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                                                                                            December 2008

                                        The Academy
                                               Wildcat                         Pause
                                                       The Community Newsletter
                                   Pursuing Truth, Wisdom, and Excellence through
          Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Self-Control, and Courage

Administrative Staff                                                                         The Academy Sends One of its
John Kaufman
Executive Director                                                                     Own to the All-State Choir
Michael Barile                                                                               A First in Academy History!
Operations Director                                                                          By Bobbi Wilson, Choir Director

Dr. Mark Langston                                                                           Congratulations to Susan McKenzie
High School Director                                                                 (class of 2010) for being the first person
Jennifer Wilson
Junior High Director
                                                                                            from The Academy to be selected to the
                                                                                            Colorado All-State Choir. Susan was
Mitzy Lurvey
Elementary Director                                                                         selected from over 2,000 juniors and

David Zukin                                                                                 seniors around the state by a rigorous
Activities/Athletic Director                                                                   audition process. (Choir story contin-
Rhonda Appleton-Webb
Dean of Students
                                                                                            ues on p. 4)
                                               December 1-5          Holiday Gift Shop                               8:00 AM-4:00 PM
Inside this Issue
                                                                     (Multi-Purpose Room)
Executive Director Letter.............3
                                               December 1            Board Meeting                                   6:00 PM
Elem. Director Letter....................4                           (Library)
HS Director Letter........................4    December 2            College Financial Aid Meeting                   6:00 PM
Elem. Academic Achievement..5-7                                      (Multi-Purpose Room)
Volunteer Updates.....................7-8      December 8            Wildcat Athletic Booster Club Meeting           7:00 PM
                                                                     (Multi-Purpose Room)
Secondary Finals Schedule..........9
                                               December 16           Secondary Band, Orchestra & Choir Concert       7:00 PM
Journalism Info.....................10-11
                                                                     (Big Gym)
Clinic News/NHS.......................11
                                               December 17           Elementary Band & Orchestra Concert             7:00 PM
Announcements.....................12-13        December 18           Quarter 2 Ends
Basketball Info...........................14   December 19           NO School - Teacher Work Day
Cookie Dough Update................15          December 22-January 2 NO School - Winter Break
Parent Updates............................15   January 5             NO School - Teacher Work Day
Lunch Menu...............................16      Check our website for the most up-to-date information!
   The Academy Mission Statement
          Pursuing Truth, Wisdom, Excellence

The Academy’s mission is to assist families in developing
  exemplary citizens by equipping students with core
 foundational knowledge enabling them to be culturally
literate, prepared for college, and virtuous in character.
  We accomplish this through a rigorous curriculum of
    traditional content taught in a safe environment.
Election Results Bode Well For Charters, Academy
Additional Support Provided By Electorate
By John Kaufman, Executive Director
         The election season just          (an organization which monitors                     Two measures -3A (Mill Levy
completed indicates broad support for      legislation related to charter schools),   Override) & 3B (Increase Bonded
charter schools from the voters.           there remains in the legislature a         Indebtedness)- were voted upon lo-
         Both presidential candidates      strong group of legislators supportive     cally. The Adams 12 Five Star School
spoke out in favor of charters. Prevail-   of charter schools.                        District chose to include The Academy
ing candidate Barack Obama stated                   The two top leaders of the        in the proceeds of 3A, and exclude
several times that he favors education     Colorado House and Senate are both         The Academy from the proceeds of
programs “that work.” In one cam-          favorable towards charter schools.         3B. 3A passed and 3B did not.
paign appearance in Ohio, Mr. Obama        Terrance Carroll is the new Speaker of              Please know that we at The
outlined his specific support for char-    the House. Peter Groff is the President    Academy are grateful to all of you
ter schools. We anticipate that, given     of the Senate. Both won the Friend Of      parents (and voters) for your continued
the success of charters in Colorado        Charters award in 2006, given by the       support of the educational program
and across the country, Mr. Obama          Colorado League Of Charter Schools.        here.
will be supportive.                                 Finally, the results of school             As always, I am available to
         In Colorado, the newly elected    funding questions before the elector-      discuss these or any other issues of
State Legislature should remain favor-     ate in the Adams 12 Five Star School       interest to you:
ably disposed to charter schools. Ac-      District were specifically favorable to or (303)
cording to Parents For School Choice       The Academy.                               289 – 8088 x-110.

                                                StudentS of the Month
                                                  October & November

                                              The October Students of the Month are, left to right: Jared Tavenner, 3rd
                                              grade, Mrs. Laughlin’s class, Catalina Zamora, 2nd grade, Mrs. Hoen’s
                                              class, Cara Comerford, Kindergarten, Ms. Hahs’ class, and Justin McGrego,
                                              1st grade, Ms. Barth. They went to Red Robin on October 21st.

