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									        Making a Difference . . . One Child at a Time                                                            Spring 2011

                                                                        TABLE TALK 2011
                                                                            Wednesday, August 3, 2011
                                                                         Town & Country Club, Saint Paul
                                                                        11:30 a.m. * Luncheon 12 - 1:30 p.m.

        Guests enjoying Table Talk 2010

  Wouldn’t it be great to have lunch with an author, business leader or media personality?
                                       Here’s your chance!

Table Talk features a woman of note at each table. Her career, life experiences, expertise and ability make
her someone with whom many people would love to share lunch and conversation. You and six to eight
other women will be seated with one of these remarkable women for great conversation and a delightful
lunch. This special gathering like no other event in the Twin Cities brings together a dynamic and diverse
group of Twin Cities women in a format that encourages conversation and new connections.

   We are happy to announce that Belinda Jensen, KARE 11’s Chief Meterologist, will be our Master of Ceremonies.
            Table sponsorships are available:                                           Individual Tickets: $60
            $1,000 table includes 7 reservations                               Table sponsors have priority selection for
            $1,200 table includes 9 reservations                                          conversationalists.
              For more information or to make a reservation, contact the CHA office (651) 220-6175.

Confirmed Conversationalists:                                                      Please visit for bios
Bonnie Alton                        Dr. Meri Firpo                     Belinda Jensen                 Dr. Carolyn Levitt
Owner                               Assistant Professor, U of M        Chief Meteorologist            Pediatrician
Great Harvest Bread Company         Stem Cell Institute                Host of KARE 11 “Saturday” &   Child Abuse Specialist
                                    Department of Medicine             “Grow with KARE”
Echo Bodine                                                                                           Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
Psychic, Healer, Author             Janel Goff                         Allison Kaplan                 Editor & Author
Talk Show Host                      Senior Vice President              Shopping & Style Editor        Minnesota Monthly
                                    The Goff Group/Merrill Lynch       Mpls/StPaul Magazine
Kevyn Burger                                                           Talk Show Host/FM107           Patricia Mitchell
Communications Director             Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl                                           President & CEO
Perpich Center for Arts Education   Editor & Author                    Ruth Koscielak                 Ordway Center
                                    Minnesota Monthly                  Radio Show Host                for the Performing Arts
Liz Collin
News Anchor                         Molly Guthrey                      Cynthia (Cyndi) Lesher         Melinda Nelson
WCCO TV                             Columnist & Blogger                Retired CEO & President        Senior Editor
                                    Pioneer Press                      Northern States Power          Mpls/StPaul Magazine
Carol Connolly
Writer                              Mary Jeffries                                                     Please see page 3 for
St. Paul Poet Laureate              Children’s Hospital Board                                         more conversationalists
                                    Member & CEO of Polaroid
 From the President . . .
                      Dear Friends of Children's Hospital Association,

                       We are well into yet another year of CHAnging lives. This year CHA has pledged $500,000 to twelve
                       different programs of Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. These programs encompass every-
                       thing from providing parking vouchers for parents whose children are in treatment; to funding research on
                       an innovative and less intrusive and therefore less traumatizing way of intubating newborns; to supporting
                       nationally recognized programs of prevention, intervention and education. CHA is able to do this as a re-
                       sult of the efforts of our Board, our sixteen Guilds, and over 2200 corporations, foundations and families
 who contribute their time and financial support. The result of these efforts is found in the many stories we hear about each
 day, stories of children and families in need whose lives have been affected by our collective efforts. These stories truly
 illustrate our goal of making a difference . . . one child at a time.

 So many times as we go into the community on behalf of CHA we have the opportunity to hear the stories that give heart to
 our efforts. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to recognize a little red wagon pin one of us is wearing. They see the pin
 and are reminded of their experience with a family member or friend who has been served by Children's. They share their
 stories of hope, gratefulness, healing, and the support given to help a family cope. All of these stories put a personal face on
 what we are striving for through our organization. This year we will be sharing more of those stories with you. We will try to
 give life to the dollars and cents you so generously help us raise. The numbers are big, but the stories are bigger. Please take
 heart as you learn more about how your support is CHAnging lives.

 I look forward to sharing with you in another year of successes.

 Andrea Johnson, CHA 2011 President

                                                Celebrating Successes!
                                     CHA's 77th Annual Meeting in January was well attended as we celebrated CHA's
                                     successes over the past year. Guests included many Board and Guild members, family and
                                     friends, as well as representatives from the Hospital and Foundation, and from many of the
                                     programs that CHA supports.

