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                                                 An early morning walk is invigorating.                     have in common – they’re sure to provide
                                                 A sunset stroll is relaxing and romantic.                  an enjoyable and memorable experience.
                                                 Funny how the same exercise can produce                    Take a look at our accompanying map for
                                                 two such different feelings!                               each location. One could begin in Santa
                                                     No matter where you may be staying while               Monica and almost walk all the way south
                                                 visiting Southern California, there are plenty             to San Diego along the sand, with the
                                                 of places to walk. Most would agree that the               exception of a few rocky impediments or
                                                 most scenic spots are along the beach. The air             private properties along the way.
                                                 is fresh and clean. The tangy sea salt aroma
                                                 permeates your surroundings. The juxtaposi-                Santa Monica
                                                 tion of crashing ocean waves with gently                   The beach in Santa Monica stretches for
                                                 receding waters instantly brings about a feel-             several miles. Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)
                                                 ing of powerful tranquility. It’s mesmerizing as           runs right alongside the sand most of the
                                                 you walk, jog or just gaze at the water.                   way. Although it doesn’t have a boardwalk,
                                                     Walkers can choose the sand (either soft               you can certainly enjoy a walk on the sand.
                                                 or hard pack at the water’s edge) or the                   There are quite a few public parking lots,
                                                 boardwalk. Reward yourself afterwards and                  but most of the time street parking can be
                                                 choose a place to eat, grab a coffee, or enjoy             found for free. Take the 10 Freeway west to
                                                 a healthy snack or smoothie.                               its end at PCH. You’ll drive through a tun-
                                                     Traveling from north to south, here are a              nel and come out the other end to a spectac-
                                                 few suggestions along the SoCal coast we                   ular coastline view. Drive as far as you
                                                 think you’ll enjoy. Some are right on the                  choose, but immediately after you exit the
                                                 beach, some are along a boardwalk, and                     tunnel, you’ll see the Santa Monica Pier on
                                                 some are on the pier. One thing they all                   your left. It’s a terrific spot for people

       12                                        W   E   L C O     M   E     T O       S   O   U    T   H    E   R   N    C   A   L   I   F O   R   N   I   A
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          watching, places to eat, arcade games, and
          its famous merry-go-round.