For November, these kids went to T.G.I. Fri-
day’s with Miss Lurvey on November 11th.
From left to right: Trevor Weschler, 6th grade,
Mr. Rosenstein's class; Kanok Vannavong, 5th
grade, Mrs. Vlad's class; and Joel Franco, 4th
grade, Miss Ranniger's class.                                                                                               3
From the Desk of the Elementary Director
By Mitzy Lurvey
          I hope all of our students      day and we try to get them outside           ful pictures of your children! We have
and families are refreshed after the      for lunch recess if at all possible, so      students who love to read! Already
Thanksgiving holiday. It was nice to      appropriate winter-wear is appreciated.      our bulletin board is full and we have
have a few days off, but now we enter     As you know, pick-up is sometimes            had to take pictures off in order to put
into one of the busiest times of the      very chilly and our Colorado weather         more pictures up. I’m so proud of our
year. It’s very easy to get distracted    is very unpredictable, so warm coats         readers! A word to those who haven’t
by the hustle and bustle of the holiday   are appropriate every day.                   read all of their books yet-Winter
season and the short month of De-                   Congratulations to our stu-        Break is right around the corner and a
cember. If your student is to enjoy a     dents who made High Honor Roll,              great time to read, read, read! To those
productive, successful December it’s      Honor Roll, Academic Recognition,            of you who already have or have had
very important for him/her to have        and/or Perfect Attendance for the first      their picture on the bulletin board, I
a consistent study time at home and       quarter of our 2008-2009 school year!        hope reading has become a habit you
plenty of rest during this busy time.     Well done! Keep up the good work!            will have for the rest of your life! Try
          As the weather turns cooler,    Those students who did not make it           reading something you wouldn’t nor-
please remember to send your student      in the first quarter have three more         mally read. How about a good book of
to school with the proper winter at-      quarters to work hard and receive the        poetry?
tire. Please consider putting hats and    recognition they deserve. You can do                  Please have a happy, healthy,
gloves or mittens in each back pack       it!                                          safe holiday and we will see you next
so they are readily available should                Parents, I hope you have no-       year!
the need arise. Fresh air and exercise    ticed the reading bulletin board in our
are important parts of your student’s     main hallway with all of the wonder-

Notes from the High School Director – Primarily B-flat and A-sharp!
By Dr. Mark Langston
Welcome to December!                      no excused absences except for those         final semester grades. I look forward
         I hope your Thanksgiving         medically documented by health pro-          to publishing a long list of Honor Roll
break was spent relaxing with friends,    fessionals – or by prior arrangement         attainees.
family, and perhaps provided some         with me. Traditionally, the only allow-               December can be an intense
time for food and football. As Thanks-    ances I make are for family emergen-         academic month. Take advantage of all
giving has passed and winter break ap-    cies. Please plan accordingly. Most          the extra time the teachers are offer-
proaches, I want to thank all who are     exams count for 10% to 20% of your           ing during school – and after school.
part of this great Wildcat family, and    grade. The examination schedule for          Successful students seek the help they
wish everyone a relaxing and enjoy-       the week is printed elsewhere in this        need to learn the material well.
able holiday season.                      issue. This is the first year the semester            Enjoy the family time, and
         I’d like to point out to you     actually ends prior to the winter break.     return in January to continue the hard
that December 15th through Decem-         Know that the 2nd semester begins            work. I look forward to reporting to
ber 18th are final exams – for which      when we return. I wish all of you very       you great academic successes for the
attendance is mandatory. There can be     good scores on your exams and great          first semester.

