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									                                          Ostomy Association
                                            of South Texas

Support Groups Meeting The Needs of All Ostomates

                       OCTOBER 2010
     American Cancer Society 8115 Data Point Drive
              Last Monday of the month @7:00 pm
    Contact: Pres. Jan Clark, RN, WOCN      210 734 7544
                                THIS MONTH

                      NEW OFFICERS
          Karen Bush, ET Nurse —GOTTA ITCH ?
       Karen tells about Peristomal rashes and itches

                              ICE CREAM AND

  ~~Northeast Baptist Hospital                        Off 410 @ Starcrest~~
         Conversations With Ostomates About Their Concerns
           Shanna Fraser, RN, ET           210-355-6894
             3 Sunday of the month @ 3:00 pm

     ~~McKenna Events Center                         New Braunfels, TX~~
                    3rd Thursday of the month
   Cindy Muench, RN                                 830-606-9111 ext 3359
 *****Members will be notified of date and time for future meetings*****

           ~~Peterson Regional Medical Hospital~~
                         Kerrville, Texas
          Molly McCoy, RN, ET             830 258 7891
               2nd Sunday of the month @ 3:00PM

  OSTOMY ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH TEXAS holds its meetings and produce
   this newsletter under the kind sponsorship of the American Cancer Society.
                       THE PREZ SEZ                                                  What you missed at the last meeting
                                                                        Hollister was scheduled, but an illness in the family kept our
                                                                        representative from attending. He canceled in time for a dif-
                         What a great honor to be leading               ferent program to be put together. It was presented by Jan
                      this support group for the upcoming               Clark and was called “getting to know you.”
                      year! The upcoming installation of offi-         All attendees were given questionnaires to fill out.
                      cers should be a time of reflection for our      Questions ranged from what kind of ostomy do you have? to
                      organization and a time for renewal of           your favorite city/vacation spot, favorite food, best achieve-
                      individual and collective commitment.            ment and what Santa should bring? No names on the question-
   In September 1970, Ralph Kaye, Jack Burkett, Earle Benson           naires. The questionnaires were passed around and read and
and Larry Rosow met with nurse Ester Munoz to organize a               best guesses were made as to who the mystery person was.
San Antonio chapter of the United Ostomy Association, which            Some were surprises. And some were easy to guess.
was founded in 1962. A letter was prepared and delivered to            Who knew that Bill Sohm was Chief Plumbing Inspector for
ostomy surgeons to be shared with their patients. The first year       the City of San Antonio before retirement? Or that Richard
the newsletter was one page, with paid advertisements on the           Hannert wants a new motorcycle for Christmas? If you take
back and was mailed for 8 cents. Jack Burkett was the first            Tex Farnsworth out to eat, buy him a steak or baby back ribs!
president. When Burkett moved to Houston in 1971, Ralph                Our very own Velma Murray was the first woman in San Anto-
Kaye took over. That year, the first woman, Thelma Schockner,          nio to be a district governor for Toastmasters International!
joined the group in 1971. Dues were $5.00 per year. One of             Gus and Virginia Garrity both listed “Gone With the Wind” as
the chapter goals was to have a full time ET Nurse. By 1973            their favorite movie. Lou Wilson likes all food except Mexi-
after much lobbying by Ralph Kaye, Larry Rosow and Dr. Ar-             can! Diane Armstead wants ice cream when watching “Pretty
nold Walder, Methodist Hospital employed the first ET Nurse            Woman.” Did you know Henry Martin used to take care of
in San Antonio, Nora Powers.                                           chimpanzees? Art Rodriguez likes to vacation in Port Aransas
   Ralph Kaye enjoyed writing the newsletter, planning pro-            and eat crab legs!
grams and making visits. It was his therapy according to his           Come to a meeting and visit. You may be sitting next to a per-
wife. After a second bout with cancer he passed away. To               son who made history, has a hobby like yours, or can tell you
honor his work the group changed its name to the Ralph Kaye            where to get the best steak in town! We are more than our
Chapter. Past presidents include Marie Snocker, Velma                  ostomies, but that is what brings us together, to get to know
Murray and now Diane Armstead.                                         one another!