                                     Representatives from the life-changing programs that CHA supports were introduced at the
Connie Aram, Jo Ann Weber,Donna      beginning of the meeting and they then joined the other guests for lunch and conversation.
O’Reilly, 2011 Ball Co-Chairs, and
Michael Troy, Behavioral Services
                              New officers were elected at the meeting: Sharyn Duce, President-Elect, Carol Stehly,
                              Treasurer-Elect and Yvonne Peterson, Secretary. We wish these women well as they accept
important leadership postions with CHA for the coming year.

From North Oaks Guild II, Toni Monster and Linda Pederson, the 2010 and 2011 Guild Presidents, accepted the Making a
Difference Award on behalf of the Guild. During 2010, the Guild reached its goal of over $1 million in cumulative
donations to CHA over its 45 year history - a remarkable achievement!

Patrick Hammer and Megan Newquist, KSTP anchors, reflected on their experience on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and
the selection of CHA as the recipient of their winnings. Their significant winnings of $63,600 were donated immediately by
CHA to the programs we support. Thank you to Patrick and Megan for selecting CHA and for making such a difference!

Theresa Pesch, VP for the Hospital and Foundation Executive Director, spoke about CHA's long philanthropic history with
Children's Hospitals and Clinics of MN. She announced the Hospital's recognition of CHA’s 2008 pledge of $1 million to the
Hospital’s capital campaign: the naming of the new PICU as Children's Hospital Association Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
(CHA PICU). We are thrilled with this naming and look forward to the celebration when the new PICU opens this fall!

Attendees also heard from Dr. Alan Goldbloom, President and CEO of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of MN, about the State
of the Hospital. Outgoing President Shirley Schoffelman presided over the meeting before passing the gavel to Andrea Johnson,
CHA's 2011 President.

                                                     CHA News

                                                             Children’s Hospital Association (CHA)
                                                                  Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

                                             In honor of CHA’s 75th Anniversary in 2008, the Association pledged $1 million to
                                            the Capital Campaign of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of MN. In recognition of
                                            this generous gift and CHA’s long history of philanthropy to the hospital, the Saint
                                            Paul pediatric intensive care unit has been named exclusively the Children's
                                            Hospital Association (CHA) PICU. The unit, located on the fourth floor in the new
                                            expansion on the Saint Paul campus, will open this fall. Children’s PICU is a highly
trafficked unit, serving some of the hospital’s most critically ill patients. In 2010, five hundred patients from 10 different states
were admitted to the Saint Paul PICU.

The new unit will have private patient rooms that provide patients and families a quieter and more personal environment.
Sleeping spaces in each patient room have been enhanced and four family sleep rooms will also be available. Larger rooms in
the new unit will better accommodate the equipment needed to care for these critically ill patients and will minimize
 interruptions allowing for a more calming environment. Improved infection control will be achieved by incorporating the
latest advances in infection control technology and procedures. The PICU’s private patient rooms, sleep rooms, family
lounge, PICU consultation room, conference room, and forty-four pieces of art have all been fully funded.

CHA's $1million contribution to the Capital Campaign was made possible as a result of the countless hours put in by our
committed volunteers, the talented and creative work of our sixteen Guilds, the efforts of the Board, and the generosity of our
supporting corporations and foundations. The many of you who hear CHA's story and are touched by the opportunity to
give of your time and talents and financial support are all making a difference . . . one child at a time.

   Table Talk Conversationalists (continued)                                    Save the Date!
 Susan Nestegard                  Dr. Susan Sencer
 President                        Chief of Staff                            Children’s Hospital Association
 Global Healthcare Sector
                                  Children’s Hospitals and
                                  Clinics of Minnesota
 Megan Newquist              Martha Severson
 News Anchor, KSTP           Publisher
 “Who Wants to Be a Million- SPACES Magazine
 aire” Winner
                             Donna Smith (Mrs. Tubby)
 Nancy Ngo                   Gophers Basketball
 Shopping and Style Reporter
 Pioneer Press               Karen Soojian
                             ASID President
 Martha Rossini Olson        Minnesota Chapter
 "Sweet Martha's" Cookies    Kim Valentini
                             Founder and Executive Director
 Sara Rogers                 Smile Network                                     Sunday, December 18, 2011
 Trend Specialist
 Mall of America             Carla Warner                                             Priority seating available
 Sue Scott                   Warners’ Stellian
                                                                                    Ordway Center for the
 Vocal Talent & Actor                                                                 Performing Arts
 Prairie Home Companion      Sue Zelickson
                             Food Critic and Columnist
                                                                                Stay tuned...more details to follow!
                             WCCO and Minnesota Monthly

                  CHA supports the Chaplaincy Program
CHA is proud of the important and life-changing programs we support each year. We ask those programs for stories that
illustrate how the money we raise makes a difference in the lives of the children and their familes. Here is one such story...