                                                            (Continued) Choir Mem- days the first week of Febru-
                                                            ber, Susan McKenzie to ary to rehearse together with
                                                            All State              their conductors and to pres-
                                                                     She had to sing a         ent two concerts on Tuesday,
                                                            classical-style solo, dem-         February 3, 2009, one at 2:00
                                                            onstrate her knowledge of          p.m. and the other at 7:30
                                                            music theory as well as music      p.m. Both concerts will be in
                                                            reading-skills. Only approxi-      Fort Collins at the Lincoln
                                                            mately 350 singers were            Center, 417 West Magnolia.
                                                            chosen to fill three choirs: a     Reserved seating tickets are
                                                            men's choir, a women's choir       available for $12 for adults
                                                            and a mixed choir. Susan will      and $6 for seniors and chil-
                                                            be singing Soprano I in the        dren under 12. Tickets may be
                                                            Women's Choir.                     ordered by phone, 970-221-
                                                                     All-State Choir mem-      6730; by fax, 970-416-2725;
                                                            bers will learn their music        or by mail, using the order
4                                                           independently, then meet at        form provided to the directors
                                                            CSU in Fort Collins for three      and participants.
                                             Elementary Academic Awards
                                                 1st Quarter 2008-2009
KINDERGARTEN          Nicholas Swanson     Keelan Hanger            Academic Recognition   Miss Napoli          Kelly Song
Perfect Attendance    Emily Weiland        Elias Hanger             Miss Hill              Clayton Barrow       Conner Sides
Mrs. Gomez            Marissa Zamora       Kerra Hendrickson        Warner Becher          Brandon Boston       Mrs. Cathcart
Sean Baker            Nicholas Zimmerman   Miranda Hermosillo       Abbygail Martinez      Isabella Busnardo    Dominique Adam
Hadley Coughenour     Mrs. Abrahamson      Caden Hill               Luke Munson            Peyton Doyle         Kirsten Boone
Jacob Deaser          Ryan Carlson         Alexus Manning           Miss Napoli            Kianna Duran         Isaiah Deaser
Matthew Gabel         Lauren DiFraia       Michael McAndrew         Givanni Montalvo       Devin Fan            Carson Eitel
Aden Holt             Christopher Doerr    Israel Padilla Alcaraz   Miss Barth             Jacob Gambell        Braxton Elsen
Trent Kitterman       Mia Griego           Maia Rodriquez           Jose Lucero            Gary Hernandez       Amanda Garcia
Alexa Krueger         Zoe LeBouef          Tanner Showers           Jacob Marcus           Caitlyn Herrera      Allyson Horvath
Gianna Liuzzi         Tate Long            Annalyse Silletto                               Corey Kennedy        Mikayla McMillin
Katie McCleskey       Kael Mericle         Mara Stone               Honor Roll             Hailey Manglos       Ryan Paswaters
Ashlee Ronquillo      Jordan Peterson      Karliegh Wattier         Miss Hill              Peyton Maybon        Abby Risma
McKenzie Stricker     Hunter Regan                                  Jade Arndt             Julia Miranda        Ally Ritterholz
Connor Sutterfield    Jonathan Sabin       1ST GRADE                Trent Crook            Emma Saurini         Grant Smith
Nicholas Swanson      Juliette Sabre       Perfect Attendance       Grace Hendrick         Vika Shykhet
Emily Weiland         Donaven Stines       Miss Hill                Samuel Iacovetto       Conan Schuringa      Academic Recognition
Nicholas Zimmerman    Jack Stone           Delaney Adam             Anthony Javalera       Mason Solmos         Mrs. Hoen
Mrs. Abrahamson       Amanda Tanner        Warner Becher            Kourtnei Mandelko      Sidney Wilson        Cheyanne Baros
Ryan Carlson          Faith Torres         Jaelynn Carreon          Michaela Martich       Noah Zylstra         Katelyn Hamby
Lauren DiFraia        Petra Wilson         Trent Crook              Christopher Miller     Miss Barth           Trinity Ornelas
Trent Finnegan        Ms. Hahs             Anthony Javalera         Luke Morelli           Zaeley Aldrich       Gabbie Power
Avery Lankford        Addison Cirbo        Kourtnei Mandelko        Precious Ornelas       Celeste Archuleta    Miss Smith
Zoe LeBouef           Lilyanna Daoud       Austin Mesnard           Ryan Otten             Kara Atchison        Robbie Bauderer
Kael Mericle          Myles Garcia         Christopher Miller       Adaya Richmond         Taylor Beverlin      Cameren Castillo
Hunter Regan          Brandon Greenwall    Luke Morelli             Emily Skinner          Mina Brockman        Emma Ritterholz
Juliette Sabre        Viviana Torres       Anna Oliver              Miss Napoli            Jeremy Dussault      Elise Ronquillo
Faith Torres                               Emily Skinner            Rebecca Anderson       Cordelia Hanger      Albert Tamayo
Ms. Hahs             High Honor Roll       Miss Napoli              Gillian Chamberlain    Aliyah Lopez         Mrs. Cathcart
Sasha Archuleta      Mrs. Gomez            Clayton Barrow           Gabriela Delgado       Cole McAndrew        Ryan Paswaters
Jack Blackstock      Ethan Arroyo          Isabella Busnardo        Sienna Dreher          Justin McGregor      Ally Ritterholz
Cara Comerford       Brandon Bieske        Gabriela Delgado         Quinton Gorsh          Natalie Meenach      Grant Smith
Lilyanna Daoud       Hadley Coughenour     Sienna Dreher            Caleb Hamrick          Geno Pedigo
Carly DiFraia        Ethan Davila          Kianna Duran             Maria Rivera           Lucas Stierle        Honor Roll
Benjamin Fadden      Matthew Gabel         Devin Fan                Alexa Workman          Abigail VanDyke      Mrs. Hoen
Keelan Hanger        Jodin Hassell         Gary Hernandez           Miss Barth                                  Kylie Ard
Kerra Hendrickson    Trent Kitterman       Hailey Manglos           Madison Anderson       2ND GRADE            Makenzie Bettis
Maia Rodriquez       Gianna Liuzzi         Peyton Maybon            Alyssa Bugarin         Perfect Attendance   Titus Camero
Annalyse Silletto    Katie McCleskey       Julia Miranda            Isabel Castaneda       Mrs. Hoen            Samantha Duran
                     Sarah Risma           Emma Saurini             Matthew Ehmann         Cheyanne Baros       Declan Hanger
Academic Recognition Ashlee Ronquillo      Victoria Shoykhet        Jaci Franco            Holden Becher        Evan Holt
Mrs. Abrahamson      Gavin Smith           Mason Solmos             Orson Lankford         Kayleigh Comerford   Zachary Owen
Daniel Grachev       Connor Sutterfield    Miss Barth               Jami LeBouef           Samantha Duran       Savannah Padilla
Katie Tanner         Mrs. Abrahamson       Isabel Castaneda         Cole McNeely           Sabrina Hall         Miss Smith
Ms. Hahs             Trent Finnegan        Matthew Ehmann           Desiree Montano        Declan Hanger        Kaylee Brinkman
Anjelina Lyons       Alyssa Glimm          Cordelia Hanger          Rachel Nguyen          Evan Holt            Nathan Dooley
                     Avery Lankford        OrsonLankford            Biranna Taylor         Jacob Konarski       Kamille Galant
Honor Roll           Gretchen Marty        Jami LeBouef                                    Brandon Rivera       Alasia Garcia
Mrs. Gomez           Gracie Sommers        Jacob Marcus             High Honor Roll        Ashley Sampson       Madison Glasmann
