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									How to Play the Electric Guitar Fast - Learn To
Play The Guitar
                                            Learning to strum a few chords on the guitar may
                                            impress your friends and family, but learning how to
                                            rip blinding solos may impress legions of new fans.
                                            The hallmark of any guitar god is the ability to play
                                            fast licks or "shred." Learning to shred requires lots of
                                            patience and practice, but with diligence, the ability to
                                            wow fellow guitar players and audiences can be

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         Warm up your fingers in preparation to play by playing the chromatic scale on each
         string. The chromatic scale is simply the succession of notes on each string, played on
         each fret. Assign one finger one fret to play; for example, the index finger covers the
         first fret, the middle finger over the second, the ring finger over the third and the pinkie
         over the fourth. Count to yourself as you play (1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2 and so on) up the neck.

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         Start your metronome, setting it to 60 beats per minute (BPMs). This is the same rhythm
         you used when you warmed up to the chromatic scale. Once you feel comfortable
         playing this beat, reset your metronome to a higher setting, such 80 BPMs. Continue to
         play the chromatic scale, but concentrate on your alternating (up and down) picking: A
         down stroke is one note, the up stroke plays the next and so on.
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               Continue to play. Once you're comfortable with 80 BPMs (or whichever setting you
               dialed in), set the metronome higher again, such as 100 BPMs. Experiment with playing
               other scales, such as the major and minor scales, to train your fingers to cover other
               strings on the fret board. The key to playing faster is repetition, so set aside practice time
               every day and start slowly. You'll build up speed, dexterity and strength through constant

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