TBS Pick-a-Party 2009-2010 by yurtgc548


									                              TBS Pick-a-Party 2009-2010
                                                        Laughter is an instant vacation.
                                                                                        --Milton Berle

                      Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves.
                                                                                --Dorothy Parker

October 8, 2009

Dear TBS families and friends,

We are pleased to present you with our seventh annual catalog of parties. Thank you so much
to all of our generous, creative, and fun-loving hosts. Get out your calendars, everyone, and
start browsing!

All of the money raised by these parties will go to support our school – enhancing facilities,
supporting professional development, equipping classrooms, etc. Let's party hearty and help
the school be the best it can be at the same time!

On Sunday, October 18th:

   •   Pick-a-Party sign-ups will take place in conjunction with the annual TBSPA Ice
       Cream Social from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at the University Avenue campus.

   •   Party sign-ups are first come, first served. Be prepared – some parties will fill
       quickly! Sign up for as many events as you wish to attend. You may also sign up on
       behalf of friends and neighbors, but you must be prepared to pay for all the spaces you

   •   Bring your checkbook, cash or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). You must pay for the
       parties when you sign up. (Note: you do not need to pay if you sign up on a waiting

If you still have questions, turn this page over for more details, email Marites Abueg or Keith
Morris at party@theberkeleyschool.org or call Jennifer Kirk at 665-8800 ext. 108.

We look forward to seeing you on October 18th! And remember, the early bird catches the
best parties!

Party On!

Marites and Keith

    With special thanks to Karen Soleau for her beautiful and brilliant bird artwork, and to the
    following for their able assistance: Jolie Coursin, Ann Fischer Hecht, Laura Gorjance,
    Jennifer Kirk, Cathy MacNeal, Lucy Mahaffey, and Ingrid Patrick.
                       Pick-a-Party FAQ Sheet
Okay, so how does this thing work?
This catalog features 52 different fun events to choose among. The parties will take place between October
and June. Each party has a fixed number of sign-up slots, and a fixed price per person to attend. All the
money collected will support our great school.

How do I sign up to attend?
At the gala Ice Cream Social/Pick-a-Party Kickoff event on Sunday, October 18th, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm, you
will have the chance to sign up to attend as many of the parties as you like. All the party offerings will be
laid out on tables. Friendly people will be there to help. Sign-ups will be first-come, first-served. You must
pay for the parties you sign up for that very day. Bring your checkbook, credit card or cash to pay for the
parties you want to attend. Bring your calendar, too!

So, I don’t have to buy the whole party?
Right! You only sign up for the spaces you want. The prices listed will be per person. For example, if you
want to attend with a spouse or a friend, you must sign up and pay for two spaces. If you plan to attend by
yourself, then just sign up for one space.

I can’t make it on October 18th. What should I do?
Find a friend who is willing to sign up and pay for you. Many parties will sell out that day. Any unfilled
parties will be available for sign-up in the office at the University Avenue campus the following week and
for as long as space is available.

Are the parties only for members of the TBS community?
Absolutely not! If you see an event that you think your friends, extended family members, or neighbors
would like to attend, you can sign up and pay on their behalf. Anyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to
participate. If you have friends or neighbors whose children’s schools you have supported by purchasing
raffle tickets, this is a great way for you to invite them to reciprocate.

What happens if there are spaces at a party for eight people, but 10 want to attend?
After eight people sign up, the party will be closed. However, each party will have a waitlist sign-up sheet.
If any of the original partygoers cannot attend, they will tell the host, who will then call the first names on
the waitlist. People from the waitlist who are invited to attend will pay at that time. Occasionally, a host
will decide to accept a few more guests, so names are cleared from the waitlist in that way.

If I pay for a party but cannot attend, can I get my money back?
No. The money will already have been given to TBS; please consider it a donation.

When and how will I pay for my parties?
You must pay at the time you sign up in order to hold your space at a party. You may use cash, check, Visa
or MasterCard. We make it easy to pay!

Why are there no auction items in this year's Pick-a-Party catalog?
The Berkeley School Parents Association will be holding its third annual auction in support of the school on
Saturday, April 10th. Look for items like vacations, trips, services, and wonderful goodies in the auction
catalog when it comes out in the spring.

Are we doing this instead of making direct donations to the Annual Fund?
No, the school counts on income from both the Annual Fund and Pick-a-Parties to support our programs.
We anticipate you will feel inspired to participate in both.

#1             Belly Dance for Kids

Price:         $10
Guests         30 kids under 10
Date:          Thursday, October 22nd, 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Location:      Suhaila Belly Dance Studio
               425 San Pablo Ave., Albany
Host:          Marian Bradley-Kohr
Phone:         310-890-9499

The kids will love this unique and fun introduction to traditional belly dance. The class will
focus on the student’s personal needs and allow each child to explore the ancient art of belly
dance while having a ton of fun!

 #2            ECC Nap-Mat Cover-Making Workshop

Price:         $10
Guests:        10 Adults
Date:          Friday, October 23rd, 5:00 pm
Location:      ECC -- Magnolia Classroom
Host:          Kelly Divine
Phone:         526-1899

Tired of wrestling that ECC nap-mat into submission? Make a cover (or two) that you love
and that actually fits! The pattern is easy and we'll provide the sewing machines and expert
assistance. You bring 1 and 5/8 yards of flannel and/or cotton cloth of your choice. We’ll
bring the thread, scissors, pins, and patience. Chris Middlemiss will also be on hand to aid and
abet your creative efforts.