Andrew Aubry         Ms. Hahs              Cole McAndrew            Miss Hill              Zachary Vigil        Juan Loera
Sean Baker           Sasha Archuleta       Justin McGregor          Jordan Burnett         Catalina Zamora      Preston McMurtry
Jacob Deaser         Jack Blackstock       Rachel Hguyen            Kristina Heath         Miss Smith           Conner Sides
Aden Holt            Janalynn Chittarath   Lucas Stierle            Jarad Kane             Devon Brown          Mickenzie Simon
Jordan Javalera      Cara Comerford        Brianna Taylor           Ty Keller              Madison Glasmann     Alaina Sundling
Ian Klimowicz        Carly DiFraia         Abigail VanDyke          Anna Oliver            Ian Godwin           Mrs. Cathcart
Alexa Krueger        Benjamin Fadden                                Hassan Shahzad         Juan Loera           Dominique Adam
McKenzie Stricker    Alyssa Fujiwara                                Aidan Trujillo         Elise Ronquillo      Kirsten Boone
                                          Elementary Academic Awards-continued
                                                  1st Quarter 2008-2009
Isaiah Deaser        3RD GRADE             Mrs. Laughlin         Tasha Herrera        Jessica Carlson        Joseph Fricke-Sansone
David Deluci         Perfect Attendance    Ben Caviness          Makayla Howard       Rachel Godwin          Rachel Godwin
Hunter Edelen        Mrs. Mendez           Trenton Dixon         Jakob Miller         Seth Hill              Krystal Jensen
Carson Eitel         John-David Bauer      Aric Montoya          Ciara Shirey         Julee Huff             Abigail Lucero
Kaylie Gabel         Sawyer Cirbo                                Anna Steward         Krystal Jensen         Ashly McMurtry
Evan Griego          Natalia Delgado-     Honor Roll             Zachary Zimmerman    Zach Liuzzi            Isabelle Melendez
Allyson Horvath      Antillion            Mrs. Mendez            Kaylie Zulke         Isabelle Melendez      Alex Rodriquez
Emily McCleskey      Aimee Doerr          John-David Bauer       Miss Usrey           Aubrie Scherbarth      Aubrie Scherbarth
Mikayla McMillin     Jarod Frye           Natalia Delgado-       Caden Coniff         Cole Sheehan           Dominique Simon
Dane Olson           Tasha Herrera        Antillion              Zack Klimowicz       Dominique Simon        Joleena Strange
Samantha Otterson    Makayla Howard       Aimee Doerr            Britni Lane          Ashley Song            Marissa Velasquez
Ryan Paswaters       Damian Luna          Alexandra Hamrick      Elizabeth Munson     Alise Trujillo
Mason Scoggin        Katelyn Marcus       Hope Hendrick          Lucas Nguyen                                High Honor Roll
Emilee Younger       Jeremiah Martinez    Katelyn Marcus         Angel Pedigo         Academic Recognition   Mrs. Silva
                     Jakob Miller         Genesee McNeely        Zander Troutman      Mrs. Silva             Samantha Crandall
High Honor Roll      Emma Omid            Eric Michael           Kately Warren        Kaitlyn Baker          Jaelyn Gabel
Mrs. Hoen            Ciara Shirey         Blake Olson            Kortney Wattier      Riley Brugger          Shiyan Juarez
Holden Becher        Miss Usrey           Emma Omid              Mrs. Laughlin        Evan Carlson           Mitchell Perez
Kayleigh Comerford   Caden Coniff         Donovan Ramm           AJ Arroyo            Dalton Hooker          Bradley Plemons
Sabrina Hall         Brooke Cordova-      Sara Shahzad           Ana Horvath          Autumn Naranjo         Sierra Scoggin
Alisa Heinrich       Jackson              Jacob VanDyke          Garrett Johannsen    Averi Sampson          Samantha Swanson
Danika Hooker        Austin Crumbaugh     Miss Usrey             Katelyn Meenach      Isaiah Sanchez         Miss Ranniger
Jacob Konarski       Olivia Duran         Emiko Boyer            Chloe Regan          Ian Schumacher         Nicole Alexander
Cate Litke           Meaghan Greenwall    Brooke Cordova-        Samantha Ross        Cody Streifel          Bridgette Archuleta
Gregory Manzanares   Clayton Hall         Jackson                Jared Tavenner       Miss Ranniger          Cameron Boyer
Michaela Moxley      Ethan Hanson         Austin Crumbaugh       Emily Veno           Hayden Brown           Oriana Chavez
Brandon Rivera       Andrew Hoese         Elisa DeLorenzo                             Cisco Fernandez        Leianna Ehmann
Ashley Sampson       Zacary Klimowicz     Clayton Hall           4TH GRADE            John Fountain          Raeanne Glimm
Zavier Trujillo      Britni Lane          Patrick Hansen         Perfect Attendance   Miranda Gonzales       Alexis Loera
Zachary Vigil        Lucas Nguyen         Ethan Hanson           Mrs. Silva           Zeshan Sadiq           Natalie Lucero
Aubrey Wuthrich      Angel Pedigo         Makayla Hermanski      Kaitlyn Baker        Wyatt Walshe           Leia Vadeen
Catalina Zamora      La’llea Ryan         Taya Mendez            Riley Brugger        Aleigha Garcia         Zakary Williams
Miss Smith           Mandy Stricker       TJ Roberson            Evan Carlson         Mrs. Allan             Mrs. Allan
Katelyn Adams        Jakob Strom          Mandy Stricker         Ashlee Carreon       Chantal King           Jessica Carlson
Julia Archuleta      Zander Troutman      Noa Vogel              Nathan Collins                              Julee Huff
Kailey Atchison      Noa Vogel            Mrs. Laughlin          Samantha Crandall    Honor Roll             Raezelle Maestas
Amanda Bieske        Kortney Wattier      Olivia Arjona          Jaelyn Gabel         Mrs. Silva             Ashley Song
Nichole Boyer        Mrs. Laughlin        Wyatt Crider           Dalton Hooker        Ashlee Carreon
Devon Brown          Andres Javier “AJ”   Melise Davis           Rick Nguyen          Nathan Collins         5TH GRADE
Alexa Bugarin        Arroyo               Emma Deere             Brandley Plemons     John Newlon            Perfect Attendance
Leila Daoud          Melise Davis         Ian Hall               Gabrielle Sabre      Gabrielle Sabre        Mrs. Kitterman
Joseph Finch         Trenton Dixon        Keith Keller           Sierra Scoggin       Claire Schuringa       Keegan Aldrich
Ian Godwin           Kyle Krueger         Kyle Krueger           Sophia Steward       Sophia Steward         Donminique Gurule
Jared Peterson       Kasey Mericle        Aidan Marquez          Rylee Younger        Rylee Younger          Gabrielle Hamrick
Kelly Song           Jared Tavenner       Leah Marty             Miss Ranniger        Jonas Zylstra          Kaylie Jensen
Mrs. Cathcart        Emily Veno           Kasey Mericle          Cameron Boyer        Miss Ranniger          Alyssa Omid
Caitlyn Bassett                           Hannah Regan           Audry Brown          Alison Archuleta       Deja Ornelas
Erika Cordova        Academic Recognition Irina Shchiglinskaya   Oriana Chavez        Audry Brown            Eden Weisz
Braxton Elsen        Mrs. Mendez          Rayhaan Webb           Colton Clingman      Colton Clingman        Rosalyn Wong
Amanda Garcia        Damian Luna          Hannah Weiland         Leianna Ehmann       Joel Franco            Mrs. Vlad
CJ Kennedy           Jeremiah Martinez                           Alexis Loera         Jenna Koon             Cailey Angell
Chris Moss           Estevan Quintanilla  High Honor Roll        Leia Vadeen          Joshua Wright          Brandon Apps
Jack Powers          Miss Usrey           Mrs. Mendez            Wyatt Walshe         Mrs. Allan             Jade Balili
Abby Risma           Camren DiFraia       Sawyer Cirbo           Zakary Williams      Dylan Azarcon          Alex Contreras
Georgia Swanson      Olivia Duran         Wesley Edelen          Joshua Wright        Zandy Boone            Emily Marcus
6                    Meaghan Grenwall     Jarod Frye             Mrs. Allan           Jasmine Chittarath     Morgan Skipworth
                                          Audrey Herrera         Taiven Aldrich       Kendra Davila          Kaylee Stricker
                                            Elementary Academic Awards-continued
                                                    1st Quarter 2008-2009

