Fund Drive continues, through                  Send your donation today, to support the learning of
      your gifts to it, to enhance the quality and type of education       today’s students, as you were once supported here. All gifts
      available to our students. Art materials, athletic equipment,        are tax deductible and go directly to the budgets for the
      support for musical productions, powerful graphing                   above-named areas - your gift does exactly what you intend.
      calculators, software, computers, textbooks, professional            Giving your charitable dollars to Lee Academy is an excellent
      training for teachers, lab equipment - and more than we              investment in today’s young people and in your school.
      can list here - have contributed to the learning of today’s          Donations to the Annual Fund Drive are thoughtfully
      students, thanks to donors to the Annual Fund.                       and wisely expended to contribute maximum educational
           By now, each of you knows the purpose of the Annual             support for students. Your gifts improve student life in the
      Fund Drive, and many of you know the types of purchases              classrooms and athletic fields here on campus.
      that are made from it. For donors of past campaigns, we                   If you would join us in supporting the Annual Fund
      thank you, both sincerely and enthusiastically! For those of         Drive, please use the envelope inside this Alumnus, the
      you who have not yet given, please join us this year!                brochure that was mailed in November, or go to our web site
           Your donation can be directed to whatever area of               ( to notify us of your intent to give. We
      school life matters most to you. Gifts may be made to                will be in touch. Thank you!

From the Editor’s desk….
As the new editor of the Alumnus, I do not expect it to be easy to fill     Please feel free to reach me here by phone, mail, or e-mail at your
Kevin Ritchie’s shoes, especially since he wears a size 13* and I wear      convenience.
a size 6 1/2 !!! He has not deserted the Alumnus entirely. Kevin wrote           I would like to thank Bruce Lindberg for giving me this
an interview for this edition. Personally, I want to thank Kevin for his    opportunity and his support. Special thanks to Al Cook, Kay
hours of time spent showing me his plans and methods for sending            Crocker, Gail Rae, and Freda Parker for their kind welcomes and
this publication out to you.                                                support. Also, thanks to Connie Rand, our new lay-out designer.
     As this is my first attempt to bring you the news from your alma       She has not only assisted in planning, but also given me a lot of
mater, Lee Academy, I hope you will send me lots of letters. Please         encouragement. Last but not least, many thanks to the admistra-
tell me what you want to see in your Alumnus (and what you can do           tive support staff, faculty, and students of Lee Academy for their
without), as well as where you are and what you are doing. I consider       suggestions and work on this edition of the Alumnus.
it an honor and a privilege to be the editor of the Alumnus and to be            Hope to hear from many of you before the next issue and
learning your local history along with your Lee Academy traditions. In      sincerely hope you enjoy this one!
addition to editor of the Alumnus, I am also the Lee Academy librar-
ian; press release writer; advisor to the new student newspaper, The        Cynthia Sproul
Panda Press; advisor for the Lincoln News weekly Panda Pause col-           4 Winn Rd.
umn; and choreographer for this year’s school musical, Footloose. (Mr.      Lee, ME 04455
Lindberg wasn’t kidding when he said he was hiring people who could         207-738-2252
wear more than one hat!) I am also a dorm parent, actually living on
campus in the dorm year round, so I have truly made Lee Academy             * Important info from a very reliable source, Kendra Ritchie!
my home.

The Alumnus                                                            4                                                     Winter 2005-06
                                   Lee Academy Begins
                                  160th Year with Changes

   Brian McDormand                                Ollie Faulkner                                   Lisa Knapp

                      O     pened in 1845 as Lee Normal School, Lee Academy is beginning
                            its160th year with a new Headmaster, Bruce Lindberg from the
                            Rumford area, and a new Dean of Students, Ollie Faulkner from
                      Sangerville. With them come many new changes including an increase
                      in programs for students with a strong focus on SAT prep; cooperative
                      busing with several school districts; an increase in the number of board-
                      ing students; and more school faculty and staff as live-in dorm parents.
                           One of the new (or newly revived) programs is the post graduate
                      program which has brought several students from other states to focus
                      on their academics.The total number of students at Lee Academy is
                      currently 235. Dormitory students total 44. Of those, 18 post graduates
     Ryan Conboy                                                                                  Susan Linscott
                      come from Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey,
                      New Mexico, Tennessee, Kentucky, Canada and the Cayman Islands; 26
                      international students from Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Poland, Great
                      Britain and Bermuda. Local students come from 14 surrounding com-
                      munities. Last fall we reached out to students who were victims of hurri-
                      cane Katrina and were anxious to finish high school at a strong academic
                      boarding school.
                           New teachers and staff are Dr. Chris Horton, math teacher and
                      dorm parent from Massachusetts with family in Nova Scotia; Ryan
                      Conboy, PG assistant, history teacher and dorm parent from Colorado;
                      Lisa Knapp, music teacher and dorm parent from Texas and formerly
                      Connecticut; Susan Linscott, physical science teacher from Lincoln, ME
   Meghan MacDonald                                                                                Bryan Slight
                      and formerly a teacher at Old Town High; Brian McDormand, PG Coor-
                      dinator from Lowell, MA and formerly a coach in Lynn, MA; Zac Reed,
                      English and history teacher and dorm parent from Lincoln, ME; Bryan
                      Slight, earth science teacher and dorm parent from Connecticut; Cynthia
                      Sproul, Librarian, dorm parent and Alumnus editor from Augusta, ME
                      and formerly FL and TX; and Meghan MacDonald, Ed Tech III from
                      Texas. Virginia “Ginger” Martin from Lee has recently been reassigned
                      to teaching Math and Science classes.

     Ginger Martin                                                                                Cynthia Sproul

The Alumnus                                               5                                           Winter 2005-06
We Get Letters
1940’s                                                                    From Kay Stevens Crocker, ‘46
From Muriel Grover, ’41 to Freda Parker                                   “Class of 1946” Can it be possible that we left L.A. 60 years ago?
May 3, 2005                                                               Anyway, the class of 1945 is hoping we’ll make a big day of it and in-
I was a graduate of Lee Academy in class of 1941. There weren’t           vite them...sounds good to me. We need to outdo their numbers last
many in our class and some were from the town of Lee itself like          year SO make your plans to attend L.A. Reunion the 3rd Saturday in
Burton and Kenneth Cobb and Phillip Brown, but many stayed                August. See you there!”
at the Girls Dorm and Mallett Hall. Many of the buildings have
changed and new ones added. All our classes were at the high
school. The buses didn’t start running until the year of 1942 so
                                                                          Irvin “Buzz” Caverly, ’59 makes the Bangor Daily News Novem-
there were more students then. A new gym was finished for 1940
                                                                          ber 1, 2005
graduates who were also playing basketball.That has changed
much since girls had six players and the court was divided in 3
                                                                          Buzz, the former director of Baxter State Park, retired on July 1
sections. We could only have 1 dribble and could only go 1/3
                                                                          after 46 years of service to the park. Best wishes on your retirement,
of way with ball. The old dorm is gone. We had to walk for our
meals to Mallett Hall. Some of our class has passed away but I
have seen some: Sheldon Priest, Rebecca Engstrom (Bowers),
Daisy Porter Curtis, Burton Cobb, Kenneth Cobb, John White,
                                                                          Note from the editor: We are sorrowful, yet grateful, to be able to
Warren Hansen, Marjorie Irish, and Margaret Borgerson. I have
                                                                          print a treasured note from Lanny Lancaster, ’65, expressing appreci-
attended some reunions as I live in Passadumkeag! I also attend
                                                                          ation to his classmates. Lanny wrote this optimistic note waiting for
baseball and basketball games when I can. I am a widow of 33
                                                                          a liver transplant, but sadly, Lanny passed away November 26, 2005.
years. We had 6 daughters, all married and have grandchildren
and great grandchildren.Recently had a stroke and was in the
                                                                          From Lanny Lancaster, ‘65,
hospital 2 weeks. I am at home now. We are over 80 years old
                                                                          Sept. 10, 2005
now, but always enjoy giving back to the school. Styles have
                                                                          “I still live in Kingman, Since graduation I worked in the woods,
changed but many have come back. Lee Academy did well in
                                                                          driving truck, running skidder or crane. I haven’t worked for almost
                                                                          2 years as I am waiting for a liver transplant. I want to thank my
                                                                          classmates who went to reunion for the donations. It will help when
From Barbara Griffin Hoholick, ‘45, to Kay Crocker
                                                                          I go to Boston.”
“ I finally received my Alumnus today, the one you sent in the
brown envelope. Thank you so much and it was great to see
                                                                          From Ed Hebert ‘66
you doing another Alumnus. Will you be doing another? I know
you have many other things that you are working on but it was
                                                                          “One of my favorite recollections is watching and playing basketball
good to have you back for this issue at least. I especially enjoyed
                                                                          with Floyd Hanscom...arguably the best LA player of the 60’s. Floyd
so many letters from everyone. Can we make the 60th reunions
                                                                          was 5”8-9” and about 160 pounds...all heart and a great competitor
something special?”
                                                                          and role model, both on the court and in the classroom.
From Mary Jane Crabtree Dow, ‘46.
                                                                          As a sophomore and junior at LA, Floyd was better than the rest
“I am always amused by any listing of names in the Alumnus. It
                                                                          of us and always better than the best player on the opposing teams.
shows Maine families know the value of family. Family names go
                                                                          When his parents moved to Bar Harbor, he would go on to do his
on and on through generations...names like Thurlow, MacDon-
                                                                          senior year at Mount Desert High School and lead them to the East-
ald, Sibley, Weatherbee, Crocker, Thompson, and so on. They
                                                                          ern Maine Championship...setting a tournament record for points
all know they come from the greatest state in the U.S.and often
                                                                          scored which stood for years. I remember listening to the tourna-
return when the time comes to settle down. Lee Academy is a
                                                                          ment games on the radio and the announcers making remarks about
warm spot in my life even though it was only for one year. Re-
                                                                          how that year should have been a down year for MDI, but that Floyd
member, I came from Chicago where there were over 400 in our
                                                                          was the “difference maker”.
graduating class. What a change!!! and a good one. The Crabtree
family originated in Maine and those of us who can return some
                                                                          Floyd’s skill level made the games entertaining whether we were win-
summers to visit Island Falls and be “grounded” again as we will
                                                                          ning or losing. I’m sure a lot of folks from the early to mid
be in July 2006. Give my best to everyone who may remember