                                                Remembering Well
 The charge nurse paged me from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) not long ago. She informed me that Allison, a
normally healthy seven year-old, would soon be withdrawn from life-support and that the family was in need of the chaplain.
As soon as I arrived on the unit I began absorbing the scene. In the process of consulting with the healthcare team and reading
Allison’s medical records I learned how her diagnosis had come very suddenly. My heart sank. She had been playing with her
brothers and running in the yard just days before she contracted a very rare virus, which eventually penetrated her brain tissue
and caused meningitis. I looked over towards Allison’s room and saw a mass of family including brothers, grandparents, aunts,
uncles, and cousins. Just beyond them was the sliding glass door, and as I peered through it I saw Mom curled up in bed with
Allison. Dad was sitting at the foot of the bed. The love they all shared seemed palpable.

After listening deeply and speaking with the parents and the extended family, it became evident the family needed an opportu-
nity to remember their final moments with Allison well. Rather than attempting to muster up some meaningful words on
behalf of the family, I presented them with an opportunity to join me in the meaning-making process. I encouraged all those
who were present to gather around Allison and share a thought or a memory if they were willing. Without hesitation Grandpa
jumped in and everyone else followed his lead, even the little children. They spoke of her joyful smile, generous heart, love
and care for others, and the many fun times they shared together. This went on for some time, as the energy in the room in-
creased with every word spoken. With teardrops, bursts of laughter, and everything in-between, the family blessed Allison just
as she had blessed them for many years. Allison was remembered well that night, and I am certain she always will be.

I will likely never meet any members of this family again, but I will always be grateful for the moments we shared together.
The family spoke beautifully into the service of commendation by unearthing stories that were central to who Allison was. I
am not sure it is possible to completely “get over” such a tremendous loss—events as significant as this stay with us for a life-

However, I do trust that the time they shared speaking stories together will nourish their souls for many years to come. This is
because God is often found in the ordinary, less suspecting portions of life. Written by Chaplain Joel Jueckstock

CHAnging Lives!
Every so often we are asked, how can I make a difference, how can I help? There are many ways to contribute and
support the mission of CHA...we believe we have something for everyone!

* Attend one of our events. CHA's 62nd Annual Benefit, Storyland Ball, October 29th, the 8th Annual Table Talk on
  August 3rd, or Cinderella at the Ordway, Sunday, December 18th.
* Check out the many Guild events listed in every edition of the Newsletter. Shop in the CHA Peter Pan Shop!
* Make a donation to our Annual Appeal...we are so grateful to the many people who make contributions to CHA each year.
  We couldn't do this without you! Make a tribute in memory or in honor of someone or to celebrate a special occasion.
* Contact your HR or payroll department to see if they offer matching gifts...this is an easy way to double your
  contribution to CHA.
* Consider including CHA in your estate planning. Planned giving benefits you and CHA. Please call our Office Manager,
  Sue Marek at (651) 220-6175 for more information.
* Go online and give to CHA through innovative online giving tool is available 24/ can't be easier!
* Join us on Facebook...encourage your children to friend us on FB and spread the word about CHA. We KNOW we have
  thousands of friends out there!
       CHA is grateful for all the support we receive from the Community. Together we are making a difference!

                                Historical Moment - CHA Making a Difference
In the continuing process of organizing CHA's historical documents, the following information was recently uncovered. CHA
has a long history of making a difference in the lives of children and their families in our community! Hats off to the women
who made this possible!

In 1936, the gross income of Children's Hospital was $45,764. Of that CHA paid $12,190 to the Hospital or 27% of the total
 income. CHA paid $11, 234 in 1937, which was 21% of the total gross income of $53,826. In 1938, CHA's contribution to the
Hospital was 28% ($16,024) of the Hospital's gross income of $56,729!