Bryanna Wattier          Keegan Aldrich             Deja Ornelas               Celyn Whitt            Christian Moxley
Andrew Zavala-Franco     Carlos Chavez              Mrs. Vlad                  Academic Recognition   Timofey Schiglinski
 Mrs. Alexander          Kaitlyn Cranor             Kanok Vannavong            Mr. Rosenstein         Jenni Sides
Jared Abrahamson         Nicole Crider              Mrs. Alexander             Marcus Bugarin         Haley Wattier
Kayla Duran              Dominique Gurule           Jared Abrahamson           Kinsey Franksain       Mrs. Hannah
Greg Kutek               Gabrielle Hamrick          Mariana Boyer              Emily Herrera          Josh Chedsey
Matthew Lloyd            Damian Howard              Haley Cordova              Mariah Owen            Ty Stines
Emily Marty              Javier Lucero              Mikayla Gambell            Tiana Rodriquez        Louis Vadeen
Jennifer McFadden        Seth Ross                  Robynn Griffis             Erin Scott             Antonette Franco
Joshua Walker            Kevin Salazar              Kaylee Kennedy             Mrs. Hannah            Mrs. Gerig
Edie Schumacher          Ariel Sundling             Emily Marty                Carley Giron           Taylor Bauer
                         Eden Weisz                 Jennifer McFadden          Rachel Giron           Ryan Boyer
Academic Recognition     Mrs. Vlad                                             Angel Hernandez        Miranda Hopkins
Mrs. Kitterman           Jade Balili                6TH GRADE                  Savannah Kutek         Josh Lucero
Courtney Barnes          Zainab Hashem              Perfect Attendance         Brysen Montgomery      Makayla Marcus
Ciera Bernal             Breaire Petri              Mr. Rosenstein             Winter Parker          Kaleb Martin
Emma Cusack              Arianne Shipp              Emily Bennigsdorf          Seth Rivera            Abby Miranda
Isabella Gonzales        Zachary Spears             Jessee Buck                Zanna Smith            Tim Nguyen
Kaylie Jensen            Kaylee Stricker            Alyssa Frye                Parker Terry           Alaina Nicholson
Isaiah Montalvo          Bryanna Wattier            Emily Herrera              Melody Vigil           John Penaflor
Alyssa Omid              Mrs. Alexander             Ariyona Loera              Mrs. Gerig             Vincent Ross
Amelia Scull             Joey Bauderer              Nick Risma                 Daniel Castaneda       Rebecca Smith
Mrs. Vlad                Brittany Boston            Erin Scott                 Katrina Daiz-Haynes    Celyn Whitt
Cailey Angell            Olivia Garrity             Jenni Sides                Kendall Keller
Brandon Apps             Devin Jensen               Trevor Weschler            Katie Stirling         High Honor Roll
Hanna Litke              Kameron Korbe              Mrs. Hannah                                       Mr. Rosenstein
Zackary Ritzman-Hinman   Greg Kutek                 Baylynn Aragon             Honor Roll             Alyssa Frye
Mrs. Alexander           Al Martin                  Brittany Cordova-Jackson   Mr. Rosenstein         Nick Risma
Shelby Bolduc            Edie Schumacher            Winter Parker              Stephanie Belz         Trevor Weschler
Kayla Duran              Zariah Troutman            Zanna Smith                Emily Bennigsdorf      Mrs. Gerig
Michael Finch                                       Louis Vadeen               Jessee Buck            Morgan Davis
Calvin Gardner           High Honor Roll            Miranda Venezuela          Devan Caswell          Dyani Dussault
Joshua Walker            Mrs. Kitterman             Lyndsey Werner             Alexandra Falagrady    Kaylee Huntley
                         Brittany Burnett           Mrs. Gerig                 Ariyona Loera          Rachel Otten
Honor Roll               Haley Clark                Morgan Davis               Sarah Lynes
Mrs. Kitterman           Kaylee Irtenkauf           Abby Miranda               Ryan Moss