   October 2005 our group re-organized, incorporated and be-
came a non-profit group and renamed itself the Ostomy Asso-                       The good doctor was performing rounds at the
ciation of South Texas for better recognition. We continue our                    hospital one morning and while checking up on a
association with the re-organized United Ostomy Associations                      man he asked . .' So how's your breakfast this
of America.                                                                       morning?' ' It's very good except for the Kentucky
   This is our 40th year of fulfilling our mission. New and estab-                Jelly. I can't seem to get used to the taste.'. . . Bob
lished members mingle. Our histories and experiences join. We                     replied. The doctor then asked to see the jelly and
are fortunate for the members who attend our meetings, and for         Bob produced a foil packet labeled 'KY Jelly.
those who can’t attend meetings but continue their membership          October is the tenth month of the year in the Gregorian Calen-
giving us strength in numbers. We all are making a renewed             dar and one of seven Gregorian months with a length of 31 days.
commitment each time we attend a meeting or send in dues.              The eighth month in the old Roman calendar, October retained
We are all needed to make our group successful and accom-              its name (from the Latin "octo" meaning "eight") after July and
plish our mission.                                                     August, after Julius and Augustus Caesar respectively, when the
                              Jan Clark                                calendar was originally created by the Romans. October is com-
Thanks to Ann Strey for a compilation of our history.                  monly associated with the season of autumn in the Northern
                                                                       hemisphere and spring in the Southern hemisphere, where it is
                     From the Editors Corner                           the seasonal equivalent to April in the Northern hemisphere and
                                                                       vice versa. In common years January starts on the same day of
                      Medical, Treatment, or Tech-                     the week as October, but no other month starts on the same day
nical items contained in this newsletter are not                       of the week as October in leap years. October ends on the same
intended to be the last and final word. Any medical                    day of the week as February every year and January in common
or technical information is included as information to pique           years only. October's birthstone is the opal. The opal is thought
someone’s memory or help recognize a situation present with            to have the power to predict illness. This is because the opal
someone’s family or friend. Remember, the final word on medi-          responds to heat. Sickness increases body temperature before
cal or ostomy conditions will be with your doctor and/or your          signs of illness appear. The increased body heat causes the opal
E.T. Nurse.                                                            to lose its shine, leaving it dull and lacking
    If you have any information you think our membership might                                  color. It is also said that
be interested in, such as a news article, a publication, a good rec-                            the opal will crack if it is
ipe, an incident or a personal experience please let me know.                                   worn by someone who
Contact me via e-mail at: or "snail                                      was not born in October.        2
mail", Ralph Pittenger---7626 Stagecoach Dr..---                                                It’s birth flower is the
San Antonio, Tx---78227-3428. Phone 210 674 0295                                                calendula
                        New Ostomates                             been blending all his food since he had left the hospital. No
            by Mark Shaffer, via Hemet-San Jacinto, CA;           wonder he had been too weak to attend meetings. How could
               Green Bay (WI) Ostomy Support Group;               this possibly have happened?
                and North Central OK Ostomy Outlook               This is the explanation. When John had left the hospital,
One of the most daunting tasks I faced as a new ostomate          he remembered hearing them say: “Just keep on doing
was returning to the society of people outside my                 what you’re doing.” And because he had recovered so
immediate family. Insecurity about the reliability of my          well in hospital, they discharged him before he had moved on
appliance, post-operative pain, a sense of being radically        to solid food. So John felt that he had to keep on eating mushy
different, and a lack of appropriate clothing all contributed     food, which he hated. He was slowly starving himself.
to a feeling of isolation.                                        It was a delight to see John fill his plate with real food and
When I tried to see old friends, I would catch them               chow down. And his wife was so pleased she no longer
looking me over to see how I’d changed. Though I later            had to prepare a special meal for him. Their special
realized that this was natural, it was quite disconcerting at     Christmas gift was a return to a normal life again. And
first. It made me feel diminished somehow. When I                 that is what our ostomy support group is all about.
expressed these feelings to my UOAA visitor, he
encouraged me to go to the next ostomy association
meeting. (“Encourage” doesn‘t quite tell the story; he
insisted, going so far as to pick me up and take me there.)
