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					                                                                                                 FALL 2007 / VOLUME 1 / ISSUE 2

     hat’s ide
    W Ins
 • Energy Initiative
 • 2007 Summer Session
 • Student Stories
 • Youth Voices
 • College-Bound Students
 • Tea & Food for Thought
 • Community Health
   Summit                                 Commission participants present energy and conservation information to the community.
 • EIS Super Kids
   Endowment Fund                         New Program Studies Alternative
 • Thanks to Our                             Energy and Conservation
 • Tom Watts Honored
                                          T    he community and the world at
                                          large are beginning to focus attention
                                                                                         leaders such as Sempra Energy,
                                                                                         The California Center for
 • A Conversation With...                 on ever-rising gas prices, the costs and       Sustainable Energy, and the
   Joe and Molly Vasquez                  availability of energy, and the pollution      Miramar College Advanced
                                          caused by our energy choices. On               Transportation Technologies
 • Our Donors                             June 28, EIS launched the second               Center. Each organization partnered
                                          Initiative in the Commission on Science        with EIS to provide informational
 • In Memory                              That Matters program: The Rice Family          presentations, field trips, and
                                          Foundation Energy Initiative.                  knowledgeable community mentors.
                                               In this new Initiative, teen                   During the summer, students
                                          participants (ages 13-16) will study           were instructed on “Energy 101”
                                          and create projects around the                 through daily science classes.
                                          topics of energy conservation,                 Topics included energy production,
                                          alternative energy, and how energy             conservation, and policy. Students
                                          relates to their own health and the            also learned about global warming
                                          overall health of their environment            from Dr. Mark Thiemens, the Dean
                                          and communities. Many thanks to                of Physical Sciences at UCSD, and
                                          The Rice Family Foundation and an              Dr. Jane Teranes, Director of the
                                          anonymous donor, whose generous                Environmental Systems Program.
Science Matters is published biannually   support has made the Initiative                Alternative energy sources were
by the Elemetary Institute of Science,    possible.                                      also discussed during presentations
608 51st St., San Diego, CA 92114             The Rice Family Foundation                 on the “Potential of Hydrogen” from
                                          Energy Initiative began by developing          the Governor’s Fuel Cell Initiative
                                          primary partnerships with local                and “Renewable Energy Sources”
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Energy Initiative
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with David Raney of American
Honda Motor Corporation. Howard
Blackson of Chong Partners
Architecture also provided a lecture
on “green building” and sustainable
community development.
     Along with science instruction,
students enjoyed classes on
web design, graphic design and
public speaking. Students learned
about leadership and community
involvement, starting with a three-
day leadership conference with
Leaders Today. Other presentations
included etiquette classes by
Monzella Goodwin of Socially Savvy,
community presentations with Roque          The students continue their            projects with the goal of increasing
Barros of the Jacobs Center for         work this fall. The Initiative’s           energy awareness in the community.
Neighborhood Innovation, and “How       community mentors will support                  The community action projects
to Run an Effective Meeting” with EIS   students as they divide into groups        for the 2007-2008 Rice Family
Ambassador Walter Green.                and develop community action               Foundation Energy Initiative include:

                                                              Solar/Hydrogen Power Group
          2007-2008                               Mentors: Martha Lachmayr-Pomes and Jesse Sandoval, engineers
    Rice Family Foundation                                              Sempra Energy
       Energy Initiative                      Students will build a model hydrogen and solar-powered car to
                                         explore the advantages and disadvantages of each technology by studying
           Briana Bradley                the energy output of the vehicle. The group will also investigate what we,
        Marionne Dantzler                as a community, need to do to increase the availability of alternative sources
          Courtney Davis                 of energy.
          Gabriela Espinal                                          Energy Policy Group
          Chelsea Foster                            Mentors: Jack Burke and Jennifer Porter, energy policy experts
           Jan Gloster, III                                    California Center for Sustainable Energy
         Devin Henderson                      Students will explore current and pending laws around energy issues at
                                         both local and state levels. They will identify the pros and cons of each piece
           Ryan Jackson
                                         of legislation and how the laws are related to environmental health concerns
          Diamond Lemar                  like asthma. The group will also work alongside local policy makers on their
            Jinja Osawa                  campaigns around community energy issues.
            Zen Osawa                                                   Biodiesel Group
          Rhona Sabatchi                                         Mentor: Greg Newhous, Director
          Ashley Stevens                            Miramar College Advanced Transportation Technologies Center
           Adrian White                       Students will build a bio-diesel processor and create bio-diesel fuel.
         Janeen Williamson               Students will assist in putting together the actual prototype to be marketed
                                         as an educational kit in classrooms, and assist in writing an instruction manual.
            Noni Yeldell
                                         The group will end their investigation by testing out their new fuel in a
                                         bio-diesel car, to compare its emissions to traditional diesel fuel at Miramar
                                         College’s smog testing center.