#3             Basic Bicycle Maintenance
               and Urban Bicycling 101

Price:         $20
Guests:        10 Adults
Date:          Saturday, October 24th, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Location:      740 Peralta, Berkeley
Host:          Jason Divine
Phone:         526-1899

All you current and aspiring urban bicyclists, here’s the party for you! Mr. Divine, an expert
urban cyclist, offers a basic tutorial on bicycle maintenance and repair. Participants can bring
their bikes for onsite discussion and work. The party will also be a forum on bicycle riding in
general, especially in an urban setting like Berkeley, and using the bicycle (safely!) as both
recreation and a practical mode of transportation. If the group wants to, we’ll take a short
group ride, fortified with energy beverages and snacks.

#4             A Pumpkin-Carving Extravaganza
Price:         $15
Guests:        Come one, come all! Adults and Kids
Date:          Sunday, October 25th, 3:00 – 6:00 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Hosts:         Theresa Halula and Dan Jackson
               Clare Woakes and Dobee Snowber
Phone:         390-4378

Come carve a pumpkin for Halloween! Bring your friends, grandparents, aunts and cousins.
No limit on the number of participants. We'll have scary music, snacks, tiny pumpkins to
color for the very young guests, carving tools, patterns to inspire and of course pumpkins in
many shapes and sizes! Candles will be sent home with each pumpkin carved.

Pumpkin-dipping solution will be on hand to protect finished pumpkins from mold until
Halloween; or you may choose to refrigerate or ice your creation when you get it home.

#5            Little Kids’ Halloween Party &
Price:        $25.00 per family
Guests:       10 ECC Students (and their parents)
Date:         Saturday, October 31st, 5:00 pm
Location:     King Middle School’s Edible Schoolyard
              at Grant and Rose Streets in Berkeley
Hosts:        Jeanine Strickland and Jamie Rosen
Phone:        526-4412

Goblins and ghosts and spooks, oh my! Put on that cute-as-a-bug costume and celebrate
Halloween in North Berkeley with Jeanine, Jamie and Pepper. You’ll gather at the world-
famous Edible Schoolyard for warm, delicious chili and a fun activity before heading out for
some exciting trick-or-treating adventures.

#6          Mario’s House Halloween Dance Party
Price:        $35.00
Guests:       40 Kids (6th to 8th grade)
Date:         Saturday, October 31st, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Location:     1519 Arch St., Berkeley
Hosts:        Audrey and Chris D’Andrea
Phone:        548-9458

This Halloween, don’t be a ghoul - be a dancing fool at Mario’s House Party! Come in a
costume you can shake your bones in. We’ll provide ghoulish hors d’oeuvres, and cool
grooves… you provide the dance moves. This party will be a treat not to be missed.

#7             Single Track Ride at Camp Tamarancho
               with Mitch!
Price:         $30
Guests:        10 Adults
Date:          Sunday, November 1st, 8:30 am – 12:00 pm
Location:      Camp Tamarancho, Fairfax
Host:          Mitch Bostian
Phone:         415-485-1770

Join Middle School Director and mountain-biking maestro Mitch Bostian for a single track
ride in the birthplace of mountain biking. Meet in Fairfax, then let Mitch lead you to a
restricted, private area (he'll provide the permits) for the ride of your life. You'll get a chance
to ride through beautiful Marin County while testing your mettle on this exclusive ride.
(Please make a note of Daylight Savings Time!)

#8             Beading Bonanza

Price:         $40
Guests:        20 Adults and Kids (age 8 and up)
Date:          Sunday, November 1st, 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Location:      TBS Art Studio, 1310 University Ave.
Hosts:         Johanna Eigen, Stevie Kaplan,
               Jayne Kluger, Marites Abueg
Phone:         658-8144

Back by popular demand! Kids and parents alike will enjoy making earrings, a necklace or a
bracelet guided by bead-meisters Johanna, Stevie, Jayne, and Marites. All beading supplies
will be provided to make beautiful jewelry to give as gifts, or something wonderful just for
you. Plan to enjoy this relaxing and creative activity with your children. Delicious tea party
goodies will fuel your creativity! Children should be accompanied by an adult.

#9             Belly Dance for Women
Price:         $20
Guests:        30 Adults
Date:          Thursday, November 5th, 2:30 – 4:00 pm
Location:      Suhaila Belly Dance Studio
               425 San Pablo Ave., Albany
Host:          Marian Bradley-Kohr
Phone:         310-890-9499

The Suhaila Belly Dance Studio is the home studio of one of the world’s most sought-after
performers, teachers, and choreographers of traditional Middle Eastern dance. Come learn the
basics of belly dancing in a fun and supportive environment. You’ll develop physical strength
and muscle awareness, while you learn about Middle Eastern dance.

#10            Women’s Life-Work Planning and Values
               Exploration – Wine and Cheese

Price:         $50
Guests:        12 Women
Date:          Saturday, November 7th, 2:00 – 5:00 pm
Location:      3148 Lewiston Ave., Berkeley
Hosts:         Johanna Eigen and Andrea Brewer-Thompson
Phone:         414-7820

Join Life Coach Andrea Brewer-Thompson to explore what's most important to you. You will
learn tools for identifying, aligning, and ultimately living your deep values and life goals, all
while sipping wine, nibbling on snacks, and sharing in community at Johanna's house.
Whether you are in a life/career transition, or just wanting to get in touch with a deeper
meaning in your life and work, you will come away with more clarity, wisdom, and self-

#11            Paella Party
Price:         $40
Guests:        10 Adults
Date:          Saturday, November 7th, 6:00 pm
Location:      1608 Oregon St., Berkeley
Hosts:         Paul Rauber and Marian Mabel
Phone:         548-4185

Andale! Here's an evening all you gourmands will want to get onto your calendars without
delay! Enjoy a five-course, sit-down dinner whose centerpiece is a fabulous homemade paella,
the classic Spanish dish featuring chicken, seafood, rice, vegetables, and saffron simmered
into culinary perfection. Wines will be chosen with care, to pair with the dinner selections.
This leisurely, gastronomically gorgeous evening will remind you of what a special dinner
should be!