At that first meeting, I found people with the same              (Ed note: Rather long but good new information concerning   new
condition (and many with worse ones—which made it
                                                                 cancer diagnosis)
hard for me to continue wallowing in self-pity). To my
surprise, these people looked and acted like everyone else
I knew. They were living normal lives, working, raising            DNA Test May Speed Colon Cancer Diagnosis
children, falling in and out of love just like the rest of the     A new generation of DNA tests for colon cancer seems
world did. If there was a difference, it seemed to be that       likely to improve the detection both of cancers and of the pre-
they enjoyed life more than most. And, they were all very        cancerous polyps that precede them. The tests, if validated,
nice people…every one of them. They were more than               could reduce the burden of disease substantially by detecting
willing to share their experiences, discuss any topic I          tumors at an early stage, including those not picked up by a
chose to raise and suggest practical solutions to practical      colonoscopy. Colorectal cancers tend to grow slowly and are
problems. They gave me phone numbers and told me I               easily removed if caught early. But many people over 50 do not
could call them anytime. Some of them remain friends             comply with the recommendation to have a colonoscopy — a
today. I still had adjustment problems, large and small, but     time-consuming procedure in which a tube is threaded up the
I knew I could solve them and I knew there were people           intestine — and even colonoscopies do not catch everything.
who would help me do so.                                         Colorectal cancer has become the second most common cancer
If I were asked to give only one piece of advice to a new        in the United States; each year it causes more than
ostomate, it would be this: Go to a Meeting! That one            50,000deaths and costs about $14 billion to treat.
action, almost forced on me, made all the difference.               Colon tumors provide considerable evidence of their pres-
                                                                 ence by shedding blood and cells that are detectable in the
                                                                 stool. Tests for blood have reduced deaths from colorectal can-
                    Who Will Eat All this Food?                  cer only modestly, because they are not very sensitive to pre-
                   Ed Tummers; via Metro Halifax (NS) News;and
                                                                 cancerous polyps, the stage at which cancer is best prevented.
           North Central OK Ostomy Outlook
                                                                    Researchers turned to measuring mutations in DNA after Dr.
A few years ago, I visited a gentleman in hospital after his
                                                                 Bert Vogelstein of Johns Hopkins University discovered the
ostomy surgery. He was recovering very well and was
                                                                 series of mutations by which a colon polyp advances to full
excited about going home. As he left, the hospital staff
                                                                 cancer. But no single mutation predicts a patient’s risk, and the
said to him: “John, you are doing great. Just keep on doing
                                                                 mutation tests, though more accurate than the blood tests, have
what you’re doing.”
                                                                 not been a decisive improvement.
Two months later, I called John to invite him to our
                                                                    By 2004 it was clear that looking for the Vogelstein muta-
monthly meeting. His wife answered the phone and said
                                                                 tions was “neat biology but not a home run,” said Dr. David
that John had no energy and was too weak to attend.
                                                                 Ransohoff, an expert on colon cancer screening at the Univer-
Repeated invitations got the same response. Finally, I
                                                                 sity of North Carolina.
convinced John and his wife to attend the Christmas
                                                                    A new generation of tests being developed depends on a dif-
auction and banquet.
                                                                 ferent process in cancer cells. All cells switch off the genes
We greeted John and his wife at the door and introduced
                                                                 they do not need by attaching small chemicals
them to a few other members. Seeing all the delicious
                                                                 called methyl groups to certain sites along their DNA. In can-
food spread out on the banquet tables immediately caught
                                                                 cer cells, there is generally less methylation than
their attention. But, they asked, where was the food for the
                                                                    usual, except for certain regions of DNA where
ostomates? What would John eat?