The Alumnus                                                           6                                                       Winter 2005-06
60’s, if they attended games or played basketball, can remember          Out of 40 candidates interviewed, I was chosen and
Floyd and his flash on the court.”                                       will be starting this new position on Monday, December
                                                                         5, 2005.
From Bruce Fernald ’69 to Priscilla Mallory                              Although this is a sudden change, the career and
Bruce writes, “Have you read The Secret Life of Lobsters by              financial advancement cannot be passed up. I will be
Trevor Corson?”                                                          back into the direct recruitment of prospective
                                                                         students with basically no travel involved. Also, due
1970’s                                                                   to their on-line programs, the experience working
From Susan Taylor Rioux,’‘71.....”just a reminder to 71’ers that         directly with computer programmers and learning the
it is our 35th class reunion. Get rested up and bring your rocking       background details of our systems while at Liaison
chairs. See yah this summer!”                                            gave me an added advantage in the candidate selection
                                                                         process. Needless to say, they made me an offer that
1980’s                                                                   I could not refuse!
Steve Mallory, ’87 makes the Bangor Daily News November 1,               As soon as I have my new contact information for UOP,
2005                                                                     I will be certain to pass it on.
A former Penobscot County Sheriff ’s Deputy, Steve is head of            Wish me luck as I have absolutely no downtime between
security at the new Hollywood Slots facility in Bangor.                  these two jobs!”

1990’s                                                                   Note from the editor: Congratulations, Kim! I’m sure everyone
From Kim Sawyer,’’ 95,’an e-mail                                         from LA is proud of your success and wishes you the best of luck
December 02, 2005                                                        in your new job!

Good Morning Everyone,                                                   2005
                                                                         Shelby Pickering, ’ 05,’made ESPN Magazine with her milk
I wanted to take the time to make this official to
those of you that do not know. Today is my last day
at Liaison International working in the Application                      Shelby is a 2005 SAMMY winner. The 25 scholar athletes who won
Services Department. I have been employed with                           the 8th annual Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAM-
Liaison International over the last 3 years and have                     MY) each received a $7,500 college scholarship, an awards weekend
steadily advanced during my time there. Last week, I                     at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex and the opportunity to
interviewed for a position of Sr. Enrollment Counselor                   be pictured in national publications.
with the University of Phoenix’s Burlington, MA campus
and was offered the job on Monday, November 28, 2005.

                                                                                   Get Ready For Class Reunion 2006
Al Cook from page 3                                                                           Make your plans NOW!
is an all volunteer organization and as such, sometimes,
things are inadvertently overlooked, misplaced, or lost. Rare            LA Reunions are always held on the third Saturday in August.
indeed would this be the case what with the experience and               This year it will be August 19, 2006.
dedication of this staff but such things do occur . So if you            Always remember everyone is welcome!
have anything you can scan and e-mail to Cynthia at school
and Kay in the alumni office, I encourage you to please do so            The honored classes this year are:
for balance of past and present in our publication.
     Printed testimonials and remembrances are also encour-              50th- Class of 1956
aged. You, the reader, can help the Alumnus be what you                  Gail Mallett Rae,’56, would like you to contact her at:
want it to be.                                                           136 Dam Rd., Lee, ME 04455
     I hope this issue finds you all in good health.                     207-738-5014
Al Cook
Pres LAAA                                                                35th- Class of 1971
1 Ward Street                                                            25th- Class of 1981
Augusta , ME 04330                                                       10th- Class of 1996
Tel 207 623 4654                                                         Are there others who would like to be a contact person for their                                                  class reunion? Please contact Kay Crocker in the Alumni Office.

The Alumnus                                                          7                                                       Winter 2005-06
Living His Dream - —Erik Worster ‘99
                                                                           One of Erik’s qualities, apart from his driving ability, is his
                                                                           friendly nature. He genuinely likes people and he enjoys the public
                                                                           relations aspect of being a competitive driver: talking to people,
                                                                           exhibiting his car, signing photographs at trade shows. Children
                                                                           sometimes shake his hand and say, ‘I’m never going to wash my
                                                                           hands again!’ Erik loves this work! “I remember what it was like
                                                                           being a kid, so I let people sit in the car, I show them the engine,
                                                                           we talk about going fast and driving safely. Racing is still an
                                                                           amazing thing to me. I really like it and it takes a lot of time,” he
                                                                           says. “I don’t do much camping or fishing, these days. You need
                                                                           to make a choice; I work on the car during the week and I race on
                                                                           weekends. I know that I need to be dedicated if I really want this.”
                                                                                Erik knows something about dedication. He enjoyed base-
                                                                           ball, basketball, soccer and ski team when he was a student at Lee
                                                                           Academy. “Sports taught me a lot,” he remembers. “I learned
                                                                           to be competitive, to do things ‘in the public eye’, and I learned
                                                                           how to be fearless when I needed to be. In racing, you can’t back
                           by Kevin Ritchie                                down.” He thinks for a minute and adds, “Sports also taught
     He grew up with the smell of gasoline and fresh paint. And            me that you have to practice!” He goes on to say that he enjoyed
now Erik Worster wants a life racing stock cars.                           Region III and Mrs. McIntyre’s Virtual Reality class. He notes that
In 2001, Erik bought an old, Pontiac Grand Am for $75 and drove            his car number is usually #11, his number in sports at LA— until
at Speedway 95, eastern Maine’s best-known car racing venue, to            baseball season, when he chose #3, in honor of NASCAR legend,
compete in the’“Big Enduro” class. He needed only to take out the          Dale Earnhardt.
windows in the car and add a fire extinguisher, and he was ready.               When asked about his most exciting race, he tells the story of
And he loved it.                                                           a day when a dozen or more friends had come to watch him race.
     Then, in 2002, he invested in a 1992 Ford Thunderbird and             He had finished in the top 3 the previous week, which meant he
had some competitive success, finishing 3rd in one race and win-           had to start last in this race. The car had no power steering during
ning another.                                                              that race, yet somehow he moved up the pack, eventually winning.
     In 2003, he continued to race in the “Enduro” class, but he           He remembers climbing onto the roof of the car, elated, and wav-
also advanced to the “Strictly Street” class where he came in 3rd          ing the checkered flag. Nearly 5000 people were in attendance that
in overall points, had 27 top 3 finishes, was named Rookie of the          night, and the roar was everywhere around him. It’s this
Year and even won a race at another regional track, Unity Raceway.
     For 2004, he again moved upward to a more competitive class,
racing exclusively in the “Limited Sportsman” class. He won once,
7 times was in the top 3, and won Rookie of the Year honors again
in this division.
     This year, Erik competed in the “Pro Stock” class, the most
competitive and fastest class of stock car racing at Speedway 95.
Repeating a now-familiar pattern of success, he won once, 4 times
was in the top 3 and, as of early August, was the leader in points.
     This is, no pun intended,”“fast movement” up through the
ranks. Erik’s dream is to continue to climb the racing hierarchy
into increasingly competitive and challenging stock car circuits.
Indeed, he has his sites set on following the likes of Andy Santerre
and Ricky Craven from Speedway 95 to NASCAR. Next steps are
the Pro All-Star Series in Canada and New England and then the
Busch-North Truck Series. To advance requires sponsorship and
sponsorship comes to winners. Erik’s success is suggesting that
such sponsorship may be in his near future.

The Alumnus                                                            8                                                     Winter 2005-06
feeling and the experience of racing itself that make this life so          Academy alums. Tristan Blanchard ‘01 assisted a lot, early‘on. Erik’s
exciting for Erik. “It took me a few races— I was nervous, filled           brother, Kraig’‘00, who’s now in Alabama, was a big help. Richie
with anticipation— but once you’re comfortable and in tune                  Lee ‘98 is helping out now. And his biggest supporters are his mom,
with it, you’re not afraid of crashing, you’re afraid of losing.”           Ellen ‘79 (McCafferty) Worster and his dad Bryant ‘79. Addition-
     He continues, “It’s interesting— As soon as I’m on the                 ally, many friends from the Lee-Lincoln area come to watch. Travis
track, I know it’s where I’m supposed to be. I don’t know— I’m              McLeod ‘00 has been, B.J. Tripp ‘99 often says hi at the races. There
relaxed and I’m just meant to be there. While driving, I’m really           is, Erik says, “So much small town support.”
focused. Drivers think all the time: who’s near me? what are the                  Erik’s perspective on racing is an optimistic and appreciative one
track conditions? how’s the car feeling? how’s the race play-               and he approaches school and life the same way. “You’re in school
ing out?— and you don’t feel that you’re going fast unless you              to learn. Do your homework, pay attention, try to better yourself—
lose control. I’ve crashed, probably 4 or 5 times, but I’ve never           if you don’t make good use of your time in school, you have to play
flipped over. I’ll tell you, though, sitting still and getting hit is       catch up later. Take advantage of what’s in front of you— and have
way worse than racing! I’ll never do the Springfield Fair demoli-           fun. I’ve found that you can find a way to enjoy nearly everything in
tion derby again!”                                                          life, if you choose to.”
     “Racing’s a great thing,” he says. “It’s a challenge for me,                 During weekdays, Erik TIG welds large, aluminum signs for
personally, and a great show for spectators. Respect your car,              Collabric, a fabrication company in Veazie, Maine. In December of
have fun, be smart and dedicated and it’s a great job.”                     ‘05 he was married and he and his wife, Katie reside in Winterport,
     His pit crew over the years has included several Lee                   where Erik is hard at work on a garage— the first place he’s owned
                                                                            where he can work on his car!