                                            November Wildcat Pause Correction
                                                         Quarter 1
                                                Levi Gardner High Honor Roll

 Volunteering for December                                                 I should be current on hours, so if you
          Please check the website for the most                   are wondering how many you have, please
 up-to-date information and opportunities.                        email me for a total. If you have any ques-
 Also look for weekly updates sent to your                        tions, please email me at:
 email from Joy.                                         I hope to see you or
          Thanks to all who donated their time                    hear from you soon!
 to the Clean-Up Day in November. We had a                        The 36-Hour List can be found on the fol-
 great turn out!                                                  lowing page.
    36-Hour Volunteer List
Hughes, Bob & Courtenay     Valenzuela, Leonard &      Britt, Jeff               Adam, Jim & Julie
390.50                      Louise Chavez              55.90                     40.75
Salazar, Joseph & Kathie    84.00                      Finch, Ross & Jettie      Hendrickson, Joel &
272.80                      Hopkins, Keith & Katrina   53.50                     Kerry Dargen
Moss, Gregg & Britta        83.50                      Lazare, Michael & Mary    40.75
225.90                      Penaflor, Dominic &        49.83                     Steward, Todd & Toni
Ross, Anthony & Thera       Margaret                   Abrahamson, Richard &     40.37
216.95                      81.00                      Danielle                  Doerr, Dennis & Sandy
Owen, Chad & Leilani        Torres, Darrell & Vicki    49.00                     Rossi
169.50                      81.00                      Kennedy, Doug &           40.00
McGiboney Miller, Betsy     Lucero, Randy &            Clarissa                  Johnson, Jessica (Mueller)
& Matt Miller               Veronica                   48.91                     40.00
139.25                      80.00                      Stierle, Scott & Teresa   Usher, Dennis & Marcine
Smith, Steve & Karyl        Smith, Tim                 47.50                     40.00
138.16                      77.75                      Eitel, Joe & Michelle     Boston, Fred & Sabrina
Risma, Ken & Suzy           Street, Jerry & Jennifer   46.50                     39.65
137.48                      76.00                      Gambell, Michael &        Herrera, Thomas & Mary
McFadden, Robert &          Trowbridge, Tim & Sue      Kimberly                  39.58
Diane                       75.75                      46.42                     Doyle, Kevin & Elizabeth
123.00                      Herrera, Cari              Warren, Doug & Karen      39.51
Crook, Larry & Christania   74.25                      46.00                     Hasse, Dale & Julie
121.64                      Maes, John & Sonya         Cordova, Judas & Rachel   39.25
Loera, Tia & Juan           66.50                      45.70                     Jester, Pamela
121.50                      Duran, Rick & Kim          Bouman, Bruce & Kathryn   39.07
Zylstra, Edo & Christi      62.75                      44.00                     Spears, Jon & Shana
111.75                      Stricker, Steve & Linda    Kelley, Ken & Sheri       38.16
McMaster, Mark & Trieva     62.33                      44.00                     Goyins, Bruce & Joleen
104.20                      Peek, Michael & JoAnn      Marty, William & Linda    37.75
Grachere, Yelena & Alek-    61.76                      44.00                     Kutek, Stan & Colleen
sey Grachev                 Ard, Doug & Heather        Moxley, Michael &         37.25
95.00                       61.73                      Michelle                  Chris Cranor & Whitney
Lozen, Sherel & Jeremy      Clark, Kindra              44.00                     Trulove-Cranor
Sabin                       60.91                      Greenwall, Aaron & Beth   36.95
93.75                       McKittrick, Wade &         43.50                     Elsen, Nate & Monica
Veno, James & Stacey        Bethany                    Bevelin, Pearl & Todd     36.88
90.33                       60.00                      43.17                     Hall, Teresa
Horvath, Gary & Inna        Cirbo, William & Sherri    Glimm, Michael & Sheryl   36.20
88.08                       59.50                      42.24                     Throw, Henry & Ranelle
Miranda, Van & Donna        DiFraia, Jason & Summer    Peterson, Randy & Merri   36.00
87.50                       58.26                      41.85
Gilleland, Paul & Vicki     Loyd, Hilda & Cecilia      Reyes, Stephanie
87.00                       Martinez                   41.50