                                                                    the methylation process is taken to excess, per-
We innocently answered that John could eat whatever he                                                                    3
                                                                    haps because
wanted. What we heard next totally shocked us. John had
                                                                                 (con’t page 4, Test)
                                                                  naturally with age.
                                                                    But the DNA methylation tests are promising in principle, he
(Cont’d Test)                                                     said, and it seems feasible for Exact Sciences to get a sensitivity
the cells need to shut down tumor suppressor genes. These         of better than 90 percent and a false positive rate of only 5 to 10
and other genes are highly methylated icolon tumors and           percent. “We can tolerate 5 to 10 percent false positives because
other kinds of cancer.                                            those people will just get colonoscopies,” he said.
   Exact Sciences, a company based in Madison, Wis., is             For cancers above the colon, there are many enzymes that
developing a colon cancer test based on highly methylated         digest DNA, so whether such cancers can be detected efficiently
DNA. Its researchers reported last month that by testing for      can be answered only with experiments, Dr. Vogelstein said.
methylated DNA at four markers, pieces of DNA drawn               And false positives would be more of a problem, since for these
from specific genes, they could detect colon tumors and           cancers there is no easy verification method like colonoscopy.
polyps, distinguishing them from normal tissue with 100           “That’s when these false positives really start to be the devil,”
percent sensitivity and with no false positives.                  he said.
   The tests of methylated DNA were performed directly on           Dr. Ransohoff said the Exact Sciences test was still at a pre-
tumors and are expected to be less accurate in the real           liminary point. “This is neat and it’s promising,” he said. “But
world, in which they would have to work in stool samples.         we’ve been down this road before and we need to be hopeful
Almost all of the DNA in stool is from bacteria, and the          without being carried away.”
methylated DNA is a fraction of the 0.01 percent that is
human DNA.
   Still, Kevin T. Conroy, chief executive of Exact Sciences,
said he expected that the four-marker test, when applied to
                                                                             A Sign of the Times
stool samples, would detect at least half of all precancerous     When I bought my Blackberry I thought about the 30-year
polyps and 85 percent of actual cancers. Results of a trial       business I ran with 1800 employees, all without a cell
now under way in 1,600 patients will be reported in Octo-         phone that plays music, takes videos, pictures and
ber, he said.                                                     communicates with Facebook and Twitter. I signed up
   The test would cost less than $300, and samples could be       under duress for Twitter and Facebook, so my seven kids,
collected at home. Patients would be advised to take the test     their spouses, 13 grandkids and 2 great grand kids could
every three years. People with a positive result would then       communicate with me in the modern way. I figured I could
have a colonoscopy to verify                     and remove       handle something as simple as Twitter with only 140
any polyps, with the result                      that colono-     characters of space.
scopies could be focused on                      high-risk pa-       That was before one of my grandkids hooked me up for
tients instead of the popula-                    tion at large.   Tweeter, Tweetree, Twhirl, Twitterfon, Tweetie and
   Exact Sciences’ test is                       based on         Twittererific Tweetdeck, Twitpix and something that sends
work by Dr. Vogelstein, Dr.                      Sanford          every message to my cell phone and every other program
Markowitz at Case Western                        Reserve Uni-     within the texting world.
versity and Dr. David A. Ahlquist of the Mayo Clinic. Dr.            My phone was beeping every three minutes with the
Ahlquist, who is a scientific adviser to the company, identi-     details of everything except the bowel movements of the
fied some of the highly methylated genes the company is           entire next generation. I am not ready to live like this. I
testing as markers for colon cancer.                              keep my cell phone in the garage in my golf bag.
