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					Welcome to the Twin Cities
Jewish Life and Twin Cities Arts & Entertainment

                                                   Saint Paul

Welcome to the Twin Cities
Jewish Life and Twin Cities Arts & Entertainment

                                     Twin Cities Fast Facts
                                     Twin Cities Fast Facts

                                     Twin Cities Jewish Life
                                     Twin Cities Jewish Life
    • Jewish Community Fast Facts                  • Judaica / Jewish Book Stores
    • Eruv in Minneapolis / St Louis Park          • St Louis Park Mikvahs
    • Jewish Schools in the Twin Cities            • Sabes Jewish Community Center
    • Adult Learning Programs                      • Minneapolis Jewish Federation
    • Kosher Restaurants / Bakeries / Takeout

                   Sampling of Twin Cities Arts and Entertainment
                   Sampling of Twin Cities Arts and Entertainment
    • Theaters / Orchestra                         • Zoos / Aquariums
    • Museums                                      • Water Parks
    • Children’s Attractions                       • Winter Carnival and State Fair
    • City Lakes                                   • Sports Teams
    • Minneapolis Artists District                 • Mall of America
    • Citywide Bicycle Trails                      • Outside the Twin Cities: Lake Superior
                                                     and Stillwater
Twin Cities Fast Facts

•Twin Cities Metro Area Population: 3.2 million (2006)
•Twin Cities Population Rank: 16th in the nation (immediately behind Seattle and
 immediately ahead of San Diego)
•Geographic Location: The Twin Cities are located in the South Eastern corner of
 Minnesota along the banks of the Mississippi River (which starts in northern
•Arts Scene: The Twin Cities have more theater seats per capita than any other
 American city except New York (~100 theater groups and 30 performance venues
 in Minneapolis alone)
•History: Minnesota became a state in 1858 and will celebrate its 150th anniversary
 in 2008
•Mill City Roots: Pillsbury and General Mills began in downtown Minneapolis in the
 late 1800s as competing companies on opposite banks of the Mississippi River
•Minnesota Lakes: Over 11,000 lakes in the state of Minnesota with 90,000 miles
 of shore line
Companies Headquartered in the Twin Cities

    5% of the Fortune 100 are headquartered in the Twin Cities
Medical Technology and Financial Services Companies
Headquartered in the Twin Cities

 The Twin Cities area is home to many of the    The Twin Cities area is also home to some of
 world’s largest medical device manufacturers    the largest financial services companies in
   and world renowned health care facilities                      the country
Twin Cities Universities and Colleges

University of Minnesota                       Additional Twin Cities Universities
• Main campus is in downtown Minneapolis      • Augsburg College
• Fourth largest student body in the United   • College of St Catherine
  States (~50,000 students)                   • Concordia University
• Numerous programs ranked in the top         • Hamline University
  twenty including:
                                              • Metropolitan State University
     •Chemical Engineering (1)
                                              • Minneapolis College of Art and Design
     •Classics (4)
                                              • North Central University
     •Psychology (7)
                                              • University of St Thomas
     •Mechanical Engineering (8)
     •Economics (10)
     •Aerospace Engineering (12)
     •Civil Engineering (13)
     •Political Science (13)
     •Statistics (13)
     •Mathematics (14)
     •Biomedical Engineering (17)
Welcome to the Twin Cities
Jewish Life and Twin Cities Arts & Entertainment

                                 Twin Cities Jewish Life
                                 Twin Cities Jewish Life
    • Jewish Community Fast Facts               • Judaica / Jewish Book Stores
    • Eruv in Minneapolis / St Louis Park       • St Louis Park Mikvahs
    • Jewish Schools in the Twin Cities         • Sabes Jewish Community Center
    • Adult Learning Programs                   • Minneapolis Jewish Federation
    • Kosher Restaurants / Bakeries / Takeout
Twin Cities Jewish Community Fast Facts