#12            Belly Dance for Girls
Price:         $10
Guests:        30 Kids 10 years and older
Date:          Thursday, November 12th, 4:00 - 5:30 pm
Location:      Suhaila Belly Dance Studio
               425 San Pablo Ave., Albany
Host:          Marian Bradley-Kohr
Phone:         310-890-9499

Girls and teens will love this unique and fun introduction to traditional belly dance. The class
will focus on the student’s personal needs and allow her to explore the ancient art of belly
dance while having a ton of fun!

#13           Decorative Cakes with Fondant
Price:        $50
Guests:       6 Adults
Date:         Saturday, November 14th, 12:00 – 3:00 pm
Location:     101 Liquid Sugar Dr., Emeryville
Hosts:        Jen Cantwell
Phone:        290-2668

For many bakers, even the pros, making a fondant cake is scary business, but not for your
party’s host – baker extraordinaire Jen Cantwell. Jen will teach you how to make and apply
fondant cake icing in her home kitchen. Choose from one of three elegant designs to create on
your finished cake, then take it home and proudly show off your new skills to family and

#14           You’ve Got To Move It, Move It!

Price:        $30
Guests:       15 Adults
Date:         Sunday, November 15th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location:     Positive Motion Gym
              1650 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Berkeley
Host:         Beth Loughney
Phone:        408-839-3645

Come hear Mateen UdDeen, one of the Bay Area’s pre-eminent physical trainers and owner
of Positive Motion Fitness in North Berkeley, discuss how to get yourselves and your kids
moving for a whole lifetime. After a talk and Q&A, we’ll get a workout at the park! We will
have a variety of healthy snacks and foods to taste, share, and get ideas from. Bring recipes
for your own favorites, too! Dress to sweat. Parents only; if you’re not moving, your kids
aren’t, either.

#15            Make a Felted Gnome
Price:         $40
Guests:        12 Adults or Kids 6th grade and up
Date:          Sunday, November 15th, 2:30 – 5:00 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Hosts:         Sima Misra and Lucy Mahaffey
Phone:         526-1048

Who can say they have truly expressed their creativity when they haven’t yet made a felted
gnome? This is that once-in-a-lifetime chance! (Well, maybe more than one chance, but you
never forget your first gnome.) Come to the Depot with Master Gnome-sters Sima and Lucy
to learn how it’s done. Their teaching skills are legend; now they can apply those skills to
something that has real meaning. Tasty snacks will be served.

#16            “Rock the Lobster” Backyard Extravaganza
Price:         $50 Adults
               $25 Kids
Guests:        60 Guests
Date:          Sunday, November 15th, 2:00 – 8:00 pm
Location:      140 Estates Dr., Piedmont
Hosts:         Ali Partovi and Gina Tega-Partovi
Phone:         548-9458

Here’s the party you East Coast traditionalists have been waiting for! Bring the kids and
enjoy a classic outdoor lobster bake. Kids can venture out to explore the chicken coop,
wander the backyard trails, play on the play structure, and swim in the pool (weather
permitting). Older kids can participate by helping prepare the firepits and steam pots. Adults
will kick back, sip wine, and watch the lobster pots steam. All will enjoy a sybaritic feast of
lobster, crab, clams, corn on the cob, and dessert. It doesn’t get any better than this!

#17           Knitting Party – Reversible Cable Scarf
Price:        $40
Guests:       12 Adults and Kids (Middle School and older)
Date:         Friday, November 20th, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Location:     K2Tog, 1230 Solano Ave., Albany
Hosts:        Ellen Keohane and Cathy MacNeal
Phone:        527-0250

Join Ellen and Cathy again for another great project at K2Tog, the fabulous yarn store on
lower Solano Avenue. This beautiful scarf is easy and fun to knit! Yarn, straight needles,
cable needle, and pattern included – wine, cheese, and sweets provided for inspiration. Guests
should know how to knit and purl.

#18           Introduction to Shadow Yoga Workshop
Price:        $25
Guests:       30 Adults
Date:         Saturday, December 5th, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Location:     Finnish Brotherhood Hall
              1970 Chestnut St., Berkeley
Host:         Chandra Easton
Phone:        526-6887

This is a Pick-a-Party for those who would like to learn yoga while supporting our school. In
this workshop, open to new and continuing yoga practitioners, Chandra will introduce you to
a beautiful, dynamic style of practice developed by Zhander Remete, one that utilizes circular
and spiraling movements, stances, and the well-known sun salutation to bring about flexibility
and strength while preparing one for the seated postures, or asanas. All are welcome, no prior
experience necessary!

#19            Candle-Making & Games

Price:         $15
Guests:        50 Adults and Kids
Date:          Saturday, December 12th, 2:00 – 5:00 pm
Location:      2124 7th St., Berkeley
Hosts:         Rebecca and Andy Dale
Phone:         815-4109

Join hosts Rebecca and Andy for a creative and delightful afternoon of candle-making. All
ages welcome to come and play in the yard and enjoy snacks and drinks. Kids 7 and up can
make candles, with parental supervision. Lots to do while the layers harden -- make some new
TBS friends while you learn new techniques. Candles make great holiday gifts -- sure to be a
big hit with family and friends! For this enlightening afternoon, parents need to accompany
their children.