      2007 Summer Session
     Attracted 400 Students!

                                                                                        Thanks to our
                                                                                       Junior Assistants
                                                                                          Can you imagine a group of
                                                                                     young people volunteering 710 hours
                                                                                     towards helping children ages 7 to 13
                                                                                     during the summer? The EIS Junior
                                                                                     Assistants for the 2007 Summer
                                                                                     Session graciously dedicated their
                                                                                     time to our young students. Past EIS
                                                                                     students themselves, they know what
                                                                                     it takes to make the EIS program run
                                                                                     smoothly. We would like to thank:

N    early 400 students from more
than 125 schools participated in
                                          designing gliders, creating personal
                                          digital videos, printing black-and-white
                                                                                        Kourtney Ford
                                                                                        Otay Ranch High School
the Summer Program this year at           photos, making T-mazes for mice,
EIS. As in previous years, EIS was        learning about nutrition and physical         Asha Gipson
proud to have talented instructors,       activity, observing plants and critters       San Diego High,
engaging activities, and exceptional      in the EIS nature trail, cleaning up oil      School of International Studies
students! Classes offered were            spills, and even studying and handling        Jonathon Holmes
biology, computer science, engineering,   a penguin’s brain!                            Otay Ranch High School
environmental science, natural science,        Other activities included
neuroscience, and photography. The        interactive presentations from Amylin         Ashley Jeffries
students enjoyed hands-on science         Pharmaceuticals, EIS instructors,             Eastlake High School
activities such as starfish dissection,    General Atomics, Native American              Darryl McDade
                                          Dancing, NCR/Teradata, San Diego              Clairemont High School
                                          Black Health Associates, San Diego
                                          County Vector Control Program, and            Chelsea Robertson
                                          San Diego Gas & Electric. Students            Granite Hills High School
                                          took fantastic Friday field trips to the
                                          Birch Aquarium, Carlsbad Strawberry           Romyn Sabatchi
                                          Company, Mingei International                 The Preuss School at UCSD
                                          Museum, Museum of Making Music,
                                          Museum of San Diego History,                   If you are interested in finding
                                          Museum of Photographic Arts,               out more about the Junior Assistant
                                          Reuben H. Fleet Science Center,            Program for the 2008 Summer
                                          San Diego Air and Space Museum,            Session, please call Amelia Cortina
                                          San Diego EcoCenter for Alternative        at 619-263-2302.
                                          Fuel Education, San Diego Museum
                                          of Man, San Diego Natural History
                                          Museum, San Diego Zoo, and The
                                          Scripps Research Institute.

   College-bound                                   Summer Students
    EIS Students                                  Share Their Stories
    This time of year, many EIS alumni
are heading off to college for the first
                                          M     y second year here has taught
                                          me the meaning of neuroscience
                                                                                         My favorite class at EIS was
                                                                                     neuroscience. It is my favorite because
time. The following is a list of a few
                                          and computer science. I further            the teacher, Miss Una, (like all the
of them who have shared their plans
                                          improved my typing skills with the         other teachers) is nice, bright, and
with us. Congratulations! EIS is proud
                                          addicting game, “Mario Teaches Typing.”    extremely talented. Some examples
of you!
                                          In photography, led by Miss Nicole,        of things we studied in her class were
Kasmian Campa                             we created pinhole cameras and             memory, cells, and optical illusions.
Grossmont College, San Diego              took pictures. We developed them in             I had a good time doing optical
bio-engineering                           the dark room, and then dried them         illusions, which was when we looked
                                          out, only to learn the hard way that       at pictures that let us think odd things
Terrence Campbell                         mastering the art was more difficult        were happening when it was just our
Morehouse College, Atlanta                than expected! EIS is a fun and            eyes seeing wrong! In environmental
business marketing with a minor           educational place that everyone            science, Mr. Jacob taught us about
in Spanish                                can enjoy, so bored kids aren’t stuck      animals, plants, and the environment.
                                          in their houses all summer.
Trei Flake                                                                               We also used microscopes to
Art Institute of California San Diego                          Richard, age 11       look at small organisms that are hard
culinary art                                                                         to see with the naked eye. The most
                                              At EIS, I have learned many things.    interesting thing I saw under the
Darryl McDade                             Some things I learned were how to          microscopes was a stem.You would
University of Colorado, Denver
engineering                               make experiments, how to make              not believe how pretty it was! EIS
                                          pinhole cameras, all about the brain,      was really fun—probably the best
Daniel Medina                             how to type fast, how to make gliders,     summer camp that I have been to.
Harvard                                   and about how birds live. I learned        Hope I can come back, because
                                          about different kind of plants like        I am having a great time!
Ricardo Nuñez-Moran                       Venus Flytrap, ferns, wheat, and a lot                           Yasmina, age 9
University of California, Davis           of different things. I learned about
biology                                   computers, photography, and the
Brent Robertson                           environment. I sure love all the classes
Brigham Young University                  at EIS. This is a great school to learn
mechanical engineering                    about science!
(entering as a sophomore)                                         Vince, age 8
Christine Robinson
San Diego State University

