Editing Run-ons and Fragments

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                                 Editing Fragments and Run-ons
Explain the three possible ways to fix a run-on sentence.
What are the three necessary “ingredients” to a complete sentence?
Find the fragments and run-on sentences below. Underline the fragments and double-underline the
run-ons. Then correct them using standard editing marks. Next, find and circle the proper nouns.

         One day Frank and Ellen Hensel dug a one-acre pond. Near their Vermont home.
Then, just for fun, they inflated a plastic toy dolphin. And floated it on the new pond.
This blue and white beach toy had big eyes, long eyelashes, and a big broad smile, it
bobbed in the breeze. And looked very much alive.
         A large gray and black Canadian goose. Suddenly appeared on the pond one day.
A breeze caught the dolphin, and it drifted across the pond, the goose quickly paddled.
After the plastic fish.
         Several days passed. The Hensels watched the goose. And worried about it. All
the other geese were migrating to South America. Every day, flocks of geese in V
formations flew over the house, it was a beautiful sight. One morning the Hensels heard
the honking of the goose and looked outside. A strong wind was blowing, and the
dolphin was swirling in all directions. The goose was paddling as quickly as it could.
But couldn’t keep up with its friend.
         The Hensels looked out the window. On the following morning. A branch had
poked a hole. In the dolphin’s side. It lay on its side, half under the water, then it let out
some bubbles. And sank to the bottom.
         The goose was confused. It swam around its lost friend. In huge circles. For two
days the big bird watched over the blue and white form. At the bottom of the pond.
Then finally, with a downward glance, the bird flapped its wings, then it flew into the
bright October sky.

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