          Just south of Santa Monica is one of the               is 22 miles long and travels through popu-
          most well-known beaches in SoCal. Venice               lar Manhattan and Hermosa Beaches. Bike
          Beach is famous for its body builders work-            lanes are usually divided into northbound
          ing out on the beach, including our famous             and southbound lanes by a painted broken
          Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was                line. The bike lane is a one-of-akind cycling
          seen there regularly when he first came to             highway that accommodates cyclists, as
          the United States. It was also the backdrop            well as roller bladers and skateboarders.
          for Baywatch, the TV series, starring Pamela           Pedestrians are better served to stay on the
          Anderson and David Hasselhoff. An ocean-               walking strand that runs parallel to the bike
          front walking path follows the beach to the            path, which is more like a bike highway.
          Venice Pier at Washington Blvd.
              Along the oceanfront walk are places to            Hu ntington Beach
          eat such as Figtree’s Café, Candle Café and            AKA known as Surf City, Huntington Beach
          Grill, On the Waterfront Café, and Venice              almost always has a surf contest happening
          Gelato Ice Cream and Café, among others.               next to the Pier. It makes for great entertain-
          Adjacent streets, Washington Blvd. and                 ment. But even when it’s quiet, a stroll along
          Abbot Kinney Blvd., also offer a wide selec-           the beach is equally fine. There is a side-
          tion of eateries.                                      walk, but it’s right on PCH and traffic can
                                                                 interrupt your frame of mind for a nice
          South Bay                                              walk. Exit the 405 Freeway at Beach Blvd.,
          Manhattan and Hermosa Beach have a won-                and head west to PCH. Turn right and park
          derful pedestrian-only strand that straddles           at any of the public lots. There is metered
          million dollar homes on one side and expan-            street parking as well.
          sive South Bay beaches on the other. “The                  There are plenty of places to eat
          Strand,” as locals prefer to call it, is a very pop-   along Main Street, (intersects the
          ular place with families who love to get outside       Pier at PCH), but at the end of the
          and take a brisk walk or a last stroll of the          Pier is Ruby’s, a 50s diner that’s a
          evening. No bikes, skateboards, or any other           perfect spot for families. Also try
          type of wheeled vehicles are allowed, except of        Zack’s Pier Plaza or Sugar Shack
          course strollers, so there’s no fear of speeding       Cafe - authentic surfer hangout with
          roller bladders whizzing by. There are many            traditional American favorites, For
          great places at each Pier to casually dine, enjoy      dog lovers, check out Park Bench
          a latte or just sit and people watch with the set-     Cafe in Huntington Central Park.
          ting sun in the background. You’ll find plenty         While this isn’t within walking dis-
          of parking in designated parking lots or along         tance of the beach, the cafe offers a
          the metered streets. Exit the 405at Hawthorne          menu for dogs and their owners,
          Blvd. and go north 1/4 mile to Manhattan               frisbee golf, and a number of activi-
          Beach Blvd. Go west to the Manhattan Beach             ties that are great for families.
          Pier, park and get ready to enjoy.
              The South Bay bicycle path starts as a             N ewport Beach
          separate, paved Class 1 bicycle path heading           Next along the coast is Newport Beach with its
          south from Marina Del Rey and ends at the              very own boardwalk that stretches between
          south end of Redondo Beach. The bike path              the Newport Pier and the Balboa Pier, from
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           Take A Stroll
                        Along th e Beach