                      Children’s Hospital Association pledges $700,000
                      to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
Chaplaincy On-Call ($40,000) – This on-call pastoral care program ensures that high quality spiritual and emotional support is
available to patients and families, even after regular daytime hours and on weekends.

Children’s Hospital Clinic of St. Paul ($150,000) – This grant helps provide comprehensive health care to disadvantaged chil-
dren in our community, regardless of their ability to pay.

Emergency Fund Services/Non-Clinical Needs of Families ($25,000) – This fund provides food, transportation and other
urgent needs to families having no other resources while their children are being treated at Children’s Hospital - St. Paul.

First Steps ($24,000) – First Steps is a primary child abuse prevention and support program for teen parents who give birth at
the Birth Center of United and Children’s Hospital. Trained community volunteers provide the service to each family, address-
ing the financial, social and parenting challenges unique to this age group.

Laryngeal Mask Airway for Surfactant Administration ($20,000) – This research program will help determine if the less
invasive laryngeal mask airway is an effective alternative to the placement of a breathing tube to administer the necessary
medications to premature infants, thus reducing pain, cardiovascular stress, adverse psychological effects, and the need for a
breathing machine, and making placement easier.

MCRC – Midwest Children’s Resource Center ($120,000) – This grant subsidizes hardship cases and charitable services for
abused children. MCRC’s goal is to diagnose, treat, protect and prevent future maltreatment of children.

Mental Health Special Needs Fund ($25,000) – This fund enables the Psychological Services Department of Children’s – St.
Paul, to work with families having limited resources for mental health services for their emotionally vulnerable children.
Eligibility criteria include restricted or nonexistent mental health benefits and significant emotional need.

Music Therapy Program ($10,000) - In a pediatric healthcare setting, scientifically based therapeutic musical interventions are
planned specifically to address patient needs related to pain management, physical rehabilitation, respiration, cardiac conditions,
anxiety and mood/emotional states. This fund allows additional service hours so a larger population of children and families will
benefit from music therapy as a treatment plan.

NICU Family Attachment Program ($4,500) – This program provides equipment and support through Kangaroo Care of the
Family Attachment Program for parents who have neonates in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital - St. Paul.

Pediatric Epilepsy ($25,000) – Living with epilepsy gives rise to enormous physical, emotional and social challenges. This pro-
gram improves the care and quality of life for children with epilepsy. This grant will help fund the dietitian and child life special-
ist positions in the epilepsy unit.

Runaway Intervention Program ($31,500) – The goal of this project is to reduce traumatic responses and improve the health
and coping of sexually exploited teens and their parents through developmentally appropriate case management services by ad-
vanced practice nurses with special training in sexual abuse.

Sickle Cell PLANE (Program for Learning Assessment and Neuropsychological Evaluation) ($25,000) – The extremely
high risk of cognitive and behavioral disabilities associated with sickle cell disease makes neuropsychological screening of all
children with the disease imperative. This fund will help overcome the economic and cultural barriers preventing families from
bringing their children in for traditional outpatient testing by “bringing the examiner to the child” and promoting access to care
and treatment.

                                                Program Pledge Total - $500,000

     In addition to the Program Pledges, CHA anticipates payment of a $200,000 installment on the $1 million pledge
      to the Hospital’s capital campaign for enhancements to the Saint Paul Campus. This payment will put CHA at
                                        $800,000 or 80% of our $1 million pledge!

                                  CHA Guild Anniversaries
All proceeds from Guild fundraisers benefit programs at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota which are
            supported by the Children’s Hospital Association. Thank you for supporting our Guilds!

Congratulations to the Rosebud Guild which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year! Founded in 1971, the Guild
draws members from northern suburbs including Roseville, Shoreview, North Oaks and Vadnais Heights. Their first president
was Mrs. James Kellett; current presidents are Bunny Larson and Jan Sargent. Over their 40 year history Rosebud Guild mem-
bers have raised over $72,000 on behalf of CHA. We are so grateful for their committment and contributions to the children of
our community!

Since the beginning of their Guild, Rosebud members and their spouses have developed close relationships. They enjoy getting
together twice a year as couples in the summer time and at Christmas for a social gathering. Their parties also always include a
basket for CHA contributions! An important service project for the Guild was the "Teddy Bear Project". They made small, cud-
dly little teddy bears for the patients that came to the emergency room at Children's Hospital of St. Paul.