•Twin Cities Jewish Population: Over 30,000
•Jewish Population in St Louis Park: Over 1,000
•Twin Cities Jewish Congregations: 19
    • 4 Orthodox
    • 5 Conservative
    • 10 Reform / Other
•Twin Cities Kosher Establishments: 6
•Minneapolis / St Louis Park Eruv Size: ~1 square mile
•Number of Mikvah Facilities in St Louis Park: 2
•Famous St Louis Park Jews:
    • Thomas Friedman – Columnist for New York Times
    • Al Franken – Saturday Night Live Comedian and 2008 US Senate Candidate
    • Coen Brothers – Film Directors of Raising Arizona, Fargo and the Big Lebowski
Eruv in Minneapolis / St Louis Park

                             • The Minneapolis / St Louis Park eruv has an
                               area of approximately one square mile

                             • Congregation Darchei Noam (highlighted in
                               red on the map) is renting space in a building
                               in the South West corner of the eruv

                             • Darchei Noam purchased property for a
                               building on the corner of Joppa Ave and
                               Minnetonka Blvd (7 blocks east of our current
                               location – highlighted in blue)

                             • Two other Orthodox congregations are
             Darchei Noam      located inside the eruv – Kenesseth Israel
             Future Home
                               and Bais Yisroel.

                             • Two conservative congregations are also
                               located inside the eruv – Beth El and Bnai

                             • The eruv includes two playgrounds that are
                               popular destinations on shabbat
Jewish Day Schools in the Twin Cities

Minneapolis Jewish Day School (MJDS)
• Grades K-8 with a total of about 350 students
• MJDS is a community school
• Students’ families are members of Orthodox,
  Conservative and Reform synagogues in the area
• School is housed on the same campus as the JCC

Torah Academy
• Jewish Day School for grades PreK-8 with about 220 students
• Member of Torah Umesorah and winner of “School of the Year”
• Separate girls and boys classes starting in second grade

Talmud Torah of Saint Paul
• Jewish Day School for grades PreK-8
• Community school with no specific affiliation
• Offers a separate afternoon Hebrew school program and a
  Midrash afternoon high school program
Additional Jewish Schools

• Bais Yaakov High School of the Twin Cities

• Talmud Torah of Minneapolis

• Lubavitch Cheder / Lubavitch Yeshiva of Minnesota
Adult Learning Organizations

Minneapolis Community Kollel
    •Full-time learning for 8-10 participants
    •Evening Chavrutot with members of the community
    •Rabbi Lieff of Bais Yisroel and Rabbi Gibber lead the program

Aish Hatorah Minnesota
    •A variety of Jewish learning programs and social events for the greater Twin Cities
    •Rabbi Berel and Sara Simpser coordinate the programming

Chabad of Minneapolis and St Paul
    •Variety of programs throughout the year
    •Bais Chana in St Paul is recognized as one of the finest post-graduate schools for
    Jewish women returning to Judaism

Jewish Institute of Lifelong Learning
    •Six week mini-courses for adults
    •Run in the Sabes JCC and partnered with the University of Minnesota and several local
    •Melton mini-school program also run at the Sabes JCC
St Louis Park Kosher Establishments

Fishman’s Kosher Market & Deli
• Sit-down delicatessen and grill
• Bakery offers daily breads and delicious baked
• Take-out entrees, salads and delicatessen
• Full kosher supermarket with fresh, frozen and
  packaged goods
• Catering services
St Louis Park Kosher Establishments

Little Tel-Aviv Café
• Israeli café within walking distance of Lake
• Pizza, falafel, variety of salads, sandwiches and
• Selection of wines and Israeli beer
• Catering available
St Louis Park Kosher Establishments

Byerly’s Kosher Take-Out and Meats
• Fresh cut meats and poultry
• Wide array of delicious take-out
• Kosher sushi available daily
• Fresh baked goods and custom cakes
• Range of fresh, frozen and packaged kosher
• Selection of kosher wines and spirits
• Located inside Byerly’s supermarket
St Louis Park Kosher Establishments