                                                          Class of 2002 Memories
                                                                 by Ty Thurlow ‘02
                                    The times and days when we were all together have come and gone,
                                    We now find ourselves at the brink of a scary new dawn.
                                    Away from our friends and family, from what we’ve always known,
                                    We are scattered about like many leaves, after the wind has blown.

                                    Some of us near, and some of us are far,
                                    But none of us are too far to be traveled to by car.
                                    The distance that separates us, is trivial to our ties,
                                    A graduating class love like ours, never dies.

                                    We saw each other almost every day for some thirteen years,
                                    We laughed at the good times and shared many tears.
                                    We molded as one unit, inseparable to all,
                                    When we are together we had the biggest ball!

                                    Time will change us, from what we are today,
                                    But the friendship and bond we share will always stay that way.
                                    We’ll lose contact, and we’ll lose faith, we may even lose each other,
                                    But I can honestly say I love all of you as my sister or my brother.

                                    We’ve been through it all together, and we will go through more,
                                    Some of you may be asking what was all of it for?
                                    Look at your friendships, the ones that are ultimately true,
                                    Those are the reasons, I will never forget Lee Academy’s class of 2002!

The Alumnus                                                                  9                                                      Winter 2005-06
                                                 All Around School

         Congratulations to the 2005 Girls’ Maine State Class D Champions from Lee Academy!
We are proud of you! This is the second state championship from LA. The first state championship was in the fall of 2003 and a few other
teams have made it to the runner-up position. Girls Soccer is kicking high at LA!

Coach Tom Pickering, ‘78, has been named Class D State Soccer Coach of the Year!! Congratulations, Tom!

                                                                              L. to R. Back Row: Coach Tom Pick-
                                                                              ering, Jodi Worcester, Jessica Arbo,
                                                                              Kimmy Thurlow, Nicole Stevinsky, Laci
                                                                              McLaughlin, Dana Houghton, Karin
                                                                              Bird, Brooke Harris, Amanda Gifford,
                                                                              Amy Lane, Aarika Ritchie, and Coach
                                                                              Aaron Knowles.
                                                                              L. to R. Front Row: Yoo Yeong “Kristi”
                                                                              Lee, Kerri Harris, Liz Read, Marci
                                                                              Moors, Jackie Moors, Erica Hanscom

   Perfection on the Basketball Foul Line
Tom Bird, a 6’1” Lee Academy”junior, and forward
for the boys’ varsity basketball team, scored 24 for 24, a
perfect game from the foul line. This possible state re-
cord in any class was achieved at Katahdin High School
on January 16, 2006. Lee Academy won 61-46 over
Katahdin. Congratulations, Tom!

                                                                   Underclassmen returning are LA’s promise for next year.:
                                                          r. Kimmie, Brooke, Dana, Karin, Amanda, Aarika

                                                    Representing Lee Academy
           Kendra Ritchie, ‘ 66, LA guidance counselor, serves on the Admissions Advisory Council for the University of
           Maine. She is also the secretary of the Eastern Maine Guidance Association. Kendra is one of three Civil Rights
           Team advisors at Lee Academy and considers the team to be critical to LA due to our diverse population. The 20
           student participants are representative of all the grades and cultures at LA.

The Alumnus                                                       10                                                   Winter 2005-06
New PG Program at Lee Academy

     At the suggestion of the new Lee Academy Headmaster,                    Academy. He may possibly improve his already good SAT scores
Bruce Lindberg, the Lee Academy trustees voted in early summer               while he is here.
to begin a post graduate (PG) program, or grade 13. Mr. Lindberg,                 Kevin Young, 19, a fifth year high school student from St.
also a recognized basketball scout, used his contacts across the             Albans, Queens, NY came here with Corey. Their mothers are
country to successfully place many new                                                                 friends from work. He is making up credits
students in the PG program and fill the                                                                that he missed in high school due to inap-
dorm in September. He has personally                                                                   propriate placements. He came in with the
taken on responsibility for PG academic                                                                PG program and is eligible to play basket-
schedules, basing them on individual                                                                   ball with them. Kevin will graduate with the
needs and college requirements.                                                                        senior class at Lee Academy. He is not eli-
     In early July, Brian McDormand, an-                                                               gible to play basketball with the high school
other man with extensive contacts in New                                                               team because he has already played four
England, was hired as PG program co-                                                                   years in high school in New York. Kevin
ordinator and basketball coach. McDor-                                                                 says, “I’m focusing on my grades this year.”
mand, a retired machinist and member of                                                                He said he likes the Lee Academy academic
the Teamsters Union, has many years of                                                                 environment with small classes and teachers
experience coaching girls and boys high                                                                willing to help after school hours.
school basketball in the Lynn, MA area.                                                                   Jordan Kelly and Wills Francis come
He also worked in special education in the                                                             from Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom, and
Lynn, MA schools. Since he was already                                                                 Toronto, Canada, respectively. Jordan’s
in the process of moving to this area                                                                  parents were looking at prep schools in
when he saw the article in the Bangor pa-                                                              New England with small classes and bas-
per, McDormand applied for the job. His                                                                ketball programs when they heard about
wife already had a job as a nurse at the                                                               Lee Academy from the people at Brewster
hospital in Lincoln. McDormand said, “I                                                                Academy in NH. Jordan says that he loves
wanted this job for the challenge because                                                              basketball and that Great Britain does not
we were under a deadline to establish the                                                              have many schools that consider it an im-
program in 6 weeks and we did it. My                                                                   portant sport. Their schools highlight more
next challenge was to put a PG basket-                                                                 traditional British sports like Rugby and
ball team together. We had 28 games in                                                                 Soccer. Jordan, younger than the others, ac-
our schedule as well as a trip to the National PG Tournament in              tually qualifies as a high school senior and is playing on the varsity
Rhode Island.”                                                               team at LA instead of the PG team. Wills, also looking at US prep
     The assistant coach, Ryan Conboy, is also new to this area,             schools, said a New Hampton prep school basketball coach came
coming from Colorado. Conboy said he came mainly to be part                  to Toronto and later told him about Lee Academy. Wills is quiet
of building a new basketball program, but he is also a dedicated             and individualistic, yet warm and personable. He says he is enjoy-
teacher and part time dorm parent. Conboy teaches World History              ing the small classes and his new friends at Lee Academy.
and Exercise Physiology.                                                          Two players from Massachusetts, Corey Bingham from Lynn,
     Currently there are 18 post graduate students playing bas-              MA and Travon Wilcher from Springfield, MA, also roommates
ketball. They come from 10 states, the Cayman Islands, Canada,               here, were recruited by Coach McDormand. Corey missed out
Great Britain and Germany. They are attending Lee Academy                    on some courses required by colleges at his high school. Both are
for various reasons. These first post graduate students and their            gaining from their experience at Lee Academy.
families are the catalysts for the success of this versatile program.             Another two, both from the Chicago area, but from totally dif-
     Corey Orgias, just now turning 18, came to Lee Academy                  ferent backgrounds, are Tauras Skripkauskas and Kenyale Evans.
from Highland Mills, N Y as one of the first post graduates. He              Tauras, originally from Lithuania, has only lived in the United
is a high school graduate with very good grades and good SAT                 States a few years. He came to Lee with great grades and a burning
scores. He needs an extra year to play ball and be seen by more              desire to improve himself on the basketball court to get a college
coaches and scouts. Corey saw the advantage of playing at the PG             scholarship. Kenyale had lots
level and also taking a few AP classes at Lee

                                                                                                                          Continued on page 18

The Alumnus                                                             11                                                       Winter 2005-06
                       Annual Fund Drive Donors, 2004-2005
                      Join us for this year’s AFD, in progress now! (Gifts may be sent in the enclosed envelope.)