Over the years, Rosebud's primary focus was the annual CHA Bazaar. Guild members looked forward to the second Wednesday
of each month for a morning of friendship combined with a business meeting and a Bazaar workshop in a member's home.
Additional smaller workshops were held during the summer months to make items for the Bazaar. Other Rosebud fundraisers
have included garage sales, fur coat raffle, theme parties, and silent and live auctions. Currently, Rosebud's major fund-
raiing project is a spring garage sale. This year it’s on June 2nd and 3rd at 1265 Josephine Rd. in Roseville.

North Oaks Guild II was CHA’s second guild.           It was formed in 1966 in response to the long waiting list to get into
North Oaks Guild I! Since that beginning 45 years ago, North Oaks Guild II has achieved the remarkable milestone of donat-
ing over $1 million dollars to CHA. During the early years the Guild sponsored a number of small events which raised hundreds
of dollars.

For many years they sponsored home tours highlighting architectural masterpieces in North Oaks. Now North Oaks Guild II
continues a 12-year tradition of sponsoring a 2-day rummage sale each September, which raises tens of thousands of dollars
each year.

On Saturday, September 10th the Guild will be accepting donations for the 2011 rummage sale that is scheduled to take place
September 17 and 18, 2011. For more information or to volunteer to help prepare for the sale, please visit

The Sampler Guild celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2010! Over their long and successful history they raised over
$43,200 in support of programs and services that help the health-related needs of children and their families in our community.

Now retired, the Guild first organized in 1965 and had members from Highland Park, Mendota Heights and Lilydale. While
most members took their turn as President, the first president was Sally Fulton and the last was Arlene Swain. In the beginning,
Guild members constructed much sought after made-to-order monogrammed "basket" purses. Later, they participated in the
CHA Bazaar and sold numerous handmade items. In addition to making the basket purses, Sampler Guild lettered and framed
birth and wedding certificates to sell at the Bazaar. During their first year as a Guild, they framed about 20 certificates and lined
and monogrammed 35 basket purses for the Bazaar.

The Guild met monthly with a hostess and two assistants pro-
viding delightful luncheons. The tasty recipes of dishes
served were made available for purchase. These monies then
became a part of their contribution to CHA. They also had one
large dinner each year to include husbands and friends - an-
other fundraiser.

Today, Sampler Guild members are enjoying retirement and
grandchildren and many spend winters "down south". While
their forces and energies have changed from fundraising to so-
cializing, they still have warm memories of their time as a
Guild, supporting CHA and the children of their community.           Phyliss Rusterholtz, Arlene Swain, Sally Fulton and Bette Cummins

                                                 Guild Events
                                                                                                            Thank you to our
                                                                           2010                            Guilds for all they do
                                                                                                               for children!
                                                                    Making a Difference                         Bald Eagle
                                                                         Award                                    Dakota
                                                                Children's Hospital Association                 Generations
                                                                recognized North Oaks Guild II                Guildersleeves
                                                                as the recipients of the 2010                       Ivy
                                                                Making a Difference Award.                     Lunch Bunch
The Guild’s 45 year history of strength, commitment and volunteerism on behalf of the health                    Night Owls
and well-being of the children of our community, and their cumulative donations to CHA of over                 North Oaks I
$1 million are remarkable achievements. Toni Monster and Linda Pederson, the 2010 and 2011                    North Oaks II
Guild Presidents, accepted the award on behalf of the Guild. In their remarks they highlighted the           Queen of Hearts
importance of the countless volunteer hours from North Oaks Guild II members, as well as their                   Rosebud
husbands and family members. Toni and Linda also thanked their 'sister' Guild, North Oaks I and                   Village
the numerous church groups, businesses, and scout and school volunteers who helped to make their                White Bear
major fundraiser, the Rummage Sale, a wonderful success.                                                         Woodbury

                                                                                                   Thank you to the
                                                                                                Ivy, Lunch Bunch and
                                                                                             Night Owls Guild for all their
                                                                                                 work over the years.

                                                                                                   A special thanks to
                                                                                            Diana Anderson of Great Clips
                                                                                                and Virginia Sacks and
                                                                                            Donna McClowsky of Ivy Guild
                                                                                             for their years of support for
                                                                                                  this fabulous event!