Breadsmith Bakeries (all 3 Twin Cities locations are kosher)
• Upscale chain of bakeries
• Variety of hand-crafted artisan breads
• Seasonal specialties rotate on a monthly basis
• Soft-crusted sandwich breads, specialty breads and a wide
  range of cookies, muffins and sweets
• All products are kosher and pareve
St Louis Park Kosher Establishments

Additional Kosher Food Outlets
• Many of the local supermarkets and chain stores carry a variety of kosher food and
     - Target
     - Costco
     - Sam’s Club
     - Trader Joe’s
     - Whole Foods
     - Cub Food
     - Lunds / Byerly’s
St Louis Park Judaica /Jewish Book Stores

• Beautiful selection of books, gifts, art, music and
• One of the largest selections of Judaica and
  products from Israel in the upper Midwest
• Continuously serving the Twin Cities area for over
  100 years

                                                        Interior of Brochin’s
Elijah’s Cup
• Variety of Judaica products of all price ranges
• Located in shopping center across the street from future site of
  Darchei Noam

Torah Academy Bookstore
• Large selection of seforim and jewish children’s books
St Louis Park Mikvah

• St Louis Park has two mikvah facilities.
• The women’s mikvah is a new, stand-alone facility.
• The men’s mikvah and the kelim mikvah are located in the
  downstairs portion of Kenesseth Israel.

                                 New Women’s Mikvah Building
Sabes Jewish Community Center

• The Sabes JCC provides services and programs in
  areas including an early childhood center, a newly-
  remodeled health and fitness center, recreation,
  senior services, after-school programs, day camp,
  and a new and innovative Jewish Arts and
  Humanities curriculum that draws from the entire

• In a facility of 195,000 square feet with 6,000
  members and thousands of program participants, a
  vast array of programs are provided to enrich,
  educate and enlighten.
Minneapolis Jewish Federation

• The Minneapolis Jewish community is known
  around the country as a model of generosity. The
  Minneapolis Jewish Federation supports more than
  50 partner agencies locally, nationally and
  internationally with a $15.8 million annual
  campaign. Of this total, $2.6 million is allocated to
  local Jewish education.

• The Federation's mission is:
    •To build community
    •To care for the welfare of Jews everywhere
    •To maximize participation in Jewish life
Welcome to the Twin Cities
Jewish Life and Twin Cities Arts & Entertainment

                   Sampling of Twin Cities Arts and Entertainment
                   Sampling of Twin Cities Arts and Entertainment
    • Theaters / Orchestra                  • Zoos / Aquariums
    • Museums                               • Water Parks
    • Children’s Attractions                • Winter Carnival and State Fair
    • City Lakes                            • Sports Teams
    • Minneapolis Artists District          • Mall of America
    • Citywide Bicycle Trails               • Outside the Twin Cities: Lake Superior
                                              and Stillwater
   The Guthrie Theater

• The Guthrie Theater, founded in 1963, is a
  nationally acclaimed American center for
  theater performance, production, education and
  professional training.

• The theater produces both classical literature
  and new works from diverse cultures.

                                                   The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis
• The Guthrie’s new home opened in 2006 and
  includes three distinct stages: the McGuire
  Proscenium, the Wurtele Thrust Stage and the
  Dowling Studio.

                                                   Wurtele Thrust Stage
Hennepin Avenue Theater District:
Orpheum, State and Pantages Theaters and Orchestra Hall

Theater Size
• Orpheum Theater: 2,600 seats
• State Theater: 2,150 seats
• Pantages Theater: 1,000 seats

Current and Upcoming Performances
• Jersey Boys
• Avenue Q
• The Lion King
• Monty Python’s Spamalot                      Orpheum Theater
• High School Musical
• Sweeney Todd
• My Fair Lady

Orhestra Hall
• Home to the Minnesota Orchestra
• 98-member ensemble now performs nearly 200
  concerts each year