                                The Holiday Gift Shop will be held from
                                December 1st-5th from 8:00 am-4:00 pm in the
8                               Multi-Purpose Room.
Check out Business
Advertising Opportunities
on p. 11

From the Health Office                                            of nasal drainage or a persistant cough. Stu-
By Marjolene Rose, R.N.                                           dents are allowed to have cough drops at
        Do you want to know secrets for good health               school so please provide them for your child
for your child? A good breakfast, rest, and exercise              as needed.
can be your child’s ticket to good health and the ab-             The District Policy regarding communicable
sence of illnesses.                                       disease is based on the desire that your child recov-
        Flu season is here and we have seen quite         ers as quickly as possible and does not expose other
a number of students with upper respiratory and           students to the illness. In general, if you are unsure
stomach-related illnesses. Here are a few guidelines      whether or not to send your child to school, you
for keeping your children at home. Please keep your       should keep your child at home for a day and call
child at home if:                                         your healthcare provider for advice.
        1. Your child has a temperature of 100                    We have also seen quite a number of students
        degrees or higher.                                with pink-eye or conjunctivitis. Students that have
        2. Your child is vomiting or has diarrhea.        been diagnosed with this should have 24 hours of
        3. Your child has a diagnosis of strep throat.    antibiotic treatment before returning to school. Please
        Your child may return to school after 24 hours    encourage your child to wash their hands frequently
        of antibiotic treatment.                          if they have this condition.
        4. Your child has a common cold. Please
        keep your child at home if your child has a lot

National Honor Society’s Schedule

Mandatory meetings for all members of the National Honor Society will be held the
first Tuesday of each month at 3:15 p.m. in Mrs. Cantwell’s classroom (215):
December 2, January 6, February 3, March 3, April 7, and May 5

Officers’ meetings will be held the third Tuesday of each month, also in Room 215:
December 16, January 20, February 10 (exception), February 17, March 10 (exception),
March 17, April 21, and May 19.

CandyGrams will be delivered Friday, February 13. Pie-in-the-Eye is scheduled for
March 18. Spring Induction will be held May 12.

 The Academy Choir traveled to
 KOSI 101 FM Radio Station on                                Upcoming Concerts!
 Wednesday, November 19. The choir sang and                  Secondary Band, Orchestra
                                                                     & Choir
 their performance was taped to be broadcast                  Tuesday, Dec. 16th 7 PM
 during December on the Murphy and Denise                                
 Morning Show. The choir will get their sched-                 Elementary Band &
 uled air date soon. Ms. Wilson and the choir are            Wednesday, Dec. 17th 7 PM
 very excited about this opportunity to perform
 on the radio.

