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                                                                                                            June 8, 2006

                      Sue Baker     Following the call to order by President Jim Cunningham, Don
         Mike & Heather Gowan       Anderson led the opening song. The invocation was given by Kevin        UPCOMING PROGRAMS
              Jennifer Sellereit    Allen, and Ron Jepson announced the visiting Rotarians                  June 12
                    Leslie Farris                                                                           Les Kisska: “Escape Czechoslovakia”
            Art & Jane Terpsma                                                                              June 19 - Cruise
                Bonnie Emerick      BUSINESS NOTES                                                          June 26
           Randy & Vicky Nulle      Doug Cole announced that the Rotary Cruise to Orcas Island will be      Rotary Awards/Changing of the Guard
                                                                                                            July 3 - Holiday
                    Susan Morill    Monday, June 19th. The group will arrive at Doe Bay where a visit       July 10
                Marca Babcock       to Larry Johanson and then Paul Hanson’s places are planned. Lunch      Barry Antos, Senior Vice President
                     John Harris                                                                            Pioneer Human Resources, Seattle
                                    will take place about 1:00 pm and will be catered by Christina’s
           Meg and Alex Brede
              Scott & John Hogl     Restaurant. The distance from Bellingham is 17 miles. Cost will be
                     Dawn Scott     $45 per head, and it would be helpful to have one more powerboat        ROTARIAN BIRTHDAYS
             Susan & Dan Wood       available. Sign-up sheets are on the tables with any changes due by     Charlie Self - June 6th
                 Jennie Hayden      June 16th.
                   Cassie Marks                                                                             PARTNER BIRTHDAYS
                 Don Thompson
                                    There will be over 60 participants at RYLA this year – June 8 to 11.    Kathy Haggen - June 6th
                 Kathy Herndon
          Bob & Diane Christey      Excellent response from the group!                                      Margaret Miller - June 11th
                                                                                                            Cindy Wilson - June 11th
               all parents of our
            Students of the Year.   District 5050 GOLFUN will be held August 11, 2006, at Homestead
                                    Farms Golf Resort in Lynden; cost is $110 US. This is a fundraiser      CLUB ANNIVERSARIES
                 Kayleigh Mang
                                    for the District.
                 recipient of the                                                                           Dennis Joines, June 10th
         Bellingham Rotary Club                                                                             4 Years
           Scholarship at WWU       Matt Hammatt reported on the Food Bank major project fundraiser         Barry Hanson, June 11th
           was also introduced.     for the Bellingham Food Bank. At this time, the group has raised        6 Years

                                    $80,000, somewhat short of the $100,000 goal. However, DC and
                                    Daver Morse have donated an in-kind contribution from Blythe
        VISITING ROTARIANS          Plumbing and Heating of $16,000. Matt requested that anyone who
      Frank Zurline & Matt Rose     has not contributed should do so, and anyone willing to raise the
     Bellingham Bay Rotary Club     amount contributed would be highly encouraged to do so.

    Stan Brunner & Pete Kremen      In a tightly timed presentation, Joe Coons pointed out the ballots
     Whatcom North Rotary Club      on each table for selection of the new directory; either with or
                                    without the binder. He also mentioned (for the sake of the visitors)
                                    that our Club has raised about two million dollars for local projects
THIS ISSUE:                         including Boulevard Park, Depot Market, the Lighthouse Mission,
Reporter: Joan Airioldi             and currently the Food Bank.
Editor: Yvonne Bianchi
Photographer: Robin Halliday

This Tattler brought to you by:

    Peggy Zoro                          Design & Layout courtesy of   Online Tattler Editing Capability
                                                                                 courtesy of