Annabelle Jameson       ’32    Sylvia Lyon                   ’50        Gary Cobb                       ’60    Everett Deschenes                ’70
Percy King              ’32    Gwendolyn R. Dicker           ’51        Andrew Hatch                    ’60    Virginia Albert                  ’71
Pauline Saba            ’33    Wayne Dicker                  ’51        Jerre & Leona Crocker           ’61    Ginger Maxwell                   ’71
Iona Toby               ’34    Althea Lowell                 ’51        Deanne Merrill                  ’61    Frank Spinney                    ’71
Carl Averill            ’35    Lorraine Bailey               ’52        Eileen Smith                    ’61    David Ballard                    ’72
Floyd Cobb              ’37    Irene Charette                ’52        Galen Thompson, Sr.             ’61    Stephen & Luci Mallett           ’72
Maude Cobb              ’38    Roger W. Powers               ’52        Betty Faulkner                  ’62    Mr. Peter Jenkins                ’74
Porter, Wayne           ’40    Myrtle Stevens                ’52        Jon L. Lyons                    ’62    Michael Thurlow                  ’74
Burton Cobb             ’41    Durward Worster               ’52        Hugh Murray                     ’62    Larry Ham                        ’76
Kenneth Cobb            ’41    Melburne Applebee             ’53        William Saba                    ’62    Kevin Maxwell                    ’76
Muriel Grover           ’41    Natalie Bergevin              ’53        Estella Whitten                 ’62    Annette Ham                      ’77
Ernest A. Lowell        ’43    Lawrence & Helen Chandler     ’53        Jeff Bubar                      ’64    Lewis B. Doane, Jr               ’79
Foster Farrell          ’44    Donna Dicker                  ’53        Alden Cook                      ’64    Beverly Garland                  ’80
Vaughn Lowell           ’45    George Fogg                   ’53        Henry Hunter, III               ’64    Randy E. Harris                  ’80
 Susan Oliver           ’45    Kathleen Gallupe              ’53        Linwood Mulligan                ’64    John N. Bailey                   ’83
Frank Whirty            ’45    Sterling Mills                ’53        Stephen Rideout                 ’64    Albert J. Thuon, Jr              ’83
Wayne W. Whitney        ’45    Jean Sprague                  ’53        Marion Saucier                  ’64    Dale Coffin                      ’85
Barbara York            ’45    Dalton Budge                  ’54        Robert Berg                     ’65    Robert Potts                     ’85
Maryjane Dow            ’46    Searle Crocker                ’54        Constance McLeod                ’65    William J. Bento                 ’86
Keith Cobb              ’47    Everett Houghton              ’54        Roger Coolong                   ’66    Kelly Coffin                     ’86
Virginia Farnsworth     ’47    Bernice K. Monroe             ’54        Edward Hebert                   ’66    Deandra Briggs                   ’88
Charlotte Ireland       ’47    Frederick Stevens             ’54        Bernard Irish                   ’66    Erica Alschuler                  ’89
Melva Libby             ’47    Thelma Worster                ’54        Marjorie Louder                 ’66    Robert Gross                     ’90
Milton Mills            ’47    Norma Hardison                ’55        Kendra & Kevin Ritchie          ’66
Alfred Theriault        ’47    Carl MacDonald                ’55        Dale Wheaton                    ’67
Melissa. Costello       ’48     Blaine Moores                ’55        Deborah Foster                  ’68
L. Nadine Crocker       ’48    Lindsay Nevells               ’55        Wallace Alexander               ’69
Dwight Haslam           ’48    Evelyn Dow                    ’56        Bruce Carlton                   ’69
Freda Parker            ’48    Joyce. Lancaster              ’56        Gary Haynes                     ’69
Stanley Webster         ’48    Greta Stevens                 ’56        Elaine Thurlow                  ’69
Leona Brown             ’49    Doris Bates                   ’57
Donna Bubar             ’49    Dale Ann MacDonald            ’57
Kenneth Budge           ’49    Harold Stevens                ’57
Claire Jipson           ’49    Sharon Cole                   ’59
                                                                                              LOOKING FOR HELP
                                                                                                   By Kay Crocker , ’46
Roberta Murray          ’49    Mark Keegan                   ’59

                                                                           We are hoping to add dollars to the “Dingley Fund” that was started at
                                                                         the time of Mr. D’s death. The purpose of the fund was to get enough $’s
                                                                         to maintain repairs on the Dingley building. When most new buildings are
                                                                         built now, money for repairs is built into the cost. This was not done when
                                                                         the Dingley building was constructed. The fund only has about $5,000.00
       Gifts in Kind                    Matching Funds                   and it is easy to guess that this amount will not make many repairs.
                                                                           My records indicate that approximately 1250 students graduated while
       Wayne Porter                     United Defense                   Mr. D was principal of L.A. Think of what $10.00 from each graduate
                                                                         could add to this fund. We are open for suggestions. How about a
       Herbert & Virginia Haynes
                                                                         challenge with two or 3 classes? A raffle? Donate the $’s you receive from
                                                                         returning bottles. Make a pledge for $10.00 a year. Give us some ideas.
                                                                         Hoping to hear from you!

The Alumnus                                                        12                                                            Winter 2005-06
 1845 GOLD CIRCLE Over $5,000            Sylvia Lyon ‘50                   Mildred Crocker
                                         Jon L. Lyons ‘62                  Searle Crocker ‘54
 SILVER FOUNDERS CIRCLE $2,500- $4,999   Stephen ‘72 & Luci ‘72 Mallett    Marilou Dameron
 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Haynes, Sr.     Milton Mills ‘47                  Gwendolyn R. Dicker ‘51
                                         Sterling Mills ‘53                Wayne ‘51 & Donna ‘53 Dicker
 HEADMASTER CIRCLE $1,000 - $2,499       Linwood Mulligan ‘64              Marilyn L. Doherty
 Larry ‘76 & Annette‘‘77 Ham             Hugh Murray ‘62                   Evelyn Dow ‘56
 Mark Keegan ‘59                         Lindsay Nevells ‘55               Maryjane Dow ‘46
 Kevin ‘76 & Ginger ‘71 Maxwell          Robert Potts ‘85                  Virginia Farnsworth ‘47
 Blaine Moores ‘55                       Roger W. Powers ‘52               Betty Faulkner ‘62
 Machias Savings Bank                    Stephen Rideout ‘64               George Fogg ‘53
                                         William Saba ‘62                  Deborah Foster ‘68
 BRONZE SOCIETY $500 - $999              Jeannine Sanders ‘59              Robert Gross ‘90
 Brian Bento                             Eileen Smith ‘61                  Muriel Grover ‘41
 Robert Berg ‘65                         Jean Sprague ‘63                  Norma M. Hardison ‘55
 Dalton Budge ‘54                        Frederick Stevens ‘54             Dwight Haslam ‘48
 Lawrence ‘53 & Helen ‘53 Chandler       Albert J. Thuon, Jr ‘83           Henry Hunter, III ‘64
 Gary Cobb ‘60                           Dale Wheaton ‘67                  Charlotte Ireland ‘47
 Everett HoughtonÄ‘54                    Wayne W. Whitney ‘45              Bernard Irish ‘ 66
 Carl ‘55 & Dale Ann ‘57 MacDonald       Daigle Oil Company                Peter Jenkins ‘74
 Galen Thompson, Sr. ‘61                 Wight’s Sporting Goods            Claire Jipson ‘49
 Andrew W. Wyckoff                       Rioux Electric                    Percy King ‘32
 Walmart                                 Shop & Save                       Joyce Lancaster ‘56
                                                                           Melva Libby ‘47
 LEADERSHIP SOCIETY $250 - $499          PANDA CLUB Up to $99              Ernest ‘43 & Althea ‘51 Lowell
 Andrew Hatch ‘60                        Virginia Albert ‘71               Constance McLeod ‘65
 Edward Hebert ‘66                       Erica Alschuler ‘89               Deanne Merrill ‘61
 Margo Kelly                             Melburne Applebee ‘53             Bernice K. Monroe ‘54
 Carrie Z. MartinÄ‘59                    John N. Bailey ‘83                Roberta Murray ‘49
 Wayne Porter ‘40                        Lorraine Bailey ‘52               Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Noyes
 Kendra ‘66 & Kevin Ritchie              David Ballard ‘72                 Susan Oliver ‘45
 United Defense                          Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bartlett, Jr   Freda Parker ‘48
                                         Doris Bates ‘57                   Mr. and Mrs. Loren Ritchie
 GRAY & BLUE CLUB $100 - $249            William J. Bento ‘86              Pauline Saba ‘33
 Wallace Alexander ‘69                   Natalie Bergevin ‘53              Marion Saucier ‘64
 Carl P. Averill ‘35                     Leona Brown ‘49                   Frank Spinney ‘71
 Deandra Briggs ‘88                      Donna Bubar ‘49                   Harold ‘57 & Greta ‘56 Stevens
 Floyd ‘37 & Maude ‘38 Cobb              Jeff Bubar ‘64                    Myrtle Stevens ‘ 52
 Kenneth Cobb ‘41                        Kenneth Budge ‘49                 William Stockwell
 Everett Deschenes ‘70                   Bruce Carlton ‘69                 Alfred Theriault ‘ 47
 Lewis B. Doane, Jr ‘79                  Al & Irene ‘ 52 Charette          Lucille Thibodeau
 Foster Farrell ‘44                      Burton Cobb ‘41                   Elaine ‘ 69 & Michael ‘74Thurlow
 Kathleen Gallupe ‘53                    Keith Cobb ‘47                    Iona Toby ‘34
 Beverly Garland ‘80                     Dale ‘ 85 & Kelly ‘ 86 Coffin     Stanley Webster ‘48
 Randy E. Harris ‘80                     Sharon Cole ‘59                   Frank Whirty ‘45
 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Haskell, Jr.         Alden Cook ‘64                   Estella Whitten ‘62
 Gary Haynes ‘69                         Roger Coolong ‘66                 Olivia Williamson ‘59
 Annabelle Jameson ‘32                   Melissa Costello ‘48              Durward ‘52 & Thelma ‘54 Worster
 Marjorie Louder ‘66                     Jerre ‘61 & Leona ‘61Crocker      Barbara York ‘45
 Vaughn Lowell ‘45                       L. Nadine Crocker ‘48