   Dr. Ahlquist said that if the test worked as well as hoped     The kids bought me a GPS for my last birthday because
on stool samples, “this will be the first noninvasive test that   they say I get lost every now and then going over to the
will reliably detect malignant lesions.” Cervical cancer has      grocery store or library. I keep that in a box under my tool
been virtually eliminated by the Pap test, he said, and “we       bench with the Blue tooth [it's red] phone I am supposed
feel that colon cancer could be eliminated to the same ex-        to use when I drive. I wore it once and was standing in
tent.”                                                            line at Barnes and Noble talking to my wife and everyone
   The four-marker test can pick up a kind of precancerous        in the nearest 50 yards was glaring at me. I had to take
tissue called a serrated polyp which is often missed by           my hearing aid out to use it, and I got a little loud.
colonoscopies, Dr. Ahlquist said. It also ignores most in-        The GPS looked pretty smart on my dash board, but the
nocuous small polyps.                                             lady inside that gadget was the most annoying, rudest
   Using different sets of four markers, other kinds of cancer    person I had run into in a long time. Every 10 minutes,
can be detected. “We can detect all of the cancers above the      she would sarcastically say, "Re-calc-ul-ating." You
colon — pancreas, esophagus, stomach, bile duct,” Dr.             would think that she could be nicer. It was like she could
Ahlquist said. Thus in principle, all the cancers of the gas-     barely tolerate me. She would let go with a deep sigh and
trointestinal tract, which account for nearly a quarter of all    then tell me to make a U-turn at the next light. Then if I
cancer deaths in the United States, should be detectable          made a right turn instead…well, it was not a good
from stool samples.                                               relationship.
   Dr. Vogelstein said tests for DNA mutations would be              When I get really lost now, I call my wife and tell her the
better in theory than tests for DNA methylation because           name of the cross streets and while she is starting to
“mutations are entirely specific and they are what is driving     develop the same tone as Gypsy, the GPS lady, at least
                                                                  she loves me. (Cont’d pg 5 Sign)                            4
the tumor”; the methylation is less causative and increases
(Cont’d -- Sign)                                                            individuals and organizations in the United States and
                                                                            ships them to developing countries where ostomates do
To be perfectly frank, I am still trying to learn how to use                not have access to these vital supplies. The donated prod-
the cordless phones in our house. We have had them for 4                    ucts are sent to the FOW-USA warehouse space in the
years, but I still haven't figured out how I can lose three                 Louisville, KY, area at the donor’s own expense. A team
phones all at once and have run around digging under chair cush-        of volunteers gathers regularly at the warehouse to unpack the
ions and checking bathrooms and the dirty laundry baskets when          supplies, organize them, match the donations with needs, and
the phone rings.                                                        repack them for shipment overseas. A volunteer communi-
   The world is just getting too complex for me. They even mess         cates with organizations in the receiving country, such as hos-
me up every time I go to the grocery store. You would think they        pitals, clinics, and ostomy associations, to identify product
could settle on something themselves but this sudden "Paper or          needs and ensure that the supplies will be distributed free of
Plastic?" every time I check out just knocks me for a loop. I           charge to needy ostomates. From its founding in 1986 through
bought some of those cloth reusable bags to avoid looking con-          January 2007, FOW-USA has shipped over 220,000 pounds
fused, but I never remember to take them in with me. Now I toss         of ostomy supplies to 60 countries worldwide. The value of
it back to them. When they ask me, "Paper or                            these supplies is estimated at over $11,000,000. FOW-USA
Plastic?" I just say, "Doesn't matter to me. I am bi-sacksual."         also funds memberships in the World Council for En-
Then it's their turn to stare at me. I was recently asked if I                      terostomal Therapists (ETs)for people who care for
tweet. I answered, No, but I do toot a lot.                                         ostomates in developing countries, and has pur-
                                                                                    chased video cameras for clinics in Zimbabwe and
                                                                                    Pakistan to help experienced professionals teach
               Antacid Users Beware                                                 both health workers and ostomates about ostomy
                   by Elizabeth Smoots, M.D.                                        care.
  Almost everyone has indigestion occasionally, and it is
probably all right to take an antacid pill now and then, but many          Things NOT To Do If You're An Ostomate
health authorities warn that taking antacids regularly may not be         via Chicago North Suburban and Halifax (NS) News
wise, especially for ostomates. Here’s why: Magnesium hydrox-
ide causes diarrhea and reduced absorption of vitamins and min-          This is a collection of items compiled from the Internet and
erals. Aluminum hydroxide causes constipation, reduced phos-            many other sources. It is just a reminder that we should not
phate levels leading to fatigue, poor appetite and bone loss. It also   take ourselves too seriously. So, Don’t:drop a clip in the toi-
contains aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.