                           Got Brownies?
     The Wildcat Council for Musical Excellence is looking for parents to donate desserts
      for sale at our Secondary Band and Orchestra concert on Tuesday, December 16th.
                         Please contact Mr. Kemp if you can help out!

              Thank you to the many contributors who made Homecoming Week possible!
           Thank you to the Student Council members for all your hard work and dedication!
                                      Ms. Donkin loves you!
Thank you to the following people who helped organize a successful Powder Puff game: Kristie Beck,
 Rhonda Appleton-Webb, Joy Vigil, Chris Dixon, Sean Stubert, Chris Brown, Dave Zukin, Bernie
               Manker, Burke Edgar, Stephen Huddle, Ghislain Sabre, Chase Richter
           Thank you to Betsy McGiboney Miller, OPT, and class sponsors for your help with
                                      Homecoming Harvest.
        The Homecoming Assembly was so awesome due to the performances by our Poms Squad,
        Cheerleaders, Drama Department, Percussion Ensemble, and the Football Squad’s Dance!
 Special thanks to Pam Jester, Cindy & Elias Garcia, Melissa Loos, Joy Vigil, and Isaiah Deetz for
 Homecoming Set-up. Thanks to Junior High Student Council and Patty Baechler for organizing and
                                     running the Coat Check.
    A special thank you to the following people for your support with the Homecoming Dance:
Anne Deese, Mark Langston, David Zukin, Jennifer Wilson, Chris Dixon, Sarah Richards, Ghislain
Sabre, Valorie Glaser, Joy Vigil, Kayla Speer, Guadelupe Anguiano, and the many wonderful parent
12                                         ~Lisa Donkin
Announcing the new Family Literacy Resource Corner!
Come to the Elementary Literacy Room #171 (across from Uniform Exchange)

for things families can do to promote reading and writing at home.

 During the first Saturday of every month,          NEED CHILD CARE DURING
  from 4:00 pm-10:00 pm, The Academy
    receives 15% of all dinner profits at               WINTER BREAK?
                                                        The Academy After School
                                                                     Program is open for full-
                                                                       time care, 7 am-6 pm
  Jason’s Deli is located in the Mainstreet
 area at Flatirons Mall! Make it a monthly                           Check it out on The Acad-
   treat for your family and support The
    Academy! All procedes will support                                   emy’s Web Page,
           Academy Technology.
                                                                      (After School Care) for
                                                                        details & schedule.

Cookie Dough Update
The Academy sold $33,701.00 worth of cookie dough. Our school receives $16,850.50!
Elementary students helped to raise money for Mad Science, Student-of-the-Month Lunches, 5th Grade Civil
War Speaker, and much more! Our secondary students helped raise money for Homecoming, Prom, Clubs,
Sports Programs, and more! Thank you Academy students and parents for helping to make this years fall fund-
raiser a huge success!
The following students won the daily drawing prizes:
                               3rd Grade - Natalia Antillon - AMC Movie Gift Card
                                8th Grade - Alyssa Hansen - AMC Movie Gift Card
                              1st Grade - Anthony Javalera - AMC Movie Gift Card
                             Kindergarten - Marissa Zamora - AMC Movie Gift Card
                            8th Grade - Aaron Dudymott - Dave & Busters Gift Card
                                8th Grade - Aimee Britt - Dave & Busters Gift Card
                            1st Grade - Isabella Busnardo - Dave & Busters Gift Card
                           1st Grade - Gillian Chamberlain - Dave & Busters Gift Card
                            10th Grade - Gabrielle Nunez - Dave & Busters Gift Card
                               2nd Grade - Evan Griego - Dave & Busters Gift Card
                              5th Grade - Emma Cusack - Dave & Busters Gift Card
                                     8th Grade - Aimee Britt - Nuggets Tickets
                                    9th Grade - Elias Garcia - Nuggets Tickets
                                   3rd Grade - Caden Coniff- Mammoth Tickets
                                 3rd Grade - Donovan Ramm - Mammoth Tickets
     Ms. Cathcart’s class sold $2,024.00 more than any other class or group. They will receive a pizza party.

Notice To Academy Parents
       A recent vandalism incident in the school has made it necessary for us to underscore the importance of

supervising your children while you are attending events at the school. We have noted that at times, siblings

of students that are involved in extra-curricular and other events at The Academy are present in the hallways

of the school without supervision. This can lead to mischief and damage, both accidental and intentional.

       For the safety and security of the school, and your students, please see that they remain with you when

not specifically attending supervised activities. At no time should elementary students be present on school

property after school hours without the supervision of a parent. Secondary students may not supervise el-

ementary students, including siblings, on school property at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

John Kaufman

Executive Director

Adams 12 Five Star Schools
The Academy
11800 Lowell Blvd.
Westminster, CO 80031-5097
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for the Parents, distributed by
School District 12, Adams County
1500 E. 128th Ave., Thornton, CO 80241.
Office: 303-289-8088
Fax: 303-289-8087
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contact the school’s main office.

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