The Alumnus                                                13                                    Winter 2005-06
                                        Scholarship Donations
                                               2004 - 2005
     Linwood Bowers Sr. Scholarship                          Daniel J Frazier Citizenship Scholarship

     Mrs. Lucretia Leen ’44                                   Mr. Blaine Moores ’55
     Hill-Bowers Family Donation
     S.Michael & Linda Gerry                                 Lena & Lyman Hamm Scholarship

     Garth Chandler Scholarship                               Mrs. Lucille Spaulding and Mr. Normand Voisine

     Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Porter                               Robert & Claire Jipson Scholarship
     Mrs. Barbara A. Hoholick ’45
     Mrs. Dorothy Shorey ’51                                  Mrs. Claire Jipson ’49

     Patricia Corbin Scholarship                             Kenneth & Dorothy McGaw Scholarship

     Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thompson                          Mr. & Mrs. Al Charette
     Michael & Susan Kelly                                   Mr. Allen Foss ’72
     Johnson’s Florist                                       Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Nevells
     Vanceboro Elementary                                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oliver
     East Range II School                                    Mr. and Mrs. David Murchison
                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whirty
     Timothy Crosby Scholarship                              Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mallett
                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Hazen Mallory
     In Memory of Winifred Crosby                            Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Oliver
                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Wright
     Mr R. Parshall and J Farrell                            Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stevens
     Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Conklin                             Mr. and Mrs. Roland Scribner
     Mrs. Carole Grant                                       Mr. Emmett Stevens ’38
     Carle Gray                                              Wally & Barbara Blair
     Dana & Cindee Keene                                     Dorothy Clark
     Eugene & Kathleen Parshall                              Barry & Ruth Bennett
     Mrs. Alfred Clemons                                     Jean Christie Johnson
     Mrs. Elaine Perkins ’48                                 Marc Christie
     Mrs. Laura Wheeler ’58                                  David Christie
     Mrs. Suzanne Worster ’64                                Mr. Lindon Christie, Jr.
                                                             Mrs. Gail Rae ’56
     Byron Delano Scholarship                                Mrs. Winifred Clemons
                                                             Ms. Marie Foss ’64
     First Congregational Church, Ellsworth                  Mr. Kirk Ritchie
     Mr. Carl P. Averill ’35                                 Ms. Mildred Crocker

     Fred Dingley Memorial Fund                              Sarah McLain Scholarship

     Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bubar                                 Mr. Brady
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Costello                        Penobscot Valley Hospital

     Greg Doane Scholarship                                  Fred E. Pickering Scholarship
                                                             In Memory of Alice Pickering
     Mr. and Mrs. Galen Thompson, Sr.
     Ms. Pamela S. Tash ’80                                  Lincoln Pulp & Paper

     Clifford Downs Scholarship

      Mrs. Wendy E. Dunbar ’89

The Alumnus                                        14                                              Winter 2005-06
   Mr. and Mrs. Clayton C. Boulrisse                                       Saba Family Scholarship
   Fraternal Order of Eagles
   April L. Brown-Lloyd and David Brown                                    Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Nevells
   Mr. & Mrs. Al Charette                                                  Mr. and Mrs. David Murchison
   Mr. and Mrs. Calvin A. Thompson                                         Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Wheeler
   Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Nevells                                            Mr. and Mrs. Durward Worster
   Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whorton                                            Mr. and Mrs. E. Barry McLaughlin
   Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Freeman                                            Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Cobb
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Noyes
   Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Smith
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Hazen Mallory
   Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hanscom                                             Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Saba
   Mr. and Mrs. Edson Williams                                             Mr. and Mrs. Russell Noyes
   Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Haskell                                       Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Shorey
   Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cramer                                                Mr. Dean Bradbury ’57
   Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Brehaut                                         Mrs. Patricia M. Blake
   Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Oliver                                              Mrs. Elinor J. McLaughlin ’62
   Mr. and Mrs. James Daigle                                               Mrs. Lucretia Leen ’44
                                                                           Ms. Jeannette Popp
   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Budge
                                                                           Murvyle & Crystal Fleming
   Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Saba                                               David & Joan Ferris
   Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Stevens                                              Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Coolong
   Mr. and Mrs. Paul Drake                                                 Mr. Frank Saba
   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parkhurst                                          Donaldeen Turner
   Mr. and Mrs. Roland Scribner                                            Mr. & Mrs. David Cox
   Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McLeod                                              Mr. & Mrs. Matthew St. John
   Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Hanscom                                          Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Conner
                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Hopkins
   Mr. Roger and H. Jay Cole
                                                                           Ms. Louise Fiske
   Mr. Sumner Faulkner ’66                                                 Mrs. Winifred Clemons
   Mrs. Alfred Clemons
   Ms. Joan Pickering
   Mrs. Betty Pickering ’51                                                Chip & Pauline Stevens Scholarship
   Mrs. Betty Steeves ’49
   Mrs. Gail Rae ’56                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Haynes, Sr.
   Mrs. Gloria Ogden ’53
   Mrs. Kendra and Kevin Ritchie
   Mrs. Louise Campbell ’50                                                Martha Dunn Vowles/ Carl Matthew Dunn Scholarship
   Mrs. Mary Twist ’63
   Mrs. Patricia Blake ’53                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Costello
   Mrs. Pauline Saba ’33
   Mrs. Sharon Cole ’59
   Mrs. Susan Oliver ’45
   Ms Candice L. Bayliss
   Ms Cynthia Rossignol
   Ms. Mildred Crocker

          All alumni are invited to attend Lee Academy’s spring musical, Footloose April 6, 7 & 8.
       Plan to bring your love of theater, music, and dancing to the Lee Academy Auditorium on April 6th, 7th, or
       8th to watch the spring musical “Footloose”. Guaranteed to put music in your heart and a spring in your step!

     Ek, Bob Boulerisse, advisor/coach; front row Ricky White and Heidi Dill
     A Blast from the Past: Norma Michaud, Betty Cochran and Bob Potts . 1985-86 Math Team, L to R - Back row: Ricky Boulerisse, Matthew
                                                   Answers to questions on pg 21

The Alumnus                                                         15                                                      Winter 2005-06
One of Our Many Shining Stars

                                              Hilda Crocker Stockley ‘39
                                                                 by Cynthia Sproul

Many times we forget to highlight the great people who                      teacher, before she married Hilda’s father, she traveled to different rural
graduated from Lee Academy who have lived quiet lives but                   towns in the area where local people would provide her with room and
made a positive difference in so many other people’s lives.                 board while she was teaching their children. When she married Hilda’s
These graduates are the good citizens; hard workers, college                father, she became a homemaker and mother of 13 children. Hilda’s
graduates or not; good parents, grandparents, and even great                father was a farmer in the spring, summer, and fall, and a woodcutter
grandparents whose children and grandchildren are leaders                   in the winter. Her parents used to tell her that her great-grandfather
and good citizens in communities, both near and far, today.                 Crocker was one of the original settlers of Lee. He had to clear 50
This is one of those stories about a lovely, gracious, humble               acres to own his own land. Her parents also told her that the old Lee
lady, Hilda Crocker Stockley, Lee Academy class of 1939.                    Academy sat where the “new” gym is today, but it burned down. It was
     Hilda Stockley is the daughter of Harry and Doris                      rebuilt for $800.00, a lot of money back then.
Crocker of Lee. She was one of 13 children born to the                           Buildings and their uses have changed at Lee Academy accord-
couple; one of 11 siblings who survived to grow up together                 ing to Hilda. “The Pineo” Admissions building used to be George
just three miles from                                                                                                          Acorn’s barber shop.
Lee Academy on the                                                                                                             Mallett Hall was the
East Winn Rd. All                                                                                                              boys dormitory and the
eleven children are                                                                                                            girls were in the dorm
high school gradu-                                                                                                             between Haskell’s store
ates, though one                                                                                                               and the Academy build-
completed his GED                                                                                                              ing. That dormitory is
after leaving Lee                                                                                                              no longer standing and
Academy. Three of                                                                                                              the new “girls dorm”,
them served in the                                                                                                             Weymouth Hall,
military. Hilda said,”                                                                                                         (which now houses
The fun of growing                                                                                                             30 boys and 10 girls)
up in a big family, in-                                                                                                        was not yet built. The
cluding our five cous-                                                                                                         Academy building,
ins down the road,                                                                                                             the “Dewdrop”, the
was that we always                                                                                                             dining hall, and the old
had enough players                                                                                                             gym were the rest of
for a ballgame!” One                                                                                                           Lee Academy at that
of Hilda’s sisters-in-                                                                                                         time. The church was
law is our Alumni                                                                                                              standing in its current
Association Officer-                                                                                                           place. It was a Baptist
at-large, Kay Stevens                                                                                                          Church which Hilda
Crocker’’46. Hilda                                                                                                             remembers attending,
has attended several      Lee Academy Girls’ Basketball Team, 1937. Left to right: Back row - Hilda Crocker, Beulah Cobb, but is now LA’s “Cobb
summer reunions.          Lea Mace, Vivian Murchison, Mr. Pottle, Norma Lindsay, Alice Stevens and Evelyn Ham. Front row       Center” used for music,
This past year she        - Ruth Stevens, Phillys Acorn, Maude Scribner, Avis Bowers, Wilda Whitney and Jean Cobb.             a computer lab, other
assisted Kay with                                                                                                              classrooms, and some
preparing mailings                                                                                                             offices. Hilda also
for the reunions.                                                           remembers that only the teachers were allowed to use the front door of
     In 1946, Hilda married Eldon Stockley who grew up in                   the building. The girls used the door, staircase, and bathrooms on one
several communities and did not attend Lee Academy. He                      end; the boys, the other.
passed away in 1982. Their children are Connie Stockley                          Hilda told me about two of her Lee Academy “chums.” One good
Rand of Lincoln and Alan Stockley of Chester. They were                     friend was Beulah Cobb, but Beulah moved out of state. The two did
born just two years apart and attended Lincoln schools.                     not stay in touch after graduation. The other was Hilda Smith who
Hilda is the proud grandmother of 6 grandchildren who                       was one year younger than Hilda “Crocker” at that time. As childhood
range from toddler age all the way into the military.                       chums they walked to and from school together almost every day. It
     Hilda’s parents were both graduates of Lee Academy.                    was three miles each way. She remembers not many kids were bused,
Her mother was once a school teacher. As a                                  but the kids from Burlington were. It wasn’t until her younger sister was
                                                                            in school