#20            Chanukah Party

Price:         $40 Adults
               $20 Kids 12 and Under
Guests:        50 people
Date:          Sunday, December 13th, 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Host:          Martina Joffe, Adrienne Schell
Phone:         236-1336

Come spin the dreidel, win some gelt and celebrate the Jewish festival of lights and fats. Nosh
on Bubbe's latkes under the blazing light of glowing menorahs. Hang out, schmooze with
other parents, kvetch about health care (or your bursitis) and kvell over your Berkeley School
bubelah. It's a party! It's a miracle! Let's eat! Got menorah? Bring it!

#21            Evening Spa and Sleepover in Marin!

Price:         $50
Guests:        3 girls from K-1 and 3 girls from 2-3
Date:          Friday, January 8th, 2:30 pm
               to Saturday, January 9th, 8:45 am
Location:      Leave from TBS, Sleep Over in Marin
Hosts:         The Bostian Family

Join Roxie and Amalia Bostian (and parents Joan and Mitch) for an exclusive spa evening and
sleepover in Marin. Spa owner Joan will treat the six lucky girls (3 from K-1 and 3 from 2-3)
to an evening at her gym, experiencing the luxury of jacuzzis and saunas, then a sleepover at
the Bostians’. Middle School Director Mitch will ferry the girls to Marin on Friday afternoon
and bring them back to TBS for an 8:45 am pick-up.

#22            "The Most Dangerous Man in America"
               Documentary Screening with activist and star,
               Daniel Ellsberg

Price:         $30
Guests:        30 Adults
Date:          Saturday, January 9th, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location:      1496 Euclid Ave., Berkeley
Hosts:         Lee Swenson and Vijaya Nagarajan
               David and Elizabeth Trachtenberg
Phone:         649-9334

Join hosts Lee and Vijaya in their private "screening room" for a night of truth and intrigue!
Dan Ellsberg was called "the Most Dangerous Man in America" by Henry Kissinger when he
leaked the truth about the Vietnam War to The New York Times. Dan risked life in prison to
end the war he helped plan. This documentary film on Dan Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers
(www.mostdangerousman.org) is a riveting account of the Constitutional crisis, Watergate,
and the Nixon resignation that Dan helped catalyze. And Dan is still rabble-rousing! He will
join us for the screening of this new fall release, made by the award-winning Berkeley
filmmakers Judith Erlich and Rick Goldsmith. Scrumptious movie food and wine will be
served. Co-hosted by the Institute for the Study of Natural and Cultural Resources.

#23            “Recipes for a Good Life” Bookmaking Party

Price:         $45.00
Guests:        12 Adults and Kids 9 and up
Date:          Sunday, January 10th, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Location:      TBS Art Studio, 1310 University Ave.
Host:          Alice Armstrong
Phone:         541-7460

Students will learn to make a “flag” book – a simple, elegant and playful structure, great for
the novice bookmaker. We will hand paint our papers and learn how to fold an accordion
spine. Students will then write their “recipes” – instructions on how to have a good life – a
lovely alternative to making New Year’s Resolutions. Taught by fulltime art teacher (whose
specialty is bookmaking) Alice Armstrong.

#24            Fascinating Tour and Demonstration at Meyer
               Sound, with Lunch by Gregoire
Price:         $75
Guests:        20 Adults and Kids over 12
Date:          Friday, January 22nd, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Location:      Meyer Sound Studio
               2832 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley
Hosts:         John and Helen Meyer
Phone:         486-1166

Join John and Helen Meyer for a private, in-depth factory tour of Meyer Sound, to learn how
their world-famous loudspeakers are developed and manufactured. You’ll meet some of the
engineers responsible for designing and fabricating their proprietary low-frequency cone
drivers, and see demonstrations of their quality and manufacturing processes. Meyer Sound
(www.meyersound.com) has been manufacturing state-of-the-art professional loudspeaker
systems in Berkeley since 1979, and their factory isn’t open to the public. You’ll finish off
the tour in their award-winning Pearson Theatre – a multi-purpose venue showcasing their
latest technology, where Myth Busters tested whether a human voice can really shatter glass!
Then we’ll have lunch provided by Berkeley’s famous Gregoire Restaurant (you can eat in the
employee lunchroom, or take it with you!).

#25            Pizza, Pajama, and Movie Night, Sweet Briar
Price:         $25 per child
Guests:        26 Kids (K-1 and up)
Date:          Friday, January 22nd, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Location:      Sweet Briar Classroom
Hosts:         Danette Swan and Kate Klaire
Phone:         665-8800

What’s better than pizza at home? Pizza Sweet Briar style!! Dress your kids in their PJ’s and
drop them off for a wonderful pizza, sundae and movie night in Sweet Briar Creek classroom.
You’ll be free for your own date night, while your hosts, Sweet Briar teachers Danette and
Kate (dressed in their PJ’s, too) will feed, entertain and generally show the kids a great time!

#26              Aurélia’s Oratorio - Berkeley Rep

Price:         $125
Guests:        10 Adults
Date:          Friday, January 22nd; 8:00 pm curtain
Location:      Berkeley Rep - 2025 Addison St., Berkeley
Hosts:         Ann Fischer Hecht and Colleen Neff
Phone:         848-2944

Join theater mavens Colleen and Ann for this performance of the spellbinding Aurélia’s
Oratorio, where the impossible happens before your eyes. Aurélia Thierrée literally grew up
in the circus and has charmed audiences around the world with this dazzling display of stage
illusion. Behind her velvet curtain lies a surreal world of surprises, a topsy-turvy time of tricks
and transformations. Aurélia’s Oratorio is an inventive adventure set to a quirky score of
chamber music and gypsy jazz. Your evening will continue with a post-show discussion over
drinks and nibbles at FIVE, downtown Berkeley’s newest favorite restaurant.