      32nd Street to I Street. In addition to a refresh-
      ing walk, the people watching is great fun.
      You’ll see bicyclists, roller bladers, dogs and
      their owners, beachgoers and more. In the fall,
      however, the crowds are greatly diminished.
         Check out the Crab Cooker for lunch or
      dinner. It’s a casual, local favorite known for
      having the freshest seafood in town. It’s
      located across the street from the Newport
      Pier on Balboa Blvd. Be sure to get a famous
                                                           San Clem ente                                          California Modern. Every element of the
                                                                                                                  restaurant was completely reimagined to
                                                           The San Clemente Pedestrian Beach Trail is a
      Balboa Bar (square vanilla ice cream treat on                                                               offer a chic, modern experience, however,
                                                           newly constructed two and one-half mile trail
      a stick, dipped in chocolate and rolled in                                                                  the restaurant retains the location and
                                                           that spans North Beach to Calafia. The five-
      candy or nuts) at various locations on the                                                                  atmosphere that made it a local favorite.
                                                           to-ten foot wide path parallels the beach and
      Balboa Peninsula or Balboa Island. You can
      get to the boardwalk in Newport by taking
                                                           the train tracks with several spots to safely
                                                           cross the tracks to the beach. The trail is con-
                                                                                                                  San Diego Harbor
      the 405 Freeway to the 55 South until it                                                                    An energizing walking path takes you along
                                                           structed entirely of natural materials, making
      dead ends into Newport Blvd. Continue on                                                                    the Embarcadero at Seaport Village with a
                                                           it environmentally very friendly. And the
      Newport Blvd. for several miles and you’ll                                                                  beautiful and close view of the Harbor. It can
                                                           bonus, its proximity to the ocean provides a
      soon see the ocean on your right.                                                                           be reached by driving in either direction on
                                                           spectacular view along its entire length.
                                                                                                                  Harbor Drive in downtown San Diego and
      Lagu na Beach                                            After your walk, enjoy the best seafood
                                                           in town at the Fisherman’s Restaurant, locat-
                                                                                                                  turning south into Seaport Village, which is
      Offering a bluff top walk on Cliff Drive as well                                                            right next to the Hyatt San Diego.
                                                           ed on the historic San Clemente Pier. Or if
      as breathtaking beaches, Laguna Beach’s repu-                                                                   Just steps from downtown San Diego’s
                                                           you’re in the mood for some awesome
      tation as an artist’s colony is confirmed by its                                                            PETCO Park, Tin Fish is a casual seafood
                                                           Chicago pizza, check out Selma’s Pizzeria,
      picturesque walking spots. Whether you’re                                                                   restaurant offering fried and grilled seafood at
                                                           located at 218 Avenida del Mar, just a short
      strolling through town admiring the windows                                                                 a modest price (grilled halibut tacos $5.50
                                                           walk into town.
      of art galleries or walking along the beach with                                                            each and a four-piece fried cod sandwich,
      crashing waves, you’re sure to feel invigorated                                                             $6.95). At Café 222, the pumpkin waffles are
      by the sights and sounds.                            La Jolla                                               as legendary as the friendly service. Located in
          Las Brisas sits on the bluff with a gor-         The walking path in La Jolla is unofficially           downtown San Diego, the restaurant is tiny
      geous view and tasty Mexican fare for the            called the Coastal Walkway. Visitors can               and filled with fun, creative touches like
      entire family. Also check out Cafe Zooloo,           reach this point from La Jolla’s main                  teacup and sugar spoon chandeliers – a fun
      Laguna’s quintessential neighborhood café;           avenue, Prospect Street. From there, drive             spot for the family with tasty items like peanut
      Zinc Cafe & Market, featuring outdoor seat-          or walk down to Scripps Park (which is                 butter and banana stuffed waffles, homemade
      ing in a garden setting or The Cottage               along this walkway) or turn west on Coast              granolas, fresh tamales, fluffy pancakes, and
      Restaurant with homestyle California cui-            Boulevard.                                             tasty corned beef hash. Perched above the
      sine in a landmark home.                                 After your refreshing walk, enjoy lunch            waters of San Diego Bay is Anthony’s Fish
                                                           or dinner at El Pescador, located on Pearl             Grotto, a family-owned restaurant known for
      Dana Point Harbor                                    Street. Serving fresh seafood salads and               great seafood for over 60 years. The restaurant
      A variety of walking opportunities awaits in         sandwiches for more than 30 years, guests              harkens back to San Diego’s fishing tradition.
      Dana Point. Choose from the sand, the boat           can enjoy unique specialties for minimal               Today, diners love to watch passing boats
      harbor or the bluff overlooking the blue             prices. A local landmark since 1941, The               while sampling signature hand-battered or
      Pacific. Each is accessible from PCH, just off       Marine Room in La Jolla is famous for its              grilled seafood plates and delicious pasta dish-
      Golden Lantern Lane.                                 location nestled on the sand of La Jolla               es. Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, located in downtown
         The Dana Point Harbor boasts a wide               Shores Beach where waves crash against the             San Diego’s Little Italy, is another familyowned
      range of selection of restaurants, including         windows. George’s at the Cove, one of San              restaurant that has been satisfying families
      the Harbor Grill, El Torito Mexican Rest-            Diego’s most beloved restaurants, is located           since 1950 with hearty pizzas and pastas in a
      aurant and Cantina, Proud Mary’s, The Wind           above La Jolla Cove. The restaurant, after             festive setting featuring red-checkered table-
      & Sea, Jolly Roger and more. These are all           delighting visitors and locals for more than           cloths and hanging Chianti bottles.
      family friendly spots. For a dessert treat or        20 years, underwent a major renovation                     We hope you enjoy your walking and din-
      coffee, the Chocolate Soldier is sure to satisfy.    and reopened in February 2007 as Georges               ing experience along the beautiful SoCal coast!

      14                                                   W   E   L C O     M   E     T O       S   O   U    T   H   E   R   N   C   A   L   I   F O   R   N   I   A

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