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					ISSUE 8, 1 JUNE 2011
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                        This e-alert for the retail and foodservice sector provides updates and news
Latest news             on Seafish projects and services. Follow the links to keep up-to-date with the
                        work Seafish is doing to promote seafood consumption.
National Fish & Chips
Awards 2011             Latest Seafish news

Eating seafood          Seafish appeal to the Supreme Court. The Seafish appeal to the Supreme
                        Court was heard on 23 and 24 March 2011 and we are still awaiting the
Responsible Sourcing    judgment.
                        Blogging debut. Six key Seafish staff will be sharing their commentary and
                        insight on pertinent seafood issues such as discards, fishing policy, the
Market data
                        seafood retail market, seafood legislation and global seafood trends on a
Seafood Training        regular basis through a new blog from Seafish. The first blog on discards
Academy                 appeared on 11 May. To keep up-to-date see:
Training information
                        Social media. Seafish continues to develop strategies regarding its website
                        and social media presence (Facebook
              , Twitter twitter@seafishuk etc).
Seafood promotion       The operation of the Seafood Information Network (SIN) continues.

                        Industry Project Fund
Facebook site
                        We will be in a position to inform applicants about the success of their project
Recipes                 application as soon as we know the outcome of our court case and once the
                        review process has been completed. For further information contact the
                        project fund co-ordinator, Marcus Jacklin E:
IN SEPTEMBER 2011       Forthcoming Seafish meetings and events
                        There are a number of Seafish meetings and events coming up:

                                8 June - Responsible Fishing Scheme Review Committee inaugural
                                meeting, Fishmongers Hall, London
                                29 June - Discard Action Group meeting, Seafood Choices
                                Alliance offices, London.
                                29 June - UK Scallop Group meeting, Bewley Hotel, Manchester
                                6 July - Aquaculture Common Issue Group meeting, MIC, London.
                                20 July - Common Language Group meeting, Billingsgate, London.
                                20 September - Food Legislation Expert Group meeting, venue tbc,

                        For further information contact E:
Other events and information

        Seafood Training Academy Open Day. Seafish and the Seafood
        Training Academy are co-ordinating a Seafood Training Academy
        Open Day on 9 September 2011. There will be a series of
        demonstrations and presentations. Contact
        E: or for further information see:
        Market Insight - Seafish provides regular overviews and reports.
        Retail sales and import and export data for the fourth quarter 2010 is
        now available. Seafish provides 240 reports per year including UK
        Nielsen Retail data, UK & Global Import Export Data, food service
        data, bespoke consultancy reports and summary retail reports. For
        further information contact Richard Watson E:

Seafish communication activities
The main focus of communication activity at the beginning of the year was
the Channel 4 Fish Week which aired from 11 - 16 January. Since then:

        Keo Films (who produced Hugh's Fish Fight) attended the National
        Fish & Chip Shop of the Year Awards presentation on 20 January. The
        River Cottage chef, Tim Maddams, updated the audience on the
        Mackerel Bap Campaign and since then the top ten fish and chip
        shops have signed up to the campaign.
        Seafish and the seafood industry have maintained a dialogue with
        Keo Films to work towards finding a solution to the discards issue.
        Members of Keo/Fish Fight team attended the Seafish-facilitated
        Discard Action Group meetings in February and April.
        Seafish has maintained a media presence on this issue.
        A further hour-long Hugh’s Fish Fight programme is due to air in mid
        July. The content and date of the programme are still to be

For further information contact E: If you would like
to sign up to the media review E:

National Fish & Chip Awards 2011 and 2012

The 2011 National Fish & Chip Awards reached their culmination in January
at the prestigious Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel, London. The event, compered
by Jay Rayner, the acclaimed restaurant critic, author and broadcaster, was
attended by 500 guests representing all facets of the fish and chip industry,
from fishermen through to suppliers, distributors and actual shops.

For the 2011 Award winners see: This new
microsite dedicated to the Awards received 18,895 visits between November
2010 and April 2011.

The 2012 National Fish & Chip Awards have recently been launched to
industry and the website updated with
details of the 2012 Awards. Entrants can now download the relevant entry
forms and details of rules/entry criteria for the various Award categories. In
addition to the excellent publicity opportuinites to be gained by successful
shops in the various Award categories, the Top 10 shops in the Independent
Fish & Chip of the Year Award category will also enjoy an all expenses paid
study trip to Norway in Autumn 2011 in partnership with the Norwegian
Seafood Export Council.

If you would like further information about the Awards please
contact Nikki Hawkins on 01889 271604 or E:

Seafish England
Seafish England is acting as the regional delivery agent for Seafish, working
with Seafish colleagues and external agencies.

        FLAGs - Seafish is supporting the six FLAGs (Fishery Local Action
        Groups) - Cornwall, North Devon, Hastings, North Norfolk,
        North/West Cumbria and Holderness. The first stage in applying for
        Axis 4 funding (to help sustain the local fishing industry and fishing
        communities) has been completed. Julie Snowden is the Seafish
        contact for Holderness, Cumbria and North Norfolk and Phil Palfrey is
        the Seafish contact for Cornwall, North Devon and Hastings. E: or
        Seafood Devon & Dorset and Seafood Cornwall - Both of these
        regional initiatives are being looked after by Seafish England. At
        present an application to extend the length of both projects is being
        considered by the MMO which would extend the expected data for
        these projects to end to November 2012.
        FASFA - Julie Snowden has been appointed as the new
        Company Secretary for the Frozen at Sea Fillets Association. John
        Rutherford has recently been appointed Director. A new strategy for
        FASFA for the next year is currently being drafted.

