; The X all India Meeting of “Women in Science” in December 2007 and
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The X all India Meeting of “Women in Science” in December 2007 and


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									The X all India Meeting of “Women in Science” in December 2007 and Silver
Jubilee Celebration of “Nagpur Branch” at Nagpur.

Indian Women Scientists’ Association, Nagpur Branch proposes to organize the X All
India meeting of “Women in Science” during 21st to 23rd December, 2007. Dr. (Mrs)
V.M. Sapkal, Retd. Director, Institute of Science, Nagpur, has kindly consented to be the
Chairperson of the Organizing Committee.

These meetings are triennial and have been held so far at Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur,
Hyderabad and Roorkee. A large number of women Scientists from all over the country
are expected to attend and participate in the deliberations. It is envisaged that this meet
would motivate and encourage women to participate in the Scientific and Technological
development programs thereby strengthening the efforts of those concerned towards
building a safer and peaceful world.

The meeting will have a central theme “Women in Science” which will be discussed
under the following broad themes:

Current Status and Future Issues (CSFI)
Biotechnological Issue and Advances (BIA)
Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)
Sustaining Modern Day Pressures (SMDP) – Open Session.

The deliberations would specifically refer to Women’s contributions in their fields &
their impact on overall development. For each of these topics eminent scientists will be
invited to deliver lectures.

We herewith request you to give a wide publicity regarding this meeting amongst your
Post-Graduate students / Researchers / Staff members and encourage them to participate
in the Event in large numbers.

The abstracts of 250 words for any of the topics mentioned above should be sent by 25th
October 2007 to the Convener / Organizing Secretary, IWSA, Nagpur branch.
Best paper in each session would be awarded.

The Registration Fees for the meeting is as under:

Members:    Rs. 500/-
Non Members: Rs. 750/-
Students:   Rs. 250/-

Contact Person –
Dr. Rita K. Israni
257, Krishna Palace,
WHC Road, Bajaj Nagar,
Nagpur 440 010

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