                                               State Theater
Fitzgerald Theater

• St Paul’s Fitzgerald Theater is home to
  Minnesota’s own Garrison Keillor and the
  Prairie Home Companion
• Prairie Home Companion is broadcast
  live from “The Fitz” on National Public
• The Fitzgerald Theater also hosts a
  variety of music acts and plays
  throughout the year.
   The Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden

• The Walker Art Center is a world renowned
  contemporary art museum in downtown
• The museum collection includes works by
  Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Roy
  Lichtenstein and Pablo Picaso
• The sculpture garden includes works by Calder
  and Frank Gehry
• Recent exhibits include:
     – Picaso and his Influence on American Art
     – Frida Kahlo 100th Anniversary Exhibition
   The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

• The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is the largest
  art museum in the Twin Cities.
• The collection spans 3,000 years of art history
  and includes Native American artifacts,
  sculptures, paintings, architectural designs and
  decorative arts.
• The collection includes works by Rembrandt,
  Cassatt, Degas, Goya, Matisse, Modigliani, van
  Gogh and Whistler
   The Weisman Art Museum

• Designed by Frank Gehry, the Weisman Art
  Museum is located on the University of
  Minnesota campus in Minneapolis.
• The museum's collection features early 20th
  century American artists such as Georgia
  O'Keeffe and Marsden Hartley, as well as a
  diverse selection of contemporary art.
   Science Museum of Minnesota

• The Science Museum of Minnesota, founded in
  1907, is located on the banks of the Mississippi
  River in downtown St. Paul.

• The Science Museum's programs combine
  research and collection facilities, a public
  science education center, extensive teacher
  education and school outreach programs, and
  an Imax Convertible Dome Omnitheater to
  provide science education to an audience of
  more than a million people per year.

• Recent exhibits include:
    • A Day in Pompeii
    • Body Worlds
    • Greece: Secrets of the Past
    • Ring of Fire: Volcanoes in the Pacific
   Mill City Museum

• Located in the restored remnants of General
  Mills’ original mill on the Mississippi River
• Documents the history and importance of grain
  processing in Minneapolis
• The museum’s “Elevator Theater” moves
  between floors in the old mill to tell the history
  of the milling industry
• Includes hands-on exhibits for children
• Provides the history behind famous General
  Mills and Pillsbury brands including Betty
  Crocker and the Pillsbury Dough Boy
   Children’s Attractions

Minnesota Children’s Museum – St Paul
• Children ages 6 months through 10 years and
  their adult guests can explore seven galleries
  packed with extraordinary hands-on

Children’s Theatre Company - Minneapolis
• The Children’s Theatre Company puts on a
  new show each month. Some shows have
  previously been on Broadway.
                                                    Minnesota Children’s Museum

Stages Theater – Hopkins
• Stages Theatre Company is a children’s theater
  located one town over from St Louis Park. The
  theater performs a variety of plays targeted to
  children and adolescents.

                                                    Children’s Theatre Company
   Edinborough Park

• Edinborough Park is literally an indoor park that
  feels outdoors. 8 story high sky lights fill the
  park with light.
• The indoor park includes trees and shrubbery,
  a water fall and stream, an indoor 5-story
  climbing park, basketball courts, a theater, a
  large inflatable bouncing room for kids and a
  swimming pool.
• A perfect retreat for a rainy day.

                                                      Indoor 5-Story Climbing Park

           Indoor Garden and Walking Path
Municipal Recreation Centers

• Municipal recreation centers located in many
  Minneapolis suburbs offer a variety of indoor
  and outdoor recreational opportunities all year

• Outdoor pools typically include large central
  swim areas with water activities for all ages.

• Many rec centers feature indoor ice rinks for
                                                    St. Louis Park Rec Center Outdoor Pool
  free skate and league ice hockey.

• Rec centers also typically offer a variety of
  sports and exercise classes.

                                                    St Louis Park Rec Center Indoor Ice Rink
Minneapolis City Lakes

• The City of Minneapolis has five city lakes:
  Cedar Lake, Lake-of-the-Isles, Lake Calhoun
  Lake Harriet and Loring Lake.