Adalberto Vasquez
Occidental College, Los Angeles

Alan Zandi
University of California, Berkeley
political science

    EIS would like to hear from ALL
of its young alumni who are now in
college. Please keep us updated on your
many achievements by calling the office
at 619-263-2302 or by emailing us at

       �����              �� � �� �                                                      My Internship
                                                                                       with the American
                                                                                      Diabetes Association
                                                                                      by Janeen Williamson, EIS Health Advocate
                                                                                           Last year, I was a participant in
                                                                                      the EIS Commission on Science That
                                                                                      Matters: Lola and
                                                                                      Walter Green
                                                                                      Health Initiative.
                                                                                      It was a great

            Teton Science School                                                      year! I was part
                                                                                      of the Diabetes

                       by Samantha Quiroz, EIS Alumna                                 Group, and our
    his past summer, I was presented            Teton Science was the most            community
with a great opportunity to go to          exciting and impressive trip I have        mentor was
an ecology school in Jackson Hole,         ever experienced! It was great to          Ana Gonzalez
Wyoming called “Teton Science.”            be able to connect with the natural        of the American Diabetes
This opportunity was the most              elements that we do not readily have       Association (ADA).
unforgettable experience of my life!       in San Diego. I would like to thank              At the conclusion of the Health
I was able to do things that I never       the Elementary Institute of Science for    Initiative program, my group was
imagined possible. The activity that       the opportunity and the Teton Science      invited to apply for a summer
proved to be one of my favorites was       School for the wonderful experience.       internship opportunity with the ADA.
“bird banding.” By inspecting the          I would especially like to thank the       I was happy to apply and in accepting
birds’ wings, beaks, and stomachs, we      anonymous donor for the scholarship        the offer, I had an opportunity to put
were able to see how well the birds        that made the trip possible.               my Health Initiative advocacy training
were adapting to their constantly                                                     into practice and become an active
changing environment. I also enjoyed
doing new things like canoeing in
                                               Field Ecology                          youth advocate.

the glacier lakes. When I was in the       by Francesca Gascoigne, EIS Student             During the internship, I worked
middle of the lake, I could see where
avalanches had slid down the mountain
and created a path of destruction to
                                           M      y two weeks at the Middle
                                           School Field Ecology program at Teton
                                                                                      out of the downtown ADA office
                                                                                      and assisted with several community
                                                                                      projects that I felt would really help
the lake. Wyoming is full of spectacles,   Science School were a once-in-a-           people learn more about diabetes. In
and I felt fortunate to be able to         lifetime experience! I’ll never forget     one project, I helped to contact local
witness them with my own eyes.             how the first sight of the Grand Teton      schools, asking for their participation
                                           Mountains filled me with awe. As soon       in ADA’s education programs and
     I loved learning about the                                                       activities, especially “School Walk for
                                           as I visited the campus, I knew I had
mountain ranges and the spectacular                                                   Diabetes.” I also helped distribute
                                           never seen such a beautiful place.
amount of wildlife that surrounded                                                    information and materials to various
us. It was interesting to learn how            The wildlife was amazing! While in
                                                                                      health care professionals throughout
the buffalo shed its fur for summer.       the wilderness and visiting Yellowstone,
                                                                                      San Diego County.
It does things like rubbing against        I saw moose, elk, bison, and even
trees and rolling in the dirt on its       grizzly bears. In the camp, I learned           Through my internship experience,
back! One of the greatest sights I saw     about ecology, including how to look       I have become very familiar with the
this summer had to be the steaming         for signs of good water (or bad water)     facts and figures on diabetes and was
geysers at “Old Faithful” a geyser that    in creeks and why beavers build dams.      reminded of the importance of healthy
blows every hour for about three               Teton Science gave me knowledge        living. What made the internship such
minutes. The steaming pools were a         I would never learn in the city. I want    a success to me was how nice the
rainbow of vibrant colors: blue shining    to express my gratitude to EIS and the     staff was and how passionate they
from the water and red glowing from        sponsoring donor for the wonderful         were about health and diabetes.
the bacterial mats.                        experience I had at the school.
                      Tea & Food for Thought:
                      More Than a Tea Party!
T   his summer, the 22 teen members
of the EIS Commission on Science
the Matters: Lola and Water Green
Health Initiative hosted three
community teas, called Tea & Food
for Thought.
      For each tea event,
the EIS Conference
Room was transformed
into an elegant global
tearoom with decorations
and merchandise from
Where the World
Meets in Market Creek
Plaza. The tables were
                                                                  Special guests enjoy tea time at EIS! (above)
decorated in black                                                Health Initiative sponsor Walter Green poses with
and white with formal                                             Commission students (left)
table settings and china,
underwritten by Lola and Walter            the Health Initiative is to promote a       and Joseph Vasquez, and CP Kelco,
Green. At each event, gourmet teas         more positive, healthier lifestyle, an      represented by Tony Gomes and
were tasted and traditional teatime        afternoon tea was a perfect platform        Bill Jones. EIS was proud to have
cuisine was served, but like the           for the young Health Advocates to           the support of long-time cherished
invitation said, these events were         share their knowledge (and learn)           friends for each event.
much “more than a tea party!”              from friends, family, and community             The teas were such a success that
                                           supporters.                                 EIS will hold more every year: three
                                               The three summer Tea & Food             events each summer and two during
                                           for Thought events were celebrated          the school year. If you are interested
                                           on July 12, July 26, and August 9. The      in attending a future Tea & Food for
                                           honorary hosts for the three teas           Thought event, please contact EIS for
                                           were Lola and Water Green, Molly            more information.

