GIS_Technician_or_Sr by xiaoyounan


									GIS Technician or Sr. GIS Technician *                                     Position Code:   13402
Division:                    Central
Location:                    Oklahoma City, OK
City:                        Oklahoma City
State:                       OK
Category:                    Land

Short Description:

 Under direct supervision, creates and manipulates maps in as ESRI based GIS
 environment. Works closely with GIS and Land Staff to provide maps and plats as
 requested. May also work with Geology staff. Works closely with Lease Records staff to
 ensure data integrity and accurate map representation. Researches and creates lease
 polygons for input into geo-databases. Must understand platting and surveying methods
 and have attention to detail that provides accurate map representation of Company’s spatial
 data. Maybe asked to work on special projects that involve thematic map creation, data
 conversion and/or quality control. Uses map theory, including knowledge of projections
 and coordinate systems to perform daily work. Utilizes computer network, relational
 DMBS, and Internet as a source for GIS data.
Job Description:

        Research digital and paper files to determine legal descriptions for Devon’s leases and

         Use ArcMap mapping tools to digitize lease and mineral polygons and store those
         polygons in a spatial geo-database.

         Use ArcMap to create maps using various themes to represent data for presentation or
         research purposes.

           Create presentation-quality maps and plot them using large format plotting equipment.

           May be asked to create plat maps for regulatory filing.
      Research the Internet or other sources for supplemental basemap data for use in
      various map presentations.

      Will take map requests from supervising GIS staff and/or other professionals and
      perform duties as assigned.

       Monitor plotters and change paper/pens as required.

       Help maintain GIS Workroom plotter supply inventory.

       Trim and splice maps as needed.

       Help with metadata documentation.
Job Requirements:

       High School diploma or equivalent.

      3 years experience with GIS or other computer mapping
      technology preferred.

       May substitute some college education for experience.

      Must have proven experience with ArcMap and functional
      knowledge of ArcInfo.
    Must have strong computer skills, experience working in a
    networked environment.

   Good understanding of map and survey theory.

   Previous oil and Gas Experience is preferred.

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