 Sargent-at-Arms Greg Grant pointed                                                          Scholarship and Award Committee Chair Chuck Snyder opened the
 out that Jim Visbeek has received an                                                        program with an explanation of the three Rotary Club of Bellingham
 award (which cost him $20 for the                                                           Scholarships and Awards. Each student selected has an extensive
 Club). He was honored for the best new
 promotion in the U.S. by The National                                                       resume of honors, activities, service, and experiences.
 Association of Electrical Distributors.
                                                                                             Outstanding Seniors Awards
 Greg asked everyone in the room
 who has lived in their homes for ten                                                        Stephanie Bowers introduced Bellingham High School honorees:
 or more years to stand. Based on an                              Outstanding Seniors/BHS
 article in the Herald that stated that                                                      Casey Baker, daughter of Dr David & Susanne Baker, who will be
 real estate taxes have not risen in that
 time, Greg conducted a reality check.                                                       attending the University of Washington and has special interests in
 Pete Kremen then pointed out that the                                                       design and civil engineering.
 county’s portion has remained at 11.4%
 as clarification (and was charged
 $20.00).                                                                                    Kevin Gowan has worked in many community endeavors, including
                                                                                             Habitat for Humanity, and will attend Washington State.
 Dale Kinsley, perhaps acknowledging
 that our school district has had
 something to do with the increase in                                                        Krista Anderson has been involved in dancing and cheerleading as
 property taxes in order to provide the                                                      well as being a volunteer counselor, enjoys traveling and will be
 superior education they do, supported                             Outstanding Seniors/SHS
                                                                                             attending Seattle Pacific University.
 Pete by offering half of the fine -$10.00.

 Harold Heiner’s upcoming retirement                                                         Chuck Snyder introduced Sehome High School students; Alicia Hogl,
 was announced in the Herald. He                                                             Jillian Wood and Namara Brede.
 acknowledged that this was the
 case and thanked his outstanding
 trustees,which included Rotarians Teri                                                      Chuck noted that Alicia coordinated the Bring Joy to a Child program
 Treat, Jim Wilson, and Phil Sharpe.                                                         and plans to attend Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
 Mike Abendhoff was asked if BP is
 in the “golden age” of the refining                                                         Jillian has led the Sehome school-wide food drive that brought
 industry; he pointed out that this was a                         Outstanding Seniors/SQHS   in 7,100 pounds of food and she plans to attend the University of
 cyclical business with several new jobs
 opening at BP, and was assessed a fine                                                      Washington to study speech pathology.
 based on his conscience.
                                                                                             Namara spent his junior year in Ecuador on an exchange program
 Pat Foley missed the Rotary Meeting
 held at the African destination she and                                                     and will attend McAllister College in St. Paul, MN. Chuck pointed
 her daughter recently visited. However,                                                     out his particular contributions and growth through participation in
 she donated the $20 she was not able                                                        Teen Court and Mock Trial.
 to give that club.

                                                                                             Peggy Zoro introduced Squalicum High School students.

                                                                                             John Farris will attend Seattle Pacific University, and is the son of
                                                                                             President-elect Tim Farris and his wife Leslie. We’ve heard about
                                                                                             John’s tennis accomplishments, and they are only a few of many.

                                                                                             John Terpsma, son of Arthur and Jane Terpsma, will attend the
                                                                                             University of Washington, and is an exceptional whiz at math.

                                                                                             Lindsay Emerick is the daughter of Joseph and Bonnie Emerick,
                                                                                             and is recognized for her volunteer service and sports participation.

Tattler           Steve Adelstein Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka - Mark Lambert Dream Maker Bath & Kitchen - Barry Hansen Unity Group - Mike Diehl Diehl Ford - Jamie Vos
Sponsors          Security Solutions - Pat Foley Mills Electric - Del Vandekerk Office Systems Northwest - Margaret Curtis Wilson Engineering - Steve Hoekstra Horizon Bank
                                                                                                                                       HAPPY BUCKS

