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 to 8 th Grade!

  Mrs. King
I’m glad you’re here!
   Team Expectations-Procedures
• Come to class prepared with materials and
  assignments every day.
• Be in your seat when the bell rings.
• Bathroom and water fountain needs should
  be taken care of between classes.
• No passing, writing, reading or visible
  possession of notes.
• Wait to be dismissed at the end of the hour.
• Raise your hand if you have something to
         Team Expectations-
     Discipline and Consequences
• Verbal Warning
• 3 pink slips=detention
• Supplies, procedures, discipline, etc. may be
  modified. If modifications are made, you will be

The 3 R’s of Mrs. King’s Class

• Accelerated
  Reader/Independent Reading
• Vocabulary and related studies
• Timed readings
• 1st Semester-Fiction studies
  including short stories and
• 2nd Semester-Non fiction
  studies including biographical
  works, essays, poetry, drama
  and CRT review and related
• Honors classes will have extra
  novels to read as the year
• As I am new to 8th grade and
  its curriculum, flexibility will
  be a must!
      Things to know about Literature Class

•   Supplies needed: One single           •   Students should have an AR book
    subject spiral for each nine              or other reading material every
    weeks. This spiral, a writing             day! A textbook will be issued for
    utensil (preferably ink pen), and         you to use at home and there will
    AR book is needed everyday.               be a class set for class time. AR
                                              books are considered your daily
•   Three tardies equal a detention.          textbook to bring to class. Pink
                                              slips or writing assignments could
•   A tardy is a pink slip.                   result from not having your AR
•   Three pink slips is a detention.          book!
•   Students should be in their seats     •   No bathroom, water fountain,
    with materials when the bell rings.       locker, or phone trips during
•   No horseplay! No sitting at my            class. Your agenda emergency
    desk or on my podium stool, or            passes will be used for such
    using computers without                   purposes.
    permission.                           •   Emergencies are the only
•   Raise your hands before being             exception(getting sick, contacts,
    called upon to speak, get out of          girl stuff, etc).
    seats, etc. Never interrupt the
    teacher or other students.
      Make-up work procedures

Students should refer to the assignment list(printed from the
website) posted in the front of the room for missed
assignments. Worksheets will be located in the trays on the
table near my desk. For all other assignments you should
come to me for details. Each student is responsible for this
material and information. Questions should be asked as soon
as possible. All make-up work should be turned into me
directly! Do not put it on my desk! Papers tend to disappear if
not handed directly to me. If I am unavailable or busy it
should go in the basket on my desk/table. I am not responsible
for work that disappears from my desk. Make-up work will be
graded and recorded ASAP. It will be put into their hour’s
return paper baskets found on the shelf behind my desk.
              Spiral Notebooks

• For each nine weeks, we
  will keep notes,
  vocabulary, journals, and
  some daily work in the
• Worksheets will be
  glued/taped into the spiral
  as they are completed or
• This method provides
  great review material for
  quizzes and the nine
  weeks testing each
• Total points system. Daily work and quizzes from 10
  to 50 points. AR, tests, special projects, etc. from 50
  to 100 points.
• I will try to give updated averages about every 2 to 3
  weeks. Mid term dates are found on school calendars.
• Request for averages should come from a parent in
  writing or by phone call.
• No e-mail communication regarding grades, behaviors
  is allowed by law.
• Agendas will be used as a valuable communication
  tool concerning grades.
• Sign up for Parent Connect—it’s a great tool for
  keeping up to date on assignments.
   Accelerated Reader/Independent
• AR will continue to be used in 8th grade although books and/or
  pages will count this year, not points.
• You are required to read 450 pages or 3 books every nine weeks
  keeping a log of books and AR scores on the tests. The first book
  of the year MUST be an AR book.
• If you have read a non-AR book, a detailed summary of the
  book, evaluation, and parent signature will be required instead
  of the AR test.
• AR tests must be taken in my room or library with my
  permission only.
• Books read that exceed 3 will count as bonus and for AR rewards
  and end of year awards.
• You must bring AR/independent reading material to class daily.
• You should also be reading at home daily and keeping a log of
• Honors: You must read 600 pages or 4 books each nine weeks.
  You may either do the report or AR, but a book log and one
  review will be required each nine weeks as well.

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