                                                   Community Health Summit
                                            O   n Saturday June 11, over 100 people visited EIS to attend the
                                            Lola and Walter Green Health Initiative: Community Health Summit.
EIS Alumna, Brianna Matthews was a
“Celebrity Server” at the event.               At the event, EIS Health Initiative participants worked along-side notable
                                            community health organizations to distribute information, give out healthy
      At each tea, the Health Initiative    food samples & recipes, conduct free diabetes screenings, and more!
participants were assigned to lead             Participating community organizations included the American Diabetes
their table in discussions on health-       Association (ADA), Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Coalition of Neighborhood
related topics such as nutrition,           Councils (CNC), Project Dulce: Whittier Institute at Scripps Hospital,
diabetes prevention, and other              and San Diego Black Health Associates.
critical health issues they had studied.
                                                Health Initiative youth also showcased their final projects including
The Health Advocates will work to
                                            diabetes brochures, radio show broadcasts, Health Initiative website and
promote healthy eating and exercise
                                            a healthy cookbook.
– healthy changes they have learned
that will make a true difference in           The Summit also served as a graduation for the Commission students
people’s lives! Since the basis for         who had completed the required Health Initiative coursework.

          New EIS Endowment                                                                 Miracle on 51st Street
          Honors Youth Board!                                                                Campaign Update

                                                                                                 As the close of the second year
    lementary Institute of Science              Fund will also be used to create and        of the campaign quickly approaches,
is proud to announce our new                    support programs that foster youth          we are pleased at the progress and
endowment fund: The EIS Super Kids              leadership development in the spirit        success that we have enjoyed thus
Endowment Fund, in honor of the                 of the enthusiasm and dedication            far. We are well on our way to
Capital Campaign Youth Board. Jacobs            demonstrated by the Youth Board.            achieving the overall goal of raising
Family Foundation President and                                                             $6.5 million over five years.
                                                    The endowment will ensure that
CEO Jennifer Vanica created this fund           EIS can continue to serve children               EIS has received support
in December 2006 to honor the EIS               in this community for generations to        from individuals, foundations, and
Youth Board members.                            come. The original amount of the gift       corporations across the nation.
    The EIS Super Kids Endowment                will be invested to earn yearly interest,   Currently, more than $400,000 in
Fund will be used to provide special            which in turn will be used to support       pledges have been made to EIS and
scholarship support so that all                 the current EIS science, health, and        the Miracle Campaign. To learn
interested students can attend                  technology programs, and to support         more about the Miracle on 51st
the EIS program. The Endowment                  new opportunities for the future.           Street or to find out how you can
                                                                                            contribute to the campaign, please
                                                                                            call Ruth at (619) 263-2302.

                                                                                              Rice Family Energy
                                                                                               Initiative Receives
                                                                                              Community Support
                                                                                                 EIS recently launched the Rice
                                                                                            Family Foundation Energy Initiative
                                                                                            in June (see cover story, page 1).
                                                                                            We are truly grateful to our primary
                                                                                            sponsor, the Rice Family Foundation,
                                                                                            and an anonymous donor for making
                                                                                            possible this second phase of the EIS
                                                                                            Commission on Science That Matters
                                                                                                The California Endowment also
Jennifer Vanica shows her support for the EIS Youth Board “now and then”; posing at a       made a generous grant of $100,000
recent EIS event (above left) and during the EIS Capital Campaign.
                                                                                            (paid over a two-year period) to
                                                                                            the Energy Initiative. In partnering
                                                                                            with The California Endowment,
                                                                                            the Initiative will focus some of its
                                                                                            attention on environmental health
              What is an Endowment?                                                         and the impact of energy use on
                                                                                            the health of our population.
      Endowment gifts are invested in order to generate income that will
                                                                                                 In addition to a financial
  support current and future programs at EIS. Most often, only a percentage
                                                                                            contribution, Sempra Energy is also
  of the earned interest or dividends are expended each year with the
                                                                                            playing a mentoring role to youth
  remainder being reinvested.
                                                                                            and providing educational instruction
     Anyone can donate to the EIS Super Kids Fund, or any other EIS                         and field trips for Energy Initiative
  endowment fund, with no required minimum contribution. Most named                         participants. We are so proud to
  endowment gifts at EIS are established with $20,000 or more.                              have Sempra as our partner in
                   An endowment is a gift that keeps on giving!                             this initiative.