                                                                        let. It is a prudent idea to always carry a spare clip. Stand up
  Calcium carbonate may cause acid rebound where, when the
                                                                        too quickly when the clip is caught on the edge of the toilet
antacid wears off, stomach acid suddenly shoots up. It may also
                                                                        seat. The clip will lift the seat and you feel like a fish caught on
cause constipation, a potential disturbance in the body’s calcium
                                                                        the end of a line This is especially a problem for a woman.
and phosphate levels called milk-alkali syndrome, which in turn
                                                                        Imagine being at someone's home and dropping the toilet seat
may lead to nausea, headache, weakness and kidney problems.
                                                                        loudly just before you leave the bathroom. Everyone wonders
  All antacids may reduce absorption of certain medications such
as iron, digitalis and tetracycline. Many antacids contain lots of      why a woman would be dropping a toilet seat. When drying
salt, which can elevate blood pressure.                                 your appliance with a hair dryer use the cool setting only. Plas-
                                                                        tic melts. Don’t have your dog jump on you when your pouch
                                                                        is full. The dog's nails will puncture the pouch Don’t Drink
                                                                        Power Ade, Mountain Blast or Gatorade Blue Bolt before a
                                                                        doctor visit. It turns your output bright green. This is especially
                    Accolades and Thank You                             true if you have an ileostomy. All food dye turns your stool the
Accolades to —Shanna Fraser who received the WOCN Of the                color of the dye, temporarily. It will surprise you the first time
Year Award for the South Central Region, which included                 it happens. This includes Blue Hawaiians or red beets. Beets
Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisana. Shanna             make you look like you are bleeding to death. Beer may blow
is employed with SAMMC (Brooke Army Med Center) and                     up your pouch with gas. This may be helpful when you need a
works with our group at NE. Baptist Hospital.                           flotation device. Don’t accidentally lean against an oven door,
Thank You to —Jalynn, (Shanna’s Daughter) Diane Armstead,               barbecue grill or fireplace. The pouch melts quickly. Don’t
Bill Fuller and Jan Clark who packed our excess supplies to be          put underarm type deodorants around the pouch or barrier. It is
shipped to Friends of Ostomates Worldwide.(FOW). In Louis-              made of either plastic or a latex material and will dissolve it. If
ville, Kentucky. (See separate article)                                 you want to use some type of odor control--although modern
                                                                        pouches are odor proof--use mild mouthwash or one of the
                                                                        commercially made products that will not harm your stoma or
     Friends of Ostomates World Wide (FOW)                              your pouch. Many chemicals can damage an appliance.
The Friends of Ostomates Worldwide-USA is a volunteer-run,
non-profit organization providing ostomy supplies and educa-
tional materials to ostomates in need around the world. Through         The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50
                                                                        chance of getting something right, there's a             5
Project SHARE (Sending Help and Rehabilitation Everywhere)
                                                                        90% probability you'll get it wrong.
FOW-USA collects new, surplus ostomy supplies from generous
This Month’s Holiday Recipe

          SALMON BALL
1 (15-ounce) can red salmon             and bones and flake. In small
 1 (8-ounce) package cream              mixing bowl, cream the cream
 cheese                                 cheese, lemon juice, onion,
 2 tablespoons lemon juice              horseradish, salt, Worcester-
 3 tablespoons grated onion             shire sauce, cayenne pepper
 2 tablespoons horseradish              and liquid smoke.
 1/2 teaspoon salt                        Blend in salmon and salt.
 Dash of Worcestershire sauce           Form into 1 or 2 balls, then
Dash of cayenne pepper                  roll in a mixture of pecans and
1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke               parsley. Chill. Serve with your
1/2 cup chopped pecans                  favorite crackers.
 3 tablespoons minced parsley             Makes 1-2 balls.
 Crackers, for serving
  Drain salmon, remove skin               Source: 1983 Cookbook

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