#27            Homemade Pasta-Making Class
Price:         $35
Guests:        5 Adults
Date:          Sunday, January 24th, 1:00 – 3:30 pm
Location:      5317 Lawton Ave., Berkeley
Hosts:         Jean Littlejohn
Phone:         654-1639

Come ready to roll up your sleeves at this intro to the Italian art of fresh egg pasta-making.
After a demonstration of basic techniques, you will make enough fresh pasta to take home and
feed your family. You’ll learn how to make flat pasta, simple shapes and stuffed pasta.
You’ll get tips on saving time and handouts with recipes for sauces. Light refreshments will
be served. Jean will provide all ingredients for pasta and ricotta stuffing. Participants should
bring an apron, rolling pin, fork, table knife or scraper, small sieve or sifter, cookie sheets,
kitchen towels and sponge – you’ll get a reminder about supplies before the party. Please
contact Jean in advance if you or your child needs a lower-than-standard table to work on, or
if you prefer to make vegan pasta.

 #28           Women’s TransDance and Dinner

Price:         $25
Guests:        25 Adults
Date:          Sunday, January 24th, 5:00 – 9:00 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Hosts:         Heather Munro Pierce and Lauren Meyer
Phone:         845-4717

Revitalize through the elements! Come energize your body and enliven your spirit through the
magic of music and dance! A TransDance journey integrates elements of tribal motion,
freeform expression, moving meditation and activated imagination into a potent, playful and
prayer-full dance experience. Spaciously facilitated, all movement is at your own pace and
interpretation. We begin with creating awareness and aliveness through intention, sensation
and breath. We will then explore the grounding of Earth, flow of Water, passion of Fire and
ecstasy of Air! Let yourself move and be moved. Light dinner and socializing after the dance.

#29           British Breakfast and Soccer Party
Price:        $30
Guests:       12 Adults and Kids
Date:         Saturday, January 30th, 9:00 -11:00 am
Location:     66 Hillcrest Rd., Berkeley
Hosts:        Giles Goodhead and Claire Perry
Phone:        595-4322

Let ex-pat Giles and Claire, his missus, provide you and your football-loving (OK, “soccer” to
you Yanks!) mates with a “full English fry-up” breakfast, complete with lashings of tea, while
you watch football on the satellite! Bacon, eggs, toast, marmalade, and great football will be
yours. We’ll even fry your bread in bacon fat if you insist.

#30           In Vino Veritas: Reprise

Price:        $65
Guests:       20 Adults
Date:         Saturday, January 30th, 6:00-8:30 pm
Location:     1179 Keith Ave., Berkeley
Hosts:        Jennifer and Daniel Firepine
              Summer Nastich and Katherine Kettler
Phone:        415-794-4210

Back by oh-so-popular demand! Margaret Gutowski and Michael Marletta (the hosts of In
Vino Veritas I – III) will make a guest appearance to lead you through the tasting of various
whites and reds with foods to match. Once again, Michael will exhaust his every resource to
find “intriguing” wines that are currently available and reasonably priced at your local wine
merchants. Paired foods and wines will be provided by your hosts and hostesses.

#31            Tea and Swedish Cinnamon Rolls
Price:         $30
Guests:        15 Adults
Date:          Sunday, January 31st, 3:00 to 6:00 pm
Location:      132 Purdue Ave., Kensington
Hosts:         Mitch and Birgitta Durell
Phone:         981-9999

Let Birgitta teach you to make delicious Swedish cinnamon rolls just the way she learned
back home in Sweden. While you wait for the dough to rise, you’ll enjoy beautiful photos of
the tea gardens of Darjeeling and Bhutan as well as an incredible tasting of delicious teas
brought back by Mitch and Birgitta from their travels in these world-renowned tea growing
areas. You’ll also enjoy watching the sun set from their panoramic view of all three bridges.

#32            Worm Composting for Kids and Adults

Price:         $50 per 1 Adult and 1 Child (includes bin)
Guests:        10 Parent/Child pairs
Date:          Saturday, February 13th, 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Location:      101 Liquid Sugar Dr., Emeryville
Host:          Jen Cantwell
Phone:         290-2668

Don't go out to the garden to eat worms, go out to the garden to feed your worms! Worms
absolutely love kitchen scraps, and their castings make excellent fertilizer! At this party, you'll
learn everything you need to know to care for worms, as well as all about the benefits of using
their castings as fertilizer. Even better, you'll build your own worm bin at the party. Best of
all, you'll go home with your very own squirm of worms.

#33           Valentine's Night of Love

Price:        $45
Guests:       16 Adults
Date:         Saturday, February 13th, 7:00 – 11:00 pm
Location:     1535 Francisco St., Berkeley
Hosts:        Evy Ballegeer and Wim Goethals
Phone:        502-4844

Come one, come all, to a Valentine’s celebration to remember! Join your hosts, incurable
romantics Wim and Evy, for an evening of good food, good wine, and good music. Whether
or not you are currently en amour, you’re welcome to this celebration of all things romantic.
Enjoy a delicious buffet of delectable tapas, including Wim’s famous lobster and Asian pear
pockets. Memorable wines will be carefully selected to complement the food offerings. Send
your hosts suggestions for your favorite romantic music and they’ll add it to the playlist for
the evening!

