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									 This is to inform you that from the year 2003-to-06 Setu has organized a number of programmes. Many of you have attended
  the same. Following is the list of programmes we had with the help of all members and faculties. We all are thankful to our
   faculties for giving us whole hearted suport & help us to be a better parent. Surely with the support of all parents SETU is
                     committed to conduct many such programmes for parents & children in the years to come.

  Month                            Topic                                    Faculty                          Place
Jan.03     Behavioral Problems                                       Ms.Anupama Gadkari                  Tapovan School
           Physiological basis of learning disorders                  Dr.Nishikant Kotwal               Somalwada,Nagpur.
           How to develop creativity in children?                    Chandrakant Channe

Feb.03                                                               Dr.Mrs.Mangal Damle                 Lokmat Bal vikas
           ijh{kk eqykaph Hkwwfedk ikydkaph                          Ms.Anupama Gadkari                      Manch

Mar.03     Effective Learning Methods                                  Mrs.Maitreyee Kale                 SBI Zonal Office
                                                                       Ms.Swapna Dabir

Apr.03     Problems of Adolescents                                    Mrs.Maitreyee Kale                 B.R.Mundle School
           Problems of school going children                         Ms.Bhagyashri Peshkar

Apr.03     Concentration Enhancing Techniques.                       Dr.Mrs.Jaya Shivalkar              Setu Monthly meeting

May.03     lkn izfrlkn T.V. & Your child                            Dr.Shailesh Pangaonkar
                                                                                                             Buty Hall.
           Influence of mass media                                    Mrs.Maitreyee Kale

May.03     Rational Emotive Therapy workshop                             Dr.C.G.Pande                     Amar Pre-School

Jun.03     Emotional Development of Children                            Ms.Revti Laghate                    Setu Meeting

Jul.03     Rainy Season & Child Health                                  Dr.Amul Mahajan                    Setu Meeting

Aug.03     Communication Skills                                          Mr.Raja Akash                      Setu Meeting

Sept.03    Maths Without Fear --Without Tear                             Mr.Vivek Wagh                     Setu Meeting

Oct.03     Childs Handwriting -- Problems & Issues.                  Mrs.Anupama Gadkari                   Setu Meeting

Nov.03     Developing Scientific Attitude
                                                                     Dr.Prabodh Deshmukh                   Setu Meeting
            Amongst children

Nov.03     How to handle Your Child Better                             Mrs.Maitreyee Kale                  Lloyds School,

Dec.03     Learning through Nature & Adventure.                       Mr.Avinash Deoskar                   Setu Meeting

Feb.04     Transactional Analysis                                        Ms.Lalita Nene                    Setu Meeting

Mar.04     Know Your Child                                            Mrs.Prafullata Rode                  Setu Meeting

                                                                     Shri Sriram Khandve,
Mar.04                Ik Ik ifj{kk Hk Hk Hkwr                    Maitreyee Kale, Dr.M.Tarneka         Lokmat Balvikas Manch
                                                                      Dr.Sanjay Marathe

Apr.04     Child Abuse                                                 Dr.Jaya Shiwalkar                   Setu Meeting

Apr.04     Workshop for parents of 3 to 5 yrs children                  Mr.Vivek wagh                     Amar Pre-school
           Workshop for parents of 0 to 3 yrs children

May.04     lkn izfrlkn Strees free Education                            Dr.Sudhir Bhave
                                                                                                             Buty Hall
           Building Up Confidence In Your Children                       Dr.Rajiv Mohta

Jun.04     Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder                   Dr.Praveer Waradkar                  Setu Meeting

Jul.04     eS=h rkj.;k'kh  An Interactive                      Dr.Sudhir Bhave, Mrs.Niru Kapai              I. M. A. Hall
            Programme for Parents,Teachers,Teenagers          Dr.Nishikant Kotwal, Ajay Mardikar

Aug.04     Key to Success- Concentration                              Dr. Jayant Welankar                  Setu Meeting

Sep. 04    Two days training for Parents
                                                                      Mrs. Maitreyee Kale                  Setu Meeting
           on Adolesent Education

Sep. 04    Non Verbal Communication                                    Dr. Surendra Gole                   Setu Meeting
Oct. 04      How to create academic intrest                                  Dr. Kishor Mahabal                     Setu Meeting

             Workshop on wise parenting                                       Dr. C. G. Pande                     Amar Pre-school

Nov. 04      If not TV than what ? (Brain Storming)                    Alternatives & solutions given               Setu Meeting
                                                                           by parents themselves.