The Alumnus                                                              16                                                        Winter 2005-06
that her family had the advantage of riding the bus, but the princi-          for awhile and then found employment at Newberry’s in Lincoln.
pal told her younger sister that all of her older brothers and sisters        She enjoyed working, mostly in the baby department and ladies
walked and she should walk, too, when the bus didn’t go! She told             stocking department there. She also found that upholstery sewing
me a story about herself and Hilda Smith;’“Hilda and I started out            was a talent and eventually wound up in the mending room of the
to school and we always had to take our dinner. One nice spring               DL&L Mill. She worked for Community Health, Counseling &
day we decided that it was just too nice to go to school, so we sat           Care and most recently did respite childcare for families with foster
down and ate our dinner. I’m not sure if we were late to school,              children.
but I know we were hungry when it was dinner time! I was usually                    This past summer Hilda had to have hip surgery which has kept
so good I didn’t know what it was like to get in trouble, but Mrs.            her more at home, just as she was the day I was visiting. One can
McDonald (the Latin teacher at Lee Academy) called Hilda Smith                tell immediately upon entering her home that this woman does not
in and ’dressed her down. I think                                             like to be idle. She was peeling apples for applesauce when I arrived.
Mrs McDonald thought Hilda                                                    She had more than one knitting, crochet and quilting project nearby
was leading me astray!” Follow-                                               her favorite chair in which she insisted I sit. There was a healthy ar-
ing Lee Academy, Hilda Smith                                                  ray of plants in every room, displaying a green thumb as another of
went in the service; moved to                                                 Hilda’s talents. She says last summer’s hip surgery has kept her from
California; had 14 kids; and has                                              working which she enjoys, but on the upside, she was able to travel
since passed away, sadly states                                               with her daughter to see her granddaughter who is in the Navy in
her childhood friend, Hilda                                                   Seattle, Washington. She says she enjoyed it, but it was nice to come
Crocker Stockley.                                                             home; pick up the car at the Bangor airport; and be the only car on
     Sports were an important                                                 the road on the way home! Hilda still loves the slower paced “easy
part of Hilda’s life during her                                               living” in rural Maine.
days at Lee Academy. She played                                                  When I asked Hilda what she would be doing if she could do
both girls’ basketball and softball                                           anything else right now, she said, “ If I won the megabucks, I would
against other area schools.                                                   visit my granddaughter in Washington more often! I’d be able to
Responding to my questions,                                                   go down cellar and turn the lights on and leave them on! I wouldn’t
Hilda said,’“In basketball, I was                                             waste any money fixing up my home because some day a buyer will
only second team, but I played                                                probably tear it down (for commercial use of the well-located cor-
enough to earn my letter. I                                                   ner lot.) Without the megabucks I would go back to work in respite
played shortstop on the softball                                              childcare if I could do anything else right now… and babysit my
team and batted fourth. Lincoln’s                                             younger grandchildren.”
Mattanawcook Academy’s teams                                                        If you are an old friend of Hilda’s, you may send a card or let-
were our biggest rivals. Basket-                                              ter to her at 121 W. Broadway, Lincoln, ME 04457. Her phone and
ball has changed! We had three                                                address are listed in the Lincoln public phone book.
divisions on the floor and you could not move with the ball to the            Thanks for sharing your memories with us, Hilda!
next one. Then they had two divisions and now they play just like
the boys!”
                                                                                                                        Left: Hilda with her
     The two teachers Hilda remembers best were Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                        granddaughter, Amanda
McDonald. Mrs. McDonald taught Latin and Mr. McDonald
taught agriculture. The principal was Mr. Pottle. Hilda says she                                                        Marquis. Below: The
stayed out of trouble and just did her studies. When I asked her                                                        four remaining Crocker
if she ever made the honor roll, she said,”“No! Never! I was just                                                       siblings, Arthur, Anna
glad to get my diploma. I remember I said to Mrs. McDonald                                                              Hanscom, Hilda Stockley
at graduation, ‘I hope this is signed!’ Mrs. McDonald said.’‘Of                                                         and Jean Boyington.
course, it is!’ Instead of a college course back then, there were two
choices, classical and business. We didn’t receive any special advice
from teachers about what to do after graduation. We didn’t have
a guidance counselor. I don’t understand why the students need
guidance for everything now and even have crisis counselors come
to school to help in a crisis.” Hilda’s advice to today’s students;
“Do your homework! It’s not just exams that count. It (doing your
homework) will help a lot! I wish I had done my homework bet-
ter.” Hilda feels that English was, and is, the most important class
for daily life.
     Starting out after graduation from Lee Academy, Hilda found
employment in the Lincoln Field Mills from 1940 to 1947 when
her first child was born. She stayed home with her two children

The Alumnus                                                              17                                                       Winter 2005-06
All Around School, continued from page 11
                                                                             LA Library Receives Gift
of basketball recognition in the midwest, but wanted a year to improve
himself. He said, “Mr. Lindberg [Lee Academy headmaster] is the
                                                                             From Class of ‘55
reason I came to Lee Academy.” Asked if he was trying to make some
points with the headmaster, he said, “No, I believe Mr. Lindberg is go-
ing to make me a better man. GO PANDAS!”
     Rohan Folkes from Houston, TX and Gordon Meadors from
Slidell, LA both ended up at LA a little later than the others due to
their education being put on hold by Hurricane Katrina. Rohan is very
quiet, but Gordon has given us vivid oral accounts and some pictures
of his family’s plight. They are all slowly recovering both the emotional
and physical aspects of their lives.
     Jorge Ebanks and Ariel Whittaker are both from Georgetown,
Cayman Islands. Other Americans are Josh Harper of Tularosa, N M;
Darnell Malabet of Milton, DE; Richard Starling of Union, NJ; Kola
Togunde of Garland, TX; and Picasso Simmons of Gallatin,TN
     The PG program is not only for basketball players. The main
focus is on high academic achievement and SAT preparation. Three
young men, one each from Germany, Bermuda, and the USA are PG’s
                                                                                 At the summer reunion of 2005, the Lee Academy class of
without basketball backgrounds. Any high school graduate in the area
                                                                            1955, donated $1,000.00 toward the updating of the Augusta
or elsewhere is invited to enroll in this tuition program if they want
                                                                            Tolman Curtis Memorial Library. This year’s LA students,
to take essential courses required by colleges and improve their SAT
                                                                            staff, and administration want to offer sincere thanks to the
                                                                            alumni for helping LA offer the best in research practices to its
                                                                            current students.
                                                                                 Lee Academy has opened its 2005-2006 school year with
                                                                            an exciting new opportunity for all students and staff. In the
                                                                            school’s quest to increase its already high level of academic
                                                                            achievement by updating its library, research tools were inves-
                                                                            tigated. Ultimately the on-line program Questia was purchased
                                                                            for use by each student and staff. Advertised as a library model
                                                                            and personal research center for the 21st century,
                                                                            claims to be the largest on-line library in the world with 60,000
                                                                            full text digitized books and more than one million articles
                                                                            from journals, magazines and newspapers. Questia provides
                                                                            each user with an ID, password, and a multitude of reference
                                                                            resources and organizational tools such as searching; highlight-
                                                                            ing; creating margin notes; formatting for bibliographies and
                                                                            storing individual work projects, etc. An additional attractive
                                                                            feature is that the program may be accessed from any comput-
L to R: Back row - W. Francis, R. Folkes, A. Whittaker, T. Skrip-
                                                                            er connected to the internet, anywhere, with instant connection
kauskas, J. Both, K. Evans, G. Meadors, C. Orgias. Front Row - R.
Starling, K. Young, P. Simmons, J. Harper, C. Bingham, J. Ebanks,                To be able to offer the new Questia program, the school
D. Malabet.                                                                 was able to purchase over 30 computers through a low cost
                                                                            state program. Over the summer the library in the main class-
                                                                            room building was painted and rearranged to accommodate
                                                                            sixteen of the computers without losing shelving space for
                                                                            the books which were already there. The remaining computers
                                                                            were placed in other areas throughout the campus.
                                                                                 Lee Academy’s Augusta Tolman Curtis Memorial Library
                                                                            continues to appreciate donations of gently used books from
                                                                            alumni and friends. If you are interested in helping the library
                                                                            with a gift of time, books, or money, please contact Headmas-
                                                                            ter Bruce Lindberg or Cynthia Sproul in the library at 207-738-