#34           Queens of Thrift III: Welcome Back, Baby,
              to the Poor Side of Town

Price:        $50
Guests:       10 Adults
Date:         Saturday, February 20th, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Location:     Ledger’s Parking Lot & locations east
Hosts:        Laura Gorjance and Jennifer Kirk
Phone:        665-8800 x 159

So you’ve been on “Queens of Thrift” before, and you think you know what it’s all about?
Let the Queens introduce you to some new East Bay thrift stores this year!
We’ve upped the ante by taking our moveable feast of financial famine on the road, to the
Oakland side of town. Once again, we’ll meet you in the glamorous parking lot behind
Ledger’s Liquors and whisk you away in luxurious minivans for a furious morning of thrift
shopping, followed by lunch in a secret location (but one sure to serve adult beverages) and
the now-legendary Distribution of the Gifts of Thrift. If you spend more than $20, you’ll have
some ‘splainin’ to do.

#35            Women’s Clothing and Accessories Swap
               With Wine and Cheese
Price:         $20
Guests:        25 Adults
Date:          Sunday, February 21st, 2:00 – 5:00 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Hosts:         Andrea Brewer-Thompson and
               Johanna Eigen
Phone:         843-5100

Clear out your closets and bring over those once-great clothes and accessories that you’ve
been wanting to sell for years. We’ll find and try on treasures amongst each other’s castoffs!
Come laugh and gently imbibe with us while we send out the old and bring home the new.
You’ll be amazed at how much fun it is to shop when it doesn’t cost anything. One person’s
white elephant is another person’s fashion statement!

#36              Build-a-Drum Party

Price:         $40
Guests:        15 Kids (ages 5 and over)
Date:          Sunday, February 28th,
               1:00 – 4:00 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Hosts:         Keith Morris and Marites Abueg
Phone:         501-7052

Keith and Marites – Pick-a-Party King and Queen – host this very popular party! Follow the
beat to the Depot and learn to build a frame drum with 1x3 wood pieces and packing tape.
You will hear how varying sizes create different tones or “voices.” Decorate and paint your
drum using markers, paper, paint, sparkles and such. Then assemble your drum and get ready
to jam! Kids will learn different ways to hold and play their new drums, using hands and
sticks. Parents, please plan to accompany your children.

#37            Piñata-Making Party
Price:         $30 (for 1 Adult and 1 Child)
Guests:        15 Parent-Child Pairs
Date:          Saturday, March 6th, 1:00 – 3:30 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Hosts:         Tomas & Cecelia Echeverria
Phone:         647-5188

Come and make your own Piñata! At this party, you will learn the art of making a piñata in a
traditional shape. We will also learn traditional decorating techniques for your creations.
Plan to use yours to make your birthday party a big hit, or save it as a festive decoration for
your home or room. Afternoon snacks will be provided.

#38            Alameda Antiquing Adventures

Price:         $40
Guests:        8 Adults
Date:          Sunday, March 7th, 7:30 am – 2:00 pm
Location:      Meet at 1035 Shattuck Ave.
               Go to Alameda Antiques Fair
Hosts:         Colleen Neff & Laura Gorjance
Phone:         665-8800 x159

Notorious scavengers Colleen and Laura will provide coffee and pastries at the break of dawn
before taking you to the famous Alameda Antiques Fair, home of all things collectible. Your
admission to the Fair will be paid, and you and all your loot will be delivered to your home if
need be! (Delivery services available only to Berkeley and surrounding East Bay towns; if
you find an armoire perfect for Aunt Constance in Stockton, you’re on your own.) A gourmet
bag lunch will be included.

#39               A Night at the Oscars

Price:        $40
Guests:       24 Adults (see note about children)
Date:         Sunday, March 7th,
              4:00 pm until they announce Best Picture
Location:     1155 Oxford St., Berkeley
Host:         Catherine MacNeal and Tom Dalzell
Phone:        525-5984

Former Pick-a-Party Queen and Meryl Streep Wanna-Be Cathy MacNeal hosts the Oscars this
year. Walk the red carpet in your best Diva Duds or come Berkeley casual. Prizes awarded
for predicting the winners, Best Dressed, Movie Trivia, and Funniest Commentary. Hors
d’oeuvres, champagne, and dinner will be served during the marathon run-up to Best Picture.

Each guest may bring one child (K-1 and up) who will be entertained upstairs with PG movies
and pizza – limit 12 children. (Please note that this evening usually runs quite late.)

So, get to the cinema and see you on Oscar Night!

#40         Hip Hop Dance Studio Party

Price:        $20
Guests:       30 Adults and Kids ages 4 -10
Date:         Sunday, March 14th, 11:30 am – 2:00 pm
Location:     New Style Motherlode Dance Studio
              5451 College Ave., Oakland
Hosts:        Corey and Teela Ross
Phone:        851-0658

Join renowned dancers Corey Action and Teela Ross at their studio for a family hip-hop dance
party! Bring the children – this party is particularly aimed at parents with more than one –
and dance until you drop! Take breaks from dancing and enjoy a delicious lunch, with drinks
and sweets for energy. Corey and Teela offer hip hop for all ages and perform frequently
around the Bay. Go wild! (Please note Daylight Savings Time!)

#41           Develop Your Unique Look
Price:        $30
Guests:       8 Women
Date:         Saturday, March 20th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location:     TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Host:         Claire Perry
Phone:        595-4322

Tired of watching What Not to Wear re-runs? Let fashionista Claire Perry and designer
Elisabeth Ross work their magic on you over Saturday morning Mimosas. Bring the tired,
everyday outfit you return to again and again along with one or two pieces from your
wardrobe (scarves, skirt, etc.) you love but aren’t sure how to wear and let Claire and
Elisabeth help you identify your new everyday look.

