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Techniques can be of several types, every writer has his/her own way to write and every writer tries his/her writings to be the perfect for the readers.Free writing One of the most important things in the creative writing is to pen down our ideas somewhere for the later use.In a book Student writing in Progress, Ms. Dominieq Ransom wrote,

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Hussnain Abbas

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Sep. 17, 2011

                                       Writing, by a writer
        Writing is a process of transferring ideas from mind to the paper. Writing was never easy

for a student or any great scholar of the history. It requires techniques and thoughts to be

mapped on the document. I am not one of the great thinking minds of the era but still I think and

I write. Techniques can be of several types, every writer has his/her own way to write and every

writer tries his/her writings to be the perfect for the readers.

Gathering the Information

        Facts and figures are the decorations of an essay and by using those, readers can compare

the words from the book to the reality and getting the reader into the reality is a step towards the

perfection for a writer. My writings are nothing without information; I mostly go out, talk to the

scores of people, and try to get the best out of them for my writings. It is not the only source for

information, reading research papers also helps me to get every kind of information. Cyber

media is also a helping medium for my research and usually it is the main source to get best facts

and references for work. Highlighting the parts from the source for later use helps me in saving

the time and be calm mentally to work efficiently and properly. Surveys are world’s most used

technique and the whole democracy system depends upon the surveys in the elections for the

results. I mostly negotiate with the public about my opinion or in my social life with friends, I

discuss my writings to get the surveys about the topic and then calculating the results, I get what

I needed. Printing out the questionnaires and distributing them in schools, offices or industries,

depending upon the nature of the topic, also help me to keep the record for the authentication of

my writings. Great scholars never convinced the people by only writing what they think about

the topic but also by reading the data from the past and from the experts of the field, help them to
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get their job done in a genius way. Moreover, I am adopting this method too by going to the

experts, reading the work from the past and learning from the nature for better outcome of the

words to decorate my essays. What I think is an opinion and what majority thinks is the fact and


Free writing

       One of the most important things in the creative writing is to pen down our ideas

somewhere for the later use. As Miguel de Cervantes said,

                               “The pen is the tongue of the mind.”

I usually do this to polish myself about a topic by writing down everything I think about the topic

and I usually come up with the criticism against me, which helps to deliver more about the

situation. I simply take out the laptop, start typing, and keep pressing the units on the keyboard

until my mind get out of the ideas and information. Which also includes many points against my

topic but I can use them to discuss in the essay and provide more out of it. Newton when saw an

apple falling down he started working on the thought that why the things do not go up when they

are free which led him to introduce the law of gravity in science. In a book Student writing in

Progress, Ms. Dominieq Ransom wrote, “Every five minutes or so while I was responding my

prompt I stopped and wrote down my thoughts.” Similarly, criticizing my own thoughts helps

me a lot to discover more about the title under which I am writing. I do make many grammar

and spelling mistakes in free writing and which costs me more time for editing the document but

by doing so I never missed even a single thought before completing my essay, this never makes

me say later like, “I should have written this or that in my writings”. Time management is also

one of the benefits of free writing, putting all the thoughts on the board and now the only thing I

have to do is organize them and done. Time is an important part of life but for writers, it is a

deadline and before hitting across the deadline, a writer has to complete the job and stay alive.
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Dropping all punctuations during free writing allows me not to skip any idea and write more

fluently. Most of the time I have fear that I cannot write about the topic but free writing helps

me to get over that fear and let me just start right away and mentally makes me think that I knew

it, it was not difficult at all. I keep writing and writing and when I don’t have anything to write I

even type,” I don’t know what to write.” It is the practice, which makes me writing about every

kind of topic, and practicing the technique I can say that, “I can write everything.”


       Brainstorming is teamwork and teamwork is always very important in every field of

work. While sitting with the family, I always put a question to everyone at dinner, every

member comes up with the unique answer mostly, and I list them down and compare them for

my writings. Of course, this makes me irritating at the dining table but it also helps the family to

support and contribute in my work. As a great thinker and scientist Albert Einstein said;

  “Curiosity has its own reason for existence. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

 The chair keepers around the huge conference tables also use brainstorming technique to

generate the new ideas for a problem or invention. Brainstorming technique also helps me to

develop a friendly and cooperative working environment to provide the best work for the job.

While hanging out with my friends I usually discuss about the problems in my writings, get very

important and learning instructions and solutions from them, and then apply them to improve my

work. By listing down every single idea from different minds, I can make a huge set of words

out of it and criticize or favor an opinion to make the data more reliable and interesting for the

readers. I also welcome unusual and irrelevant ideas to some extent, then think over them and

always got something unexpected and important to discuss. Arguments and negotiations always

contribute towards better ideas and for a writer; they contribute a lot more than that. I am a

writer, I have to keep a pen, a writing pad always with me, brainstorming can occur anywhere
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anytime, and ideas can conquer my mind at any instance. It can be a fight between two groups

about any topic and it can be some kind words spoken by an old man to a kid. Day dreaming is

also a part of brainstorming technique because it involves creativity and ideas in it, I am a good

daydreamer, and I never let the dreams go away. When discussion panel negotiate, every single

argument has to be write down, and then a solution have to be made out of them in the huge

working systems, it really works there and why not for me. I do, what I think I should and this

makes me a better writer and thinker. Group discussion in the classes or grounds can also makes

the mind of a developing body to learn fast and more and by using this methodology I am sure

that my readers are understanding my words and topics.
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