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					        Federalist vs. Anti-federalist:
          Whose Side Are You On?

The year is 1789. For the last two years, a secret meeting has been taking place in Philadelphia
to “fix” the Articles of Confederation (AoC). However, instead of fixing the AoC, you have just
received word that an entirely new plan of government has been created.

Yet while the new plan of government (being called the Constitution) is believed to have fixed
many of the problems that were part of the AoC, it is also causing a great deal of controversy. In
fact, there is so much controversy around this new Constitution that the country is quickly
becoming divided. People are quickly choosing sides. You are either a federalist or an anti-
federalist. There is no middle ground…


Choose 1 of the following three tasks to complete:

Task #1 (GOLD)

Complete BOTH of the following two phases:

       Phase #1
       Complete the attached handout entitled, Understanding Historical Perspective. After
       reading Federalist Papers #13, #30, and #31, complete the questions contained on the
       reverse side of the handout on a separate sheet of paper, in complete sentences.

       Phase #2
       Compose a brief opinion-based response essay (minimum ½ page) that, utilizing both
       your new-found and prior knowledge, opposes/disagrees with the following statement:

               The Constitution is nothing more than an authorization to limit the power of
               the people and impose taxes. We (Americans) rebelled against the British for
               conducting just such an action! We should do the same with regards to the

Task #2 (SILVER)

Create and perform an info-mercial (minimum 1-2 minutes in length) that will “sell” your
position on the Constitution (i.e. Federalist or Anti-Federalist) to viewers. Include the following
within your info-mercial:
                1) A script (minimum ½ page) containing dialogue that clearly and accurately
                       1. The position/views of both the Federalists & Anti-federalists
                       2. Which group you feel most closely represents the basic American ideals
                          (e.g. Individualism, power of gov’t rests with the people, ect.) upon
                          which the United States was founded.
                      3. Your position (i.e. which side you support) and why
                2) A minimum of two visual aids
                3) Participation by all members of the group

Task #3 (BRONZE)

Create a political cartoon/comic strip that clearly and accurately illustrates your support for
either the federalists or the anti-federalists. Include the following within your cartoon/comic
    1) An image(s) that will clearly and accurately communicate the position of both the
        Federalists & anti-federalists
    2) An image(s) that will clearly and accurately communicate which position you support
        (Federalist or anti-federalist)
    3) A slogan/title (maximum 5 words) that supports the central message being communicated
        by your images/illustrations (i.e. which position you support)
    4) Color and detail

The scale below denotes the bonus points available:
             1) Gold: +4
             2) Silver: +2
             3) Bronze: +0

Points: 20                                                                Time: 20 minutes

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