#42           Soap-Making With Kids – Glycerin Soap

Price:        $25
Guests:       12 Children and Adults
Date:         Sunday, April 18th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location:     553 El Dorado Ave., Oakland
Host:         Theresa Halula
Phone:        653-2286

Let host Theresa Halula teach you how to make clear, gentle, glycerin-based soap scented
with organic materials. Possible scents include peppermint, myrrh, sandalwood, lemon balm,
lavender, violet, and rose. Come learn something new and get ready for a winter of deliciously
scented baths and showers!

#43            Oyster Bliss

Price:         $65.00
Guests:        12 Adults and Older Kids
Date:          Sunday, April 18th, 4:00 – 7:00 pm
Location:      2206 Prince St., Berkeley
Hosts:         Judy and John Malamut
Phone:         843-5767

Back by popular demand, it’s a bivalve blowout! At this popular party, you will learn how to
shuck, slurp, and appreciate a variety of raw oysters while John and Judy teach you how to
make Oysters Rockefeller and oyster stew, as well as how to prepare champagne mignonette
and other sauces to complement the oysters. A variety of champagnes and sparkling wines
will be on hand for tasting and pairing with these sumptuous oyster dishes. Each guest will
get to keep his or her own oyster shucking glove and oyster knife, which will come in handy
for all those future oyster adventures. (As part of the sign-up, please indicate whether you are
right- or left-handed.)

#44            ¡Viva España!

Price:         $125
Guests:        16 Adults
Date:          Saturday, April 24th, 7:00 – 11:00 pm
Location:      486 Vassar Ave., Berkeley
Hosts:         Bernd Sturmfels, Hyungsook Kim,
               and Steve Adams
Phone:         559-8846

The return of a perennial classic! This very special evening is an unforgettable marriage of
incredible food and world-class music. Enjoy noted chef Hyungsook's fabulous cuisine in a
scintillating meal of Spanish dishes like Brandada de Bacalao and Seppie Ripiere ai Gamberetti,
paired with exciting wines! Complementing the amazing food this year will be music by
internationally noted jazz musician (and TBS parent!) Steve Adams, best known for the Rova Sax
Quartet (www.rova.org), of which he’s been a member for twenty years. Steve also plays with
the Bill Horvitz Band, Matt Small's Crushing Spiral Ensemble, and the Vinny Golia Large
Ensemble, and leads his own projects. Steve won a California Arts Council Fellowship in 2000
and teaches at Mills College. At the party, he’ll be performing jazz standards with phenomenal
bassist Matt Small. Don’t miss this amazing evening of great food, fantastic music, and
wonderful conversation!

#45           Cheezy TV Night!

Price:         $5
Guests:        Sky’s the limit; all ages
Date:          Friday, April 30th, 8:00 pm
Location:      TBS University Ave. Campus
Hosts:         Ann Fischer Hecht and Jennifer Kirk
Phone:         528-2865

Take a break from all these parties that expand the mind and excite the senses! Stay up way
past bedtime and watch TV with no redeeming educational value whatsoever! Land at the
TBS solar system courtyard for an unforgettable evening featuring a mini-marathon of cheezy
TV, shown on the big screen. Bring your lawn chairs and picnic blanket. In case it gets
chilly, bring sweaters and blankets too. Popcorn (cheesy popcorn, naturally) and lemonade
will be provided as we all attain a state of lower consciousness. This year’s program asks and
answers the question, “Is there a doctor in the house?” Featuring M*A*S*H, Doogie Howser,
M.D. and the BBC’s Doctor Who.

#46            Sand Castle-Building Extravaganza

Price:        $60 per family
Guests:       12 Families
Date:         Saturday, May 8th, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location:     Stinson Beach, Marin
Hosts:        Debbie Crandall,
              Karl and Luke Fleischman
Phone:        482-4793

Sign up early; this party always sells out! Learn how to build super sandcastles. Debbie, Karl
and Luke have won several local sandcastle competitions, and will share their secrets and
show you how to build tall detailed towers, make Dr. Seussian arches, create winding
stairways, and be the envy of everyone on the beach! Drinks and tools supplied. Bring your
own lunch for this fun day in the sun!

#47            TBS Idol Karaoke Party
Price:         $20
Guests:        50 Adults
Date:          Saturday, May 8th, 7:30 – 11:00 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Hosts:         Jennifer Kirk, Laura Gorjance, Mark Kohr
Phone:         665-8800 x159

Third time’s the charm! Don’t miss the fun this year, when a certain TBS administrator will
take the stage for the first time! During the first part of the show, you’ll see some familiar
TBS staff and friends put on a savage “American Idol”-style competition, complete with our
own Randy (Yee), Simon (Hurd) and Paula (Farmer, refusing to go quietly), ready and willing
to judge them harshly. Then, they’ll stand down and the stage will open up to any audience
members who care to cast aside their dignity and let the world hear their classic renditions of
“Fooled Around and Fell in Love” or “Stand By Your Man.” Includes Mark Kohr’s fabulous
finger food, wine for encouragement, and the return of the legendary Glenny Kravitz, KJ

#48            Brewing at The Berkeley School

Price:         $30
Guests:        10 Adults
Date:          Saturday, May 15th, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Hosts:         Simon Hurd
Phone:         375-8912

Join Middle School teacher Simon Hurd and a handful of others in crafting your own summer
brew. This party will enable folks to learn the basics of brewing beer, and everyone is
guaranteed at least a six-pack of the finished brew. Learn about the basic equipment, the
brewing process, and other resources that can help you take your brewing to the next level.
Most important, enjoy the brewing experience and experimentation while enjoying a cold one
or two (crafted by Simon, of course) during the process!

