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									             Discussion Questions for Sermon on Aug 14, 2011
             Psalm 91, “Sure Protection for Distressing Days”
               Pastor Kevin Groven, Annandale Free Church

1.   What causes you to feel insecure? What scares you?
2.   With respect to national and world events, what is the most distressing
     thing to happen this calendar year? Again, with respect to national and
     world events, what is the most distressing thing to happen in your
3.   Writing about Psalm 91, Charles Spurgeon wrote, “In the whole collection
     of psalms, there is not a more cheering psalm... He who can live in its
     spirit will be fearless, even if faced with the most fearsome threats.” Do
     you think the Scriptures can be that powerfully encouraging? If so, when
     have you been strengthened by a particular verse or passage?
4.   In verses 3-8, the psalmist lists a number of different kinds of threats.
     What are they? What do they have in common (that is, why are they so
5.   What’s worse: living in a world full of danger, or being scared of those
     dangers? Why?
6.   In Psalm 91:1-2, there are four names ascribed to God. What are they?
     What do these names tell us about God’s ability to provide protection? Is
     one of these especially meaningful to you?
7.   In verses 1-4, there are at least six images of God’s protection. What are
     they? How are the two images of God’s protection in verse 4 different
     from each other?
8.   What does verses 14-16 say about the person who receives God’s
     protection? In other words, what is he like?
9.   What are the eight promises of God’s protection in verses 14-16?
10. When a Christian falls victim to some type of harm, does that contradict
    the promises of protection in this psalm? Why or why not?

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