                                             Another Amazing Year
                                                  of Support!
                                          W     e are so fortunate to have
                                          amazing donors at EIS. Because of
                                                                                       or university. This came as a surprise
                                                                                       to everyone in attendance-students,
                                          the wide range of community support          parents, and even the EIS staff. Thank
                                          we receive, we have been able to             you, Lola and Walter, for continuing to
                                          achieve and exceed many of our               support our youth and invest in their
                                          goals during the year.                       futures.
                                               The Boys & Girls Foundation,                 We would also like to express
                                          which has been supporting EIS                our gratitude to the sponsors of the
                                          since 1999, made a gift of $8,220            Tea & Food for Thought events that
                                          to purchase new software for our             took place over the summer. Lola and
                                          programs. San Diego National                 Walter Green not only hosted the
                                          Bank continues to be an ardent               first tea, but also made a generous
 A Special Honor for                      supporter of EIS and donated a               donation that allowed EIS to purchase
                                          total of $7,500 of which $2,500 was          china place settings and serving pieces
Our Founder Tom Watts                                                                  for use at each tea. A contribution
                                          slated for our Endowment Fund.
    The University of San Diego           Making their first gifts to EIS were          from Molly and Joe Vasquez helped
School of Leadership and Education        Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Boston               make our second tea a great success.
Sciences (SOLES) will honor EIS           Scientific Foundation, and Macy’s             It was an honor to have our own
Founder Tom Watts (1935-2000)             Foundation.                                  board president and his wife hosting
with a permanent recognition as a                                                      this special event. Our heartfelt thanks
                                              At the Community Health Sum-
“Remarkable Leader in Education.”                                                      go to our long-time community friends
                                          mit in June, Lola and Walter Green
Mr. Watts will be recognized as                                                        CP Kelco for sponsoring the third
                                          made an amazing announcement!
one of five individuals in San Diego                                                    tea. Bob Jones and Tony Gomes
                                          A $1,000 scholarship was offered
history who has made a significant                                                      were instrumental in making this tea
                                          to all 22 Health Initiative participants
impact on student learning in San                                                      such a success.
                                          upon their enrollment in a college
Diego. This award represents the
University’s tribute to visionaries who
have led the way to make the work
of education an important part of
                                                                   Ways to Give
our community.                             Cash Gifts                                  Matching Gifts
     The “Remarkable Leader” award              If you are interested in making a     Did you know that most
is a fitting tribute to Mr. Watts’ life     monetary gift, please use the enclosed employers will match their
of commitment to his students and          envelope or mail your check to:        employees’ gifts to nonprofits?
education in San Diego County.             Elementary Institute of Science, 608   Ask your company today!
Along with 40 years of dedicated           51st St., San Diego, CA 92114.
work with EIS, Mr. Watts was a
                                                                                       Community Partners
San Diego schoolteacher for over 34        Credit Cards                                     Do you shop at Albertsons? By
years. He was also a Board Member
and President of the McGill School of          We gladly accept gifts from Visa        filling out a simple form, Albertsons
Success from 1991-2000. Mrs. Doris         and MasterCard. Please visit our            will donate 2 percent of your
Watts will be accepting the award          website,, to make a           purchases to EIS. And it’s free
in honor of Mr. Watts at a special         secure online donation.                     for you and us! Call EIS for more
induction ceremony on November 10,                                                     information on signing up.
2007 at 3pm at the new SOLES facility.     Gifts of Stock
If you are interested in attending this         Avoid the hassle of liquidation
event as a guest of EIS, please call       and capital gains tax by transferring
619-263-2302 for more information.         stock directly to EIS. Please call us for
                                           details on how to proceed.

     A Conversation with...
    Joe and Molly Vasquez
    EIS Highlights Our Community of Supporters!
                                        What inspired you to first support EIS,            EIS Alumni?
                                        and why do you continue to do so?
                                            The reason we support EIS is the           We are looking for you!
                                        kids! I started on the board about            EIS is searching for alumni
                                        the same time my granddaughter                who attended the program
                                        was born. I have known some of the
                                        EIS kids as long as I have known my         in the early days of the “little
                                        granddaughter — Adrienne. I see how         white house” (1970’s and 80’s)
                                        EIS influences their lives.                   for a future EIS event. Please
                                        You have been a part of the EIS family         contact Rebecca Gerber
                                        for many years. How has EIS’ place in the
                                        community changed?                             at EIS, (619) 263-2302 or
                                             EIS has earned the respect of the  
                                        people in this community. We’ve been
                                        very pleased with development in
                                        the community, with the help of the
                                        Jacobs Family Foundation. EIS was a             Planned Giving
                                        wonderful program before I joined
                                                                                        Planned giving plays an important
                                        it. Now the program serves more
                                                                                    part in the livelihood and sustainability
                                        children and offers more advanced
                                                                                    of any nonprofit organization. At EIS,
                                                                                    donors who have included us in their
                                        You’ve been a great supporter of the EIS    estate plan (wills, trusts, or bequests)