• The lakes offer a variety of water sports and
  outdoor activities including: jogging and bicycle
  paths, playgrounds, beach volleyball,
  swimming, canoeing, peddle boating, sailing,
  fishing and windsurfing.
                                                      Fishing on Lake Calhoun

• The Lake Harriet band shell offers free live
  concerts every night in the summer.

                                                      Lake Harriet Band Shell
Citywide Bicycle Paths

• To better serve commuters that bicycle to work,
  the city of Minneapolis constructed and
  maintains miles of bicycle paths that connect
  the Twin Cities and suburbs.

• The bicycle paths crisscross the downtown and
  major suburban areas, including Minnetonka.

                                                    Designated Bicycle Paths in Downtown Minneapolis
Northeast Arts District

• Many former industrial buildings in the
  Northeast section of Minneapolis have been
  converted into artists studios.

• More than 400 artists keep their studios in the
  Northeast Arts District. (The Northrup King
  Building houses 130 artists alone.)

• Studios are open for viewing on the first
  Thursday of every month and by appointment.

                                                    Dedicated Bicycle Paths in Downtown Minneapolis
Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

•Free Zoo and Botanical Gardens
•Zebras and Lions to Polar Bears and Penguins
•Flower shows year round
•Children’s amusement park on the same grounds

                                                 Polar Bear at the Como Park Zoo

Como Park Conservatory
Minnesota Zoo and
Underwater Adventures Aquarium

                                          Underwater Adventures Aquarium
                                          •Located inside the Mall of America
                                          •Includes an underwater moving
                                           walkway beneath shark tanks and a
                                           tropical coral reef
                                          •Shark and stingray petting tank
                                          •Rotating exhibits
             Minnesota Zoo
•Over 2,300 animals on nearly 500 acres
•The zoo hosts over 1 million visitors
 each year
•Conveniently located in a Minneapolis
Winter Carnival and Minnesota State Fair

St Paul Winter Carnival
•The St Paul Winter Carnival has been
 run every year for the last 122 years.

•Festival features ice sculpture
 competitions, live music and
 entertainment and children's activities.

•The carnival is held each year at the end   Ice Palace at the St Paul Winter Carnival
 of January and attracts over 350,000
 visitors each year.

Minnesota State Fair
•A twelve day event attracting over 1.2
 million visitors
•Entertainment, exhibits, rides and
 shopping with a Minnesota flavor

                                               Minnesota State Fair
Indoor Waterparks

•Minneapolis features two large indoor waterparks
 open all year round.
•The Waterpark of America, next to the Mall of
 America, features a surfing pool, a lazy river and an
 assortment of water slides for adults and children.
•The Grand Rios is similarly equipped and is located
 in Brooklyn Park.
Twin Cities Sports Scene

• The Twin Cities are home to professional
  sports teams from all four major
  professional sports:
   •Baseball: Minnesota Twins
   •Football: Minnesota Vikings
   •Basketball: Minnesota Timberwolves
   •Hockey: Minnesota Wild
• The University of Minnesota is a member of
  the “Big Ten” and participates in all the
  major collegiate sports.
Mall of America

•The Mall of America is the largest
 mall in the United States and hosts
 more than 40 million visitors
•The mall also includes an indoor
 amusement park, complete with two
 roller coasters, a ferris wheel and a
 log flume ride.
•A proposed Phase II will significantly
 increase the size of the mall.
Nearby Attractions
Lake Superior and Stillwater

Lake Superior
•Lake Superior is an hour and forty minutes north of
•Attractions include Split Rock Light House and downtown
 Duluth with a Maritime museum, ship watching, an
 enormous restored train museum and boutique shops.
•Stillwater is 40 minutes from Minneapolis on the St. Croix
 river, which separates Minnesota and Wisconsin.
•Beautiful river town with art galleries, antique shops and
 craft stores.
                                                                        Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior

Downtown Stillwater                    Stillwater and St. Croix River

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