               New library computers for research

The Alumnus                                                          18                                                   Winter 2005-06
Lee Academy Music Program in Full Swing
                                                                              “Funky Old Saint Nick.” They were really jazzing it up with an origi-
                                                                              nal, titled”“G Blues.” Members of the jazz combo are L. Cropley, C.
                                                                              Dumas, J. Fazio, C. Fish, Y.J. Heo, J.H. Kang, A. Lane, R. Roux, D.
                                                                              Stacey, D. Sung, J. Tallman, and H. Woodard.
                                                                                    The chorus’ featured songs were’“The First Noel”, “Winter-
                                                                              song”, and “Mary Sat A Rockin’.” The chorus members were C.
                                                                              Briggs, D. Crocker, M. Moshier, J. Swann, K. Thompson, and S.
                                                                                    The guitar choir hosted a sing-a-long led by Miranda Bowker
                                                                              and the accompanist, Susan Custis, with songs including; “Away
                                                                              in a Manger”, “O Come All Ye Faithful”, “Angels We Have Heard
                                                                              On High”, and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” The popular
                                                                              guitar choir is made up of students A. Averill, C. Ciulla, B.Connors,
                                                                              C. Coulombe, K. Hafford, N. Jandreau, J.H. Kim, K. McLeode, M.
                                                                              Moshier, V. Nguyen, D. Pickering, M. Rhoades, N. Rollins, S. Staples,
                                                                              and J. Tallman.
The LA Pep Band may be small, but puts out a big sound at home basket-
                                                                                    Approximately 30 students participated in the performance pre-
             ball games. They really make the gym rock!
                                                                              sented to an interested audience of other students, faculty, parents,
Lee Academy music students presented a holiday concert at 7:00 PM             and friends. The audience and performers were invited to stay for
on Thursday, December 8, 2005 in the Lee Academy Auditiorium. The             light refreshments prepared by the LA dining room staff immedi-
Lee Academy Chorus, Guitar Choir, Jazz Combo, performed along with            ately following the performance. All musical groups were conducted
various solos and duets under the direction of new Lee Academy music          by Miss Knapp.
teacher, Miss Lisa Knapp.
     The Jazz Combo played “Up On The House Top” and”

                                                                              Lee Academy has a new Panda suit for
Lee Academy Mascot                                                            the cheerleader mascot to wear. Blake
Has a New Suit!                                                               Stevens, Freshman class president, is
                                                                              the new mascot inside the suit and has
                                                                              already established herself as quite a
                                                                              crowd pleaser and cheering motivator.
                                                                              The LA students and staff would like
                                                                              to thank purchasers of raffle tickets and
                                                                              the following alumni and businesses
                                                                              for donating funds to purchase a new
                                                                              Panda costume:
                                                                              Mr. And Mrs. Lewis Day of Winn
                                                                              Mr. Galen Thompson, Sr. of Lincoln
                                                                              Raymond’s Variety, Lee (Paula Fitzger-
                                                                              ald Raymond, owner)
                                                                              Houghton Cedar Mill, Lee (Everett
                                                                              “Bill” Houghton, owner)
                                                                              Home Depot (Ronnie Coombs, mgr.,is
                                                                              Machias Savings Bank
                                                                              Bangor Savings Bank

                           Don’t forget the class reunion on Saturday, August 19, 2006!
What is
• Panda Pause - the column in the Lincoln News written by student Jescey Emery about LA news and activities.
• Panda Press - the new school newspaper written and edited by students.
• Entropy - the school literary arts magazine, showcasing the writings and artwork of students.

The Alumnus                                                              19                                                        Winter 2005-06
Patricia Lynn Corbin                                             Military Corner
Memorial Walk/Run                                                by Freda Parker
                                                                 From Nate Dow, ‘04 - I am now in the U.S. Army stationed
The 127 people who braved 50 degree weather, wind and
                                                                 at Ft.Benning. Georgia. I just spent Christmas with my family in
some drizzle (luckily no heavy rain) to finish Patty’s Race on
                                                                 their new home at Silver Lake. I went through 14 weeks of basic
Sunday, May 8, 2005 deserve recognition. Patty would have
                                                                 infantry training and then on to Airborne School and 4 weeks of
enjoyed the rain! Mike and Robin Corbin, her parents, have
                                                                 endoctrination at the Ranger School. My next assignment is with
expressed their thanks to all who participated, making this
                                                                 the 75th, 3rd Ranger Battalion with 12 weeks of training in Florida
event so special and successful; volunteers, sponsors, walk-
                                                                 and Georgia. I plan to be at Ft. Benning for the next couple of
ers, runners and spectators.
                                                                 years and I do miss Lee Academy sometimes for we did have
                                                                 fun. My parents address is 24 McCafferty Rd., Lee, Maine, 04455.
Total 2005 Race Results and Award Winners                        Columnist’s Note - For those of you that do not know - only the
GROUP: MALE               GROUP: FEMALE                          top 10% of the soldiers in the Army are qualified for Ranger
Overall Winners:          Overall Winners:                       School. Congratulations, Nate!
1. Drew Pickering 19:42 1. Elizabeth Comeau 29:32                From James Rivers, ‘01 - James’s mother, Sherri, reports that
2. Ty Thurlow 19:51 2. Stacie Mann 30:11                         James went into the U.S. Army and took his basic training at
3. Josiah Thurlow 21:20   3. Ellen McLaughlin 31:12              Ft. Jackson, S.C. He is now in the Transportation Corps at Fort
12 & Under Age Group 12 & Under Age Group                        Eustis, Va., one of the prettiest areas in the country other than
1. Nolan Dumont 22:06 1. Taylor Hawkins 35:52                    Maine. He has had advanced training in operating watercrafts of
2. A. J. Harris 29:18     2. Jordan Maxwell 36:36                two sizes; landing vehicles and logistical support barges. He feels
3. Devon Maxwell 34:28 3. Megan Burrill 41:37                    like he is having a great adventure and will get lots more training in
13 - 18 Age Group 13 - 18 Age Group                              his choice of career. At the first opportunity he plans on bringing
1. Yun Jung 22:03         1. Emily Dumont 34:33                  3 or 4 of his buddies home to the great state of Maine. James’ ad-
2. Matt Scott 22:59       2. Mary Weatherbee 34:34               dress is 169 Moore Road, P.O. 202, Springfield, Maine, 04487
3. Mitch Slevinsky 26:08 3. Morgan Pelky 36:41                   From Freda Parker, ‘48 - For those of you who do not know or
19 - 29 Age Group 19 - 29 Age Group                              remember me , I followed my husband David around in the mili-
1. Rick Kim 24:36         1. Sam Cole 46:32                      tary for 31 years, so I feel like I know a little bit about the military.
2. Jay Corbin 25:11       2. Shannon Cole 46:33                  One of my sons also spent 21 years in the Army before retiring. I
3. Matteo Zanatto 33:07 3. Raven Flynn 49:52                     thought it would be nice to have a military section to the Alumnus
30 - 39 Age Group 30 - 39 Age Group                              and have volunteered to enter any information sent to me at park-
1. Todd Thurlow 22:40     1. Melissa Pelkey 33:19       or 207-738-3707. For all of you alumni
2. Aaron( & Mattie)                                              overseas, we know you are looking forward to coming home.
   Knowles 50:36          2. Lisa Hawkins 35:53                  God bless . . .
3. Matt Ward 70:07        3. Patricia Cliff 36:21
40 - 49 Age Group 40 - 49 Age Group
1. Randy Harris 24:03     1. Melanie Dumont 39:59
2. David Dumont 25:47     2. Jackie Worster 42:37
3. Scott Maxwell 28:10    3. Judy Hanscom 46:31
                                                                                                    Tom Nguyen, ’05, constructed
50 - 59 Age Group
                                                                                                    a large bulletin board for the
50 - 59 Age Group
                                                                                                    dorm. It is about 47” high by
1. Barry McLaughlin 24:56 1. Elizabeth Carey 37:09
                                                                                                    about 76” long. The old 2’ x 3’
2. Bill Head 31:26        2. Priscilla Mallory 39:17
                                                                                                    board was getting crowded. The
3. Steven Mallett 48:51   3. Devra Braziller 41:20
                                                                                                    photo shows Tom installing the
60 & Over Age Group 60 & Over Age Group
                                                                                                    bboard the day before he was to
1. Theodore Carey 25:18 1. Marge Worster 40:19
                                                                                                    leave for California. Tom built
2. Richard Worster 31:55 2. Reta Severance 48:49
                                                                                                    the frame and did all the paint-
3. Jack Nobel 38:27       3. Donna Gifford 54:24
                                                                                                    ing in the wood shop the week
                                                                                                    after he graduated under the
Please join us in 2006 to honor Patty’s memory while ben-
                                                                                                    guidance of shop teacher, Steve
efiting a scholarship fund set up in her name. Both competi-
tive and recreational participants are welcome.
For more information on this memorial walk/run, go to the

The Alumnus                                                      20                                                         Winter 2005-06
                      Another Tradition at Lee Academy— - —Math Teams

                                         2005-06 Competition Math Team and Alternates
                            (There are actually 30 members who attend math team practices/meetings)

              Left to Right: Dr. Chris Horton, advisor/coach; Alex Bradford, Cameron Hamilton, Aarika Ritchie,
              Kevin Demers, Laci McLaughlin, BJ Thompson, Matthew Robinson, Robert Pohlus, Alicia Hall, Jon
              Connick, Nicole Stravinsky, Yun Jung, Amanda Gifford, Corey Coulombe, Carrie Mallett

                                                                                      20 Years Ago
  A Blast from the Past!                                                      1985-86 Competition Math Team

  Can you name these classmates from ‘85-’86? The answers
  are at the bottom of page 15.
                                                                        Can you name these math team members from ‘85-’86?
                                                                        The answers are at the bottom of page 15.