#49             Spring into Summer at Park Pool

Price:         $20
Guests:        40 Kids and Adults
Date:          Saturday, May 15th, 12:00 – 4:00 pm
Location:      Orinda Park Pool,
               72 El Toyonal, Orinda
Hosts:         Agnes, James, Peter, and Robert Lord
               Katherine, Warren, Haley, and Lily Gee
               Eric and Caroline Chen and Kathleen Schwallie
               Shawn, Dylan, and Kailey Hecht and Ann Fischer Hecht
Phone:         450-0913, 528-2865

Get the jump on summer with an afternoon of swimming and poolside fun at Orinda Park
Pool. This beautiful pool, set among the trees, is more than three times the size of a standard
six-lane pool and features large areas for both shallow and deep water play. Laze on the lawn
and soak up the sun while your hosts provide a delicious gourmet picnic lunch. Orinda is so
close, and yet so much warmer!

#50            The Cow and The Vine: A Cheese and Wine

Price:         $45
Guests:        30 Adults
Date:          Saturday, May 22nd, 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Hosts:         Martina Joffe, Adrienne Schell
Phone :        236-1336

Journey through a myriad of taste sensations while under the watchful eye of one of our
favorite local volcanoes, Mt. "Pele" Tamalpais, as we savor delicious cheeses and imbibe the
nectar of the grape right here in Berkeley. Bacchus would approve! No pesky passports, no
excise taxes and no confiscation of smuggled shampoos or nail files in your pockets. We
promise to look the other way. Synergistic and thoughtful pairings will be our trademark here:
we shall traverse the globe to locate the finest cheeses and fantastic affordable wines.
Emphasis: world travel whilst staying right here at home. The possibilities are endless. Some
ideas include: 1) a nutty, butterscotchy Gouda married to a Santa Barbara Cabernet
Sauvignon; 2) Manchego - a rich, buttery-smooth Spanish cheese paired with a fruity red
Barbera, or perhaps a piquant Pinot Noir; 3) Creamy and sweet, Brie is always a treat,
especially served with a smooth Syrah. So, come and join Martina and Adrienne in exploring
wine and cheese pairings for a relaxing evening meant to educate your palate and excite your

#51            Tie-Dye Party

Price:         $15
Guests:        20 Adults and Kids
Date:          Sunday, May 23rd, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Location:      TBS Depot, 1310 University Ave.
Host:          Keren Stronach
Phone:         540-5147

Let the sun shine in! It's time to bring back the '60's with a tie-dye creation of your very own.
Kids’ T-shirts provided, or bring a T-shirt or other garment of your choice, and we'll help you
create a beautiful, colorful outfit from your design. Yummy snacks will be served.

#52            Cal Shakes Under the Stars
Price:         $165
Guests:        30 Adults
Date:          Friday, June 4th, 6:00-11:00 pm
Location:      California Shakespeare Theater, Orinda
Hosts:         Lauren and Steve Adams
               Lucy Mahaffey and Anno Langen
               Johanna Sedman and Andy Packard
               Jacquie Ward and Dusty Sanford
Phone:         654-7971

Cal Shakes is renowned for its fabulous productions under the stars. Your generous hosts
have also become famous over the years for making this party a truly exceptional event. Feast
beforehand on a gourmet dinner with wine, set in a lovely eucalyptus grove, and enjoy a
sumptuous dessert buffet with brandy at the intermission. This year’s play is John Steinbeck’s
The Pastures of Heaven, adapted by Octavio Solis, directed by Jonathan Moscone. It’s the
first new play to debut at Cal Shakes in 25 years, developed in collaboration with San
Francisco’s great Word for Word Performing Arts Company. This event includes your ticket
to the play, the gourmet dinner, treats at intermission, and all the drama you could want.
Always a sellout!


Dear Party Hosts,

Thank you so very much for your generosity, your enthusiasm, and your great ideas. The
final list of 52 events is fantastic. Browse the catalog and you’ll see for yourself.

As the party sign-ups approach, there are a few things we’d like to ask of you.

   1) Look over the catalog, and make sure we got it right. We will post corrections at the
      Ice Cream Social on October 18th.

   2) Talk up your parties! We can’t stress this enough. Encourage your friends at school
      to come to the event you are hosting. Invite your friends who are not at TBS. People
      respond to personal invitations. Our goal is to sell out as many events as we can, and
      the way to do this is to open these events beyond just the school community.

   3) MOST IMPORTANT! Please come up with some item or display to represent your
      party on the sign-up tables during Pick-a-Party sign-ups on Sunday, October 18th. For
      example, knitting needles and yarn, cookies, a brochure, photos of the event from a
      previous year – these displays will be arranged on the tables alongside the sign-up
      sheets. This will help people to find the sign-up sheets more easily and serve as a bit
      of last-minute marketing. We will need to have the area set up BEFORE 2:00 pm on
      Sunday. If you can’t come early to help set up your display, you can leave your items
      with Jennifer Kirk or Laura Gorjance at the University Ave. office anytime next week
      (October 12th -16th).

We cannot thank you enough for offering to host a party. It has truly been a pleasure reading
about and talking about your creative ideas - and all for such a good cause.

Party on,

Keith and Marites
Pick-a-Party King and Queen


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