                                                    Nights Owls Guild
Night Owls Guild hosted its 5th Annual “Soup’s On For Kids” Soup Supper on Thursday, September 30th at Katherine Abbott
Park Shelter in Mahtomedi. Approximately 75 guests attended the event. Marilyn Schultz, Guild President, welcomed and
thanked the crowd for its support prior to sharing a Children’s Hospital Association update.

               Thanks to area restaurants, the meal was hearty and flavorful.
               Three homemade soups for the supper were donated by Lakeside
               Club of Mahtomedi, and freshly baked breads were contributed by
               Keys Cafe of White Bear Lake. Because of the generosity of
               these local businesses, expenses for the event were kept at a mini-

                In addition to the meal, guests were treated to a silent auction that
                                                                                        Night Owls Guild member Bev Kowalski & her
featured a collection of bowls and unique items. As a result of the proceeds from       guests gear up for some fun! L-R: Barb Sev-
the soup supper and silent auction, a total of $1200 was donated to CHA by Night        erni, Jane Babler, Mary Kodada, Bev Kowal-
Owls Guild.                                                                             ski, Sue Parnell & Louise Gilson

                                                 Guild Events
                    Dakota Guild                                                           Please join
                                                                                     the Lunch Bunch Guild
          Spring Luncheon & Silent Auction                                     of Children’s Hospital Association
                           May 18, 2011                                                       for

                                                                                     Tea Time in the Garden
                    11:00 a.m. - Cost: $20.00
                        St. Peter’s Church
                                                                                   at the home of Deni Svendsen
              Contact: Gerry Bullard@ 651-905-1150
                                                                                           1 Sunfish Lane
                                                                                       Saint Paul, MN 55118
                                                                                     Wednesday, July 20, 2011
                   Rosebud Garage Sale
                                                                                 Please send your check for $30
                                                                                 ($20 tax deductible) payable to
                        Date & Time:
                                                                                Lunch Bunch Guild by July 6th to:
               Thurs. June 2, 8 a.m.-4:30 and
                 Fri. June 3, 8 a.m. to Noon                                               Melissa Duce
                                                                                        1859 Snelling Ave. N,
                Place: 1265 Josephine Road                                            Falcon Heights, MN 55113
         (on Lake Josephine, between Lexington &
                                                                                           $35 after July 6th
                     Hamline Avenues)
                         Roseville                                                              Questions?

     If you have anything to donate, please contact                              Contact Melissa at 651-261-8273
   Bunny at 651-483-2564 or Jan at 651-484-6545.                            

                                              North Oaks Guild II
                                           13th Annual Rummage Sale Drop-off
                                   Spring Drop-Off: Saturday, May 14, 2011, 8 AM-3PM
                                                 West Recreation Center
                                          14 W. Pleasant Lake Road, North Oaks

                                  FALL DROP-OFF: Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011, 8 AM-3PM

Furniture donations are greatly appreciated. Please call Cathy Nelson 651-483-3094, NO LATER THAN May 10, to schedule
a PICK UP ON MAY 14th. Pick ups in North Oaks only, please.

SORRY WE CANNOT ACCEPT: Large appliances and TVs, building materials, cribs, car seats, combustibles, computers &
components, encyclopedias, fixtures that must be hardwired, mattresses and sofa beds, metal desks or filing cabinets,
microwave ovens, ski equipment, tires. Drop-off volunteers have the right to refuse items. If we can’t sell it or pass it on, we
must pay disposal fees. Please donate items in a condition you would give to a friend.

                                         SAVE OUR RUMMAGE SALE DATES!
                                               September 17, 2011, 7 AM – 3 PM
                                              September 18, 2011, 10 AM – 2 PM
 If you have any questions, please call Ellen Johnson 651-429-5506 or Sharon Lorenz 651-483-8495. ·If you would like to
volunteer for any rummage sale activities, please call Mary Warren 612-210-1204 or email Mary at

       All proceeds will help benefit programs at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota which are supported by
                                            Children’s Hospital Association (CHA)

                            Storyland Ball Fund-A-Need

                                      A light in the darkness
Every parent wants their child to be happy.

Some children and adolescents get lost in the darkness of depression. For those children, there is help at Children's
Hospitals & Clinics of MN to provide a light for the path out of darkness back to wholeness and health.

Surveys conducted by Children's Hospitals & Clinics of MN have consistently shown that mental health problems are among
the top concerns that both parents and health care providers have regarding their children and patients.

Depression in childhood and adolescence is characterized by sadness or irritability, loss of pleasure, and is accompanied by
cognitive, behavioral, and somatic symptoms.

