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					                                     The Meadow Glen
                                    Monthly Board Meeting
                                        May 16, 2005
Present: 2005-06 Board of Directors – Mark Shoemaker, Paul Kvamme, Julie Skarsvog, Dan Smith ,
           Jim Tosh
           Homeowners – Kirk Skarsvog

Meeting held at home of Paul Kvamme, call to order 7:00

I. President’s Report
  A. Mark discussed creating representation for each area or zone of the association. He wants to try to
      find a representative from each street that would be able to attend meetings and represent their
      “zone’s” interests.
  B. Paul discussed working together to create a business model and do some business planning for the
  C. He discussed last Saturday regarding the cleanup project on 38th.
      • Far end pond area at the end of 38th was getting cleared.
      • Several people were preparing to rototill the area. Jim, Paul and Mark were there to put a stop to
      • One woman was very angry and spoke harshly toward Jim. Mark stayed and listened to their
          concerns, and the fact that the people on this street feel very isolated from the board and from
          the rest of the community. They don’t feel their concerns are being met.
      • Same woman wants to organize a cleanup party, get donation from each member on the street.
          Paul, Jim and Mark offered $200 from the HOA.
  D. More discussion was made, Jim pointed out that there are two members of the ACC that want off
      the board, and if homeowners want representation, they need to step up and volunteer. We need to
      post the openings and call for volunteers.

II. Secretary Report
  A. Minutes from the annual board meeting were not read, as they had been emailed out and board
      members had replied with their corrections. They will be posted on the web, and approved at the
      next annual meeting.
  B. Jim motioned to accept minutes as amended, Julie seconded; unanimous approval.
  C. Newsletter schedule discussed:
      • We last sent out a newsletter in March, 2005 and prior to that October, 2004.
      • Kirk suggested we look into translating the newsletter into other languages to make it more
         useful and improve communications.
      • The bylaws don’t require issuing a newsletter every quarter.
      • Unanimously decided to issue a printed newsletter every six months, the next one would be in
         October, 2005.
  D. Noted that the summer community garage sale is July 8-9, 2005.

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III. Treasurer/Financial Report
  A. Julie presented Financial Statements
      • Balance Sheet shows 32K in Assets.
      • Profit and Loss shows 19K Income through 5-15-05.
      • Ending cash balance on Reconciliation was 16,727.55.
      • New Customer Contact List presented.
  B. Discussed Code Green:
      • Vendor who provides our landscaping maintenance.
      • Have an invoice to remove and replace two trees on north side of entrance, but we don’t believe
         that the work has been done yet.
      • They are also to mow all the fence areas including Military Road.
      • We are under contract with Code Green to provide these services. Details to be acquired from
         John Sprenger.
      • We will hold off on paying this invoice until we determine the work has been performed.
  C. Discussed Lot 72:
      • Property has been one full year in arrears. Now owes 1 year past, plus current dues.
      • Latest Certified letter came back unopened and unaccepted.
      • Jim motions to file lien for dues and legal costs of lien, Paul seconds; unanimous approval
      • Mark volunteered to go one more time personally to the home to let them know the board has
         approved filing the lien. . Paul to follow up with attorney if Mark is unsuccessful

IV. Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
  A. Miscellaneous:
     • The light pole at the pond is still an issue.
     • After the verbal abuse, Jim will not go back to help at the end of 38th street.
     • Will start having regular ACC meetings now that there are new board members.
  B. Discussed Lot 50:
     • Luke and Ponk Kum Hwang have put up an illegal awning.
     • The County red-tagged the project twice, but it was still completed.
     • Action would be to file a lien for a $100 fine and $50/week up to $1,500.
     • Since the property is up for sale, we don’t want to miss our opportunity to have this problem
     • Paul motions to file lien, Jim seconds, unanimous approval.
     • Paul will talk to lawyer right away to get lien filed.
  C. Discussed Lot 61:
     • Shanon Roetter is acquiring a permit to cut blackberry plants.
     • This would be valid for the entire community
  D. Discussed Windmill:
     • Some boys pulled out water lilies from the pond and threw them at young girls.
     • Girls were hanging on the split-rail fence, and now all the fence posts have fallen down but one.
  E. Discussed Lot 56:
     • Son (Reuben) was breaking duck eggs back in the pond area.
     • They have extended their yard into the common area.
     • They have been sent two letters to move their bushes back into their property line.
     • Mark will talk to them, and Paul will contact the attorney about getting a letter sent to them if
        Mark is unsuccessful.

V. Vice President’s Report

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 A. Paul talked about setting up a business model for the board, with a goal to set up a working business
    plan, including long range planning and budgeting.

VI. Old Business –
 A. Discussed Annual Meeting:
   • Good meeting, not the attendance we would have wanted.
   • Too many Proxy votes. Opinion that This discourages attendance.
   • Need to change the day of the week, Wednesday is not a good day for people.
   • We need to create incentive to come, maybe gift certificates.
   • We want to give an official thank you to Steve Lilley and Jennie Sprenger for their contribution to
       the board, also to Justin who got the landscaping going.
 B. Discussed Bylaw Amendment; came back with changes to the format of the amendments required.
      Paul to follow up.
 C. Discussed Property Survey:
   • We need to do a spot survey to make sure where easements and property lines are at.
   • We need to do this at the entrance to 380th, also on one side street .
   • We also need to have the area around the possible park area surveyed.
 D. Discussed Lot 62; wants to plant out to the street, as long as he takes care of it that is okay.
 E. Discussed Street Lamps:
   • We are planning on putting in one street light at the pond area.
   • We pay to put the lamp in and PSE maintains it.
   • It will likely cost us $10/month to power the light.
 F. Discussed Management company:
   • Paul mentioned that Steve Lilley originally recommend Around the Clock, management company
       to handle the billings, maintenance, escrow services, notifications and other sundry management
   • They do all the letters and they would provide a free attorney.
   • This would free the board to do more planning and improvements instead of doing all the day to
       day management.
   • Roughly costs $698/month, $8,196/year or $70.65 per lot annually.
   • They have a meeting next May 25th, Wednesday to describe their services.
   • There were concerns mentioned that this would be a tough sell to the membership, this would
       need to be included with a presentation about the park, because this would require a vote of the
VII. New Business
 G. Discussed Tree:
   • broken by stolen car, needs to be replaced.
   • call Code Green, currently it appears that is costs us $100 to replace one tree.

 H. Discussed Phone message responsibilities:
  • Community phone message schedule.
  • Julie: June / November.
  • Dan: July / December.
  • Paul: August.
  • Mark: September.
  • Jim: May / October.

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm

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Next Meeting: Monday, June 13th 7:00pm at Paul Kvamme residence: Special Business planning meeting.
Next Board Meeting: Monday, June 20th, 7:00pm at Paul Kvamme residence .

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