WF config worksheet - assignments by xiaoyounan


									Workflow Assignment Configurations Worksheet
Filled in with sample values/settings and comments for one Change Request Activity

Tab             Element                                                                         Sample Value / Setting             Comment
General         Name                                                                            CR005467ECN – Approve Change       CR005467ECN is from PBO,
                     Displays as Assignment Name in Assignments Table                          Request                            automatically added by system
                     Option: show number of PBO (e.g. CR006466ECN)
                Category (Admin notes only; not exposed to user)
                Responsible Role                                                                tbd                                See configuration for Deadline
                     drop down list
                     includes Process Initiator, all other system Roles
                Description (Admin notes only; not exposed to user)
Activity        Activity                                                                        Default
                     drop down list, see choices at bottom of page
                     Signing required (yes/no)                                                 yes                                ESIG
                     Send Notification (yes/no)                                                yes                                (Email w/link)
                Render As (HTML or PDF); Admin notes only; not exposed to user                  HTML                               (currently only HTML in use)
                Template Name (Task Form Template name)                                         tbd                                See Templates, Task Form Templates
                     drop down list; determines elements of assignment page                                                       (Org)
                Instructions                                                                    (see separate text box)            Put links to 998 doc’s here
                     diplayed to user in assignment (and email if used)
                     can use color, bold, italic.; can use hyperlinks
Participants    Assignee (who) *many options, see separate explanation                          Role = (one each per signature     see cell note
                     Creator, User(s), Group(s), Role(s), Team(s) or Variable(s)*              matrix)
                     Required or not for each; if yes, ANY, ALL or number
Deadline        Soonest of:                                                                     Tbd (not yet used at all)          Careful with using process start
                     xx Days, xx Hrs, xx Min after assignment delivered                                                           w/approvers in “tiers”
                     xx Days, xx Hrs, xx Min after process started
                When reached (select one only):                                                 Reassign to Resp. Role             Determine Responsible Role based
                     skip and go on                                                                                               on this
                     mark complete and go on
                     Reassign to Responsible Role for this assignment
                When reached, notify whoever fills xx Role (select one)                         tbd                                (Optional)
                     All Roles not incl process initiator or creator
                Notify Resp Role for this assignment” (select 0, 1 or both):                    tbd                                Select 0, 1 or both
                     xx Days,Hours, Minutes before the deadline                                                                   Determine Responsible Role based
                     xx Days,Hours, Minutes after the deadline                                                                    on this
Variables       For each Variable:                                                              Tbd (none currently)               PBO = Primary Business Object (aka
                     Local to workflow process, or shared with PBO                                                                the Subject of the workflow).
                               o If shared, get from PBO at start of process or not                                                Example: CR005467ECN
                     Display to user or not
                               o If displayed, allow user to change or readonly                                                    IBA: Instance Based Attribute on
                               o If displayed, require user to supply value or not                                                 PBO. Example: Affected OPS Sites
                                         If user supplies or modifies value, display:
                                            Checkbox (true/false)
                                            Drop-down list
                                            Text box (# characters??)
                                         If user supplies or modifies value, set same value
                                        back to PBO IBA or not
Routing         User’s required choice set before completing task:                                    o Approve                    Additional text behind Revise_CR not
                     None                                                                            o Revise_CR                  included here
                     Radio buttons (single selection)
                     Checkboxes (multiple selections allowed)
Transitions     code not exposed to user, can be used to:                                       None currently used
                    -    Make sure that user checks a box or some other action (which
                    could be a variable – see Variables above)
                    -    Present a message if user doesn’t comply
                    -    Set the value of a variable on start or on complete or if user makes
                    a certain selection or enters a certain value or type of data (e.g.
                    numbers, not letters)
Execution       Notify the responsible role if there is an error (yes/no)                       Tbd                                See Resp. Role
Options (yes/no Abort if there is an error                                                      Tbd
for all)        Notify the responsible role on abort                                            Tbd                                See Resp. Role
                Abort the parent process on abort                                               Tbd
                Record variable changes                                                         Yes                                See Variables
                Record task reassignment                                                        Yes
                Record voting                                                                   Yes                                Recorded in audit table
                Ingore unresolved Role                                                          No
Role Setup      Only matters if on the Activity tab, the Activity selection is Setup            N/A – setup particpants not used   Address every Role in the process (3
                Particpants                                                                     for this one                       yes/no decisions for each)
                     For each Role (yes/no for each) View, Add, Remove users
                     Users available for each Role from Role Resource Pool
Resource Pool Only matters Activity Tab/Activity is Setup Particpants                           N/A – setup particpants not used   Address every Role in the process
                     For each Role involved in process, users for that Role are from           for this one                       (one choice for each)
                    (one only):
                               o A group
                               o A Team
                               o The Context Team where the PBO is stored
Selections:   Default, Update Content, Setup Particpants, Review, Promote, Observe, Submit, Define Teams, Change Management, Promotion Request Task

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