J oe and Molly Vasquez have been
part of the EIS family for over a
                                        Endowment Fund. Why do you choose to
                                        give endowed gifts and what would you
                                        say to people about the importance of
                                                                                    become part of the Tom Watts Society.
                                                                                        These gifts will directly benefit EIS
                                                                                    programs and can be designated for
decade. A retired SDSU administrator,   ensuring EIS’ future?
                                                                                    general programs, a specific use, or
Joe Vasquez joined the EIS Board of        Molly and I have always believed         for the Endowment Fund.
Directors in 1993 and was elected       in giving long-term support through
Board President in 2005. Both Joe       endowment. By supporting the EIS               Tom Watts Society
and Molly are active EIS volunteers     Endowment Fund, we can ensure that
and supporters. They love to travel,                                                   Rufus and Mary DeWitt Trust
                                        the program will continue for many
especially throughout New Mexico,       years to come.                                 Vivien Duncan
and concentrate on staying active and                                                  Joseph and Donna Ford
                                        What is your message to people about
healthy through swimming, walking                                                      Wanda and Paul Mosher
                                        the “Spirit of EIS?”
and other exercise.                                                                    Bessie I. Smith Trust
                                            The spirit of EIS is infectious!
                                        I had the privilege of working with EIS        Paula Taylor and Bernie Kulchin
How did you first become involved with   Founder Tom Watts, who always kept             Joseph and Molly Vasquez
EIS? What attracted you?                the Board grounded by reminding                Judith Wenker
   I first became involved with EIS      us, “It’s for the kids!” Knowing that
through (Board President Emeritus)      Tom and others worked for so many           Join the list of supporters who have
Don Short. We worked together at        years just to keep the doors open is        already created their own EIS legacy!
San Diego State, and he asked if I      inspiring. I feel I owe it to him, along
would like to visit. What attracted     with other board members, students,         Call us at (619) 263-2302 or email
me were the programs, who they          and parents to do all I can do to keep
benefited, and the dedicated people.     this wonderful program going.
                                     DECEMBER 23, 2006 -OCTOBER 1, 2007