Depression in childhood and adolescence often manifests itself in depressed appearance, physical complaints, anxiety symp-
toms, and behavioral problems. In teens, hopelessness, substance abuse, suicidality, and other serious symptoms are more

                                        Each child, teenager, and family is different.

Children's Hospitals & Clinics of MN have a variety of mental health specialists and services to develop a plan that works
best for each situation. Their specialists include psychologist, neuropsychologist, and interpreters. Children's Behavioral
Health Services assess and treat a wide range of mental health and developmental problems and offer additional programs and
specialty services including Neuropsychology, Medical Psychology, Hmong Mental Health Services and Sick Cell Program.

                    Working in close collaboration, these caregivers develop a plan that may include:

                                              * Testing to identify problems
                                     * Counseling for children, teenagers, and families
                                                * Help in finding resources
                                     * Support groups for children, teens, and parents

    You will have a special opportunity to support the critical work done by Children's Behavioral Health Services.

                                   Please donate to this Fund-A-Need at the
                                                Storyland Ball
                                          Saturday, October 29, 2011
                                            Saint Paul RiverCentre

                                        Your support CHAnges lives.
                                Your support provides a light in the darkness.

            62nd Annual Benefit Ball                                        Giving Opportunities
     Please join us for an Evening of Enchantment and                              Platinum - $5,000
          welcome back our Host for the Evening                                         20 Tickets
              Triple Espresso's Bob Stromberg                        Complimentary full page ad in evenings' program
       as we celebrate the wonder of a child's story!                   Recognized in all promotional materials
                                                                              Invitation to VIP Reception
                                                                                   Premiere Seating
               Saturday, October 29, 2011
                 Saint Paul RiverCentre                                              Gold - $2,500
                                                                                       10 Tickets
                  Live Auction featuring:                                Recognized in all promotional materials
                                                                              Invitation to VIP Reception
                    Gourmet Dinner for 10                                           Priority Seating
    Hosted by CEO of Children's Hospitals and Clinics of MN,
       Dr. Alan Goldbloom and wife Lynn in their home,                               Silver - $1,600
prepared by Catherine & Michael Wright and Jane & Pete                                  8 Tickets
Doyon.                                                                   Recognized in all promotional materials
                                                                              Invitation to VIP Reception
                      Steamboat Springs                                             Priority Seating
    1-week stay at a beautiful 4-bedroom, 5-bath condo in
  Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Shuttle service available from                       Bronze - $1,200
                       airport to condo.                                                6 Tickets
      Guests have access to car and additional amenities.                Recognized in all promotional materials
                                                                              Invitation to VIP Reception
                   Evening of Enchantment                                           Priority Seating
 Timeless enchantment of a magical fairytale is reborn with the
       Ordway's production of Rodgers & Hammerstein's                                Pewter - $500
"Cinderella!" Package includes two tickets to "Cinderella" at the                       2 Tickets
       Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, luxurious                  Recognized in all promotional materials
 accomodations, service and dinner at the elegant and historic                Invitation to VIP Reception
                 Saint Paul Hotel... and more!
                                                                                      Patron - $200
                      Celebrity Chef Dinner                                  Recognized in evenings' program
    Award winning International cookbook author and chef,
   Daniel Green, will prepare an exceptionally delicious and                          Junior - $125
healthy gourmet dinner for 8 in your home. Daniel will plan your                   21-30 years of age
 meal with exciting suggestions from Thai, Japanese, Indian and              Recognized in evenings' program
 Chinese ranging through to British Modern Cookery. He can be
         seen locally on KSTP's Twin Cities Live with his                     Additional tickets available for
               cooking segment, Kitchen Takover.                             $200 per person in any category
                                                                           Any tickets not used are fully tax deductible.
            for additional live and silent auction items.                   For more information, contact:
If you are currently not receiving an invitation but wish to, con-
                                                                          Roberta Keller at
tact Sue Marek at 651-220-6175 or