Focus on training and legislation
Onshore training

Seafish approved trainers delivered training to more than 1400 people in the
previous year and a total of 1,443 qualifications were awarded by Seafish in
15 different subject areas. 2011/12 is off to a very good start with more than
300 qualifications awarded in the first 6 weeks of the financial year. 2011 will
also see a significant expansion in the range of training programmes and
qualifications available to the industry.

        Campden BRI – There are a final few places available for an
        Advanced Seafood Quality Assessment course at Campden BRI which
        is running from 11th to 15th July 2011.
        Bivalve Purification Training - The Southern Shellfish Training
        Centre delivered a Bivalve Purification Operations course at the
        National Lobster Hatchery on the 24th May 2011. To find out more
       about purification training throughout the UK contact either the
       Scottish or Southern Shellfish Training Centres.
       New Qualifications for seafood managers – Six new Level 3
       qualifications in fish and shellfish are only weeks away from
       becoming nationally recognised. These range from fish and chip shop
       operations to fishmongering skills. These new IVQs represent a
       significant boost for training in the seafood industry. See:

Staff Training & Development Award

       Seafish is now inviting fish and chip businesses to submit their
       application for this year’s Staff Training & Development Award which
       recognises those businesses that are committed to training and
       developing their staff. The Award forms part of the prestigious
       National Fish & Chip Awards. Other award categories in the National
       Fish & Chip Awards include Independent Takeaway, Independent
       Restaurant and Young Fish Frier. Lee Taylor of Pantrini’s in Whitley
       Bay, last year’s Staff Training & Development Award winners said:
       ―We were absolutely delighted and extremely proud to win the award
       and we can’t speak highly enough of how the award has benefitted
       our business.‖
       The growth of the award has been aided by the kind sponsorship
       from James T. Blakeman, a sausage manufacturer in Staffordshire
       who are supporting the award for the fifth consecutive year. To
       download a Staff Training & Development Award application form
       please visit
       training or contact Richard Wardell on T: 07590 774878 or E:


       The Seafish Legislation Team now produce monthly updates
       containing the latest developments in legislation that may impact on
       the seafood industry and where you can get more information. See:
       Legislation news and the monthly newsletter. If you wish to receive
       the newsletter directly please E:
       Currently Seafish is actively working with the Government and
       industry groups on issues surrounding food labelling regulations,
       origin labelling and date of freezing requirements to help minimise
       the impact of new legislation on seafood businesses. For further
       information contact E:

Responsible Sourcing
Responsible Sourcing Guides

       Two further species guides have been produced covering less utilised
       species - John dory and red mullet. This is in addition to new guides
       to cuttlefish, dab, flounder, grey mullet, gurnard and pouting. Seafish
       now provides information on the status of 34 species consumed in
       the UK, and the measures being taken to protect them. Guides to
       tilapia and pangasius are also nearly completed. See: Responsible
       Sourcing Guides
       The Responsible Sourcing Guides are regularly updated and we are
       currently updating the guides covering ICES assessed European
       stocks with the 2011 TACs.
        A new guidance note on Maximum Sustainable Yield is also available.
        For further information contact: Bill Lart E: or
        Karen Green E:

Data deficient fisheries

        Seafish has published a guide to Ecological Risk Assessment for the
        Effects of Fishing (ERAEF). This report describes the Australian
        method for ERAEF in easy to understand terms and present some
        worked examples. Contact Bill Lart T: 01472 252323 E:

Responsible Fishing Scheme

        Comprehensive review process for scheme begins - As it is just
        over five years since the launch of RFS it is now necessary to
        comprehensively review the scheme to ensure that its’ requirements
        continue to fully reflect industry best practices and comply with any
        changes in legislation. In addition it will provide the opportunity to
        consider additions to scheme requirements that will enhance its value
        and recognition across industry. The process will be undertaken by a
        committee of representatives drawn from across industry under the
        Chairmanship of Seafish Board Member Quentin Clark. The first
        meeting is to be held in London on the 8th June. For more
        information or to forward comments for consideration please contact
        Mick Bacon on T: 07976 222936 or E:
        Recognising and rewarding commitment - In addition to
        promoting the obvious benefits of sourcing materials from scheme
        qualified vessels Seafish continually strives to promote RFS vessel
        standards and commitment to a much wider audience beyond the
        direct supply chain. This has resulted in significant ―member only‖
        discounts for vessels and reflects the growing level of appreciation
        and support for the scheme. Discussions are currently in progress
        with the insurance industry where we are seeking to agree further
        exclusive support for member vessels that will result in mutual
        benefits for both members and insurers alike. For more information
        or suggestions on potential ideas to support member vessels further
        please contact Mick Bacon on T: 07976 222936 or E:
        Export markets - As the RFS has developed and grown over the
        past few years, we are now developing information leaflets in a
        variety of foreign languages to highlight to export markets the
        benefits of sourcing RFS product. We are aware that some of the raw
        material landed by RFS certified vessels ends up in European
        countries such as Spain and France. If you believe that we should be
        producing a leaflet in a specific foreign language, please contact
        Richard Wardell on T: 01472 252322 or E:

Seafish issue-specific web pages and fact sheets
Fact sheets. There are now over 60 Seafish fact sheets which touch on all
areas of the seafood industry. The latest cover: Maximum Sustainable Yield
(MSY), live prawn tubing and food additives.

Visit: and search under

Web pages. For up-to-date information on key issues affecting the seafood
                          industry Seafish now has a number of issue-specific web pages:


                          Data deficient fisheries




                          Marine Acts

                          Marine Protected Areas

                          This quarterly update has been prepared by Karen Green. If you have any
                          comments email

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