Individuals                            Mable Henderson              Marie & Joseph E. Salah
Sarah Akinfosile                       Marie Hill                   Kathleen & Theodore Sand
Dahryan Aluqdah                        Benito Hobson                Molly & Robert W. Schulze
Doris & Dr. Grady Anderson             Delia M. Holloway            Rafael Segura
Anonymous                              Virginia Hyde                Verena & Dennis Seisun
Carlean Arnold                         Freddie Jackson              Georgina & Lu Sham
Greg Ausley                            Carol & Dwight Jeffries      Diane & Dr. Donald Short
April Bailey                           Dr. Shirley Jenkins-Phelps   Denise & Paul Simms
Clara M. Baity                         Carla & Ray Jones            Evelyn & Charles C. Smith
Dr. Carol Barnett                      Rosaline Jones               Sandra & David Stevens
Elizabeth Bartsch                      Steve Judson                 Linda A. Stewart
Mona Baumgartel and John DeBeer        Joylyn Keil                  Dr. Judy Sundayo
Maria & Daniel Beaupre                 Jewel & Dr. Leon Kelley      Sylvia Swenson
Flores & Bruce Bishop                  Maureen & Charles G. King    Annie Townsend
Sue & Dr. Richard Braun                Jane & Jesse R. Knighton     Glenda & Dr. Park Trefts
Dovie Braxton                          Susan & Daniel Korntved      Jennifer Vanica
LaVerne & Blaine Briggs                H. W. Kuni                   Joe & Molly Vasquez
Arthur Brody                           Dr. Jiing Dwan Lee           Dr. Frederick D. Walker &
Leah & Robert A. Brown                 Miriam & Jules G. Leibman         Dr. Katharine L.. Sheehan
Marquetta Brown                        Dr. Jennifer Logan           Jackie & Alvin Washington
Joyce Bryant                           Shirley & Roy Logan          Doris Watts
Brian Buckner                          Gwendolyn Maze               William H. Watts
Lola & Arthur Buie                     Alice B. McCauley            Irene Wells
Lillian Burt                           Mary & Albert McClain Sr.    Judith A. Wenker
Samuel E. Campbell                     Frances McCown               Mark Whalen
Juliana Castille                       Delores & Robert McNeely     Mable Wigfall
Marion T. Claiborne                    Linda M. Miller              Jennifer Woods & Greg Faulk, Sr.
Roy Collins                            Sheila Minick                Mary Woodford
Elizabeth J. Cook                      Drs. Juel & Gene Moore       Jane K.Yagade
Patti & Coop Cooprider                 Mahnaz Morgan                Jeanne Young
April Counts                           Esther R. Nahama
Carrie & Robert T. Covington           Louise Noble                 Foundations
Scott Curriden                         Joan Olsen                   The California Endowment
Elizabeth & John W. Cuthbertson        Jeroen Olthof                Anonymous
Emma J. Davis                          Eileen Osborne               The Amgen Foundation
DeWitt Family Trust                    Linda & John Paulson         The Legler Benbough Foundation
Dr. Roger L. Duncan, III               Barbara & Nolan E. Penn
                                                                    Girard Foundation
Linda Falconer                         Maryrose Peralta
                                                                    McCarthy Family Foundation
Ruth Ann Frazier                       Elinor & Leonard Perry
                                       Herbert Phoenix, Jr.         Rice Family Foundation
Judith Frisch
Dessie L. Gaither-Russell              Jerome L. Pitt               Boston Scientific Foundation
Stephanie & Dr. Nicholas Gascoigne     Dr. Stephen Puentes          Macy’s Foundation
Sherman George                         Dr. Kitty Reed               Eugene & Joan Foster Fund
Lola & Walter Green                    Wilson D. Reich                  at The San Diego Foundation
Penny Halgren                          Dale A. Roberts-Owens        Lyman Family Foundation
Susan Halliday                         Stephen Rodecker             Reuben H. Fleet Foundation Fund
Jackie Hardrick                        Susan L. Roth                    at The San Diego Foundation
Kay & Edgar E. Hardy                   Doree Rucker                 Boys and Girls Foundation
Helen Harris                           Sharon & Robert Ryan
                                                                    Charles & Ruth Billingsley Foundation
Kare & Larry Harrison                  Barbara & John Ryan
                                                                    Ed & Mary Fletcher Family Fund
                                                                        at The San Diego Foundation
The Samuel & Katherine French Fund
Guilford Whitney Foundation Fund
                                             In Memory Of
                                             Adriane Beaupre
                                                 Maria & Daniel Beaupre
     at The San Diego Foundation
                                             Ellen Coleman
The Mandell Weiss Charitable Trust
                                                 Dr. Jennifer Logan                    In Memory:
Northrop Grumman Foundation
C.J-Dot Stafford Memorial Trust
                                             Mary & Rufus DeWitt
                                                 DeWitt Family Trust
                                                                                     Mrs. Mary DeWitt
Samuel I. & John Henry Fox Foundation        George Lane                                1920-2007
Beyster Family Foundation Fund                   Janet & Ronald Palmer
     at The San Diego Foundation                                                     Along with her husband, Rufus DeWitt
                                                 Zoe Robinson                        (1915-2006), Mary DeWitt was a
Nordson Corporation Foundation               Evelyn McKnight
                                                                                     cherished and prominent member of
Boys and Girls Foundation                        Doris & Dr. Grady Anderson
                                                                                     our community. A secondary school
Arthur P. & Jeanette G. Pratt                    Leah & Robert A. Brown
                                                                                     teacher, she demonstrated a deep
    Memorial Fund                                Marion T. Claiborne
                                                                                     dedication to education throughout her
Takahashi Family Fund                            Emma J. Davis
                                                                                     life. She is survived by her daughters,
    at The San Diego Foundation                   Judith Frisch
                                                                                     Johari DeWitt-Rogers and Francine
The Friedman Family Foundation                   Hunter College
                                                                                     DeWitt-Haynes of Chula Vista, along
                                                 Jules G. Leibman
Companies                                        Frances McCown                      with two grandchildren (and EIS alumni)
Qualcomm Inc.                                    Sharon & Robert Ryan                Omari and Kofi Rogers.
Sony Electronics, Inc.                            Westchester Alumnae Chapter
SDG&E Sempra Energy                                  of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Union Bank
Amylin Pharmaceuticals
                                             Robert Noble                            DeWitt Family Trust
                                                 Louise Noble
Beckman Coulter, Inc.                                                                The family of Rufus and Mary DeWitt
Biosite Inc.                                 In Honor Of                             have established the Rufus and Mary
Gen-Probe Inc.                               Doris Anderson                          DeWitt Endowment Fund at The
San Diego National Bank                         Esther R. Nahama                     San Diego Foundation. Each year,
Nordstrom, Inc.                              Walter & Lola Green                     contributions from this fund will be
WD-40 Company                                  Esther R. Nahama                      made to the EIS DeWitt Family Tuition
BD Biosciences                                                                       Assistance Fund. The Assistance Fund
                                             Joylyn Keil
Northrop Grumman Space Technologies              Linda Falconer                      will be used to provide scholarship
CP Kelco                                         Linda M. Miller                     assistance to youth with the greatest
Super Welding of Southern California, Inc.       Susan L. Roth                       need in the community.
Testing Services & Inspection, Inc.
G L S Spray Services                         Facility Use Scholarships               We are truly honored that the DeWitts
                                             The San Diego Foundation,               have chosen to memorialize their loved
Organizations                                     San Diego Teachers Fund
                                                                                     ones through this lasting legacy to EIS.
Academy for Educational                      UCSD / Cal-SOAP
                                             EXO Foundation,                         Fond memories of Rufus and Mary will
                                                  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority         continue to remind us of their loving
United Way of San Diego                                                              and giving spirit.
                                             Intergral Marketing Solutions
Pharmaceutical Research
                                             Golden Care Academy
    Manufacturers Assoc. (PhRMA)
San Diego Fire Fighters
S.D.S.E. Womens, Inc.
Hunter College
Christian Growth Ministries
Westchester Alumnae Chapter
    of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