                                  Tribute Gifts
The Tribute Gift Program is a meaningful way to express that you care. These gifts are appropriate to give for joy-
ous occasions such as births, birthdays and anniversaries; to express sympathy at the time of death; to wish a speedy
recovery from illness; or to show your appreciation. They express your wishes to family and friends and at the same
time benefit the children in our community. If you would like to receive a supply of gift envelopes, please call Cindy
Schweizer at (651) 220-6176.
In Honor of:                       Christmas Gifts:                Matt Beyers                 Jennifer McDermott
                                                                   Virginia & Bob Sack         O’Rourke
                                   Gerry & Bob Bullard                                         Dale & Sandy Williamson
Sue Zelickson
                                   Judi & Art Koch                 Jen Bjorkedal
Dakota Guild
                                   Helen & Dick Frye               Dick & Helen Frye           Peter McHardy
                                   Dodee & Dick Carley                                         Roberta & Dennis Keller
Special Birthday of:                                               Ken Boehmer
                                   Betty & Malcolm Cammack
                                   Polly & Chuck Hebble            Sharon & Mike Ahern         Emily Ann Minette
Carolyn Campbell                   Debbie & Dick Bancroft          Sherry Spence               Betty Hengemuhle
Sharyn Duce                        Rosanne Sands                   Arnulf & Denis Svendsen
                                                                   Jane & Jim Wiltz            Nancy Neu
                                   Chuck & Mary Field
Mary Colgan                                                                                    Bill Blake
Chuck & Mary Field                                                 John P. Byron
                                   In Honor of:                    Dolores (Cookie) Casey      Tom Newcome
Sharyn Duce                        3 Wonderful Children                                        Suzanne & Gene Hitchcock
Linda Haluptzok                    Anne Obst                       Kelly Davis, Mother of      White Bear Lake Guild
Beth Martinson                                                      Sally Patterson
                                   Merry Christmas                 Chuck & Mary Field          Joan O’Brien
Mary Gallivan                      Jim & Jane Wiltz                                            Bob & Jean Dooley
Norb & Mary Ellen Conzemius        Sarah & Roger Jensen            Jeanne V. Duzan
                                                                   Roberta & Dennis Keller     Jennifer O’Rourke
Nora Guerrera                                                                                  Merry & Dominic Fragomeni
                                   The Marriage of:                Margaret Gebhard
Elizabeth Becker
                                   Regan Buzzelli & Kendell City   Brien & Valerie Peterson    Lavina Peterson
                                   Roberta & Dennis Keller                                     Kimberli & Brad Johnson
Fiona Roddy
Sharyn Duce                                                        Versa Gollen
                                   Rachel Norman                   Bob & Marilee Elsholtz      Jean Ratte’s Father
                                   Lunch Bunch Guild                                           Mahtomedi Guild
60th Birthday of:
                                                                   Dotty Guenther
                                   Donchi & Oscar Estrada          Lorraine Jobe               Shelagh Sampair
Brad Carpenter
                                   Lunch Bunch Guild                                           Gady & Bill Blake
Judy Carpenter & family
                                                                   Virginia Hinueber,
Anniversary of:                    Birth of:                       Village Guild Member        Louella Schlekewy
                                   Brianna Marie Clapper           Pat Glass                   Joyce Miller
                                   Karen & Jim Clapper             Rosemary Weisbecker
Dottie & David Hollatz
                                                                   Village Guild               Mary Sperl
Chuck & Mary Field                                                                             Mary & John Fischbach
                                   Mesfin Jensen, New Grandson
                                    of Sarah & Roger Jensen        Amanda Haling
50th Wedding Anniversary of:       Lunch Bunch Guild               Virginia N. Linder          John Sheppard
                                                                                               Roberta & Dennis Keller
Jon & Ginny Roadfeldt              Speedy Recovery of:             Henry Jones
Rosebud Guild                      Jan Murray                      Roberta & Dennis Keller     Veda Tongen
                                   Roberta & Dennis Keller                                     Mary & John Fischbach
Mary & Ernest Orr                                                  Dorothy Kadrie
Chuck & Mary Field                                                 Joel & RoseAnn Bergstrom    Lorraine Webb
                                   In Honor of:                    Jon & Ginny Roadfeldt       Merry & Dominic Fragomeni
57th Wedding Anniversary of: Stephen Trevino
                                                                   Richard Kalwitter           Dick Yakel
                                   Lunch Bunch Guild               William Blake               Bob & Jean Dooley
Gene & Sara Engelbert
Linda & Joe Lane                                                   Douglas Malmstrom
                                   In Memory of:
                                                                   Merry & Dominic Fragomeni
                                   Mary Ellen Berg
                                   Roberta & Dennis Keller

                      Tributes received after March 15, 2011 will appear in the Summer edition.

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