Dec.04       Spending quality time with children.                            Dr.Deepti Christian                    Setu Meeting

Jan.05       What is E.Q?
                                                                           Dr.Shrikant Chorghade                    Setu Meeting
             Why E.Q is more important than I.Q?

Feb.05       How to improve academic performance                            Dr.Deepak Walaokar                      Setu Meeting

Mar.05       Stimulating five senses for their effective use.                Dr.kishor Mahabal                      Setu Meeting

Apr.05       Recognise your childs strength & weakness                        Dr.Surendra Gole                      Setu Meeting

May.05       lkn izfrlkn Feliciation of Gifted                            Panelist: Dr. Meshram                  Agronomy Hall,
               children and interaction with theirParents            Dr. Bhave,Chandrakant Channe             Ramdaspeth,  Nagpur

Jun.05       Fun with Maths(workshop for 5-10yrs kids)                        Shri Vivek Wagh                     Amar Pre-school

Jul. 05      KNOW YOUR EMOTIONS (jax Hkkoukaps)                             Dr.Anand Nadkarni
                                                                                                                  IMA Hall, Nagpur
             Interactive programme for Parents                           (Psychaistrist) IPH Thane

Aug.05       Effective use of Accupressure for Child Dev.                    Mr.Parag Kulkarni                      Setu Meeting

Sep. 05                                                                Alternatives & solutions given
             How to reply your childs Querries?                                                                     Setu Meeting
                                                                          by parents themselves.

Oct.05       Learning Disability or Learning difficulty                    Mrs.Swapna Vithalkar                     Setu Meeting

Nov.05       Know more about EYES
                                                                            Dr.Shrikant Andhare                     Setu Meeting
             XkIik us=rKak'kh
Nov.05       Four days Pranayam Session for Parents                           Mrs.Padmini Jog                     Amar Pre-school

Dec.05       Nutrition & health of your child                            Mrs.Jayashree Pendharkar                   Setu Meeting

Jan.06       Inculcating Reading habits in children                          Dr.Usha Shiralkar                      Setu Meeting

Feb.06       xzaFk fnaMh & inaguration of iqLrd eafnj                        Dr.Pankaj Chande                     Amar Pre-school

5th Feb      Inculcating Values in children                               Mrs.Minakshi Swaroop.                     Setu Meeting

Apart from these programmes SETU conducted various training programmes in & around Nagpur district. Various
schools had invited SETU team for conducting programmes for Parents, Students & teachers.
SETU started a project named ^eS=h rk:.;k'kh* An adolescent Awareness Programme for six Nagpur Municipal Corporation
Schools.(In all, around 3000 students have been benefited from this awareness programme till february 2006)
At Wardha Mrs.Rupali Sarode & at Aurangabad Mrs.Manasi Phadke have taken initiative to start SETU activities.
They have started organizing programmes since October 2005.
Now Setu has its own children Library.('iqLrd eafnj'). Various informative programmes, interactive sessions, slid show,
moive show, quiz etc. will be organized for children of age 6 to 14 yrs on every 2nd & 4th saturday. Let our children get benefit
of the same. Many of you have collected funds, Books, donations to build up this   'iqLrd eafnj'.Please keep it up.
In this process we have added Eight life members & 40 New Members. We Welcome them to SETU Family
** The magazine "GOPALA" had requested us to start a monthly column of children complaints/Suggestions to parents
by children. Please intimate your child to give his/her sugestions so that they would be published monthly.
We request you to spread this message of Awareness amongst fellow parents, friends & relatives so that
maximum number of parents can get the benefit of this movement called SETU.
Thanking you
Mrs.Sneha Damle (Secretary)

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