                                                  Academic Achievement Scholarships
                                                  Dale Kinsley introduced the winners of the $1500 Academic                  Dave Blair gleefully announced the
                                                  Achievement Scholarships, given to the top students from each of           graduation of his 4th and last child
                                                                                                                             with a $20 donation. He also told the
                                                  the schools. Their work is testimony to the promise they show for          delightful story of an emergency room
                                                  the future.                                                                visit in East LA with his child in a
                                                                                                                             Shakespeare costume and topped that
                                                                                                                             with the outfit selected for his career
                                                  From Squalicum High School, Ryan Morrill will be attending                 achievement and creativity award
                                                  Princeton University and works with Spanish speaking youth at              presentations.
                                                  Roosevelt High School.
                                                                                                                             Dave Bradley successfully completed
                                                                                                                             a Century Ride (bicycle) with the
   Academic Achievement Recipients
                                                  Sehome High student Brian Nulle will be attending the University of        Wenatchee Rotary Club.
                                                  Notre Dame and is interested in theatre and broadcast.
                                                                                                                             Tom Livesay proudly announced the
                                                                                                                             birth of twin granddaughters and
                                                  Karen Harris attended Bellingham High School and plans to attend           contributed 50 happy bucks.
                                                  the University of Washington with a major in business management
                                                                                                                             Bob Diehl celebrated his 30th wedding
                                                  and communications.                                                        anniversary and donated 30 happy
                                                  Phil Millard Scholarship
                                                                                                                             Doug Cole acknowledged appreciation
                                                  Margaret Curtis introduced the Phil Millard Scholarship winners,           for the Big Brother mentors in the Club
   Academic Achievement Recipients                given in memory of local athlete Phil Millard from his family. This        with 5 happy bucks.
                                                  scholarship recognizes one outstanding athlete per high school who
                                                                                                                             Teri Treat shared enthusiasm for a
                                                  has been a standout in their sport and good students as well.              terrific Ski to Sea event and also her
                                                                                                                             appreciation for working with Harold
                                                  Phillip Thompson will be attending the University of Washington            Heiner with 15 happy bucks.
                                                  after a career in basketball, football, baseball and Storm Mentoring at    Bob Nicholl donated 20 happy bucks
                                                  Squalicum High School.                                                     for his unprecedented visit to Pitcairn
                                                  Katherine Hayden will be attending the University of California at         Ron Jepson commented on the Depot
                                                  Santa Cruz and playing soccer following a four year varsity career in
            Phil Millard Scholarship Recipients
                                                                                                                             Market improvements that give it a
                                                  soccer and track at Sehome.                                                degree of permanency.

                                                                                                                             Cleary Cone spoke of the anniversary
                                                  Phillip Christey has played varsity tennis, basketball, and golf as well   of women in Rotary and told a joke of
                                                  as putting in many volunteer hours of service. He will be attending the    a bygone era involving Pillsbury flour
                                                                                                                             (contact Cleary if you wish to hear it).
                                                  University of Washington.

                                                  Margaret pointed out the responsibility of becoming leaders of the
                                                  future and asked all the students honored to “keep up the good work
                                                  and bring others along with you.”

                                                  Kayleigh Mang was then recognized as a WWU Scholar. She                      This Tattler brought to you by:
                                                  is finishing her freshman year at Western after graduating from                John Holzheimer
                                                  Bellingham High School.

Mark Simpson Hampton Inn - Peggy Zoro Whidbey Island Bank - Tim Fisher Life Insurance Consultants - Erick Laine Madrona Medical Group - Bob Sytsma        Tattler
Varner, Sytsma and Herndon CPAs - Drew Schmidt Victoria San Juan Cruises - John Raasch Mindfly, Inc. - Dennis Murphy WWU School of Business              Sponsors
May 22, 2006


                 Jim Cunningham

                        Tim Farris
                   President Elect

                       Dave Blair
                   Vice President
                 & Program Chair

                  Steve Hoekstra
              Secretary Treasurer

               Jan Marchbanks
        Immediate Past President

           BOARD of DIRECTORS
                    Jim Visbeek
                      Avenue of
       Club Service Development

                    Brad Burdick
                        Avenue of
          Club Service Fellowship

                  Kathy Hughes
                     Avenue of
              Community Service

                  Margaret Curtis
                        Avenue of
International & Vocational Service
                                     Look for the new “Tattler On Line” at
               Sandee Lindhout
                    PO Box 1578      The Tattler
                Bellingham, WA       Rotary Club of Bellingham
                      98227-1578     PO Box 1578
                                     Bellingham, WA 98227 - 1578
              Phone: 360.734.5532
                 Fax: 360.656.5043

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