The Alumnus                                                    21                                                Winter 2005-06
In Memoriam . . .
From Adria Blake Yock, daughter of Paul Blake; We all will miss Dad, his stories, his garden, his love of the outdoors and his
commitment to all of his family. Along with Birdie, his beloved dog, he has ingrained a sense of family in each of us that will continue to
pull us through these very sad times we must face. Thank you, Dad.

Written By Kay Crocker, ‘46

Karl B. McGaw

Karl B. McGaw died Nov. 1, 2005 in Bangor after a long battle with cancer. Karl graduated from L.A. in1954. He then attended Husson
College 1959-63. He graduated at the U. of M. in Orono and received an M. Ed and CAS degrees. His first teaching job was at Bangor
High School. He was a faculty member at Husson College from 1966 to 2001 and became a professor at Husson in 1982 He was the direc-
tor of Alumni Affairs at Husson for many years.
Karl had a good sense of humor and a zest for life. He was an avid gardener. He enjoyed serving his students in any way he could. He
was the son of Kenneth and Dorothy (Haskell) McGaw and his request was that donations could be made to the scholarship fund in their

Pauline ‘Polly’ Noyes Saba

Pauline ‘Polly’ Noyes Saba died Nov. 1, 2005 in Dade City, FL after a brief illness. She was the daughter of Leonard and Alta (Coffin)
Noyes and lived in Lee for 50 years before moving to Bangor in 1965. She graduated from L.A. in 1933 and attended the Maine School of
Commerce (now Husson College). She earned her bachelors degree from Husson in 1960. She was a business education teacher at L.A. for
several years beore accepting a position at Husson as Dean of Women and instructor in the Business Education Dept. She retired from
Husson in 1978 and has since then spent her summers in Bangor and on the family farm in Lee and winters in Zephyrhills, Fla. Polly will
be fondly remembered as “The Donut Lady” for all the donuts she made for family, friends and neighbors for many years. She enjoyed
knitting, crocheting, and could often be found working in her vegetable and flower gardens. Her husband, John died in 2000. She also is
survived by two sons, Leonard and William and their families, her brother, Russell and a sister, Irene. In honoring her wishes, there were no
public services. Donations in her memory may be made to the Saba Farmily Scholarship at Lee Academy.

Many people from the town of Lee, Lee Academy and Husson College will have fond memories of both Karl McGaw and Polly Saba.

Myrtle E Burnham

Myrtle Burnham, E:1955/1980 died Dec. 4, 2005. She initiated and staffed the first and only infirmary in the boys’ dormitory. She moth-
ered boys when they needed it, and left them alone when that was what they wanted. She took countless dormitory, bus and day students
to doctors in Lincoln. She was working-boss of the summer crews that cleaned and painted the interiors of buildings. She was on call 24
hours a day for whatever the Principal needed done when others were not available. She consoled discouraged dormitory masters. She en-
dured all those things without complaint, from 1955-1976, and then upon request, supervised the girls’ basement at the academy for three
years. She and her husband, Ed, earned, and received, a Panda’s Award from the Alumni Association.

The Alumnus                                                         22                                                     Winter 2005-06
                       CONDOLENCES to the families of:
                       Horace Rideout, who died September 22, 2005
                       Donna Gifford, who died Sept. 26, 2005, the mother of Joe
                       ’81, Randy ’82, Dawn’’83, Shawna ’87, Crystal ’91 and wife of Alvin’“Buzzy””’60
                       Florence Webster, former teacher, who died Oct. 26, 2005.
                       Pauline ‘Polly’ Noyes Saba,’’33, who died Nov. 1, 2005.
                       Marilyn G. Curtis York, ’44, who died Nov. 12, 2005.
                       Carolyn Gifford McAlister, A: ’37, who died Nov. 16, 2005.
                       Karl B. McGaw, ’54, who died Nov. 16, 2005.
                       Sherry T. Clay, daughter of Jean Harris Thurlow, ’48, who died Nov. 21, 2005
                       Lyle ‘Lanny’ Lancaster, ’65, who died Nov. 26, 2005.
                       Beulah Hanson Tappe, ‘40 passed away Dec. 5, 2005.
                       Muriel Hebb Morrison, ‘44 died Dec. 30, 2005
                       Elaine Stevens Perkins, ‘48 died Jan. 5, 2006.
                       Eric R. Dodge, son of David & Gertrude Dodge. David was the Agriculture teacher at L.A.
                       Harold ‘Buz’ Gerry, teacher, 1958-60. He has been a loyal alumni since
                       moving back from Arizona to stay in 2005. He lived in Medway.

In Memory of Michael O’Brien

                                                       By Candace O’Brien Gifford, ’84
(Dated just before Christmas, 2005)
To My Little Brother:
     On what will be our first Christmas without your early morning phone call to look forward to, I wanted to take a moment and update
you on some of the things I know you would find important. You will be proud to know that your neices continue to be kind, respectful,
hardworking individuals, who keep life, and it’s many obstacles in perspective and don’t let the strife of others, bring them down. They too,
speak of you often and I chuckle everday when I see your mannerisms, in them. Randy has looked over at me so many times just to say,
“didn’t that remind you of something your brother would say”, or”“she must have gotten her sense of humor from your brother, cause
she laughs at her own jokes, (you know, those jokes you liked to repeat over and over, once you got a laugh from us)?
     We miss your constant pacing. Hunting season for all the men just wasn’t the same this year. Randy never even got his license – he
just didn’t think it would be the same without you. Maybe next year. You would definitely get a snicker out of the fact that Steve and
Rob went home empty handed this year. Their’“out-of-stater” hunting luck finally ran out! Oh yeah, Randy wanted you to know those
corners turned out just fine, and he thinks you’d be pleased with the work thus far on the addition that you were so excited about helping
with. We wonder if you have taught someone else to play’“far,far away yet?” It will never be as comical as when you taught Ashlee and
how she thought it was the funnest game ever! I almost forgot, your cats are well cared for and you wouldn’t even recognize Mr. Hobbs
– he’s doubled in size! You’d be pleased that many of us chose to support the animal shelter that you and Danielle volunteered at, and that
hundreds of animals have been helped in memory of you both.
    Our family has changed a great deal in the past six months and we will never be quite the same because of the losses we’ve suffered.
But, we get peace from knowing that God had bigger and better things planned for you and Danielle, and faith that the place you went to,
is far better than the place you left behind. It’s the only thing that makes sense as to why you were taken from us so soon.
    We promise to continue to speak your name every single day, lest someone forget how very, very much you are loved and missed.
Your sister,

The Alumnus                                                         23                                                     Winter 2005-06
                                                                         Numbers and Resources to Remember
                     Alumni Association
                Dues & Scholarship Donations                             Central Office ................................................................(207) 738-2252
    $5.00 Yearly Dues Enclosed                                           Central Office FAX ......................................................(207) 738-5012
  $    Enclosed for:                                                     Guidance and Admissions ...........................................(207) 738-2255
    Scholarship Fund (specify)                                           Guidance and Admissions FAX .................................(207) 738-3257
  Your Name                                                              Business Office ..............................................................(207) 738-2254
  Address (only if changed or you aren’t receiving the Alumnus)          Toll-Free .........................................................................(888)-433-2852
                                                                         Admissions Office Email ..........................
                                                                         Alumni Association Email ........................
  Year of Graduation           or relationship to LA                     Alumni Assocation Address ............... P.O. Box 7, Lee, ME 04455
  Give us an update or favorite Lee Academy memory
                                                                         Lee Academy Web Site

                                                                         You know you’re from Maine if… . . .
                                                                         - Your wife or girlfriend has jumper cables in her pick-up truck and
                                                                         knows how to use them.
                                                                         - You have to replace your mailbox yearly because the town plow
                                                                         knocked it over.
                                                                         - You actually miss the fifteen-below-zero mornings in winter (that have
  Please make dues checks payable to L.A. Alumni Association             been eliminated by the greenhouse effect) because you enjoyed running
  and mail to: Lee Academy Alumni Association,                           or walking to work in the silent crystal stillness, punctuated by an idling
  P.O. Box 7, Lee, ME 04455                     Thank                    car engine as the owner waited indoors for the car to warm up before
                                                                         his mad dash from warmth to warmth, and your lungs did not freeze;
                                                                         thank you very much for your concern.

                                                                                                                                                        Non Profit Org.
                    Lee Academy                                                                                                                              U.S.
                    4 Winn Road                                                                                                                             PAID
                    Lee, ME 04455                                                                                                                       LEE, MAINE
                                                                                                                                                        Permit No. 309

                    Return Service Requested

In the Next Issue: Scenes from Winter Carnival . . . Alumni Forest Rangers . . . Spring musical, Footloose . . .

The Alumnus                                                         24                                                                                  Winter 2005-06

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