Diaper Changing Routine by alicejenny


									                            Diaper-Changing Routine
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1.800.265.7293              1. Assemble all the supplies you           7. Formed stool can be flushed down
www.wdghu.org                  need.                                      the toilet. Do not rinse the diaper.
                            2. Place the child on the changing         8. Dispose of the cloth or disposable
Fergus                         surface and remove the soiled              diaper as well as any disposable
F 519.846-0323
                               diaper. Fold the soiled surface            paper covering.
                               inward and set it aside out of the
F 519.836.7215
                               child’s reach. If safety pins have      9. If wearing disposable gloves,
                               been used to fasten the diaper,            remove them. Spray sanitizing
Orangeville                    close them and put them out of the         solution onto the entire changing
F 519.941.1600                 child’s reach. Never put the pins in       surface. Leave for 30 seconds.
                               your mouth.
                                                                       10. Wash your hands.
                            3. Clean and dry the child’s skin.
                                                                       11. Dry the changing surface with a
                            4. When necessary, use a facial                 single-use towel. Dispose of the
                               tissue to apply ointments or creams         cloth or paper towel.
                               on the child.
                                                                       12. Wash your hands thoroughly.
                            5. Put a fresh diaper on the child.
                                                                       13. Record the child’s skin condition
                            6. Wash the child’s hands. Return the          and bowel movements, as
                               child to a supervised area.                 necessary.

HPDCD (FS)60-rev 06/07 jb
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