                       Enroll Now!                                                               EIS Board of Directors
                                                                                                           President        Mr. Joseph Vasquez

              Fall Session at EIS
                                                                                                                            San Diego State University, Retired
                                                                                                 First Vice President       Ms. Judith Wenker
                                                                                                                            Majors & Fox, LLP
There is still space available in the EIS Fall Session for after-                                          Secretary        Ms. Inez Kuba
                                                                                                                            Parent Volunteer
school programs. Please call (619) 263-2302 for availability                                              Treasurer         Ms. Joylyn M. Keil
                                                                                                                            San Diego National Bank
and registration forms. The Spring Session will begin the week                                   Financial Secretary        Mr. Robert Cademy
                                                                                                                            San Diego State University
of February 9, 2008. Sign up now!                                                                Mr. Adriel Ademis
                                                                                                 Southwestern College
                                                                                                 Mr. James Durfey
Two schedules available!                                                                         James Durfey Architects
                                                                                                 Dr. Nicholas R.J. Gascoigne
                                                                                                 The Scripps Research Institute

   Mondays and Wednesdays, 4 - 6 pm                                                              Mr. Benito Hobson
                                                                                                 Integrits Corporation

   Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4 - 6 pm                                                              Ms. Adrienne M.C. Hunter
                                                                                                 Skyy Limousine
                                                                                                 Mr. Charlie King
                                                                                                 Rice-Hall James and Associates
                                                                                                 Mr. Daniel Korntved
Call (619) 263-2302                                                                              Stedman & Dyson Structural Engineers (SDSE)
                                                                                                 Dr. Robert Matthews
for more information                                                                             Mt. Erie Christian Academy
                                                                                                 Dr. Albert McClain
or visit                                                                           Paradise Valley Hospital
                                                                                                 Ms. Betty Schmucker
                                                                                                 Brown & Caldwell Environmental Engineers and Consultants
                                                                                                 Ms. Evonne Smith
                                                                                                 President of Las Muñecas, Friends of EIS
                                                                                                 Ms. Kimberly White
                                                                                                 San Diego County
                                                                                                 Mr. Dane Zink
                                                                                                 Commission on Science That Matters Participant

                            The Commission on Science That Matters aims to connect               Ms. Rozella Zink
                                                                                                 Southwestern College
                            young people with local leaders in the academic, scientific, and
                            business community to create community-based critical service-       Board Briefs:
                                                                                                 EIS is happy to report the addition of a Board member
                            learning projects around the topics of healthy children, a healthy   to the EIS Board of Directors. Welcome Adrienne Hunter!
                            planet, energy independence, and water conservation. In              EIS would like to thank departing Board Member Dr. Lena
                            2006-07, Commission participants studied diabetes prevention         Rodriguez for her efforts, contributions, and dedication to EIS.

                            and health issues as part of the Walter & Lola Green Health          Staff News:
                                                                                                 EIS congratulates Ruth Ann Frazier (née Ruth Ann Whitefield) on
                            Initiative. For 2007-08, both new and continuing participants        her recent September wedding. Congratulations Ruth and Kevin!
Health Energy    Wa t e r   are studying alternative energy and conservation as part of the
                            Rice Family Foundation Energy Initiative.                            EIS Staff
                                                                                                 Doris Anderson             Executive Director
The EIS Commission on Science That Matters program is open to San Diego students,                Amelia Cortina             Education Director
                                                                                                 Rebecca Gerber             Community and Donor Relations
ages 14-16. If you know of a student who would be interested in participating or have            Gloria Robinson            Executive Secretary
any questions about this new program, please contact Andrea Yoder, Program Manager               Ruth Ann Frazier           Director of Development
for the EIS Commission on Science That Matters at 619-263-2302 ext.207.                          Andrea Yoder               Commission on Science That Matters
                                                                                                                            Project Manager

                                                                                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                    OF SCIENCE

      608 51st Street
 San Diego, CA 92114-2205

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